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Jonah Ray & Darren Mabee @ Webster Hall, NYC - Oct 2, 2007 (CRED)
Jonah Ray & Darren Mabee

“I’m not really comfortable with being Man Man’s ‘biggest fan,’” says 22-year-old Darren Mabee, alleged superfan of the bouncy, post-pop Philadelphia five-piece, although the energetic, sweat-soaked sasquatch has been spotted and blogged about at many of their shows. “It’s just all about having fun. I don’t put too much thought into this.” [Paper Thin Walls]
* Roseanne Barr is at Comix
* Invite Them Up is at Rififi
* Mekons are at Gramercy Theatre
* Tigercity & Stylofone are @ Southpaw (free)
* Secret Machines are at the Annex
* Georgie James is playing Europa
* Bowerbirds are at Sound Fix
* Patrick Wolf and Bishi @ Webster Hall
* Bloc Party, Tokyo Police Club & Smoosh @ Theater @ MSG
* Boris, Damon & Naomi & Michio Kurihara are @ Music Hall
* Nina Nastasia & Jim White are @ Mercury Lounge
* Sufjan Steven's friends Denison Witmer & Marla Hansen are @ Knitting Factory
* Nightmare of You, Le Loup & The King Left are @ Bowery
* The Brunettes & Ferraby Lionheart are playing Maxwell's
* Dirty Projectors are at Zebulon
* Pop Montreal kicked off in Montreal

What else?

DOWNLOAD: Sufjan Stevens - The Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts (MP3)
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The Sufjan part....

On November 1, 2 and 3rd Sufjan will be pairing orchestrated selections of both new and old material with the 25th Next Wave Festival commission/world premiere of The BQE-a symphonic and cinematic exploration of one of New York's least celebrated monuments: the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

Robert Moses' controversial 11.7-mile roadway tears through neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens with the brute force of modern urban planning, and in Stevens' hands becomes an evocation of the intersection of intimate experience and the American Dream. Merging a virtual road trip shot on film with a live band and orchestral ensemble, The BQE discovers abstract patterns and stories in the snaking traffic, potholed pavement, billboards, badly marked exits, and beautiful city views, revealing what happens when Manifest Destiny converges with urban blight.

And everything....
The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) has announced the selections for the 25th Next Wave Festival, to run October 2-December 16, 2007

Theater highlights include the New York premiere of Hotel Cassiopeia, a meditation on the life of artist Joseph Cornell, written by Charles L. Mee, created and performed by the SITI Company, and directed by SITI founder Anne Bogart (October 9-13); Israeli playwright Hanoch Levin's drama Krum, presented by the Polish theater company TR Warszawa (October 17-20); German director Michael Thalheimer's production of Frank Wedekind's classic play Lulu (November 27-December 1); and French acrobat/actor/director James Thierree's performance piece Au Revoir Parapluie (December 4-16).

Other notable Next Wave offerings include the Cloud Gate Theatre of Taiwan (October 2-7); singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens' multimedia piece The BQE (November 1-3); Cast No Shadow, the first collaboration between visual artist Isaac Julien and choreographer Russell Maliphant (November 6-10); and composer Tan Dun's The Gate (December 5-8).

Subscriptions to the 25th Next Wave Festival go on sale to the public on June 18. (Friends of BAM and Subscriber Priority Sale begins June 11.) Click here for more information on ticketing.
La Blogoteque's new video of Sufjan performing "The Lakes of Canada" below....

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DOWNLOAD: My Brightest Diamond - Something of an End (MP3)

-- Stream the whole album --

My Brightest Diamond @ Town Hall

Shara Worden and band (string section included), aka My Brightest Diamond, were such wonderful openers that I would have been happy to leave before headliner Sufjan even took the stage (I'm happy I didn't though).

My Brightest Diamond played about a 45-minute set including an awesome full-band+special-guest-beatboxer cover of Prince's When Doves Cry (she's been known to do it solo too) (and she did it at Joe's Pub - get the MP3).

Then Shara came back to join Sufjan and band as a butterfly for the rest of the show - so did her string section.

My Brightest Diamond @ Town Hall

She was the only regular member of Sufjan's 12-person band that I recognized. What happened to Katrina Kerns? Sufjan dedicated a song to her -- one where she appeared in the video playing in the background -- I think she was in the audience.

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Antony & Sufjan

None of my pictures from the 2006 Tibet House Benefit Concert had such a clear view of Antony & Sufjan at once. That's Laurie Anderson on Antony's right.

Sufjan StevensSufjan Stevens

Asthmatic Kitty is selling the above two posters. The one on the left "was sold at Sufjan's Bowery Ballroom shows in August of 2005. The butterflies represent the bands that played with Sufjan (Smoosh, Half-handed Cloud, Castanets, Bunky, Feathers, Liz Janes and Danielson Famile.) Limited edition of 200 signed and numbered by the artist Jason Munn."

Standard Motion has Southpaw posters.

