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No Age @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC - May 6, 2008 (more by Leia Jospe)
No Age @ Bowery Ballroom

Now that the Bowery show is in the past, it has been confirmed that No Age will be playing a free show at South Street Seaport on July 11th. Abe Vigoda and Telepathe are opening. All tour dates below....

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Animal Collective @ the South Street Seaport, June 2007 (more)
Animal Collective at the seaport

"On-the-Side" with Jack Lukeman, featuring "Jack Lukeman Sings Newman."

Thursday, May 8
6:30 p.m. doors, 7 p.m. show

Friday, May 9
6:30 p.m. doors, 7 p.m. & 9 p.m. shows

"On-the-Side" shows are held at the new arts venue @Seaport, located in the South Street Seaport historic district at 219 Water Street (at Beekman Street). Admission is free.

More info on this week's shows HERE. More upcoming free 2008 NYC Seaport shows below.....

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Gang Gang DanceTickets seem to still be available for the Gang Gang Dance show at Southpaw tonight. L Magazine 'band you need to hear' High Places and friend of Animal Collective Kria Brekken are opening.

According to Kria's website, she and Gang Gang Dance are also playing an art opening at the South Street Seaport in a couple of days too.


All signs, and weathervanes, point towards the upcoming outdoor summer concert season, which is just around the corner. The River to River Festival is kicking things off with a nod to the past, featuring Wire at the Seaport Music Festival stage. Why should you care? Unlike other 70s bands that have been over-saturating the concert circuit, these guys haven't taken a stage in the U.S. in quite some time; their last show was in Spain in 2004.........The show is free for all, and takes place Friday, May 30th at 7 p.m [Gothamist]
Other bands playing the South Street Seaport this summer are listed HERE.

Last year the Seaport booked Suicide. More Wire tour dates below...

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Leader of the Pack

The initial 2008 lineup of free summer concerts at South Street Seaport in NYC has been announced. It includes King Khan and the Shrines who just signed to VICE and who may also be playing McCarren Pool with Deerhunter who are playing somewhere this week with Atlas Sound who are also playing the Seaport......

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DOWNLOAD: Kimya Dawson - It's Been Raining (MP3)

South Street Seaport - Aug 17, 2007 (CRED - Owen Fegan)
The NAtional @ South Street Seaport

takka takka played i think 5 songs for about 20 minutes, and the forms played about 15 minutes, 3 songs. they could have played longer considering national was done by went on little after 8 and were done by 9:15 and their curfew is i believe 10 oclock. however i think they wanted them to hit the stage because they were expecting more rain later. [NYC Noise Fan]
National tour dates, here.

DOWNLOAD: The Forms - Sunday (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The National - Cold Girl Fever (MP3)

The NationalTONIGHT: The Forms, Takka Takka (now w/ new lineup) AND The National are playing a free show at South Street Seaport. Both label and seaport representatives confirm that the National ARE playing (in case u heard otherwise). (Takka Takka is at 6pm, The Forms are at 7pm and The National is on at 8pm.)

DovemanTHIS MORNING: Tickets went on sale for The National's next NYC show at Terminal 5 - the new 3,000-capacity super-venue. NYC's own St. Vincent will be opening the large show. That's right - Annie has reportedly relocated from Texas to our fine city, and the Terminal 5 date is just one of many upcoming shows she'll be playing with her Beggars-family labelmates.

AUGUST 29: Doveman is back with a show at Joe's Pub (a venue he is very familiar with). That before a tour with - that's right - his friends and Brassland labelmates - The National. Brassland will release a brand new Doveman album called With My Left Hand I Raise the Dead on October 9th.

All tour dates, including some that The Rosebuds are also playing with the National, below....

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MetronomyUK Electro-group Metronomy are coming back to the U.S. to play some shows - that includes one for free on August 10th @ South Street Seaport w/ Au Revoir Simone, and another one later that night at Studio B in Brooklyn. I missed them last time around, so I don't know what one of their live shows is like (though you can download some MP3s to sort of find out). Have you seen them live? Good?

Even if not (...as those making dance music are not always known for their live shows...), you have to at least give the guys booking South Street Seaport props for being so experimental & courageous in their booking choices - already this year we've had free shows by Suicide, TheDeathSet, Animal Collective, and Menomena, and upcoming shows include Metronomy, Battles, and Deerhunter.

This week (August 3) at the Seaport is "A Night of Billie Holiday Remixed and Reimagined" by the way. Listen to more Metronomy @ MySpace, and more tour dates below...

