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Studio B (pic from Eater)
Studio B

"By the looks of a new listing, the former Studio B club space in Greenpoint is not the hot ticket the owners originally thought it would be. Once on the market for nearly $3 million, it is now up for just a measly $2,500,000. The listing advertises a club with three bars, a dance floor, and four bathrooms. They fail to mention that is also comes with a bonus persnickety community board, one that successfully petition the city to shut down Studio B last year." [Eater]
Studio B closed for good in July 2009.

photos by Ryan Muir

Bishop Allen

Happy Holidays! I take on more than I can handle. That results in a lot of unposted content. In the name of catching up, while also taking it easy during this final week of the year, here's some of that lost material.

A set of pictures of Bishop Allen taken at Studio B (RIP) during the 2009 Northside Festival are continued below...

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by Black Bubblegum

"Am bummed that I missed Tragedy at Studio B, , but I have to tell you..." -Ted Leo

Tragedy @ Studio B - July 12, 2009

Due to a layover on their way to Europe, crusty hardcore gods Tragedy did their part to help shutter the stages of Studio B on July 12th with a little help from Morne (mems-Grief, profiled here), Blacklisted, Brain Handle, and Brain Killer. I got to the venue moments after the great Blacklisted started. I unfortunately missed Brain Handle and Brain Killer.

"We don't take requests", vocalist George Hirsch quipped from on stage, not that the band needed to. Blacklisted ran through some favorite selections of older material, as well songs from the excellent Heavier Than Heaven, Lonlier Than God from last year. As far as stage presence and performance, Blacklisted as a band is as impassioned as Hirsch's lyrics, and the barefooted vocalist took command of the crowd with ease. I'm a big fan.

Morne followed with their crusty Amebix/early Neurosis slant, drawing from their new LP due on Feral Ward. Their sound has infinite potential, but I found them to be less than energetic on stage. Nerves? They had second billing above Blacklisted (which I didn't understand) and were sandwiched between two of the greatest current hardcore bands today.

Though there are a few notable exceptions to this rule (like Blacklisted), I think hardcore should have an element of danger to it. A fire. A pissed off quality transcends the musician's ability, propelling the music forward with an intangible, urgent quality. Tragedy has that rage, which is why this band is so compelling both on record as well as on stage. They did not disappoint on Sunday night, save for the fact that the sound was muddy at different vantage points and their show clocked in at under an hour. I could have gone for two.

"Lemme just put it this way. I usually follow the "No crowd-surfing/stage-diving for kids over 175lbs" rule pretty fucking strictly. It definitely makes the show more enjoyable for the majority. For Tragedy, I smashed that rule to fucking pieces for the first time in years. I definitely heard "Not Fucking Fodder", "Call to Arms", "The Day After", and "The Ending Fight". They also played one, possibly 2 new songs as well. Could this mean a new album? Who knows?! Shit dude, for a bunch of semi-drunk dudes they were tighter than Nancy Reagan's asshole and heavier than a 10 ton weight. EURO-FRIENDS: GO SEE TRAGEDY." [NGNV]
Pictures of the last two bands, some videos, and more Blacklisted and Morne tour dates, below...

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Last week in dance was not my favorite. I enjoyed Losoul's set at Sunday Best, and the urban landscape "Afterparty" at Warm Up at PS1 (though not the music so much) . More about both of those in Part 2 of the Week In Dance. For now, here's what's happening Thursday & Friday:

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photos by Lori Baily


Canadian electronic duo Thunderheist played Studio B on June 19th as part of their summer North American tour. Wallpaper opened. Live, Thunderheist's Isis and Grahm Zilla added a drummer to round out the lineup. PaperMag was there...

The threesome didn't take the stage Friday night until well into the wee hours, 2 a.m. to be exact (so, Saturday), and they commanded the room for about an hour. Grahm expertly fiddled with buttons and dials as Isis stole the show, lead singer and hype woman combined. "I was nervous," she confessed. She admitted to having been worried that no one would know who they were, that they'd be this random act without a fanbase to rev them up and bring the evening full circle. If indeed she expected this sad display, she and her team must have been happily surprised, as seemingly no one was unfamiliar with their set. Based on their energetic performance, it's safe to say anyone who entered with no knowledge exited a schooled fool.
As of now, there are five more events until the Brooklyn venue closes for good. Those include a "Fourth of July Independence Day Blowout" and a show with punk band Tragedy. Tickets for four of the events are for sale at Ticketweb.

