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Gae Pride

In a desperate move to save their remaining beer sponsorships, the New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade organizers have decided to let one gay group march in the parade in 2015. Mayor Bill de Blasio, Guinness, and Sam Adams all boycotted the parade this year, which clearly scared the organizers into what they say is only "political correctness."

The Associated Press reports that OUT@NBCUniversal, NBC's LGBT worker support group, will march with an identifying banner in the parade. It's not clear if they were specifically invited or applied to march. (NBC broadcasts the parade.) No other gay groups are expected to march this year. [Gawker]


Flogging Molly in Chicago in 2012 (more by James Richards IV)
Flogging Molly

The concert cruises just keep on... cruisin'. Like Weezer, Motorhead, Mad Decent and Holy Ship, Celtic punks Flogging Molly will be celebrating St. Patrick's Day in 2015 with the Salty Dog Cruise, which leaves from the coast of Miami on March 13 and continues through March 16, hitting the Bahamas twice in between.

Joining Flogging Molly for this cruise will be gypsy punk party animals Gogol Bordello, melodic punk faves The Bronx's mariachi-themed altar ego Mariachi El Bronx, UK folk punk Frank Turner, fellow Celtic punks The Tossers and The Real McKenzies, ska/rocksteady vets Hepcat and more. It's sure to be a cruise you won't remember, and luckily no designated drivers will be needed. You can book a cabin now.

Flyer and full lineup below...

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by Bill Pearis

Yuck @ Barbarella (BV Party photo by Amanda Hatfield)

Moving on from Wednesday... Thursday, in some ways, was a bit of a bust for me. I blame St. Patrick's Day, one of my least favorite holidays. It is amateur hour. Attendance was up 40% at SXSW this year, and I'm guessing a lot of that was college kids on spring break all of whom already seemed to have had enough to drink by the time I hit 6th Street after the BrooklynVegan-curated portion of the Day Stage. It was a day spent trying to avoid getting puked on or punched.

Anyway, I headed over to our other Thursday afternoon event at Barbarella/Swan Dive, which was crowded but chill, arriving just in time to catch the end of Fergus & Geronimo and Beans' sets. Trying to navigate between the two connected clubs -- blazing sunshine at the patio stage, pitch black for the Barbarella inside stage -- was a bit tough.

I watched most of Yuck's set and thought they sounded great. Not the most exciting band to watch, but that's okay, not everyone can bounce around the stage like Superchunk to whom they owe more than a little sonic dept. Speaking of, Mac McCaughan was their for their whole set which I thought was kind of awesome. I asked him if he was there to collect royalties from Yuck. He laughed and said, "No way, I love these guys!"

Obits @ Barbarella (BV Party photo by Amanda Hatfield)

From there it was out to the Patio for Obits' set. There's something about their pedal-to-the-metal rock that sounds a little better in Texas. Plus they played the two songs I really wanted to hear: "You Gotta Lose" from the new album Moody, Standard and Poor, and their first-ever single "One Cross Apiece."

After scarfing down some tacos (courtesy of the El Diablo truck in Barbarella's backyard, yes a sister truck to the one here at Union Pool), I caught a little of Screaming Females, rip-roaring as usual, and Menomena before heading East to pick up my Fader Fort wristband. Probably a mistake to go to the one place with truly unlimited booze on St. Patrick's Day, it was a phantasmagoric scene of oversized spectacles, day-glo clothing, long lines, and marketing. And booze. Oh...and bands. Mazes, who I'd seen the night before, were playing and not many people seemed to be paying attention.

Most people seemed to be having the Best Time Ever but it was just a little much for me, so I opted for the green grass and relaxed vibe of the French Legation to catch Edwyn Collins which was just a pleasure. With a shit-hot band, including legend Dave Ruffy on drums, we got a 40-minute or so set, half of which was from his new album Losing Sleep, the rest from his back catalog, mostly from his Orange Juice days.

Missed opportunity: they didn't play OJ classic "The Day I Went Down to Texas." But otherwise no complaints. Just like at his Rock Shop show, the set's highlight was Losing Sleep track "In Your Eyes," with Edwyn's son Will singing co-lead, the part sung by Jonathan of The Drums. The Drums' Jacob Graham came out and played guitar with them too. Like his dad, Will Collins has pipes perfect for croony melodrama. Get this kid his own band!

