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photos by Tim Griffin, words by Bill Pearis

Girls @ Fun Fun Fun Fest

San Francisco's Girls, who just played the Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend in Austin and next roll through NYC January 14 for a show at Terminal 5, have announced a new single, "Lawrence," to be released via True Panther on December 6. The song, which isn't on Girls' album Father Son Holy Ghost, was "written and recorded as a gift to Lawrence Hayward" who fronted cult bands Felt in the '80s, Denim in the '90s and Go-Kart Mozart currently. Christopher Owens explains in an open letter:

Dear Lawrence,

I wonder who will be writing me in twenty years, and what they'll be looking for. Don't worry, I'm not writing to talk about the things I'm looking for in life, I'll spare you that. I'm writing to FINALLY be able to send you a song that I wrote in 2008. When I wrote this song I was the guitarist in a band called Holy Shit, Matt Fishbeck (our fearless leader) was the one who turned me on to Felt. I fell in love with your songs, I wouldn't stop listening, I loved you and Maurice.

To make a long story a shorter story, I once wrote this song and wondered what you would sing to it, I could sometimes hear your voice but I didn't dare write down any words. I never thought for a second you would ever hear it, I wondered if you would like it, all that. I called it Lawrence, after you. To send it to you now is incredible for me, I want to show you I'm thankful. You gave me something to love, or in other words you gave me love itself. You took something that can sometimes feel so common and dull and brought it back to life with so much beauty and verse. You gave me happiness, and you still do.

Anyway, I'd just like you to have it, it's yours, take it as yours. Do anything you want with it. I hope you enjoy listening to it. And all the best to you forever and ever.

With love- Christopher Owens


This is not the first Girls/Lawrence interaction, as French website Magic RPM managed to get the somewhat reclusive singer to interview Owens and Chet White on video two years ago and all three parts of that exchange are watchable at the bottom of this post, along with more pictures from Girls' FFFF set.

Coincidentally, Scottish group Girls Names also have a song called "Lawrence" which is about the Felt/Denim singer too, and can be found on their Slumberland LP Dead to Me from earlier this year. Weird, huh? Maybe somebody can work out a split 7" with both versions.

There's more Lawrence-related news. Paul Kelly's long-in-the-works documentary Lawrence of Belgravia finally made its debut, premiering at the London Film Festival two weeks ago. Reviews have been positive... maybe it'll get American distribution. And First Third Books is putting out a coffee table book of rare photographs of Felt from Lawrence's personal archives with a forward by St. Etienne's Bob Stanley. Only a 1,000 copies are being printed, each signed by Lawrence himself.


If you're unfamiliar with Lawrence's oeuvre, you should start with Felt who released ten albums and ten singles in ten years for Cherry Red and Creation, and whose influence can be heard in Pulp, Belle & Sebastian, The Tyde, Crystal Stilts among many others. It used to be hard to get your hands on the albums but pretty much all of Felt's work is in print now, and available digitally. Felt's sound ranged from uber-jangly indie, to organ-driven pop and even instrumental jazz, so a good place to start is with compilation Absolute Classic Masterpieces which you can listen to on Spotify if you have it.

With his 10-year-plan for Felt complete, Lawrence then formed Denim whose glammy sound was a 180 from everything his previous group stood for. Denim's 1992 debut, Back in Denim, is a classic and still get-able (and Spotify-able), but 1996's Denim on Ice (and the b-sides comp Novelty Rock) is not. Denim's career was derailed in the summer of 1997 when their single "Summer Smash" unfortunately coincided with Princess Diana's death. The single was banned by the BBC and the subsequent album, Denim Take Over, got shelved indefinitely.

Lawrence then formed Go-Kart Mozart with a novetly-ish bubblegum sound, a direction Denim were already heading in. Some of the songs meant for Denim Take Over ended up on Go-Kart Mozart's 2005 album Tearing Up the Album Charts. Lawrence claims to have a new GKM album in the can and ready for release.

