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photos by Joseph Xu

The National

Happy Holidays! I take on more than I can handle. That results in a lot of unposted content. In the name of catching up, while also taking it easy during this final week of the year, here's some of that lost material.

More pictures from the 2009 Pitchfork Music Festival, below...

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Live at the Smell

"Featuring over 2 hours of live bands from Los Angeles and beyond, "Live at The Smell" captures the live energy that pumps through LA's legendary independent DIY all-ages venue. Recorded in high-quality audio and video over a month period in Fall 2008, the DVD gives you the feeling of being immersed in one of the many gigs presented there each week for over 10 years. The music is clean and powerful, the footage is raw and wild, and the energy is LIVE.

Presented on a gorgeous 6-panel Digipak with superb all-mural photographs by Wild Don Lewis and liner notes by Jim Smith (owner / operator of The Smell), "Live at The Smell" is a collector's document, something you won't want to miss. Even if it gets on NetFlix, even when you find it on your favorite torrent site, it won't be the same as holding it in your hand. 6 murals are represented - featuring artists Cali deWitt, Jesse Spears, and some unknown dude from the 80s when it was a caballero bar.

The bands featured on this movie are the cream of the indie-alt-rock / experimental bands that play the club on a regular basis: Mae Shi, Foot Village, Ponytail, Abe Vigoda, High Places, Gowns, BARR, No Age, HEALTH, Captain Ahab (in order of appearance)."

One of those bands, No Age, had three upcoming NY shows. Now they have four five. Those are listed below along with the DVD trailer... and (UPDATE), the entire movie (courtesy of Pitchfork.TV)...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Japandroids - Young Hearts Spark Fire (MP3)

Beirut @ Coco 66 (more by Ryan Muir)

More bands were recently added to the previously announced lineup of the 2009 Pitchfork Festival. The annual fest is taking place Friday, July 17th to Sunday, July 19th in Chicago's Union Park. Tickets are still on sale.

New acts include Beirut, DOOM, Frightened Rabbit, Lindstrøm, DJ/Rupture, Ponytail, the Mae Shi, and Dianogah.

From those new bands, Frightened Rabbit is also on the bill for NYC's Siren Fest. The annual, free Coney Island concert is scheduled for Saturday, July 18th.

DJ/Rupture is also appearing at the NYC event for Barcelona's Sonar Festival on May 12th.

DOOMAnother act on the Pitchfork bill, DOOM, will be performing his first show since the news broke in 2007 that he'd been allegedly lip-syncing and/or sending stand-ins to take his place at live shows. A few months after that, canceled DOOM shows spurred rumors that the rapper was in the hospital, addicted to crack, too lazy to show up...basically anything you can imagine or post on a message board.

DOOM somewhat addressed those questions in an interview with HipHopDX in April. His response started like this:

I'm a director as well as a writer. I choose different characters, I choose their direction and where I want to put them. So who I choose to put as the character is up to me. The character that I hired, he got paid for it. There's no impostor.
He went on to say that maybe it was really him, he just lost a lot of weight (one fake rapper in question was noticeably skinnier than the hefty DOOM). He closed his answer like this:
But I'll tell you one thing, if you're coming to a DOOM show, don't expect to see me, expect to hear me or hear the music that I present. And it's gonna be a unique experience every time. So that's all I have to say about that.
In short, expect the "DOOM Experience." P4k Fest is his only current date, but we think there will be more announced at some point this year.

DOOM's latest, Born Like This, came out in late March on Lex Records. Radiohead's Thom Yorke recently remixed that album's "Gazillion Ear." That remix is out now as a bonus track on iTunes. A YouTube rip of the song is below.


