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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher and Bill Pearis

S / The Gotobeds
CMJ 2015 Day 3
CMJ 2015 Day 3

The annual Sub Pop / Hardly Art CMJ showcase went down last night (10/15) at Knitting Factory. It kicked off with Mass Gothic, the new thing from Hooray for Earth's Noel Heroux who just signed to Sub Pop. They were pretty good -- catchy, agreeable indie rock that was at times dancey, at times darker and a little heavier, and hit a few spots in between too.

The biggest draw for me was S (aka Jenn from Carissa's Wierd) whose 2014 album Cool Choices remains one of the most underrated albums of last year. S tours as a 4-piece band, and they played basically every song I wanted to hear from that album (except "Remember Love"). They don't have the craziest live show or anything, but Jenn's voice sounded amazing and it was great to finally hear those songs. The heartbreaking lyrics are definitely the biggest sell with the Cool Choices songs, and having them sung right in front of you is some pretty heavy stuff. If you're still sleeping on this record, you should really change that.

Next was The Gotobeds, who most people at BV have seen before but I was getting my first live taste of last night. Their live show is great in just about all the ways you want from a band like this. They've got tough fist-pumping punk rock and more brainy post-punk tendencies too. They're great musicians, even better performers (I still kinda can't believe how high frontman Eli Kasan can kick), and they've got as much a wiseass sense of humor as they do raw power. Great set, and you can catch them again at the free BrooklynVegan all-day party on Saturday.

I caught a bit of Olympia's Nirvana-ish punks Strange Wilds before heading home (our photographer had left already though). And Protomartyr wrapped up the night which Bill can tell you about...

Protomartyr frontman Joe Casey spent most of the night in Knit's front bar watching the Mets game, cracked a baseball joke (that I didn't get) at the start of their set but otherwise didn't offer up much between-song commentary. That's ok: the band were pretty on fire last night for an intense set that split its time between new album The Agent Intellect (their toughest, bleakest yet) and 2014's Under Color of Official Right, plus "Three Swallows" from No Passion All Technique. You 've got two more chances to see Protomartyr at CMJ: tonight (10/16) at Rough Trade (12:45 AM, tickets), and Saturday (10/17) at the Car Wash show (sold out).

In between S and The Gotobeds, H. Jon Benjamin (with help from Eugene Mirman and a guy claiming to work for Sub Pop) did a bit involving prank calls that got very dark very quick. Funny too. More pictures below...

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by Bill Pearis

Protomartyr @ Pitchfork 2015 (more by James Richards IV)
Protomartyr @ Pitchfork 2015

Once again, Sub Pop and their kid sister Hardly Art are teaming up for a CMJ showcase at Knitting Factory, happening October 15 with Protomartyr, Strange Wilds, The Gotobeds, S (aka Carissa's Wierd singer Jenn Ghetto), and Mass Gothic. Tickets are on sale now.

Protomartyr are also part of Aquarium Drunkard's CMJ showcase which happens October 16 at Rough Trade with Omni, Lemon Twigs, DRINKS, Yoko and the Oh No's, Mothers, Car Seat Headrest, and Modern Vices. Tickets for that Rough Trade show go on sale Wedneasday (9/23) at noon.

For both those shows, you can also use your CMJ badge (if you have one) but admission is based on capacity. Flyers for both those shows are below.

That brings Protomartyr's current CMJ show total to four, including the Car Wash show with Destruction Unit, Perfect Pussy and more (tickets) and the NME showcase at Santos on 10/14 with Hooton Tennis Club, Dilly Dally and more (tickets).

Protomartyr's very good third album, The Agent Intellect, is out October 9) via Hardly Art. If you haven't checked out "Dope Cloud" and "Why Does it Shake," have a listen below.

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by Bill Pearis


Hailing from Olympia, WA, Strange Wilds make bruising, guttural punk rock: heavy, loud and fast, with dark clouds looming. The band, which includes members of Negative Press, Outlook, and Wreck, released their debut 7" in 2014 and will follow it up with a new three-song 7" next week (1/20) via Sub Pop. They fit in nicely with the label's history, be it METZ or a certain other Washington trio. (The cover art is also a real tip of the hat to Sub Pop's late-'80s years.) Pre-order yours and a stream of the whole Sub Pop 7" makes its premiere in this post and you can listen (along with their first 7") below.