Click through for that Lawrence/Girls interview and a live version of Girls Names' "Lawrence," plus some Felt and Denim videos, more pics and all upcoming Girls tour dates.

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The Kills @ MusicFestNW 2011 (more by Autumn Andel)
The Kills

The Kills, who are about to celebrate their 10th anniversary, will head out on a headlining tour in early 2012 with JEFF the Brotherhood and Hunters. Beginning in Chicago on January 20th, the Kills will end it back at their favorite NYC venue Terminal 5 on February 11th. Tickets for all North American dates go on band presale today. Tickets for the NYC show go on AmEx presale Wednesday and general sale Friday.

Meanwhile the Kills will spend November traveling around Europe with Weekend. All tour dates and a brand new video for "Baby Says", below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Friendly Fires @ Terminal 5
Friendly Fires

"By the second song, the soaring, drum-heavy hit "Jump in the Pool," Macfarlane had jumped into the crowd, carrying the handbells he was playing. He was back in the crowd two songs later for "True Love," singing from the middle of the audience, then pushing back to stage.

If Macfarlane's antics were reminiscent of a younger Bono, it was no surprise: Some of Friendly Fire's songs clearly echoed U2 - especially "Chimes," with its soaring guitars and two drummers pounding out military beats. They also were incredibly tight.

Other songs were downright disco - "On Board" and "Skeleton Boy" -- again appropriate, with the enrapt crowd essentially becoming the throbbing mass of a rave, jumping and clapping as much as dancing -- by halfway through the set." [Lehigh Valley Music]

Friendly Fires played their 2nd-to-last tour date with Theophilus London last night (10/26) at Terminal 5 (they finish tonight at Paradise in Boston). More pictures from the NYC show below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Crystal Castles @ Terminal 5 in March
Crystal Castles

Happening now:

The New York Photo Festival's Fall invitational presents a selection of images that capture the powerful relationship between photography and music in all its forms, be it solo musicians, bands, rock concerts, grand operatic productions, or intimate one-on-one sessions.

From Herman Leonard's jazz portraits, which defined an era of cool, to Pennie Smith's explosive shot of Paul Simonon smashing his bass. From Mapplethorpe's intimate portraits of Patti Smith, to the iconic photography of Anton Corbijn and Laura Levine, photography has long been instrumental in how we experience music.

Strip away the music, and what you have is an image that defines a moment, an emotion. An image that tells a story.

The photographs selected for "Audio/Visual" capture the unique relationship between photography and music - be it solo musicians, bands, rock concerts, grand operatic productions, or intimate one-on-one sessions.

"Audio/Visual: An exhibition of music photography" will feature over 100 photographs by 70 artists - on view at the famed gallery and event space The PowerHouse Arena in Dumbo (Brooklyn), from October 19 to November 3.

BV photographer Chris La Putt has two photos in the exhibition, one of Amy Winehouse, and the you one see of Alice Glass from Crystal Castles above. More pictures from that March Terminal 5 show, and the full list of photographers in the exhibition, below...

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

Smashing Pumpkins

"This is the craziest time for The Smashing Pumpkins since the mid-'90s," says Billy Corgan over a cup of tea in his dressing room at New York's Terminal 5. "We just finished Oceania, but we don't know when it's coming out. We don't have management, and we don't have a record label. We don't know what we're doing or when we're doing it." [Music Radar]
Billy Corgan brought the latest iteration of Smashing Pumpkins to Terminal 5 in NYC on Tuesday (10/18), part of an ongoing October tour. More pictures & the setlist below...

