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by Bill Pearis

chris catalena

Having spent time in a number of bands over the last few years, Chris Catalena is set to release his new solo album, Here Comes the Time in June via Pau Wau Records. The album was made in California with Brian Jonestown Massacre's Rob Campanella producing, and the record features members of Black Angels, Strange Boys, as well as Brian Wilson percussionist Nelson Bragg. Written while staying in Los Angeles and nearby Laurel Canyon, it's definitely got some of that history infused in its dusty, twilight-psychedelic songs. We've got the premiere of one of them, "Here Comes The Time," which you can listen to in this post.

Chris Catalena and his band The Native Americans don't have tour plans as of yet, but they will be playing this weekend's Austin Psych Fest, playing Sunday (5/4) afternoon on the Reverberation Stage. So if you're heading to APF, do check him out.

Song stream below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

Ty Segall @ Webster Hall (photo by roedood)
Ty Segall

Of the handful of times I've seen Ty Segall live (admittedly only a fraction of his shows in the city), his set at Webster Hall was without a doubt the best. People often talk about performers feeding off the energy of the room--that interaction was palpable between Ty and crowd Wednesday night.

The band pieced together a front-to-back set of rockers, and the front half of the crowd went nuts: kids dancing, smashing into each other, doing back flips off the stage, passing around flask-sized bottles of Jack, screaming about being on mushrooms (that last one was just one guy, but he was loud). It was nothing you wouldn't see on a Friday night at most sweaty DIY spaces, but still pretty encouraging considering the scene: a large venue that was at or near capacity for a lineup of unpolished rock bands. Assuming no one landed on your head, it was hard not to have fun (Ty at one point politely reminded everyone to be careful and watch out for one another).

And the snotty garage rock tunes fit perfectly with the offstage madness. Ty and band seemed gamely down for the end-of-semester party they'd walked into and ripped through the material, hitting "Girlfriend" and "Finger," two Melted highlights, early with the requisite head-banging, and easing judiciously into new songs before coming back into some extended jams (Slaughterhouse, the first record with the touring band, is due June 26 on In the Red). A crushing version of "Caesar" closed the encore. Barking into his overdriven mic, Ty twice called it the best show ever.

White Fence, who played before, were also in punky, blown-speakers mode, leaving behind the druggy jangle that marks most of their recorded output and honing in on driving rhythms and lots of Tim Presley solos. The joint songs, from the White Fence/Ty Segall split Hair, were great too. The pair--aided by Ty bassist Mikal Cronin and White Fence drummer Nick Murray--sandwiched those tunes between their band's sets and traded off licks and lyrics. Hopefully they'll get together again.

On the undercard, Strange Boys growled through a set of swampy rock tunes. Jonathan Toubin, who has lots gigs scheduled now that he is back, provied the music between sets. The Men started things off, but I missed their set (how was it?).


Ty Segall and White Fence continue on tour.

Ty Segall and White Fence

Ty Segall and White Fence are teaming up for a collaborative album called Hair, which will be out on April 28th via Drag City. Tracklist below.

They'll be touring together in support of the release in May and will hit NYC on May 16 at Webster Hall. Tickets for the NYC show go on sale Friday (2/10) at noon with an AmEx presale starting Wednesday (2/8) at noon. The Men are supporting at Webster Hall, and The Strange Boys open in Chicago and many other dates. They're all listed below.

White Fence and Ty Segall are working on their own releases this year as well. White Fence will release Family Perfume on April 3 via Woodsist and Ty's as-of-yet untitled album should see a release this September via Drag City.

Album info and tour dates below...

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By Bill Pearis

DOWNLOADHeavy Times - Future City (MP3)
DOWNLOADBrain Idea - Oh I'm Free (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Los Campesinos! - By Your Hand (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Strange Boys - Me and You(MP3)

Noel Gallagher

I'm heading to the M for Montreal festival tomorrow which will keep me busy and entertained, but here's what I'll be missing this week while I'm there.

Like last night, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds are playing tonight (11/15) at the Beacon Theater and there are still (pricey) tickets available for the show. He'll then head to California for a few shows, and will be back in America in March (no NYC date yet). All Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds tour dates are at the bottom of this post.

As someone who gave up on Oasis about two songs into Be Here Now, I was a bit surprised by how much I like Noel Gallagher's new album, which debuted at #1 on the UK album charts. While nothing  strays very far from his wheelhouse, it sounds like he might have been saving up his best songs for himself. "Aka...What a Life!" is a dancefloor stomper that works surprisingly well, and the songs that revel in pomp and strings sound great loud. It's a good album. There are videos for "Aka...What a Life!" (featuring, um, Russell Brand) and "If I Had a Gun" at the bottom of this post and Spotify users can listen to the whole album.

Unlike Beady Eye, Noel has no problem playing Oasis songs (he did write them after all) so you're probably gonna get "Don't Look Back in Anger" and "Wonderwall" (and probably some deep cuts) along with the entirety of his new album. Actually, you can look at last night's setlist, and pictures too, HERE.

Los Campesinos!

