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Dot Wiggin of cult band The Shaggs will be opening for Neutral Milk Hotel on a string on Northeast shows next week. Before that, The Dot Wiggin Band are playing NYC on Sunday (4/12) at Baby's All Right with Arc Iris and Rachel Trachtenberg. That's a 4 PM all-ages matinee and tickets are on sale. All tour dates are listed below

Rachel Trachtenberg, formerly of The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players and Supercute!, and currently of The Prettiots, is also playing Cake Shop on April 23 with longrunning NYC avant jug band The Scene is Now (including Ed Askew collaborator Jay Pluck), as well as George Sand and Luscious Skin. You can also see her when The Prettiots play a free (with RSVP to AOHAYON@standardhotels.com) show on April 27 at The Standard East Village in the Penthouse.

In related news, Rachel's former Supercute! bandmate Julia Cumming now fronts Sunflower Bean who have two shows this weekend with Honduras: Saturday (4/11) at Elvis Guesthouse and Monday (4/13) at Baby's All Right with Monograms on the bill as well. Tickets to both those shows are on sale.

Flyers for Dot's tour and The Prettiots show, below...

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Albini & BUB: "No, that is not the microphone Gavin Rossdale used..."

Sure you can look at cats on the internet. You probably just were. But isn't it fun to look at internet videos of cats on a big screen in a big room with lots of people? That's the idea behind The Internet Cat Video Film Festival which comes to NYC at Warsaw on October 25. In addition to lots of internet cat videos, one of the web's most famous cats, Lil BUB, will be there in the flesh. Also there: Supercute! who probably have songs about cats. Tickets are on sale now.

Speaking of Lil BUB, you have probably seen the video of him meeting the other most famous feline on the internet, Grumpy Cat, over the summer. If not, you can watch that meeting below. Meanwhile, on the latest episode of his web talk show (shades of Space Ghost), Lil BUB chats with another legendary grumpy cat, indie rock producer Steve Albini (who is probably grumpy that we referred to what he does as "producing"). You can watch that below too.

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Sammy of The Mooney Suzuki at Stones Fest 2012 (more by Stephen Yang)
Stones Fest

Stones Fest, a tribute to the Rolling Stones, is returning to NYC this year on May 22 to 23 at Bowery Ballroom. As usual, the show is hosted by The Cabin Down Below Band and it features many of the usual guests like Norah Jones, Patrick Carney (of The Black Keys), Jason Isbell, Butch Walker, Delta Spirit, Cory Chisel & Adriel Denae, Johnny T, Adam Green, Jesse Malin, Ruby Amanfu, Petter Ericson Stakee (of Alberta Cross), Nicole Atkins, Justin Long, Jack Dishel (of Only Son), Seth Herzog, Sammy James Jr. (of The Mooney Suzuki), Danny Clinch & The Tangiers Blues Band, Steve Schiltz (of Hurricane Bells), Har Mar Superstar, Josh Lattanzi (of The Candles), The Uptown Horns, Jamie Burke & Mikki James, and many more. Tickets for both nights go on sale Friday (4/26) at noon and proceeds will benefit Sweet Relief and The Sweet Relief Musicians Fund.

Meanwhile, the actual Rolling Stones will be on their own tour (Mick Taylor included) around that same time. A number of North American dates have been announced but still none in NYC. Also, their kickoff show in LA has been pushed back a day due to NBA playoffs. Updated Stones dates are listed below.

Har Mar Superstar - 'Bye Bye 17'
Har Mar

In other related news, Har Mar Superstar, who plays Stones Fest, is on tour now and plays his own NYC show a week earlier at Le Poisson Rouge on May 15 with The Young Things and Nightbox. He then returns the following month to play Grand Victory on June 14 with The Boxing Lesson, Purple Spires, Supercute!, and NVUS as part of Northside Festival. Tickets for the LPR show are on sale now. No advance tix for the Grand Victory show, but admission is $12 at the door and you can also try to get in with your Northside badge.

Har Mar's new album, Bye Bye 17 just came out this week (4/23). You can stream it in full over at The Current and the track "Lady, You Shot Me" is also streaming below. Har Mar also just interviewed Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas. You can stream/download the entire 52 minute conversation over at Earwolf.

All Har Mar Superstar and Rolling Stones dates are listed, along with the song stream and Stones Fest 2013 flyer below...

