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photos by Kurt Christensen

Foals @ Terminal 5

"Foals are the epitome of organized chaos. I was fortunate enough to catch them at their sold-out show at Terminal 5 (NY) with great up-and-coming kiwi band The Naked & Famous and Brooklyn's own Freelance Whales, and they blew my high expectations away. Incredible how a band can possess so much talent. Props to lead singer/guitarist Yannis Philippakis for sounding pitch-perfect, killing it on the guitar, and fueling the moshpit with his insane antics." -[Still Sound Music]
The Foals/Freelance Whales tour hit Terminal 5 in NYC last night (5/4) with opener The Naked & The Famous (who later played a show at Pianos many hours after a set by Emmy the Great). They move on to Philly tonight.

Pictures and some video from the NYC show (and Pianos) are in this post, and there's more of them below...

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As previously mentioned, the HARD Summer Music Festival will invade Los Angeles on August 6th. It's now been revealed that the LA date is also part of a larger tour entitled HARD Summer Tour 2011, which will bring Digitalism, Jack Beats, Caspa, Destructo (natch), and Gesaffelstein across fourteen cities in August. NYC's Terminal 5 (natch) will host the tour-closing dance party on August 20th. Presale tickets for Terminal 5 (and multiple other dates) are on sale, and stay tuned for general sale to hit Ticketmaster too. All dates are listed below...

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

Cold Cave

Like The Kills (who headlined the show), Cold Cave and The Entrance band played Terminal 5 on Friday night (4/29) as part of an ongoing tour for the three bands. Pictures from the opening sets are in this post.

And like the Kills, Cold Cave have already announced more upcoming shows including another two in NYC: Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on July 12th and Bowery Ballroom on August 6th. KF tickets go on sale 5/6 at noon, and Bowery tickets probably will do something similar. All tour dates are listed below.

The Knitting Factory show is with Cult of Youth who just finished a tour with Zola Jesus at Bowery Ballroom, and whose other upcoming gigs include opening for Steve Ignorant and playing as part of the Northside Festival at Public Assembly on June 17th with Iceage, The Men, Lost Tribe... and DJ Wes from Cold Cave. Tickets are on sale for that one.

With new Cold Cave tour dates also came a new Cold Cave video for "Villains Of The Moon." Watch that with more pictures from Terminal 5 (Kills pics HERE), below...

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

The Kills @ Terminal 5
The Kills

And then we were left with the man and woman of the hour. No, not William and Kate, but Jamie and Alison [of The Kills]. The two emerged from the shadows of the stage and stepped into the hazy blue light as cheers rang out. From the first note of Jamie's guitar, the party kicked into high gear and there was no looking back.

Mosshart prowled around the stage as she taunted the crowd with each lick of the guitar. She transformed into a human cyclone of tangled black hair and leather right before our eyes as she stood on top of speakers.

The set sampled heavily from "Blood Pressures" and included songs such as "Future Starts Slow," "Heart is a Beating Drum" and "Baby Says." But they also managed to work in fan favorites like "Sour Cherry," "Pull a U," "The Tape Song," and "No Wow."

At one point, Hince had to play bouncer in the middle of "Baby Says." One male audience member was getting into an altercation with a girl. As the scuffle broke out, Hince (while still playing) whistled for the guy and told him to "[expletive] off" and made a motion for security to kick him out as rousing cheers rose from the masses. Hince went on to unleash a fiery guitar solo soon after. At the conclusion, Hince justified his actions by saying, "it's a bad image when a guy wants to have a go with a girl. Don't be [expletive] stupid." Jamie Hince: underrated guitar player, bouncer and all-around good guy. -[The Ithacan]

Aided by an excellent supporting cast of The Entrance Band and Cold Cave, The Kills headlined Terminal 5 on Friday (4/29), the halfway point of their tour with the two bands that started at Coachella. Pictures of the Kills from both Coachella and Terminal 5 are in this post, a shot of the NYC setlist included (pics of the openers are HERE).

The show at Terminal 5 was a sell-out, and now The Kills will go for round two at the venue... another headlining show at Terminal 5 on August 8th. No support has been announced but tickets go on regular sale at noon on Friday (5/6) with a fan pre-sale hitting at noon on Tuesday (5/3).

All tour dates and more pictures below...

