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by Bill Pearis


Felix van Groeningen's Belgica just had it's U.S. premiere at Sundance and tells the tale of two Belgian brothers who run the film's titular music club, a "den of depravity" where the party never stops, or never wants to at least. Appropriately, Groeningen recruited fellow Belgians Soulwax to do the music for the film. (Who better than a band whose documentary was titled Part of The Weekend Never Dies?) For it, Soulwax's Dewaele brothers (who you may also know as 2manydjs) had to create music for a variety of different fictitious bands seen performing in the club:

We recorded the original music being played in the club, wrote the music, rehearsed and recorded live on set the tracks played by the bands - ranging from a live kraut techno band, White Virgins, bequiffed psychobilly trio They Live through to hardcore outfit Burning Phlegm (featuring Sepultura's Igor Cavalera) whilst chanteuse Charlotte represents the other end of the spectrum with her neo soul pop.
Another of the 15 fake bands Soulwax made songs for are Strokes-y garage rockers The Shitz and you can watch the video for "How Long," along with the Belgica trailer, below.

The Belgica soundtrack is out February 26 on [PIAS]. Meanwhile Soulwax are long overdue for touring North America. Lets hope that changes soon.

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UK music weekly NME has just published its end-of-year issue, with their Top 50 LPs and Tracks of 2013. As for the albums list, we'll let you read on to find out what their #1 pick is, but it might just be the one NME called "absolutely and unarguably the most incredible album of [said band's] career" and "the greatest record of the last decade." It's not Palma Violets, who were last year's Track of the Year, as their debut LP came in at #32 on the list.

As for tracks, their single of the year is a pretty obvious (certainly ubiquitous) choice. Check out the full lists of NME's Top 50 LPs and Tracks below...

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Soulwax brings the dance party back to America this fall. After playing San Francisco and HARD Haunted Manion in LA, the Belgian group will headline a HARD-presented show at Webster Hall on November 2nd. Tickets go on sale today (9/28) at noon. All dates are listed below...

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DJ Reid Speed @ Studio B - December 31, 2008 (CRED)

On New Years Eve I ended my two week long dance-less streak, arriving to a very full and fun Studio B whose NYE bash was in full swing at 1am. Sinden was already on, but I didn't really have a chance to get pay attention because I lost my jacket and was spent the first hour I was there looking for it. I temporarily gave up the search so I could hit the floor and attempt to enjoy the music. The timing was great as I was able to catch Jokers' of the Scene's set right from the beginning which was a wonderful, upbeat, thumping, crunchy, well-balanced mix of mostly new stuff - I recognized maybe 5% of their set which is becoming more and more rare.

After Jokers, Reid Speed played a good set that was a lot of fun incorporating some current electro with old favorites (ie Prodigy), some Nintendo samples, and total oddballs (Diddy/whatever he's calling himself now - Bad Boy For Life) which worked surprisingly well. The ridiculous bill for the evening was far from over, but the dj (who I didn't recognize) after Reid's set started playing a lot of Jungle which I wasn't into, so I called it an early night (for New Years Eve anyway).

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words by Showtrotta, live photos by Gabi Porter, portraits by Leia Jospe

Late of the Pier (by Leia Jospe)
Late of the Pier

Soulwax (by Gabi Porter)

Aside from catching a lot of great new acts during this year's CMJ, the highlight for me had to be Insiders at the Fillmore last Friday (10/24).

Insiders was a "micro-festival" put together by Pete Tong and Live Nation whose goal was:

...to highlight and celebrate a cross pollination of genres, all somewhat considered left-of-center but each possessing the potential to gain mass appeal in the mainstream arena - Insiders is destined to provide a jam packed, quality festivalé of fun and music, redefining the future of electronic music
While I'm not sure if attaching a $55 price tag (though I felt it was easily worth that) to an eight act, one evening, bill was the ideal way of gaining "mass appeal in the mainstream arena", Insiders did provide a lot of fun for everyone present that evening, laying the ground work, and highlighting the future of electronic music. In a time when deejay sets are frequently delivered from behind laptops (which can still be art depending on who's doing it), Insiders brought many electro acts who do more than that to the forefront. Yes, the evening did have its share of deejays. Rob Da Bank, Luciano, James Lavalle, and Pete Tong all managed to get the crowd adequately moving during the time allotted, but anyone there will tell you the true excitement and electricity of the evening came when the live bands joined with electronics during the Whip, Late of the Pier, and Soulwax's performances.

