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by Bill Pearis

Cavern of Anti-Matter
cavern of Anti-Matter

Stereolab called it quits in 2009 and since then main man Tim Gane has a new project, Cavern of Anti-Matter, a trio that also includes Holger Zapf and Joe Dilworth. Still playing with analogue synths, drone, motorik beats and repetition repetition repetition, it's not too far off from what Stereolab did. After releasing a few EPs and other records, Cavern of Anti-Matter are set to release their proper debut album, Void Beats / Invocation Trex, on February 19 via Gane's Duophonic label. The record features a number of guests, including Bradford Cox (Deerhunter), Sonic Boom (Spacemen 3), and Jan St. Werner (Mouse On Mars). You can check out a video for Cox's vocal contribution, "liquid gate," which was directed by Peter Strickland who made Berberian Sound Studio and The Duke of Burgundy. Watch it, and check out another LP track, below.

Cavern of Anti-Matter will be touring Europe this month, and are set to play Primavera Sound in June. No tour dates in North America yet, but let's hope. Deerhunter, meanwhile, also play Primavera (will Bradford come out for Cavern's set?), and have announced more North American tour dates. None in NYC (dates are in the South and West Coast) but all are listed below.

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Band in Heaven

Florida psych outfit The Band in Heaven have a new single, "The Boys of Summer of Sam," out on November 18 via HoZac. Inspired by police-related shootings of the past year, it's about how "it felt like the serial killers to be afraid of were actually the police." The tracks were given a finishing touch by Pete Kember, aka onetime Spacemen 3 member Sonic Boom:

This is the second time we've worked with Pete on a release, the first was the Psych For Sore Eyes release on Sonic Cathedral where he mastered all the bands on the compilation. That's how we met. It was always kind of nerve wracking talking to him because we are such huge fans of Spacemen 3 and always had this feeling that if we said the wrong thing there could be grave results, always heard wild stories about those guys. We angered him just one time, and it was an intense fury we faced. But he's awesome, and walked us through so many steps of recording techniques he's learned over the years. One issue for us, however, is he kind of types phonetically, maybe in a dialect native to where he's from in England... we'd have to decipher the help he'd be giving us for a while before we could use it.
Sounds like it came out all right, and there's definitely a big of Sonic Boom's drone-n-gaze here. You can listen for yourself as the A-side makes its premiere in this post.

Pre-order your copy of "The Boys of Summer of Sam" at HoZac. Stream it below...

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by Bill Pearis


Beijing noise rockers Carsick Cars have a new album coming out later this month (2/28) simply titled 3. The album was actually made here in NYC almost a year ago, with producers Sonic Boom and The Clean's Hamish Kilgour at the helm. There are a few tracks up for streaming, and judging on these the band aren't quite as Sonic Youth noisy as they once were, now letting their VU side come to the fore. You can stream four songs from the new album below.

The band have visited before, and will be coming to North America this spring. They're skipping SXSW but will hit other areas of the continent, including NYC at Baby's All Right on April 3 with Hamish Kilgour and White+ also playing. No advance tickets just yet.

All dates are listed, along with new song streams, below...

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BEAUTIFUL NOISE is an in-depth exploration of a music movement in the late 20th century, a fascinating period when some innovative musicians mixed guitar noise into conventional pop song structures while maintaining a philosophy of letting the music speak for itself.

Although many of the people interviewed are notoriously press shy they have opened up about their music and experiences from over 20 years ago; how they defied the rules and became sonic innovators that have inspired so many.

Currently the documentary is in the final stages for worldwide release, and we need your help to raise the $75,000 to pay for limited run licensing and finishing costs to distribute in Film Festivals and on DVD/Blu-Ray.

This documentary will finally be released only if the fans of this music believe in this project and contribute.