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photos by Brook Bobbins


The Rusko & Doorly tour hit Terminal 5 in NYC on Wednesday night (4/27). Pictures from that HARD-presented show are in this post.

HARD also presents the LA date of the tour which is also the last date of the tour.

LA is also where HARD is holding a 'Summer Festival' on Saturday August 6th. That craziness will include sets by:

"DUCK SAUCE, Boys Noize, CHROMEO live, RATATAT live, Skrillex, ODD FUTURE, JAMES MURPHY AND PAT MAHONEY DFA TENT SPECIAL DISCO VERSION, DIGITALISM live, Jack Beats, KARLSSON and WINNBERG / MIIKE SNOW DJ SET, Caspa, NERO, Noisia, Emalkay, CARTE BLANCHE live featuring dj Mehdi and Riton, BUSY PICTIONARY featuring BUSY P and SO ME, Holy Ghost ! live, SIRIUSMO, GESAFFELSTEIN, GASLAMP KILLER, DESTRUCTO, Juan MacLean, Shit Robot (The Shit Robot Show), Still Going, Nadastrom, DILLION FRANCIS, Acid Jacks, Visuals by Vello V2 labs, + more."
Tickets are on sale.

HARD Cruise sails out of Florida in January, and though no lineup has been announced for that yet, I'm sure the lineup will contain at least a few of the artists mentioned in this post.

More pictures from Terminal 5 are below...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair, words by Andrew Sacher

PJ Harvey

After much anticipation and applause from the crowd, the lights in the tightly packed Terminal 5 finally dimmed around 9 PM last night (4/20), and out walked PJ Harvey in a blinding white dress and extravagant headgear. She took to the far right of the stage, picked up her autoharp, and leapt right into the drifting chords of "Let England Shake." On the opposite side of the stage, PJ was backed by long time contributors John Parish, Mick Harvey, and Jean-Marc Butty. The band's backing vocals and tactful musicianship complemented PJ effortlessly. Throughout the night, PJ alternated between the autoharp, two electrics, and her acoustic guitar. But the most unforgettable point in the set came when she abandoned all of her instruments for "Pocket Knife" to approach the mic with nothing but her voice and endearing dance moves.

Their set included every song off Let England Shake, in addition to some older favorites. The varied mix offered quite a few exciting juxtapositions. After being mesmerized by PJ Harvey's soaring falsetto in "On Battleship Hill," the last thing I expected was to hear John Parish rip out the opening chords to "C'mon Billy," yet nothing could have sounded better. A handful of the older songs were off 1998's Is This Desire?. Of course it would have been great to hear more of the older '90s cuts as well, but the Is This Desire? tracks felt right at home with the new material, as both albums see PJ Harvey taking steps in a more experimental direction. PJ and co. left the stage after executing an hour and a half long set (three song encore included), and my only complaint is that I easily would have seen them stay for twice as long.

Our pictures and a review/setlist from the first night are HERE. More pictures from Night Two, and a couple of videos, are below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Rachel Kowal

PJ Harvey

It may have been a day early (4/19), but an unmistakable trail of pot smoke lined the blocks on the long walk to Terminal 5, as if showing the way to PJ Harvey.

Without an opener to help ease the tension, the excitement level steadily rose as the large room filled to capacity. When she finally walked out on stage at around 8:45, the crowd's reaction caused vibrations in the floor. Intermittent bursts of "I love you, Polly Jean!" and "I will give you my firstborn child!" rippled through the crowd as if the audience as a whole had instantaneously given over to bouts of turrets.

Harvey wore an ankle-length, long-sleeve white dress, hiked up just enough in front to reveal large, black lace-up boots. A majestic (if not a morbid) black-feathered headdress topped off her look and called attention to both her beauty and her eccentricity.

With an autoharp cradled in her arms, Harvey and her three-man backing band wordlessly launched into "Let It Shake," the eponymous first song on her latest album (which is out now). Though she attempted to maintain a low profile on the far left side of the stage, all eyes were on her. Her striking appearance transformed her into mythical creature (whether she was a messenger of hope or a harbinger of death was uncertain).

As predicted, references to her motherland of England were many. Normally, such brazen patriotism would be a deal-breaker (even though the references aren't solely positive or nostalgic), but Harvey gets a free pass even with the obnoxious (some may say triumphant) bugle sample in "The Glorious Land." The new material is lively and well executed... and at least she's not singing about America.

