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Fever RayFever Ray

Fever Ray (aka Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife) will bring her highly anticipated live show to North America this Fall. The tour begins with two performances at NYC's Webster Hall, a fitting venue for the launch of Andersson's return to the North American stage. In 2006 Andersson and brother Olof Dreijer - performing together as The Knife - debuted live to U.S. audiences with two sold-out shows at the acclaimed venue. This time, now supported by a four-piece band, Andersson's Fever Ray persona will be the main attraction.

Swedish multimedia artist Andreas Nilsson - who designed The Knife's live show and directed the video for her debut single "If I had A Heart"- is also the visual mastermind behind Fever Ray's live show. In designing the show Nilsson drew from his experience with the album. "The album has a mixture of acoustic and electronic sounds... something hard and visionary combined with something that is more organic. The live show should embrace that feeling," says Nilsson.

No ticket info yet. A short video glimpse of Fevery Ray's live show, other videos, and all dates below...

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SR photos by Jonny Leather

Fever Ray - out March 24
Fever Ray

Shilpa Ray @ Southpaw
Shilpa Ray

Move over Ox, it's the year of the Ray! (ha)...

In the Past few weeks, Shilpa Ray has kicked ass at Le Poisson Rouge, Mercury Lounge, Music Hall of Williamsburg (with the Duke Spirit), and Southpaw. More pictures from the Southpaw show below.

Fans of The Knife will not be disappointed by Fever Ray's haunting new album. Two official videos have been released so far (one yesterday). Watch them both below...

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Fever RayFever Ray

What would you do if one decade into your career you suddenly saw one of your songs turned into a worldwide hit, won six Grammys in your native Sweden, and your latest release was declared album of the year by one of the world's most influential music websites? If you're Karin Dreijer Andersson, formerly singer with '90s pop hopes Honey Is Cool and now one half of The Knife, the answer is to take a couple of years off and return as a solo artist under a new name: Fever Ray.

In Karin's own words, "I had so many songs to record that I just had to make an album. I thought I was going to have a longer break but I guess it will never happen. I can't stop working. My aim was to finish the album and now that it's done I'm a bit restless (good that The Knife has an opera to write then.) During the last years I discovered that I like to sing too, so I hope that my newly found live band will make it to the stages next year. We are rehearsing and building something beautiful and brilliant."

'If I Had A Heart' is the first single from Fever Ray: a stirring mantra, a boundless loop, a deep sleep spreading over fields and endless oceans. A dark evocation of hope and a demand for "more, give me more". The track will be available digitally on December 16.

Music and lyrics are by Fever Ray with production by Fever Ray & Christoffer Berg. The video for "If I Had a Heart" will be directed by Andreas Nilsson.

Mute will release the debut album physically on March 24th, 2009.

Check out some Honey Is Cool videos below...

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2006 was definitely the year of the Knife - there was the band, and there was the song. PARRKA brings both of them together in this exclusive mashup...

DOWNLOAD: Grizzly Bear/The Knife - Knife/Heartbeats mashup (by PARRKA) (MP3)

Knife Knife
Knifeless photo by Lane Coder

in case you missed it: Twelve more Grizzly Bear MP3s

plus: music is art has a live version of "Heartbeats"

BEACH HOUSE opening for fellow Pitchfork fav Grizzly Bear + WAY MORE
The Knife giving away "Christmas Reindeer" MP3

The Knife Christmas Reindeer

Now I know why I got in so much trouble for posting the Knife Christmas song - because the Knife had plans to give it away themselves.

*** Sorry, MUTE Records told me to take the MP3 down ***

DOWNLOAD: The Knife - Christmas Reindeer (MP3)

Christmas knives

hippest Christmas song ever. It's pretty good too.

The Knife's Silent Shout tops Gorilla Vs. Bear's top albums of 2006. We Share Our Mother's Health is one of his favorite songs too.

* The Knife announce DVD
* The Knife reissue old albums

DOWNLOAD: The Cure - Friday I'm in Love (MP3)

first of all - sorry for the lack of updates - it has as much to do with CMJ as it does with this website being completely broken at the moment - those who have tried to leave a comment lately will know what I mean.


Lo Fi Fnk @ Galapagos

Sweden's Lo Fi Fnk played their first-ever U.S. show @ Galapagos in Brooklyn Wednesday night. Since then they opened for Hot Chip at Webster Hall and played a FADER party.

"...Not only did they provide a fantastic album earlier this year, but it translated wonderfully in concert. It was the late night dancing and revelry I needed..." [Yeti Don't Dance]

"... Even more danceable was Lo Fi Fnk, who were probably my second favorite band to see of the night..." [benjamin braddock]

Lo Fi Fnk will make you dance - even at 12:35 in the afternoon which is when they make their next appearance at the free BrooklynVegan show downstairs @ Fontana's - on the Lower East Side of Manhattan - TODAY (Friday, November 3rd, 2006). They go on after the Mugs and before Forward Russia! - what a nice way to start the day (or spend your lunch)....

