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Built to Spill at BV SXSW 2012 (more by Ryan Barkan)
Built to Spill

The Hopscotch festival in Raleigh, North Carolina will celebrate its third year from Sept. 6-8, 2012 in downtown Raleigh, with 175 bands in 15 venues. The initial lineup, released today, runs the gamut from traditional indie favorites to punk to noise music to hip hop to noisy black metal and all stops in between, featuring performances from Built to Spill, sunn 0))), The Roots, The Jesus & Mary Chain (who played SXSW), Liars (who have a show coming up at Webster Hall), Baroness, Deerhoof, Death Grips (who play NYC soon and have new material on the way), Danny Brown (who was at Coachella and plays Prospect Park soon), Pallbearer (who play an exclusive East Coast Show soon), Screaming Females (who recently played NYC and are on tour now), Thee Oh Sees, The Spits (who just played NYC twice), Tenement, The Mountain Goats (two sets, one of which will be an all metal-covers set!) and so many more.

(and now we know the Jesus & Mary Chain are coming back soon)

Tickets are on sale. The full lineup and flyer (update: and a few more announced J&MC dates) are below...

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by BBG

Ben Verellen with Helms Alee at The Charleston (more by Markus Shaffer)
Helms Alee

Stoked to announce that BrooklynVegan and Brutal Panda have teamed up to present a rare reunion of Harkonen who will head out on a short string of East Coast dates! The shows will be their first on the east side since their dissolution in 2005, and feature supporting appearances from The Atlas Moth and Whores on all dates. The tour kicks off in Boston at Middle East on June 14th (with special guest Zozobra) before moving to NYC at Union Pool on June 15th with a special guest (TBA). The tour concludes the next day in Philadelphia (on 6/16) as part of a show with Ladder Devils.

The NYC date is an official BrooklynVegan/Brutal Panda Northside Festival showcase. Tickets are on sale OR you can get in with your Northside badge (details forthcoming). Stay tuned for other BV Northside events too.

Tour flyer and some video below....

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photos by Greg Cristman, Pallbearer photos & words by BBG

Alcest @ Lovejoys
BrooklynVegan Day Party at Lovejoys on 3/17

By the time that Hull hit the stage at around 2:20pm, the deal was sealed; intimate Austin bar/venue Lovejoys was officially one-in-one-out until we closed the doors. The Saturday BrooklynVegan day show during SXSW included the awesome lineup of Alcest (their only Austin show), Nachtmystium (with Will Lindsay and Sanford Parker in tow), The Atlas Moth, Pallbearer, Speedwolf, Hull, Bruce Lamont with Man's Gin (their only show), Mutilation Rites and Vestiges. All of the bands ruled and I can't thank them enough.

Vestiges opened the party at 12:15 to a relatively large crowd of people (considering the inevitable hangovers from the night prior), and proceeded to wake us all with their spacey hybrid of black metal, hardcore, doom, and crust. A truly amazing band that is definitely worth looking out for. Mutilation Rites followed with new bassist Ryan Jones (Wetnurse/Today is The Day) in tow, but seemed no worse for the changeover; the band's punk-y black-metal-thrash ripped as usual.

Bruce Lamont and Man's Gin collaborated next, using everything from guitar, sax, and bass ukelele in their renditions of Man's Gin songs. It was a special one-off collaboration during the festival, and one that I was grateful to be hosting in such a small space. Hats off to Erik, Josh & the Man's Gin crew, as well as Bruce Lamont.

After that relatively low-key set, of course Hull brought it up a few notches with their thundering post-metal stomp, the first of three shows for the band that day. The rattling doom power of Hull live cannot be denied, but neither can the Motorhead-y beer-swilling pummel of Speedwolf who followed directly after. Speedwolf is currently on a US tear, so look for them at a town near you (including NYC).

Pallbearer @ Lovejoys
BrooklynVegan Day Party at Lovejoys on 3/17

Pallbearer, one of my favorite bands from SXSW this year, are undeniably great and just destroyed after Speedwolf. Their melodic doom riffs and soaring vocals owe a lot to the doom-fathers of yesteryear but still reimagine some of those approaches on their stunner of an LP Sorrow & Extinction. Pick it up if you can, and don't miss them when they come to NYC with Loss!

The Atlas Moth and Nachtmystium, out on tour together, played the following two sets with the latter featuring Sanford Parker on keys and Will Lindsay (Indian, Middian, etc) on bass. The Atlas Moth was also in a different configuration, with Andrew Ragin out with medical issues and replaced with his brother-in-law and former member of Stabbing Westward Marcus Eliopulos. Despite configuration changes, both bands were fantastic.