Harvey breezed through the set, stopping only to briefly introduce her band mates. In an age when the passing thoughts of friends and stars alike are highly accessible thanks to sites like Twitter and Facebook, it's kind of refreshing to behold an artist who still manages to hold onto the mystique - even after twenty plus years as an award-winning musician. (To be fair, back in 2009, PJHarveyUK did tweet exactly one time. Doesn't lool like she wrote it though.)

But then as quickly as it had all began, the spotlights suddenly became brighter and everyone on stage stepped forward to bow. It seemed like no time had passed at all when in reality, Harvey had played nearly twenty songs.

After a break back stage, the group returned for a three-song encore of older songs. When she walked off stage for the second time, even the sound engineer seemed to be willing her to come back. Instead of immediately queuing up house music, the only sound for over ten minutes was the cheering and chanting of fans desperate for one last song.

The full setlist and more pictures from the first of two sold out nights at the Manhattan venue (the second show is tonight, 4/20), below....

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Terminal 5, post LCD - 4/5/11 (more by Andrew St. Clair)
Terminal 5

"In New York City, Terminal 5, a 3,000-person venue, has an advantage over similarly sized local theaters. Because it's owned by a local promoter, Bowery Presents, much of the infrastructure -- stage hands, lighting, sound, security, things a band would have to pay for elsewhere -- is in place. This means, Barger says, bands "can make a higher percentage of the earnings in that one room than in any other room in NYC." So even if your favorite mid-sized band would prefer to play a larger venue, one with different acoustics, or one in a different part of town, Terminal 5 can be difficult to resist." [NPR: "The Concert Ticket Food Chain: Where Your Money Goes"]
Cut Copy play their third show in a row at Terminal 5 tonight. The Hold Steady headline the room on Friday. Tickets are still on sale for the latter.

LCD Soundsystem just played there four times. Bao Nguyen was there at the final one, and he made the special video of the last song, which you can watch below...

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Dinosaur Jr

Following J Mascis's current solo tour, Dinosaur Jr will hit the road for a select group of East Coast dates in June. These won't be your average Dinosaur Jr. shows though, because.... like they're doing for ATP in London in June, the band will perform Bug in its entirety. PLUS, Off! will open every show AND Henry Rollins will interview Dinosaur Jr. live at every show (Keith Morris and Henry Rollins both on the bill), AND at the NYC show which is happening June 23rd at Terminal 5, Fucked Up will also play an opening set.

Tickets for the four dates Off! are playing are currently on fan presale, and tickets go on regular sale on 4/8. Oh, and the short tour kicks off on June 21st at Calvin Theatre in Northampton, MA where Thurston Moore is also playing (but Off! is not). Proceeds from that first show will benefit Whole Children.

In related news, J Mascis recenly played a BV Day Party at Swan Dive followed by two NYC shows (he was also interviewed by Ted Leo), and Mike Hill of Tombs interviewed Henry Rollins for this website. Off! was just in town with Trash Talk and played Santos Party House.

All dates below...

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photos by Diana Wong

Cut Copy and a door @ Terminal 5
Cut Copy

NY PRESS: Every time you come back to the U.S., the venues seem a bit bigger. The shows at Terminal 5 sold out quickly. What's it like to see that progression?

Cut Copy: We've always found American audiences to be receptive. When we began, we were opening for people and it seemed when we started headlining all those people came back and brought their friends. It happened organically, as it should. It's not like we had a lot of press or hype behind that first record. It felt quite grassroots. We've found throughout the world we have such a loyal fan base. I never thought we would connect with an American audience. I'm not sure how it happened but it's amazing.

No dancey bands should have scheduled shows in NYC on Saturday, if for no other reason than they were probabably upset that they made it all the way to NYC on April 2nd, but couldn't go see LCD Soundsystem at Madison Square Garden, because they had to work. Daedelus and company played a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg that night, and Cut Copy and the DFA-signed Holy Ghost! played their second sold out show in a row that evening at Terminal 5. The other Cut Copy show was one night earlier, and Cut Copy will play the large NYC venue again, but with opener Midnight Magic, on Wednesday (also sold out).

