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words by Andrew Sacher, photos by Chris La Putt

The Hives

It's needless to say that The Hives' tiny show at The Studio at Webster Hall last night (4/26) was a wild, packed, sweaty party. It only took about a song and a half for Pelle to hang from the venue's lighting fixture and for his brother/guitarist Nicholaus Arson to end up on top of the crowd. The band, known for their matching black and white attire, were decked out in tuxedos and top hats like they were at Coachella and other recent dates. Pelle and his bandmates were in their usual on-stage state of extremely high cheeky arrogance, complete with demanding that the crowd make more and more noise and answer "YEAH!" to any question asked. He dropped lines like, "This stage is not big enough for my ego!" Like many other garage rock revivalists of the early-mid aughts, The Hives have been playing much larger venues like Terminal 5, where they'll play on June 22, so of course it was great to see them in a venue closer in size to the one their genre implies. (Terminal 5 tix on sale at noon)

The band's set, which was about an hour long, included a fair amount of material off their new record, Lex Hives, which is due out on June 5, in addition to old favorites including "Walk idiot Walk," "Main Offender," and show highlight "Hate To Say I Told You So." The show was filled with nonstop on and off stage dancing and tons of interaction between the band and crowd. The Hives left the stage after an initial twelve song set which felt way too short (but I guess that's what happens when the bulk of your songs are under 3 minutes) and finally returned for a two-song encore which kicked off with Lex Hives lead single "Go Right Ahead". They then ended their set with a drawn out version of "Tick Tick Boom" off 2007's The Black and White Album. On what you thought was the final "tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, boom" the band literally paused, holding statue-like poses for at least a minute until the bass was finally brought back in and Pelle commanded the crowd to form an aisle which he walked down only to be, per his own instructions, completely swarmed when the song started up again as he rushed back to the stage.

More pictures and setlist from the show, and details on how you can win a pair of tickets to Terminal 5 (we have three to give away), below...

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Jim-E Stack

The A$AP Mob is kicking off their tour this week, which brings them to NYC on February 1 at Irving Plaza. That show is now sold out.

That same night, New Orleans DJ/producerJim-E Stack (pictured above) is having a release party for his Come Between EP at The Studio at Webster Hall (2/1) with Azizaman and Mess Kid. The flier (pictured below) also mentions there will be "$PECIAAL GUEZT APPARANCES." Tickets for the Studio show are on sale now. You can stream the whole Jim-E Stack EP, and the Jim-E Stack Bootleg version of ASAP Rocky's "Purple Swag" (cover art above), below. Also down there streaming: a Sonic Router mix Jim-E made that also includes a track by ASAP Rocky.

A$AP Rocky at Creators Project in 2011 (more by Ryan Barkan)
A$AP Rocky

In related news, Kendrick Lamar associate (aka Black Hippy member) ScHoolboy Q just made a video for "Hands on the Wheel," which features A$AP Rocky, off of ScHoolboy Q's most recent mixtape, Habits & Contradictions. Watch that below.

Speaking of the Studio at Webster Hall, upcoming shows there include Cloud Nothings this Thursday (1/26) and (A$AP Rocky collaborators) Main Attrakionz on 3/5.

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photos by Andrew St. Clair


Tokyo Police Club, now on tour with Passion Pit and DOM (who played Brooklyn Bowl last night), played a sort of private show at the Studio @ Webster Hall in NYC last night (6/1). That was followed by a beer pong after-party with Mark Knight and others in attendance. Pictures from the whole night, and TPC's setlist, below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Sleigh Bells

"There are some basic similarities to Ed Banger acts like Justice or M.I.A.. But if anything Sleigh Bells reminds me first of bands like My Bloody Valentine and The Pixies--beauty taken to its absolute pummeling extreme--or Output Records acts like Mu, who typify for me what pop music might sound as putrid, like if we let it sit out and fester for a few years and decompose.