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photos by David Andrako

Little Dragon

Hot, packed and dancing on Friday, New York's Terminal 5 was a scene rarely seen, in which nearly everyone in attendance was engaged and enthusiastic, their pretensions left at the curb. With Fredrik Källgren Wallin and Håkan Wirenstrand making melodies on either side of the stage and Erik Bodin hemmed in behind the raised drum kit, the job of crowd engagement rested squarely with Yukimi Nagano, and she carried its weight effortlessly. Barefoot and at ease onstage, flitting between impassioned and lackadaisical, Nagano is less charismatic than instructional, a how-to on letting go, or just never needing to, like a Sesame Street moral come to life. Her face has a sleepy, calming contour that's easily stared-at, and her dancing is carefree and natural, punctuated by timed punches to an immaculately choreographed and deceptively gigantic light show. Nagano's voice has a full, wavy heft that's remarkable to witness, strained at times and mathematically precise when required.- [Rolling Stone]
Little Dragon headlined Terminal 5 on Friday (10/14), joined by Javelin, Donn T and a DJ set by Brooklyn Bowl regular Questlove (he plays this Thursday!). Pictures from the big show are in this post.

Little Dragon's appearance was part of a larger stretch of US dates that extends until the end of October, and included a DJ set the following night (10/15) at Yotel with Free Magic and Faso. Many of Lil Dragon's upcoming dates are with Tycho who played his own NYC show at Music Hall of Williamsburg over the weekend.

All dates, more pictures from Terminal 5 and the setlist, below....

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Girls at Bowery Ballroom last month (more by Ryan Barkan)

Girls did us a favor last month and decided to play two shows at Bowery Ballroom (9/23, 9/24) even though they had previously headlined the bigger Webster Hall. Well, don't get used to it because Girls' next NYC show is happening, not down at the small Mercury Lounge or even back at Webster or Irving, but instead at the massive Terminal 5 on January 14th. Tickets go on sale Friday (10/21) at noon.

It's their only currently scheduled US show besides Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin next month. All international dates are listed, with their recent video for "Honey Bunny", below...

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photos by David Andrako

"Iron & wine at T5 was incredible, duh. Full band serves him well. Also, 3 from Woman King!" -davidsankey

Iron & Wine

Iron & Wine return to Terminal 5 TONIGHT (10/13), after blessing the venue with Low last night as part of their two-night stay. The Low Anthem will do warm 'em duties tonight and tickets are still available for all of you procrastinators. Pictures from last night are in this post.

No word on if Marketa Irglova will join Iron & Wine like she did last night, but we'll let you know if that changes. You CAN catch her at her confirmed appearance on 11/30 at Bowery Ballroom though. Tickets are still available.

More pictures from night one are below.

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Gogol Bordello at Newport Folk Fest 2011 (more by Jim Brueckner)
Gogol Bordello

Gypsy punks Gogol Bordello have various internationl dates scheduled in November and December, and will be returning to NYC to celebrate the new year like they've done for the past few years. These shows will take place on December 30 and 31 at Terminal 5. Tickets go on sale Friday (10/14) at noon with an AmEx presale starting Wednesday (10/12) and the band are giving you an option to donate $1 to Doctors without Borders with the purchase of a ticket.

All dates and a video of Gogol playing "Immigraniada" at Brooklyn Bowl last year below...

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photos by Vincent Cornelli


Over the last five years -- since Mr. Condon began recording as Beirut, at an earnest 19 -- it has been easy to accuse him of cultural tourism, and easy to forgive him for it. Early on he was deep in his Balkan folk phase, which still defines Beirut's instrumentation, if not always the expression of its style. Later there came an infatuation with French chanson, and later still a fascination with Mexican funeral bands and electronic music.

Last month brought us "The Rip Tide" (Pompeii/Revolver), an album of more sustained clarity and concision than anything else in the band's catalog. (In addition to two previous full-length albums, there has been a handful of EPs.) Recorded in Brooklyn and in the Catskills, it's an album of modest self-possession, from a band known for only one of those qualities. Small wonder that the songs from the new album in Wednesday's set list -- "Vagabond" and four others, including "Santa Fe," a chirpy love note to Mr. Condon's hometown -- sounded so breezy and right. [NY Times]

Like they did last Wednesday, Beirut & Laetitia Sadier played a show together on Terminal 5 on Thursday (the next time). Here are pictures from that show. They continue, with most of the setlist, and new tour dates, below...

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photos by Greg Cristman

Kyuss Lives! @ Terminal 5
Kyuss Lives!

