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There's a presale underway for the Decemberists' upcoming tour.

The Decemberists are touring this Fall and unfortunately (for us, not them) the days of small club shows are over (for now anyway). The Petra-less Capitol Records recording artist's NYC date is a headlining one at Hammerstein Ballroom on November 3rd. All dates below...

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The Decemberists

Chromewaves found this post by Colin Meloy on the Decemberists message board:

"it's an amicable thing; we still are friends. For one thing, we initially had asked her to come aboard as a touring musician for just the Picaresque tours. We hadn't really expected to take her on as a full-time part of the band. There was some talk about that happening, but in the end, after the tours were over and we were back in the comforts of our homes it didn't necessarily still make sense".

So maybe my Foo Fighters 'tour date' post really should have read "The EX-Decemberist Petra Haden is playing violin for Foo Fighters this summer".

NON-FOO PETRA SHOWS | 2006 (thx J)
June 23 - w/ Kelly Joe Phelps, and Bill Frisell @ Symphony Space, NYC
June 28 - w/ Yuka Honda @ Tonic, NYC

Foo Fighters acoustic tour w/ Petra Haden & Frank Black
The Decemberists @ Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY | Pics
Petra Haden joins the Decemberists

for those who aren't sick of my Decemberists & Jenny Lewis posts yet...
* Ear Farm has the entire Decemberists Vegoose performance in MP3 format
* rbally has the MP3s from Jenny Lewis' recent BBC performance

Colin Meloy | Download & Buy & Stuff
Jenny Lewis DJd Misshapes | Shooting for Blue States Lose

"Confirming a rumor that has been floating around the indie world for weeks, Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy revealed to Pitchfork this weekend that his band has indeed signed to Capitol Records."

The Decemberists

EARLASH: Cool. So my last question: you talked about how the Decemberists are on an upswing right now and you're getting a lot of attention all of a sudden. Where do you think this is going and where do you want it to go? What's the five-year plan?

COLIN MELOY: I think we want to keep it realistic in keeping it in the indie community. Not to say that the major label industry has ever been that healthy, but it seems to be particularly unhealthy right now and really messed up and not a lot of positive, productive, creative stuff is coming out. And I think the indie community right now is as strong as it's ever been and there's some really, really great stuff coming out. So I'd like to keep moving in that circle. And to continue maintaining our creative freedom. We have an ideal situation at Kill Rocks Stars. They let us do whatever we want. And yeah, just to be able to quit my day job at some point and be able to do music full time. [from an earlash interview - July 2003]


HUSH RECORDS: What is your opinion of the Portland music scene?

COLIN MELOY: I go back and forth on that. I'm really pleased to see how many solid indie labels have taken such a vested interest in a lot of the more marginalized Portland bands right now: The Thermals, Desert City Soundtrack, The Standard, KOLS, The Joggers. Regardless of how disparate their musics, they all deserve what they get. I think a lot of other bands who are sinking themselves into the mire of major label grovel-dom could learn a thing or two from these bands and change their tune. [The rest of that undated interview]


It seems inevitable that The Decemberists will follow in Death Cab For Cutie's footsteps and sign to a major label. Word on the street says they're joining Radiohead, Coldplay, The Magic Numbers, and Morningwood over at Capitol Recods.

Colin Meloy (Decemberists) & Laura Veirs Touring
Decemberists to Release Animated "Tain" DVD | Stills

Laura Veirs

Donewaiting reports the following dates for a Colin Meloy solo tour with Laura Veirs:

1/18/06 seattle, wa - showbox
1/19/06 portland, or - aladdin theater
1/20/06 san francisco, ca - great american music hall
1/21/06 los angeles, ca - el rey theatre
1/23/06 chicago, il - park west
1/25/06 boston, ma - paradise rock club
1/26/06 new york, ny - town hall
1/27/06 philadelphia, pa - theatre of living arts
1/28/06 alexandria, va - birchmere

A few of the shows (not NYC) are already on sale. Laura also has some solo shows coming up before then like December 11th @ Mercury Lounge (on sale at Ticketweb). Check her tour date page for more.

Listen to Laura Veirs

* an NPR feature on Laura
* Laura @ Myspace
* Year of the Meteors Reviews
* Stereogum likes her

Colin Meloy Solo @ Fez in a Blizzard | Pics
Colin Meloy's 2nd Night @ Fez | Pics
Colin Meloy & Janeane Garofalo
The Decemberists @ NYU | Pics | Part 1

"To celebrate the completion of The Tain (Super 8 version with Decemberists soundtrack slated to appear on the upcoming date), I thought I might let my hair down and let you peek at a few stills. Thanks to Corporal Bradley for hooking this up. The DVD release date is still TBA." [Decemberists Message Board] (thx J)

The Tain

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You can stream three new Decembeists songs (performed live) on the Decemberists' fake Pure Volume page. (thx Brooke)

And if you didn't know already, the Decemberists are on the Internet Archive. Right now there are 10 live shows up there for download. You'll need lossless FLAC software to listen to them though.