The pictures in this post are from Friday and they continue, shot of Cut Copy's setlist included, and with more tour dates, below...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair, words by Bill Pearis

LCD Soundsystem

You could see glo-sticks being passed back among the crowd as LCD Soundsystem began their third straight night at Terminal 5, the hump day of their week-long career wind-down extravaganza. The moment set-opener "Dance Yourself Clean" goes from quiet to loud, someone near the stage flung about a hundred of those glo-sticks into the air, making for the first of many memorable moments of the night.

Despite having done this three-hour tour-de-force the last two nights, James Murphy and crew didn't show any signs of flagging. The eight or so musicians on stage -- not including female backup singers, male chorus and occasional horn sections -- seemed to be having a blast. As did the crowd that pretty much went mental for the entire first hour of the set, which included "Too Much Love" for the first time this week.

High point for me was watching the crowd react to "All My Friends." I was looking down from the third floor balcony and it was amazing to see so many people connect so deeply to it. That will definitely be one of my top concert moments of the year. I stayed against the balcony for the whole show (my first time at T5 if you can believe it) which I think probably made things more tolerable for me.

The bulked up band really made a difference, especially that male choir which includes members of the band Mr. Dream -- "Get Innocuous" and "Sound of Silver" sounded much fuller because of them. It was also nice to have Hot Chip's Al Doyle back, his presence was missed on last year's This Is Happening tour. He kept his shirt on tonight, but played guitar, vibes, timbales and even trumpet at one point.

The mid-section, an attempt to recreate the Nike-commissioned "45:33" was a bit hit or miss. Some parts were fleshed-out into more song-like structure, but without much singing it seemed like a good opportunity for the crowd (and band) to catch its breath.

For the third act, LCD Soundsystem got the crowd moving again with "Us Vs. Them" and kept the crowd bouncing through "North American Scum" and "You Wanted a Hit." With the pingpong bass of "Tribulations" the crowd surfing began, and then it turned into a pit for the thrashy "Movement."

There was also crowd favorite "Yeah" (it always kind of destroys), the throbbing "Someone Great," and LCD signature tune (and first single) "Losing My Edge" which seemed to take on extra meaning (and some new lyrics) in the hours before their retirement. Al Doyle also threw the keyboard hook from "Da Funk" into it at one point -- probably the closest we'll get to Daft Punk playing in LCD's house this week. (Though who knows what surprises are in store at MSG?) Also a treat: the band also threw in their cover of Harry Nilsson's "Jump into the Fire" in the encore, plopped in-between "All I Want" and "New York I Love You." Another highlight.

I don't know if he was saving his voice for singing, but James Murphy was rather unchatty between songs. Which is okay, the music spoke loud enough.

Shit Robot opened the show, and their set included LCD's Nancy Whang on vocals for "Take Em Up". They also later joined LCD on stage. Special guest Colin Stetson joined LCD on horns. Original LCD guitarist Phil Mossman played on some songs.

Only two more nights left for LCD's existence: tonight at Terminal 5 and then the big blowout Saturday at MSG. More pictures and video, and last night's setlist, after the jump.

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photos by Vincent Cornelli

LCD Soundsystem

"What can I say? I just witnessed one of the greatest bands of my generation going out at the top of their game. And it was a tremendous show: three hours long, 24 songs, career-spanning, players and instruments all in white, a choir singing from the balcony above stage right, a wall of white lights strobing on at all the appropriate times. Terminal 5 is maybe the size of the Showbox SoDo if the Showbox SoDo had two balcony levels, and the place was sold-out packed. It was ecstatic, it was bittersweet, it was a wake, not a funeral.

After opening with "Dance Yourself Clean" (that beat drop!), LCD founder James Murphy thanked openers Liquid Liquid (who were awesome) and then told the crowd, as he often does, that he knows people want to film and take pictures, and he's fine with that, but maybe put down the phone, he advised, "maybe just be here."" [Seattle Weekly]

LCD Soundsystem played their second of four Terminal 5 shows last night (3/29), and like the first night, Reggie Watts returned to guest on the 45:33-heavy second set. The setlists from both nights (for comparison), videos from both nights and more pictures from last night, below....

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After an opening 8pm set by Liquid Liquid, LCD Soundsystem played for over 3 hours, starting at 9:10pm, at Terminal 5 in NYC last night (3/28). The show, their first of their last, was split into three sets. Each set had a short break in between, though James Murphy didn't play much of a frontman role during the 2nd set so in a way that one seemed like a much longer break for him. In fact, the jammy 2nd set (update: which included 45:33 stuff) started with a guest appearance by Reggie Watts on vocals. Speaking of vocals, Nancy Whang's singing was often showcased throughout the night, in addition to her keyboard/synth skills. Pat Mahoney got a great workout behind the kit (as did multi-instrumentalist Al Doyle at times). The night ended with a one song "NY I Love You" encore. The entire setlist is below.

