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The Yard

It used to be where Issue Project Room was located. They moved and the outdoor Gowanus Canal space opened as the Yard, which then changed to BKLYN Yard. Always a mystery as to whether the outdoor venue will return each year, last summer it was shut down just as it was getting started. You might remember when all events were cancelled in June which was followed by the weekly daytime dance party 'Sunday Best' un-cancelling but becoming alcohol-free, and then cancelling again (and moving to Brooklyn Fireproof).

WELL, they haven't given up! Sunday Best, put on by the people behind Mister Saturday Night, have changed their party name to Mister Sunday and will return to the space this summer, though the location is now known as Gowanus Grove (identity crisis!). They write:

We've been keeping this one under our hats for a while, but the time has come to spill the beans. In just over a month, on Memorial Day Weekend, we're introducing Mister Sunday, the outdoor, Sunday afternoon spinoff of Mister Saturday Night. Clever name, we know.

If you ever came to Sunday Best at BKLYN Yard, you'll know the place: it's the same canal-side, tree-spotted plot of land at 400 Carroll Street between Bond and Nevins in Brooklyn, now rechristened Gowanus Grove.

If you never made it down, let us count the ways you're going to love it. First, kids and dogs - you can bring them. We love them, and we don't get to see enough of them on Saturday nights. Second, superb food - we're teaming up with Brooklyn Flea to install a small but ace team of food vendors. Right now, we've confirmed Mile End, who will be serving a bunch of stuff you can't get at the storefront in Boerum Hill, and we're soon to confirm at least one more. Third, our friends from Botanica, the best little bar in the five boroughs, are taking care of the booze.

And last, but certainly not least, is the music. The Mister Saturday Night residents, Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin, the gents that pull the strings to bring it all together, will be playing records each and every Sunday through the summer on the big, blue soundsystem. There'll be guests alongside them occasionally as well. Moodymann, Todd Terje, Horse Meat Disco, Optimo and Space Dimension Controller will all take their turns, and on opening day, Four Tet will drop by.

And that's all there is to say about that. We'll see you outside.

Stay tuned for whether there will be non-Mister Sunday events held there. Mister Sunday flyer and current lineup below...

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photos by Chris Doss

Theo Parrish in a loft Saturday night
Theo Parrish

"There were a lot of great moments that went down on Sunday-Kendra Borowski dumping a pitcher of water over her own head, Eamon standing on a planter behind the DJ booth shooting a strobe light onto the crowd, Traxx (who was in town from Chicago) screaming his face off for what must have been five minutes in front of the DJ booth when JG Wilkes dropped a Jeff Mills track, and Justin doing his own screaming through a giant (dirty) traffic cone.

But the most epic moment of all was probably when, as Optimo dropped their namesake track by Liquid Liquid, Sal P (the Liquids' frontman) happened to be dancing right next to the DJ booth. Of course we handed him the mic. Jason Rule, a gent who's joined us at the vast majority of all Sunday Bests ever, caught it on camera." [Mister Saturday Night]

It was a busy weekend for Mister Saturday Night who hosted Theo Parrish at a loft party at 12-Turn-13 on Saturday night (the pictures in this post), and then hosted Optimo at the above-described Sunday Best party the next day. The final Sunday Best of the summer goes down at Brooklyn Fire Proof with Doug Singer over Labor Day Weekend.

More pictures of Theo Parrish, the Liquid Liquid video described above and more, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Dam-Funk at Sunday Best on June 13th (MP3)

Sunday Best w/ Dam-Funk on June 13th
Sunday Best

After a brief respite a few weeks back, Sunday Best has had its last party at the Yard (aka BKYN Yard aka 400 Carroll St). For the rest of the summer (starting yesterday, June 27th, with Kenny Larkin), the party will be at Bushwick's Brooklyn Fire Proof. They'll be keeping the previously issued schedule. Tickets are on sale.

An MP3 of Dam-Funk's soulful June 13th set at the short-lived, no-alcohol 400 Carroll Street is posted above.

More details on the move and evidence of life at the new edition (and Donna Summer at that) are below...

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photo by Roland Li
Sunday Best

We are beyond happy to announce that we are taking a stab at bringing Sunday Best back to the very tree-specked, canal-side lot at 400 Carroll Street where we started this season and spent the past two years. This Sunday, June 13th, we'll begin. We'll be playing in the sunshine alongside LA boogie revivalist Dam-Funk.