More pictures from Friday and the full, final Studio B schedule, below...

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by Black Bubblegum

"Now, if you were talking about the hardcore band Tragedy, then this particular post would've been worth a helluva lot more." - d | September 6, 2007 4:56 PM


Studio B is on the way out, but not before hosting at least one more concert. The crusty gods of Tragedy (ex-His Hero Is Gone) are scheduled to play there on July 12th with Blacklisted and Morne (ex-Grief) as part of Hardcore Gig Volume. Tickets are on sale.

Morne are releasing their new album Untold Wait on Feral Ward before heading out for a European tour (dates below). Untold Wait will feature Alicia Morgan (of 13, who is looking to compile a discography) as well as Kris Force (of Amber Asylum, who recently released Bitter River).

Tragedy formed in 2000, so not surprisingly, there is some controversy every time we post about a more-recently named band that is also called Tragedy, and who bill themselves as... an "All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees" (speaking of which, I need to fix the way I have the tag setup on this website...).

In other "tragedy" news, Sky Saxon, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, Andy Hughes, and Dom DeLuise & Ed McMahon all recently passed on. We posted six obituaries yesterday (2 of them belated).

The Bee Gees Tragedy have a show coming up at Governors Island this summer. All dates below...

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Studio B (more by Ryan Muir)
Studio B

After months (years?) of drama and numerous not-actually-closings, word is that Brooklyn mostly-dance club Studio B is really closing this time - by the end of July. No word on how that will affect each individual event scheduled there, like 2 Live Crew on July 25th which is not listed on the venue's website, but is still on sale. Last time this happened, things got moved.

It is confirmed that the 2 Live Crew is looking for a new home. Everything else listed above (and on Studio B's website) will happen as planned.

Speaking of what is listed by the venue, there are a total of eight more events advertised through July 12th. That includes 2 tonight and 1 tomorrow (that Showtrotta talks more about), a Tragedy show, Flosstradamus on July 10th, the Bikes in the Kitchen show on June 28th, and a July 4th Independence Day Blowout Spectacular with a huge lineup of DJs that include Mark Farina, Odi and Keoki. Flyer for that below...

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DOWNLOAD: Sunset Rubdown - Idiot Heart (MP3)

Sunset Rubdown @ Studio B - June 12, 2009 (in our hands)
Sunset Rubdown

-tons of sound problems. extremely frustrating for the crowd and the band. vocals kept dropping out.
-studio b could be blamed? venue sucks. also extremely hot.
-one of the lead guitarists got stuck in one of the stage pieces, couldn't get himself unstuck. very sad.
-spencer- many "best show ever"s, very sarcastically
-lots of people yelling out "JUST PLAY ANYWAY". band became visibly frustrated. i thought spencer was going to lose it at times.
-new song was just okay. the rest of the set was great. wish there was more stuff from older albums, but what can you do.
[Anonymous | June 12, 2009 11:26 PM]
Sunset Rubdown's new album Dragonslayer is out today (6/23)! You can stream it at NPR. Tour dates and Studio B setlist below...

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Ninjasonik @ MHOW Jan 2009 (more by Zach Stern)

Just down the street from the Danbro Studios Warehouse in the Bushwick/East Williamsburg part of Brooklyn is a (new-ish?) loft space called The Jungle (286 Meserole St) which has hosted some events in the past, and which is scheduled to host a big show that caught our eye on Saturday, August 22nd. Bands listed (though not totally confirmed) include Ponytail, Japanther, The DeathSet, Double Dagger, Team Robespierre, Ninjasonik, Juiceboxxx, Cerebral Ballzy, Boogie Boarder and Snakes Say Hiss.

The most unconfirmed band on that bill is Ponytail, who are more-officially playing a summer show with Mission of Burma and Fucked Up at the Williamsburg Waterfront on July 12th (or are they?). The Waterfront show is a few days before Ponytail go out on tour with Yeasayer (dates below).

Many of those other bands have other NYC shows scheduled sooner too. On June 28th, Studio B will host a day party with Team Robespierre, Ninjasonik, Hearts Revolution, Anamanaguchi and others. Japanther, Ninjasonik and Deathset will be at Lit Fuse Cyclery (409 Willoughby, Brooklyn) for a show on July 4th. Then, Ninjasonik and Japanther team up again for a show at the Whitney on July 11th.