The Aquarian Weekly: You're doing rehearsals?

John Garcia: It's pretty much pre-production for the next record has already started and we're just trying to get all of our ducks in a row and whatnot.

Wow. That seems really quick. Do you have new material already, or is pre-production writing it?

Yeah, it's more pre-production writing it, sitting in the room and bouncing ideas back and forth, talking about tones and drum sounds, guitars, whether it be sitars or 12-string baritones or whatever it may be. We're kind of ironing out all the logistics of it all. It's an exciting time.

Is Brant taking the lead role in writing the music?

One thing for certain is it's everybody's responsibility to come to the table with something. This is a group thing, and Brant expects that. Brant expects that out of everybody. Whoever brings something to the table, music-wise, he needs to put his 25 percent in there, I need to put my 25 percent in there, and Bruno does, so we all have to. Nick does. So it's definitely a planned thing, where the song deserves everybody's input. That's the good thing about it. It's not just one person, it's the whole band thing, whether it be writing lyrics--Brant's gonna come to the table with melodies, I'm gonna come to the table with music. There's switched roles, and I look forward to that. It's definitely a group project, though.

...Now, obviously, a huge, integral part of Kyuss is not there, and it's going amazingly well without Josh. Now, a lot of people think that there's--a lot of people want there to be a lot of animosity between Josh and Kyuss Lives! The flipside of the coin is that there's no animosity. We all love and respect Josh, and it goes both ways, so it's very, very interesting, how the process is going.

Kyuss Lives!, and apparently so does bassist Nick Oliveri. He was in the band, despite his recent troubles, when the reunited desert stoners hit Terminal 5 on Friday (9/23). Pictures are in this post.

The show was the first reunion show in NYC for touring quartet, which features John Garcia, Brant Bjork, Nick Oliveri and Bruno Fevery in place of Josh Homme. The setlist, as you can see below, stuck to the classics (despite the new material discussed above).

If you arrived early, you may have seen support from The Sword and MonstrO, the latter of which is the new project from ex-Torche member Juan Montoya and Kyle Sanders of Bloodsimple (and brother of Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders). Their debut LP is out now via Vagrant Records.

More pictures from the T5 show below...

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photos by Redboy

"Elbow. Slightly different audience from the Kyuss show. (@ Terminal 5)" - Andrew Cove

"Concert #3 this week: Elbow. Everybody here has a British accent." -Jackie Balzer


Elbow played a show at NYC's Terminal 5 last night (9/25) as part of a short American tour in support of their Mercury Prize-nominated album Build a Rocket Boys!. Glasser opened, but we missed her. Some more pictures of Elbow and video from their set, below...

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Chromeo and DJ Mehdi

It's been almost a week since we found out about the tragic death of the too-young Ed Banger DJ Mehdi. One of the first confirmations of the awful news, as we pointed out in our post, came from Mehdi's friends in Chromeo via Twitter. Dave One has since posted a lengthy memorial to their friend on Facebook along with the above picture. You can read the whole thing below.

Earlier this month, Chromeo added a 11/4 Terminal show to their tour with Mayer Hawthorne and Breakbot. That Terminal 5 show has since sold out, but they've since added a second show at the same venue the next night. Tickets for the 11/5 Terminal 5 show are available for AmEx presale and Internet presale (username: chromeo, password: tickets) now and go on sale to the general public on Friday (9/23) at noon.

Updated dates and the words on Mehdi, below...

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Stephen Malkmus @ Other Music in Aug (more by Dana (Distortion) Yavin)

Terminal 5 haters rejoice. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks had to do some rearranging...

The New York show is being moved from Terminal 5 to Webster Hall, and will now take place on Sunday, September 25 instead of Monday, September 26. All tickets purchased for the Terminal 5 show will be honored at Webster Hall.

The Chicago show originally scheduled at the Vic Theatre has been moved to Metro, 3730 N. Clark. Tickets purchased for the Vic Theatre will be honored at Metro. Showtime is 8:00pm; Holy Sons will open the show. Tickets for the Metro show are $22.50 and are on sale now through etix.com and jamusa.com. Ages 18 & Over.

