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photos by Meghan McInnis

Suicidal Tendencies
Suicidal Tendencies

"Towards the end of Friday night's Suicidal Tendencies concert at the 9:30 Club, lead singer Mike Muir brought the band's photographer on stage to share his experiences in DC earlier in the day. The photographer introduced as "Luke from Australia" is in the United States for the first time while video-taping ST's tour. Their DC tour stop gave Luke the opportunity to do some sight seeing earlier in the day. One of his stops was the White House; where he was briefly detained and questioned by security; for taking pictures while wearing a Suicidal Tendencies t-shirt and having an accent.

During the show, Muir asked Luke to relate his tale to the audience before the band launched into their controversial 80's hardcore song "I Shot The Devil" better known as "I Shot Reagan". It was a classic punk rock move and a reminder of a time when the nation had bigger things to worry about than Al-Qaeda; like swear words in music, the failure of New Coke, and mutually assured destruction." [We Love DC]

Suicidal Tendencies headlined Terminal 5 in NYC last night, Monday (11/14), with classic hardcore veterans Cro-Mags and Underdog, as well as beatdown-core Boston thugs Death Before Dishonor. ST are back in business after 10+ years away, and are currently touring the US as part of the No Mercy Fool!/The Suicidal Family tour which hit Fun Fun Fun Fest in early November. That tour concludes on Sunday (11/21) in Albuquerque.

For those of you who are fans of the ST offshoot Infectious Grooves, the band is playing their first US show in ten years at House of Blues in LA on November 23rd (tickets). No word on if it'll lead to other shows.

More pictures from Terminal 5 including one of the setlist (with some other setlists from recent shows typed out), and the rest of the ST dates, below.

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

Robyn @ Terminal 5

During "Dancing On My Own," a song about seeing a lover with someone else, Robyn transformed a somber subject into an empowering dance-your-worries-away anthem that inspired singing from the audience.

Robyn continued to "body talk" with each movement, even during the interludes. After pelvic gyrations against her drummer's drum set and enough twirling in circles to make a person drop dead, Robyn pounded through songs -- her newest single "Indestructible," "Love Kills," "The Girl and the Robot," and "With Every Heartbeat" -- before professing her deep love for New York and exiting the stage.

She reemerged for two dance-infused encores. On the second, she performed her recent song "Dancehall Queen," then transitioned it into a cover of Abba's "Dancing Queen" before performing a gentle version of her 1997 hit "Show Me Love." The crowd was more than happy to do that. -[MTV News]

NYC loves Robyn, and she loves 'em right back. After playing Music Hall of Williamsburg in late July and two shows in August at Webster Hall with Kelis, in addition to a private show (pictures from night 1 at Webster Hall), Robyn circled back to the tri-state area on Wednesday night (11/10) to play Terminal 5 with her tourmates, NYC's Maluca and LA/Londoners Natalia Kills. Robyn ripped through 18 songs across two encores. The full setlist is below along with more pictures from the show.

Last night Robyn appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (which is taped in NYC). Tonight (11/12), she continues her November tour in Toronto.

Video from Fallon, with more pictures from Terminal 5, the setlist, and some live videos, below...

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photos by Greg Cristman


Enslaved supported Dimmu Borgir (not to be confused with Dimmu Burger) alongside Blood Red Throne and Dawn of Ashes at Terminal 5 on Monday 11/8. The show is part of a larger tour in support of new LPs, as both Enslaved released their newest LP Axioma Ethica Odini and Dimmu dropped Abrahadabra via Nuclear Blast in late September.

More pictures from Terminal 5 and current tour dates are below...

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photos by Chris Gersbeck

Guided By Voices

I have a friend who, despite my attempts to proselytize, doesn't much care for the songs from Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes. He thinks they're catchy, sure - only a hopeless misanthrope or a space alien wouldn't - but he doesn't like the feel of those lo-fi songs: recored on four-track and cut up and reassembled, swathed in abrasive sound.

I've tried to tell him that in concert, those transistor-radio mini anthems, drawing on Pollard's "four P's" (pop, punk, prog, and psych), are utterly transformed into pure, pummeling, lung-busting ROCK. They are writ large and loud with beer-fueled bombast.

