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Colin Meloy @ Town Hall, NYC - Jan 26, 2006 (MORE)
Colin Meloy at Town Hall

On April 8th, Kill Rock Stars will release Colin Meloy Sings Live! – a 14-song set documenting The Decemberists’ lead singer/songwriter’s 2006 solo tour. Meloy’s two-week trek across the U.S. coincided with the release of Colin Meloy Sings Shirley Collins, his six-song EP paying homage to the revered British folksinger. While the latter collection (and its predecessor, Colin Meloy Sings Morrissey) were only sold on tour, Colin Meloy Sings Live! will be available at retail in both CD and double-gatefold LP configurations.
I also hear that Colin will be supporting the new album with another solo tour sometime around the release date, which I guess also means that the cancelled Decemberists tour won't be rescheduled for any time soon. The Decemberists only have four currently scheduled dates - 2 in Oregon, and 2 in Washington. (those kick off tonight, dates below).

Laura Veirs opened for Colin back on that 2006 tour, and she was supposed to open for the Decemberists on some of those cancelled dates. In the future she's playing Union Hall in Brooklyn on January 27th, and then touring Europe. All dates below....

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DOWNLOAD: The Decemberists - Perfect Crime (Junior Boys Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Page France - The Ruby Ring Man (live at the Crocodile Cafe) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Nirvana - talk to me (crocodile cafe 1992) (MP3)

Crocodile Cafe

"I think it's a blow to the scene," said David Meinert, a local promoter and publicist. "Part of the side effect of the mayor's downtown development plan, which seems to have no room for live music in it. The Croc is an institution. At the same time, things change, and keeping a venue open as long as the Croc has been, through all the changes the music scene has been through, is a very difficult job. I feel for any club owner trying to make it in Seattle."

Local musician Chris Martin, a guitarist in local rock band Kinski, called the Crocodile Café "the most exciting club to play in town." [The Seattle Times] (thx Renee)

David Bazan played the last show. Nirvana played there. Beth Ditto fell there.

The DecemberistsAccording to the schedule that is still posted on the club's website "Bobby Bare Jr. and the Decemberists" were supposed to play there on January 26th - which, according to the Tractor Tavern where the show will now take place, is actually Bobby "with members" of the Decemberists. The Decemberists have played with Bobby before, and they're (all of them) scheduled to play Seattle twice just four days later - two of four West Coast shows they have scheduled. It will be the first time they play since cancelling a whole tour due to illness.

Also on the Croc schedule: Atlas Sound, Black Mountain, A Place to Bury Strangers, Tilly & The Wall, Beach House, and Born Ruffians. All Decemberists & Bobby Bare dates below...

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they did manage to play in Chicago though - Oct 28-29, 2007 (CRED)

The Decemberists were supposed to play their first of 2 NYC shows at the massive Terminal 5 tonight (Nov 1, 2007), and at least one of the shows was sold out....

With much regret The Decemberists have cancelled the remainder of "The Long and Short of It" tour.

One of our band members has been ill for a while but we thought all would be well in time for these tour dates. After a couple shows, though, it has become clear that the illness is much worse than we had initially realized. We need to return home so our friend can mend.

It saddens us to disappoint our fans. We hope everybody understands it is only because of an extreme situation that we had to cancel a tour we've all been excited about doing since the idea was originally hatched.

Our deepest apologies but at this time no plans are being made to reschedule the dates. Ticket holders should seek refunds at poin of purchase.

I hope it's nothing serious. They had to recently cancel some European dates for the same reason.

Love him or hate him, you can never forget the moustached Central Park Summerstage security guy....

w/ Decemberist Chris Funk
Decemberists @ Summerstage

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DOWNLOAD: The Decemberists - Engine Driver (MP3)

I've been to my fair share of Decemberists shows, but I think this is the first time I got a picture of Colin Meloy getting air...

Decemberists @ Summerstage

The show last night (July 16, 2007) at Summerstage was perfect start to end - Land of Talk into Grizzly Bear into the Decemberists - I couldn't ask for anything more. Colin and crew played a great set to a sold out crowd of endearing, and younger-than-ever, fans. More pics soon.

DOWNLOAD: The Decemberists - The Tain w/ LA Philharmonic (MP3) (more)

the Decemberists @ Hollywood Bowl - 7.7.7 (CRED)
The DEcemberists @ Hollywood Bowl

Download the rest of the audio from The Decemberists' recent (7/7/7) LA Philarmonic show @ the Archive.

The Decemberists are playing a free MySpace secret show at the Mohawk in Austin tonight (July 11).

They play a not-free show at Central Park Summerstage with Grizzly Bear and Land of Talk (who are also playing Citysol) on Monday July 16th. It's sold out, but I have one pair of tickets to give away to one lucky winner. To win, e-mail BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM (subject: Decemberists) and let me know what the last show you saw was. One winner will be picked at random. Contest ends July 12 @ 5pm EST.

Check out their recent appearance on Leno, tour dates, and other stuff, below....