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by Bill Pearis

Under The Skin

I finally watched Jonathan Glazer's Under the Skin last night. It stars Scarlett Johansson as an alien who spends her time picking up men in Scotland, bringing them back to her place and... well, you should just watch it. You can stream it for free on Amazon if you have Amazon Prime.

Based on Michel Faber's novel of the same name, the film directed and co-written by Jonathan Glazer who made Birth and Sexy Beast, not to mention the videos for Radiohead's "Karma Police" and UNKLE's "Rabbit in the Headlights", among others. Species this is not, owing more to '70s experimentalists and, as you might expect from his CV, Glazer has delivered a gorgeously-shot film that is also thought provoking and unsettling. ScarJo even does a credible London accent. I already want to see it again.

After hearing my movie-minded friends rave about it all year, I finally pulled the trigger after it showed up in a few of the band/artist Top 10s we've been running. Here's what Protomartyr, said:

a visually stunning film with a really great soundtrack that defies easy explanation. Actually the real 'best' thing we saw all year. Sure, it didn't have people getting repeatedly kicked in the face or RZA trying on a Jamaican accent sporadically, but not everything can be 'Brick Mansions'.
The minimal, eerie score, which appeared on Travis from Grooms' end of year list, was done by Mica Levi (aka Micachu). It definitely enhances the off-kilter vibe of the film, and you can stream it via Rdio below.

Check it out if you haven't already, and check out nine more recommended movies from streaming sites, courtesy of Sub Pop-signed musician Daughn Gibson, below...

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Obits have a new video for "Machines" from last year's Beds & Bugs which makes its premiere in this post. The song is one of the ones guitarist Sohrab Habibion wrote and sang, and he offers a few thoughts on it and the video:

"Machines" is the only tune I sing on our last album, Bed & Bugs(https://www.subpop.com/releases/obits/bed_and_bugs). And it's one of three songs on the LP that wasn't recorded live in the studio as a band. I originally tracked it in my apartment with a nylon-string guitar and a drum machine, as a simple demo to share with the other guys. But then I fiddled with it a bit, adding an organ and some overdubbed guitar lines. Alexis, Greg and I worked on it at a couple of practices, giving it more swing, while keeping it relatively spartan, hoping for a Can-like vibe (Greg and I were particularly obsessed with "Millionenspiel" from their recent Lost Tapes release). But, when it came time to focus on the album, we decided we liked the murky drone of the demo, so we transferred it to the 8-track and Greg and Alexis played together over the last half of it for more of a live feel and better overall dynamic range.

Alexis shot the video in my apartment on a sunny afternoon, letting
the light bleed in and wash out the image in parts. Then he sent his
cut to our friend Nick in Toronto (from the awesome band Biblical), who incorporated the stock footage to break it up a bit, so it wasn't just four and half minutes of an unshaven middle-aged guy doing karaoke to his own band. I don't know how often people watch these things these days, but I think this captures the mood of the song pretty well, despite not having the budget to make the video we wish we could have.

You can check out the video for "Machines" below.

Obits have a couple NYC shows coming up as well. They'll play the Sub Pop / Hardly Art CMJ showcase at Knitting Factory on October 23 with Protomartyr, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Luluc, Gem Club and S. Tickets are on sale now. They'll also play Brooklyn Night Bazaar on November 22 with Survival Knife, Hungry Ghost and Pink Avalanche. That show is free and you can RSVP to skip the line.

Those two shows are Obits' only ones on their current schedule. Apart from that, Sohrab adds "we're writing music for our next album, which is provisionally entitled Mark Kozelek: Content Provider." New video and flyer for the Sub Pop / Hardly Art showcase, below...