And so it was: 840 people pumped fists and held lighters aloft, shouting along in unison to the Beatle-esque "Echos Myron," the leering "Hot Freaks," the light-speed "Shocker in Gloomtown," the snotty call-and-response of "Lethargy," the euphoric "Gold Star for Robot Boy." -[The Phoenix]

The above review refers to Guided By Voices' November 5th Boston show but, but these pictures come from the NYC show that took place at Terminal 5 two days later. A review, setlist, video and 177 comments as of this posting, are HERE. The pictures and a few more videos, below...

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words by Chris Gersbeck

Guided By Voices at Terminal 5 (photo by Schnappy Star)
Guided By Voices

Well that was certainly a show I'll never forget. As any hardcore Guided By Voices fan will tell you, the short period from 1993-96 when Robert Pollard's long-running titular band released Propeller, Bee Thousand, Alien Lanes and Under The Bushes, Under The Stars is regarded as their shining moment. So an entire tour revolving around those albums, classic lineup intact, is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Needless to say, everyone at Terminal 5 last night was ecstatic.

Sub Pop's Blitzen Trapper opened the show at 8pm with their set of twangy indie folk-rock. The six-member Portland, Oregon based group sounded as happy to be there as anyone, noting that their tour with GBV has been amazing, and they were clearly a well-rehearsed and talented act. Playing to an already packed crowd of anxious fans may not get you an uproarious response, but the band kept it short and was finished by 8:35pm. And so the GBV chanting began...

Pollard and co. kept us waiting until 9:20pm, when suddenly all the lights went out and a collage of random talk-radio recordings went on for what seemed forever, sometimes repeating "guided by voices", which incited mass cheering. At long last, the neon sign stating "The Club Is Open" lit up and the cigarette-toking, tequila and beer-swilling Guided By Voices took the stage.

The band wasted no time hitting the classics, opening with "Tractor Rape Chain", "Game of Pricks" and "I Am A Scientist". But let's face it, all of their songs are classics. The vibrant crowd sang along throughout most of the performance, quite a few singing along to every lyric of every track. And let me say that if you haven't sung "A Salty Salute" along with 3,000 other Guided By Voices fans, it's pretty fucking fun. Guitarist Mitch Mitchell was never without a lit cigarette in his mouth, and bassist Greg Demos made motions like the rock stars they arguably never actually were. Hearing Kevin Fennell's drums in such fidelity, especially on songs like "My Valuable Hunting Knife" and "A Good Flying Bird" where full drums were missing from the lo-fi recordings, breathed new life into the band's prolific catalog.

Notable mention must also go to Tobin Sprout, whose contribution to this material has always been highly regarded. His and Pollard's vocal harmonies on "Awful Bliss" and "14 Cheerleader Coldfront" were absolutely pitch-perfect, even more reminiscent of Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey than ever before. Pollard's microphone twirling and high kicks do even more to perpetuate the comparison to the Who, and I've personally always thought of GBV as the band the Who could've been had they recorded solely on 4-track cassette and not achieved such success. But I digress. It really was great to see Sprout back on stage with this band.

As Pollard chugged from his bottle of tequila throughout the night, coming back for three encores, he never once sounded off key or tired, or hell, even intoxicated, despite practically being carried off the stage at the end. Would I have liked to have heard later songs like "I Am A Tree" or "Glad Girls"? Maybe. But that's not what this tour is about. In Pollard's own words towards the end of the show, after Under the Bushes, Under the Stars, "everything sort of went downhill." Though that is debatable (didn't Bob once say that GBV hadn't even peaked yet around 2003?), one thing is clear: the band that played last night is without a doubt the definitive Guided By Voices. And if you're questioning whether it's worth trying to get into to the New Year's Eve show at Irving Plaza, all I can say is that if last night was any indication, you are really missing out if you don't.

Pictures are coming later. Check out the setlist and a video below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Florence Welch
Florence and the Machine

Artist Direct: Which records shaped you?