Updated Malkmus dates below...

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photos by Diana Wong

Girl Talk and tennis fans @ Terminal 5
Girl Talk

"When New York lifts the curtain on the 2011 U.S. Open, a brilliant rivalry among an uncommonly gifted generation of men's tennis players will take center stage.

The chief protagonists: Roger Federer, at 30, fighting time and more physical foes in pursuit of a 17th major title; Rafael Nadal, whose victory last year completed a career Grand Slam; and Novak Djokovic, on track, with a 57-2 record, for the best season in the history of the men's game....

...But first comes a more daunting name: Hurricane Irene, whose strong winds and torrential rains are due to hit Long Island on Sunday, the day before the U.S. Open is scheduled to begin.

Tournament officials took the unprecedented step of canceling Arthur Ashe Kids' Day on Saturday and announced they'll shutter the Billie Jean King Tennis Center altogether on Sunday, scuttling the customary pre-event practice sessions and interviews. Meantime, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered an evacuation of the city's low-lying areas, and all Broadway shows were canceled for the weekend.

All told, it's an ominous beginning for the season's final major, which is scheduled to conclude on a somber note, with the men's championship to be contested on the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. [Wall Street Journal]

After the earthquake, but before the hurricane, Girl Talk and Matt & Kim played a private U.S. Open party, sponsored by Heineken, at Terminal 5 (on Wednesday, August 24). Diana Wong was among those in attendance, and she took some pictures. They continue below...

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

The Kills

The Kills, fresh from Lollapalooza, played two Terminal 5 shows with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart and A Place to Bury Strangers. The first show was on Monday (8/8) and the second happened last night (8/9). The Kills focused on material off the recently released Blood Pressures, but also saved time for a few older cuts and a cover of Marilyn Monroe's "One Silver Dollar," which NY Times point out is from what singer Alison Mosshart declared Monroe's "worst movie."

Though not on the bill, BP Fallon, who played Escape to NY over the weekend, also made a surprise appearance at the Terminal 5 shows. According to Barbara S, he made "T5 a whole lot less shitty." Amber Kim says he did "I Believe in Elvis Presley" which is a Jack White-produced song.

We've got pictures from the first night. They continue below...

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

Janes Addiction

Jane's Addiction played their first concert in NYC in a really long time on Monday night (7/25). The reunited band did hit NJ and Long Island as part of their 2009 tour with Nine Inch Nails, but not NYC proper, not to mention not at a venue as small as Terminal 5 where this one took place.

Unlike in 2009 though, original bassist Eric Avery is not playing with them anymore. His return to form the complete original lineup was shortlived. Chris Chaney was back on bass for the show along with original members and reality TV stars Perry Farrelll & Dave Navarro and original drummer Stephen Perkins. TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek is playing bass on, and helping produce, a new album. I didn't notice him anywhere though, but maybe he was in the house.

The free show was the "world's first 3D user-generated concert event". The concert itself wasn't in 3-D, but it was being filmed (and streamed live on Youtube), and the footage is going to be turned into "one special 3D 60-minute documentary film which will be premiered on the LG Thrill 3D YouTube channel on August 4." Those in attendance at the show were able to get their free tickets from various sources including Brooklynvegan, from LG, and via an allotment the band gave out via Ticketmaster.

Jane's played a 12-song set (encore included) including classics and hits like "Ocean Size", "Three Days", "Been Caught Stealing", "Stop!", and crowd favorite "Mountain Song" which spawned the most moshing and ended with the loudest applause. They also played "Just Because," off their first reunion album, and new track "Irresistible Force," off the upcoming album The Great Escape Artist. When the band returned for an encore, they played the great "Jane Says" acoustic at the front of the stage, complete with bongos, though everyone's attention was mostly on the massive amounts of confetti, regular balloons, and balloon animals that were falling from the ceiling. Two scantily clad female dancers, on stage for parts of the show, added to the glam of it all. The show probably could have been a bit longer, but it was free (and they got their footage).

