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by Andrew Sacher

DOWNLOAD: Stormshadow - "Watson Brake" (MP3)

Set On Destroy

The New Brunswick, NJ punk/DIY scene is one that has been thriving for years, and while some of its bands have achieved widespread recognition, it goes without saying that many others never leave New Jersey and eventually fade out. One of those bands that has gone unfairly overlooked is Stormshadow, who were around from 1995 to 2000. As mentioned, they're reissuing their 1999 album, Set On Destroy, via Don Giovanni Records on February 9, the same day they play the Don Giovanni showcase at Music Hall of Williamsburg (tickets). Don Giovanni label head Joe Steinhardt calls the band the reason he co-founded the label ten years ago and though they've been unknown to most people outside of New Brunswick, he describes them as an important influence to all the bands in the scene. That's the album's cover art above and the tracklist is below.

Stormshadow's influence can certainly be heard in the Don Giovanni bands of today and it makes a lot of sense that a label that picked up bands like Lemuria, Black Wine, and Screaming Females are fans of Stormshadow. Their lead vocal duties are split between the Cali hardcore growls of Matty King and the much cleaner Breeders-esque vocals from Sue Werner. It's not unlike the male/female split vocals in Fucked Up's "The Other Shoe," but while Fucked Up often brings in guests to achieve those sounds, Stormshadow are constantly delivering a yin and yang of the clean and the dirty. The band isn't just schizophrenic when it comes to vocals though -- the songs go through tons of ups and downs in their short timespans (most are under two minutes) in the manic manner of The Minutemen, who the band cite as an influence. The record will be available at the Don Giovanni showcase, but until then, you can download the track "Watson Brake," which is making its premiere in this post, at the top of this post, or stream it below, along with another album cut, "Switched On."

We also just spoke to Matty King about the band's reunion, their history, and the New Brunswick scene. Head below to check out the interview and listen to those song streams.

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