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Michael Stipe in Santiago, Chile - Nov 4, 2008 (Loretín)
Michael Stipe

Girl Talk announces a new president in Milwaukee - Nov 4, 2008 (leslie!!)
Girl Talk

Where were you when Obama was announced the winner last night? After spending some time in Rockefeller Center with thousands of people and NBC, I was actually at (le) poisson rouge in the West Village when CNN made their announcement (on two large screens). Everyone went nuts and started dancing while music like "We are the Champions" was blasting through the soundsystem (I guess McCain supporters knew to stay away from events like these?). Kyle was at The Bell House with a similar experience. Oprah was in Chicago's Grant Park (home of Lollapalooza). Ryan was wondering if Clues were ever going to go on. Others were at other concerts...

Girl Talk played Milwaukee. R.E.M. was in Santiago while Madonna performed in San Diego. Smashing Pumpkins were up in Toronto and Bad Brains had a hometown show in DC. Videos from those shows and more below...

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House of Hair

Counting Crows are playing the first three shows at the end of October at the new Wellmont Theater in NJ. Tickets for all three shows are on sale (@ 10am).

Tickets are on sale (@ 10am) for the upcoming Smashing Pumpkins shows at United Palace (single day and two day passes).

Tickets are on sale for the upcoming Oasis show at MSG.

Tickets for the show O'Death are playing at Bowery Ballroom in December are now on sale.

And those $5.00 Mission of Burma / King Khan / Jay Reatard tickets are also on sale.

Halloween is less than a month away

Tickets for the two Smashing Pumpkins shows at United Palace in NYC are currently on American Express pre-sale. They become available to everyone else on Saturday morning at 10 AM.


The Staten Island Advance lists '10 ways to max out the 10th month'


The band... commence their North American "20th Anniversary Tour" November 1. The five-week run will be highlighted by multi-night stops [and]..the Pumpkins are coming prepared with completely different set lists in each of the multi-night engagements with no songs being repeated over the course of the two night run. Night #1 is being called "Black Sunshine," while night #2 will be dubbed "White Crosses." A special two-night ticket bundle will be available for all multi-night engagements.

In Chicago--where singer/guitarist BILLY CORGAN and drummer JIMMY CHAMBERLIN continue to be based--the Pumpkins will play four shows at two different venues. In cities where the band is set to play one night, they plan to deliver a unique one-off set.

"I am extremely proud of the work we have done," says CHAMBERLIN. "It certainly doesn't seem like 20 years! The Pumpkins will always be about moving forward and although I'm excited to play these shows, I'm just as excited to move our music into the next decade."

Before the anniversary tour's kick-off, the Pumpkins will make a return performance at the annual Bridge School benefit hosted by Neil Young in Shoreline, CA on October 26 (the second of the two-night engagement). The band last performed at this annual event--benefiting children with severe speech and physical impairments--in 1999.
As previously announced, Smashing Pumpkins are playing their two NYC nights at United Palace Theatre (home of the recent Sigur Ros shows and where Beck will be playing very soon). The NYC shows go on Ticketmaster presale on Saturday. All dates below...

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As stated previously, the band will be heading out into the United States for the first time in 2008 during August. This tour will be for fun and will consist of unique sets and songs. Expect this tour to visit mostly smaller-sized venues.

Whereas the August dates will be at smaller venues, the November 20th Anniversary shows will be at large venues. We can confirm the band will be playing in New York, Chicago, L.A. as well as additional cities that have yet to be announced. These shows will focus on the band's history, legacy, and accomplishments over their career.

The Gish era tour will be moved to early 2009 to make way for the 20th Anniversary shows this November. Discussions are still taking place regarding which cities will be played.

Billy Corgan had this to say about the current tour line-up for 2008:

"The August tour is going to be a blast... Expect a very loud and raucous show from us...and we are very, very happy to know we will finally be playing our own shows come November in New York, L.A., and Chicago... The 20th Anniversary shows will be magical... We are already working on lots of surprises"

Thanks to everyone that waited patiently for news over the weekend. Dates will start being announced shortly so stay tuned!
[SmashingPumpkins.com] (thx Hiro)

I don't see anything about the line-up there. I assume it will be the same line-up they had in 2007 which seems a little contradictory to what Billy is saying about "anniversary" and "history", but whatever.