Legendary shoegaze/dream pop bands My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, and The Jesus and Mary Chain are subject of new documentary, Beautiful Noise, who have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money for the film to be distributed in film festivals and released on DVD/Blu-Ray (via Pitchfork). In addition to those three bands, the film will feature interviews with/appearances by members of other shoegaze pioneers like Ride, Slowdive, Lush, Curve, Swervedriver, Medicine, Pale Saints, and more, plus appearances by Wayne Coyne, Trent Reznor, Billy Corgan, and Robert Smith, and performance videos (and some interviews) with current bands like Sigur Ros, M83, A Place to Bury Strangers, Grouper, Serena Maneesh, and others. The Kickstarter campaign has reached just over $17,000 of its $75,000 goal as of this post, and is open until December 15. More info and rewards details at the documentary's Kickstarter project page.

This comes shortly after the news that My Bloody Valentine plans to release an album by the end of the year.

Campaign video below...

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by Bill Pearis



Brooklyn's TEEN formed about a year and a half ago, started by Katherine Lieberson (aka Teeny) who used to be in Here We Go Magic, and her sister Lizzie plus pal Jane Herships. The band, expanded since, released the Doodz EP online last year and have now signed with Carpark who will release their debut album, In Limbo, this fall.

The album was mixed by Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3 and while there are bits of the Velvet Underground (and their descendants) as well as nods to girl group pop and post punk to be heard, though those descriptors don't do them justice. (Neither does their name.) In Limbo genuinely has it's own thing going and sound sound quite like anything else at the moment. You can download opening track "Better" at the top of this post and stream it at the bottom of this post. There's a video for the song -- repurposed from Kevin Bacon's cheesy '80s bike flick Quicksilver -- which you can watch at the bottom of this post, along with a video for another album track, "Roses and Wine," as well.

TEEN have a few shows scheduled in the NYC area: July 20 at Le Poisson Rouge, opening for "Dean & Britta do Galaxie 500" (tickets on sale); the next day (July 21) at Union Pool (with Bubbles and Test House) as part of the free Summer Thunder series, and then opening for Ariel Pink at Webster Hall on September 14 (tickets on sale 6/8).

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Crystal Stilts @ 285 Kent in 2011 (more by Jessica Amaya)
Crystal Stilts

Crystal Stilts haven't posted anything to their Facebook page since 2008 (a picture with their ex-drummer Frankie Rose in it), but the band still exists in the real world and will prove it by opening at Sonic Boom's one-off Brooklyn show at Knitting Factory TONIGHT (3/30). Tickets are still available.

Sonic Boom's only other upcoming dates are in France and listed below...

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Sonic Boom w/ Panda Bear at MHOW in 2011 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom aka Peter Kember of Spacemen 3/Spectrum/E.A.R., has had a busy last two years, producing MGMT's Congratulations and playing live with them in 2010, and producing Panda Bear's Tomboy and playing live with him in 2011. Now, he's kicking off 2012 with his own show in NYC at Knitting Factory on March 30. Tickets are on sale now.

Sonic Boom's ex-Spacemen 3 bandmate Jason Pierce has an upcoming tour and album with Spiritualized which hits NYC on May 7 at Terminal 5. Tickets are on AmEx presale now and go on sale to the general public on Friday (2/3) at noon.

A live video of Sonic Boom below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher

Panda Bear

After an opening set by recent Domino signees Ducktails, Panda Bear came on stage with Tomboy-producer Sonic Boom (Peter Kember of Spacemen 3) to perform the recently released album in its entirety at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Sunday night (7/3). The sold out venue came off as a bit of an underplay for Panda Bear, whose last NYC show was headlining Governor's Island, though the intimacy made for the perfect setting. Panda Bear spent most of his time on guitar and vocals as Sonic Boom handled the knob-turning duties. Together, they took psychedelia to an entirely different level. Audience members' senses were blurred as the venue was filled with excruciating volume, while smoke machine smoke sifted through the air and trippy visuals swirled on screen. The hazy atmosphere was even more obscured by lights and colors shooting over the audience from projectors. I found myself needing periodic reality checks to remember I was at a Panda Bear show and not in some other weird dimension.

