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Residents refrigerator

Much earlier this year mentioned that The Residents were celebrating their 40th anniversary with a $100,000 box set packaged in a 28 cubic-foot refrigerator. NBC Bay Area now reports that one has been delivered to a happy buyer whose transaction will also appear in a forthcoming docyumentary...

Last September, Cryptic Corporation Vice President Homer Flynn announced the sale of the first Ultimate Box Set to a man named Tripmonster from Bloomington, Ind. In a video press release, Flynn also said the delivery would be shot as part of a documentary called, "Theory of Obscurity," about the 40+ year history of The Residents.

Acting as the managers for The Residents, The Cryptic Corporation has handled all press, business dealings and public interactions during the majority of the group's career, providing the members of The Residents with an impressive level of anonymity.

"For The Residents, the delivery of their Ultimate Box Set was both a profound and satisfying experience," Flynn said. "The expression of joy on the face of Tripmonster, as he held Mr. Green, the eyeball mask from his UBS, was worth every minute of their 40-year existence."...

Box set related videos and documentary trailer below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

The Residents @ Scottish Rite - 1/31/2013
The Residents @ Scottish Rite - 1/31/2013

The Residents have been bringing their art to audiences for more than 40 years, and are currently on the aptly-named Wonder of the Weird Tour. That trek stopped in Austin on January 31 for a show at the Scottish Rite Theater. There was a bit of holiday-themed set and costumery; if you are familiar with The Residents, you should know that wasn't the oddest part of the show.

The eyeballed ones are on the East Coast now, but Nemo has canceled their show that was to have happened tonight in Northhampton, MA which will now happen February 13, one day after their Boston show.

From there, "All shows are a go at this time - weather permitting," is the official word from Cryptic Corporation HQ, and that includes the NYC show on Saturday (2/9) at Stage 48 and tickets are still available. Updated tour dates and more pics from Austin are below.

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by Bill Pearis


The Residents have been providing the world with nightmare material via their genuinely weird music for 40 years. The band, the identities of whom are somewhat shrouded in mystery, are celebrating their Ruby Anniversary with the Ultimate Box Set which contains every release the band (vinyl, CDs, DVDs) as well as one of their signature eyeball and tophat masks that they actually used at various points over the last four decades. It's all housed in a refrigerator and can be yours for the low, low price of $100,000. If that is not special enough for you, there is also a "secret box" that sells for a cool $5 million. You can watch a seven-minute "infomercial" on the UBS below.

For something a little more affordable to the average Residents fan (as if there's actually such a thing), the group are heading out on the Wonder of the Weird Tour which will pull from their myriad releases. The tour hits NYC on February 9 at Stage 48. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

A list of all dates and the Residents' Ultimate Box Set infomercial below...

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words by BBG, photos by Greg Cristman


From the far fringes of American Pop/Rock - some would say the lunatic fringe - electronic and compositional pioneers The Residents brought their "Talking Light" tour to New York on one of their most extensive tours in years. Included in their set list were many death-themed selections from their over 30-year back catalog (including their wonderful interpretation of Hank Williams' "Six More Miles to the Graveyard"...), along with new tunes, ghost stories, and tales of extreme familial dysfunction... A minimalist living room set, with only three large disk projection screens behind them was a strong contrast to some of their renowned over the top and high tech stage extravaganzas. [see video]. Other selections included "Semolina", "The Unseen Sister" and of course, "Talking Light". -[An Indefinite Conception]
The Residents hit Webster Hall on 2/9 with no support. For those of you who missed out, head to the Residents Blog to pick up an audio copy of the show. More pictures and video from the show are below...

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