Tickets are already on Ticketmaster for an August 9th show at The Venue in Hammond, Indiana.

"We fought hard for the right to be in control of how our music is used, to avoid situations like this kind of crass commercialism and exploitation. Labels like EMI are no longer running the show, and we won't be bullied by those in the 'old' music business who consider every artist to be easily expendable. Those days are over." --Billy Corgan

Smashing Pumpkins

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by BrooklynVegan Mike

Osheaga 2007 (CRED)
Osheaga 2007

A label rep I was talking to told me that it takes a festival four to five years of good reviews and turnouts to be considered a serious destination on the festival circuit. In its sophomore year, Osheaga has followed up their triumphant debut with an impressive lineup that should continue the reputation they built for themselves last year. Once again, I was granted the task of covering this event...

Thunderheist @ Osheaga 2007 (CRED)
Osheaga 2007

Arriving for day one of the two day festival around 12:30, I could hear the tail end of Apostle of Hustle opening the festivities on one of the alternating main stages. I made my way to the smaller stages on the other side of the park. Hopes were high for Thunderheist, a local hip-hop/house outfit comprised of DJ Grahm and female rapper Isis,. Taking the stage, Isis seemed to apologize in advance saying "we've been up all night." What followed was a rather limp set that took the wind out of my sails. I chalk it up to just a bad set, as I've heard that their smaller shows around town have been really good. It happens to the best of them. Over on the main stage, Jamie T performed to a somewhat apathetic audience. Unfamiliar with his music before that day, he vocally reminded me a lot of The Arctic Monkeys, a point I'm sure he'll have to have to answer questions about for years to come if his career gains traction.

Continued below...

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words & photos by Bao Nguyen

Girl Talk
Virgin Fest 2007

So this was a very last minute idea, meaning I left New York for Baltimore at 12 PM on Saturday when gates had already opened at 10 AM. Not knowing at the time whether I had a pass waiting for me at the festival, I made the 4 hour drive, hindered by the beach bound crowd on the NJ Turnpike, armed with a Polaroid, 4 hours of sleep, and a sense of regret for missing the previous night's CSS show. I arrived at Pimilico Field at exactly 4 PM and after nearly being run over by Richard Branson on a golf cart, I made it just in time to catch the start of Peter Bjorn and John's set. I think their music plays better in a small club than a large festival type atmosphere especially when the entire crowd seems to be waiting for only one particular song that everyone can whistle to. Following Peter Bjorn and John was an high energy set from LCD Soundsystem that included a very unusual mosh pit where three people were doing their best Thom Yorke seizure dance....

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not Celebration - 9:30 Club in Washington DC - July 10, 2007 (CRED)
The Smashing Pumpkins Zeitgeist CD Release Show at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC

Celebration recently opened some shows for Smashing Pumpkins (so did Deerhunter actually). On July 29th Celebration is opening for their friends TV on the Radio at the free show going down at McCarren Pool in Brooklyn. Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson is playing the show too.

One week earlier, Annuals & Band of Horses are playing a free show in the same spot.

What's your favorite drug, sexual position, Smashing Pumpkins bass player color?

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I am your master

Live Earth is just a few days away. It will also be the first time the new Smashing Pumpkins play the NYC-area. If you're going, think about how you're getting there...

Audience travel accounts for the vast majority of a concert’s impact on our climate – as much as 50%! You can ANSWER THE CALL by taking public transportation or by carpooling with 4 or more people to Giants Stadium.
The NJ show also has Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson, The Police, Roger Waters, and Bon Jovi on the bill, and is not yet sold out. Can't be there? (or can't stand the thought of being there?) Watch it/them from home.

AND.... Smashing Pumpkins just announced a bunch more tour dates - still no NYC, but two in Philly, and a bunch of "TBA"'s....

