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words by Lauren Mooney, photos by Stephanie F. Black

Welcome Wagon

The Brooklyn church smelled like frankincense and was packed with folks in scarfs and sweaters and hats -- Andy Friedman & the Other Failures opened up the evening with rockabilly-tinged folk songs about drinking wine all day and going on road trips. The sense of heartbreak and longing for middle American landscapes was so much that Friedman broke a guitar string and had to borrow Welcome Wagon's for the closing numbers.

Then one of Asthmatic Kitty Records' latest creations got ready to take the stage -- the husband and wife team (Rev. Vito Aiuto and Monique) that make up Welcome Wagon are actually the pastor and wife of a congregation that meets at this same place on Sunday evenings. You can see why this church works in Williamsburg - they were the perfect combination of hip and genuine - if there is such a thing.

Sufjan Stevens played producer and came onstage first to make sure the stage was in order. And then the couple took the stage joined by many others - including back-up singers plucked from the choir and Stevens himself on banjo, guitar, backup vocals and triangle.

The most endearing thing was how the Reverend and his wife faced each other throughout the performance - and often broke into slight smiles. All the songs from the record were played - stopping every four songs or so to exemplify a real "welcome wagon" experience which consisted of giving away Monique-made cookies, the record and Polish sausage from Greenpoint. The winners were decided on who had moved to New York the most recently, who had traveled the farthest from the show and who had a Christmas birthday ("since you get gypped" said Aiuto).

Candy Stations added a warmth to the show by projecting visuals (flowers, stars and snowflakes) on big white balloons that hovered above the stage and twinkling white Christmas lights were draped over microphone stands. The highlight of the show (besides the unexpected giveaways) was the cover of The Smiths' "Half A Person." Morrissey's woe is me candor was turned into a joyous explosion of musical cuteness.

Welcome Wagon will be playing with Andy Friedman & the Other Failures again, at the latter's album release show at Southpaw in Brooklyn on January 29th. Tickets are on sale. More pictures from the last show below...

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DOWNLOAD: The Welcome Wagon - Sold! To the Nice Rich Man (MP3)

Welcome Wagon

The debut album by The Welcome Wagon unveils a ramshackle sing-a-long enterprise of a Presbyterian pastor (the Rev. Vito Aiuto) and his wife (Monique) wrestling out the influences of folk music, religion, popular culture, and church tradition in a collection of songs that is as soulful as it is good-humored. This gorgeous brew is reflected in the group's repertoire, which unflinchingly consolidates a vast history of "sacred" song traditions: from Old Testament psalms, to Presbyterian Psalters of the 17th century, to iconoclastic pop innovators of the 1960s (The Velvet Underground), to charismatic Catholics of the 1970s (Lenny Smith), and into the melancholy lovelorn pop of the 1980s (The Smiths). There are even a few originals. Armed with a particleboard parlor guitar and a plastic glockenspiel, pastor and wife stumble their way through an arresting catalog of hymns--hallowed and unholy--with the simple desire to know their Maker--and to know each other--more intimately. The result--due, in part, to producer/arranger Sufjan Stevens--is an awe-inspiring collection of hymns, pop covers, and originals that render soulful stunts from quiet skirmishes of home recordings. [Asthmatic Kitty]
Since we were already on the subject of Asthmatic Kitty releases that Sufjan is involved with that are coming out next week, I thought it was a good time to mention this one too. Welcome to the Welcome Wagon is out December 9th which is the same night of the release show at a church in Brooklyn...

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DOWNLOAD: DM Stith - Just Once (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: DM Stith - Thanksgiving Moon (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: DM Stith - Be My Baby (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: DM Stith - Around the Lion Legs w/ Sufjan & Shara (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sufjan Stevens - That was the Worst Christmas Ever (MP3)

DM Stith

On December 9th, we [Asthmatic Kitty] will proudly unveil the very first release from DM Stith: the EP, Curtain Speech.

We signed David Stith after listening to just two demo songs. Yes, they were that good. And then, after a year of careful recording and revising, Stith finished Curtain Speech. It is an EP that - we admit - is little more than a tease for the upcoming 2009 full length, Heavy Ghost. Still, Curtain Speech is exquisite; a complex, atmospheric set of whispered songs. This EP gives us something to savor while we wait.