Los Campesinos! release their new album Hello Sadness today and are here for two shows: tomorrow (11/16) at Bowery Ballroom and then Thursday (11/17) at Music Hall of Williamsburg. All tour dates are at the bottom of this post.

Their first album made since (amicably) losing vocalist/keyboardist Aleksandra, Hello Sadness finds LC! "maturing" a bit: code for being less manic and shouty than previous albums. Which is fine, you can't do that forever, and it suits the tone of lyrics. (It's a massive breakup album.) There's a fair amount of wallowing going on, but you also get some terrific singles too, like "By Your Hand" which has a giant, stick-in-your-head chorus and is downloadable at the top of this post.

Heavy Times

Chicago's Heavy Times and Brain Idea are here this week, playing Shea Stadium on 11/17 and Party Expo on 11/18. Both are worth checking out. Heavy Times just released Jacker on Hozac Records and you can check out "Future City" at the top of this post. As I said previously, it's one big snarl of an album and if you dig Obits and "I Wanna Live" era Ramones (or the HoZac label in general), this is right up your bowling alley.

Brain Idea

Brain Idea, meanwhile, make the kind of jangly guitar pop that was inescapable on college radio in the '80s. (Flying Nun and the paisley underground scene come to mind.) An MP3 for "Oh I'm Free" from this year's Mexican Summer-released Cosmos Factory EP is at the top of this post.

Cover to new Total Control/Oh Sees split 12"

The band I'm most bummed about missing this week is Australia's Total Control, whose album Henge Beat is one of my favorites of the year. They're here for three shows: tomorrow night (11/16) at St Vitus, and then opening for tourmates Thee Oh Sees on Thursday (11/ 17) at 285 Kent and Friday (11/ 18) at Le Poisson Rouge. All Oh Sees/Total Control dates are at the bottom of this post.

I'm just gonna quote myself here:

Although their web presence is minimal and enigmatic, Total Control's lineage is not: Daniel Young is in Straightjacket Nation, and Mikey Young spends time in Eddy Current Suppression Ring and both are also in UV Race. (Fellow UV Racer Alistair Montfort, plus Zephyr Pavey and James Vinciguerra round out the live line-up.) After a string of 7"s the band released Henge Beat back in August, a real corker of a debut album. It divides its time between motorik synth workouts, jittery post-punk and more Eddy Current style stormers, with a nice layer of repetition repetition repetition coating the whole shebang.
You can stream one of the album tracks at the bottom of this post. If you go to one of the shows, be sure to pick up the split Total Control/Oh Sees tour 12" too.

The Strange Boys

And finally, Austin's Strange Boys are here this weekend, playing Friday (11/18) at Mercury Lounge, Saturday (11/19) at Glasslands and then a free in-store at Generation Records on Sunday afternoon (11/20, 4PM).

The band's first album for Rough Trade, Live Music, came out last month and knocks a lot of the dust off the band's grubby, in-the-red twangy R&B but I don't think it's necessarily to their detriment. There is grub to spare, and if you like dive bar rock n' roll and can't get enough of things that sound vaguely like early-'70s Rolling Stones you'll probably dig. Check out an MP3 of "Me and You" at the top of this post. None of their records have really captured what they're like live, anyway, which is the best way to experience them for sure. So go check out a show this weekend.

That'll do it for this week. Some day-by-day picks follow for shows not mentioned above.


Hopefully you got tickets to Youth Lagoon's sold out show at Mercury Lounge tonight. Or did you go last night?

David Comes to Life comes to life tonight at Warsaw as Fucked Up perform the album in its entirety. Tickets are still available.

Not sold out and actually free is múm's Kría Brekkan who performs tonight at Church of the Advent Hope along with Julianna Barwick and Aaron Roche, with artwork by EyeBodega.

continued below...

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Strange Boys
The Strange Boys

Austin's Strange Boys released their latest LP Live Music last week via Rough Trade, and will practice what they preach at a set of NYC dates in middle November: 11/18 at Mercury Lounge with William Tyler, 11/19 at Glasslands with Xray Eyeballs, Habibi & a DJ Jonathan Toubin, and 11/20 at Generation Records. Tickets for Mercury and for Glasslands are on sale. The Generation show is a FREE in-store show. Details on the in-store are at the Facebook invite page.

The Strange Boys appearance is one of two upcoming in-stores happening at Generation. The other goes down Thursday, 11/3, at 6pm with Frank Turner who is playing a sold out show at Bowery Ballroom that night with Andrew Jackson Jihad and Into It. Over It.. The acoustic Frank Turner in-store is free, but you will need to get tickets which are available at the store NOW.

All Frank Turner dates and some videos, below...

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photos by Nathanael Turner


Punk rock long ago transcended class, age, gender and ethnicity to become a signifier not necessarily of outward rebellion but of the symbolic, crazy-on-the-inside variety. That sense of internal defiance continues to permeate the entire underground and has become a secret handshake that united not only the artists who made traditional-ish punk rock over the course of 10 hours of the FYF -- the Descendents, No Age, Off! among them -- but from a wildly divergent cast of in-yer-face artists including beat makers Nosaj Thing and Dan Deacon, the deeply sensual, self-referential house music of New York's Chromatics and Glass Candy, and the catchy, arena-aspirant bands like Broken Social Scene.