Florence Welch: When I was a teenager, I spent all of my time going to live gigs. Like I mentioned, my first boyfriend was in a band. There was a really strong South London punk art collective scene because there's a big art college. I spent all of my time going to see art college bands. My boyfriend was in one, and they were on the up-and-up. It was this intense rockabilly pirate punk blues stuff. For ages, the only music I listened to was live, really. I also listened to a lot of northern soul like Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Etta James, Tom Waits and The Talking Heads. The kids in my school were listening to The Libertines and stuff, but I was more into The Talking Heads. I really loved The White Stripes actually. I was a huge fan. The one that record that really shook me up was Arcade Fire's Funeral and maybe Beirut's Gulag Orkestar. I love Beirut! They're so incredible live. His voice is unbelievable. Brass sections are really busy. Whenever we have classical musicians on tour with us, they're always the hardest partying guys. We don't have a brass section, but I wish we did. They're the rock 'n' rollest of the bunch. It's always the cellists and violinists who are hitting it the hardest in the hotel bar [Laughs]. Beirut and his brass section are great. They look so relaxed, having a good time. They're playing the fucking trumpet and singing [Laughs].

Maybe Beirut members were in the crowd last night, 11/2, when Florence and the Machine headlined their 2nd night in row at Terminal 5 in NYC with The Smith Westerns and Hanni El Khatib. Florence also played a set at the SoHo Apple Store earlier the same day, and is now on tour and will be on SNL later this month.

Smith Westerns pics HERE. The rest from the T5 show, below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

"smith westerns opening for florence + the machine - literally. worst. opening. band. ever. EVER EVER EVER. run away from them. please." - alexander q. smith

The Smith Westerns

The Smith Westerns just came through town as part of their tour with Florence and the Machine (maybe not the best match). Maybe you also maybe caught them over the weekend at the Halloween party they played. Last night, 11/2, was their 2nd of two shows with Florence at Terminal 5. The pictures in this post are from that event. And there are more of them, along with a stream of a brand new song (from their sophmore LP, Dye It Blonde, due on Fat Possum on Jan. 18), and all of their upcoming tour dates, below...

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Florence on Halloween in Boston (Dianna Quagenti)
Florence Skull

After playing the Voodoo Music Festival in New Orleans over the weekend, Florence & the Machine kicked off a proper, but short, tour at House of Blues in Boston on Halloween. As you can see in the above picture, and in the video below, Florence and her band did not wimp out on celebrating the holiday.

Last night (11/1), that tour continued into NYC where Florence and the Machine played their first of two sold out shows at the massive Terminal 5. Both shows (last night and tonight) have The Smith Westerns and Hanni El Khatib opening.

Couldn't score or afford a ticket? You still have one more chance to see the UK band when they play a free show at the SoHo Apple Store this afternoon:

Live from SoHo: Florence + The Machine
Florence + The Machine embody creative courage. Pick up a wristband at the Apple Store to guarantee admission to tonight's live performance. November 2, 4:00 p.m.
Florence's U.S. tour ends November 8th in LA, but maybe she'll stick around for a little bit longer so she doesn't have to fly back and forth for their November 20th appearance on Saturday Night Live. All dates, that Halloween video, a video from Terminal 5, and a Hanni El Khatib video, below...

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Big Boi @ NYU in September (more by Lauren Monaco)
Big Boi

Hip-hop heavyweight Big Boi brought the house down [the other night at Moogfest] with a set of Outkast hits and stand-out tunes from his hot new album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. Highlights of the set included "Rosa Parks," "Ms. Jackson," "So Fresh, So Clean," "Shutterbug" and "General Patton." A powerful live rendition of "Follow Us" featured Kyle Lucas of Vonnegutt singing the hook. And during "The Way You Move," Big Boi invited a group of ladies on stage to dance as he rapped the refrain: "I like the way you move / I love way you move."

While his Outkast collaborator Andre 3000 was missed, Big Boi was backed by a ferocious posse of live musicians and singers that included a drummer, guitarist, horn section and super hot female bass player wearing knee high black leather boots. He was also armed with a gang of choreographed backup dancers and hype-men that added to the visual spectacle.

During the live rendition of "Daddy Fat Sax," the sound turned distressingly towards metal-rap for a moment, but mostly Big Boi rode a deeply funky and danceable Dirty South groove. [Mountain Xpress]

Big Boi will co-headline a pre-Christmas show with a Calvin Harris DJ set at NYC's Terminal 5 on December 22nd. Openers will be LA Riots and The Knocks (who just opened for Die Antwoord at Gramercy). Tickets ($45 advance general admission / $50 day of show general admission / $100 VIP admission includes 4 hour open bar) will go on sale Friday at noon.