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DOWNLOAD: The Long Winters - Ultimatum (MP3)

The Long Winters' John Roderick blogged Bonnaroo this year.

The DEcemberists @ Bonnaroo

In all fairness, I should probably recuse myself from reviewing the Decembrists. They are a band I know, we’ve toured together and I’ve appeared in one of their music videos. Also, Decembrist Chris Funk guested on the Long Winters’ most recent album. I can’t possibly review their show impartially, because I like them too much.

On the other hand, I’ve been in a “fake feud” with them for several years, involving some “smack talking” and pranking, which despite my best efforts has failed to catch fire mostly because they reciprocate too passively. (I think they’re holding out for a fake feud with Sufjan Stevens or something). So I can’t really be trusted not to call them a bunch of fruity, Vaudeville, pirate-song-singing sissies just to burn their britches a little.

But in this instance I’m acting as a professional journalist and I must honor my caste by reporting the news without adornment. They played their epic song, "The Tain," which was a bold choice, and their kitchy theatricality played exceptionally well with the big crowd.

At one point Colin led the audience in bidding the sun to set, and the effect was like a pagan ceremony — 15,000 people all motioning in unison toward the sun. In the end Mavis Staples joined them for a song, which was a little like... Like... Well, there is no better analogy for an unfathomable incongruity than: Like Mavis Staples jamming with the Decembrists. [John Roderick]

John was not as nice about the Hold Steady....
These fellows have a rabid popularity that leaves me deeply conflicted. Although their live show is undeniably full of energy, full of engagement, and full of whimsy, their music is full of s--t.
...which I guess serves the Hold Steady right for recently talking s--t about Jim Morrisson and The Doors.

More Decemberists photos (by BV Bonnarooo correspodent Andrew Fischler) below....

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Grizzly Bear shirt

Let's get up to date
* Grizzly Bear, The Decemberists & Land of Talk are playing Summerstage
* Grizzly Bear ARE (also) opening for Feist
* The Decemberists are playing with an orchestra, BUT NOT at Summerstage

Details & dates below.....

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DOWNLOAD: The Rosebuds - Get Up Get Out (MP3)

Land of Talk @ Mercury Lounge, NYC April 5, 2007 (CRED)
Land of Talk @ Mercury Lounge

I couldn't be more excited for the July 16th Summerstage show now - Land of Talk have been added as opener. Grizzy Bear + the Decemberists + Land of Talk = awesome. Tickets are still on sale.

Land of Talk will also be going out on tour with The Rosebuds starting May 28th in Toronto. That means LOT are not playing the Bowery show which is on May 24th.

The Rosebuds have a new record out on Merge (Night of the Furies) - MP3 from that above. Land of Talk are coming out with a 7" in the UK on May 21st - they're also touring the UK. All tour dates below...

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"On July 21, 1853, the New York State Legislature approved a bill designating a piece of land in the middle of Manhattan for a great public park: the nation's first major public park." [a history of Central Park]


Tickets are on sale for the (Bowery Presents) July 16th Decemberists/Grizzly Bear show at Central Park Summerstage. For a Summerstage show, $30 is not that bad.

I've been slacking on keeping the NYC summer concert list totally up to date - some of it is even split on to a different page. I'm fixing that problem now. In the meantime, the most updated Central Park Summerstage list I could come up with is below (lots of new ones)....

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Last night The Decemberists played their second of two shows at Loews Theater in Jersey City, NJ. Grizzly Bear recently played two nights at Bowery Ballroom. On July 16, 2007 the two bands will play together at Central Park Summerstage. The show is not free - a presale starts on March 26th, and regular tickets go on sale at Ticketmaster two days later.

I've added this show to the list of other known 2007 Summerstage shows. All Decemberists & Grizzly Bear tour dates below....

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The last thing I had right now was enough energy to head to Jersey City to catch the Decemberists....

The Decemberists in Jersey City, NJ - Mar 21, 2007 (CRED)
The Decemberists @ Loews

The Decemberists in Jersey City, NJ - Mar 21, 2007 (CRED)
The Decemberists @ Loews

How were the shows? How is the new Decemberists DVD? More info on that and Fleetwood Mac, below....

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My Brightest Diamond @ Tonic, NYC | Jan 17, 2007 (CRED)
My Brightest Diamond @ Tonic

The Decemberists and My Brightest Diamond are kicking off a Spring tour together in Jersey City on March 21st.

03-21 Jersey City, NJ - Loews Theater
03-22 Jersey City, NJ - Loews Theater

Check here for the presale, and here for the regular sale. All tour dates below...

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CHECK IT OUT: Colin Meloy's Top 10 Albums of 2006

Chris Funk

" Stephen Colbert, of basic cable television program 'The Colbert Report,' has formally accepted a counter-counter challenge from The Decemberists, setting the stage for an epic battle on par with Ali vs. Frazier, Scopes v. State and Kramer vs. Kramer. The winner-take-all guitar duel will take place on Wednesday, December 20th at 11:30 pm ET/PT on Comedy Central’s 'The Colbert Report.'"