The Decemberists & Whale @ Webster Hall, NYC | pics

The Decemberists @ Webster Hall

The Decemberists played Webster Hall in NYC last night (Oct 5, 2005). It was their second night in a row at the same venue, and the third time they played Webster Hall since the club started having "Bowery Presents" indie rock shows around a year ago.

The Decemberists @ Webster Hall

They've upgraded the Mariner's Revenge whale act where the crowd screams as they're swallowed by the whale.

The Decemberists @ Webster Hall

Other Highlights
* They played a cover of E.L.O.'s Mr. Blue Sky
* They closed with I Was Meant For The Stage
* I heard that Colin crowd surfed the first night
* I heard they got the whole crowd to sit (like they did at Warsaw) the first night

The Decemberists @ Webster Hall

Myla Goldberg of Brooklyn on Colin Meloy
Colin Meloy & Ben Gibbard @ Summerstage, NYC | Pics
The Decemberists | Queer as Rock

"Utilizing words like "palanquin", "parapets", and "chaparral" may not necessarily indicate you're gay; it could just mean you're a creative writing major. In the case of Decemberists' main man Colin Meloy, only the latter is true, but Meloy has a penchant for a sort of overblown, fey ambiance, right down to his word choice."

Popmatters: The Decemberists, Queer as Rock (via Chromewaves)

Decemberists Fall 2005 Tour Dates
Download covers by the Decemberists
Colin Meloy Solo @ Fez in a Blizzard | Pics

These fall tours don't stop... The Decemberists just listed a whole bunch of tour dates in September and October 2005. Guess where they're playing in NYC? Of course. October 4th & 5th @ Webster Hall. (thx Neuman)

The Decemberists MP3 Covers Collection
The Decemberists @ Webster Hall - pics
Franz Ferdinand Tour Dates
Devendra Banhart Tour Dates
New Pornographers Tour Dates

My Old Kentucky Blog neatly organized some of Castor & Pollux's Decemberists MP3 Collection.

Download 10 live cover songs by the Decemberists

The Decemberists @ Warsaw

The Decemberists show @ Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY last night (May 26th, 2005) was so, so good. It was their last show on this tour to support Picaresque.

The Decemberists @ Warsaw

The Decemberists @ Warsaw

From their entrance on stage in traditional Polish costumes (Warsaw is actually a Polish club & they lent them the clothes) to the Petra Haden solo number to the Colin vs Chris "Richie Sambora" Funk guitar battle to to the entire crowd sitting and shushing on Colin's command to the special surprise rendition of the Tain to close the show, the show was high energy and amazing.

The Decemberists @ Warsaw

The Decemberists @ Warsaw

Were you there? Leave reviews in the comments.

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The Decemberists @ NYU

I've seen the Decemberists so many times in so many different venues. I was lucky enough to see their first NYC appearance ever at Knitting Factory in May 2003. I followed them to Mercury Lounge, Luxx (now Trash), Bowery Ballroom, and Webster Hall. I had tickets to see them at Maxwells, but never used them (family emergency). I saw them in the NYC KEXP studios, and I saw them while I was in Atlanta, Georgia (at the Echo Lounge). I saw Colin play some solo shows at Fez. Last week (April 28th, 2005) I saw them at NYU's Kimmel Center.

Unfortunately, I don't think I'm making it to the sold out Irving Plaza show this Thursday, though I plan on checking them out at Warsaw in Brooklyn in May.

This is the first of at least two photosets from the NYI show. I'll call this one "The many faces of Colin Meloy."

The Decemberists @ NYU

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"In response to the band’s recent multi-thousand dollar loss of precious musical equipment, a few kind people have put together this Benefit Auction on eBay to help defray the cost of keeping the band in instruments. Among the items to be auctioned are several original Carson Ellis watercolors of a few of the stolen items, a Craig Thompson (of Blankets fame) original drawing depicting the procession of the Infanta, several Barger Rothery Academy badges (as seen in the ‘Sixteen Military Wives’ video), and many, many more cool bits of arcana."

as seen on Done Waiting.


Decemberists on KCRW | & @ NYU
Decemberists playing Summerstage
The Decemberists | 16 Military Wives Video

Watch or Listen to the Decemberists on KCRW.

The Decemberists are playing a $7 show at NYU on April 28th. (students or student impersonators only). That's a full six days before they play the sold out Irving Plaza. All dates here.

Paste Magazine gave "Picaresque" four stars.


The Decemberists are playing Summerstage (with Death Cab for Cutie who are on the OC tonight)
The Decemberists | Picaresque & M.I.A. | Arular

It's finally here. It seems like we've been talking about the Picaresque leak for ages. As of today, your MP3s go from 'illegaly downloaded leaked version of the album' to plain old "illegaly downloaded version of the album.'