More pictures, videos, and the setlist from the show, with more dates, below...

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photos by Diana Wong

Glitch Mob

Honestly, I'm a little mind-blown right now. Phantogram and RJD2 opened for The Glitch Mob, and they were nothing short of incredible. I was surprised by how people didn't really seem to know RJD2 though, because when we got there, there was a lot of talking going on and not much dancing. It was still really beautiful, but I'm just surprised more people weren't dancing...

Phantogram also blew me away, with their fly lead singer, Sarah Barthel. Rocking a Karen O. hairstyle, she headbanged, and played the hell out of the keyboard. It was really hard to not dance to.

All I can say is that the Glitch Mob was able to make me dance way more than I expected, and that's all I'm ever trying to do. Their sound was perfect too, not too heavy on the bass. They also opened their set with Daft Punk, which was probably the wisest move they could've made because it was such a crowd pleaser. -[Et Musique Pour Tous]

The Glitch Mob headlined the dance party (well, sort of) at Terminal 5 on Friday 7/22 with RJD2 and Phantogram. The show is part of The Glitch Mob's current and ongoing set of dates with Phantogram that puts them in Montreal tonight (7/27) at SAT.

The Glitch Mob recently released their new We Can Make The World Stop EP. Stream all three tracks at their site. All tour dates are below.

RJD2 returns to NYC to hit Webster Hall on September 2nd. The DJ/producer also has some other tour dates as well as a new project on the way:

Hey folks, I wanna let you all know that I've got a new group called Icebird, and my label is putting out our album on Oct. 11. I did all the production, and this awesome singer named Aaron Livingston (who sang "Crumbs off the Table" on The Colossus) did all the vocals. I'm pretty damn excited about how the album came out; we'll be giving away tracks starting august 2nd to preview. Stoked for you to hear it!
Look out for that LP on 10/11, and check out more pictures from Terminal 5, with all dates, below.

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Little Dragon

Tickets for the just-announced Little Dragon dates are now on presale (username: Little, password: Dragon), and you have two options for the show at Terminal 5:

1. Regular Event Tickets

2. Little Dragon Premium Ticket Bundle is $25 above face and includes:
- One General Admission Ticket
- Early Entry into the venue the night of the show
- One Limited Edition Autographed Poster
- One Commemorative Tour Laminate

*Information regarding the Early Entry will be emailed to buyers about one week before the show.

**VIP Packages are non transferable. The name in the billing information will be the name on the VIP list.

I don't personally see Little Dragon fans paying $25 to get early admission to Terminal 5 and an autograph, but hey, it's an option. Tickets for the Terminal 5 show also go on AmEx presale today at noon (general sale starts Friday). More dates HERE.

Little Dragon

Little Dragon, who are playing the sold out BV presented 'Ritual Union' album release show on August 16 at Music Hall of Williamsburg, have announced an extensive international fall tour in support of the album. That tour mainly includes overseas dates but there are a few stops in the US including Moogfest and one on October 14 at Terminal 5. Tickets for the large NYC show go on sale Friday (7/29) with an AmEx pre-sale starting Wednesday (7/27) at noon. All dates, including an LA show at Avalon, are listed below.

Ritual Union, the band's 3rd LP, was released on Peacefrog/EMI today (7/26). Purchase the album as LP/MP3/CD on Amazon. You can listen to a track below.

SBTRKT's album, which features Little Dragon's Yukimi Nagano on vocals on one track, came out at the end of June. SBTRKT just told Complex:

"I’ve been listening to their albums for a while and I've been a big fan. They seem to have a real, original direction. Every time they put out new material, it's always forward-thinking and changing up and doing something which no one thinks they’ll do. They're not conforming to what other people think is pop music or electronic or any particular genre. Even in terms of live shows, they’re pretty exciting. I was really keen on working with Yukimi, and they were really up for it."
Yukimi's vocals have also been featured on albums by Maximum Balloon (Dave Sitek) and Gorillaz. All Little Dragon tour dates below...