Ninjasonik is also playing with the newly reformed 2 Live Crew on July 25th at Studio B. Tickets are on sale. 2 Live's new record, Just Wanna Be Heard, is out now on iTunes.

Yeasayer is playing a free show in Manhattan over the summer. All/more tour dates for everyone, below...

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Major Lazer (Diplo) @ Other Music - June 15, 2009 (knnth_stvns)

The DJ/producer duo Major Lazer (aka Diplo and Switch) are currently touring in support of their new album. On Saturday they played SOB's in NYC, and on Monday there was an Other Music in-store. Today (6/19) they make two appearances in Philly. This Saturday (6/20) they are scheduled to be in Baltimore AND DC. For that reason, I am guessing that won't actually be at the video shoot that is happening Saturday afternoon at Studio B in Brooklyn, but you can be...

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DOWNLOAD: Thunderheist - Nothin 2 Step 2 (Idiotproof Remix) (MP3)


Canadian electro-hop duo Thunderheist kicked off a North American tour last night (June 18th) in Boston. That trip brings them to NYC tonight (June 19th) for a show at Studio B's Finger on the Pulse 'Yikes' party. Also at the show will be Wallpaper and resident DJs Terry Diabolik and Never Forget. Tickets are on sale, and we have THREE pairs to give away. Info on how to win is below.

DJ duo Finger on the Pulse appear regularly at Studio B and elsewhere in the city. On August 9th (not 2nd - there are two dates floating around), they will be DJing at the free Williamsburg Waterfront show (that Simian Mobile Disco is also playing).

Thunderheist's self-titled debut LP came out on Big Dada earlier this year. The latest single from that, "Nothing 2 Step 2," was released on its own EP in May. A video for that song, with the EP art, track list, and all tour dates, is below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

The Dodos

The Dodos will release their third album, Time To Die (produced by Phil EK), on September 15th via Frenchkiss Records...

Time To Die introduces one major addition to the Dodos' creative core: Keaton Snyder, a 21-year-old music school dropout who plays a mean vibraphone. As Long puts it, "He's a better musician than Logan and I combined. I don't even know what's going on with his music theory ideas half the time." On a similar note, Snyder-a classically-trained musician-is constantly learning what 'being in a band' entails. In fact, he didn't even know how to react when a chord was yanked during his Dodos debut. "After the show," says Long, "he was like, 'Yeah, I've never had to plug anything in before.' It was hilarious."
I wasn't expecting Studio B to be so crowded when I showed up for their 5pm Northside Festival show on Sunday (6/14). I wonder if the Miller commercial has helped ticket sales. It was so beautiful outside, and so dark and packed on the inside (not counting the roof deck - it was nice up there). I couldn't really get a good spot and was pre-occupied, so I don't really have an opinion on the actual show, but I loved the Dodos all the other times I've seen them, so I'll probably try and go check them out again when they come back in the fall. No exact NYC dates - just a bunch in Europe and Canada, and some festivals for now. All dates, the new album tracklist, and more pictures from studio B, below...

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According to MySpace, Miike Snow have cancelled two of their North American shows this weekend. That includes Friday night's show in Toronto, and tonight's (6/6) at Studio B in Brooklyn. The rest of the tour is still on at the moment.

DOWNLOAD: 2020 Soundsystem - Sliding Away (Johnny D remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Moodymanc - Facing Forwards, Looking Backwards mix (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Viking - April Showers Bring May Flowers mix (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Kid Cudi - Dat New New (Viking remix) (MP3)

Moderat @ MHOW (poejarker)

Last week in dance was by far, one of the best I've had this year. Things were off to a rocky start Friday night when APT's last minute closing left Disco 3000 temporarily homeless, before it was moved to Le Poisson Rouge. Unfortunately word didn't seem to get out fast enough, leaving very few disco revelers on LPR's dancefloor. Fortunately Disco 3000 will be back in just a few weeks (June 19) and Trus'me will be back deejaying here next weekend for what seems to be a dance party meets circus, And Everyone Laughed.

Back to last weekend...after a fairly tame Friday night, Saturday night was very busy. I started my evening by heading to Music Hall of Williamsburg to see Moderat. From there the plan was to head to Mr. Saturday Night (which was thankfully at a loft not too far away) to see Pilooski.