Alcest, who in no way resembles a metal band other than in pedigree, closed out the night. The French quartet's focus is on shoegaze-influenced beauty and were a perfect way to end the hectic and brutal day at Lovejoys. Alcest are on the road in the US, and will play NYC at Public Assembly next week with another BV-SXSW-show-alumnus, Deafheaven (I'll be DJing).

Yet another successful year at Lovejoys in Austin, and I'd like to send a big thank you to the staff, Jester King for the free suds, all of the bands, and most importantly all of the fans who came for the day. Thank you so much, and I can't wait until next year!

More pictures from the whole day, below...

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by BBG

DTV (Direct to Video) packaging for the novel and the disc

Soundtracks were all the rage in the 90s. Many of them left much to be desired, but a select few left an indelible mark on my young mind... namely records like the Judgement Night soundtrack ("Just Another Victim!"), Singles, and The Crow. So when I heard that bulldozing Motorhead-as-black-metal quartet Wolvhammer had taken on "Burn" by The Cure from The Crow soundtrack, I was more than intrigued. Stream "Burn" below; it's definitely an unexpected melodic turn from such a piledriving metallic workhorse.

"Burn" is going from one soundtrack to another. Wolvhammer's version is for the forthcoming soundtrack to he Andrew Bonazelli novel DTV (Direct to Video) which surfaces via Handshake Inc next week (3/30):

The book is a super-cool fusion of literary prowess and action-movie bravado, and though fully aware of the inherent, unintentional comedy found in the genre, Bonazelli has avoided the tongue-in-cheek route, instead crafting a story that celebrates the machismo, animal magnetism and culture of American action movies from the '80s and '90s. The novel itself is a brilliantly fun and poignant read, and could do for action movies what the nouvelle vague did for Hitchcock and Orson Welles.
Wolvhammer joins names like Total Fucking Destruction, The Atlas Moth, Cretin, Liberteer's Matthew Widener, The Austerity Program, members of Zombi, Early Graves and more to contribute everything from new tracks to "covers of music from such films as Robocop, Double Impact, The Running Man and Out for Justice". Sounds about as amazing as the packaging, which looks like a VHS tape (above).

Speaking of bad film and fun bands, Graf Orlock (who are also on DTV) ALSO have a new release in Los Angeles which comes with three different covers inspired by the film Heat.

There are 600 copies of this bastard, broken down into three different covers. The covers will have actual me-shot bullets holes in them, so technically, each is a 1/1 because even though i have ridiculously accurate and tight firing patterns, no two are the same. For you wieners trolling discogs, they are all black vinyl.
Order your "exclusive copy" at Vitriol.

DTV contributors Wolvhammer and The Atlas Moth will be in LA on March 31st to play a Scion label showcase along with Yob, Loss and Pallbearer. Entry is FREE with RSVP. Yob will be in NYC in May, as will Loss/Pallbearer.

Listen to both versions of "Burn" below...

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by BBG

Alcest at Gramercy Theater (more by Greg Cristman)

On March 17th, 2012 (Saturday), BrooklynVegan will return to the scene of the crime (where we hosted two shows last year) for a FREE show at Lovejoys in Austin during SXSW! From noon until just before 7PM we'll host a lineup that includes:

Alcest (their ONLY appearance during SXSW)
The Atlas Moth
Bruce Lamont
Mutilation Rites
This is the ONLY time you can see Alcest (from France!) during SXSW (and for FREE), so head to Lovejoys on March 17th. Get there early and down some FREE Black Metal Stout on draft courtesy of Jester King Brewery (while supplies last).

The show is one of several shows that BrooklynVegan is hosting during SXSW including four days at Hotel Vegas, and our back-to-back day party as part of Converse/Thrasher Deathmatch followed by one of our (with an exclusive appearance from Black Breath) three official SXSW showcases. Stay tuned for more details on Hotel Vegas and the other two showcases.

Nachtmystium is currently in the studio sawing away at their new LP Silencing Machine due on July 31st via Century Media. The band will be hitting the road for a set of Midwest dates right around the album release, with an assist from Krieg and Murmur. Details are on the way.

The Atlas Moth and Pallbearer will both play an upcoming Scion showcase in LA on March 31, and for free! RSVP now. Pallbearer recently released their monster new LP Sorrow & Extinction via Profound Lore and are heading to NYC with Loss for a rare one-off show.