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Suicide @ South Street Seaport, NYC - July 27, 2007 (CRED)
Suicide @ South Street Seaport

Last night I was able to catch one of the greatest, most influential (for me) bands of all-time, Suicide, playing a rare live show in their home city. I can barely put into words how cool this was. I mean, fucking Suicide man! Unfortunately, it was a part of the summer-long South Street Seaport free Friday night concert series, which meant that it had that amazing mix only South St. Seaport can attain of disgusting lawyers and bankers from the nearby Financial District, tourists dying to hit up Pizzeria Uno, drunk people. But, whatever, Suicide! The boys were in good form, Alan Vega (real name: Alan Bernowitz) doing that aging punk Elvis thing, Martin Rev providing the music, as the night wore on they got better and better. They played for about an hour and 10 minutes, cleared out a good portion of the crowd and made my month. [Pound for Pound]
And for an interesting review of the TheDeathSet's opening set, keep reading....

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Hurry up and get your new Korn CD @ J&R for guaranteed entry to the free show. Details on a Limp Bizkit in-store @ Sound Fix coming soon.

TheDeathSet @ Whartscape 2007 - July 21 (CRED)
TheDeathSet @ Whartscape 2007

If Todd P shows aren't your thing, but you want a taste of the Baltimore-via-Australia band TheDeathSet, then this Friday (July 27) is not only your chance to see them, but to see them for free at South Street Seaport with the legendary 'art-rock, synth-pop' band Suicide. In August TheDeathSet will play a bunch more shows including a few in Brooklyn and NJ, and then in October they're going on tour with Bonde Do Role.

Stream TheDeathSet's new CD "Rad Warehouses Bad Neighborhoods" right here. It includes remixes by Dan Deacon and Bonde Do Role. You can also download the Bonde Do Role remix as an 'aiff' file at their site. All tour dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Menomena - Wet and Rusting (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Menomena - Let's All Unite! (MP3)

Menomena @ South Street Seaport, NYC- July 13, 2007 (CRED)
Menomena @ South Street Seaport

One obvious limitation we faced when booking the Citysol show was that we couldn't have any bands that were already locked in to play the Pitchfork Festival happening the same weekiend in Chicago. It meant we couldn't get local favorites like Professor Murder and Oxford Collapse on the bill, and though Gza really wanted to perform Liquid Swords while overlooking the East River, he just couldn't get out of his prior obligation (I kid). One band sort of did play both though - that's because the South Street Seaport portion of Citysol was Friday night and Menomena weren't playing the Pitchfork Fest until Sunday.

Menomena @ Pitchfork Festival 2007, Chicago - July 15, 2007 (CRED)
Menomena @ Pitchfork Festival

Though I was running around a lot, what I heard of Menomena at the Seaport sounded great. I obviously wasn't at Pitchfork, but Metromix says Menomena's set there was "significantly weakened by poor sound". Also on Pitchfork - The Daily Heave says that "Professor Murder really did try, but sadly was stuck on the third stage of doom", and Rachel reports that she likes Oxford Collapse "more than mastadons but they stuck the oxford collapse in the weird little fenced off corner stage area and I was NOT going back there.".......

Oxford Collapse are playing McCarren Pool this Sunday (7/22) with Annuals and Band of Horses.

DOWNLOAD: Beat the Devil - Plea Bargain (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Beat the Devil - Shine in Exile (MP3)

Beat The DevilAt this point many people are probably thinking that "Citysol" is merely a free Les Savy Fav show happening this Saturday at Stuyvesant Park in NYC. WRONG! Citysol is actually four days long, and also includes Friday night at South Street Seaport.

How will this week's Seaport concert be different from the ones in weeks past? Well, besides the fact that this is the only week that Beat the Devil & Menomena are playing, there really isn't any difference. BrooklynVegan & Solar One (Citysol) are just helping "present" the 'River to River' show - aka counteracting all evil associated with the 'Friday the 13th' date which in turn will guarantee harmony and 'good times' for all by the water. Oh, and there will also be a table where you can "switch to a green energy package with ConEdison Solutions", so bring your electric bill.

Also coming up at South Street Seaport....

SuicideJuly 13 - Menomena, Beat the Devil
July 20 - Bishop Allen, Rock Plaza Central
July 27 - SUICIDE

The ubiquitous electronic sounds emanating from many of today's most acclaimed indie music performers owe much of their art to the often troubled group known as Suicide, aka Alan Vega, on vocals, and Martin Rev on keyboard. The drummer-less, rhythm-machine-driven, guitar-free duo was effectively the world's first art-rock, synth-pop band, but it has taken nearly 30 years for the band to received its warranted props.
Last year they had the New York Dolls - this year SUICIDE

Aug 3 - A Night of Billie Holiday Remixed and Reimagined
Aug 10 - Au Revoir Simone, Metronomy
Aug 17 - The National, The Forms, Takka Takka
Aug 24 - Camera Obscura
Aug 31 - Battles & DEERHUNTER

Check out the Citysol flyer below....