Unfortunately things did not go exactly as planned. Moderat were supposed to go on at 1. Modeselektor's shows usually clock in around an hour so I figured Moderat's would be similar and I might be a little late for Pilooski (who I heard was going on at 2). Moderat's show was about an hour...but it didn't start until 1:50! I had made the decision to attempt to go to both, fully aware that this might happen so I just crossed my fingers that Mr. Saturday Night was running behind and tried to enjoy Moderat.

continued below...

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DOWNLOAD: Ursula 1000 - Spring Mix (MP3)

Louis La Roche @ Studio B - May 16, 2009

Last week in dance was pretty busy. The Plant Music party was fun Thursday night. Little Boots played a set full of potential summer jams at Le Poisson Rouge on Monday and Saturday night Studio B was full of all sorts of Frenchness with Justin Faust, Louis La Roche, and Danger.

The relatively sparse crowd at the B close to 12:30 was a bit alarming...it got better, but still was a bit disappointing for a Saturday night and given the line-up. That didn't stop everyone there from having a great time though. The crowd seemed well into Justin Faust's set which he bouncily delivered from behind the booth. I was playing catch up with some friends and can't paint the best picture of his set because of it, but by the time Louis La Roche went on close to 2 I was fully focused on the dancefloor and enjoyed getting down to an extremely well-mixed, super danceable set from the young UK dj. For the hour+ that he was on, Louis managed to mix a lot of classic French house, along with some next generation French house jams (which thankfully included some of his own), keeping everything sounding fresh despite the genre similarities.

Once Louis finished attention shifted over to the stage for Danger's live set. After missing him perform in New York multiple times, I was really looking forward to finally catching a set from Danger...I just wasn't in prime condition to do so after 3 in the morning. I really enjoyed what I heard in the beginning of his set - he kind of reminds me of a more melodic version of Justice, with lots of layers of sounds...but after a while my body & mind weren't computing anything other than "go home & get some rest". So I did...and hopefully you did too because we are on the heels of yet another dance-filled weekend in New York. Here's what's going on starting with Thursday (5/21)...

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Crocodiles @ Bowery Ballroom 4/2/09 (more by Tim Griffin)

Crocodiles were scheduled to open both of the upcoming Holy Fuck/A Place to Bury Strangers NYC tour dates on May 22nd and 23rd.

The Saturday, May 23rd show with all three bands at the Bowery Ballroom is still on as is. Tickets are still on sale.

But the night before, Friday, May 22nd, while HF and APTBS play the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Crocodiles will instead play a free gig at Studio B with Japanese Motors and Finger on the Pulse DJs. That show, dubbed "Tux With Chucks Prom," is being presented by Converse and Death + Taxes; to get in, RSVP to tuxwithchucks@dt-mag.com. Tickets for Holy Fuck/APTBS on Friday, now with The Morning After Girls opening, are still on sale.

After their month-long tour with Holy Fuck ends on June 15th, Crocodiles come back to NYC for two shows this summer: June 18th at Union Pool and June 20th at the Mercury Lounge. Ticket info TBA. All dates, and a poster for the Studio B show, below...

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Ghostly International

  1. Sunset Rubdown, Witchies & Elfin Saddle -
    June 12, 6pm @ Studio B, 18+ - TICKETS
  2. Ghostly International's 10-yr Anniversary Bash w/ Lusine, Deastro, Michna & DJ Mike Servino - June 12, Studio B, 11pm, 18+ - TICKETS
  3. Bishop Allen - June 13 @ Studio B, 6pm, 18+ - TICKETS
  4. Ninjatune showcase with Daedelus, Ghislain Poirier & Megasoid - June 13, Studio B, 11pm, 18+ - TICKETS
Alternatively, you can attempt to get in to each of these using your four-day Northside Festival Badge.

Brightblack Morning Light is also playing Studio B during the fest, but no tickets for that one yet. I think the Dodos are too. The full list of bands playing is HERE and HERE.