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photos by PSquared Photography

Kate Nash @ Bowery Ballroom, 3/27/2013
Kate Nash
Kate Nash

Girl Talk is her first album on the great UK indie label, Fortuna Pop, after two albums with Geffen/Fiction. Thus, she can do a more rocking sound without having to deal with record execs thinking about demographics. When she talked about her song inspired by Pussy Riot, "Free My Pussy", she stated that the song is more about being a general oppression from friends, family, ex-boyfriends and record excutives.

The new album has a few choice cuts that draw inspiration from Bikini Kill, The Slits and any number of the female-fronted punk bands. You got the B-movies, motorcycle gang riffs on Death Proof, All Talk, Cherry Pickin and Sister. All Talk and Death Proof were cracking live, with Kate belting out the rock vocals and slamming on her bass. As you can see on the setlist, she played a few fan favorites where everyone can sing along -- from the young girls to the creepy old guys (present company included). It's great that after three albums she's got a great body of work to choose from for her setlists. - [MusicSnobbery @ Philly show]

Kate Nash played her first of three shows in NYC last night (3/26) at Bowery Ballroom which ended with Kate singing in the crowd amongst some clearly adoring fans. Kate plays tonight (3/27) at the tiny Studio @ Webster Hall which is being streamed live on MTV.com at 8:30 PM EDT. Tickets are still available.

Kate will then play NYC again tomorrow (3/28) at Music Hall of Williamsburg (sold out). More pics from Bowery Ballroom, including ones of openers Supercute!, are below.

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Kate Nash

As you may know, Kate Nash is in NYC next week for shows at Bowery Ballroom (3/26) and Music Hall of Williamsburg (3/28), both of which are with Supercute!, and sold out. Good news: Kate and Supercute! have added a third show while here, and at a much more intimate venue: The Studio @ Webster Hall on March 27. Tickets to that show are still available.

Updated tour schedule below...

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Ed Askew's new self pic (via)
Ed Askew

'60s folk survivor Ed Askew, who lives in NYC and has been playing here and recording a lot in recent years, will holding a residency at Zebulon every Monday in November. The shows happen on November 5 with Gary Higgins and Vaudville; November 12 with Yva Las Vegas, Supercute, and Pull My Daisy; November 19 with David Garland, Glenn Jones, and C Spencer Yeh; and November 26 with Federico Ughi Quartet, Federico Ughi/Tyler Evans Duo, and Hearsay & Hyperbole.

An Ed Askew song stream and all dates in list format are below.

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R Stevie Moore at SUNY Purchase in 2011 (more by Kellyann Petry)
R Stevie Moore

Inhumanly prolific "godfather of home recording" R. Stevie Moore will be in NYC this weekend for a show at Cake Shop on Sunday (5/6) with The Pendulum Swings and Ry Crane. He'll be performing with a full band featuring members of Supercute! (who feature a member of the Trachtenberg Slideshow Players).

This past February, R. Stevie Moore released Ku Klux Glam, a 61-track collaborative album with Ariel Pink. The whole album is available to stream on bandcamp. You can also download it for $27 or order the double CDR at his website for $25. A 19-track version is available on iTunes. A double LP is coming soon. Theophilus London is thanked in the liner notes.

All dates, album artwork and tracklist below...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

Kate Nash @ Terminal 5 - November 19, 2010
Kate Nash

Lady Gaga @ Terminal 5 - May 2, 2009
Lady Gaga

Visual similarities to Lady Gaga aside, Kate Nash headlined Terminal 5 in NYC on Friday night as part of a North American tour, with excellent UK band Peggy Sue, that ended at Wellmont Theater in NJ one night later. Trachtenburg Family sideproject Supercute! opened the NYC show too. You might remember they also opened for Kate at Bowery Ballroom. Except back then, the youngsters were a trio. They recently lost a member and are looking for a new one (hide your kids!). I quote...

"In yet another of their trademark twists on the cliches of the music business, teenage indie-bubblegum sensations SUPERCUTE! (opening for Kate Nash at Terminal 5 this week!) have just lost a founding member of the band, but they didn't lose the member for the usual reasons.

Fourteen-year-old JUNE LEI is not out of the band for her heroin addiction!

She's not out of the band because she's always late (due to her heroin addiction)!