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by Showtrotta

DOWNLOAD: The Whip - Trash (South Central remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Esau Mwamwaya and Radioclit - The Very Best Mixtape (ZIP)
DOWNLOAD: The Whip - Divebomb (FFS remix) (MP3)

Shout Out Out Out
Shout Out Out Out

It's CMJ time again. In a city where there are almost always some good acts passing through it's hard to understand what exactly the big deal is about the CMJ Music Marathon. Then you realize there will be "over 1,000 artists, in more than 65 venues in 5 days" and you have yet to even look at the schedule! Get crackin', run around, and get down! While last year's marathon (which featured Simian Mobile Disco, the Black Ghosts, MSTRKRFT, and Justice to name a few) will be hard to top in terms of dance music, this year's is by no means shabby.

What looks good to me on the official schedule is here (though note that the Little Boots Annex show is actually on Thursday). Explanations & more info is below. Also, be sure to read the official CMJ schedule carefully, as typically late night dj events will often be listed under the following day (ie: a Tuesday night dj set starting at 1am will actually be listed on CMJ's schedule under Wednesday)....

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"I still can't believe this is $55." [madmang]

Pete Tong

"New York, NY- The economy may have fallen on hard times, but that is no reason any New Yorker should have to miss the premiere of Pete Tong's "Insiders Music Series" on October 24th at The Fillmore New York At Irving Plaza which has become one of the most anticipated events of CMJ week. To prevent this impending crisis we are introducing the "Hipster Bailout" plan. Beginning today a limited number of tickets will be made available for $30.00 while supplies last. Once exhausted, a second limited allotment of tickets will be made available for $40.00 with all tickets returning to normal pricing once these allotments are fulfilled or the day prior to the event, whichever comes first.
Tickets are at Ticketmaster.

I also have a pair of tickets to giveaway for this show. To win them, email BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM (subject: LOTP). Include your first and last name, A winner will be picked at random and contacted.

Late of the Pier and the Whip are also playing a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Irving Plaza set times, including for the just-added movie screening (with trailer), below...

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by Showtrotta

DOWNLOAD: MGMT - Kids (Soulwax remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Whip - Divebomb (FFS remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Bumblebeez - Rio (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Bumblebeez - Black Dirt (MP3)

Midnight Juggernauts @ Coachella 2008 (more by Ryan Muir)
Midnight Juggernauts

If you're still standing after everything that went down Thursday & Friday there is plenty more to do this weekend. That and more below...

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Late of the Pier
Late of the Pier

On October 24th during New York City's CMJ Music Festival, UK DJ extraordinaire, forward thinker and BBC's very own Pete Tong will be teaming up with Live Nation and launching the premier of a new music platform; the Insiders Music Series. "INSIDERS brings together an exciting combination of the hottest electronic artists and dj's for one extended night in the legendary Irving Plaza venue. A cutting edge 'micro' festival in the city." Explains Tong who aims to showcase some of the worlds biggest and burgeoning electronic acts from all over the world, all under one roof and for one night only this October at New York's historical Irving Plaza.
The complete bill (happening at the historical magnificent wonderful legendary Irving Plaza I mean Fillmore): Soulwax + 2ManyDJs, Pete Tong, James Lavelle, Luciano, Rob da Bank, The Whip, and Late of the Pier...
"Boasting a back catalogue of songs that swing from glitchy electronica to 60s pastiche via comedy game-show music, Late of the Pier's set isn't exactly conducive to a calm atmosphere. And it's one of the best festival sets we've seen for a long while, in terms of enthusiasm from the fans and the sheer inventiveness of tracks like Bathroom Gurgle and Heartbeat. So much so we don't even care that we now have 17 pints of lager absorbed in our T-shirt." [Guardian]
Tickets for the Irving Plaza show are now on sale. Unfortunately it is the same night as Roisin Murphy's U.S. debut.

More Soulwax tour dates HERE. The NYC "Insiders" flyer, and info on Late of the Pier's album and other dates, below...

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by Showtrotta

Part of the Weekend Never Dies (Soulwax @ Ola Festival)

Soulwax announced a new string of North American tour dates that start at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza (again) on October 24th! No tickets yet, but it looks like it will be part of CMJ. As of right now all the US shows are listed as Soulwax-only performances (not 2ManyDJs) (as indicated by the "SW" after every date) (see below).

If you haven't seen Soulwax before and didn't catch them when they were here earlier this month I strongly recommend checking them out in October. They perform live electronic music like no one I've ever seen before and their show at Irving was the best I've been to this year. Don't let this funny YouTube clip fool you...