Big Boi's last NYC shows were at Brooklyn Bowl and NYU.

Shout Out Out Out also played Moogfest in North Carolina over the weekend and will be in NYC this week.

photos by Matthew Eisman

My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket ...ran through its most recent studio album, Evil Urges, in its entirety and later returned for a nine-song encore....[mixing] unreleased original songs with a range of covers that included: The Velvet Underground's "Oh! Sweet Nuthin," Sly Stone's "Hot Fun In The Summertime, Al Johnson's "Carnival Time" and Curtis Mayfield's "Move On Up."...

After leaving the stage for a second time, My Morning Jacket returned to deliver a high energy take on the It Still Moves single "One Big Holiday." It was the only song My Morning Jacket repeated throughout its 100-song marathon. -[JamBands.com]

It was also the only night that got a 2nd encore. And the only night I made it up there after spending the rest of CMJ week basically working (and seeing BV shows). It was the perfect ending to the MMJ marathon, and to my CMJ week (though it wasn't the actual ending of my week, because right afterwards I shot down to Bowery Ballroom to catch some of Neon Indian and all of Surfer Blood who went on 1am and had a marathon week of their own).

Besides the Evil Urges material, the covers, and powerful show closer "One Big Holiday", the band also ran through material due on a forthcoming LP ("Circuital" and "Friends Again"), and a track from Carl Broemel's solo record ("Carried Away").

Carl played his own headlining show at Joe's Pub in the middle of the Terminal 5 run. Jim James played the T Bone Burnett show at Beacon Theatre that same night. Members of Diamond Doves/Elvis Perkins' band once again joined MMJ on stage on horns Saturday night, like they did the night Elvis opened.


More pictures from NIGHT FIVE, opener Everest included, a bunch of videos, and the full setlist below...

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words and photos by David Andrako

My Morning Jacket

Seeing My Morning Jacket play Z on the Friday of the nearly week long CMJ festival immediately knocked all the overhyped bands, blog posts and sponsored parties of the week down a few pegs. This was a band at their peak, sufficiently warmed up and hitting all cylinders after playing 3 shows in the last 4 days. Their night off was spent playing solo or as special guests at other venues in the city. The cavernous Terminal 5 could barely contain the energy that MMJ produced all night.

Z, released in 2005 to almost universal critical praise, marked a turning point as the band brought in an outside producer, John Leckie, and recorded the album at Allaire Studios in the Catskills rather than at home in Kentucky. This was the album that made My Morning Jacket a headlining act at Bonnaroo and an international touring act that headlined Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall.

MMJ took the stage shortly after 9:30 and tore through the three opening songs of the set ("Wordless Chorus", "It Beats 4 U" and "Gideon") before settling down with the fuzzy surf guitar influenced "Off the Record" and the calliope-like and rarely performed "Into The Woods." Although they were performing the songs of Z, I couldn't help but be reminded of their 2006 live album, Okonokos, which starts with the same first three tracks. The "Z" set ended with a 20 minute plus version of "Dondante" which featured lead guitarist Carl Bromel picking up a saxophone and soloing into a Jim James guitar solo using a glow stick as a bow on his guitar.

The band took a brief break and returned to the stage for a encore that ended with The Who's "A Quick One, While He's Away", Prince's "I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man" and Wham!'s "Careless Whisper". "Careless Whisper" was dedicated to George Michael who Jim James described as "One of the best singers of our lifetime" and encouraged the crowd to "send him some good vibes." James led the audience in a "Bananas" chant while throwing dozens of bananas to the crowd as the show was ending.

Opening act Holy Miranda kicked off her set with the slow building "Pelican Rapids" and by the time she covered Etta James's "I'd Rather Go Blind" she'd earned hundreds of new fans.

More pictures from night four at Terminal 5 (night five post coming soon), and the Wham! video, and both setlists, are below...