Alcest is heading out on the road for a string of dates with Deafheaven (who play our Deathmatch day party in Austin) including NYC at Public Assembly on 3/31 with Vaura (who have a new album) and yours truly on the turntables. Tickets are still available.

All Alcest dates and some streams and video below...

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Andy Nelson with Paint it Black at Fun Fun Fun Fest (more by BBG)
Paint it Black

Mamiffer, Tombs, Locrian, Thou, Fuck The Facts, The Atlas Moth and many more contribute to the second part of our continuing series where we asked some of our favorite artists about their 2011 highlights. Part One HERE. Part Two below...

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by BBG

Midnight at Rites of Darkness (more by BBG)

2011 was a year that I spent delving deep into record bins, in the pit at shows, and searching for the most brutal of the brutal at festivals across the country including Maryland Deathfest, Chaos in Tejas, Rites of Darkness, SXSW, the A389 Anniversary show, California Discord Fest, and many others. It was also a year when I revisited my hardcore roots, and went further down the rabbit hole with DIY shows and independent records.

2011's choices for best of the year were tougher than I could have imagined, as opposed to my clear cut 2010 choice for favorite album of the year. That said, favorite records are about playability, and these are the LPs that wore out my needle and earned the most plays on my digital device (note: I made sure to remove a record that I was directly involved in because that would clearly be near the top of the list). I hope you enjoyed these records as much as I did in 2011 and if not, please share what you enjoyed below. I already can't wait for 2012.

My favorite records and shows of 2011 are below.

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by BBG

Seven Sisters of Sleep at A389 2011 (more by BBG)
Seven Sisters of Sleep

Seven Sisters of Sleep (mems Tafkata) are two for two with releases in 2011, dropping both their excellent debut and their similarly crushing split with Children of God this year. Get both at A389. Though no full East Coast trek has been planned, Seven Sisters of Sleep will join the great All Pigs Must Die, labelmates Low Places, and NYC's Grudges for an NYC date at Acheron on 1/20, just a few days after the always awesome A389 Anniversary show at Sonar in Baltimore with Eyehategod, Gehenna, and many others.

All Pigs Must Die was recently given an "honorable mention" in Pitchfork's top metal of 2011 list (though no shout out for Seven Sisters of Sleep). Check out the full list, along with some streaming APMD material and a few videos below...

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words & photos by BBG

The Atlas Moth @ Union Pool
The Atlas Moth

The Atlas Moth / KEN Mode overcame a damp, bitterly cold night at Union Pool on Saturday with locals The Year is One as part of an East Coast/Midwest tour. Both touring bands focused on material from their new LPs on Profound Lore. The Atlas Moth's An Ache for Distance was recently released on the label. KEN Mode's Venerable hit earlier this year.

The Atlas Moth fought through technical issues for the first portion of their set, but resumed a triple guitar attack by the time they hit the title track from their current LP. The band brought along disco-ball style lighting in multiple colors to add a psychedelic visual touch.

KEN Mode, sporting their third bass player in their last three NYC appearances, welcomed Andrew LaCour (of Khann) on low-end for this tour. Though the changing bass slot may weigh heavily on some bands, KEN Mode are no more worse for wear; the Canadian band sounded as vicious as ever on songs like "Book of Muscle".

More pictures and video from Brooklyn, as well as the remaining tour dates, are below...

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by BBG

The Atlas Moth at The Studio at Webster Hall (more by Markus Shaffer)
The Atlas Moth

Reminder! The Atlas Moth will team with KEN Mode at Union Pool on Saturday (10/1) as part of their string of dates together. Doors are at 9PM and $10 gets you in. The Atlas Moth's An Ache For The Distance is out now.

Premonition 13, featuring the mighty Wino, will team with The Gates of Slumber and Mount Olympus for a show at Saint Vitus on 11/17. The show is part of a number of dates for the legendary vocalist, all of which are available below.

Mick Barr has several shows showcasing his many faces in the coming weeks. October 4th will see Barr as part of the Mike Pride/Jon Irabagon/Mick Barr trio at The Stone, while 10/9 will see a solo set from the guitar wizard with Extra Life, Pygmy Shrews, and GDFX at Glasslands. Mick Barr will team with Chuck Bettis as a duo at Bruar Falls on 10/14 with Zevious, Nick Millevoi, Hyrrokkin, and Brown Angel and last but not least, look for Barr on 11/3 at Saint Vitus as part of Ocrilim with Musk Ox, Daniel Menche, and Kevin Hufnagel (tickets).