"It's a punk rock festival. That means we're going to play ... in the wrong key," declared Guided by Voices singer Robert Pollard during his band's sturdy, hook-infused rock set featuring acrobatic kicks, monster choruses and a sexy girl delivering between-song lighted cigarettes to guitarist Mitch Mitchell.

But Pollard missed the point. As anyone who roamed downtown's Los Angeles State Historic Park on Saturday could see, punk no longer means inept, either on a musical or festival level. It means being inspired and maybe a little irrational, like festival founders Sean Carlson, Phil Hoelting and Keith Morris. It means realizing strengths and weaknesses. It means pushing at the edges like L.A.-based instrumental Nosaj Thing, who fused the deep, penetrating bass of dubstep with touches of skewed Aphex Twin breakbeat rhythms to create architecturally sophisticated sound structures as solid as they were abrasive. Or it means setting up gear in the crowd like electronic/serialist/rhythmatist Deacon to make sounds so driving and strobing that the level of crowd surfing reached Nirvana-like proportions. [LA Times]

You saw the Future Islands shots. Here are some more of a bunch of the acts that played FYF Fest in LA on Saturday (9/3). No Dead Milkmen, Kid Dynamite or Guided By Voices, but a bunch of other stuff below...

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DOWNLOAD: White Fence - Get That Heart (MP3)

White Fence
White Fence

Bill wrote:

"White Fence who are making a rare trip to the East Coast this week, playing a few shows here in NYC: Thursday at 285 Kent with Woods and Spectre Folk, then Saturday (4/30) at Cake Shop. I feel fairly certain that they are also "Beige Swordfights" listed as part of a sweet Death by Audio show on Friday (4/29) that includes The Beets, Fergus and Geronimo and The Sundelles."
... and he was right, as now confirmed by the venue's website. How were they last night at 285 Kent? Saturday's Cake Shop shop show is with Family Portrait and Easter Vomit.

White Fence have also confirmed that they will be back in town to play 92YTribeca on June 24th with The Strange Boys and The Babies. Tickets are on sale for that show which is part of a larger tour that starts for the Strange Boys in early June and ends in July with White Mystery as the tour opener. White, White, White, White.... White Wires also played a NYC show last night. How were they?

All tour dates below...

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JEFF the Brotherhood @ Williamsburg Waterfront (more by Chris La Putt)

today in NYC
* Matuto @ Barbes
* Gato Loco @ Barbes
* Busy P @ Hiro Ballroom
* Styx @ Beacon Theatre
* The Misfits @ Irving Plaza
* Deadmau5 @ Roseland Ballroom
* Mudd Club reunion @ the Delancey
* Drop The Lime @ Public Assembly
* Lucy Wainwright Roche @ City Winery
* Petty Fest 2010 @ Bowery Ballroom
* The Zeroes, The Waldos @ Bowery Electric
* Titus Andronicus & the So So Glos @ Matchless
* The Strange Boys, Natural Child @ Knitting Factory
* Diehard, Gross Relations, MiniBoone @ Shea Stadium
* Josh Abrahms, C. Spencer Yeh @ Issue Project Room
* Michael Franti & Spearhead, Bobby Long @ Terminal 5
* Fabulous Diamonds, Pigeons, Electroputas @ Union Pool
* Atlantic/Pacific, Brian Bonz, Frontier(s) @ The Bell House
* K-OS, Shadrach Kabango, Astronautalis @ Highline Ballroom
* Oh No Oh My, Boats, Estranged Estates, Street Chant @ Pianos
* Bebe Fang, Eklin, Future Shuttle, Family Portrait @ Glasslands
* Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields DJing @ Other Music
* Little Racer, Nite Flights, Fan-Tan, The Royal Chains @ Cameo Gallery
* Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, Poirier, Toddla T, Serocee @ Santos Party House
* Mother Hips, Sean Walsh & The National Reserve, High Irons @ Brooklyn Bowl
* Wild Nothing, Baths, Julianna Barwick @ Eisner & Lubin Auditorium (NYU Kimmel)
* JEFF The Brotherhood, Ninjasonik, Liquor Store, ELKS @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* Shellshag, Hartwell Littlejohn & War Party, Dirty Excuse, Nuclear Santa Claus @ Bruar Falls

Petty Fest features The Cabin Down Below Band with Special Guests: Adam Green, Norah Jones, Will Forte & Jason Sudeikis of Saturday Night Live, Nicole Atkins, Nikolai Fraiture of the Strokes, Catherine Pierce, Jesse Malin, Tyson Ritter of the All American Rejects, Reeve & Zane Carney, Jody Porter of Fountains Of Wayne, Sammy James of the Mooney Suzuki, Steve Schiltz of Hurricane Bells & Longwave, Antony Ellis of Five O'Clock Heroes, Mikki James, Hymns and more at Bowery Ballroom.