Sufjan spotted at Serena Maneesh 2 nights in a row
Sufjan Stevens @ Lincoln Center, NYC | Reviews & pics
Southpaw Posters For Sale | Standard Motion

Some of us were at the Winter Garden for a tribute to the Boss Saturday night. Others were packed into Tonic to see Mr. Alec Ounsworth. Then there were those catching either the 8:30 or 10:30 Sufjan Stevens show at Lincoln Center's Allen Room in NYC. The rest of this post is a compilation of reviews, photos, and links sent to me by you....

Sufjan Stevens @ Lincoln Center

Reviews @ Mesh Magazine, Village Indian, and Variety and one of the early show by Cioran Sellars right here: "Well I saw Sufjan Stevens at Lincoln Center tonight. Ah what can I say? I've seen Sufjan and co-horts once before at the Bowery ballroom, where I must admit I was somewhat distracted/transfigured by the luminous Katrina Kerns. I remember thinking that I've been looking for a cult worth joining, and if this cult was this intelligent and attractive I'm in. Back then they were all in cheerleading outfits, this time they looked dressed for the prom. Sufjan's babes were endearingly awkward in slightly geeky dresses and ill footing boots. Freed from the bondage of having to promote the last album (however much I like it) and with only an hour and fifteen minute set they concentrated mostly on my favorite songs (no John Wayne Gacy alas) with a good heaping from "Seven Swans" and the orchestra added to some songs (He Woke Me Up) and perhaps clouded others but there is something about seeing Sufjan and crew that awakens some urge to continue living in me......

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"As always, artistic director Philip Glass is gathering an amazing line-up of artists for the concert. The show presents well-known performers from around the world and features unique collaborations between them. To date, confirmed artists include Philip Glass, award-winning composer, well known for his gripping melodies which enchant listeners worldwide; Laurie Anderson, another long-time favorite of the Benefit Concert, who will be gracing the stage with her wildly creative musical talent; Damien Rice, an amazing artist who will be performing for the first time at the event, whose haunting and melodic music can be heard on the soundtrack of the movie Closer, in the title song, “The Blower’s Daughter”; Sufjan Stevens, another newcomer to the show, a talented, intelligent artist whose work brims with heart-wrenching melodies and orchestration; and singer, pianist, songwriter, arranger and producer Allen Toussaint, one of America’s greatest musical treasures and a New Orleans native who has had a tremendous influence on American music reaching deep into the idioms of rhythm and blues, pop, country, musical theater, blues, and jazz.

There will be more artists performing at the show so check the website regularly as all new updates will be posted as soon as they are confirmed. As many of you may already know, there is a wonderful reception after the concert, where the artists, honorary chair, and all of the benefit concert package ticket holders congregate for a buffet dinner party. Tibet House looks forward to seeing you at Carnegie Hall on March 1st, 2006."

Bowery Presents confirms the rumor that Sufjan Stevens is opening tonight's (12/5) Iron & Wine / Calexico show at Webster Hall. Tim Fite opens on Tuesday.

'Ear Farm' has the entire Sufjan Stevens concert from July 30, 2005 as MP3s for download. That includes "John Wayne Gacy Jr," "Casimir Pulaski Day," and "The Star Spangled Banner."

'You Ain't No Picasso' posted a song only available on the vinyl version of Illinois.

The Sufjan Stevens Christmas Album
Sufjan Stevens @ Bowery Ballroom (show 4/5), NYC | pics

Sufjan Stevens as Santa

These MP3s were floating around last year. They're even more relevant now that Sufjan is the bee's knees. Download all 24 Sufjan Stevens Christmas songs at Irresponsible Jouralism.

(photo of Sufjan as Santa from NOW Toronto)

Sufjan Stevens is #1 in America
Sufjan nominated for Plug Awards
Sufjan #1 at Amazon

Wow. Five nights at Bowery Ballroom followed by a benefit at Bowery Ballroom followed by two shows at Symphony Space, and now a show at Lincoln Center too. It's January 14, 2006 to be exact, and tickets are already on sale. (thx Greg)

Sufjan Stevens @ Bowery Ballroom

Of the zillion Sufjan Stevens shows I've seen since Michigan was released, this acoustic-solo-benefit show at Bowery Ballroom (Oct. 2, 2005) was probably the most special. No band. No costumes. No theatrics. Just Sufjan, a banjo, and a guitar. He opened with a cover of REM's The One I Love. He played a cover of The Innocence Mission's The Lakes of Canada (because Michigan and Canada are best friends). He played John Wayne Gacy and Chicago from Illinois, and a bunch off Seven Swans and Michigan including Seven Swans and an encore of Romulus.

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Sufjan acoustic speaks for itself, it's been a while since Adam Green played a NYC show (not counting the last hurricane benefit he did something at), I keep missing Akron/Family, Grizzly Bear was just recommended by 'brown' (in the comments), Other Passengers is one my favorite local bands, and "special guests" are fun....