I got there around 8:45 (missed Liquid Liquid unfortunately) and there was no line to get in. It was packed, but thanks to the set changes I was able to get pretty close when people moved around during the first break. If I hadn't been watching from the right side of the room when the show started, I might not have realized that there was a boys chorus stationed above the stage on the balcony (left side, stage right). James did acknowledge them though, and at least once during the show the shirtless and shredding Al Doyle (who often seemed to play the bandleader role) looked up at them with a very approving "you just nailed that part" grin. Based on LCD's March 10th tweet, we know the chorus haven't been playing with the band for that long (despite the plan to have them from the start).

James narrated the show. He told us about the set breaks ahead of time, apologized for stuff, introduced all band members multiple times. Said stuff like, "we learned a lot of stuff for this show and have more band members around to make sure we can play it all" and "we haven't played that one in 6 years... or was it 5 years," and "this is like a finale and a reunion for us since we're so old." It'll be interesting to see if they change the setlist at all night to night (they played the same set every night last time they played multiple nights at Terminal 5).

The show is long and great, full of hits and rarities, and you'll want to dance, so if you're going to the second show tonight (3/28), or the third tomorrow, or the fourth the day after that, or LCD's final show ever at MSG on Saturday, try to go with some energy.

A few more pictures, including shots of the merch and setlist, below...

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People under the disco ball (more by Vincent Cornelli)

A message to LCD ticketholders from LCD Soundsystem...

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Sleep @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple in 2010 (more by BBG)

Sleep will reportedly be getting back together for a few more reunion shows, one of which will take place at Terminal 5 in NYC on June 22nd. $25 advance tickets go on sale Friday March 25th at noon. Stay tuned for more dates and openers.

Update: all three (just three) dates they'll be playing are listed below

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

The Pogues

NIGHT ONE, NIGHT TWO, and a set of pictures from the final of three nights of Pogues, the St. Patrick's Day show, at Terminal 5 (setlist & Titus Andronicus included), continue below...

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Cold War Kids

Cold War Kids' March 24th Radio City Music Hall show has been moved to Terminal 5. "All tickets will be honored." Baths and No Age are still the openers.

If you happen to be in Austin, come see Baths play the BrooklynVegan Day Party at Swan Dive/Barbarella at noon today (3/19)

photos by Chris La Putt

The Pogues

The Pogues completed their short tour and 3-night NYC run at Terminal 5 on St. Patrick's Day. We already posted about the first NYC show. Here are some pictures from the second, and they continue below..

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"Saw Godspeed You! Black emperor.
When they played "Moya" couldn't help myself from crying". - miniminimouse

"Godspeed the black emperor was one of the more interesting bands I've ever seen live,
really challenging and unapologetic but it works" -burnsie77

"I have never enjoyed every aspect of a show as much as Godspeed You! Black Emperor tonight! (except running out of men's tshirts) #epic" -MilanoKookee

"Godspeed played an epic 2 hour set. Sleep, static.
Like an ocean swell of sound." -Sef Gray

GY!BE at Terminal 5 last night (via helephantttt)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor

In a singles-obsessed, everybody-dance moment in music, it's astonishing that this bleak instrumental collective with songs stretching well into double-digits and no obvious frontperson still commands such devotion.

But for fans, many of whom discovered the band during the years of night-vision bombing footage from the Iraq war, Godspeed offered a kind of solace in a difficult political moment. And from the set's opening movements, off the band's standout 2000 album, "Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven," it was clear why Godspeed resonated. There's simply no other band whose members play desolation and joy off each other like they do. -[Pop&Hiss]

That review comes from the Los Angeles Godspeed You! Black Emperor show last month. The reunited and revered Canadian post-rock band played the first of a string of FIVE NYC shows last night (3/14) at Terminal 5, a trend that will continue today and tomorrow at Brooklyn Masonic Temple, and then Thursday & Friday (3/17 & 18) at Church of St. Paul the Apostle. Colin Stetson opened last night. What did you think of the show?