An exhibition in conjunction with the theatrical release of the documentary film Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields, featuring photographs by Gail O'Hara, Emma Straub for M+E and TMF's guitarist-banjoist John Woo, among others. All Magnetic Fields-related items will be on sale.

OTHER MUSIC: 15 East 4th Street NYC


Celebrate Ninja Tune tonight at Santos Party House.

The Zeroes play Bowery Electric tonight with the Waldos. They play Maxwell's tomorrow with JEFF the Brotherhood who headline Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight.

GWAR is on Jimmy Fallon tonight. Gary Wilson and School of Seven Bells were on last night.

The Strange Boys/Natural Child show at Knitting Factory tonight is one of the free Scion ones.

Did you see the double rainbow yesterday? Martin Bisi and others did. Videos below...

In case you missed it, Devo cancelled their whole tour.

So did Cornershop, and Dum Dum Girls and Crocodiles.

Bruce Springsteen talks about "The Promise" in a video below...

Weezer's new video for "Memories", below...

What else?

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Funstix (Jessi Darlin & Linwood Regensburg)

1/2 of Those Darlins have a side-project they call Funstix and Funstix make up 1/2 of the songs on the new Those Darlins 7", "Nightjogger" ("First new song from Those Darlins since their debut that previews their forthcoming sophomore release."). Order it now. It's in stores on 9/14... which is two days before Those Darlins play Bowery Ballroom in NYC as part of their tour with The Strange Boys & Gentleman Jesse... which was just expanded to include a show at Brooklyn Bowl on September 18th. $5.00 tickets are on sale now for the new Brooklyn show. Alternatively, you can still pick up tickets for the Bowery show which will set you back $13 before charges.

In related news, Those Darlins relative Deer Tick recently expanded a tour with a new Brooklyn date as well, and that is now on sale.

The Strange Boys were here a few Sundays ago when they played the Pool Party at Williamsburg Waterfront with Lee Fields and !!!.

Updated tour dates below...

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photos by Tear-n Tan & Natalia Moena

Lee Fields / Darren Mabee
Lee Fields & The Expressions

Lee Fields was probably the first act to ever perform at a Jelly Pool Party that promised the crowd his autograph after the show if they bought a CD, and that's part of the reason to love him. He's an old school genuine performer, now living in a land of modern day hipsters, at least that was the case on Sunday where he shared a bill with Future Islands, the Strange Boys and !!!.

Lee's soulful set included may of the great songs off his new album, "My World", including the title track, "Money is King", and "Ladies". The latter was one of many songs where Lee asked for crowd participation, and the rained-on crowd usually obliged. Many, including Darren Mabee, showed off their dance moves. Most at least swayed their arms back and forth in the air. For Lee, and some of his large backing band, it was their second big Brooklyn appearance in a short amount of time. The first was at Sharon Jones's headlining gig in Prospect Park.

Future Islands and the Strange Boys opened the free show for those that got there early enough. !!! headlined for those that stuck around around. More pictures from the whole day, below...

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photos by Rachel Carr, words by BBG

Audacity @ the FYF Fest Fan Appreciation Day in May

What are you doing over Labor Day weekend? Beach? ATP New York? Black Army Jacket? Chances are that if you live in LA and like your indie peppered in with a bit of stoner doom and hardcore, that you'll be at FYF Fest on September 4th at Los Angeles State Historic Park. The event will feature performances from The Rapture (who recently played a surprise show at Union Pool), Panda Bear (who is playing Governor's Island), Sleep (who play ATP the day before and NYC a few days later), the return of Unbroken (wow), !!! (who also play a Pool Party), 7 Seconds, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists (who isn't retiring, is playing Siren), Screaming Females (them too), Aerial Pink's Haunted Graffiti (on tour now), Titus Andronicus... the list goes on and on.

Full lineup is below and early bird tickets ($5 cheaper) are still available, with regular sale and VIP tickets up as well.

On May 8th, FYF Fest held a Fan Appreciation Show at the Glasshouse in Pomona, and in two other locations that were right next door (including the Glass House Record Store). BV LA correspondent Rachel Carr was there. Her pictures from that show along with the full FYF Fest lineup, videos and more, below...

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@ a 2009 Pool Party (more by Tim Griffin)
Pool Party

I don't know what Veoba is either. The press release explains it though...

For the past 4 years, JELLY has hosted over 200,000 people for what has become one of the most groundbreaking FREE concert series in New York. Summer Sundays in Brooklyn have become synonymous with The Pool Parties and in the series' 5th Anniversary year, Pool Parties promises not to disappoint.

This year, The Pool Parties are again on the Williamsburg Waterfront for 7 dates from July 11th--August 29th. Due to scheduling conflicts, our August 1st date will be moved to a "Block Party" in and around Brooklyn Bowl making it 8 total "FREE Pool Party Sundays".

