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photos by Matt Schiels

New York is Alright - 2014
New York is Alright - 2014
New York is Alright - 2014

The second annual NYC punk/hardcore festival New York's Alright went down last month (April) with shows at various venues, including the recently-opened Bushwick venue The Wick, which we're highlighting today. We also just posted pictures from their April Unsound show.

We caught both NY's Alright shows at The Wick, including 4/17 with Dawn of Humans, Contingent, Blotter, Asile and Goosebumps: and 4/20 with Hank Wood & the Hammerheads, Die, Savageheads, The Impalers and Razorheads. A set of pictures from both of those days are in this post.

unARTig was there too, and got videos of many bands at the festival, including Lumpy and the Dumpers at 538 Johnson on 4/19 which resulted in the slow-downed 11-second viral video of a boy in the audience getting hit by fireworks. Check out The Dumpers' full set, the fireworks meme, and more pics from The Wick, below...

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by BBG

Saint Vitus @ Irving Plaza in 2011 (more by BBG)
Saint Vitus

Chaos in Tejas (May 31-June 3 in Austin) have announced ANOTHER batch of bands to add to their ridiculous lineup including Saint Vitus, Church of Misery, No Statik, Toys That Kill, Pegasus, Martial Canterel, Anasazi, Bloodwing (mems of The Spits, who are on tour soon), Harm's Way, Hatred Surge, the Hex Dispensers, John Wesley Coleman, Joyce Manor, and many many others. The current full lineup and flyer is below and tickets are FINALLY going on sale TODAY (1/31).

Doom legends Saint Vitus are currently preparing their new LP Lillie: F-65 for Season of Mist. The record, their eighth and first in seventeen years (!), is tentatively set for release at the end of March. More details are forthcoming.

In related news, members of Mind Eraser also serve as personnel in Magic Circle, another Chaos in Tejas band. Look for Magic Circle to team with Pilgrim (who we recently interviewed), Windhand, and Natur at Public Assembly on March 1st.

The updated Chaos in Tejas lineup is below along with the flyer.

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by BBG

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists at Bell House (more by Erik Erikson)
Ted Leo

The Chaos in Tejas lineup expands more with another round of additions including the first Breakdown show in 25 years with the 87 demo lineup, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists (one of two upcoming Austin shows for Ted), the Clean (first Texas show ever), Deviated Instinct, Death Evocation (1st show), Mass Grave, Pierced Arrows, Australian garage rockers Royal Headache, No Fucker, New Orleans Bounce artist Katey Red, the Impalers, Cold World, Creem, Avon Ladies, Backtrack, Bi-Marks, Phobia and many others. Full list of new additions and the latest flyer is below.

The additions joined previously announced bands like Antisect, Winter, The Mob, Varukers, Best Coast, Moss Icon, Dropdead, Ringworm, Midnight, and many more.

Chaos in Tejas will add another 40+ bands in the coming weeks and tickets will go on sale on January 31st. More details are forthcoming.

Show flyer, video, and the list of all new additions below...

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photos by Tim Griffin and BBG, words by BBG

Youth of Today
Chaos in Tejas

After incredible shows with Cro-Mags/D-Clone at Emo's, Autopsy/Citizen's Arrest at Emo's, and Tragedy/Origin of M at Broken Neck, my third day at Chaos in Tejas started out at Emo's at 9PM where I caught a couple of songs by Spazm 151 before heading into see The Impalers on the inside stage. The Impalers is a supposedly short-lived project that features members of Mammoth Grinder, but from what I could tell, they could be taking it to another level. Brutal punk/crust with touches of metal.

After The Impalers, I hightailed it down to see one of my most anticipated shows of the fest, Youth of Today at Mohawk. Though Youth of Today had set-up but hadn't taken the stage (Ray Cappo was doing complicated yoga poses off stage), the energy was electric, with audience members literally moshing/stagediving to no music. Now that's excitement.

Ray Cappo, Porcell, Ken Olden, and drummer Vinny Panza are Youth of Today 2011, and as the band opened with the Break Down The Walls burner "Make a Change", Mohawk erupted with energy. The stage dives continued for the duration of their set as they played faves like "Disengage" and both a 7 Seconds ("Young Till I Die") and a Minor Threat cover ("Minor Threat"). Though I missed it, I heard from a few that there were people diving off of the top of Mohawk's balcony into the crowd below. Check out the video below. The show was one of the highlights of my night.... though there were a few.

After Youth of Today, I headed back to Emo's to catch a few minutes of the always fun Shitstorm (who also played Maryland Deathfest), followed by Feral Ward's signees Kieltolaki. Kieltolaki's crusty d-beat was great, but I cut out early to check out Iron Age at their last ever show (supposedly). It was good to see them one last time and the crowd responded appropriately, with fists raised, stage divers, and a pit. They will be missed.

Chaos in Tejas

After watching a good portion of Iron Age, I made sure to leave to check out all of Kriegshog, as the band was playing their first and last ever US show. The noisy Japanese crust band were furious, and the indoor Emo's crowd went insane for their short but incendiary live set which was comprised of material from their self-titled record, the Hardcore Hell EP, and various splits. Stage divers dove on top of each other, hung from the rafters, and ate up ever moment of the band's blistering performance. Check out their recorded material if you haven't already, its amazing.

Miasmal (who were also impressive at Maryland Deathfest) played the headlining slot on the indoor stage so I watched them until crusty hardcore legends Doom were ready outdoors. After Kriegshog the crowd outdoors were ready for more crusty hardcore, so the energy that the Tokyo band had built during their set only helped make Doom's set all the more incredible. Not to say that Doom was anything less than amazing on their own - their set was even somehow better than their showing at Maryland Deathfest, but it doesn't hurt to have a lead-in as amazing as Kriegshog was. Helluva way to finish off an amazing night three at Chaos in Tejas.

And while Tim and I were checking out crust, hardcore and metal, Keith Marlowe and Harriet Roberts were checking out garage and rock from bands like Guitar Wolf. Their set from Saturday is on the way. Ours continues, with video, below...

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