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DOWNLOAD: Phantom Family Halo - "White Hot Gun" (MP3)

photos by Adam Cantor

Sohrab Habibian & JG Thirlwell @ Joe's Pub
Brian Eno Tribute

The tribute to Brian Eno's Here Come the Warm Jets went down at Joe's Pub on January 8 to a sold out audience (that included Bradford Cox). As mentioned when we first posted about the show, contributing musicians included Travis Morrison (of The Dismemberment Plan), Sohrab Habibion (Obits), Jim Sclavunos (The Bad Seeds/Grinderman), Vernon Reid (Living Color), Paul Duncan (Warm Ghost), Dom Cipolla (Phantom Family Halo), and JG Thirlwell (aka Foetus). Pictures from the show, John Schaefer of WNYC included, are in this post. You can also look at the full setlist below.

Dom Cipolla's (who played the show) band Phantom Family Halo has a new album coming out, titled When I Fall Out, on February 14 via Knitting Factory Records. You can download the album track "White Hot Gun" above and stream it below. Phantom Family Halo have two upcoming NYC shows. One happens next week at Glasslands on January 16 with Our Mountain, Eraas, and Vensaire. Tickets are available. They also play Saint Vitus on February 11. Support TBA. Tickets are on sale.

More pics from the 'Here Come the Warm Jets' show, the setlist, and PFH song stream below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Brian Eno - 'Here Come the Warm Jets'
Here Come the Warm Jets

In 1974, following his departure from Roxy Music, Brian Eno released his first solo album, Here Come the Warm Jets. The album (and its followup) is probably his most similar to the art rock of Roxy Music, before Brian began experimenting with soundscapes and eventually created some of our most interesting ambient music. Despite his large departure in sound from Here Come the Warm Jets, the material on that album has been a long lasting influence on indie rock, and like the show at the Rock Shop this past May, on January 8 at Joe's Pub, a number of indie rock musicians will honor the album and perform the entire thing. The contributing musicians include Travis Morrison (of The Dismemberment Plan, who also performed at the Rock Shop show), Sohrab Habibion (Obits), James Sclavunos (The Bad Seeds/Grinderman), Vernon Reid (Living Color), Paul Duncan (Warm Ghost), Dom Cippola (Phantom Family Halo), and JG Thirlwell (aka Foetus). Tickets for the show are on sale now.

I wonder who's going to handle Robert Fripp's guitar solos. They should have got St. Vincent for that...

Catch Obits on 12/30 at the Bell House with Ted Leo, and then at Cake Shop in March.

Some tracks from Here Come the Warm Jets below...

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by Bill Pearis


Almost 25 months to the day of their live debut, Obits return to Cake Shop on two consecutive nights: February 12 and 13. Says guitarist Sohrab Habbibion:

We've been wanting to play the Cake Shop again, but haven't since our first show there. This is our quasi two-year anniversary of that show, so we thought it'd be fun to do two shows and play a bunch of the new songs we've been tinkering with. We're working on a new record and have whittled down at least 40 songs ideas to about 20 more fully formed tracks. And of those 20-ish, we have a half dozen or more that should be ready to play.

Also, these shows are the first NY area ones we've played that are ours since our record release show in March. Everything else has been either an event like New Year's Eve or opening for Pinback or Polvo or random CMJ stuff. So we figured it was about time to headline a proper show and just have a good time with it, getting our friends to open and test out some new stuff before we head back to Europe.

Those friends opening the Feb. 12 show are Gray Goods and Rope. The Feb 13 show has Buenos Dias and Wrong Dots. Both shows are $10, no advance tickets. After the Cake Shop shows, Obits head to Europe and then return to play some U.S. dates opening for Ted Leo. All dates are at the bottom of this post.

In other Obits-related news, two members of the band have upcoming art shows. Drummer Scott Gursky (who designed the Cake Shop poster above) is part of "Vision Quest - A Group Show of Neo-Shamanic Art" which is running now through February 21 at the Observatory in Brooklyn. Meanwhile, singer Rick Froberg has a solo show at Fuse Gallery that has its opening reception the same night as the second Cake Shop show.

Sohrab also tells us, "Greg, our bass player, and I are recording a King Crimson-ish prog jam with Alexis from GvsB that I wrote for a project to celebrate the paperback release of our friend Jeff Rotter's really awesome and hilarious novel The Unknown Knowns. There's going to be a totally absurd video involving a complex underwater world and lyrics like, 'The parchment culled from lamprey gills / And with a waterproof kind of quill / The rhymes are writ in a font of yore / Unavailable at any store.'"