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photos by Jessica Amaya

My Morning Jacket

"My Morning Jacket returned to New York's Terminal 5 after a night off to perform its ATO debut It Still Moves in its entirety (though all five members of the group performed on their night off) (at Joe's Pub and Beacon Theater). Like the previous nights of the band's Terminal 5 run, the venue was decked out with drapery and blown up images of MMJs five albums.

Elvis Perkins in Dearland opened the night and the Dearland Horns sat in with My Morning Jacket at various points throughout the night, including "One Big Holiday." Former My Morning Jacket guitarist Johnny Quaid rejoined his former band on a few songs for the third night in a row, this time flanked by former Jacket keyboardist Danny Cash (2000-2004), Sex Mob/Levon Helm Band trumpeter Steven Bernstein and Levon Helm Band saxophonist Erik Lawrence. [Two nights] earlier Perkins made a surprise appearance with members of his band when they performed as Diamond Doves at Brooklyn, NY's Rock Shop (oddly enough, on a bill with longtime MMJ associates The Barr Brothers)." [Jambands.com]

They perform "Z" tonight and "Evil Urges" Saturday. More pictures from last night, the full setlist, and video of the Lionel Richie cover, below...

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photos by Kurt Christensen

My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket's Terminal 5 run continued with a complete performance of 2001's At Dawn last night. The band ran through the entire album in sequential order, including the rarely--if ever--played "If it Smashes Down." Many of My Morning Jacket's early songs faded out of rotation after the group's December 2006 shows at San Francisco's Fillmore so "Death Is My Sleezy Pay" (last played 2005), "Hopefully"(last played during a full band performance), X-Mas Curtain (last played 2006), "Just Because I Do" (last played 2004) and "Strangulation!" (last played 2005) were also bustouts.

Like Monday night's performance, the members of My Morning Jacket returned for an extended encore that featured covers and B-sides the band played during the At Dawn era. The band's covers ranged from the moody Danzig song "How The Gods Kill" to an extended jam during Black Sabbath's "Black Sabbath." [jambands.com]

Danzig! Video of that (complete with funny fan commentary), along with the full setlist and more pictures from last night (tonight is their night off - except for Carl), below...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

My Morning Jacket

One down, four to go. My Morning Jacket played Terminal 5 last night (10/18) with Dungen as part of their five night stay highlighting their past album output. Last night, The Tennessee Fire got the nod:

While the band has toyed with The Tennessee Fire songs like "Nashville To Kentucky" and "Butch Cassidy" at recent shows, My Morning Jacket had not performed numbers like "It's About Twilight Now" and "Picture of You" in over four years. With the exception of a 2007 benefit performance that found the members of My Morning Jacket performing with different musicians, the group had also not played "Old September Blues" in almost a decade.

The group returned for a seven-song encore that featured several covers and b-sides James and company recorded for its various EPs around the time of The Tennessee Fire. The mini-set opened with "I Just Wanted To Say" from the group's holiday EP Does Christmas Fiasco Style and included covers of Elton John's "Rocket Man," Erykah Badu's "Tyrone" (which the band played with the singer in 2008), The Great Society's "White Rabbits" and Rod Stewart's "Hot Legs." -[JamBands]

The party continues tonight (10/19) with MMJ focusing their energies on At Dawn with support from Hacienda. Tickets may still be available.

More pictures and the setlist from last night, below...

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poster art via Emblem Studio


If I could have made it to any of the T5 shows (which I can't) it would have been TFF so I was so happy they played a bunch of tunes from that on Friday. They Ran had an incredible outro which some wailing falsetto. I've never been much of a Butch Cassidy fan, but this live version made me appreciate it so much more (the sounds Tommy was getting out of his bass were incredible). I was really hoping for a Dondante and it was great to hear this song after a few shows without it.

The encore was a thing of perfection for me, but hell the whole show was perfect! Phone Went West is a great song to "end" the show on before a rippin' One Big Holiday. I was right in front of Carl and got blasted with confetti during OBH, a great touch.

There was a point during the encore when I realized how wonderful my life was as I stood holding my woman watching my favorite band in the world play the best setlist I've ever seen.