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DOWNLOAD: The American Dream Team - What Dreams Are Made Of, Vol. 1 (Mixed By DJ Code-D) (zSHARE MP3)
DOWNLOAD: OCD Automatic - 30 Minute Obsession mix (zSHARE MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Tittsworth - The John McCain Experience (Sendspace MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Todd Terje - Prime Time Promo Mix (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Brodinski - Smokemashine C mix (Megaupload MP3)

The Yard on a Sunday (cred)
The Yard

Before I get into what's going on this weekend I want to bring a remix to your attention. "Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax 2 Many DJ's Remix)" by The Chemical Brothers is available for free here. I've only listened to it once so far and am still figuring out what to make of this marriage between two of my favorite artists. Despite that, I think it will be devastating once someone drops it in the middle of a set on a good, loud system....I can't wait. Now on to another thing I can't wait for...the weekend -

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Soulwax @ Irving Plaza - August 6, 2008 (CRED)

This simply awesome week in dance that started on Wednesday with Soulwax (they were awesome - look for the review next week) continues into this weekend, starting with Friday:

As I already mentioned (price aside) the move for Friday is Underworld at All Points West (Have you mapped out your strategy yet?). I can't stress enough what a great, live electronic music experience an Underworld show is. Tickets are still available.

It's really hard to recommend doing anything else, but here are some other things that are happening:

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by Showtrotta

Sebastien Tellier @ Hiro Ballroom - July 30, 2008 (CRED)
Sebstien Teller

Last week in dance was pretty crazy. The French invaded in the form of Sebastien Tellier on Wednesday and the Institubes crew on Thursday. Both were pretty awesome.

Sebastien's set at Hiro really showed how (all hype aside) truly talented he is. His songs are really finely crafted, electronic, pop songs that should be grouped somewhere closer to artists like Air rather than some of the fly by night electro nobody's going to remember in a few years time. The setlist from Wednesday is below. There's a full review of the show over at my blog.

Thursday night (July 31), Institubers Jean Nipon and Bobmo had everyone losing it at Santos along with the French label's only US artist, Curses! Jean Nipon opened the night with a mix that was a bit of everything - kind of like his Freedom Fries mix, but way more banging. Curses followed up with a great set, showcasing his signature, heavily UK-influenced sound and flawless live vocals. Afterward France took over with Bobmo deejaying into the wee hours with the great, 90's, housey sound that artists like he and Surkin are excellently reinventing and bringing back. Overall it was a really fun night of good, super danceable tunes. This was my second time at Santos - still loving the soundsystem and the fact that people shamelessly get down.

Jamie Lidell @ Summerstage - August 3, 2008 (Lucas Blue)
JAmie Lidell

I rounded out the crazy week by hanging out at Summerstage on Sunday. The weather was great and it was a nice, mellow way to spend the day (despite not being into that much of the music). Jose James is a good jazz vocalist, but not my cup of tea. Little Jackie managed to fuse pop with a throwback soul sound pretty successfully. By far the largest turnout at Summerstage was for Janelle Monae. The instruments were very loud and it was hard to hear her at times, but what I did hear of her was not that impressive. It made me realize how much I can't wait to see Sharon Jones (who is playing Summerstage in a couple of weeks, on August 17th). I did like Janelle's energy though - she was dancing around like a maniac despite the park being quite hot under the blazing sun, and I liked her nods to Fritz Lang's Metropolis (which is also the title of her suite, check her myspace for an explanation). Gilles Peterson played some upbeat, soulful, dancey jams that had everyone moving, but he wasn't mixing them together! Hopefully that won't be the case at Cielo on Thursday (more on that later)....

Jamie Lidell, Soulwax and more below....

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by Showtrotta

Booka ShadeHope you got your fill of the French on Wednesday and Thursday. This weekend brings dance music from loads of different places (but is way less French intensive).

Friday night (August 1st) one of the bigger dance events happening is Booka Shade at the Fillmore at Irving Plaza. Walter and Arno have been working on their own music together since the 90's as well as producing for a number of artists on Berlin-based, underground dance label (which they co-founded with M.A.N.D.Y. and DJ T), Get Physical. I have not seen them before, but have often heard their live performances compared to Soulwax's (who are here next Wednesday! Get tickets!) which I always consider to be a good thing. If it's an accurate comparison you should be in for a night of absolutely losing it on the dancefloor.

$20 advanced tickets available here or at the box office (no service charge).

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Big Stereo wrote, "Muscles is my new favorite artist thanks to recent spins on Whothehell.net and Kiss Atlanta. And judging from Hype Machine I am totally late on this game. You know you’re late when Fluxblog has hit a band not once but twice. AND I don’t know how I missed Muscles the first three times Fluokids posted, but I digress…"

Muscles "emerging from the underground"

F'd Up are no longer opening for Art Brut (and in turn Soulwax). They were supposed to or something, but now O'Death is opening instead which is actually more awesome kind of. O'Death then play NYU with Battles and the Dirty Projectors the next night (btw, NYU students can also now buy tickets for the Thermals and Hold Steady).

And if you're just going to Soulwax at 11, don't be late (like Big Stereo - see above) - Modular's newest signing from Australia Muscles is opening the show (and all Radio Soulwax shows on this tour). Listen to Muscles at MySpace (or use one of the links above to get MP3s).

All O'Death and Soulwax/Muscles tour dates below....

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