Check out a video from Terminal 5, some other videos, and last night's setlist, below....

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin and Chris La Putt

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark @ T5 (by Dana (distortion) Yavin)

"It's been a long time. The OMD lineup has not played in North America since 1988. As you can imagine, we are really really excited. We have been playing gigs now in Europe for three-and-a-half years. It has gone brilliantly. We have built up a really big following again. The gigs have been brilliant. And we've been really trying to get ourselves back to North America, so we are really delighted now that we have...." [Andy McCluskey]
The North American OMD tour is on the move and hit Terminal 5 in NYC last night (3/8). It was originally scheduled to take place at the smaller Webster Hall, but was moved up after it sold out. Oh Land opened the show like she will continue to do along their way to SXSW.

More pictures and some videos from the NYC show, below...

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My Morning Jacket @ Terminal 5 in 2010 (more by David Andrako)
My Morning Jacket

For six weeks, My Morning Jacket will offer free downloads to celebrate the forthcoming album Circuital. The first five downloads will be live songs taken from each of their shows at New York's Terminal 5 this
past October. On April 12th, the countdown ends with a new song from Circuital."
Who made it to My Morning Jacket's last NYC show, aka VH1 Storytellers (that Lykke Li is filming an episode of today)?

photos by Winnie Cheung


"I hate everyone that got Terminal 5 Girl Talk tickets. I hate you." - Al

"It's like woah at Girl Talk @ Terminal 5" - Amber Roussel

Girl Talk

Girl Talk kicked off the second leg of his 2011 tour at a sold-out Terminal 5 in NYC last night (2/24). The first leg ended at Wellmont Theater earlier this month.

Max Tundra and Junk Culture (who both also played Glasslands on Wednesday) are opening all dates through March 23rd. That includes last night, though we missed them. Pictures from Girl Talk's set are in this post though.

$75 "Early Bird Tickets" went on sale yesterday for the Governors Ball, the new fest coming to Governors Island that will feature a co-headlining set by Gregg Gillis. It's unclear how many tickets were in the "Early Bird" allotment, but they are already sold out. $85 "Limited Advance Tickets" are on sale now. They eventually go up to $95 each.

More pictures from Terminal 5 below...

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Trey Anastasio played a 2-set + 1 encore show at Terminal 5 in NYC last night (2/22). Video of his second-set closing cover of "Empire State of Mind" and the full setlist is below with a new set of Phish dates that were announced today....

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As you know, tickets for the LCD Terminal 5 Soundystem shows go on sale at 9am. Hopefully all the restrictions mean that everyone who wants a ticket can get one.

photos by Amanda Hatfield

Dr. Dog

The [Dr. Dog] show started in an almost cult-like environment as the stage was adorned with abstract stain glass art that emitted a strange yet awe-inspiring light. As the band entered the stage, tribal hymns were piped through the sound system and the crowd greeted them with deafening applause. I felt as though I was entering the Temple of Dr. Dog and was about to take part in a right of passage or ritual into the band's world. The opening note was the monotone ring of Miller's organ as McMicken cried out the first line of "I Only Wear Blue," one of the more memorable tracks off the new record. It only got better from that point as Dr. Dog pleased the crowd with songs off all their records. The set featured a great balance of slower songs ("I Only Wear Blue," "Shadow People," and "The Breeze") and fast jams ("The Rabbit, the Bat, and the Reindeer," "Stranger," and "Mirror Mirror") that kept the entire venue swaying and jumping the entire night. Some memorable tunes were the band's cover of Architecture in Helsinki's "Heart It Races" (complete with an interpretive dance performance by a friend of the band), "The Ark," and "The Beach." -[Philadelphia City Paper]
Dr. Dog played Terminal 5 on Friday night, 2/18 (a week before the Philly date, reviewed above) as part of their stint of East Coast dates with The Head and The Heart which concluded Saturday in Boston.

Phantogram was originally scheduled to be on board for the Terminal 5 date, but were replaced by Jeffrey Lewis following a family emergency.

If you missed the show on Friday, The Head & The Heart are teaming with Daniel Wayne to play Maxwell's TONIGHT (2/21). Tickets are still on sale.

Dr. Dog recently released a video of "I Only Wear Blue" made with compiled tour footage. Check that video out, as well as more NYC pictures and the T5 setlist below...

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