David and Sufjan don't have anything coming up, but Shara Worden aka My Brightest Diamond has a bunch of shows scheduled.

And since we're talking about Asthmatic Kitty, check out the winning entry in Rafter's recent video contest below...

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Dark Was the NightDark Was the Night

"What a fitting day to announce the complete list of artists involved with our upcoming album DARK WAS THE NIGHT - the February 17th 4AD release that will benefit the Red Hot Organization. It's World AIDS Day, and in honor of that, we bring you the exciting news."
More info on the previously mentioned comp below...

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photos by Ryan Muir


Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) rocked BAM's Howard Gilman Opera House at BAM's all-night party The Takeover [Saturday] night. While it was a little weird to see a rock show at a sit-down theater, her music was suited to the venue. She manages to somehow sound delicate and strong at the same time, filling the theater with sound, but causing the audience to hold our collective breaths for fear of overwhelming the poor girl. She had five other people on stage with her, with a sax/clarinetist, a pianist and a violinist in addition to a bassist and drummer, lending a chamber pop flavor to the mix.

Let not all this lead you to believe that the girl cannot rock, though. She totally shreds on the guitar. It creates a good incongruousness to her fragile voice.

She played a few new songs, although this was my first time seeing her, so I wouldn't have realized. But they were as well received as the older stuff. Though the show was almost an hour long, she played about seven songs. I don't know if it was the setting, the hour, or what, but each song seemed to last forever (in a good way) creating an ideal atmosphere in which to kind of bliss out.

She wrapped up the show by inviting Sufjan Stevens onstage (he had curated and hosted the night's performances) for a cover of Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight."... [AM NY]

More pictures below...

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No word on a dunk tank or jumping castle, but the Brooklyn Academy of Music sure knows how to throw a party. And they have asked Sufjan Stevens to curate the music component for an evening that will also include DJs, video art, and horseplay. The event, entitled TAKEOVER, takes place Saturday September 27th, 2008 from 9PM to 4AM.

BAM Howard Gilman Opera House will house the musical selections, which features St. Vincent, The Budos Band, Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens and Brooklyn Youth Chorus singing Nico Muhly and other works. Our [Asthmatic Kitty's] good friend Deborah Johnson is providing a video installation. For more details on the event, including a list of films and other activities please visit the TAKEOVER website here.

Tickets are $20. BAM's last takeover featured extinct band Be Your Own Pet. Nico Muhly is performing at (le) poisson rouge tonight (9/9). Naomi Shelton recently played Summerstage with members of The Budos Band who are also her Daptone labelmates. More St Vincent tour dates HERE.

this is pretty cool....

Coloring book

For his final project as an undergrad at England's Huddersfield University, Miller came up with Colour It (Red), a book/compilation combo inspired by his favorite indie rock jams and the (Red) organization, which raises money for the AIDS/HIV-battling Global Fund.

Taking a cue from such indie megahits as LCD Soundsystem's "All My Friends", Panda Bear's "Comfy in Nautica", and Joanna Newsom's "Peach, Plum, Pear", Miller crafted a coloring/activity book sure to tickle pink-- er, make that red-- even the most hardened, poker-faced, arms-crossing indie music fiend.

Can you "help James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem find all his friends" by completing a maze? Care to "make Beirut's carousel pretty by colouring it"? Are you man or woman enough to "find the grizzly bear that does not fit"?? [Pitchfork]

Feist, who played Hammerstein Ballroom last time she was here, plays the Prospect Park Banshell in Brooklyn this Wednesday July 9th. The show is sold out, but you can always listen for free from outside the fence. Feist is also back in NYC on July 25th to appear on Good Morning America.

sing-along @ Carnegie Hall, NYC Feb 13, 2008 (Kathryn Yu, P4K)
Tibet House 2008

Sufjan Stevens treated show-goers to "The Star-Spangled Banner", while Kinks man Ray Davies led a bill-wide sing-along. Also on-hand for the evening of charity and good cheer: Band of Horses, Philip Glass, Marisa Monte, Ashley MacIsaac, Phamie Gow, Tibet-born Nawang Khechog, and the monks of Drepung Gomang. To learn more and find out how you can help, head to the Tibet House U.S. website. [Pitchfork]