That review refers to the show My Morning Jacket played Friday night in Portland, Maine. The show marked the reopening of Portland's State Theatre, courtesy of Bowery Presents who will also host the band at Terminal 5 in NYC for five nights starting tonight.
10/18 - MMJ plays The Tennessee Fire, Dungen opens
10/19 - MMJ plays At Dawn - Hacienda opens
10/20 - night off, Carl Broemel plays Joe's Pub
10/21 - MMJ plays It Still Moves - Elvis Perkins in Dearland opens
10/22 - MMJ plays Z - Holly Miranda opens
10/23 - MMJ plays Evil Urges - Everest opens
According to Bowery Presents, tickets are still available for the first two nights, but you can always try your luck to see if they put more on sale for the other nights too.

You can also try your luck winning a pair of tickets. I have one pair to "Tennessee Fire" and one pair to the "Z" show. Details below.

Before Maine, like Gorillaz before them, My Morning Jacket played an hour set "Live on Letterman". Watch the whole thing below.

Between Maine and NYC, My Morning Jacket stopped by Levon Helm's Ramble (Saturday night) where they played a 10-song set in addition to jamming with Levon. The setlist from that show, the Maine show (with videos), the Letterman show (with video), and contest details, below....

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Broken Bells

"Complete with a stage full of awesome musicians, a cool video projection in the background and James Mercer singing only to me (ok, that part may have just been in my imagination) [Broken Bells put on] a pretty far out show. I thought maybe the live performance of their songs might have gotten a little cooler, the guys didn't really stray too much from the album version, which was a little disappointing, but they did play a cool cover of a Black Keys song." -[Via Le Shrn]
Broken Bells and Elf Power teamed up for a show at Terminal 5 in NYC on Monday night (10/11). Through the magic of television, Broken Bells also appeared on two LA-based talk shows on Monday and Tuesday, taped when the band was in LA to also play the Wiltern in LA last week (and at the Wiltern). Between LA and NYC, they stopped by for a set at Austin City Limits which also had them covering Sparklehorse and Black Keys songs (both artists that Broken Bells member Danger Mouse has worked with as a producer). Full T5 setlist below.

Video from Broken Bells' appearances on Carson Daly and The Ellen Degeneres Show (Ellen??), and more pictures and the setlist from Terminal 5, below...

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Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan and His Band have announced twelve new fall dates including three nights at Terminal 5 in NYC: November 22nd, 23rd and 24th. Tickets for those and other shows go on presale at 10am (password: tamarind), AmEx presale Wednesday at 10am, and general sale Friday at 10am.

Bob Dylan is currently on tour through November across the US (and hits Atlantic City in addition to NY). Which is a good reminder that it's almost Santa time (all dates below)...

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John Legend and the Roots

If they chose to cover this song the other night at Terminal 5 because they knew it would get blogged about, good idea (though maybe the idea was just related to the name of their new album). Spike Lee-directed live video from the show, below...

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words by Patricia Scull, photos by Andrew St. Clair

No, Teen Wolf did not play Terminal 5 Saturday night.

Considering the genres and subgenres and whatever other classification you want to put Eels into, the two openers for Saturday night's show at Terminal 5 (9/25) were an odd trio. Carla Rhodes, also known as the "Rock and Roll Ventriloquist" - comedienne and ventriloquist alike - produced a Keith Richards dummy from her traveling suitcase and sang "Dead Flowers" with it. Not to be topped, her second puppet act, Cecil Sinclair sang songs about saltwater taffy and commanded her to "crank up that Victrola!"

Second act Jesca Hoop, donning a hot pink top with bell-shaped sleeves draped over her acoustic guitar, possessed a pure and ethereal voice and also made an unlikely pairing with the Eels. Hoop sang a "batch of precocious tunes" for us (her words) in a light, airy soprano that impressively did not lose its airiness even when visiting the lower registers. Her style is very Regina Spektor-like at times, switching octaves and then continuing on in a smooth legato. While the songs on her album Under My Dress are backed by a full band, Hoop's performance was solo, only accompanied by her guitar and would fit perfectly on a bill with Sarah McLachlan and co.