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The above video is for the first single 'Tarantula' off Smashing Pumpkins' new album 'Zeitgeist'. You can buy the single now - Paris Hilton included. The full album isn't out until next week, but you can listen to a stream of the whole thing at AOL now.

The other new video that has new Smashing Pumpkins playing behind the Transformers trailer is HERE.

The costumes you see in the above video are also what Billy and crew are wearing at their live shows.

Smashing PunmpkinsWith the 4th of July holiday in the US this week, the list of music releases is incredibly slim. I skipped my usual weekly preorder, will stay away from the record store this week, and enjoy the holiday myself.

Have I left anything noteworthy off the list? What new music releases can you recommend this week?

Smashing Pumpkins album stream and video HERE. All releases below...

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Evan Korte reports back from Barcelona this past weekend...

Primavera Sound

My name is Evan. I’m a student at SUNY Purchase, which is a half an hour outside of New York City. I just finished studying abroad in Barcelona. A couple months ago, I booked tickets to the Primavera Festival. The location of the event is stellar. Not only is it in Barcelona, one of Europe’s best cities, but it is at Barcelona’s Forum, quite close to the beach and the ocean. There are two huge stages “Estrella Damm”, and “Rockdelux”), one above average stage(“All Tomorrow’s Parties” or ATP) and a few smaller stages focusing mostly on techno. All three of the main stages are ingeniously designed, with ample room for both standing up front and sitting back on grassy fields, with a beer in hand, watching the performers from the jumbotrons. After the hour or so wait to get my pass, my first concert of Primavera was Smashing Pumpkins.

The Smashing Pumpkins @ Primavera Sound 2007 (CRED)
Smashing Pumpkins @ Primavera Sound

The Smashing Pumpkins: I’m only 21 years old, so the Smashing Pumpkins were a bit before my time. They definitely have some good songs, but to tell you the truth, Billy Corgan’s voice has always gotten on my nerves. Nevertheless, their reunion tour is a pretty huge deal and I had to check them out. The band came out in those crazy alien outfits that you all have probably already seen. The new bassist is gorgeous. I guess Corgan has a thing for hot bassists. From what I could tell the new members played competently, but didn’t blow me away. The band played a pretty balanced set of new and old material, including “1979,” “Tonight, Tonight,” “Today,” “Zero” and “Disarm.” They rushed through a couple of songs and definitely seemed to be under-rehearsed at times, but when 80,000 people from around the world are singing along and jumping up and down, it’s hard to be negative. It was a nice start to an amazing festival.

A few days earlier....

The White Stripes @ Primavera Sound 2007 (CRED)
The White Stripes @ Primavera Sound

The White Stripes: Can we all just bow down to Jack White? Even when he’s giving people black eyes and cursing out radio DJ’s over leaked albums, the man can do no wrong. He is definitely the biggest rock star of my generation, hands down. The White Stripes played an absolutely electrifying set at 1:15. There were a few new songs thrown into the mix (“Icky Thump” was my favorite, since I’ve heard it at least five times and now place it among my favorite White Stripes tracks) but they played mostly older stuff from White Blood Cells and Elephant. Jack was in top form, wailing monstrous solos on his guitar, singing his heart out and talking a bit with the audience. He thanked us for letting them “try out” the new songs. It definitely says something about your stage presence when most of your audience doesn’t understand the lyrics, but they are still going crazy. They ended with “Seven Nation Army,” and the crowd could not have been happier. Highlights include “Black Math,” “Blue Orchid,” “Jolene,” “I Think I Smell a Rat,” “We’re Going to Be Friends” “Icky Thump” and “Seven Nation Army.” I can’t wait for the new album.

DOWNLOAD: Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Blaze's Nightmarish Remix) (MP3)

Justice @ Primavera Sound 2007 (CRED)
Justice @ Primavera Sound

Justice: The White Stripes ended about three quarters of the way through Justice’s set. I didn’t get to hear them spin “D.A.N.C.E.” which is a shame because that is one of my favorite tracks at the moment. But they did play an extended version of that really cool remix of “We Are Your Friends” by Simian. It was impossible to resist dancing.