A band that approached that formula was Poison the Well, a South Florida post-hardcore band for whom Miller was a guitarist and songwriter. In the genre, songs often have fierce riff-driven verses with screamed vocals, with relief coming in the form of a soaring, schmaltzy chorus. Miller played in the band for four years, from 2000 to 2004, then quit when the band was at the height of its popularity. This was more or less when the Sleigh Bells project began: trying to do both parts of the hardcore equation at once.

"As a music fan, I felt like there was this small gap for what I wanted to do," he explains. "I was obsessed with [the Deerhoof album] The Runners Four. I thought they got really close...But then live, all the ferocious elements on the album were wimpy and childlike. The drummer didn't even have a crash cymbal!""
[Nick Sylvester @ Resident Advisor]

Sleigh Bells shared a bill with France's Kap Bambino at The Studio @ Webster Hall on Saturday night - one of two recently-scheduled shows for Sleith Bells. The other is this Thursday (11/19) at Le Poisson Rouge. More pictures from The Studio with a Kap Bambino video and more tour dates (they're in LA tonight - 11/17), below...

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photos by Sara Skolnick

Best Fwends

"Best Fwends is made up of Anthony Davis and Dustin Pilkington both out of Forth Worth, a city known for basically being considered Dallas, Texas by people who don't live there. By all accounts, it's a pretty boring place which explains how two people were basically able to lock themselves into a room and create electronic music fast as hell on what sounds like toy keyboards and microphones. If you've only heard their releases Alphabetically Arranged or Not-So-Alphabetically Arranged, then you're really unprepared for the live show.

Dustin, the redhead, seems to lead most of the songs and dances while Anthony seems to be the more introverted of the two. There is a large amount of staged elements found in their sets, such as the song "Hail", a thrash metal emulation which involved them taking on the mantle of metal singers throwing up the goat on each chant of "Hail!" then becoming almost monkish as they fold their hands into prayer during an instrumental section of the song, as following a dark faith, they close their eyes and stride in a circle through the audience to end up back where they began in time for the song's end." [King of the gigabitches]

Das Racist played their second NYC in two days last night (8/20). The first was at the Bell House when they opened for Islands. The second was at The Studio at Webster Hall where they shared a bill with Nature Boy Jim Kelly, Body Language, and Best Fwends. For Best Fwends it was their first of four NYC shows this week. Their other upcoming shows are on bills with Ninjasonik, The DeathSet, Vivian Girls, The Beets, Real Estate and others. More pictures from last night below....

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photos by Paul Birman, words by Black Bubblegum

Wolves in the Throne Room
Wolves in the Throne Room

Like a dark mist settling in the Hudson Valley before blowing off to sea, Wolves In The Throne Room, Krallice, and A Storm of Light cast darkness upon The Studio @ Webster Hall last night (5/26) as part of their tour surrounding Maryland Death Fest which included an earlier NYC Date at Europa on 5/22 (except with Thrones instead of Krallice). Videos from Europa and full tour dates are below.

A Storm of Light opened the evening at The Studio with their Neurosis-style dirge and thunder, drawing from newly reworked material due to the addition of a new female voice, Nerissa Campbell. Comparing Tuesday night to my prior experience with them, the vocals with the now-harmonizing Josh Graham only further highlight their Swans influence, and Campbell's voice has a pained quality that reminds me of a simpler, more blues-y Jarboe. I think the addition is a smart one.

Krallice followed, and though apparent instrument issues plagued Colin Marston, the trio banged out a set of (I believe) mostly new material. The new material seems to be in the same vein as the old; dual tremelo picking, blasting drums, and odd left turns delivered with underlying complex melody. Bassist Nick McMaster plays a different role in the new material (he did not play on the S/T), showcasing some finger-tapping and a death-metal growl that contrasts well with Mick Barr's reverb drenched, higher pitched screams.

I recently spoke with Krallice, and the band is working on their new album for a late June/July recording, after which the band will take a break until August. (To work on Gorguts?!?!? Please?)