Japandroids are on the schedule for Pitchfork as well. The pair were scheduled to play two New York City shows this week at Pianos on May 6th and Public Assembly on May 7th, but the band had to cancel those and other dates because of singer-guitarist Brian King's "emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer," as reported by Pitchfork. Luckily, he'll be well enough to head out a tour that starts at the end of May. Japandroids' two rescheduled NYC dates will be Friday, July 10th at Brooklyn's Cameo Gallery and Saturday, July 11th at Pianos. Tickets for the latter are on sale.

Other summer fests for Japandroids include Sasquatch Music Festival on May 24th, Calgary's Sled Island Festival on June 25th, and Seattle's Capitol Hill Block Party on July 24th. They also have tour dates across North America, posted below.

Japandroid's Post-Nothing is out now on Unfamiliar Records. An MP3 of "Young Hearts Spark Fire" from that record is posted above; a video of the guys playing "Heart Sweats" live, below.

All videos, updated Pitchfork Festival line-up, and Japandroids tour dates below...

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photos by Leia Jospe


"CD sales are down. Digital hasn't caught up. Record companies are consolidating. New bands are trying to find their own way.

Despite all the challenging news, thousands of industry professionals and eager music fans turned out for the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, over the weekend. The festival, tailored to recording industry talent seekers and the talent they seek, officially ended Sunday.

While optimism ran high at the five-day whirlwind of panel discussions, trade shows, live concerts and private parties, much of the conversation throughout the event focused on the sobering reality of the music industry's uncertain future.

"Obviously we're going through a transition. All of the major record labels have gone through some sort of cost-cutting and consolidation over the last few years," said Rand Hoffman, head of business and legal affairs at Interscope Geffen A&M Records.

"Right now CD sales are falling more rapidly than digital is going up," he told a group of SXSW festival-goers at a panel discussion on the future of the industry." [CNN]

Leia spent Thursday at the BV day party at Radio Room. On Friday, she ran around to three different Austin venues, seeing favorites like No Age, Titus Andronicus, HEALTH, and The Mae Shi. More of her pictures below...

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DOWNLOAD: Christian Bale freaking out (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Mae Shi - R U Professional (4 Xtian) (MP3)

Christian Bale

Bale first caught the public eye when he was cast in the starring role of Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun at the age of 13, playing an English boy who becomes separated from his parents and subsequently finds himself lost in a Japanese internment camp during World War II. Since then, he has portrayed a wide range of characters. Bale is especially noted for his cult following. The tenth anniversary issue of Entertainment Weekly hailed him as one of the "Top 8 Most Powerful Cult Figures of the Past Decade", citing his impressive cult status on the internet. Entertainment Weekly called Bale one of the "Most Creative People in Entertainment", after his performance in American Psycho. [Wiki]
You may have heard Christian Bale's freakout on the "Terminator Salvation" movie set yesterday. If not, definitely download the entertaining MP3 version of it above.

The Mae Shi heard it and were inspired to write a song about it, though they told me "this isn't really a Mae Shi song, it's a tribute song we made to celebrate the epic-ness of Christian Bale". That's good because real Mae Shi songs are much better. Also nothing can top the epic clip the new song pays tribute to.

"R U Professional" can be downloaded above, or heard in the video below. Tour Dates down there too...

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photos by Leia Jospe

The Mae Shi

The Mae Shi return to NYC this week to play two shows - one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. Details, all dates, and more pics Leia took at the show they played at the BrooklynVegan party at Knitting Factory in October, below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford, words by Andrew Frisicano

The Mae Shi

From their gig in the Knitting Factory Old Office (10/25), I'd say that that seeing The Mae Shi live is a lot like walking into a Mae Shi practice, with the band kicking through a set of rough sounding punk ditties that eventually settle into their charming power-pop shtick. Though the beginning was entertaining on its own terms - the band careened around the room (the guitarist made good use of his wireless) falling over each other and stumbling from song to song - the closing set of more traditional tunes was definitely welcome. Halfway through, the band stretched a huge parachute tarp (think gym class) over the head of the crowd to create a rustling rainbow tent. The confined, cluttered Old Office space was perfect for the band; in fact, I'm not sure how they would have pulled it off anywhere else.