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by Andrew Sacher


Following Sub Pop's signings of avant-rap group Shabazz Palaces and their R&B collaborators THEEsatisfaction, the label has continued its hip hop endeavors with recent signees clipping. The trio, comprised of rapper Daveed Diggs and producers Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson, aren't as blatantly experimental as Shabazz Palaces, but it's no trap rap crew either. Daveed's style draws from the underground rap of El-P, Aesop Rock, and others on the Def Jux roster. Meanwhile, the producers cross various genres, pulling from noise, IDM, and more, only rarely coming close to something resembling a traditional "hip hop beat."

Their debut album, Midcity, came out last year, and its followup (and first for Sub Pop), CLPPNG, comes out on June 10. You can get a taste of the album from its single, "Work Work," which features Cocc Pistol Cree, below.

clipping. have some dates coming up, including a stop in NYC for Red Bull Music Academy's Hardcore Activity In Progress show, which puts them with ambient wizard Tim Hecker, grindcore vets Napalm Death, rapper Gunplay, jazz trio The Thing, noisemakers Wolf Eyes, more noisemakers Bastard Noise, techno producer Regis, and plenty more. That happens in Queens at the Knockdown Center on May 16. Tickets are still available.

All clipping. dates are listed, with that song stream, LP info, and the RBMA show flyer, below...

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Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires (photo by David A. Smith)
Lee Bains

Alabama roots rockers Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, who you may have caught on tour with Alabama Shakes, have announced that they've signed to Sub Pop. No word on their first release for the label yet, but you can stream a couple earlier tracks from the band below. They're also touring with Turf War soon and coming to NYC on February 1 at Shea Stadium. All dates are listed below.

In other Sub Pop news, they're supposed to finally release the new Avi Buffalo album, which has been talked about for a few years now, this year. It will follow their 2010 debut.

As you've probably heard, Sub Pop is also releasing the new Dum Dum Girls album, Too True, on January 27. Since we last spoke, the DDGs have released another song from it, "Rimbaud Eyes," which you can stream below. Their previously announced tour hits NYC on 1/30 at Mercury Lounge (sold out) and 3/25 at Bowery Ballroom and 3/26 at MHOW with Blouse (tickets).

Lyla Foy (fka WALL) at Glasslands in 2013 (more by Ryan Muir)
Lyla Foy

In other Sub Pop news, London art pop singer Lyla Foy, who used to record as WALL, is now using her own name and has signed to Sub Pop, who will release her debut album, Mirrors the Sky, on March 18. She just released the album's single, "Feather Tongue," which you can stream along with her late 2013 single, "Easy," below.

Another recent Sub Pop signee is UK pop duo THUMPERS, who recently toured the UK with (and covered) CHVRCHES. They'll release their debut album, Galore, on February 11. It features the super catchy single, "Unkinder (A Tougher Love)," which you can stream, along with the LP artwork and tracklist below.

We also just posted that Death Vessel are releasing their new album, Island Intervals, on February 25 via Sub Pop. Listen to two tracks here, including one featuring Jonsi.

And lastly, a video of Sub Pop class of '89 stars Nirvana (who are getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and who are the subject of a new book by Sub Pop founder Bruce Pavitt) playing one of their last-ever shows just surfaced. It was filmed in LA in 1993 by Dave Markey, who directed 1991: The Year Punk Broke. Check it out below.

All streams and more below...

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Genre-crossing German band The Notwist haven't released a new album since 2008's The Devil, You + Me, but that will change on February 25, when Sub Pop puts out their seventh record, Close to the Glass. Listen to the title track, along with the LP tracklist and list of European tour dates, below...

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Fred & Toody of Dead Moon
Fred & Toody

That summer, I went to an all-ages show at The Long Goodbye. The band came on. Four girls. Wow, two of them were THE girls. The redhead went to the microphone, the blonde picked up a bass. They even had a girl drummer.

How did they do that, start a band with other women, three of them not the singer? Maybe they thought the rules were stupid too. No, that hope was too big. I pushed it down. I watched them tune up, waited for them to be terrible or act campy.

But they weren't, and they didn't. The Neo Boys had a strong pop energy, but Kim's hard-edged voice was never too sweet. KT wove her basslines around Pat's solid beat, while Jennifer played a twangy, clean guitar.