Bison BC will team with Primitive Weapons, Bezoar, and Sannhet at Saint Vitus on 10/17 as part of a close to their successful round of dates with Weedeater and Saviours. Tickets are on sale.

Argonauts(!) and Alkahest have been added to ABC No Rio on 10/8 with The Body and Thou, their only current NYC date. In semi-related news, Infernal Stronghold will play the venue in the week following (on 10/15) but will return to NYC to play Europa with Absu and the newly added Villains on 11/12. Tickets are on sale.

Hot Graves return to NYC with a date at Acheron on 10/16 with The Communion and Salo The all ages show kicks off at 8PM.

If you haven't heard, Rwake have been added to Hull's Record Release show at Mercury Lounge on 10/10. Tickets are on sale.

In addition to Monday's show at Acheron with Mutilation Rites (10/3), the Black Twilight Circle tour will hit NYC AGAIN on 10/7 at The Charleston with Raspberry Bulbs. Flyer is below. The show is one of only two shows on the schedule for Raspberry Bulbs, who will also support Villains during CMJ. Tickets are on sale.

All flyers, some video (including the new Ghoul video!), and mor esuggested shows and tour dates are below. What did I miss?

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by BBG

The Atlas Moth (Stavros far left)
The Atlas Moth

The Atlas Moth continue down their uniquely forged labyrinth of hardcore, black metal, sludge, and all of the above on their latest and possibly most realized effort to date, An Ache For The Distance. The follow-up to their amazing A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky, the new LP marks their first effort for Profound Lore and first since releasing the One Amongst The Weed Fields digital covers EP last year. An Ache For The Distance arrives on September 20th, and you can stream the new title track for the first time below alongside the previously released "Coffin Varnish" and "Holes In The Desert".

The Atlas Moth toured heavily behind the release of A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky, hitting NYC with Dark Castle in the early stages, then SXSW (for two of our shows, at Emo's and Hoeks Death Metal Pizza), again with Harvey Milk/Coalesce followed by Nachtmystium/Zoroaster/Dark Castle (x2), and eventually back at SXSW and on back to NYC as part of Metalliance with bands like Crowbar, Saint Vitus, and Kylesa. Now the band is preparing to hit the road for a string of dates with KEN Mode (also BV SXSW veterans x2) including October 1st at Union Pool with The Year is One.

In preparation for the tour and the impending release, we sat down with vocalist/guitarist Stavros Giannopolous to discuss the origins of the record, their home base of Chicago, and his participation in the black metal super crew Twilight.

All tour dates, the song stream (with NSFW cover art) and that interview is below.

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Justin Broadrick with Godflesh at Roadburn 2011 (more by Stefan Raduta)
Justin Broadrick

Maryland Deathfest 2012 is looking insane with some killer additions! Names like Electric Wizard, Godflesh, Winter, Confessor, Tsjuder, Negura Bunget, Looking For An Answer, Haemorrage, and many others. Full lineup thus far is below.

Stream the new Thou EP, The Archer and The Owle, at Metalsucks. Members of Thou may or may not be in the band Barghest, who recently released their debut LP via Gilead. Order a copy via the label and stream it in its entirety below. Be on the look out for upcoming Thou dates on the east coast....

Gilead is also welcoming the new LP from False, a two song self-titled 12" of black-metal misanthropy. Furious stuff, check it out for yourself below.

Stream a new song by The Atlas Moth from their forthcoming An Ache For The Distance at Stereogum. Look for the Lp on Profound Lore in September, and look out for upcoming tour dates, including the East Coast!

If you missed it, From Ashes Rise will be in NYC on 8/15 with Full of Hell & Night Birds.

Tickets are on sale for the previously discussed Weedeater/Oxbow/Bison BC/Fight Amp show at Europa on 9/10. A reminder, tickets are still available for the previously discussed Toxic Holocaust/Holy Grail/Krum Bums show at Europa on 8/19.

Ampere will play Stolen Sleeves on Saturday (7/23) in celebration of their new LP Like Shadows due on No Idea. Stream four new tracks.

Rwake is streaming a new song at NPR from the LP Rest due on September 27th via Relapse. A reminder, CT will be in NYC for the Slow Southern Steel premiere at Knitting Factory on 8/13 with The Gates of Slumber, Cough, and Earthling.

More reccomended shows, updated Despise You/Magrudergrind dates and a video flyer, the MDF 2012 linuep, streams and more are below.