Edwyn Collins @ French Legation

I zoned out at the Legation for a while before heading to Beauty Bar to see Swedish soft pop band Pacific! I love Pacific's first album, Reveries, a melange of '78-'82 soft rock influences, but had no idea what their live show would be like. I certainly wasn't expecting them to come out in cloaks and hoods. Backlit, they looked like Grim Reapers, albeit ones making music that would fit right in beside Air Supply and Falco.

From there it was off to Emo's Jr. to catch San Francisco's Magic Bullets. If you are ever in need of a pick-me-up, go see this band. Their singer is the dancin-est frontman I have ever seen, and the whole band really seems to enjoy playing...which is infectious. They ended their set with a cover of Altered Images' "I Could Be Happy," which fit right in with the band's sound (that owes more than a little to early-'80s Scottish pop).

Austra was playing at Emo's proper so we went to catch them. Buzz is just started to build for them but I think when their debut, Feel it Break, hits they will be unavoidable. The record is all hits and they've got a really good live show too, including identical twin sisters as backup singers. Eminently danceable, with soaring choruses, Austra have got it. I left before the Kills who went on next at what was the Domino showcase.

From here I met up with friends at Palm Door, near the Convention Center, and caught the tail-end of We Barbarians' set. The Long Beach trio's sound is not a million miles away from Bear Hands or Local Natives, dancefloor friendly rock. I thought they were pretty good. They hit New York in a couple weeks for two sold-out shows with Foster the People and Grouplove: Mercury Lounge on April 8 and Knitting Factory on April 9.

"You ready for some killer dubstep?" That's Shaun Durkan, bassist/singer for Weekend, who were up next. He kids, he kids. Intense and very, very loud, Weekend take a load of post punk influences and really do make them their own. They are just so good at what they do. You're knocked back by sheer force as Durkan's vocals swirl in and out as if from a parallel dimension. Easily one of the best sets I saw at SXSW. Weekend are in town in two weeks, for two shows: opening for Wire at Music Hall of Williamsburg on April 5, and then an early show at Mercury Lounge on April 6 with Toronto's Little Girls.

We decided to end the night with Gayngs at large outdoor club Mohawk who are supposed to be on at 12:30 but are still setting up equipment an hour later. With what seems like 30 people in the band, I can see how it would take so long but my energy flagged and I took off before they played, deciding to catch the Night Owl bus back to my friend's apartment instead.

A few more photos below, some video, and applicable tour dates...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

The Pogues

NIGHT ONE, NIGHT TWO, and a set of pictures from the final of three nights of Pogues, the St. Patrick's Day show, at Terminal 5 (setlist & Titus Andronicus included), continue below...

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The Pogues @ Roseland Ballroom in 2009 (more by Faith-Ann Young)
The Pogues

The Pogues will return to the states this March, hitting Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Washington DC, Boston and New York along the way.

And speaking of three nights in a row at Terminal 5, that's exactly what they'll do in NYC this time instead of Roseland as usual. They play Terminal 5 on March 15th, 16th and 17th. The final day is St Patrick's Day.

Tickets for the whole tour go on presale via the band on Tuesday, November 23rd at 3pm. Tickets to the NYC shows go on general sale Friday, November 26th at noon ($65 advance / $70 day of show). All dates below...

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Brooklyn Bowl continues to twist typical concert venue conventions, offering a screening of U2 3D (the first ever live-action digital 3D film, originally released in 2008) on St. Patrick's Day, Wednesday, March 17th at four screenings - 5PM, 7:30PM, 10PM and midnight.

Doors will open at 3PM. Admission is free. 3D glasses will be priced at $5. Bowling will be free throughout the day starting at 3PM. Minimum four people per lane in two-hour blocks. - Brooklyn Bowl

Info continued below....

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by Anna Scialli

sondre lerche

Apparently, in Hoboken, St Patrick's Day is on March 6th. I did not know this when I headed to Maxwell's on Saturday night to see Sondre Lerche finish up his most recent tour to a sold out audience. As a result of the premature Hoboken celebration, the PATH train took over an hour and a half to show up and getting to the venue was nearly impossible due to the hordes of drunks swarming Washington Street. Finally, after a very long commute, I arrived at Maxwell's - Only to find out that Sondre Lerche had four songs left.

Those four songs were great though. I've seen Sondre Lerche a few times but this is the first time I've heard him play "I'm A Boy" by the Who. His acoustic, poppy rendition was fun and catchy - a very interesting adaptation for his solo show. For his last song, Sondre played "Modern Nature" encouraging the audience to sing along in place of the female vocals from the recorded version.