In celebrating our 5th Year Anniversary, JELLY also would like to give a big thanks to Senator Chuck Schumer and Phillip Goldfeder from the Senator's office for all of their support ensuring JELLY'S return to the Williamsburg Waterfront. JELLY owners Alexander Kane and Sarah Hooper state that, "It has been a long hard road this year to bring this series back to Williamsburg and it 100% could not have been done without Senator Schumer's efforts. "

The Pool Parties will be co-presented by VEOBA, an online resource for artists, managers, and record labels. Based in Chicago, but with global reach, VEOBA provides the music community with select services to progress and maintain their livelihood. VEOBA launched in May 2010 as a collective made up of music industry veterans, writers, managers, artists, and cartoon characters. From co-founder Jay Parkin, "More often than not, musicians rely on others to take their careers to the next level. We're here for those who care enough to do it themselves." Sharing Jelly's values of creativity and innovation, the people at VEOBA are thrilled to be involved in this summer's production. Parkin concludes, "For the independent and the like- minded, VEOBA facilitates the next step."

JELLY as well wants to give a shout out to all of their partners this summer from the new faces to old friends. Special thanks to AllSaints and Vans. As well as Amp Energy, vitaminwater®, SESAC, ZICO Pure Premium Coconut Water, ZYNC from American Express^(SM), Spin Magazine, KEXP, and Main Drag. Along with OSA sponsors: Time Out New York, Brooklyn Brewery, and Heineken.

Now onto our official Pool Parties 5th Year Anniversary lineup! Check back soon for surprise guests we cant announce yet, the official DJ lineup for The Pool Parties 2010, and more fun things that are SURE to make the 5th Year Anniversary series one you will never forget!

The Official After-Pool Parties, presented by Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, will be held at Brooklyn Bowl following every Sunday's Pool Party!

They didn't announce who is playing the Brooklyn Bowl block party on August 1st. One complication might be that one of the bigger bands cancelled.

The only difference between the leaked lineup and the official lineup is the addition of another "SECRET SPECIAL GUEST" and the listing of some curators. You can see the full list of confirmed free shows, below...

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photos by Rachel Carr

Strange Boy...
Strange Boys

The Strange Boys were in LA to play a FYF Fan Appreciation Show on May 8th. They also fit in a warm-up set at a Hollywood Hills house party the night before. They were joined by LA band Woah Hunx (amazingly, no relation to Hunx & His Punx). The bands played in what looks likes someone's living room (with détourned version Renoir's Le Déjeuner des canotiers on display) to a crowd that included a Vivian Girl, Nathan WAVVES and our BV-LA photographer Rachel Carr. Her pictures are in this post.

The Strange Boys will be in Toronto for a slew of NXNE shows - including one with the JEFF/Quintron & Miss Pussycat tour, and three nights in a row at Toronto venue the Silver Dollar. The first of those nights, June 17th, includes a set by the Bitters and a "special guest" who is probably WAVVES (who, like Best Coast, also has a bunch of NXNE shows that are announced).

After that, the Strange Boys straight to Europe for a long string of shows that'll take them through July. In September they join Those Darlins and Gentleman Jesse for a US tour that includes the previously mentioned show at Bowery Ballroom which is still on sale. Woah Hunx stay busy with shows along the West Coast. All tour dates and more pictures from the Hollywood show are below...

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DOWNLOAD: Those Darlins - Red Light Love (MP3)

Those Darlins' Nikki @ Mercury Lounge in 2009 (more by Tim Griffin)
Those Darlins

Bad news:
This past weekend [May 15-16], Nikki Darlin of Those Darlins broke both bones in her left forearm after performing Friday [May 14th] at The Nelsonville Music Festival in Ohio.

What happened? Darlins wear cowboy boots. Cowboy boots and country fields can make even the baddest darlin come down hard... and Nikki is bad. She will have surgery later this week and recover throughout June.
[Those Darlins wrote on May 18th]

Nikki is all stitched up and the band plans to go on with its tour dates set for June and beyond (though they were forced to postpone their Australian tour scheduled for May). They held a benefit show on May 22nd which featured a special three-piece+guests version of the Darlins to raise money for her hospital bills (you can donate here).

Their tour dates lined up for the summer are in the South and Midwest - they'll make their way to NYC for a Bowery Ballroom show on Thursday, September 16th (a venue they played in February). Also on the bill are the Strange Boys and Gentleman Jesse. Tickets go on sale Wednesday, June 2nd at noon. All tour dates (including Austin City Limits in October) are below...

In related news, tickets are now on AmEx presale for the Deer Tick show coming up at Webster Hall.

You can watch a recent short documentary on the band, as well as live clips from them at SXSW (playing with Deer Tick), below...

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photos by Rachel Carr

Chain & The Gang / Strange Boys
Chain and the Gang
Strange Boys

The headliners were young but prolific and seriously hot Strange Boys, who play a real stripped down and bluesy style. You'd think the band's sound would be heavier with its expanded lineup featuring Jenna from Mika Miko and Tim Presley from Darker My Love, but it's practically transparent on their amazing new album, Be Brave. Of course, it's much louder live, but the effect is still as fragile as can be, teetering on every syllable that creaks out of singer/guitar player Ryan Sambol's throat.