The lyrics were real poetry. None of their songs were about boys. THEY weren't about boys. They were a band. Four equals, up there on stage in their regular clothes, being their regular selves. And kicking ass.

Their regular selves kicked ass...

- Lesley Reece (aka Suzi Creamcheese): bassist, The Braphsmears, Jungle Nause, The Redheads, 1980-84.

All-female Portland, OR punk band Neo Boys, who existed from 1978 to 1983, have compiled early live recordings through later studio recordings for a new collection, Sooner or Later, which just came out last week (10/15) via Calvin Johnson's label K Records. You can stream six songs from the compilation below, and the whole thing is on RDIO. The compilation is being celebrated with a release show in Neo Boys' hometown on November 10 at the Crystal Ballroom with Cold Beat (Hannah Lew, of Grass Widow), Newman/Schonberg/Reyna, The Vandies, Toody Cole (of Dead Moon), The Ghost Ease, Monica Nelson, Busy Scissors, Crimson Typhoon, and more.

About a month after that, Toody teams up with her ex-Dead Moon bandmate/husband Fred Cole for an unplugged tour. Dead Moon has been an underground staple since their inception in the late 80's, having been called "truly one of the most independent and revered Northwest underground bands of all time" by Sub Pop. They were highly influential on the "Seattle sound," having made fans out of Nirvana, Mudhoney, and Pearl Jam, who have been known to cover them. Newer bands have covered them too, like A Place to Bury Strangers (video below) and Grouper. Fred and Toody were also in other bands, like The Rats, who recently reunited for Chaos in Tejas and were covered by Veronica Falls, and Pierced Arrows (who are playing a Portland Halloween bash soon).

Fred and Toody's unplugged tour hits NYC for two shows before they cross the Atlantic for a European tour. Those shows happen at Knitting Factory on December 8 and Mercury Lounge on December 9. Tickets to their show at Mercury Lounge and tickets to their show at Knitting Factory are on sale now.

All Fred + Toody tour dates are listed, along with some videos, below...

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DOWNLOAD: His Electro Blue Voice - "Kidult" (MP3)

His Electro Blue Voice

When the Sub Pop 1000 compilation came out, one of the bands that caught our ears with Italy's dark rockers His Electro Blue Voice, who we then profiled. Their contribution to that compilation, "Kidult," can now be downloaded for free above, or streamed below.

His Electro Blue Voice have also now officially inked a deal with Sub Pop, and they'll release their first full length album, Ruthless Sperm, via the label on August 20. They haven't revealed any music from the album yet, but you can watch an album trailer, along with the tracklist, artwork, and the "Kidult" stream, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

DOWNLOAD: Ed Schrader's Music Beat - "Radio Eyes" (MP3)

Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Baltimore floor tom/bass guitar duo Ed Schrader's Music Beat released the impressive Jazz Mind LP last year, and as mentioned, this year they contributed a track to the excellent Sub Pop 1000 compilation. Their track is the post-punk ripper "Radio Eyes," which shifts back and forth between razor-sharp bass lines and shouted vocals to softly-sung melancholic passages. The duo made a video for the track, which you can watch below, and you can also download a free MP3 of the song above (via Gimme Tinnitus).

Ed Schrader's Music Beat seem to love coming to Brooklyn to play Death by Audio, and you'll have two chances to see them do that this month. First, they play the Brooklyn venue this Tuesday (5/14) with Hemlock Ernst (aka Sam Herring of Future Islands, who Ed Schrader released a split with), Human Pippi Armstrong, and Adventure. Then, ESMB will return to DBA on May 25 for a show with Guerilla Toss, Skimask, and Bugs & Rats. Admission for both shows is $7 at the door. Those are the only two shows for the band that we're currently aware of.

Video below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Courtney Love

Say what you will about Courtney Love's solo material or the current state of Hole (not counting their surprise classic lineup reunion at Public Assembly last year), but the first two Hole records are 90s alt-rock classics, and if the lead singer of those albums is heading out on a solo tour, it's at least as notable as Billy Corgan's version of the Smashing Pumpkins touring. We briefly mentioned that Courtney would be doing some NYC-area shows this year, and have since realized they're part of a short Northeast tour she's doing in June.