Ray Davies @ Camden Roadhouse, Oct 28, 2007 (CRED)
Ray Davies

Band of Horses, Tom Verlaine and Ray Davies join Sufjan Stevens and Philip Glass on the lineup of this year's Tibest House benefit concert at Carnegie Hall. Ray Davies also played the show in 2005. What I remember most about it is that he has really enthusiastic fans. This year's show is on Wed. February 13th....

Concert tickets are $35-$108 and can be purchased by calling 212.247.7800 or in person at the Carnegie Hall Box Office (57th Street & Seventh Avenue). Concert-only tickets are not available through Tibet House.
Sufjan has also played it before.

Ray Davies recently said the Kinks would reunite. Then Dave Davies denied it.

Worst Christmas Ever

Tickets are on sale now for the 18th Annual Tibet House Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall (Feb 13, 2008). Confirmed performers are Philip Glass, Sufjan Stevens, Marisa Monte, and Nawang Khechog. Sufjan played in 2006 too.

And the winner of the Sufjan Stevens Christmas song contest has been chosen.

DOWNLOAD: I Heart Lung - Let It Snow [mp3]
DOWNLOAD: I Heart Lung - Carol of the Bells [mp3]
DOWNLOAD: I Heart Lung - Little Drummer Boy [mp3]
DOWNLOAD: I Heart Lung - Silent Night, Holy Night [mp3]
DOWNLOAD: I Heart Lung - Santa Claus Vs. Dracula [mp3]

I Heart Lung Christmas

I Heart Lung’s Christmas EP is full of free-form improvisations based loosely on themes from Christmas carols. “Little Drummer Boy” is the most interesting and coherent of the bunch. It takes its time getting around to the theme from the actual song, first delivered on hovering e-bowed guitar around four minutes in. Even then, you really have to concentrate to realize that the drawn-out phrases are echoing the “pah-rum-pah-pum-pums” we’re all used to. [Pfork]
Sufjan Stevens @ Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY - Dec 17, 2007
Sufjan @ Southpaw
Southpaw, Park Slope Brooklyn—A Pen America Center's "PENultimate Lit" series continued Monday night as Rick Moody inverviewed both Sufjan Stevens and Wesley Stace about how writing shapes and informs their music. During the Q&A, an audience member asked which comes first the music or lyrics? Sufjan said that the music; while for Wesley, the lyrics. Sufjan's favorite authors? Faulkner, Flannery O'Connor and Sherwood Anderson. [dietrich]
* Neil Young plays his 5th show at United Palace
* Death By Decibals Tour: featuring Vader
* Lupe Fiasco plays Irving Plaza
* The Onion Holiday Party w/ Celebration
* The NY Mag Holiday Party w/ We Are Scientists

What else?

Familyre Christmas

* Sufjan Stevens @ Southpaw
* Sounds Familyre is giving away Christmas songs
* A City Harvest benefit @ Europa
* Mr. Scruff opens for Francois K at Deep Space at Cielo
* The Robert Glasper Experiment with Q-Tip @ Highline Ballroom
* Knitting Factory hosts Pittsburgh Slim

Pittsburgh Slim is the man behind that horrible "girls kissing girls" song. Reasons to go: You have Pittsburgh pride, you're thinking Jay-Z could show up, or you're hoping they might reenact the video in some way live on stage.

What else?

The cancelled PENultimate Lit event at Southpaw with Sufjan Stevens, Rick Moody and Wesley Stace has been rescheduled for December 17th. The deadline for submitting your own Christmas song to Sufjan is December 1st.

Sufjans Calendar

I hear it's the flu...

Due to unforeseeable circumstances, tonight's show has been canceled. Please stay tuned for details about a rescheduled show.
At least now there's more time to work on that Christmas song.