After the show, I explained to Sondre my PATH dilemma. He generously offered to do an interview after he gave autographs and talked to all his fans at the show. Of all the musicians I've seen, Sondre Lerche has always been the most gracious and friendly. So, I quickly scrambled to jot down some interview questions and thanks to my iPhone, the interview happened.

That interview, a few pics from the show and the setlist, below...

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photos by Faith-Ann Young

The Pogues

The Pogues performed two of their three scheduled pre-St. Patrick's Day NYC gigs over the weekend at Roseland Ballroom (canceling Thursday, 3/12). Franz Nicolay opened Friday, 3/13. Lucero opened Satuday, 3/14.

"While the cittern and pennywhistle players chugged away at "Sally MacLennane," youngsters in tweed caps jigged along with linked arms, and although frontman Shane MacGowan slurred his way through "If I Should Fall From Grace With God," the crowd knew every word. In fact, the only intelligible phrases to come out of MacGowan's mostly-toothless mouth were 1) "we're drunk," and 2) "General Franco, everybody!" When the singer stopped the music with a stream of verbose garble, a thick brogue carried from the back of the packed hall: "Start singing, ya lazy bastard!"" [Village Voice - Saturday night]
And from Faith, also from Saturday:
On cue, "Straight To Hell" by The Clash blasted loud as the The Pogues walked on stage. Shane MacGowan came on in black shades with a bottle of wine and cigarette in hand. Starting strong with "Streams of Whiskey," The Pogues carried the crowd with ease and tight musicianship - particularly accordionist James Fearnley and a wiry, shrunken, Phil Chevron. If you didn't know every word, you were in the sad minority. [Faith-Ann Young]
The Pogues play again tonight (3/17) and tomorrow night (3/18) in Washington, DC, and this weekend (3/20 & 3/21) in Boston. Lucero will be at SXSW and a lot of other places soon.

More pictures from Saturday night below...

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There are occasional rumbles as to the point of the Pogues' now-annual Christmas reunions (and St Patrick's Day US equivalents). In the seven years since the joyous release of seeing Shane MacGowan return to his old band at the Manchester Academy, these chaotic, maudlin occasions have too often relied on the crowd's memories of what MacGowan might have been singing, if he could only remember his name.

Pogues gig reviews have often resembled medical bulletins on the alcohol intake of their errant singer-songwriter. Fingers have also been pointed at the failure of a man with a great lyric gift to record a single new song in 11 years, content, it has seemed, to hold court in north London's Boogaloo bar until he falls off his stool. But this is a man living the life he wants, with his great work completed - every boozing poet's dream. And any complaints about the Pogues rehashing that songbook again are blasted to tinder tonight. [The Independent]

Tickets ($59.50 advance/ $ 65.00 day of show) are on sale today (@ 10AM) for a March 14th show at Roseland Balroom. The previously announced NYC dates are March 12 and 13.

Best of the PoguesBest of the Pogues

Another year, another set of Pogues shows in the United States in March. There's no mystery this time though whether they'll be a show on St. Patrick's Day in NYC. There definitely won't, because the March 17th show is already announced and that's in Washington DC. The current NY dates are March 12 & 13 at Roseland and tickets go on sale Friday at 10AM. All dates below...

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St Patricks DayFor what it's worth....

The very rare collision of St Patrick's Day and Holy Week has already forced the Catholic Church to switch our patron's feast day to March 15 although the parade will go ahead as usual on March 17. [Independent Ireland]
The means the Pogues accidentally put the wrong NYC show on sale last, and technically the St. Patrick's Day show is already sold out (thx). The latest Pogues tour dates are below...

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Pogues tattooPogues tattoo

The third NYC Pogues show has finally been officially announced. Tickets for March 17th @ Roseland go on pre-sale Wednesday, and then regular sale Friday. March 15th is totally sold out, and March 16th with Billy Bragg is almost sold out.

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Tickets are on pre-sale for some shows by The Pogues (regular sale starts Thursday). Now an annual tradition, the Irish (and English) band will be in NYC for St. Patrick's day, although currently they're only scheduled to play two shows at Roseland Ballroom on the two days before March 17th. It is very possible of course that they'll end up adding a third show on the actual day (if not more than that). That would still leave them plenty of time to make it to their next show in Boston which is on March 19th.

Unfortunately, these shows will probably be without guitarist Philip Chevron, who - sadly, is on hiatus to fight throat cancer right now. All dates below....

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