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by Jonathan Dick

Interpol, NYC, June 2014 (more by Dana (distortion) Yavin)

Next month will see the release of El Pintor, the fifth full-length from Interpol. Since their debut with 2002's acclaimed Turn on the Bright Lights, Interpol have continued to explore the depth of their music - a veritable force of sound that varies between the detached misanthropy of bands like Joy Division and those punk compositional textures of bands like Fugazi. While maturation can be a difficult thing to come by in the realm of initial popularity, Interpol have not let the success of their debut be a place of creative satisfaction. Even twelve years after their breakout, Interpol sound as ambitious as ever. BrooklynVegan spoke to Daniel Kessler (guitars/vocals) about the band's upcoming release and what their story has entailed so far.


It's been four years since the self-titled. Was there a different mindset for you guys coming into El Pintor just given that gap in time?

Daniel: We hadn't really discussed, in all honesty, "What are we gonna do" or "How are we gonna do this?" or "What's it gonna be like?" We really didn't. We just kinda got together in August 2012 and borrowed my friends in Battles' space for a few days and basically by day two Paul [Banks] was like "Maybe I should jump on the bass because I tend to sing the bass melodies pretty frequently, and it might help anchor the positions of the songs," and I was like "Cool." It was actually the first time we'd had any discussion about what we were gonna do bass wise for that record, and I had no idea what sort of bass player he really was. I knew he played bass on his record, but right away it was pretty clear. I was more enthused than anything. I'd say by day two or day three we had the formation of what are now a couple of songs on the record. Obviously it's not the songs on the record as far as arrangements, but we had a guitar and bass line and vocals, which we'd never really done that soon off the bat. Sam [Fogarino] flew down from Athens, and by the end of eight days we probably had three songs that were in pretty good shape, and we recorded it, and we really liked the construction, we liked what was happening energy-wise. We didn't really get together again after the last album until 2013 as far as writing goes, so we really wrote the whole record in 2013. It wasn't really, for me, until the very end that I started having a look at what kind of record we had made. During the writing process I knew that the songs had maybe an urgency to them, but I wasn't sort of analyzing anything while we were still in the game. It's like you're looking in from a step back. While we're in the middle of writing and all that, I'm just kind of more focused on what we're doing and logistics and when we're gonna get together again and stuff like that.

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BK mags

We already posted lots of posts today. Here's some more, and some reminders too...

With the opening of the Barclays Center (follow @BrooklynVegan on Twitter for some scenes from the chaos), both New York and Time Out ponder the changing landscape of Brooklyn in this week's issues.

Speaking of the new venue, Lady Gaga's MSG (2/22) & Barclays Center (3/6) shows sold out today, so she added one more at each venue. The new dates are 2/23 @ MSG and 3/7 @ Barclays. Both go on sale Friday, October 5th at 10am.

Other NYC shows that went on sale today include JEFF the Brotherhood, Field Report, Diamond Rings, Anais Mitchell, Kelly Hogan, Callers and Petty Fest.

And regarding that Staten Island politician talking shit about her, Lady Gaga thanked him.

As mentioned, Soundgarden is releasing a new album, their first in 15 years, on 11/13. Now you can hear the first song which is streaming at the bottom of this post.

In other bands who were good in the '90s Barclays Center news and, Smashing Pumpkins warmed up for their arena tour with an intimate, two-and-a-half-hour show at Stubb's in Austin last night. The tour hits the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Halloween.

Listen to the title track from Bad Brains' forthcoming new album.

Apple knows its maps app sucks.

Trevor Dunn, who is currently on tour as a member of Melvins Lite, took to his tour diary to comment on Green Day frontman BIlie Joe Armstrong's recent freakout: "That guy's main problem is that he doesn't realize that he is Justin Bieber."

Do you love the blown-out, pixelated artork on MIA albums? You may want to buy here coffee table book then.

On a somewhat similar publishing tip, Diplo "and photographer Shane McCauley are launching the zine series Blow Your Head. Each volume will explore a different country and musical genre.

Tour diaries are hot these days. (Have you read ours with Kelly Pratt whose touring with David Byrne and St. Vincent)? Diamond Rings and Stars writing about their adventures on the road for The Huffington Post. Those adventures included a show at Webster Hall this week.

Winter is coming for everyone, it seems. Neko Case tweeted today: "Dude. I'm just gonna admit to being balls-deep in Game of Thrones on CD."

While on the subject of rock star confessions, a recent quote from Pete Townshend: "What I remember of the size of Mick Jagger's penis - I remember it as being huge and extremely tasty."

If you need more, maybe you'd like to read some Phil Collins erotic fan fiction?

Speaking of St. Vincent, today is Annie Clark's 30th birthday. Happy Birthday, Annie! We always liked this picture of her, by Chris La Putt, from her days as a member of the Polyphonic Spree:


Catch St Vincent and David Byrne in Williamsburg Park on Saturday. How was their second Beacon show? Check out pictures from the first (also by Chris La Putt).