Monday, October 3 (7:00 PM doors)
HURRICANE KATRINA BENEFIT: Sufjan Stevens (Acoustic) / Adam Green / Akron/Family / Grizzly Bear / Other Passengers / plus special guests
at The Bowery Ballroom, New York City
Tickets on Sale
(thx to everyone who let me know about this)

Sufjan Stevens @ Bowery Ballroom

I didn't go to Movable Hype last night (Monday, August 22, 2005). I had a ticket to see the Kid Dynamite reunion at CBGB which I figured would be over by 9:00. Then someone out of the blue offered me a free ticket to see Sufjan Stevens & Bunky at Bowery Ballroom again. I accepted. Unfortunately CB's added unannounced openers. The reunion show ran later than expected. That meant I missed Bunky :(, but I did make it to Bowery in time to catch Sufjan's entire performance. It was the fourth of five sold out NYC shows. It was fake tattoo night.

Sufjan Stevens @ Bowery Ballroom

This time I got the chance to see the show from the back of the room. Sunday night I was up front. I can't say if one was better than the other. I can summarize the criticisms I've read in the comments and heard people say (both in actual conversation and while eavesdropping):
* It's hard to tell when and if Sufjan is being ironic
* Too many pauses between songs, too unrehearsed, instrument changes take too long, trying too hard, etc...

Sufjan Stevens @ Bowery Ballroom

It would of been nice to see Bunky perform again. Next time.

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John Wayne GacySufjan Stevens

John Wayne Gacy, Jr. is one of my favorite songs on Sufjan Steven's Illinois. Hearing him sing it live gave me chills.

Above photo of Sufjan taken at fake tattoo night (NYC show 4/5) @ Bowery Ballroom on Monday night August 22, 2005.

Lyrics and guitar tab at Stereogum.

Sufjan Stevens @ Bowery Ballroom (show 3/5), NYC | pics

Sufjan Stevens @ Bowery Ballroom

Sufjan Stevens and the Illinoisemakers played Bowery Ballroom in NYC Sunday night (August 21, 2005).

Sufjan Stevens @ Bowery Ballroom

It was pirate night. Opener Bunky was on stage.

Sufjan Stevens @ Bowery Ballroom

Gothamist reviewed Saturday's show. Sufjan ponders success.

Sufjan Stevens @ Bowery Ballroom

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To differentiate five back-to-back shows at Bowery Ballroom, Sufjan Stevens instituted a theme each night.
Sunday night (August 21, 2005 & night 3) was pirate night.

Arrgh! Welcome to Pirate Night.
sufjan stevens @ Bowery Ballroom

One Louder was there Friday night. Wes was there Friday too. Stereogum was there Saturday night" I forget the order, but there's also fake accident night, and the last night is homecoming (formal attire).

Seven SwansEnjoy Your RabbitA Sun Came

Dear amNewYork newspaper,
The intro. to your interview with Sufjan Stevens this morning incorrectly stated that "Come on Feel The Illinoise" was Sufjan's second album. You further goofed by calling "Say Yes, Michigan" his first.

Check these out:
* Seven Swans
* Enjoy Your Rabbit
* A Sun Came

I hope that clears things up a bit. You probably meant his second state-themed album. Regards, -bv

Sufjan starts his five night run at Bowery Ballroom this week
Tickets on sale for Sufjan at Symphony Space

Sufjan Stevens is playing Symphony Space in NYC on October 7th, 2005. (via Central Village & Manic Mess)

From Symphony Space:
"Get your tickets today for appearances by Susanna Clarke, Sufjan Stevens, Paris Combo, Dan Zanes and many many more!"

August 19th - 22nd @ Bowery Ballroom in NYC = all sold out. August 23rd just announced. Tix not on sale yet. All Sufjan Stevens tour dates below...

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* With Friday, Saturday & Sunday all sold out, Sufjan added yet another night at Bowery Ballroom in August. Monday, August 22nd - tickets on sale.
* My Mean Magpie posted live Sufjan MP3s from 2001. (via LHB)
* Radar Magazine interviewed Sufjan.

New Sufjan Stevens & Stars live MP3s & Stream
Bunky Moved to Sunday | Smoosh playing Knit

Devendra BanhartSufjan Stevens

* Devendra Banhart (with his "Hairy Fairy Band") is playing Webster Hall on October 20th. Bunny Brains is opening. If by Bunny Brains, they mean this band, then "the band formerly known as BunnyBrains 88 and before that just The Bunny Brains, is now ULTRABUNNY." (on sale at noon)

* The third Sufjan Stevens date at Bowery Ballroom was added. Castanets are opening. No offense to Castanets, but the Bunky and Smoosh dates are the ones to be at (unless you're going to all three). (on sale at noon, but not even one of the shows is sold out yet)

Devendra Banhart "Cripple Crow" sampler | Stream
Mountain Goats, Sufjan, Spoon, Dredg & Smoosh MP3s