The tour hits Philly, Boston, and Maryland, before culminating in four NYC-area shows: June 26 at Warsaw in Brooklyn, June 27 at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, June 28 at Stone Pony Summer Stage in Asbury Park, and June 29 at The Paramount in Huntington. Tickets for the Warsaw show are on sale now, tickets for the Stone Pony/Paramount shows go on sale Friday (5/10) at 10 AM, and tickets for the Cap show go on sale Friday (5/10) at noon.

The Paramount show and the non-NYC-area shows on the tour are with Brooklyn goths Starred, but no openers have been announced for the Warsaw, Cap, and Stone Pony shows yet. Starred's impressive Prison to Prison EP came out last year, and we've since heard new material from them on the Sub Pop 1000 compilation. Their contribution, the dark folk dirge, "Doomed," is one of the standouts on the compilation and the best track I've heard from Starred yet. You can listen to "Doomed" 34 minutes into the full album stream of Sub Pop 1000 below.

UPDATE: Starred have been announced as the openers for the Warsaw and Stone Pony shows as well.

All Courtney Love dates are listed, along with the Sub Pop stream and some classic Hole videos, below...

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Enigmatic Swedish psych band GOAT start their U.S. tour next week, kicking off here in NYC with a sold-out show at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Tuesday (4/23) (moved from Glasslands) and also includes a stop at Austin Psych Fest. All tour dates are listed below.

While GOAT's phantasmagoric debut, World Music, remains unreleased in North America, they do have a couple Stateside releases coming out soon. For Record Store Day (4/20), the band will release two 12" versions of track "Run to Your Mama" with eight different remixes total. (Note: These were all previously released as a bonus-CD with the initial run of their album.) "Vol. 1" features versions from Thought Forms, The Horrors' Tom Furse, Redg Weeks, and Teeth of the Sea; "Vol. 2" has mixes by Gnod and Raikes Parade, Cherrystones, Hookworms, and Cage & Aviary. There'll be 2000 copies of these babies worldwide on blue vinyl, so look out for them. You can stream Teeth of the Sea's "Greatest of All Time" mix below.

Then this summer, GOAT will release a new track, "Dreambuilding," as a 7" single via Sub Pop. It'll just be a one-off for the label, Sub Pop hasn't signed them. You can stream it over at Pitchfork. "Dreambuilding" will actually be an #RSD13 release in Sweden... maybe they'll have copies at their merch table? And hopefully they'll have copies of World Music on vinyl too, which comes is a trippy, die-cut sleeve.

"Dreambuilding" artwork, that remix stream, and U.S. tour schedule below...

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by Andrew Sacher

His Electro Blue Voice

I've been listening to the stream of Sub Pop 1000, the forthcoming compilation from the label which drops Saturday (4/20), and after already being excited for the tracks from Peaking Lights, Iron Lung, Starred, Ed Schrader's Music Beat, and My Disco, one new discovery I've made it on that I keep going back to is Italy's His Electro Blue Voice, whose track, "Kidult," opens the compilation. The track opens as this doomy noise rocker, but a couple minutes in it evolves into a total post-punk attack, and keeps building on layers of psychedelia and noise. It's an excellent track, and you can listen to it, along with the rest of the compilation, at Pitchfork.

HEBV's contribution to the sampler is their first time working with Sub Pop, but they have a past single and an EP on Sacred Bones. Their most recent release (not including SP1000) is 2011's Dead Sons 12", a 3-track release which clocks in at just over 20 minutes. You can stream that one in full below.

Sub Pop 1000, which we recommended in our Record Store Day 2013 guide, is an official RSD release, but it's not an exclusive. It will also be available while supplies last at the Sub Pop webstore and at Sub Pop's Silver Jubilee festival on July 13 in Seattle. Limited to 5,000 copies.

UPDATE: You can now stream the entire Sub Pop 1000, along with the HEBV 12", below...

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PhoenixGhostface Killah

Phoenix, who just played Coachella, are streaming their shiny new album, Bankrupt!, on iTunes.