Decemberists vs. Colbert
Village Voice takes on the Decemberists
I saw the Daily Show, but not Tom Waits or Tenacious D

DOWNLOAD: Norfolk & Western - The Longest Stare (MP3)

Actually it's not true, but this is kind of interesting (thx Jeffrey). The above MP3 is off Norfolk & Western's The Unsung Colony, courtesy of Hush Records.

M Ward w/ N&W @ Castle Clinton
Decemberists Shakeup | New Lineup

The Decemberists

What did Colin Meloy ever do to Chris Ott? jeez.

Video of The Decemberists @ Hammerstein Ballroom
Voice says Bob Dylan tribute show was boring
new Voice not as big Hold Steady fans

free CMJ shows @ The Apple Store in SOHO, NYC
Monday, October 30th, 3pm - Tokyo Police Club
Tuesday, October 31st, 3pm - CSS (busy)
Wednesday, November 1st, 3pm - Asobi Seksu
Thursday, November 2nd, 3pm - Cold War Kids
Friday, November 3rd, 1pm - The Decemberists (damn)
Friday, November 10th, 1pm - Cut Chemist

(thx Eduardo)

DOWNLOAD: A podcast by the Hold Steady (MP3)

The Hold SteadyThe Decemberists

Two of my favorite bands put out CD's today, so happy Hold Steady Decemberists day. It's just too bad their latest live show situation didn't work out so well -- The Hold Steady played Irving Plaza while I was at Sufjan (not to mention while others were at the Mountain Goats). The Decemberists' next show is at the too-big Hammerstein Ballroom in the middle of the too-busy CMJ.

* Boys & Girls in America @ Insound ($11.99)
* The Crane Wife @ Insound ($15.99 - free poster)
* Or buy both @ Amazon for $23.98. Add $1.02 to your order for free shipping.

The Hold Steady

* Boys & Girls in America - Best New Music (9.4)
* The Crane Wife - Best New Music (8.4)

The Decembiersts are performing on Conan O'Brien tonight - Oct 3rd (all tour dates). Also see them by volunteering. The Hold Steady are somewhere in the USA right now.

The Decemberists

"Meloy will join forces with the Oregon League of Conservation Voters for a private living-room gig Friday (Oct. 6). Fans able to cough up $75 a seat -- all of which goes to OLCV coffers -- will catch the songwriter in what's sure to be one of most intimate shows of the year." [Aversion]

More Cowbell created The Hold Steady Guide to the Twin Cities

DOWNLOAD STUFF: Just Pretend, Recidivism, The Smudge of Ashen Fluff, Instrumental Analysis, The DIY Rockstar, & Still Kisses With Saliva.

Stream the Decemberists' The Crane Wife
Decemberists' Picaresque
The Decemberists love NYC
33 1/3 Let it Be (The Replacements) by Colin Meloy
BrooklynVegan 2004 Retrospective
Stream The Hold Steady's Boys and Girls in America
The Hold Steady @ Bowery Ballroom (5/2005). NYC | Pics
The Hold Steady @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC | Pics
The Hold Steady @ Mercury Lounge | Report

"The thing that worries me about Lily Allen, even though I love that record, is that she’s just going to get too big." [Colin Meloy to Pitchfork]

Lily Allen IS playing NYC | North American Tour Dates
Capitol's Lily Allen playing LA | 2006 Tour Dates
Decemberists 2006 Tour Presale
Official: The Decemberists Sign to Capitol Records

There's a presale underway for the Decemberists' upcoming tour.

The Decemberists are touring this Fall and unfortunately (for us, not them) the days of small club shows are over (for now anyway). The Petra-less Capitol Records recording artist's NYC date is a headlining one at Hammerstein Ballroom on November 3rd. All dates below...

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The Decemberists

Chromewaves found this post by Colin Meloy on the Decemberists message board:

"it's an amicable thing; we still are friends. For one thing, we initially had asked her to come aboard as a touring musician for just the Picaresque tours. We hadn't really expected to take her on as a full-time part of the band. There was some talk about that happening, but in the end, after the tours were over and we were back in the comforts of our homes it didn't necessarily still make sense".

So maybe my Foo Fighters 'tour date' post really should have read "The EX-Decemberist Petra Haden is playing violin for Foo Fighters this summer".

NON-FOO PETRA SHOWS | 2006 (thx J)
June 23 - w/ Kelly Joe Phelps, and Bill Frisell @ Symphony Space, NYC
June 28 - w/ Yuka Honda @ Tonic, NYC

Foo Fighters acoustic tour w/ Petra Haden & Frank Black
The Decemberists @ Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY | Pics
Petra Haden joins the Decemberists

for those who aren't sick of my Decemberists & Jenny Lewis posts yet...
* Ear Farm has the entire Decemberists Vegoose performance in MP3 format
* rbally has the MP3s from Jenny Lewis' recent BBC performance

Colin Meloy | Download & Buy & Stuff
Jenny Lewis DJd Misshapes | Shooting for Blue States Lose