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Sunny outside Sunny's last night (via @jwgates)

Ten months after Hurricane Sandy swamped the place, much-loved Red Hook watering hole Sunny's finally reopened last (8/29) after friends, patrons, and neighbors helped raise over $100,000 to repair it. There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony and then the party began (they also celebrated co-owner Sunny Balzano's 79th birthday). which featured a performance from swing band Smokey's Round‑Up and The Secret Family.

Tonight at the bar, you can catch The Xylophone People. Welcome back, Sunny's!


At the end of November we reported that Sunny's Bar in Red Hook was still closed and raising money to repait itself from Hurricane Sandy. Five months later and not too much has changed, from a high level at least...

Dear Friends,

An awful lot has happened since you heard from me last. We are finally able to forge ahead with the big fix in the basement! It has been surveyed, drawn, and is currently with the engineer. He came here early April with the contractor. The work is estimated to take one month, and we are optimistically hoping to have it done by the end of June.

To pay for the repair, we are launching a month long fundraising campaign. To kick it off, we're throwing a big old Sunny's party at the Bell-House, May 1st! Buy your tickets here, SunnysMaydayParty or at the door. Please copy and invite your friends! Can't wait to see you all.

Please share our link:
(http://igg.me/at/sunnys-red-hook/x/3042670) to our fundraising campaign with your friends and friends of Sunny's Bar. We can all be drinking together in a few short months with everyone's help.

xxx & cheers
from everyone at

Today is May Day and that's the flyer for tonight's show up above. Tickets are still available.

Sunny's in sunnier days...
art basel

Due to Hurricane Sandy, Sunny's was badly damaged and we have been unable to reopen. We have been pumping, cleaning and trying to restore order since teh day after the storm. While we have had a ton of volunteers (thank you all) and have made much progress with the clean out, Sunny's is still in need of major fixes to all our equipment, boilers, hot water heaters, compressors, etc. There are also some issues with the space that need to be addressed as well. We have started a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the money needed to get back up and running. Sunny's Bar is an icon and will be back helping people enjoy life, music and friends, but we need your help.

Anything you can give is appreciated. We have great rewards on offer as well to help sweeten the pot. Thanks again for your help and good wishes. We will be back better than every (but it will still be the old Sunny's, just with more reliable equipment).

As mentioned before, iconic Red Hook institution Sunny's suffered much damage from Hurricane Sandy and have been closed since, despite hope that they'd be back already. The bar started a Kickstarter to help fund repairs (and they are already past their goal!). You can watch their Kickstarter video (which incorporates Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations segment in it) below.

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photos by Gretchen Robinette

Red Hook on 11/3
Hurricane Sandy's aftermath in Red Hook on 11/3/12

"While electricity is on in some of the buildings in the Red Hook Houses, almost none have heat. For the second day in a row RHI purchased and distributed 150 space heaters. Knowing this will never be sufficient for those who have been in the cold for over a week, the following groups are working diligently to create warming centers in Red Hook: Brooklyn Public Library Red Hook Branch (learn more here), Red Hook Community Justice Center (learn more here), Bumblebees R Us (learn more here), NYCHA Miccio Center, and the Community Assistance Commissioner from the Mayor's Office." [Red Hook Initiative, 11/7/2012]
Red Hook remains a huge mess after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. BV photographer Gretchen Robinette took a few photos out there on Saturday (11/3) which are in this post.

The New York City Housing Authority are still pumping out water and the DEP and Marine Corps are there assessing structural damage in the neighborhood. The Red Hook Initiative (RHI) has details of their most recent meeting and more information on how you can help. Blankets, flashlights, batteries and candles are needed desperately.

Yesterday we utilized volunteers, not only to help the business community with clean up, but to communicate about changes to Red Hook's polling sites and to mobilize and transport people to get out to vote. All week, volunteers have been reporting to the volunteer hub, Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation (learn more here). [RHI]
If you're around right now (11/7), "RED HOOK INITIATIVE is understaffed! Go spend a rainy day with the lovely people over there. 767 Hicks St, BK." RHI also points out on their site that 767 Hicks is the only spot volunteers should be heading today.

UPDATE: "Volunteers will be needed in #RedHook [Thursday, 11/8/2012], report at 11AM + 3PM to 767 Hicks #SandyAid #SandyHelp".

Occupy Sandy has been one of the major helping forces since Sandy, in Red Hook and elsewhere. RHI is quick to also point that out. They wrote today:

Volunteers through Occupy Sandy congregated at RHI as soon as the storm subsided and spearheaded the relief effort for Red Hook residents. Because of their efforts, we have been serving close to 1,000 hot meals per day on RHI's four-burner stove along with tremendous support from individuals who have donated countless trays of warm, home-made food. Monday we opened space across the street at Calvary Baptist Church to help with meal distribution, while Occupy Sandy volunteers tore out a damaged rug and poured a new floor (yes, all in one day!). It is only because of Occupy Sandy that RHI has been able to react to the storm so quickly.
Join the movement. Find out how at Occupy Sandy's site or by following them on Twitter. Things are really getting scary again as the Nor'easter moves in.

videos games in the street in Red Hook (this pic via Jody Rosen)
video games

Among those helping out Sunday was Phish's Trey Anastasio whose concert at the Capitol Theatre (like many shows there since Sandy) that was supposed to happen Monday night (after also being postponed from Sunday before the storm) got postponed again to a new date TBA

Red Hook's giant Fairway grocery store, which lost everything in the massive floods, says they're committed to re-opening and hope to do so in the next 6 - 8 weeks.