She's not even out of the band over 'creative differences' (about heroin addiction)!

JUNE LEI has quit the band because she thinks her PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION (she's a freshman in high school) is more important than SUPERCUTE, or touring the world and making money and appearing in the NYTimes and many other periodicals.

(Maybe she wants to see how Cosmopolitan's boss Cathie Black "runs" the schools as NYC's new Schools Chancellor!)

(Evidently June NEEDS the extra schooling, because anyone who thinks an American diploma is worth more than a soiled donut in an alleyway is farrrrrr behind the curve!)

And while many college graduates have tried to explain to June that college is a waste of time and (a LOT of) money - it's like a full-time job YOU pay $50 an hour to work at! - and you learn a lot more in real life, she's stuck in the gutter of life's bowling emporium, trusting that rut and enjoying that "groove"!!

WE HERE AT EMPIRE GOODNESS cannot understand her position but to each, his or her own.

But we are very sad to see her, the George Harrison of the band, walk away from such great chemistry.

99% of musicians will never get paid to tour the world and goof off and make art with their friends, but June thinks she can just go right back to that in the future if she likes. She doesn't realize how lucky she was to be touring the world at age 14, without even trying!"

Details on how to apply for the job, along with more pictures from the Friday nightTerminal 5 show, with a somewhat readable copy of Kate's setlist, below...

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photos by Eric Townsend

Kate Nash

Kate Nash, who I hardly recognize in these pictures, played a show at Bowery Ballroom last night (4/29). It was her first of two NYC shows on her current tour in support of a new album. The next one is Saturday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg (it's sold out). Having recently injured her leg or ankle, Kate was walking on crutches, couldn't stand much and had to rest her knee on a stool for balance.

"Playing with a punk band, The Receeders, in her off time has served Nash well, imbuing her latest material with a compelling, believable and, dare I say, informed anger and sass, as evidenced by hyper takes on "Take Me to a Higher Plane," and "I've Got a Secret," and the fearless, stream-of-consciousness mania that encompasses the best parts of "Don't You Want to Share the Guilt?" and "Mansion Song." These are no PMS tantrums; no, these are the panicked thoughts of a successful young girl finding her inner riot grrl and licking her red-stained lips in bemused satisfaction. While Q Magazine warned readers to "look away now," I wholeheartedly disagree - with lines like "Take a piece of raw vegetable and hold it to your breast and say you stood for nothing/You were just a hole that lacked passion. /Another undignified product of society/That girl should have been a mansion," it's time to start paying attention. Nash isn't talking about knitting or shoe-shopping or a game of croquet before supper. No flower-picking, strolling, picnicking parklife here, darling." [Sentimentalist Magazine]
I believe the new UK folk scene has a serious admiration for the NYC alt-folk scene of the early 2000's. Staying consistent with that, Trachtenburg Family Slideshow spin-off group Supercute! opened the show, and were, to quote Eric, "cute".

More pictures from the show below...

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Kate Nash @ Bowery Ballroom in 2008 (more by Bao Nguyen)
Kate Nash

Nash seems nervous, as you might if you were roadtesting an edgier new direction in front of a crowd close enough to smell your fear. But her breathlessness adds a certain resonance to songs about inadequacy and self-loathing. Some of her new material - particularly the sparkly "Do Wah Doo" - sound as if she's been inspired by Motown girl groups, others are more baffling. "I Love You More" finds her shrieking over walls of feedback. "I Know a Secret" is an unlikely but successful psychedelic odyssey about homophobia. "I Hate Seagulls" finds an unfortunate illustration when a young girl takes the "I hate being sick" line literally and vomits in front of the stage, which one hopes is not an allergic reaction to some of Nash's voyages away from her trademark narratives into proper, if slightly karaokeish, singing. [Guardian UK]
The above review is from a March 7th show Kate Nash did in Leeds. Her new record, My Best Friend Is You, comes out April 20th, and she'll be coming to North America this spring for a tour opened by NYC's own Supercute! (an all-girl ukulele, piano trio & guitar that features Rachel Trachtenburg). The trip includes Bowery Ballroom on April 29th and Music Hall of Williamsburg on May 1st (Tickets go on sale at noon). She'll also supposedly be on some dates of the Lilith Fair this summer

The video for the album's first single "Do Wah Doo", the album's tracklist & all currently known tour dates are below...

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