Tiny Mix Tapes celebrates the release with a perfect score for Picaresque....

"The Decemberists somehow just get better and better with every release. From 5 Songs to Castaways and Cutouts to Her Majesty, each record trumps the last one in terms of quality, scope, and praise. So when it came time to release their third full-length, Colin Meloy and company did exactly what everyone thought they'd do: released their best and most ambitious album to date."

Stylus gave it a B+

Rolling Stone voted lowest with only 3.5 stars.

LargeHearted Boy posted a Decemberists' Daily Download

The Decemberists are in need of financial assistance. It's time to pay for the album. Order Picaresque.

Pitchfork, who seems to stick to the 'one major release per day' method, passed on Picaresque today, in favor of M.I.A.'s, actually released, Arular. With an 8.6, it's the newest addition to their 'best of' list. No surprises there.

Order Arular from Insound.

Happy World Water Day


The Decemberists | 16 Military Wives Video

Blogging M.I.A. | Sri Lankan Hip Hop Mix

The Decemberists posted their new video for 16 Military Wives on their site for download. BitTorrent required.

The video features a model United Nations, with Colin Meloy representing the United States. Martey DoDoo analyzed Korea's depiction in the video.

The bearded teacher is played by JR from the Long Winters. The lunch lady is played by Decemberists photographer Alicia J. Rose. Members of Death Cab for Cutie and Tom Heinl are in there too. Recognize anyone else?

In other news...The Decemberists had to postpone their show scheduled for tonight in Vancouver due to the theft of their gear. Maybe Conor Bright Eyes will give the stuff back after Picaresque is released next week, and they'll all kiss and make up.

:-(   The Decemberists announced that all their stuff was stolen. (via Sushi High)

"At some time between 3 a.m. and 8 a.m., the band's gear trailer was stolen from outside a house in SE Portland, near the Aladdin Theatre. Heartbreakingly, it housed practically every piece of instrumentation belonging to the Decemberists." ....more

5 songs The Decemberists put a whole bunch of rare stuff up for auction. 100% of the proceeds go to a Tsunami charity. Get signed posters, Colin Meloy Morrissey EPs, and a 5 Songs EP (pictured).

You can now pre-order that album you've been listening to for months. Do the right thing.

UPDATE: Download The Engine Driver (legally) (mp3)

And don't forget the Decemberists are about to play your town.

JoeCritic releases an early review. (9.5/10)

Meloy was meant for the stage.

The Decemberists have announced the rest of their 2005 tour dates.

May 4th Irving Plaza, NYC
May 26th Warsaw, Brooklyn

The rest here.


Colin Meloy Stuff

Kiki and Herb Kiki and Herb's final performance at Carnegie Hall is now a double CD. And as cool as I think it is that they covered the Decemberists, I really only wrote that to grab your indie rock attention. It's true. They cover "I was Meant for the Stage," not to mention "When Doves Cry," and "Total Eclipse of the Heart" in what has been described as "an emotionally exhausting, career-capping show."

The CD is officially released on Feb. 1st, and you can order your copy from CD Baby. (where you'll find a much longer description).

For even more info, and to download some tracks, check out Bride of Bloggenstein and Ultrasparky.

Backstage photos here, and a report from the show in September at Cheesedip.

So a bunch of kids from Australia got a band together, and covered Joanna Newsom and The Decemberists. Stream and download the questionable cover songs here.

Hi everyone.

We meant to announce this soon, though I realize that the folks at KRS kind of let the proverbial cat out of the bag.

We’re very sad to announce that Rachel Blumberg has decided, after much deliberation, to leave the group. We’re going to to miss her tons, but we all collectively feel it’s for the best.

Since joining the group, Rachel has always made it clear that Norfolk and Western, the band she shares with her sweetheart, Adam Selzer, has been her priority. Unfortunately, our increasingly hectic schedule has never really made this a possibility. Her decision to leave was a very difficult one to make, but we all support her wholeheartedly.

In happier news, we’ve taken the opportunity to shake up the ranks a bit and are pleased to welcome two new members to the Decemberist family, John Moen and Petra Haden. John’s a bit of a cornerstone of the Portland rock community and is a member of Steve Malkmus’ Jicks as well as his own band the Maroons; Petra was a founding member of That Dog and has played with tons of folks including the Rentals, Beck, and Cibo Matto. They’re both incredibly sweet people and we’re really pleased to have them on board.

So anyway, just wanted to write a little note to let you all know what was happening. Norfolk will be heading on the road this spring with M. Ward as both his opening and backing band, a show which everyone should go see.



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Lured in after a listen

Thanks to More Cowbell for the heads up.


Colin Meloy (Decemberists) cover Morrissey

Colin Meloy on the Picaresque Leak