Girl Talk @ Primavera SoundGirl Talk: His DJ set was definitely one of the highlights of the festival. Not only did he play his insane hip-hop/rock mash ups, he was dancing like a maniac. It’s clear that this man has every intention of making sure that his DJ sets are the most happening parties around. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone there that wasn’t thoroughly enjoying themselves-getting down until their feet were sore. My favorite mash up of his was Biggy’s “Juicy” vocals over Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”. At the end of the set he jumped down from the stage and was passed back and forth by the audience for at least three minutes. It was insanity. The crowd must have dropped him at least twice, and he had a pretty sizeable scratch on his back to prove it. God bless you Greg Gillis. By the time he ended it was about 4:30 and I decided to catch the metro home and rest for the jam packed second day.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow....

The Primavera Sound music festival kicked off yesterday in Barcelona, Spain. Two of the many artists that played yesterday (May 31, 2007) were The White Stripes and Smashing Pumpkins....

The White Stripes @ Primavera 2007

The Smashing Pumpkins @ Primavera 2007

One of the bands playing on Saturday: The Apples In Stereo.

Where else are the Apples in Stereo playing? The huge free show with the legendary Television @ Central Park Summerstage on June 16, AND a much, much, much smaller show at Housing Works Used Bookstore (but not free) the day before.

undisputed wes reports....

After first revealing themselves in Paris the other day, the reunited new Smashing Pumpkins played their third new-lineup-first-gigs-since-2000 show today (May 28, 2007) at the legendary Pinkpop Festival in the Netherlands. It's the oldest annual festival in the world, and has been running for 38 years straight in a town not far from where I grew up.

Billy w/ the new James Iha* @ Pinkpop 2007 (CRED)
Smashing Pumpkins @ Pinkpop 2007
* Jeff Schroeder formerly of The Lassie Foundation

Billy Corgan @ Pinkpop 2007 (CRED)
Smashing Pumpkins @ Pinkpop 2007

The new bass player* @ Pinkpop 2007 (CRED)
Smashing Pumpkins @ Pinkpop 2007
* Ginger Reyes formerly of the Halo Friendlies

Other artists at this year's Pinkpop included Iggy & The Stooges ('Electric Chair' live video), Arctic Monkeys, Muse (awesome pic, live fan video of 'Invincible'), Scissor Sisters, Five O'Clock Heroes (interview, pic), Snow Patrol pic, live fan video of 'Shut Your Eyes'), Maximo Park ('Apply Some Pressure' live video), Linkin Park, Macy Gray (here hilariously labeled as Amy Winehouse), The Fratellis ('Chelsea Dagger' live video), Evanescence (painful live video), Korn ('Freak on a Leash' and 'Blind' live video), Dave Matthews Band 'Don't Drink The Water' live video), The Kooks ('Sabbator' live video), The Magic Numbers ('I See You, You See Me' live video), Maria Mena (live acoustic sessions video, Paolo Nutini (55 to 1 live video, Wolfmother (Woman live video), Gogol Bordello (2nd band in this live fan video with annoying intro), Razorlight ('In the City' live video), Marilyn Manson (pic), 30 Seconds To Mars (video), and more here, and here.

Oxfam took even more pictures. Amy Winehouse was scheduled to play but she called in sick. What else is new?

Most bands allowed their performance to be streamed live on Dutch radio except for 30 Seconds To Mars (potentially REALLY embarrassing?), and The Smashing Pumpkins (nervous because it was their third show?).

Billy got mad.

This week in shows-that-have-already,-or-will-sell-out-very-quickly news....

* Low touring with Wilco
* Pumpkins Plan Residencies In Asheville, San Fran

Billy Corgan book signing

Smashing Pumpkins' only scheduled NYC-area show is still Live Earth.

Earlier this year Billy Corgan was seen hanging out with his friend Courtney Love who was definitely looking very plastic-surgeryey....

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