DOWNLOAD: Round Table Knights - End of Winter Mix (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Leif - Timbs (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Leif - Timbs (Ian Johnson Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Leif - Timbs Neon Coyote Slow Jam (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Leif - Black Magic (MP3)

words by Showtrotta, Presets photos by Faith-Ann Young

The Presets @ Webster Hall - Apr 3, 2009
The Presets

I had known for a while that I was going to be out of town last weekend, but decided to stick around an extra day (Friday) just to see the Whip and Late of the Pier at Studio B. After witnessing both bands get people moving at Bowery last Wednesday I was really looking forward to seeing the crowd's reaction at the more dance-friendly Studio B on Friday.

I made it over to the B in time to catch the Whip's entire set. The sparsely filled dancefloor became more concentrated with people (though full would be an overstatement) once the Whip took the stage. The band opened with "Muzzle #1" (full setlist below) and the crowd didn't really react much. There were a few people nodding their heads, vaguely moving, and so began the Whip's fight to get the crowd going.


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The Dodos @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple (more by Natasha Ryan)
The Dodos

Sunset Rubdown and The Dodos, two of the bigger names listed in The Northside Festival lineup, will both be playing their June Brooklyn shows at Studio B. Sunset Rubdown is Friday, June 12th (the same night as John Vanderslice at MHOW), and The Dodos are Sunday, June 14th (the same night as Bill Callahan at MHOW)

When Spencer Krug isn't playing with Sunset Rubdown, he can be found with his other bands Wolf Parade and Swan Lake. Swan Lakes's new album "Enemy Mine" is out now. Grab some MP3's.

You might assume that the Dodos Northside show is the Frenchkiss Records showcase (like I did at first), but it's not. Frenchkiss's own show will be something much smaller at Bruar Falls earlier in the week. I think we CAN assume that Sean Bones, also listed on the Northside lineup, will be one of the performers at that one.

Sunset Rubdown will be touring Europe later this month. The Dodos will be at Sasquatch in May. All tour dates below...

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photos by Zach Stern


Village Voice: Besides playing shows in New York, anything you're going to check out?

Ladyhawke: I have a friend there who is a musician and I hope he can show me some things. He's one of about three people I know there. But I've only been there once before and I thought it was amazing.

The bars stay open until 4.




As mentioned a few times recently, Ladyhawke visited our country to play a few shows. The last one was Thursday night (3/26) at Studio B in Brooklyn. More pictures from that show below...

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DOWNLOAD: Tortured Soul - Did You Miss Me (MP3)

Cut Copy @ Terminal 5 - March 21, 2009 (ChrisGoldNY)
Cut Copy

This weekend saw the first wave of post-SXSW, pre-WMC deejays and bands come through New York. There were a lot of events lined up that I had seen coming for weeks, but one that somehow got by me until just a few days before, was Disco 3000 with Trus'me and Volcov at APT. Without enough time to sway my more "electro"-minded friends to change their plans, I hit APT solo Friday night and left without an ounce of regret. Upon arriving around 12:30 or so, the basement space was packed with people dancing. While there were some weird and inexplicable ebbs & flows in terms of dancefloor traffic, the music was on point the entire night. Trus'me and Volcov traded off deck duty every hour or so, easily meeting the expectations garnered from the flyer:

Expect to hear all corners of the record shop from the past, present and of course the future. Disco, afro, house, boogie, hip hop, techno, jazz, psyche, reggae, soul, brazilian, dub.
Overall it was a great night that had me out dancing until 4, never even toying with the idea of leaving earlier. It also reminded me just how much I love disco, house, etc. After inadvertently laying those genres by the wayside of more electro-oriented sounds for too long, I have not been able to get enough of them since Friday.

Saturday night I ventured out again, to Terminal 5 to see Cut Copy. I managed to catch a bit of Knightlife's opening dj set which was very well-mixed and balanced, including tracks that were on the more melodic, French house side of things with a tasteful amount of more gritty/synthy electro thrown in.

Matt & Kim @ Terminal 5 - March 21, 2009 (meisemily)
Matt and Kim

Following Knightlife, Matt & Kim went on. I had seen them open for Professor Murder at Bowery a few years ago and really didn't like them. This time around, despite still not really being into their music, I found their set to be much more entertaining in terms of something to watch. The pair really didn't let the crowd that was standing idly for the first couple of songs get to them. If anything it made Matt & Kim try even harder to get everyone excited. It inevitably worked after a few more songs and some witty banter. By the end, the crowd was very into it. People were jumping and dancing along to the upbeat synth & drum combos, which ended with the previously indifferent crowd, now embracing and ushering Matt to the safety of the stage after his attempt to literally walk on top of them failed.