It's also Les Claypool of Primus' birthday, who turn 49. Catch Primus on tour this fall.

Not that surprising, but awesome -Austin just became the first Texas city to endorse marriage equality.

Austin music venue Scoot Inn, a popular place to be during SXSW, has a new owner.

Kreayshawn's new album flopped.

Mumford & Sons' new album probably won't.

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photos by Craig Barritt

Paul Weller

Paul Weller is in town for two shows at the Best Buy Theater tonight (5/18) and Saturday (5/19) to which tickets are still available. Last night, Weller played an invite-only show at the Paul Varvatos store (aka the old CBGBs space) and his 15 or so song set ran his entire career, from Jam classics "Eton Rifles" and "Art School" through songs off Weller's new album, Sonik Kicks.

Weller also stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and performed the Jam's "That's Entertainment." You can watch that below, and check out a few more pictures (mostly red carpet) and setlist from the Varvatos show.

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Paul Weller

Paul Weller begins his two night run at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square on Friday (tomorrow, 5/18), but first an invite-only show at the Varatos Store tonight. I don't have any tips for getting into the Varvatos store (aka the old CBGB space where the Jam played 30 years ago), but tickets are still available for the Best Buy Theater shows.

by Bill Pearis

Paul Weller - Sonic Kicks

Paul Weller will release his 11th solo album, Sonik Kicks, on March 27 via Yep Roc and features guest appearances from Graham Coxon and Noel Gallagher. They don't play on the same songs, but if anyone could end the 17-year Blur/Oasis feud (that isn't really a feud anymore), it's Paul Weller. You can check out videos for "That Dangerous Age" first single, "Around the Park" at the bottom of this post, and check out samples of all the songs over at Yep Roc's website.

More importantly to some, Weller will be playing two NYC shows at Best Buy Theater on May 18 and May 19. No other U.S. dates have been announced.

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Paul Weller at the theater previously known as Nokia (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)
Paul Weller

Though tickets are still available for his November 7th show at Best Buy Theater (formerly Nokia), Paul Weller has added a November 6th NYC show at Apollo Theater. Tickets for the new gig are currently on "AEG", "Venue" and "Fan Club" presale(s) (password = NOTEARS) and go on general sale Friday at noon (9/24). The NYC shows are two of three US dates scheduled for the ex-Style Council/The Jam member.

Speaking of The Jam, the band's 1980 album Sound Affects will be re-released on 11/1 in celebration of its 30th anniversary. The two-disc edition will feature 22 bonus tracks, as well as as demos, covers, b-sides and alternative versions. Tracklisting is below.

Paul Weller's Wake Up The Nation didn't win the Mercury Prize (that honor went to The xx), but Paul has another chance to win something. Q Magazine recently released its nominees for their annual "Q Awards" and Paul Weller was nominated for the "Best Male Artist". The list of nominees (and all Paul Weller tour dates) are below... some interesting choices...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Paul Weller @ Highline Ballroom

Paul Weller is on tour and was in NYC to play shows at Nokia Theatre (9/10) and Highline Ballroom (9/11) this week. This post contains a few pictures from last night's Highline Ballroom show followed by the Nokia setlist which points out that Kelly from Stereophonics (who played Webster Hall one night earlier) joined Paul and band on stage for some songs....

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by Black Bubblegum

From The Jam, and technically from The Jam
From The Jam

From The Jam is just that.... original members from The Jam (but NOT Paul Weller) who play the music OF The Jam.

The Jam was always three guys, (Weller, Foxton, & Buckler) but From The Jam's lineup is a little different:

Bruce Foxton - Bass/Vocals
Rick Buckler - Drums
Russell Hastings - Vocals/Guitar
Dave Moore - Guitar/Keyboards
So who the hell are these two other dudes? ESPECIALLY the guy who is attempting to replace Paul-mother-loving-Weller? Here's what their website has to say about it: "RUSSELL HASTINGS ...shocked audiences nationwide this year with his authentic and passionate interpretation in performance (vocals and guitar) of The Jam's back catalogue."

Apparently Hastings & Moore were members of a Jam COVER band entitled The Gift (named after the 1982 LP). So does that make FROM THE JAM actually The Jam? I say no (no Paul Weller, no dice), but if you are so inclined, check em' out at Blender Theater on September 26th. Tickets are on sale

Paul Weller is also playing shows here this fall. Last time he was here he played a night of all Jam songs. DO check him out.

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Paul Weller

Solo Studio Albums
Paul Weller - (1992) #8 UK
Wild Wood - (1993) #2 UK
Stanley Road - (1995) #1 UK
Heavy Soul - (1997) #2 UK
Heliocentric - (2000) #2 UK
Illumination - (2002) #1 UK
Studio 150 - (2004) #2 UK
As Is Now - (2005) #4 UK
22 Dreams - (2008) #1 UK
A tour in Septmeber. Two NYC shows. LA tickets are already on sale. All dates below...

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