The Eels took to the stage after an odd symphonic prelude of "When You Wish Upon A Star" while the stage lights illuminated the various instruments atop it. Mark Oliver Everett, ubiquitous front man for the Eels, started the show with a solo version of "Daisies of the Galaxy," from 2000's album of the same name. Looking much like a painter/trucker, Everett had his head wrapped in a blue bandana and wore all white, rocking his signature grizzly beard. Switching guitars, he went on to play a version of "What I Have To Offer," still solo but accompanied by band mate "The Chet" on slide guitar. The whole band hopped on for the first ensemble song "Prizefighter," off 2009's Hombre Loco, and from there on out performed material from the newer albums - the aforementioned Hombre Loco, End Times, and just released Tomorrow Morning. No one can accuse E of slowing down (the man's almost 50), as he and the Eels have released 3 records in a little over a year's time.

One instrument missing from the stage altogether was Everett's signature Wurlitzer electric piano, used heavily on Beautiful Freak, Daisies of the Galaxy, and Blinking Lights. This Terminal 5 show was just straight up, gritty, down-home rock 'n roll. E and the band revisited the past a few times with "Jungle Telegraph," "Dog Faced Boy," and a couple revamped versions of "My Beloved Monster," "Mr. E's Beautiful Blues," and "I Like Birds." Everett howled like a banshee on "Fresh Blood" and performed a retro cover of The Lovin' Spoonful's "Summer In The City."

The band consisted of Everett, The Chet, and new kid P-Boo on guitars, bassist Cool G Murder, and Knuckles on drums. With 3 guitars simultaneously riffing on "Souljacker Pt. 1," it occurred to me that having that many guitars on a live stage was like typing in all caps - a little unnecessary, but hella fun. Eels wrapped up the show with two encores, one a somber "I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart" and finished the night with "I Like The Way This Is Going" and "Baby Loves Me."

Fans expecting to see emo-Eels perform stuff off Beautiful Freak or Blinking Lights would have been sorely disappointed, as it's obvious Everett is going through some type of mid-life rocker phase. Proving his vocal chops are still intact and that he's versatile as ever, it's clear that E and the Eels are definitely not too old to party.

More pictures fom the Eels Terminal 5 show, though unfortunately none of ventriloquist Carla Rhodes, with remaining tour dates, below...

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Godspeed You! Black Emperor - NYC Tour Dates
03.14.2011 @ Terminal 5 (on sale Friday at noon)
03.15.2011 @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple (SOLD OUT)
03.16.2011 @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple (SOLD OUT)
03.17.2011 @ Church of St. Paul the Apostle (SOLD OUT)
03.18.2011 @ Church of St. Paul the Apostle (SOLD OUT)

More dates HERE.

photos by kolored


DJ Asma took the stage for a couple of joints before bringing out a makeup-less M.I.A., dressed in a green safari hat and a black Middle Eastern getup straight out of the first "Mummy" movie, for /\/\/\Y/\ opener "The Message."

From there the British singer/rapper launched into gems from her first two albums, Kala and Arular, with the crowd leaping on top of itself for "Galang" and bass-heavy "Bamboo Banga."

She then removed her black top to reveal a T-shirt that said, "F--- Google. Ask Me!"

Although there were some sound issues in the beginning of the set -- at one point, M.I.A. took it upon herself to turn the speakers on the stage to face the audience -- the crowd didn't seem perturbed in the least.

As she strode in to hit "Boyz," M.I.A. stripped down to what would be her outfit for the remainder of the night: a white satin top with matching boy shorts. Chanting "Oy, oy!" and "New York!" the crowd met her with equal fervor for new album joints, "Lovalot" and "Story to Be Told," which had her switching between a sort of Bharatanatyam snake dance and a writhing punk twist.

For "Born Free," M.I.A. launched herself into the crowd and surfed above her fans. After throwing her mic to the audience so they could join in, they threw it back. "There's a dent in this!" she noted. "See, this is what YOU can do!"

A mesmerizing feature of the show was the kinetic movement of dancers Cisko and the awesome White Boi, who were both at M.I.A.'s side throughout the show.

She returned for her encore swigging from a bottle of Patron before singing "Teqkilla" and received an electric reception for her blowout finale, "Paper Planes," which saw her entire entourage and a few audience members joining her onstage. [mauldin brand agency]

After a late, but not too late, start, Rye Rye kicked things off at Terminal 5 lat night (9/27). Her opening set was complete by 10pm, giving M.I.A. plenty of time to play without even ending later than normal. If you missed it, M.I.A. will be back later in her tour for a free show at Brooklyn Bowl.