We're taking it week by week: This Sunday there'll be no bar, and there can't be any alcohol at all on the property (so please, please, please leave it at home, as the rest of our season depends on it). The good news, though, is that the food vendors are prepping, and the disco ball will be spinning under the trees.

As usual, we'll have a back up in case of inclement weather, so keep an eye on our site if a storm comes up.

We look forward to joining everyone again in the great outdoors!

Your DJs,
Justin Carter, Eamon Harkin & Doug Singer
[Sunday Best]

So after BKLYN Yard's season was abruptly halted after its first weekend, it looks like at least the Sunday Best party will, though dry, survive at the same venue (which is now just called "400 Carroll Street"). Tickets for all shows are on sale. Their schedule for 2010 is re-posted below...

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Sunday Best, Memorial Day Weekend 2010 (via)
Sunday Best

June 4th, 2010

To our Yardies...

Over the past four years, we have worked hard to create BKLYN Yard. You watched us grow from a small unknown independent venue into a space that hosted the best tacos in NYC, incredible talent (Lee Scratch Perry, Kaiju Big Battel, Dan Deacon & Jose Gonzalez to name a few), the Sunday Best dance series, the Gowanus Harvest Fest, the BK County Fair, Score! Pop-Up Mega Swap, Parked: Food Truck Festival, and countless lobster bakes, pig roasts, BBQs and more. This past Memorial Day Weekend, we were so proud to open our doors and display all the hard work we have been putting into the space to make this summer even better...from our new bar, to our atm, to our bocce court. Thousands of you came out and supported us and made it one of the most beautiful weekends we have had yet, so we are sad to announce, that last weekend was the final weekend of BKLYN Yard in our Carroll Gardens home.

Our landlord of the past four years, who used to share our vision for BKLYN Yard, notified us on Tuesday May June 1st, that they would no longer honor our lease which had been in place since early this year. They chose not to give us an opportunity to renegotiate, and requested that we take what we have built, and terminate all of our confirmed plans and schedule for BKLYN Yard this summer.

BKLYN Yard is a labor of love for MeanRed, rooted in our core company values: Love for artists, food, music and community. We are sad to see our passion project go in its brightest year, and are sad to let down all the people who have support and worked with us for the past 3 summers.

But if there is one thing we pride ourselves in, its our ability to think outside the box, to take a leap when there is no net, and to reach our highest visions. We wouldn't be who we are if we let hurdles keep us down. If we can turn a dim sum restaurant into a nightclub, a loft into a members-only club, and a toxic yard into a beautiful summer oasis... we can do anything.

Rest assured, our renegade spirit and love for pop-up spaces will come alive again this summer -- very possibly with the same collaborators and programming you see on our current schedule... And very possibly even better than we had planned before.

Doug Singer, Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter's Sunday Best series will continue on at another location, including this Sunday with DJ Koze. You can keep an eye on them at www.sundaybestnyc.com

In the meantime, we want to say:
Thank you for sharing in BKLYN Yard. We hope you'll continue on this crazy ride with us as we bring you what's next. Stay tuned, we will pop-up where you least expect it, with the words:

"Built by BKLYN Yard"

With love,
MeanRed Productions

That sucks. No word yet on where Sunday Best will move, but they will be at Littlefield this Sunday.

BKLYN YARD 2009 (more by Sarahana)

BKLYN Yard (previously The Yard) will be back in summer 2010, with weekend events running from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. They'll be doing Beer Garden Fridays, Summer Saturdays and Sunday Best.

Sunday Best will host resident DJs Mister Saturday Night (Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin), Doug Singer and a whole special guest schedule, which is posted below (Dam-Funk spins there June 13). Sunday Best writes:

It's official, folks. We'll be back on the Gowanus! Justin Carter, Eamon Harkin and Doug Singer are already digging through records for their best outdoor jams, and we can already smell Margarita Hernandez's huaraches and taste the cold sangria. BKLYN Yard has announced a bunch of great new additions to their space -- not least of which is a bocce ball court -- and we're happy to announce the full lineup of guests who will be playing alongside the residents this summer, an eclectic grouping of folks from New York and abroad who specialize in everything from rare Nigerian disco to shimmering, summertime techno.
Advance tickets for Sunday Best are available.

More on the parties, a flyer and the full BKLYN Yard schedule (including an Asobi Seksu show) is below...