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by Kim Kelly

Metalliance pics

"Grim" Kim Kelly just got home from being on the "Metalliance" tour. She served as crew for the mighty Saint Vitus and rode in the van (read: school bus) with The Atlas Moth. That tour, which also featured bands like Helmet, Kylesa, Crowbar, Red Fang and Howl, hit Irving Plaza in NYC on 3/26, and ended 4/5 in Hollywood. Kim kept a diary and took some pictures on the road. Here is the first half:

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words & photos by BBG

Crowbar @ Irving Plaza

"Helmet promised and delivered the entire "Meantime" album and more. Never got to see them in the early 90's when they were all the rage, cuz' I was already really not into going to shows in 92' and much more into smoking pot and making videos at the School of Visual Arts, but that "Meantime" CD, I remember, sure did get a workout for awhile.

Paige Hamilton, probably the most infamous post-hardcore millionaire ever, has always been an interesting fella in the annals of the mini-major/independent controversies that sort of started and ended in the post Nirvana, halcyon days of 90 whatever, with A & R's running around and signing every art school weirdo, whilst taking all the blue M&M's from their green rooms. Interesting to see them after all these years and ponder, "Has it really been 20 fucking years since film school?" Jeez. Paige looks good and his guitar was quite loud and supra, ahem, "staccato". Just a really weird bill, what with Helmet sort of inheriting that weird art school place they once lorded over. Not really metal, not really alternative, not really punk. Couldn't help but wonder how much of that one million bucks he still has? Great set, nada banter, just loud and sing alongish..." [TrashmansReader]

The Metalliance tour hit Irving Plaza on Friday, 3/26, kicking off at the early hour of 6:30 PM with The Atlas Moth. At that hour it's a bit optimistic to expect a full crowd, but there were quite a few folks that made it in for the duration of the sold-out show. Headlined by Helmet (who played Meantime, and in order), the rest of the show was rounded out by Crowbar (who were awesome as usual), Saint Vitus (ditto), Kylesa (again), Red Fang, and Howl (along with the previously mentioned Atlas Moth).

Metalliance is in Merriam, Kansas tonight (without Helmet). All dates and more pictures and some videos from Irving Plaza are below...

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Metalliance photos by Samantha Marble, Whitehorse photos & words by BBG

Helmet @ Dirty Dog

Metalliance swoops in on NYC TONIGHT (3/25) at Irving Plaza (tickets still available). The tour moves into its East Coast leg after hitting SXSW and the south last week. Pictures of Saint Vitus, Helmet, Crowbar, Kylesa, Red Fang, Howl, The Atlas Moth and more from the Austin stop adorn this post.

A friday night during SXSW is always nuts, but nothing could compare to the scene at Dirty Dog which was packed to the gills on 3/18. With a line snaking down the block through the already heavily trafficked 6th Street, Dirty Dog was clearly beyond capacity (and then some) with people itching to see the traveling festival to the riff, as well as the SXSW addition of the almighty Weedeater (the show also featured Witchburn, who I/we missed). Dirty Dog was the place to be that night for metal fans in the area and it showed; during Kylesa's set the venue frantically removed tables to add extra capacity and even reportedly/unfortunately told a few bands that they had to remove their merch table as well. Venue issues aside, the bands sounded great and there was a reason why everyone wanted in; Metalliance is stacked with killer bands and performances.

Saint Vitus @ Dirty Dog
Saint Vitus

It may sound blasphemous, but knowing I would see Saint Vitus tonight in NYC, I left halfway through their set to head to the WFMU showcase down the street. It was there in a relatively light Barbarella that I caught one of my favorite performances at SXSW, Australians Whitehorse who tore the place down with their crushing death-doom punctuated with noise. Absolutely sick band that deserves to be playing to the hessian masses, and luckily for NYCers, you'll be able to catch them with The Body at Acheron on 4/1.

More pictures from Metalliance and Whitehorse at WFMU, and tour dates, below.

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by BBG

Kylesa @ Santos in January (more by Samantha Marble)

The Metalliance tour featuring Helmet (playing all of Meantime), Saint Vitus, Crowbar, Red Fang, Howl & The Atlas Moth has expanded, adding dates on the west coast and adding the great Kylesa to the bill as well. All dates are now on sale including tickets to March 25th at Irving Plaza.

Crowbar's killer new LP Sever The Wicked Hand is out now via E1. Order a copy, it's definitely highly recommended and could be Windstein's best work yet.

Saint Vitus's Wino just completed a solo tour with Scott Kelly. Maybe you caught them Saturday night at Mercury Lounge.

The full updated set of Metalliance tour dates and some videos, below...