Restore Red Hook is working to restore all businesses destroyed by hurricane Sandy.

New Amsterdam Records still need help and info on the label's relief fund is here. Meanwhile, the label keeps going. Missy Mazzolli's new album, Song from the Uproar, is out now and there's a record release show this Sunday (11/11) at Le Poisson Rouge. Tickets are on sale.

Norton Records, as mentioned, had much of their stock of vinyl destroyed in the flood. They are salvaging as much of the actual vinyl as they can, though the sleeves are ruined. There's video detailing the damage and how you can help. For more info on volunteering in Norton Records cleanup, click here.

Red Hook Winery lost their entire stock, with extensive damage to their facility.

Legendary Red Hook bar Sunny's (which was featured on this weeks all-Brooklyn episode of Tony Bourdain's No Reservations, watch below) took on two feet of water but has had lots of help with the clean-up and is hoping to be open soon. A message on their website says:

Sunny's is sadly closed due to Hurricane Sandy (or superstorm Sandy, however the news wants to call it.) We took on about 2 feet of water above the basemant. It's been great to have the love and hard labor of those who have come to Red Hook to help out and it is greatly appreciated from all of us who live here. We are hoping to be back in business by next Friday or Saturday. Keep checking in to see any updates. And if you want to help Red Hook please check in with the Red Hook Initiative 402 Van Brunt St. They are organizing relief. We'll be back. All of us. And more importantly The Rockaways, Breezy Point and Staten Island can still use much help. We are hurt but OK in the grand scheme of things, so please try to devote your attention to those who need it most.

Thanks and Love,
Sunny, Tone, Izzy, Francis and the two Chrises.

An article at DNAInfo says they're "hoping to have Sunny's up and running for a post-hurricane celebration party by Wednesday." That would be tonight (11/7), though we have no confirmation at the moment that their wish came true.

And as previously mentioned, proceeds from Buke & Gase' new single (including a nifty New Order cover) go toward Red Hook disaster relief.

More pictures, songs and videos below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

The slackers...
The Slackers

So I got to see the Specials in Leeds this may 24th. It was definitely a trip. I was sitting on a corner of the stage watching the band (minus Jerry Dammers). They came on the stage suddenly. John Bradbury did the opening drum fill of "Do the Dog" and they were off. They were launched into it like it was 1979. They seemed a little bit older but surprising well preserved. They mostly played the first album and the first half of the 2nd album. plus a couple songs off their eps.

I got to say i was impressed. I had seen some of the half reunions in the 90s and been underwhelmed. This time they seemed like they had something to prove. Hearing Terry Hall do "Friday Night Saturday Morning" made me think about being 16 yrs old again. It made me think about nights driving around San Diego looking for booze and a party in the 1980s. Their energy was profound. It was like seeing the dance craze movie unfold in front of you. All those songs. "Too Much Too Young." "It Doesnt Make it allright." "Concrete Jungle." [Dave Hillyard of the Slackers]

The Specials have confirmed their 2010 plans for a North American tour, with stops in L.A., Toronto, NYC and Coachella. In fact, the Terminal 5 show on April 21st is already sold out. Luckily, they've added another show at the same venue one night earlier, on April 20th. Tickets go on AmEx presale Wednesday, February 17th at noon. General sale starts the Friday at noon.They'll also be appearing on April 13th on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. All dates are below.

The Slackers opened for the Specials when they played the UK last spring. While the Specials have a new live DVD on the way, the Slackers are prepping the releasing of their new album, The Great Rocksteady Swindle, set to come out April 20th on Hellcat. It'll be their first album on the label in four years. Recent releases, including 2009's well-done b-sides and versions comp Lost & Found, have been on their own labels - Indication, Special Potato and the online label Whatevski. The latter recently put out an NYC Taper-recorded bootleg of the band's pair of holiday gigs at Knitting Factory last December. When one of the opening bands didn't make it through the blizzard that hit on the second night, the Slackers stretched into two sets with songs from all seven of their studio records. The band's tour plans include shows in Japan, the West Coast and Europe. Those lead up to a hometown record release show on June 4th at Highline Ballroom. Tickets go on sale at noon.

Slackers tenor sax player Dave Hillyard (responsible for the review above) has been playing around NYC with his Rocksteady 7 project, a mostly-instrumental group that plays a mix of early ska, jazz and latin music. He's pared it down to 3 (sax, congas & bass) for his show tonight (2/12) at Sunny's Bar (253 Conover St) in Redhook (the same band played at Spike Hill on Monday). Clips of the Rocksteady 7 in action are below. Slackers' frontman Vic Ruggiero also has solo shows coming up. Those and all tour dates are below...

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