The picture you see above is the cover of Asthmatic Kitty's 2007 Christmas Advent Calendar. It was designed by Tom Eaton, costs $5.00, or is free with purchase of the Sufjan Christmas box set.

Sufjan Stevens collaborator Chris Schlarb has a new record coming out, and some upcoming shows as well.

Sufjan Stevens @ Southpaw, 2004 (CRED) (poster)
Sufjan @ SouthpawSufjan @ Southpaw

Sufjan is playing Southpaw on November 28th, but it appears to be sold out. damn.

Get some Sufjan acapella. Make a Christmas song. Remember the BQE. All tour dates below....

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DOWNLOAD: Rafter - Anthropomorphic (MP3)

Photograph by Lizeth Santos

about the project...
hi, i'm rafter (www.myspace.com/rafterroberts & http://asthmatickitty.com/musicians.php?artistID=7), and these songs are from a project i'm doing with my sweet and rad girlfriend lizeth - we both were feeling unproductive, and somehow ended up daring ourselves to finish 1 art project a day. we take turns giving the day a theme, and we both do something for it. for her, that's photos (www.lizethsantos.com) and for me it's songs. so i've been writing and recording a song a day... here's one of them, and her corresponding photo...
Here's another one and another one and another one and another one and another one and one more from Rafter and Lizbeth.

Rafter (Bunky)'s Asthmatic Kitty labelmate My Brightest Diamond is playing her show with Tim Fite at the Gramercy Theatre on Saturday (Nov 17). I have two pairs of tickets to give away. Do you want one of those pairs? E-mail BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM (subject: diamond) with the name of the Christmas song you wrote for Sufjan (or just tell me the last show you saw) (or recommend a song I should listen to). Include your first and last name. Two winners will be picked at random and notified ASAP.

Castanets are in this family too. Check out that beard.

and last, but not least (ok, maybe least)....

DOWNLOAD: Indie Blockedappela - Yes/No (Bunky)
DOWNLOAD: Indie Blockedappela - Golden Star (My Brightest Diamond)
DOWNLOAD: Indie Blockedappela - Come on Feel the Illinoise (Sufjan)
DOWNLOAD: Indie Blockedappela - Decatur, Or, Round of Applause For Your Step Mother! (Sufjan) (MP3)

DOWNLOAD: Sufjan Stevens - That Was the Worst Christmas Ever (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sufjan Stevens - Sister Winter (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sufjan Stevens - Ding Dong (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sufjan Stevens - Com on! Let's Boogie to the Elf Dance! (MP3)

"Asthmatic Kitty is proud to announce..."
Sufjan Stevens Christmas

It's Christmas time again! That means tightly bundled scarves, lively debates on the merits of real/plastic trees, a litany of Christmas television specials, and finding the perfect retro Christmas wrapping paper.

And gifts of course! Who could forget the gifts!

That's why Sufjan Stevens is busy working on a very special gift right now, for a very special person. And in the spirit of Christmas, that person will give Sufjan a similarly special gift.

Here's how it works: write an original Christmas song, record it, and email the song to us. Asthmatic Kitty will pick a winner, and that person will trade rights to their song for rights to Sufjan's song.

Just like a gift exhange, Sufjan's song becomes your song. You can hoard it for yourself, sell it to a major soft drink corporation, use it in your daughter's first Christmas video, or share it for free on your website. No one except Sufjan and you will hear his song, unless you decide otherwise. You get the song and all legal rights to it. We get the same rights to your song.

By submitting your song, you also give us permission to stream it online.

Interested? Click here . . .

It's hard to believe that this is the fourth year in a row that I've posted about Sufjan's Christmas music.

Sufjan Stevens just performed the "BQE" for three nights at BAM.

outside Brooklyn Academy of Music, NYC - Nov 3, 2007 (CRED)

Though the event had been promoted as a wild night of partying, music and movies, the overbearing rules made it more of a hostile takeover. It seemed that everywhere we went we were doing something wrong. No photos! No beer in the Opera House! No beer in the movie theater! (No seats, either.) You can’t stand here, you can’t go in through that door, you can’t go up to the café because we’ve let so many people in that human sausage links are now tumbling down the escalator! (No eating the human sausage links!)