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by BBG

Crowbar at Santos (more by Samantha Marble)

As discussed, the "Metalliance" tour will join Helmet (who will play all of Meantime) with Saint Vitus and Crowbar. Tickets are currently on sale for the NYC stop which will hit Irving Plaza on March 25th with additional openers Howl, Red Fang, and The Atlas Moth (and even more bands TBA). The full lineup for the entire tour will be revealed in one week, but until then you can check out the routing below.

Meanwhile Kirk Windstein of Crowbar will be back in NYC to play Nokia Theater on April 28th and in NJ at Starland Ballroom on April 30th as part of Down. Tickets go on AMEX presale at 10AM on 1/26 and regular sale at noon on 1/28 for Nokia, and at noon on 1/28 for Starland Ballroom.

Down's Jimmy Bower will play Europa on Feb 18th as part of Eyehategod. Tickets are still available for the show which includes Misery Index, Magrudergrind, Strong Intention & Mutilation Rites.

Don't forget that Crowbar's new LP Sever The Wicked Hand will hit store shelves on February 8th via E1 Music. Tour dates and some videos below...

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photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG


Nachtmystium, Zoroaster, The Atlas Moth, and Dark Castle played their second of two NYC dates at Knitting Factory on 9/19 (the first show was four days earlier at The Studio at Webster Hall). Now they're back on the road. You can catch them at Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia tonight.

More pictures from Knitting Factory, and some new videos from The Studio at Webster Hall show, below...

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photos by Markus Shaffer, words by BBG

Blake Judd, saluting the horned one

Long Island Press: I've heard some traditionalists who deride Nachtmystium as populist black metal-does that mindset ever influence your artistic choices?

Blake Judd of Nachtmystium: I don't care what anyone says about my band. Nachtmystium is my life, it's all I do, and any f**king asshole black metal douche bag who wants to question me or my integrity can feel free to do so right to my face if he feels so inclined. I and the four people who travel with me six to seven months out of the year are total extremists in our lifestyles and there is nothing "fancy" or "glamorous" about our lifestyles as members of Nachtmystium, We just happen to get paid enough these days to keep gas in our van (note, VAN) and the wheels on it turning and maybe pay a month or two of rent each after a tour. If someone thinks that is like living some rock star lifestyle, think again.

Nachtmystium headlined one of two shows at The Studio at Webster Hall on Wednesday, 9/15 with help from a killer touring party that included Zoroaster, The Atlas Moth, and Dark Castle. The foursome do it again on Sunday (9/19) when the bands take on Knitting Factory (tickets).

In related news, the great Dark Castle have completed recording their new LP at Electric Audio in Chicago with Sanford Parker. The follow-up to Spirited Migration will be released by Profound Lore on CD, with At a Loss (their former home) doing the vinyl honors. Spirited Migration is FINALLY out now on vinyl and available on all of their tour stops. Look for it!

More pictures and video from the Studio are below...

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by BBG

Nachtmystium at Europa (more by Samantha Marble)

Nachtmystium, Zoroaster, The Atlas Moth, and Dark Castle are going to tour, and BrooklynVegan and 1000 Knives have teamed up to present the Manhattan show at The Studio at Webster Hall on September 15th! Tickets are on sale. It's one of two NYC shows on the trek. The foursome also play Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on September 19th. Tickets are on sale for that too. All dates are below.

In other news, Zoroaster and Dark Castle's recent tour mates, Black Tusk, are scheduled to play NYC on with Fu Manchu at Santos Party House on 9/4. Support will come from the great It's Casual, along with Vagina Panther. Tickets are on sale. The show is part of a larger set of dates for Fu Manchu and It's Casual; dig on those below too.

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words by BBG, photos by Diana Zadlo, Samantha Marble, BBG

Grace of Landmine Marathon (by Samantha Marble)
Landmine Marathon

A hearty thanks go out to everyone who showed up to the BrooklynVegan/1000 Knives/Crustcake show at Hoeks Death Metal Pizza on 3/18! Though the hot sun was blaring down, the bands in the shade somehow made it hotter with their scorched earth policy and unbridled energy.

Trash Talk was beyond violent, The Atlas Moth was soaring/epic as usual, The Funeral Pyre was furious and powerful (as I found out the previous night), Book of Black Earth's crusty metal was ferocious, and Kill The Client was just as punishing as they were at Emo's. Due to some scheduling issues, we bumped Speedwolf to the last slot after Trash Talk and I missed them entirely, though reviews from the trustworthy point toward badass. Zoroaster played mostly newer material from their promising new doom-crust-leaning LP, and managed to hold back their massive firepower on stage to just "loud as fuck" as opposed to "bleeding ears". Landmine Marathon were fun and elblematic of what is great about metal today. And Coffinworm? Just plain sick blackened doom.