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DOWNLOAD: Âme - Setsa (MP3)


A cold has prevented me from hitting many a dancefloor so far this week. As I mentioned at the end of part 1 of the Week In Dance, Micachu & The Shapes play the second New York show on their tour, at Le Poisson Rouge tonight (10/2). Check out a video of Tim Exile (who played Santos Thursday night) remixing Micachu & The Shapes, live, below and don't forget that following the Micachu show Martyn, Kotchy, Starkey, DJ Sharmaji, and Samiyam will also be at Le Poisson Rouge (11pm, now changed to 21+).

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DOWNLOAD: DJ Jus-Ed - live at Sunday Best, 6/14/09 (Part 1) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: DJ Jus-Ed - live at Sunday Best, 6/14/09 (Part 2) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Felix Da Housecat - We All Wanna Be Prince (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Felix Da Housecat - Kickdrum (MP3)

DJ Harvey @ Sunday Best @ the BKLYN Yard - September 6, 2009

While technically it is still summer, many seasonal dance parties including Warm Up (Warm Up extended!), the Beach Party, and Sunday Best had their last hurrahs last weekend. Luckily there is still plenty to do. Here's what happening this weekend starting with Saturday (9/12):

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I haven't gone out yet this week. Last weekend I was out of town and missed Joakim's deejay set at the Tribeca Grand (among lots of other events), but have since managed to get a copy of his new album, Milky Ways which I strongly recommend.

While I found his last album Monsters & Silly Songs a bit inaccessible overall in comparison to the singles "Lonely Hearts" and "I Wish You Were Gone", Milky Ways is much more listenable while still being interesting. Over the course of just 10 tracks, Joakim manages to at times channel Radiohead, Talking Heads, hints of noise rock, both modern & retro disco, and robots, to create his own unique sound. Milky Ways is scheduled for release on September 15th in the US, 14th in the UK, and August 31st internationally. !K7's set up a website dedicated to the release where you can find out more about the album, stream some tracks, and get a free download of "Watermelon Bubblicious" after signing up for the !K7 newsletter.

Moving on to this weekend, here's what's happening starting with Saturday (8/29):

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DOWNLOAD: Tim Sweeney Live @ Sunday Best - August 16 (MP3)


It's been a very exciting week in dance, with both Bassment Jaxx and Royksopp show announcements. Unfortunately we still have to wait a few months before those happen. In the meantime, here is what's going on this weekend:

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DOWNLOAD: Dirty Sound System - Summer Tape 2009 (MP3)

Dirty Sound System

It's been a while since I was this excited about a weekend, dance-wise. One of the many reasons why is Dirty Sound System is coming to New York this Saturday (8/1). According to their website, the French duo of Clovis Goux & Guillaume Sorge...

...spin everything from house, electro free jazz to spacey disco, acid house, krautrock, sunshine pop, folk, rythm'n'blues, music soundtracks... it depends on how far the dancefloor is ready to go.
Based on the awesome set their Dirty compatriot Pilooski spun at Mister Saturday Night back in May (which you can now download here) and their excellent selections on Dirty Edits 1 & 2 & Dirty Space Disco I have no doubt about their ability to get a dancefloor moving.

Info on the party they are deejaying on Saturday night below, plus download their Summer Tape 2009 at the top of this post and some mixes by Prince Language's (who is also deejaying the party) here. Also, be sure to check out Dirty Sound System's latest release Dirty French Psychedelics (available at Turntable Lab and on iTunes).

continued below...

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DOWNLOAD: Luke Solomon - Live at Sunday Best, 6/7/09 (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ghislain Poirier - In the Mix on Sinden's Kiss FM radio show 5/21/09 (MP3)

Tyler Askew & crowd @ Loving Day Flagship Celebration - 6/7/09 (Willie Davis)

I haven't been out dancing yet this week, but still have plenty to tell you about last weekend, specifically Sunday and how it's turning into my favorite day to get down. Things began a little out of the ordinary, trekking over to 23rd and the FDR for the Loving Day celebration (of the Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia which legalized interracial marriage in the US, which happened not too long ago in 1967!). The vibe was great - everyone just looked happy and was hanging out. Unfortunately not many were dancing to the great soulful, jazzy, housey set Tyler Askew was playing. I'm going to blame it on the massive line that had formed for the free BBQ being given out. In any case, I got down with a small group of strangers and learned more about Loving v Virginia which you can do here as well as learn about throwing your own Loving Day celebration.