The tension built as the crew readied the stage for Cut Copy's set...unfortunately, so did the crowd. Just minutes prior to the beginning of the show I realized the floor was so packed I could not lift my arms and it began to dawn on me how hellish the next hour or so might possibly be.

For the most part, it was. Dancing had gone from being the fun, point of the evening, to a battle for personal space. Cut Copy were in top form, as they have been every time I've seen them prior, but the crowd made it difficult to enjoy their set.

In terms of what they played, it was mainly favorites from their albums In Ghost Colours and Bright Like Neon Love, plus the addition of the track "Sands of Time" (recorded at the same time as In Ghost Colours, but never making it onto the album) which sounded amazing live. Thankfully there were just enough brief moments where I found myself with sufficient space to get down and enjoy the music, making me able to walk away from the show feeling good about it (despite the hellish crowd).

Hopefully the positivity will continue into this week. By the looks of what's headed our way, I'm optimistic:

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DOWNLOAD: Eamon Harkin - Live at Mister Saturday Night 2.28.09 (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: DJ Hell - The Angst Pt. 1 (MP3)

Jack Beats @ Studio B - March 13, 2009(CRED)

Studio B saw a lot of excitement this past weekend. Friday night it was more packed than I've seen it in a long time with everyone getting down to the dubstep/heavy bass/French sandwich of beats delivered by Trouble & Bass vs. the Institubes Terror Club. Bobmo had people moving with his 90's tinged housey French goodness. A.C. Slater proved a great addition to the T&B crew, working the crowd with a set that was both dancey and full of bass. Everyone went bananas when he dropped "Rock It Out"...someone even crowd-surfed. Jack Beats made a great New York & US debut with his UK flavored mix that was heavy on the bass, a little dubsteppy, and pleasantly unpredictable (a Phoenix remix?!). He also held it down behind the decks for much longer than anticipated when Das Glow temporarily had gone missing. When Das reappeared, he quickly made up for his absence seamlessly steering the predominantly bass heavy evening into a more mild, but still very danceable, French direction.

Saturday night things only got better. It was only around 12 and the B was already packed with people dancing to a set from Nick Catchdubs. Just shy of an hour later A-trak & DJ Mehdi hit the stage and together treated the crowd to over 3 hours of awesome dance music. They played tons of new stuff and great older stuff, along with some surprises. A-trak & Mehdi were excited and that energy transferred to the crowd making Saturday night's one of the most fun, upbeat, and awesome deejay sets of '09. Check out some of the great footage Electrodrone took at the party. It really captures the vibe and electricity of the crowd, not to mention some great tracks. Here's one of A-trak & DJ Mehdi dropping "Show Me Love", and there are a few more here:

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by Andrew Frisicano


Mutek, "the premier North American festival for forward-looking electronic music and digital creativity," will happen this year from May 27th to May 31st in Montreal. The announced line-up includes Moderat (the Modeselektor + Apparat collab visiting Webster Hall on May 30th) and many, many more (line-up below).

Before that, the Mutek show goes on the road, with a six-date tour stopping at Studio B in Brooklyn on Saturday, April 11th. Performers for that date will include:

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts
(Oslo, Musique Risquée, Circus Company, Mutek | Berlin) live
Claro Intellecto (Modern Love | Manchester) live
Andy Stott (Modern Love | Manchester) live
MLZ (Modern Love, Pendle Coven | Manchester) dj
Pangaea (Hessle Audio, Hot Flush | London) dj
Ezekiel Honig (Anticipate, Microcosm | Brooklyn) live

Poster, full Mutek lineup, and other information, below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Modeselektor - The White Flash (Ft. Thom Yorke) (MP3)

Ellen Allien

Last week Squarepusher made me really happy. He is the king of electronic music for me....And Mr. Squarepusher is so gorgeous! And fat sound! I was thinking about our sick military world, the omnipresent consumption, the insanity of humanity.. But out of this, I started becoming creative. I got ideas for my new project BE, colors and designs for ellen allien fashion where whirling through my head. Music enables my creativity and brings charm into my life. In the last months I spent too much time with pushing my label BPitch Control, instead of doing music. But now the path is ready for doing music on my own, finally. :)

See you on the dance floor. :) -[Ellen Allien on her site]

Ellen Allien's BPitch Control label is releasing the self-titled debut LP by Moderat, a combo group of Modeselektor and Apparat, on April 21st. Moderat will play a Saturday, May 30th NYC show at Webster Hall, as part of a brief end-of-May US tour. All dates below.