More pics and and a bunch of videos are below...

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble, BBG

East of The Wall, in full on crushing mode (by Samantha Marble)
East Of The Wall

East of The Wall and Goes Cube are finally home. The pair hit the road for SXSW shortly after their 3/5 show at Union Pool and have been skipping around the US ever since, with Goes Cube tagging The End's official showcase on 3/18 and East of The Wall playing a succession of shows including Goodbye South By at Red 7 on 3/21 (pics of both below). The bands are finally back on tri-state soil and will play a FREE in-store at Generation Records TODAY (3/30) at 6:30 with Descender.

East of The Wall's appearance at Goodbye South By on 3/21 at Red 7 was a jaw dropper. The NJ band play a smoking instrumental prog/hardcore hybrid that is technical with out feeling wanky. Think Pelican with the occaisional hardcore vocal and a little more tech, but with TONS of energy.

Flyer for the record store show, more tour dates, and SXSW pics, below...

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble, Tim Griffin, Brian Reilly

"Emo's Jr. is way too tiny to handle [Torche and] their enormous sludge, enormous hooks, enormous energy, enormous crowd." - Rolling Stone.com

Landmine Marathon (by Tim Griffin)
Landmine Marathon

While Fucked Up and six other bands were causing a ruckus on the bigger stage at Emo's (3/17), the BrooklynVegan day party began early and STRONG with a hot blast of Kill The Client at noon on the indoor stage. The newly Relapse-d and semi-local (partial Austin/Dallas) grinding four piece was a metallic triple-espresso to kick start the day.

Trophy for busiest metal band goes to The Atlas Moth, who booked a whopping seven shows in Austin during SxSW. Their trek began with Emo's and a killer set from their new album A Glorified Piece Of New Sky. Jovial singer Steve was all smiles at the show, and the band's epic sound echoed throughout Emo's.

Philadelphia's Javelina followed The Atlas Moth with their positively pummeling sludge filth, keeping momentum going. Bands like Buzzoven, Eyehategod, and others come to mind when listening to this quartet, but their driving sound is decidedly more punk rock in it's gallop but just as "fuck you" in it's 'tude. A big thank you goes out to the band, who also went on to fill in for the broken Nebula at Red 7 on Saturday (3/20). They rule, and can't wait to see them again on Wednesday (3/25) at Cake Shop with Howl, Sea of Bones, and Flourishing.

Though the band spent a good hour circling Emo's, Dark Castle did manage to squeak into the venue and be only a touch late for their designated set time. Again the Florida duo impressed. Dark Castle's sound is positively mammoth, and through the large PA at Emo's they sounded bigger than ever.

Salome was similarly massive, and I felt fortunate to have the band booked for their only unofficial appearance at SXSW. With the band having issues unloading gear due to street closures and general parking malaise, it seemed like vehicular frustration bred more stage-side fury. The trio's sludge doom caused numerous screams of joy and lots of recitations of the word "amazing". Agreed, and I truly believe that Salome was one of the best bands at SXSW this year.

Grace Perry may have been given the dubious ranking of one of the "hottest chicks in metal" according to Revolver (even though I agree), but don't think that Landmine Marathon's success is attributable to anything but hard touring. This band's strength is in the live show, which was firing on all cylinders at Emo's and leading to circle pits, including one with Perry on vocals! Video of that is below.

Withered's icy blasts were the antithesis of Torche's pop bliss, but the band were as sinister and powerful. I caught them again at Mohawk later that night (pics coming). I was honestly worried about Withered and Dark Castle's lighting rigs, and their ability to translate on stage during the day time, but I forgot about the most important part of those bands: both have intense and kinetic live shows, whether with or without a fancy stage setup.

Torche closed out the room with an assist from a fill-in drummer in the absence of Rick Smith (who broke his hand while touring with his side project Shitstorm). Although Smith's theatrics were missed (you rarely ever see anyone standing and jumping down TOWARD the kit, save for Rob Shaffer of Dark Castle and a few others), the band played a well-executed set of bubblegum pop which contained one song from their upcoming split with Boris, and a ton of thundering but sugary classics. The band closed with my favorite Torche track ever, the sickeningly heavy "Tarpit Carnivore" from their killer In Return EP.

More pics and some videos from the show are below...