The delivery of the album was spot-on, and in typical Panda Bear/AnCo fashion, he ditched song breaks for droney interludes, extended passages, and trancelike repetition, adding at least 20 more minutes to the 50-minute album. The drone parts especially came through live. They added breathing room into the intense set that you didn't realize you were getting until the songs picked up again.

After one other non-Tomboy track ("Ponytail"?), he ended the show with Person Pitch-favorite "Comfy in Nautica" to much excitement from the crowd. And while I was equally excited to hear that song, it helped further illustrate how cohesive Tomboy is. The album's unlikely marriage of drone and Beach Boys-y psych pop is like no other. Tomboy lacks the immediate standouts like "Comfy in Nautica," and performing the album from start to finish showed how well it works as a continuous piece of art, and not a collection of singles. Panda Bear chose not to do an encore, which was fitting. The Person Pitch tracks, although great, already felt a little tacked on to what was a very complete set.

More pictures, the setlist and some videos from the show below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Eternal Summers - Prisoner (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Crystal Stilts - Through the Floor (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Zaza - Distance Creator (ZIP)


Coachella may be happening on the other coast but it's a lovely day here in NYC and I don't feel like I'm missing anything this weekend staying here. For one thing it's Record Store Day which also falls the same weekend and Tax Day which may be good or bad depending how you did this year. And there's lots of other stuff worth seeing too, so let's get into it.

McDonalds are one of these local groups whose name I'd seen around for a while and given the bands they often played with -- German Measles, Home Blitz, Tyvek -- I had it in my mind they sounded one way when, in fact, they don't. Well, that's not exactly true. They are kind of shambly indie. But their great new single "Good Parts" is like some lost obscure 7" from 1990 Manchester, that era when C-86 melted into the baggy scene. You can check it out -- in video form -- at the bottom of this post in a fun green-screened clip starring a lot of people you might recognize if you hang out at Bruars Falls or Cake Shop with any regularity.

McDonalds have three shows coming up in the next week: tonight (4/14) at Union Pool with Lyonnais and Helado Negro, then Saturday (4/16) as part of Cake Shop's Record Store Day extravaganza (more on that in a minute), and then next Wednesday (4/20) with former Swell Maps/Television Personalities dude Jowe Head & The Extremities.

As mentioned above, also playing the Union Pool show tonight are Atlanta four-piece Lyonnais whose dark, ethereal sound will likely draw comparisons to My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive... or even mid-'80s goth like Xmal Deutchland or Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. Their debut album is still being shopped around, but you can stream "Transitive Properties of Youth" at the bottom of this post, and a few more at their MySpace.

In addition to tonight's show, Lyonnais play tomorrow (4/15) at Glasslands and I imagine playing under the venue's stormcloud installation will be pretty apropos. I hope they are really loud too.

Eternal Summers
Eternal Summers

That Glasslands bill also features Roanoke, VA's Eternal Summers who have a new EP titled Prisoner out on Kanine/Forrest Family next week. The title track -- downloadable above -- is one of my favorite Eternal Summers songs yet and the whole EP is pretty excellent overall. The band, at least the last time I saw them, have expanded to a trio for live shows which fills out their sound nicely.

The Glasslands show, in addition to Eternal Summers and Lyonnais, features Toronto's Golden Dogs and locals Dream Diary who don't play together so much anymore now that guitarist Madison moved to Memphis. Brad Oberhofer will DJ in-between bands.  That's a good night of music.

Eternal Summers also play Cake Shop on Saturday (4/16) which is the venue's Record Store Day extravaganza, featuring a slew of great -- mostly local -- bands. The downstairs will be a record mart during the day (noon - 6PM). Bands during the evening include the previously-mentioned McDonalds, Natural Child, Widowspeak, Overlord, Hands & Knees, Night Collectors and Twitchers. Eternal Summers head out on tour next month with the Beets and all those tour dates are at the bottom of the post.