This was BAM’s first time hosting this ambitious event – the Times describes BAM’s executive producer Joseph V. Melillo as “looking somewhat overwhelmed amid a sea of hipsters”, saying “We lost our virginity tonight.” – so we really ought to be more gentle. In theory, Takeover was an inspired and well-programmed use of the building’s superb facilities. We just hope that if and when we takeover again, they let a lot less of us in. [Gothamist]

Earlier in the evening, Sufjan Stevens performed "BQE".
Next up for BAM: The National.

Sufjan Stevens @ BAM - Nov 2, 2007 (CRED)
Sufjan Stevens @ BAM

The first set of pictures was pretty limited, so here's some more....

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Sufjan Stevens @ Brooklyn Academy of Music

What does a Hula Hoop have to do with a crowded urban expressway? Much like the automobile, the hoop relies on the basic laws of physics administrated by the simple machine of the wheel, the greatest of human inventions. Notably, there are no macroscopic wheels to be found in animals or plants. It is a purely human construction. And yet the wheel has come to symbolize spiritual transcendence, reincarnation, yin and yang, Chakra, the wheel of life, the calendar, the seasons, astrology, and divinity. We are contained by the rotations of the planets and moons around the sun; we are all cosmically connected by vast circular motions in the solar system. Is it no wonder, then, that this geometric phenomenon has been appropriated both for the modern convenience of the automobile and for the amusement proffered by a plastic toy? [Sufjan Stevens (PDF)]
Continued below....

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DOWNLOAD: The Misfits - Halloween (MP3)


All Good Naysayers provides all the info you need to create your very own Sufjan Stevens-themed Halloween costume to go with your Sufjan Stevens pumpkin. And since the city was filled with people dressed up for Halloween this weekend (4-5 days before Halloween), it probably wouldn't be against the rules for you to wear your costume again 1-3 days after Halloween.

DOWNLOAD: Dead Kennedys - Halloween (MP3)

...but first, a pumpkin carved to look like Sufjan Stevens....

Sufjan Stevens

Thx Volume Knob for the pic! Cycle Sluts info below....

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Bridget St John, David Garland, Dave Deporis (CRED)
David Garland and friends

This Sunday, Oct. 28, Sufjan Stevens will premier a couple pieces from his new orchestral project "The BQE" on David Garland's radio show Spinning On Air. That'll be heard Oct. 28, 7- 8 pm on WNYC-FM 93.9 in New York City, and online. David will also interview Sufjan. David also threw a preview up on YouTube....

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DOWNLOAD: Marla Hansen - A Friend Indeed (MP3)

Marla & friend
Marla Hansen

These songs are from my solo project, but I perform with lots of other groups too. I'm the violist for My Brightest Diamond, and I played viola for "Bring Me the Workhorse," her latest record. I also perform with Sufjan Stevens, and recently had the honor of being a member of the Magical Butterfly Brigade. You can hear me on "Illinois," and also on his new Christmas record (vol. 5, playing and singing!) I'm singing on "Boxer," the new record from the National, and I perform all over NYC with my good friend Sebastian Krueger's project Inlets. I have also worked with Devotchka, Clare and the Reasons, Oneida, The New Pornographers, Duncan Sheik, and many other bands in the New York area. I even got to rock it with Jay-Z at Radio City Music Hall last year, and with Kanye West on SNL. [Marla Hansen]
Marla Hansen - 2007 Tour Dates
Oct 12 - Music Hall of Williamsburg, opening for The National Brooklyn, NY
Oct 16 - Glasslands, Social Registry CMJ showcase Brooklyn, NY
Oct 20 - upstairs @ Pianos, Brooklyn Vegan party, NYC (1:45pm) w/ Doveman
Nov 1 - Sufjan Stevens at BAM Brooklyn, New York
Nov 2 - Sufjan Stevens at BAM Brooklyn, New York
Nov 3 - Sufjan Stevens at BAM Brooklyn, New York

Get to the National early tonight! Look for Marla in Sufjan's orchestra at BAM. Stay tuned for more info on the artists playing the BrooklynVegan party upstairs at Pianos on October 20th.