Sub Pop 1000, the Record Store Day compilation with tracks from Peaking Lights, Iron Lung, Ed Schrader's Music Beat, Starred, My Disco, and others that we recommended in our RSD2013 guide, is streaming now on Pitchfork.

The new Nick Drake tribute album with covers by Vashti Bunyan, Robyn Hitchcock, and others is streaming on Spinner.

Jose Gonzalez's band Junip are streaming their new self titled album on Pitchfork.

Meat Puppets are streaming their new album, Rat Farm, on Spinner.

Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge are streaming their new film-soundtrack-style album, Twelve Reasons to Die, on NPR.

Montreal shoegazers No Joy are streaming their shimmery new album, Wait to Pleasure, on Pitchfork.

Tera Melos are streaming their new spastic pop album, X'ed Out, on Spinner.

The Boy Least Likely To are streaming their new album, The Great Perhaps, on Pitchfork.

by Bill Pearis and Andrew Sacher

Ex Cops DJing at Other Music, RSD 2012 (more)

We're about a week out from Record Store Day 2013. When it began in 2008, RSD was a celebration of brick-and-mortar stores in the face of digital downloads, offering up exclusive releases to get people out to stores. It's blown up considerably since then, with hundreds of RSD-only releases. (Many of which fall into the hands of folks who turn it around on Ebay that same day, but what can you do?) While it is a mob scene these days, there is no doubt it helps what record stores there are left -- though not enough, as Record Store Day will be the last day for Williamsburg's Sound Fix. Participating stores around the country are listed here.

There are always some pretty cool exclusives too, items that may have never seen the light of day without RSD. With that in mind we've gone through the list of North American RSD exclusives to highlight a few things to keep an eye out. This isn't comprehensive, just stuff we wanna get. What records are you trying to get this year?

We've written about the Sacred Bones comp, the Astralwerks comp, Old 97s, Frightened Rabbit, Austra, Sonny & the Sunsets, and Titus Andronicus Check out our new list below...

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Sub Pop Silver Jubilee

While Sub Pop officially began in 1986, their offices opened in 1988 which they're using as an excuse to celebrate royally:

Sub Pop Records is visibly full of itself in sharing the initial lineup for our 25th anniversary celebration, the Sub Pop Silver Jubilee, to be held July 13th in Seattle, Washington. The event will feature music and comedy performances from artists from the label's roster and beyond, both past and present.
And pat their own back they will, the Sub Pop Silver Jubilee snagging appearances from Mudhoney (who play NYC soon), Greg Dulli, J Mascis, Father John Misty (him too), Shabazz Palaces with THEESatisfaction (ditto), Pissed Jeans (and them), The Baptist Generals (yep), ShearwaterBrothers of the Sonic Cloth (feat. Tad Doyle) and Endino's Earthworm (with Jack Endino). The show is FREE and open to the public (all ages), and scheduled to go down on July 13 at Airport Way in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood. Additional bands (like maybe The Postal Service???) and events will be announced.

If you're going, a suggested $5 donation at collection stations at the Jubilee will get you a limited-edition tote bag, set to benefit "local charities like 90.3FM KEXP, Northwest Harvest and the Northwest Parkinson's Foundation."

Sub Pop are also celebrating 25 years by releasing Sub Pop 1000 for Record Store Day 2013. Inspired by the label's landmark 1986 compilation Sub Pop 100, it features contributions by Peaking Lights, Ed Schrader's Music Beat, Starred and more, all exclusive to this compilation. It's on silver vinyl with an 11"x11" booklet and a MP3 download coupon. Limited to 5,000 copies worldwide.

Speaking of Baptist Generals, in addition to their shows with Mountain Goats, they're playing a headlining show at Mercury Lounge on June 6. Tickets for that show go on AmEx presale today (4/10) at noon with the regular on-sale happening on Friday at noon.

Tracklist for Sup Pop 1000, plus details of the Silver Jubilee event, are below.