Also, for the real record nerds, Cake Shop is running a fun little contest. They've made 77 versions of the Record Store Day flyer, each with different backgrounds taken from album covers. Take a look, name the artist and album of as many as you can and email your answers to cakeshopusa@gmail.com. The entry with the most correct answers (or first entry in case of a tie) wins either a $77 bar tab at Cake Shop or $77 credit for the Cape Shok record mart during that day. Winner's choice. I got about 55 for sure, with another 15 I could figure out with a little time.


And finally, Spectrum (aka Pete "Sonic Boom" Kember who also co-fronted Spacemen 3) are in town this weekend playing two shows with Crystal Stilts: Saturday (4/16) at Le Poisson Rouge and Sunday (4/17) at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Kember is one of the forefathers of drone pop and in the past few years has become known for his work behind the boards, having produced MGMT's underrated/misunderstood Congratulations album, and he mixed the new Panda Bear. There's a new Spectrum album duo sometime soon too. Kember's influence seems more relevant than ever. Glad to see he's staying busy.

Crystal Stilts
Crystal Stilts

Crystal Stilts owe more than a little to Kember's many records. The band just released their second LP, In Love with Oblivion and I think it's pretty great, pretty easily besting their 2008 debut (which was one of my favorite albums of that year.) The production's better, the songs are better, and the artwork's really nice as well. It's hard to listen to the new album without thinking of Frankie Rose whose relentless drumming style, I feel, probably had a lot to do with the way standout songs like "Sycamore Tree" and "Death is What We Live For" were formed. Both of those Kraut-heavy tracks made their debut in late 2008. As much as I like Rose's solo work, I miss her being in this band.

But the new new songs show that it's still guitarist JB Townsend and singer Brad Hargett writing great songs. The biggest improvement over the first album is probably the influence of keyboardist Kyle Forrester, whose parts add a bright color to Crystal Stilts' sound, especially on "Silver Sun" and single "Shake the Shackles." The record got a deserved 7.9 in Pitchfork today. You can download "Through the Floor" at the top of this post and watch the video below. Crystal Stilts are on tour starting next week and all dates are below.

That's it for this edition. Some daily picks and more after the jump.

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DOWNLOAD: Moon Duo - Mazes (MP3)

Moon Duo

"Moon Duo will release a new full-length album Mazes on March 29 via Sacred Bones Records. The vinyl edition of this LP is hand silk-screened and comes with a 22" x 22" reversible poster. For a limited time select retailers will carry a free bonus CD available with purchase featuring six tracks on Mazes remixed by Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3, Purling Hiss, and Psychic Ills amongst others."
Moon Duo (Ripley Johnson of Wooden Shjips and Sanae Yamada) are currently on the road in support of that new LP which you can sample by downloading the title track above (right over the cover art).

Maybe you caught Moon Duo at Cake Shop last night (3/26) with Jacuzzi Boys. Maybe you'll catch them at Knitting Factory in Brooklyn tonight (3/27) as part of a a pretty great bill that also includes Coconuts (who released an LP on No Quarter exactly a year ago) and The Stepkids (who recently signed to Stones Throw).

All tour dates (may with Blank Dogs) and the new album's tracklist, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Panda Bear - Last Night at the Jetty (MP3)


Panda Bear is the project of Animal Collective member Noah Lennox. Tomboy, his long-awaited fourth album as Panda Bear, and follow-up to Person Pitch, is now complete and will be released on his own label, Paw Tracks on April 12, 2011.