More pictures below...

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Lightspeed ChampionLightspeed Champion

The Mae Shi @ Market Hotel, NYC (more by Leia Jospe)
The Mae Shi

The Carps @ Gramercy Theatre, NYC (more by Leia Jospe)
The Carps

Lightspeed Champion's last NYC show was headlining Bowery Ballroom on June 7th (which was the day after he played Conan O'Brien). He was not scheduled to play any shows during CMJ....until about an hour ago....

BrooklynVegan presents a show
@ Knitting Factory, FREE, All Ages, Saturday, October 25, 2008

12-3 $2.00 PBR special!

the lineup
12:00 (noon) Starfucker (main room)
12:15 All the Saints (old office)
12:45 The Carps (main room)
01:00 Howlies (old office)
1:30 Little Boots (main room)
1:45 Doug Gillard of Guided By Voices (old office)
2:15 Shout Out Out Out (main room)
2:30 Delta Spirit (old office)
3:00 Marnie Stern (main room)
3:15 Akimbo (old office) *
4:00 Made Out of Babies (main room) *
4:00 Takka Takka (old office)
5:00 Rival Schools (main room) *
5:45 Women (tap bar)
6:00 Trap Them *
6:30 The Mae Shi (tap bar)
7:00 Vreid (old office) *
7:15 Lightspeed Champion (tap bar)
8:00 Lemonade (tap bar)
8:45 Pattern is Movement (tap bar)

12-6 Finger on the Pulse DJing in the main room

No CMJ badges required. All three floors are all ages and FREE.
$2 PBR from noon-3pm.

* bands with an asterisk are for those just seeking the 'heavy'

Pattern is Movement @ Webster Hall (more by Tim Griffin)
Pattern is Movement @ Webster Hall

A video from Lightspeed's Bowery show is below...

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DOWNLOAD: Lemonade - Big Weekend (Delorean Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Lemonade - Real Slime (Mashepest Remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Lemonade - Sunchips (Ghosts On Tape remix) (MP3)


"Lemonade marries big beats with heavy psychedelic noises, while touching on elements of North African rai, dub, breakbeat, and samba and much more in their self-titled debut. The SF based trio (soon to be NYC trio) is comprised of childhood friends Callan Clendenin (vocals), Alex Pasternak (percussion) and Ben Steidel (bass)-did not have grand expectations for the project outside of exploring their shared vision of a place that they have never been: a fantasy landscape that is at once gritty and pristine, tropical and foreboding. Their trippy, pulsing self-titled debut is out now, Oct 21st, on True Panther records and its already received favorable mentions from RCRD LBL, Pitchfork Media, XLR8R, SF Weekly, Uncut, among many others. Hot on the heels of this much anticipated release, Lemonade is announcing the REMIXTAPE album this November as companion to their debut. The REMIXTAPE features contributions from Delorean, Lazer Sword, Ghosts On Tape, C.L.A.W.S, among others." [PR]
Lemonade are playing the BrooklynVegan party at Knitting Factory on Saturday October 25th, 2008. They go on at 8pm in the Tap Bar. All Ages. FREE.
@ Knitting Factory, FREE, October 25th

Main room
12:00 Starfucker
12:45 The Carps
1:30 Little Boots
2:15 Shout Out Out Out
3:00 Marnie Stern
4:00 Made Out of Babies
5:00 Rival Schools

Tap Bar <------------ announcing for the first time
5:45 Women
6:30 The Mae Shi
7:15 TBA
8:00 Lemonade
8:45 Pattern is Movement

There will also be bands playing in the Old Office (Knitting Factory's 3rd stage from noon-9pm as well). PLUS, it's not our party, but there is also a free day show in the tap bar that runs at the same time too (and anyone can also go to).

