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The full list of artists confirmed for the 2012 CMJ Music Marathon so far is below...

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By Bill Pearis

The Good Natured

UK synthpop trio The Good Natured are heading over to the U.S. next month, playing Mercury Lounge on January 16 and Glasslands on January 17. They'll then head to the West Coast for shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles, including an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. All dates are at the bottom of this post.

The Good Natured released their first EP in 2008 when singer/songwriter Sarah McIntosh was just 17. After a string of singles -- and a couple Kitsune Maison appearances -- the band will release their debut album sometime in the first half of 2012. Though they are often referred to as "dark pop," single like "Skeleton" and "Video Voyeur" aren't that far off from La Roux or Robyn. You can check out some of their singles in video form at the bottom of this post.

This is not The Good Natured's first trip to the States. They played CMJ the last two years and then SXSW this year. Videos and 2012 tour dates are below.

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James Murphy @ Virgin FreeFest - 9/11/11 (photo by sanchita)
James Murphy

Holy Ghost! play a Fashion Week party at the Tribeca Grand hotel tonight (9/13). Additional sounds will be made by DJs Pat Mahoney (LCD Soundsystem), Harley Viera Newton, Steven Rojas, Mike Nouveau, and Mandy Brooks. The invite says to RSVP at Events@GrandLifeNYC.com. The DFA-signed Holy Ghost's only other upcoming show at the moment is 11/4 at Grog Shop in Cleveland.

Speaking of DFA, Juan Maclean has some DJ gigs coming up including September 25th at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn, part of Asa Ransom's residency. All JM dates are listed below.

As just mentioned, Free Energy are playing this year's CMJ Music Marathon in NYC. To be more exact, their show is at Brooklyn Bowl on 10/22 with Gotye, The Good Natured, and Bleeding Knees Club and you can get tickets now. All of their dates are listed below...

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by Andrew Sacher

CMJ (pic by thewildhoneypie)

The 2010 CMJ Music Marathon took place in NYC from Tuesday, 10/19 through Saturday, 10/23. Here's what I did, broken down by day...


I started day one of CMJ, my first-ever CMJ, at the 'Future of the Music Business, Really?' panel. It was really interesting and I learned a lot. The panelists discussed potential ways to keep the industry of recorded music alive, and from what I gathered, most of them agreed that if there was some way to pay a fee for unlimited music downloading, it would probably result in the most positive reception.

From there I hit the 'American Hardcore and the Rise of Modern Rock' panel. This was probably the most interesting panel I went to all week. It was moderated by American Hardcore: A Tribal History author Steven Blush and the panelists talked about how so many aspects of modern rock really are directly influenced from the early '80s hardcore scene, especially regarding the relevance of indie record labels, street teams, and samplers.

They also discussed how the American hardcore movement really is an art movement, not just a style of music. Among the panelists were Vic Bondi from Articles of Faith and Jack Rabid from the magazine, The Big Takeover. It was great to hear things about the movement from people who had really been there when it was prevalent. The event was one of many recent promotional appearances for Steven Blush. You can catch him again in NYC at The Strand at 7pm on 12/15.

Then I made my way over to the Ground Control showcase at Irving Plaza which was headlined by Jenny and Johnny (who I couldn't stay for). I really enjoyed Times New Viking - my first time seeing them. The drummer has the band move from one song to the next so quickly. I also enjoyed Wild Nothing's set a lot, especially now that I knew their album. I had actually seen them over the summer open for The Morning Benders but wasn't really familiar with them at the time.

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by Bill Pearis

Frankie and the Heartstrings

Dubbed the "sound of young Sunderland", the band look like a gang, and their painfully tight drainpipes justify their claim to have the "best trousers in pop". Just as important, they have a clutch of anthems made to learn and sing. Their stomping sound - which is surely scientifically impossible to dislike - dips into Dexys circa Searching for the Young Soul Rebels, mid-period Clash, 60s pop, Orange Juice, northern soul, romance and literature without loitering anywhere. Tender begins with an a cappella routine about reading F Scott Fitzgerald, and turns into a dancefloor pounder. Smash-in-waiting I Wrote This Song With You in Mind sounds like Wearside's answer to Blondie's Heart of Glass.

Such tunes transform the initial hush into a party atmosphere of smiling, sing-alongs and whooping. One couple start waltzing, while another girl risks flouting the indecency laws by patting the gyrating singer on his bottom. A former mobile DJ and hospital radio football commentator, Francis starts the bittersweet stomp of Fragile in the middle of the audience and ends it with people lining up to shake his hand. [The Guardian]

Frankie & the Heartstrings make their first visit to America this week for CMJ, playing Littlefield on Tuesday, October 20 at 9PM, and The Delancey on Wednesday, October 21 at 11:45PM.

The "smash-in-waiting" song the Guardian live review from April mentions above has since been titled "Ungrateful" and is Frankie & the Heartstrings new single, produced by Edwyn Collins. You can watch its video at the bottom of this post. The Dexys comparisons are pretty spot-on. Longtime Anglophiles might recognize keyboardist Pete Gofton from his days drumming for '90s band Keneckie.

The Littlefield show features a two other  up-and-coming UK acts: Chapel Club (dark, widescreen pop somewhere between Scott Walker and Kitchens of Distinction) and The Good Natured (aka ethereal dance-pop artist Sarah McIntosh).

The Delancey show on Thursday is the Wichita/Saddle Creek showcase, with Frankie & the Heartstrings sharing the stage with their mates Sky Larkin, Swedish duo First Aid Kit, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson and more.

All Frankie & the Heartstrings 2010 tour dates (CMJ and otherwise), plus some music videos, are below.

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