Ellen Allien toured with Modeselektor in '08 (w/ a Studio B-turned Highline Ballroom date), and collaborated with Apparat on the Orchestra of Bubbles LP in 2006. Modeselektor was last here in January when they played Bowery Ballroom.

The Moderat LP was to feature a guest spot by L.A. rapper Busdriver on the song "BeatsWaySick," but, the press release says, "due to legal issues at the time of manufacturing, [the track] will be released as an exclusive download in the near future." Busdriver is playing SXSW on Thursday, March 19 at The Independent and Friday, March 20 at Back Alley Social, with other Austin dates below.

Ellen Allien's "10 Years of BPitch" tour is set to next visit NYC on Friday, March 27th at Studio B where she'll share a bill with Thomas Muller and Gui Boratto). The night is presented by FIXED, the parties-hosting team of JDH (Josh Houtkin) and Dave P (David Pianka). Tickets are available for the show, with the option to buy a 3-day package that includes March 26th's Ladyhawke with Heartsrevolution show and March 28th's The Twelves & Yuksek (dj set) gig, both also at Studio B.

The three-day ticket and 10-years-of-Bpitch also coincide with FIXED's fourth birthday.

The FIXED party was conceptualized around 2003 after JDH took the amazing 2ManyDJ lads to one of Dave P's Making Time parties in Philadelphia. After JDH and Dave realized that they were spinning the same events together and both had mutual admiration for the music they were DJing out at parties, the idea for FIXED was born.

"We just seemed to play a lot together as we liked similar music," admits JDH. "We started booking gigs around the US, Canada and Europe, and we would both go, and they would end up saying, 'Well, why don't we just book you two together as DJs?' and that's pretty much how we play now... as one set."

Establishing their first home base at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, FIXED went on to host a number of legendary and groundbreaking performances from a number of critically-acclaimed acts, including 2ManyDJs, Hot Chip, The Rapture, Mylo, and Erol Alkan.

"We always say that our biggest influence for FIXED was the Trash party [UK DJ Erol Alkan's legendary weekly party], which sadly, doesn't go on anymore," says JDH. "We wanted to do a big club night for the average person who likes good music."

The status of Studio B as a venue has been in question for a while, but not to worry...
The venue has now re-opened under new management, and [JDH and Dave P] will be expanding their vision of exciting music bookings, while also revitalizing New York's nightlife scene with a top-notch and diverse team of live music bookers and promoters. Starting this March, expect a fresh mix of dance music, hip-hop parties, live shows, curated special events, and more.
Little Boots played Studio B on February 6. All future FIXED dates, tour dates, the Moderat tracklist, and Ellen Allien videos below...

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DOWNLOAD: Treasure Fingers - Winter 2008 Mix (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Alexander Technique feat. Van Scott - Nightlovers (Nick Catchdubs Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ursula 1000 - Winter 2008 Mix (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Justin Carter - Mister Saturday Night: the Jazz Hands Mix (MP3)

Trevor Jackson @ Studio B

Last week in dance was a lot of fun despite only going to one event - Primetime meets Fixed at Studio B. I caught most of Eamon Harkin's set in which he masterfully mixed up some disco, house, and techno. House of House, who I hadn't seen before, truly lived up to their name in terms of their selections. The Studio B crowd was feeding off of the duo's enthusiasm as House of House animatedly delivered track after track. As much as I enjoyed their set I was extremely excited and anxious for Trevor Jackson to begin. The set Trevor finally delivered at nearly 2:30 was well worth the wait. For the next hour an a half he played an excellent set that was heavy on house and disco, with some modern subtleties. Despite only being able to identify "Heaven's In the Backseat of My Cadillac" by Hot Chocolate, "Situation" by Yaz, and "Use Me" by Runaway out of the entire set, it was easily one of the better dj sets I've witnessed in '09 thus far.

I have to admit I'm more excited about seeing David Byrne than getting down this weekend, but here are some options if you'd rather not leave the dancing to the man in the big suit:

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