Lemonade are also playing Zebulon on Friday, Pianos later on Saturday (the True Panther CMJ showcase), AND going on tour with El Guincho in November and December. Assuming EG doesn't cancel, that means they Lemonade play (le) poisson rouge in NYC on December 2nd. All dates below....

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a catch up post...

photos by Elizabeth Weinberg

F Yeah

F Yeah Fest took over LA's "Echo, EchoPlex, Rec Center + surrounding locations" at the end of August. Elizabeth was there and took some pictures...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Ponytail / crowd / The Mae Shi
Ponytail @ Market Hotel
The Mae Shi @ Market Hotel
The Mae Shi @ Market Hotel

Hot, sweaty, Market Hotel Monday night (July 21, 2008). More pics below...

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DOWNLOAD: Joan of Arc - Fleshy Jeffrey (MP3)

Joan of Arc

The Ponytail / Joan of Arc show that was supposed to be at The Yard on Monday has moved to Market Hotel and merged with The Mae Shi show that was supposed to already be there, but Japanther are not playing it. TheDeathSet who are NOT playing Cake Shop with The Mae Shi tonight are playing it instead. In other words, Mae Shi, Imaad Wasif & DD/MM/YYY (and nobody else) at Cake Shop TONIGHT, AND:

Monday July 21st @ MARKET HOTEL

:::: MAE SHI
:::::::: PONYTAIL
:::::::::: Joan of Arc ---> mems Cap 'N Jazz, Make Believe, Love of Everything
:::::::::::: Totally Michael

Ponytail and Joan of Arc are also playing Knitting Factory on Tuesday.

photos by Leia Jospe

The Mae Shi

The Mae Shi played more SXSW shows than anyone. That includes one I put together. It's only right then that I catch up and post these pics from Emo's Lounge (March 13).

Their next NYC shows are with TheDeathSet @ Cake Shop, and with Japanther @ Market Hotel. All dates (+ more pics) below...

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The Mae Shi

HELLO. we are still getting this ready before we head out to SXSW. we will be able to add video, pictures, and tons of awesome things from the upcoming tours to come. please bear with us for the next couple days while we iron out the look of this blog.


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DOWNLOAD: No Kids - For Halloween (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Clipd Beaks - Melter (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Parts & Labor - Fractured Skies (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Grand Ole Party - Look Out Young Son (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Mae Shi - Run To Your Grave (MP3)

THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 2008, FREE (flyer by Ryan Muir)
Thursday day party

Emo's Annex
Holy Fuck 5:20
Phosphorescent 4:30
MEN (Le Tigre) 4:00
Lykke Li 3:30
MEN (Le Tigre) 3:00
Why? 2:30
No Kids 1:45
Peter Moren 1:00
Dawn Landes 12:15
The Ting Tings 11:30

Emo's Lounge
Fleet Foxes 5:30
Clipd Beaks 4:45
Genghis Tron 4:00
Parts & Labor 3:15
Team Robespierre 2:30
comedy by Eugene Mirman 2:15
Grand Ole Party 1:30
The Muggabears 12:45
The Mae Shi 12:00


Mp3's above. Videos below...

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DOWNLOAD: The Mae Shi - Remarkably Dirty Animals (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Mae Shi - Born For a Short Time (MP3)

Mae Shi

'db' had a good point when he/she said, "Two days in a row you neglect The Mae Shi! :) They're at Silent Barn tonight with Meneguar." Hopefully this post makes up for it, and the fact that they're playing Union Pool on Saturday should make up for the fact that I posted the below tour dates after their Cake Shop show (which was last night).

Los Angeles based art-thrash band The Mae Shi begins their first tour in two years on Monday, July 30, 2007. It is their first full tour with new singer/keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Jon Gray. They are supporting their new full-length album, "HLLLYH," which will be released digitally and on CD by Moshi Moshi Records in November 2007 but will be available in cassette format on tour.
New songs at their MySpace. Old songs above. All tour dates below...

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