Luke Solomon @ Sunday Best @ the BKLYN Yard - June 7, 2009 (cloud_city)

From there things picked up in terms of dancing. I headed down to the Gowanus yet again for Sunday Best. It was slightly less packed than it was for Mr. Scruff - still quite a crowd. I'm not sure how they did it, but food & drink lines were pretty much nonexistent and the bathroom one is still there, but much shorter. There were all the makings of a great Sunday as Luke Solomon started his set around 7, following through with 2 great hours of an interesting blend of house, soul, techno, and even hints of tech-house that had the tiny dancefloor overflowing with people. You can download his set at the top of this post, and check out other past sets from Sunday Best here, or better yet, subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or RSS.

I was perfectly happy by the end of Sunday Best and could have just gone home...but the Lower East Side is just so close thanks to the F-train, so I headed to the Rivington Hotel for Été d'Amour with Tony Humphries. The penthouse was packed with people dancing when I arrived, as it had been for Dimitri's set the weekend prior. Unfortunately it didn't last long. After hanging out on the roof for an hour or so it dawned on me that I couldn't hear the music at all. The sound only improved slightly one flight down, and by the time I was back on the main penthouse level I realized something was very wrong. The volume was way down thanks to someone complaining...so frustrating as Tony's set was great, just not loud enough! I've been assured that this week things will be under control for Stretch Armstrong's set, but more on that in a bit. First here is what's going on Saturday (6/13):

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DOWNLOAD: Damian Lazarus - Dr. Whiskers Theme (MP3)

Pilooski @ Mutek in Montreal - May 28, 2009 (Thesorus)

No dancefloor destruction to report yet, but that will definitely be changing this weekend. There's so much good stuff headed our way, starting with...

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Bklyn Yard
Despite rumors to the contrary, the outdoor Brooklyn venue on the Gowanus canal (at the Issue Project Room's former address) will be open again this summer. Last year it was called The Yard. This year its new name is The BKLYN Yard (388 Carroll St., Brooklyn, NY).

A few events have already been announced (below), and that includes the return of Sunday Best - the dance party happening at the venue every Sunday from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. As an added bonus, this year they've secured the Bell House as a rain location. Full schedule and more details below...

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by Showtrotta

Cut Copy in Mexico
Cut Copy in Mexico

If you're still standing after the past few crazy days & nights of dancing there is still plenty happening Sunday and heading into the beginning of next week.

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DOWNLOAD: The American Dream Team - What Dreams Are Made Of, Vol. 1 (Mixed By DJ Code-D) (zSHARE MP3)
DOWNLOAD: OCD Automatic - 30 Minute Obsession mix (zSHARE MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Tittsworth - The John McCain Experience (Sendspace MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Todd Terje - Prime Time Promo Mix (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Brodinski - Smokemashine C mix (Megaupload MP3)

The Yard on a Sunday (cred)
The Yard

Before I get into what's going on this weekend I want to bring a remix to your attention. "Hey Boy Hey Girl (Soulwax 2 Many DJ's Remix)" by The Chemical Brothers is available for free here. I've only listened to it once so far and am still figuring out what to make of this marriage between two of my favorite artists. Despite that, I think it will be devastating once someone drops it in the middle of a set on a good, loud system....I can't wait. Now on to another thing I can't wait for...the weekend -

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DOWNLOAD: Diplo feat. Rye Rye - Wassup Wassup (ddpesh remix) (MP3)

Move D
Move D

Hope you were able to do some dancing this week. If not, Sunday is made for it - but first, Thursday's review:

I decided to hit up Hiro to see KIM. Someone (by process of elimination I want to say Kid Indie, but I'm not 100% sure) was deejaying when I arrived. He was playing good tracks, but many of them were ones that were really popular last summer. Is anyone else finding that there doesn't seem to be a group of electronic songs that define the summer of '08? I'm listening to a lot of things, but nothing is really sticking like a lot of songs from last summer did...

KIM went on around 1. His set was good . Much of it consisted of tracks I hadn't heard before - very, very fresh and great transitions, but maybe a little too smooth. It was like listening to a podcast playing in the background - none of the tracks really made me want to get up and dance. Also, Hiro was pretty empty - not sure of the cause, possibly Santos' line-up, or just Santos in general? Who knows...

On to Sunday...