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The Mountain Goats in Chicago in 2012 (more by Sara Pieper)
Mountain Goats

The Mountain Goats's 2012 album, Transcendental Youth is not too far in their rear view mirror, and they'll be continuing to support it in 2013 with the "Tuttlingen Warriors Tour." For it, John Darnielle and fellow Mountain Goat Peter Hughes will be playing a duo, somewhat like what Darnielle and Jon Wurster did at Carnegie Hall in January, and like they used to do earlier in the Mountain Goats' career. The tour is with their friends The Baptist Generals, who are releasing their new album, Jackleg Devotional to the Heart, on May 21 via Sub Pop.

They're also making a point to play cities they haven't been to in a while (or ever) like Hoboken, where they will play Maxwell's on June 5. Tickets for that show go on sale Friday (4/12) at noon.

All dates are listed, along with a letter from John Darnielle about the tour and a video from the recent Carnegie Hall show, below...

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Seattle psychedelic septet Rose Windows, who we've written about before, have signed with Sub Pop who will release their debut, The Sun Dogs, on June 25. We've got the premiere of the album's first single, "Native Dreams," and you can can stream it below or download for the price of your email address.

The band will be touring around their appearance at SXSW -- no dates in NYC unfortunately -- but do try and catch them amongst the mayhem in Austin that starts in less than two weeks. All tour dates are listed below.

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photos by Matt Schiels, words by Andrew Sacher

Pissed Jeans @ Knitting Factory - 10/18/12
Pissed Jeans

Between Pissed Jeans, METZ, and King Tuff, half of this year's Sub Pop CMJ showcase was basically a punk show, a pretty awesome move in 2012 for the label that over two decades ago brought us Mudhoney and a pre-major label Nirvana. The lineup was rounded out by the less punk but still great Daughn Gibson (who we also caught at Villain), Poor Moon and Debo Band. It went down on the Thursday (10/18) of CMJ at Knitting Factory, and we stopped by for headliners Pissed Jeans, who you can see pictures of in this post.

METZ, who we missed at that show but saw when they slayed at our Friday day party, are continuing to tour (they play Chicago this weekend) and will be back in NYC for amazingly-not-sold-out shows on November 19 at Mercury Lounge with Hunters and November 20 at Knitting Factory. Tickets for the Mercury Lounge show and the Knitting Factory show are still available. If you missed these guys during CMJ (and even if you didn't), these shows are highly recommended.

More pics of Pissed Jeans from the Sub Pop showcase, a video of METZ from the Pitchfork showcase, and an updated list of METZ dates are below.

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: METZ - Wet Blanket (MP3)

METZ at Pianos 8/31/2012 via @BrooklynVegan Instagram

Toronto trio METZ practice a punishing brand of punk-leaning indie rock that is a direct decedent of Steve Albini, Amphetamine Reptile and other midwest ear-pummelers. After three years and a few 7" singles, the band are set to release their debut album on October 9 via Sub Pop and does an exceptional job of capturing METZ's visceral energy onto recorded medium. We've got the premiere of adrenalized LP track "Wet Blanket" which you can download above or stream below.

Seeing METZ live is truly where it's at, mind you, and shows are intense to say the least. The band have swung through town a few times already (including an extra hot and sweaty show at Death by Audio last month) and will be here again for CMJ, during which they'll play the Sub Pop showcase at Knitting Factory on October 18 (tix). After CMJ, METZ will continue to tour and will swing back through NYC for two more shows: November 19 at Mercury Lounge and November 20 at Knitting Factory. Ticket info on those shows is still TBA. All dates are listed below.

In between rauccous live performances, guitarist/singer Alex Edkins was kind enough to answer a few questions for us via email:

Your album was a (fairly) long time coming. Just waiting to get it right?

Yes. It took us three 7 inches and a hundred shows to really get a grasp of what a METZ LP would sound like. The actual recording didn't take long at all.

Your album does a great job of translating METZ's live sound to the recorded medium. What's the secret?

Crank it up until it sounds like its going to break. Red line everything including the drums.

You worked with some producers more normally thought of in electronic circles, what made you choose them?

We feel really fortunate to have worked with Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck) and Alex Bonenfant (Crystal Castles). We wanted to avoid a traditional "rock 'n' roll" recording and make something different.