Forward Russia! @ KEXP in NYC | NOV 2, 2006 (CRED / MORE)
Forward Russia @ KEXP

Fontana's has also agreed to provide $4.00 drinks all day - Bloody Marys, mimosas, domestic beer, and well drinks. I promise next time I'll have drink sponsors - I've learned a lot about how that works this time around.

As you may or may not know, Fontana's is two floors. The shows are downstairs where the DJs from Finger on the Pulse will be playing songs between the bands. A big dance floor, a pool table, a large bar, and a ton of places to sit are upstairs. That's where we'll have the following lineup of DJs playing all day for your listening pleasure:

12-1 Prince Klassen
1-2 Fit For Use
2-3 John Lee
3-4 Ian Orth (Learning Secrets)
4-5 GrecoRoman
5-6 Choimatic

DOWNLOAD: Fit For Use mix (MP3)

DOWNLOAD: Learning Secrets mix (MP3)

DOWNLOAD: DJ Never Forget (FOP) mix (MP3)

DOWNLOAD: Terry Diabolik (FOP) mix (MP3)


(and if you didn't already, get an MP3 from every artist on this bill)

and see you @ The Annex on Saturday.


and oh yeah, The Knife played 2 shows @ Webster Hall
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The KnifeThe Knife

One of the most anticipated (and adulated) sets of the weekend came from Swedish siblings Olof and Karin of The Knife. A trip to their webpage bills the Silent Shout tour as "An Audio Visual Experience," and that is no lie. The duo remains behind a black-tinted scrim for the show's duration, with futuristic (and abstract) images projected from both sides. Some will scream "Blue Man Group!" and, frankly, they'll be right. But the body-paint-and-neon mixed with the jittery dance moves and inhuman detachment work with the Swedes' "mysterious" aura (and awesome material). I hear the duo only intended on playing five shows as The Knife; Øya marked their eighth already, and their first US show at Webster Hall will be the twelfth. This means that we Americans are very lucky; "Heartbeats" will kill any (and every) crowd it meets, and I'm sure that the upcoming indoor-club dates will be well-loved bouts of art-school worship and reefer madness. [Amrit Stereogum in Norway]

The Knife added a 2nd late show at Webster Hall on November 1st. The previously announced show on that date was pushed back two hours to become the early show. Not everyone is happy about that.


AND: You'll find a track by the Knife along with 36 other songs for download as part of RNR Star's Summer Mix

The November 1st NYC Knife show goes on sale at Noon. It's a CMJ show, so they're selling 250 less tickets than usual.

"The electro-rock brother-sister duo of Karin and Olof Dreijer--better known to you and me as The Knife--have finally announced their upcoming U.S. tour! Expect lots of masks, great tunes, and omnious synthesizers when the band take the stage this fall in NYC, San Francisco and LA."


The Knife | Silent Shout | Downloads & Stuff
Sony does Jose Gonzalez | Heartbeats | More Knife
"Heartbeat" by The Knife | MP3 | Jose Gonzalez Cover

The Knife

"The Knife return with the magnificent ‘Silent Shout’ (20th Feb), a special limited edition release from their forthcoming album also titled ‘Silent Shout’ (released March 27th). The mesmerising Massive Attack-on-the-autobahn taster single ‘Silent Shout’ is, as you have come to expect from The Knife, backed by some Killer remixes. Williams delivers a rousing acidic re-wiring while Troy Pierce from Ritchie Hawtin’s M_nus records delivers a stunning mind expanding minimal voyage." [Contact Music]

* Stream the Knife's new single & remixes @ Rabid Records
* Scenestars has new MP3s
* Gorilla vs Bear has MP3s too
* Pitchfork gave Silent Shout an 8.6
* Antiville has a video
* STG has a live version of "Heartbeats" for download. (as seen on YANP)
* The BBC is streaming a Knife DJ session (thx pushkar)

Sony does Jose Gonzalez | Heartbeats | More Knife
More Heartbeats - The Remix | MP3
"Heartbeat" by The Knife | MP3 | Jose Gonzalez Cover

* Sony is using Jose Gonzalez' version of Heartbeats in a commercial. Watch it.
(thx Dave)
* In case you missed it in the comments, Gorilla vs. Bear posted a mashup of the Knife's version with Jose's version.
* GVB also posted a non-Heartbeats track by the Knife

More Heartbeats - The Remix | MP3
Jose Gonzalez live on WFMU Stream

So it ends up my favorite José González song is a cover. Heartbeat is by Swedish electronic duo The Knife. Now I love both versions.

* Download the original @ guava maffiosa
* Listen to the cover @ Jose's MySpace

Jose played it at The Living Room.