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words by BBG, photos by Meghan McInnis

Jes of Coalesce forgets there is a stage for a brief moment

I loved Mr. Spiers's guitar sound: big and oily and slightly overdriven. I loved his stage presence: he is very, very calm, but not sullen. He played a powerful, warped, original blues called "Lay My Head Down." "I've been tired every day, every day of my life so far," he seethed. "But when that sun comes back around, that guillotine will lay my head down."

As a guitar player, he's learned from Jimmy Page, just as Mr. Spence has learned from John Bonham, laying way back in the groove and going hard on the bass drum. Both "Lay My Head Down" and the stop-time stomp "Shame" used the greatest parts of Led Zeppelin: not just the riffs and grooves, but also the sense of space. The bassist Stephen Tanner, making big, resonant notes like paving stones, enlarged that space.

And they burrowed into 17 years of music: new stuff, old stuff; thrashers, howlers, tender songs; short songs at a crawling tempo; long songs that needed their length; the Southern-boogie "Misery," mixing dumb riffs and strange ones, taking what you already know and melting it into something else; "Motown," like a Weezer hit with an unexpected cosmic chorus; a new dirge, "I Just Want to Go Home," heartfelt and miserable. -[New York Times]

While the Times nailed the guts of Harvey Milk's Monday night headlining set, it neglects to discuss both The Atlas Moth and the beautiful disaster that was Coalesce.

And Coalesce was a mess, but in the best possible way. I've heard that the band refers to itself as a "bass and drums band", and live it is definitely adheres to that. Guitarist Jes barely plays his instrument, opting for noise/feedback and spastic dance moves instead (to great effect) while the rest of the band lays down the brutality. Jes spent at least 3/4 of one song laying on the floor of venue and feedingback the guitars like Thurston Moore circa Dirty. Wild to say the least.

The Atlas Moth impressed yet again, drawing heavily from one of my favorite LPs of 2009 for their bluesy and epic set. Those of you heading to SXSW will have plenty of chances to check them out, including at TWO BrooklynVegan shows: 3/17 at Emos and 3/18 at Hoeks Death Metal Pizza.

More pictures (including one of HM's setlist) and some video from the show, below...

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SXSW flyer

As previously mentioned, we've lost our minds and are doing seven shows in Austin during SXSW this year. The first of those parties kicks off at Emo's at noon on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 (doors @ 11:30am) on two 100% FREE stages:

Outside/Main Stage
12:00 YellowFever
12:45 The Rural Alberta Advantage
01:30 The Morning Benders
02:15 Japandroids
03:00 Titus Andronicus
03:45 The Black Angels
04:30 GZA
05:15 Fucked Up

DJs: Finger on the Pulse

Inside/Metal Stage (Emo's Jr)
12:00 - Kill The Client
12:35 - The Atlas Moth
01:20 - Javelina
02:05 - Dark Castle
02:50 - Salome
03:35 - Landmine Marathon
04:20 - Withered
05:05 - Torche

FREE DRINKS COURTESY OF: Magic Hat & Firefly Vodka & Vitamin Water (while supplies last)
(starting @ noon. while supplies last)
MORE FREE FOOD COURTESY OF: Daily Juice (catering from 2-5)

We previously announced the entire metal stage for this Wednesday day party, but Dallas's Kill The Client is an even newer addition. They start the inside stage of off right, right at noon (as you can see above).

Thanks Zach Jaeger for the sweet flyer.

The Morning Benders, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Austin's own YellowFever, AND GZA are all being announced for the first time in this post. Those following along already knew about Fucked Up, The Black Angels, Titus Andronicus, and Japandroids.

It should be a wild first day in Austin and needless to say, we're very excited for this one. And did we mention this was all free? No RSVP. No Badges. Just stop by. Get there early if you want a free vegan breakfast taco. Stay around if you want even more catering by Daily Juice. Drink for free from our 10 kegs of Magic Hat beer and the many bottles of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka that we'll be pouring. Then after the show, if you're still hungry (and standing), get dinner quickly and head over to the official BrooklynVegan SXSW showcase at Club DeVille right down the block (Dawes go on at 8, Serena Maneesh finish things off at 1am). Then get some rest because you've got 19 more bands to catch on Thursday afternoon at Spider House.

And for those in NYC, don't forget that we're also hosting a free Morning Benders show, TONIGHT (3/8).

We also just announced the full lineup of our Saturday day party at Red 7 which is happening at the same time as our Saturday day party at Galaxy Room.

GZA's "Liquid Swords" video below...

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