Sambol doesn't give up any of the provocative song introductions or spectra-sonic soul dance moves of Ian, but he proved to be similarly communicative and effective through his almost uncomfortably unguarded vocals. Worth checking out and worthy of the lines that stretched outside The Echo on a crisp Friday night...[Martin Wong]

Strange Boys and Chain & The Gang played at L.A.'s The Echo on Friday, February 26th as part of their continuing tour together. Strange Boys headlined at the Echo, while Chain & The Gang topped the bill the previous night. SBs singer Ryan Sambol made a guest appearance on guitar (wearing a little convict cap) for Chain's final song.

Strange Boys will be representing their hometown of Austin at SXSW this year (info below). They play Radio City Music Hall on March 26th with Spoon and Deerhunter. This April, they'll be in Europe, which is where Chain and the Gang will be spending their time through May.

More pictures and all tour dates are below...

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DOWNLOAD: The Morning Benders - Promises (MP3

Morning Benders...
Cuddle Magic

Morning Benders, Shark? and Cuddle Magic all convene at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe for a show/CD swap at 6:30pm tonight (2/25). The event, hosted by Max Silvestri and The Hype Machine, benefits Housing Works and to get in you need $5 + at least 1 used CD (to trade).

The Morning Benders' new album Big Echo comes out March 9th on Rough Trade. You can check out a song from it above, or catch the band at one of their many upcoming dates, posted below. They'll be at Market Hotel with Surfer Blood this Saturday (2/27). The band will also tour to SXSW for shows that include the Rough Trade showcase at Emo's Jr. on Wednesday, March 17th with The Strange Boys, The Unthanks, Basia Bulat, Dylan LeBlanc and Warpaint. They'll be back in NYC for a show at Mercury Lounge on April 22nd with Minature Tiger. Tickets are on sale now.

A flyer for the HW show and all Morning Benders and Shark? tour dates are below...

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Spoon @ Prospect Park 2008 (more by Chris La Putt)

Spoon's new album, Transference, is out January 19th on Merge. The entire album is now streaming at NPR who are also hosting the band at SXSW this year...

- For the third year running, NPR Music will present, broadcast and webcast the opening night showcase of the South by Southwest Music and Media Conference in Austin, TX, when it brings Spoon to headline Stubbs on Wednesday, March 17. The concert will kick off Spoon's U.S. concert tour in support of its forthcoming album
We're still waiting for the entire tour announcement, but their previously mentioned NYC show will be happening at Radio City Music Hall on Friday, March 26th. The openers will be Deerhunter and the Strange Boys. Tickets go on sale Saturday, January 16th at 11am.

The Strange Boys (now with ex-Mika Miko members) have a new album of their own out this February and tour dates in late Feb/early March in the Western US.

Deerhunter doesn't have any other upcoming shows that we know about yet, but Bradford's other project, Atlas Sound, has a show at NYU with Neon Indian, and one at The Bell House with Memory Tapes.

Spoon interviewed their mastering engineer Howie Weinberg about the new album ("It's really different than the last record...it's more rootsy...a little more hip hop...it's got a dirty side to it that I really like," he says). That and a few live videos of the new single, and all dates, are below...

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The Strange Boys & girl...
Strange Boys

Mika Miko have three more shows, all in L.A., before they break up for good to concentrate on "returns to school, new projects, jobs and relationships." The other half of the story is that Mika Miko drummer Seth Densham and vocalist/sax player Jenna Thornhill-DeWitt (with a new name due her engagement to Cali Dewitt) are now full-time members of the Strange Boys. Both bands played FYF Fest in L.A. this September and Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin this November. Videos from both are below.

Jenna has been playing with the Strange Boys for a while - when the bands toured together last summer she sat in for a song at both their Cake Shop and Market Hotel shows.

The updated Strange Boys are releasing a new record this February on In The Red (US) and Rough Trade (elsewhere). The album, Be Brave, was recorded in September 2009 and will be preceded by a limited edition 7" single of its title track on January 25th (UK) and 26th (US). The song is streaming on their MySpace, and played live, below.

The band heads out on a West Coast tour with Chain & The Gang (Ian Svenonius) this February, and play out-of-town shows up to SXSW, which takes over their hometown of Austin starting March 12th.

Videos and all tour dates are below...

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Mika Miko

The show was outside, in the afternoon, and it was raining. Even worse, the band forgot their telephone mic in LA! Neither of those factors stopped Mika Miko from putting on a great 2nd-to-last (unless they add more) punk show at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin on Sunday (11/8). "This will be the last time you see us... or maybe the first time..." they announced to the crowd, though I'm sure at least some people in attendance (like No Age for instance) will be at their very last show at the Smell (whenever they have it). As previously posted...

"In sad news for telephone-microphone hybrid fans everywhere, the L.A. art-punk quintet Mika Miko is calling it a day. The group, known for its breakneck rhythms, trashy guitar riffs and the slumber-party romp of its dueling vocalists, will wrap up their career after playing Austin's Fun Fun Fun Festival and, according to a band representative, a last 7-inch single and a show at the Smell."
[LA Times]
Co-vocalist Jennifer Clavin, when not moving to the side with a guitar, spent most of the show center stage with a mic and tambourine. She cleverly wore a Misfits shirt while performing on the very stage that Danzig would headline on six hours later (Mika Miko are also known to cover the Misfits).