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Janes Addiction

As previously mentioned, Jane's Addiction, the band (give or take a member) responsible for 1988's Nothing's Shocking and 1990's Ritual de lo Habitual, not to mention 1987's Jane's Addiction, are playing a free show at NYC's Terminal 5 on July 25th (7:30pm doors, 9:00pm show).

The show is free, but you need a ticket to get in. There were a bunch of Ticketmaster-based "presales" this morning, but they "sold out" quick. Around 1pm today Jane's posted this message to Facebook: "Terminal 5 tickets are officially gone! Sorry to those who couldn't get them, and to those that did, see you on the 25th."

Well, that's not completely true. We have a bunch to give away, and we're offering two ways for people to win a pair (if you are 21+, not our rules). You can email us an entry (instructions below), or enter via the BrooklynVegan Facebook (via a contest post which will be up soon - keep an eye out for it).

So why this concert? Well in the words of show sponsor LG:

The technological force of LG is uniting with YouTube, the largest video-sharing site on the web, to create a one-of-a-kind concert experience that will push senses into another dimension. On July 25, LG Mobile Phones and YouTube will give Jane's Addiction and tech fans the exclusive opportunity to watch and be a part of the World's First 3D User-Generated Concert event. Adding a whole new dimension to the concert experience, attendees will use LG Thrill 4G devices to shoot their own 3D video of what is sure to be an electrifying performance. The 3D creations will then be collected and combined by LG into one 60-minute documentary - culminating in what will soon be known as the World's First 3D User-Generated Concert. Consumers watch the concert live on YouTube (7/25) or at an AT&T store on the new LG Thrill 4G. Fans can tune back into the LG Thrill YouTube 3D channel on August 4th to view the premiere of the 3D documentary. Visit LGThrill4G.com for more information about the concert and the awe-inspiring glasses-free 3D LG Thrill 4G exclusively on AT&T.
So there you have it. Sounds pretty cool. Contest details below...

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We'll also be giving away a bunch of tickets for this show today on BrooklynVegan.com, but our post isn't ready yet and this Jane's Addiction promotion is going on now, so get your tickets via Ticketmaster if you can and stay tuned for more info and more chances to win coming later today. UPDATE: Here is our contest.

photos by Louie Abellera

Iron & Wine in Chicago on June 6th

Iron and Wine have been pretty busy after the release of their major label debut Kiss Each Other Clean back in January. They kicked off the year with a tour that hit Radio City, have hit a bunch of festivals, and have more coming including ACL and MusicfestNW, in addition to other international summer shows. There's no evidence they'll keep this up and do a full fall tour, but it doesn't seem entirely out of the question considering they've just announced two NYC dates (and a show in Toronto).

Iron & Wine will play NYC's Terminal 5 on October 12 and 13. Tickets for both NYC shows go on sale Friday (7/15) at noon with an AmEx presale starting Wednesday (7/13) at noon. No openers have been announced for the shows yet.

Back on June 6th, Iron & Wine played a free show as part of the Downtown Sound Summer Music Series in Chicago. A set of pictures and the setlist from that show are in this post. More of the pics along with all tour dates, below...

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photos by Jessica Amaya

Beirut @ Northside Festival

Beirut is currently on tour in support of the release of the upcoming album The Rip Tide (album art below), which is available for pre-order. That tour has been expanded and now includes two NYC dates at Terminal 5 on September 21 and 22. Tickets go on sale Friday (7/8) at noon.

Beirut's last NYC show was in McCarren Park with Sharon Van Etten and Yellow Ostrich as part of the Northside Festival. We already talked about that, but here's a second set of pictures from the event in this post.

The rest of those pictures, all tour dates and Rip Tide album art below...

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photos by Tamara Porras, words by Andrew Sacher

J & Henry
Henry Rollins & Dinosaur Jr.