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DOWNLOAD: Deerhunter - Heatherwood (MP3)

Deerhunter @ Bowery Ballroom - July 11, 2007 (CRED)

once we have the poop journal our blog will be superior to any other bands [Deerhunter's NSFW blog]
As seen at Pitchfork, and again.

Did anyone go to the Deerhunter/Man Man/O'Death show in Philly? That was a serious lineup. Deerhunter is playing a free show at South Street Seaport in NYC on August 31st with Battles! That's a serious lineup too. All tour dates below....

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Fujiya & Miyagi in NYC - July 6, 2007 (CRED)
Fujiya & Miyagi @ South Street Seaport

I meant to go this show, but last-minute decided to run to Coney Island. How were Fujiya & Miyagi at the Seaport?

Even with thunderstorms in the forecast, people showed up....

Animal Collective @ South Street Seaport, NYC - June 1, 2007
Animal Collective @ South Street Seaport

For every person that thought this show sucked, there's someone who thought it was amazing. I thought it was a great time - there's the water, the boats, the air, the beer, the sky, the mall, random tourists, thousands of kids in attendance (some tripping), the occasional baby, Wall St people getting drinks after work, Animal Collective's (trippy) music coming from the stage, and cars going by - well, not the best place for an Animal Collective show - especially one where they played so many new songs, but nice nonetheless. Some more photos of the crowd at my Flickr. An Alabama review, new album info, and more dates HERE.

This is my third post about Ted today, and the fourth in a week. Clell Tickle made me do it. YANP has the MP3s from Ted's 2006 South Street Seaport show.

UPDATE: Get the MP3s @ The Archive (thx anon)

When I found out I had the chance to interview a member of the New York Dolls, I knew immediately that J from Heartonastick was the perfect perfect person to do it, and it ends up he was. J and Sylvain Sylvain talk about everything from Max's Kansas City to the Morrissey-driven reunion, the new album to Pete Doherty.....

NY Dolls @ South Street SeaportNY Dolls @ South Street Seaport
* photos of David Johansen & Sylvain Sylvain by Wellington Lee

No, they’re not going to go quietly. Isn’t that the last thing you’d want from them?

When the New York Dolls came together in 1971 they were just a bunch of city kids – Drummer Billy Murcia and guitarists Johnny Thunders and Sylvain Sylvain were from Queens, bassist Arthur “Killer” Kane from the Bronx, singer David Johansen from Staten Island – who wanted nothing more than to be in a rock and roll band.

People didn’t think they looked and sounded like anything else out there, but the Dolls didn’t really think there was any other way to look or sound. In a musical era of processed, plastic professionalism, these guys played loud and sloppy, banging themselves against bluesy ‘50s-style rock and ‘60s-era girl group sounds so hard something was bound to break.

What broke was everything. Including the Dolls. But by the time the group had fallen apart in 1975, people knew you didn’t have to love music from a distance, anymore.

Most of the original Dolls are no longer with us. Murcia died on the group’s first UK tour, drowned in a bathtub during a bizarre booze-and-barbiturate party. His replacement, Brooklyn-born Jerry Nolan, suffered a fatal stroke in 1992, not even a year after a cancer-and-drug-addled Thunders passed on. Kane lived to see the band’s triumphant 2004 reunion at Morrissey’s Meltdown Festival in London... but died of Leukemia shortly afterwards.

Sylvain Sylvain and David Johansen are very much alive, and they want nothing more than to be in a rock and roll band.

I got to talk to Sylvain, and though we spoke longer than we were supposed to, it certainly wasn’t long enough. The New York Dolls have so much history – and are responsible for so much more – that I could barely scratch the surface. For those who want more, I’ll link to a few books and DVDs at the bottom. Further suggestions are always welcome; please leave them in the comments.

Above all, of course, you should own the records. It doesn’t make sense without the music. The group’s first, self-titled CD is necessary, and available; their second, Too Much Too Soon, a tougher find. And, hey: It’s 2006, and there’s a new Dolls CD, One Day It Will Please Us to Remember Even This. Whoulda thunk.

Thanks to BV and the folks at Roadrunner Records for this opportunity, and to Sylvain Sylvain for his time and good humor.


J: New York is losing CBGB’s and Continental in the next month, but The Dolls came up before those clubs were even around. You kind of had to invent places to play...

Maxs Kansas City"Syl: Yes, well, we always had to look for venues really, because when we came around there was none, except maybe Max’s Kansas City.

J: And that was a Warhol hangout then, right?

Syl: Yeah, exactly, that was famous for the back room, the downstairs back room where it was the late-60s musical scene, Warholish, all the old superstars, self-made superstars. Which we fit in pretty well because we were self-made stars ourselves. But yes, we had to look for places, and in fact that’s how we ran into the Mercer Arts Centre.