Co-vocalist and saxophone player Jenna Thornhill did just fine with a standard microphone, both at this show, and later in the day when she played with her new band, the Strange Boys. Drummer Seth Densham is also now in both bands (but more about that later).

To add to the specialness of the show, many of Mika Miko's friends supported on the side of the stage including both members of No Age (who performed on day one of the festival) (Dean Spunt and Jennifer also happen to be a couple). Mika Miko encouraged everyone to crowd surf. One kid did so with the help of a skateboard. Dean even stage dove - over the security/photo pit, and into the crowd where he watched some of the show from the front row. He returned to the stage in time for the ending though. There were hugs all around and everyone was really wet and muddy. More pictures below...

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August 25th, 2009 (Austin, TX) - Transmission Entertainment is pleased to announce the lineup for the 2009 Fun Fun Fun Fest, taking place on November 7th and 8th at Waterloo Park in Austin. Fun Fun Fun Fest made its first appearance on a cold Friday evening in 2006, offering a unique approach to festival booking, filling stages with talent bubbling from the underground: what sounded great, and what was making an impact, regardless of what mainstream media said was cool. What started out as a show for a few touring acts and local favorites has become a movement -- a festival that fans and bands alike realize needs to be experienced year after year.

Now in its fourth year, Fun Fun Fun Fest has made a significant impact on the country's winter calendar, successfully combining the vast worlds of indie, punk, rap, electronica and comedy while showcasing some of the city's most unique local businesses.

Greatest. Festival. Ever...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: The Strange Boys - Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up (MP3)

Strange Boys...
Strange Boys

The Saturday, June 13th show at the Market Hotel seemed to be running pretty closely on schedule. Unfortunately, that meant I missed the sets by Fiasco, Germs (MIA) (a Germs cover band) and most of Atlanta's Coathangers. What I did hear from that last band was loud and brisk and definitely put them on my must-see list for the next time they're in town.

Closing the night were Austin's The Strange Boys and L.A. band Mika Miko, who have been on tour together since the beginning of June (they also played a show on Sunday at Tilden Beach - more pics HERE, and later Sunday night at the Cake Shop, and travel together through the month).

The Strange Boys clicked through a set of blues-tinged garage rock that filtered its sound through the sun-baked expanses of the South. Singer Ryan Sambol's voice croaked through the band's twangy guitars and distorted swampy ambiance. The guys played a straight-ahead cover of Creedence's "Lodi," which garnered catcalls throughout the set for more CCR. At one point, Jenna from Mika Miko jumped in for a sax solo that squonked clean through the roar of the band.

Beer flew through the air for Mika Miko's set. Even before it started, someone spilled a beer on Michelle Suarez's guitar amp, forcing her to borrow another. Shortly after the band kicked things off, someone in front blew their foamy Bud into the crowd, covering most of Mika Miko and those around. Not taking any shit, singer Jennifer Clavin confiscated the offending drink and took a swig. Besides the beer, there was also a lot of sweat in the room, which lubricated the room's moving bodies. On stage, Mika Miko inflected garage punk forms (mined minutes earlier) with the flavor of post-punks like Wire and SoCal trio the Minutemen (who themselves covered CCR). Mic troubles were certainly forgivable in the context (lots of people falling on the stage) -- you can't really tell what they're saying anyway. An encore finished out the night.

More pictures and tour dates below...

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photos by Zach Stern

Mika Miko
Mika Miko

IM // UR: Is the reason why you chose to go for a punk sound because you're not formally trained in playing your instruments?

Jenna from Mika Miko: We have been formally trained in punk music and we got christened at the Church of Satan.

How do you guys cope with touring? Who's period comes first (the dominant female always goes first and the rest align with hers)?

Jenna: We cope with touring by trying to relax very deeply whenever we can, sometimes cracking each other's backs and drinking kava kava, and organizing the van so that everything is like a Tetris maze, leaving us the most room possible (not very much). Also Seth gets his period first, and it stinks.

We read somewhere that you're all pretty vinyl crazy; how does this make you feel about the whole blog evolution and what how that whole scene has affected music?

Jenna: I myself am uninterested in music blogs because I think most critics have shitty opinions. I like when people share music with people that they think no one has heard, because that's useful and sweet.

The Mika Miko/Strange Boys tour played three gigs while in NYC. One happened June 13th at the Market Hotel (the other was Todd P's acoustic BBQ at Tilden Beach). The final one was June 14th at the Cake Shop with Silk Flowers and X-Ray Eyeballs. All pictures from that Manhattan show are below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: The Strange Boys - Heard You Wanna Beat Me Up (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Mika Miko - Capricorinations (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Fiasco/Banzai split EP (ZIP)

The Coathangers @ Pianos (more by Faith-Ann Young)
The Coathangers

Mika Miko, the Strange Boys, the Coathangers and Fiasco all converge in New York City for a Saturday, June 13th show at the Market Hotel.