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DOWNLOAD: The Glass May DJ Mix (zSHARE MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Star Eyes - Strobe Attack mix (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: B. Rich - Live WERS 88.9fm (zSHARE MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Eine Kleine Nacht Musik - German only mixtape (MP3)

"Break Dance", Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY (bok bok)
Break Dance coney

I have been totally slacking on the going out front. Luckily this week there is plenty of really exciting dancing to be done (both when I'm here and when I'm going to be away - more on that later). On to this week:

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DOWNLOAD: David Bruno Live at People Don't Dance No More May (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: AC Slater guest mix on Kiss 100 - May 1st, 2008 (DivShare MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Roy Davis Jr live @ The Yard (May 25, 2008) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: King Britt live @ The Yard (June 01, 2008) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Trus'me live @ The Yard (June 08, 2008) (MP3)

The Yard on a Sunday (cred)
The Yard

Despite getting a late start, I had one of the most unexpectedly awesome weekends last week. After a day of sweating it out at a bbq, and several fruitless attempts at a disco nap, I dragged myself to Studio B, arriving in the middle of Lifelike's set. After being badgered by certain individuals for months I still hadn't really checked out Lifelike. I was totally unprepared for his devastating mix of new, classic French house-influenced tracks, perfectly balanced with underplayed electro bangers (finally got to hear SMD's 'Hot Dog' on a big system). The floor was more packed than I've seen it there in a long time and everyone was absolutely losing it (and Alan Braxe hadn't even gone on yet!). Lifelike held it down until around 2:30 when Mr. Braxe went on. As much as it was great to hear French house classics from one of the people who pioneered the sound, and as crazily as I had been getting down, about an hour in things were starting to give way. Maybe it was the change in intensity from Lifelike's set to his, but somewhere around 3:30, after a numbingly long play of Daft Punk's "Rollin' & Scratchin' " I was ready to go.

Originally that was my only dance-related weekend plan, but when I was writing about Saturday & Sunday's events I really liked what I heard from Trusme. Thanks to the wonders of the G-train, what should've been a 30 minute ride to the Yard took 2 hours. I'm not even going to get into it, but if you're taking the G train, factor some time getting f-ed over by the MTA into your commute.

When I finally arrived, the Yard had a very friendly, backyard (one of the only things I desperately miss from suburbia) bbq vibe. Everyone was just hanging out, eating (Sweet Deliverance's food was amazing. I had the best veggie burger I have ever eaten.), and drinking. Nobody was really dancing yet (it was about 5:30 or 6). The later it got, the more people slowly trickled out onto the dancefloor, and by 8 when Trusme went on there was not an inch of floor to spare. Trusme's set was perfect for summer - a great blend of disco and soulful house - perfect hot weather listening. Everyone was having serious fun. I would endure my two hours of MTA-induced hell to do it all over again. That's how good it was.

Don't fret if you missed out, there are plenty more Sunday Bests on the way (plus they've been recording all the guest dj sets, including Trusme's - then them here), and it looks like Trusme and Giant Step have something in the works for July 30th at the Hudson Hotel.

That's a while away though...on to this week in dance:

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you don't have to dance @ The Yard on Sunday - May 25, 2008 (BettyMG)
The Yard

Saturday (tonight) and Sunday offer way less than Friday did in terms of places I wanted to go this weekend. Nevertheless, here they are....

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Gowanus Canal

Come celebrate the Gowanus Canal and its watershed at an all day festival on the banks of the canal! Showcasing an assortment of environmentally-conscious products and services from Brooklyn businesses. Great music, organic and natural food, educational workshops, kids activities and more for the whole family!!!! Free admission for the public.
This is at The Yard on Sunday June 1, 2008 from 11-6. The Defibulators are playing two sets. More details at the Gowanus Goes Green Festival site.

Sunday is also the second edition of "Sunday Best" with King Britt of Digable Planets (from 3-9).

Other events coming up at the Yard include "A Picnic Party" on May 31st, Benevento Russo Duo on June 28th, and Ponytail/Joan of Arc in July.

The Yard

Despite the rumors, The Yard, an outdoor Brooklyn venue along the Gowanus Canal, will be open for events this summer. There will be one-off shows like Mike Ladd on May 24th, Stereo Total on May 31st and AudraRox on June 7th, AND there will be dancing and food every Sunday from 3-9pm. More details and the whole 'Sunday Best' lineup is below...

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