J: I wanted to get an idea what those places were like...

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Spank Rock

FRIDAY, SEPT 1, 2006 @ SOUTH STREET SEAPORT, NYC: 6:30 p.m. The Black Hollies, 7:15 p.m. Uncle John & Whitelock, 8 p.m. Dirty on Purpose, 9 p.m. Spinto Band (FREE)

SUNDAY, SEPT 3, 2006 @ MCCARREN POOL, BROOKLYN: Spankrock, Gang Gang Dance, Shy Child, Nuclear Family and DJ sets by THE RUB (FREE)

PLUS: Gorilla Biscuits play 2 NYC shows this weekend.

PLUS: The Cramps play Avalon (MOFO) on Sunday night.

PLUS: There's the Temporary Residence Festival

PLUS: There's the Japanese New Music Festival

PLUS: Adem is playing a free show @ Sound Fix Records on Saturday.

ALSO: Comedian Fred Armisen, who plays some drums on the new Thunderbirds are Now Album!, photographed Spank Rock (who's playing the Pool on Sunday - see above) at this year's Pitchfork Festival. Those photos, plus all of Fred's and Spank Rock's tour dates below...

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"won't be back for a while.......really sorry its just that its crazy expensive to come over just for one show if there was a tour then we'd be vibing" [Richard Hawley]
(thx to the commenter who originally brought this to my attention)

In more postive news, Juana Molina is still playing the Seaport TONIGHT (July 7).

Richard Hawley | MP3s, will tour soon | Coles Corner
Richard Hawley opened for Morrissey, playing Sin-e

NOTE: Juana Molina is playing on July 7th. It's a few days after she finishes her tour with Jose Gonzalez and Psapp.

06/30/2006 - Amy Rigby & Robbie Fulks
07/07/2006 - Juana Molina, Mike Wexler & White Magic
07/14/2006 - Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men w/ Chatham County
07/19/2006 - Conjunto Classico
07/26/2006 - Ray Sepulveda
07/28/2006 - Richard Hawley & Nicolai Dunger w/ Benjy Ferree
08/02/2006 - Bio Ritmo
08/04/2006 - Hot Chip with Oppenheimer
08/09/2006 - Son Boricua featuring Jose Mangual & Jimmy Sabater
08/11/2006 - Josh Ritter with Nethers
08/16/2006 - Conjunto Imagen
08/18/2006 - The Box Tops featuring Alex Chilton w/ Tralala
08/25/2006 - Ted Leo + Pharmacists with guests DC Snipers
09/01/2006 - Spinto Band / The Black Hollies + 1 TBA

Who else is playing 9/1? I think they know. They just can't say.

Super Furry Animals played the Seaport, sort of

Josh Ritter and Elvis Perkins are playing a free show at South Street Seaport on August 11th. Everything else we pretty much knew about. The full free River to River Manhattan concert series is now posted on their website. Also, the schedule doesn't say it, but Martha Wainwright is opening for Belle & Sebastian on July 4th.

CYHSY @ South Street Seaport

I've got more dates. Super Furry Animals, Rhett Miller, Moe, Buck 65, Laurie Anderson, etc...

6-02 - Super Furry Animals
7-14 - Dave Alvin & The Guilty Men, Chatham County Line
7-28 - Richard Hawley
8-04 - Hot Chip
8-18 - The Box Tops with Alex Chilton

6-13 - Moe
6-17 - Rhett Miller, Ollabelle, Teddy Thompson
6-23 - Refugee All Stars (of Sierra Leone)
6-25 - Feist, Jason Collett, Buck 65
7-01 - Ska Cubano
7-02 - Seu Jorge, Jose Gonzalez, Alex Cuba Band
7-13 - Ani DiFranco
7-16 - Amadou & Mariam, Daby Toure
7-23 - Konono No. 1
7-26 - Fiona Apple & Damien Rice
7-30 - Lady Sovereign, Todd w/ Karsh Kale and Realize, My Pet Dragon
8-03 - New Pornographers, the Frames, Calexico
9-05 - Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, Damian Marley
9-06 - Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, Damian Marley
9-28 - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

6-15 - Maceo Parker (opening night)
6-18 - Laurie Anderson
7-06 - Broken Social Scene
7-01 - Angelique Kidjo
7-09 - Ralph's World
7-13 - Yo La Tengo
7-27 - Philip Glass
8-03 - Bill Frisell
8-04 - Los Amigos Invisibles
8-06 - King Sunny Ade & His African Beats

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Ted Leo @ The Seaport

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists played a free show at South Street Seaport in NYC on Friday (August 26, 2005). I wasn't there. Above photo courtesy of fotojenyk.com's Flickr account. More photos at Flickr. Setlist courtesy of Chris below...

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