Off!, lead by former Circle Jerks/Black Flag frontman Keith Morris, kicked off night four of Dinosaur Jr's Bug tour at Terminal 5 last night (6/23). Keith prefaced the show with an introduction of Off!'s veteran lineup that includes Dimitri Coats (Burning Brides), Mario Rubalcaba (Earthless/Hot Snakes/Rocket From the Crypt) and Steven McDonald

(Redd Kross). Off! launched directly into album opener "Black Thoughts" and immediately met and exceeded the expectations set by the impressive lineup. With some of the crispest tones and sharpest hits, the band thrashed along ruthlessly as they pummeled through minute-long blasts, which acted as the perfect backdrop for Keith's piercing screams and powerful on-stage force. Despite the fact that the large venue was only about half-full at this point, Off! delivered as if the room was packed. Keith Morris, with Black Flag's Nervous Breakdown EP and a long stint in Circle Jerks under his belt, had every right to act like he knew he was a legend, but instead he modestly expressed how grateful he was for the people that came out early to catch their set.

Keith and band

Though Off! were certainly a difficult to act to follow, Fucked Up took a stab at it with almost the exact opposite approach to punk. While Off!'s songs rarely reach the 2-minute mark, Fucked Up's usually double or triple it, and explore much artier territories. Their set consisted mainly of material off their recent epic David Comes to Life, and though the set wasn't especially long, they hit most of the album's high points. Fucked Up played as hard as ever, and the new songs really pulled through live. The only downside was the size of the venue. Damian's usual antics, like going into the crowd and holding the mic out over the audience work well in smaller clubs, but if you weren't in the first few rows at Terminal 5, it came off less successfully than the band deserved. Things should be a little better at 285 Kent on Saturday night.

Before Dinosaur Jr. took the stage, Henry Rollins (aka the second Black Flag frontman on stage that night) conducted a much-anticipated interview with the band. Henry was a great person to interview Dinosaur Jr. Not only is he arguably the best speaker in punk rock, but the admiration between Dinosaur Jr. and Henry Rollins for each other was so clear. Henry opened his interview by telling us he is a "XXXL Dinosaur Jr. fan," and during the interview, when asked which live shows were influential on them, Murph mentioned Black Flag. In the interview they discussed things like how Dino got their start, the independent music industry, Husker Du (whose frontman Bob Mould should have been at Terminal 5 instead of 92YTribeca), Lou's departure from the band, and other related topics.

Dinosaur Jr.

After the interview concluded, the members of Dinosaur Jr. left the stage shortly before returning to play Bug in its entirety. J Mascis began the show by saying, "We opened the other night with 'Freak Scene' and it was kinda weird so we're gonna play 2 songs that aren't on Bug first." The band quickly jolted through "In a Jar" and "The Wagon" before taking on their 9-track masterpiece Bug. The opening chords of "Freak Scene" rang throughout Terminal 5 as the crowd responded with cheers of admiration for the album's powerful opener. In typical Dinosaur Jr. fashion, J. Mascis stayed virtually still for the majority of the set, even when ripping through noisy, intricate solos, as Lou Barlow was bashing around stage. Though "Freak Scene" is by and large the album standout, some of the most exciting moments of the show came later on in the set. The band's energy on "Yeah We Know" and "Budge" was especially dead on. For the album closer, "Don't," Lou admitted that he had blown his voice out screaming the song on the first night of the tour so he invited a friend up to perform vocals. Dino turned the song into an extended jam as their guest vocalist writhed on stage and executed a frenzied rendition of Lou's screams on the track. Same story, same special guest at the Northampton show.

After the jammed out track subsided and Bug was over, the band performed an encore with three more tracks. The last one, a cover of "Chunks" by Last Rights, invited Fucked Up's Damian Abraham out to perform lead vocals. Once starting the song, it only took Damian a few seconds to end up back in the crowd, and for their guest vocalist who had performed on "Don't" to run back on stage, grab J's mic, and join Damian in the song. After the encore and much praise for the band from Damian, Dinosaur Jr. left the stage again, putting an end to a truly unforgettable night.

More pictures, video of the Henry Rollins interview, and Dino Jr.'s setlist below...

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