What's the secret to getting that SHRIIIINNNG noise beyond flicking the guitar strings above the headnut?

You have to really mean it!

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DOWNLOAD: Poor Moon - Birds (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Poor Moon - Holiday (MP3)

Pissed Jeans at House of Vans, November 2011 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Pissed Jeans

Pissed Jeans will headline a stacked Sub Pop CMJ showcase joined by appearances from King Tuff, METZ, Poor Moon, Daughn Gibson and Debo Band at Knitting Factory on October 18. Tickets are on sale or you can get in with your CMJ badge. The show is an uncharacteristic third NYC show for Pissed Jeans this year, whose last appearance was with Ceremony at LPR earlier this year (pics/video) and just a few weeks before that, at MHoW.

King Tuff, who recently played FYF in Los Angeles, will be in the NYC area for a few days with The Intelligence (who is at Maxwells on 10/17 -tickets).

Speaking of shows over Labor Day weekend, METZ recently played a pair of NYC shows in that stretch. The band is prepping to release their new LP on Sub Pop.

Meanwhile, newish Sub Pop signees Poor Moon released their debut album at the end of August (download a couple MP3s above) and will be touring most of August opening for Beach House. (No NYC show.) Their tour dates are below, along with videos from some of the rest of the Sub Pop showcase line-up.

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Daughn Gibson at Union Hall in May (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Daughn Gibson

Daughn Gibson surfaced earlier this year with his impressive debut album, All Hell, which mixed Johnny Cash-informed sad country with the singer/songwriter/beatmaker stylings of James Blake, Matthew Dear, and Nicolas Jaar. That album came out in April on Matt of Pissed Jeans' White Denim label. Now, he's just announced that he'll join Pissed Jeans (and you know, Fleet Foxes, Beach House, and a bunch of others) on the label that they call home, Sub Pop.

In honor of his signing, Daughn sampled two of his new labelmates, Shabazz Palaces (who just played NYC with My Morning Jacket) and Tiny Vipers on a new track called "Reach Into The Fire," which you can stream below.

Daughn Gibson is currently on tour with Yeasayer. He won't play at their Central Park Summerstage show (9/12), but Daughn has just added some of his own dates for the fall including CMJ, though no specific CMJ shows have been announced yet. All Daughn Gibson dates are listed below.

Speaking of recent signings to Sub Pop, METZ are kicking off their previously mentioned tour which hits NYC on August 31 at Pianos and September 1 at Death by Audio, and will also be back in NYC for CMJ. Sub Pop band Jaill will also be in NYC soon as part of a tour with Fergus & Geronimo, and as just mentioned, the Sub Pop-signed King Tuff revealed plans for a big tour too, that like Daughn and METZ, will have him in NYC for CMJ.

A list of all Daughn Gibson dates and that song stream are below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Codeine back in the '90s

Tonight marks the NYC return of Codeine, the highly influential 90s slowcore giants that released two beloved LPs and an EP before fizzling out in 1994. The band, now on tour, will play its first show in NYC in 18+ years at Bell House and tickets are still available. If you can't make it, don't miss them at LPR on July 15th (tickets).

Codeine's collective works have been reissued on in a fan-friendly format via The Numero Group (order yours). In celebration, I chatted via email with Stephen Immerwahr and John Engle about the reunion, their intentions, and where the darkness comes from. Read it below.

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DOWNLOAD: Debo Band - Asha Gedawo (MP3)

Debo Band

Boston's self-described "Ethiopian Groove Collective," Debo Band, are readying their new self-titled debut LP for release via Next Ambiance/Sub Pop on July 10th. Grab the first track to emerge off the album, "Asha Gedawo," at the top of this post.

Debo Band will be playing select dates around the country this summer: Bumbershoot is on the books, they are confirmed for the Philadelphia Folk Festival and will join Grupo Fantasma for their previously-mentioned string of East Coast dates in early July that includes an NYC stop at The Bell House on July 13th, tickets are still available.

All Debo Band tour dates are listed below along with video of the band in action.

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