There's more. "The Forgery Series show I played [opening for That Petrol Emotion] was satisfying enough that I'm going to record a single. Phil Palazzolo, who's an old school NJ hardcore guy that's also worked with Okkervil River and on A.C. Newman's last record, is hopefully gonna produce it. It should be fun and, with a bit of luck, find a balance between pop melody and Kraut drone."

All Obits 2010 tour dates are below.

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Obits - Two-Headed Coin (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Obits - Pine On (MP3)

So we asked a load of NYC-area bands to tell us how their 2009 went, via a handy questionnaire. As we get them back we're gonna post them.

Obits on the Jimmy Fallon show - November 2009

This one is from Brooklyn's Obits, a band that features a bunch of indie rock veterans, including frontman Rick Froberg (Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu), guitarist Sohrab Habibion (Edsel) and drummer Scott Gursky (Shortstack). Legend has it, a bootleg of their first gig (Cakeshop, Jan 2008) got them signed to Sub Pop, who earlier this year put out Obits debut, I Blame You -- one of my favorite straight-up rock records of 2009. Obits' next gig is New Years Eve Rock n' Soul Party at The Bell House that also features Eli "Paperboy" Reed (tickets are still on sale).

Sohrab (who you may have caught solo on Saturday when he opened for That Petrol Emotion at the Bell House) was kind enough to answer the questionnaire below... very candidly I might add...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: A Sunny Day in Glasgow - Ashes Grammar / Ashes Maths (MP3)

That Petrol Emotion

For more weekend picks from me (Fiery Furnaces, Yellow Fever), check out This Week in Indie Pt 1.

I think my top pick for Saturday has to be That Petrol Emotion at the Bell House, their first NYC show in 15 years. (You can get a ticket here.) One of the '80s more underrated bands, TPE were the band formed when Feargal Sharkey left the Undertones and most of the rest of the band carried on together with new singer Steve Mack. 1986's Manic Pop Thrill (the title's an apt description of the music, too) is one of the best albums of that year, and 1987's more ambitious, politically-minded Babble spawned what is probably the band's best-known song, "Big Decision."

Sean O'Neil left after 1988's End of the Millennium Psychosis Blues and the band became a little more straightforward alt-pop and laid off the politics lyrically, but still delivered some great hooky singles. As I said previously, I caught them at SXSW earlier this year and they're still an amazingly energetic live band, especially Steve Mack who is as wiry and manic as he was back in the day. Fans should expect a set heavy on the last two albums (1990's Chemicrazy and 1993's Fireproof) but as Bell House booker Skippy is a huge Babble fan, I'm hoping he has coerced them into adding a few of that album's more amazing tracks ("Creeping to the Cross" and "Swamp") to the mix.

Opening for TPE will be The Mad Scene (Clean drummer Hamish Kilgour's long-running NYC band) and the debut of The Forgery Series which is a solo project from Obits guitarist (and big That Petrol Emotion fan, and old friend of mine) Sohrab Habibion. Some of you may remember Sohrab's '90s band, Edsel, who were one of my favorites from the '90s DC scene. (Factoid: Edsel started the Desoto label that ended up being run by Kim Colleta and other members of Jawbox.) The Forgery Series are new songs from him that don't exactly fit the Obits mold, and he's gathered an all-star band to help him out: old DC pal Michael Hampton, who was in S.O.A., One Last Wish and Manifesto; Radio 4 bassist Anthony Roman (Radio 4); and Joe Newton who drummed for Gas Huffer. Who knows when or if they'll play again (pretty sure they're just doing this for the fun of it) but should be interesting.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow

Also this weekend, Philadelphia's A Sunny Day in Glasgow are in town playing Saturday at Union Hall and Sunday at Le Poisson Rougue. Their new album, Ashes Grammar, is one of the year's more overlooked albums (it got an 8.3 on P4K but not Best New Music), it's a 22-track ethereal wonder, with songs flowing into interstitial soundscapes and back again. (It reminds me a lot of Slowdive's 1995 album Pygmalion.) Maybe not the best record for picking a song for a mix CD, but as a cohesive listening experience, it's gorgeous. Since making the album, the band went through a state of flux when they decided to tour, losing both singers Robin and Lauren Daniels, resulting in a worldwide search to fill their void. They settled on Jen Goma who, along with Annie Fredrickson, are now fronting the group. Will be curious to see them attempt to recreate the album's sonic miasma in a live setting.

Videos and tour dates after the jump.

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