I say converge because that show is part of the Mika Miko/Strange Boys tour that'll be cutting across the US in June. The Coathangers share the bill on some dates. That's until July, when the Strange Boys switch ships and continue on the road with just the Coathangers. All details below.

The Coathangers, who releaed their third record, Scramble, on Suicide Squeeze in early April, also play another NYC show on Sunday, June 14th at Brooklyn's Glasslands Gallery with Ex Humans, K-Holes, DJ Aliz. The same Sunday, Mika Miko and the Strange Boys will venture into Manhattan for a show at the Cake Shop.

Both mentioned Brooklyn shows happen during the Northside Festival.

Strange Boys' debut record, And Girls Club, came out in March on In the Red. Mika Miko's newest, We Be Xuxa, is coming out May 5th on Post Present Medium.

Fiasco doesn't have a new record -- though in January '09 they did release a free, split, two-song EP (with NYC band Banzai) called Fabulous Bozo, where both bands cover the NYC band Snuffy. It's available courtesy of Beautiful Records for free (zip file above). Fiasco is also playing this year's Citysol Festival at Stuyvesant Cove Park on Tuesday, July 7th in July. Carebears on Fire played Citysol in 2008.

All tour dates, with videos of all four bands at SXSW '09, below...

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photos by Jacob Blickenstaff

Those Darlins & Deer Tick @ the BV SXSW showcase - Mar 18, 2009

"In a world of emo-boys and reluctant band leaders, Those Darlins, country-punk pals from Murfreesboro, Tenn., had a comically leering sexuality and the kind of abandon that seems scarce these days. Their punk hootenanny sensibility reminds us that you don't have to act serious to be taken seriously. South by Southwest, with its quick set ups and tear downs, is always technically challenged, but when these girls blew an amp, they vamped with the kind of jokes and entreaties that can't be rendered here..... After they borrowed an amp from their friends and tour mates in Deer Tick, they borrowed the whole band as well, with the boys serving as accessories as the girls sang a kind of homage to a bird..."
[NY Times]
The music portion of SXSW ran from Wednesday to Saturday (most of it). Looking back, it went by so fast. At the same time, it feels like Wednesday was so long ago. For me, it started out with the BrooklynVegan/Solid PR day party on one of the three Emo's stages, and ended right down the block the same day with six bands at the official Brooklyn Vegan showcase (two of the four BV parties this year). Jacob Blickenstaff stopped by both shows, and went a few other places, as you can see in the pictures below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Young Widows - "Old Skin" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Young Widows - "The Heat Is Here" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Young Widows - "The Charmers" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Annihilation Time - "Splashback" (MP3)

The Bronx
The BX

What are you up to Wednesday, March 18th? If you're in the greater Austin region, it might be a good idea to slide on down to Emo's for a day of killer bands, suds, and full on badass-ed-ness. To get all official and shit, we'd like to announce the FREE BROOKLYN VEGAN/SOLID PR DAY PARTY featuring

The bands kick off at 2PM, but get there by 1:15 to experience the NEW Big Business record Mind The Drift before it hits the shelves on Mar 31st. Our friends from ilovemikelitt will also be on hand to help spread good causes and cheer, and special thanks goes out to Timmy for all his help in putting this together.

This all goes down inside Emo's on the 2nd stage on the afternoon of the first day of SXSW Music. Happening at the same time on the main stage of the same venue is the also-killer, also-free Fat Possum Records day party with King Kahn & BBQ, Wavves, Thomas Function, Strange Boys, Crocodiles, Thomas Function and more.

Later that same night is the official BrooklynVegan SXSW showcase at Club De Ville, about a block away. We're (BrooklynVegan) also doing sorta-TBA, free day parties on the Thursday and Friday of SXSW (full details coming shortly).


Young WidowsYoung Widows recently dropped the video for "Old Skin" from Old Wounds, a song that premiered right here on BrooklynVegan. The band is logging some miles in the coming months (dates below), linking up with Australian band My Disco for the trek and playing Europa in Brooklyn with The Austerity Program & Tournament on April 1st in the process (tickets here). The pair will also drop a split 7", one of a series with the likes of Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Pelican, and Melt-Banana.

The Bronx are touring the US like mad dogs including playing a show at Bowery Ballroom with Trash Talk on April 20th (tickets here), and a show at Maxwell's on April 22nd (tickets here).

NYCers will have FOUR chances to check out Garotas Suecas in the coming month, three in person and one on the Pat Duncan Show on WFMU on March 26th. The band has lined up live appearances at Mercury Lounge on March 24th (tickets here), Death By Audio on April 5, and Zebulon on April 6th.

Psychedelic Horseshit have a "a self released LP collecting our very first and oldest 4 track recordings" due in "March or April" entitled Golden Oldies as well as a TON of new material including Shitgaze Anthems 12" EP on Woodsist (spring 09), Acid Test 12" EP on Troubleman Unltd. (late spring/early sum 09), Beached Wails 7" with a "surprise release date", and their second LP, Too Many Hits, on Slitbreeze (late summer 09). The Columbus, Ohio crew have a few dates on the calendar as well, check THOSE out, along with everyone's tour dates, below...

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