Paw Tracks is pleased to present a listening party for Tomboy on Feb. 16 in NYC at Le Poisson Rouge Gallery (158 Bleecker St.) - there will be two separate listening sessions, one at 6pm that is open to all ages (rsvp to tomboyallageslisteningparty@gmail.com ) and one at 7:30pm that is 21+ (rsvp is now closed)

Over the past six months or so, Panda Bear has released a series of vinyl singles on different labels, including Domino, Paw Tracks, and Fat Cat, with the final single forthcoming on Kompakt. The Tomboy album is a compilation of these songs, along with new ones that have not been released. Additionally, all the songs have been added to and newly mixed with help from Sonic Boom to give the album a wonderfully rich and warm sound. [press release]

The MP3 of "Last Night at The Jetty" above is the final version of track #5 on Tomboy.

by Andrew Frisicano

Dean & Britta @ Bowery Ballroom (more by Chris La Putt)
Dean & Britta

We [Double Feature Records] are releasing the debut by Cheval Sombre, produced by Sonic Boom, with musical contributions from Britta and myself. This CD contains tracks from his out-of-print 7" singles (issued on the UK label, Static Caravan), and a whole lot more. [Dean Wareham]
Dean & Britta head out for a short June tour with Cheval Sombre, whose debut album will come out on the Dean-and-Britta-run Double Feature Records on April 28th. The tour stops at (Le) Poisson Rouge in NYC on Saturday, June 6th. Tickets are on sale.

This Saturday (3/28), Dean & Britta's "13 Most Beautiful...songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests" show visits Boston. They did the same show in NYC in January. Dean & Britta, who were commissioned to write pieces for the collection of Warhol's silent films, have been out performing their original songs live, "beneath projections of Warhol's film portraits of his Silver Factory Superstars [who included Nico, Lou Reed, Edie Sedgwick, Dennis Hopper, and more]." Plexifilm just released a DVD version of the show on March 24th.

In April, Cheval Sombre is playing a few US dates with Dean & Britta's friend, and his record producer, Sonic Boom aka Spectrum. That includes the presviously announced April 26th show at Mercury Lounge (tix), as well as an April 29th show at Death By Audio in Brooklyn. Appropriately enough, a third date is at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA.

All tour dates and a video of Dean & Britta performing at NYC's Zipper Factory last September, below...

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Bardo Pond
Bardo Pond

All Tomorrow's Parties is pleased to announce some additions to the bill for ATP New York, its first east coast festival set for September 19-21 at Kutshers Country Club in Monticello, NY.

As previously announced, the three day festival is curated by both My Bloody Valentine and ATP, and will be headlined by My Bloody Valentine in their first US appearance in 16-years.

Alongside previously announced choices, Dinosaur Jr., Lilys, Yo La Tengo, Mercury Rev and Mogwai, Sunday curators My Bloody Valentine have also chosen, Bob Mould, Sonic Boom, Le Volume Courbe, Gemma Hayes and Wounded Knees. ATP adds in Les Savy Fav, Alexander Tucker and Apse to join Shellac, Fuck Buttons, Low, Growing, Edan With Guest Dagha, Thee Silver Mount Zion Orchestra, The Drones, Polvo, Wooden Shjips, Harmonia, Om and Autolux on their day. Finally Bardo Pond Performing Lapsed joins the Friday Don't Look Back day that also sees Thurston Moore Performing Psychic Hearts, Tortoise Performing Millions Now Living Will Never Die, Meat Puppets Performing Meat Puppets II and Built To Spill Performing Perfect From Now On.

The day by day lineup is now:

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Spectrum (Sonic Boom of Spacemen 3) is playing Union Hall, Knitting Factory and Mercury Lounge this month. A new LP entitled "'Spectrum meets Cpt. Memphis - Indian Givers" is out in February on Birdman Records. It is a collaboration between Spectrum and Jim Dickinson....

Please note this is not the SPECTRUM lp that has been in the works ready for release next year (2008). The release of that l.p. will be preceded by a new SPECTRUM EP "Walking & Falling" in March on Mind Expansion records.
All tour dates below....

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