More pictures from Terminal 5, that prove must of what is described in the review above, below...

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MIA is electric (more by Matthew Eisman)

Due to unforeseen electrical issues in the neighborhood in and around Terminal 5 the show schedule is currently pushed back approximately 90 minutes. We anticipate opening doors by 8:30pm and hopefully no later than 9pm. We ask that you arrive at the venue closer to 9pm or later so you don't have to stand out in the rain. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you all a little later at the Terminal!

Terminal 5 & The Bowery Presents
In related news, the date of M.I.A.'s free NYC show has been revealed.

UPDATE: The show started. As of 10pm, Rye Rye already finished her opening set. So basically on schedule.

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Montreal's Stars and Virginia's Wild Nothing are the latest casualties of the hit or miss sound at Terminal 5. To be fair, Stars are just as culpable for the uneven show Friday night (9/24), especially considering their familiarity with the venue (they played there in 2008).

If you're going to play T5 then you need to play as many upbeat songs as possible. After starting well, Stars' first misstep was bringing out a bench to perform one of their fastest numbers, "Ageless Beauty", stripped down. Way down. The stripped down versions should be saved for intimate shows (like the one happening at Littlefield TONIGHT, Sunday, 9/26). Any momentum built to that point was gone and didn't return until a singalong of "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" which was the highlight of the show.

That was followed by a confusing and rambling pre-encore lecture about the use of the military, coming out over the PA. Then Amy Millan came out alone to start the 5-song encore with "Celebration Guns." Songs like "Big Fight" and "Going, Going, Gone" never made it into the 23-song set which was dissapointing since the dynamic between the soft-around the edges Millan and the ever-intense, way-over-the-top Torq Campbell is the centerpiece for Stars. They closed the show with "Changes". A picture of the full setlist is below.

Stars are a good band and spent a good part of the night thanking the appreciative crowd, tossing roses and petals into the crowd. Campbell reminded everyone that they were a New York band first. Hopefully on their subsequent trips "home" they opt for playing the cozier Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall of Williamsburg on consecutive nights.

Wild Nothing opened the show, delivering a solid and business-like performance, though it was to a one-third capacity crowd in the echoey venue. More dates, including Littlefield tonight, HERE. More pictures and the setlist from the Terminal 5 show are below...

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Minus The Bear at Webster Hall (more by Matthew Eisman)
Minus The Bear

After headlining Webster Hall in July, Minus The Bear has stepped it up by scheduling a show at Terminal 5 on December 4th with The Whigs as part of a larger East Coast jaunt. Tickets go on sale on sale Friday, October 1st at noon ($25.50 advance / $30 day of show).

The band is touring off of their new and biggest LP yet, Omni, and will hit the road in middle October for a string of West Coast dates before hopping the pond to do Europe with Jimmy Eat World and then back to the US for some East Coast love.

All tour dates and some video of the band on Jimmy Kimmel Live is below...

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by BBG

The ST Army, 2010...
Suicidal Tendencies

Suicidal Tendencies are touring in October and November. And in what will undoubtedly be an absolute mosh-stravaganza, they'll play Terminal 5 in NYC with Cro-Mags NYC (yes, the John Joseph version) and Underdog on November 14th. Tickets go on sale Friday 9/24 at noon, but are on American Express presale Wednesday (9/22) at 11AM. For the curious, Suicidal Tendencies 2010 is:

Mike Muir - vocals (1981-present)
Mike Clark - rhythm guitar, backing vocals (1987-present)
Dean Pleasants - lead guitar (1997-present)
Steve 'Thundercat' Brunner - bass (2002-present)
Eric Moore - drums (2008-present)
Suicidal Tendencies recently released No Mercy Fool!/The Suicidal Family, a new LP featuring re-recordings of songs by ST-related project No Mercy, as well as Join The Army. Their tour dates also include Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin. All dates are listed below.

In related news, John Joseph of Cro-Mags has released his new book, Meat Is for Pussies: A How-To Guide for Dudes Who Want to Get Fit, Kick Ass, and Take Names. The book, a look into health and a meatless diet is on sale now. Order a copy.

All Suicidal dates, some great video of John Joseph training, and more below...

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