Wolves In The Throne Room were candlelit and engulfed in fog by the time the clock struck 10:45PM. The foursome charged through abbreviated versions of songs from their current and last LPs, Two Hunters and Black Cascade respectively, including "Ahrimanic Trance", "Behold The Vastness and Sorrow", and "Crystal Ammunition". As menacing and unholy as they seem on stage, their melodies soar from beneath the darkness, making their live show all the more undeniable. If you missed this or the Europa show, make sure to get to the next one. I have a feeling that with the crowd the size that it was last night (sold out?), we may get another taste very soon. (I hope)

To close, a note for aspiring photographers. If the band likes to perform with the lights so low, don't flash away 100+ times at the same target. It's distracting, annoying, and just plain uncool. That said, more pictures, and those videos, below...

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"In early 1973, they were billed to open for the Rolling Stones, but Mick Jagger's visa was rejected from a previous drug conviction and all concerts were cancelled. Later that year the band broke up, with Yamanaka going on to release various solo albums." [Wikipedia]
The time is finally here, and it looks like it's actually going to happen. the Flower Travellin' Band will play their first-ever US show at the closed-but-temporarily-reopened Knitting Factory in NYC tonight (3/13). Knyfe Hyts open and tickets are still on sale, and it gets better... The Japanese band have added a 2nd NYC show. They are also playing the smaller Studio at Webster Hall in NYC on Saturday (3/14) with Endless Boogie! Tickets for that one are also on sale. From there they head to Philly, Washington DC, and then Austin for SXSW. The tour poster and all dates below...

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photos by Justina Villanueva, words by Black Bubblegum

Dillinger Escape Plan

Damn you cold and flu season! The Dillinger Escape Plan created their own temporary warzone on Saturday Feb 7th at The Studio at Webster Hall, part of a short string of dates intended to debut new drummer Billy Rymer. The show served as DEP's first NYC headlining date in over a year, with support coming from Knife The Glitter and Caverns.

Metal Injection took lots of video at the show, including "Sugar Coated Sour" from the undisputed heavyweight classic Calculating Infinity (embedded below) and TWO covers: Living Colour's "Cult of Personality" and Nine Inch Nails' "Wish".

Our photographer Justina was witness to the madness and has the evidence from Knife The Glitter and DEP's sets, including Greg Puciato singing from the crowd, band members swinging off of the lights, Ben Weinman playing/crowdsurfing... the list goes on. Sigh.

DEP is currently in writing mode, "loosely setting aside" June/July of this year for recording.

All the pictures and video below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Dillinger @ Irving Plaza (more by Lori Baily)

Looks like Philly isn't the only city lucky enough to get a small show from The Dillinger Escape Plan. Tickets are on sale for DEP at The Studio @ Webster Hall on Feb 7, 2009. Pick 'em up here.

Akron/Family played the final song at the Knitting Factory (Josh Haner/The NY Times)
Knitting Factory

"It was a particularly cacophonous performance of "Auld Lang Syne." But for the Knitting Factory's last night in Manhattan, it was appropriate, as the shaggy avant-folk group Akron/Family led a version of the Scots New Year's hymn on Wednesday night that mutated from a simple singalong to screeching feedback to a meditative one-note drone." [NY TIMES]
The NYC club is closed, but that's not the last of "Knitting Factory". In addition to the locations in Hollywood, Boise and Spokane that are still open, Knitting Factory Brooklyn is supposedly opening in March. Knitting Factory is also currently promoting/presenting some shows at The Studio @ Webster Hall - two at least:
  • Jan 09 - Bear Hands, Holy Hail, Atarah Valentine & Statehood
  • Jan 24 - Oxford Collapse, Suckers & Real Estate
They are also presenting tours.

Leonard Street, 3-floor location, RIP.

Browse the archives for memories. Leave yours in the comments.

Video from the Cro-Mags show there on Sunday, below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

The Jealous Girlfriends

It's been a minute since Asobi Seksu played a NYC show. Catch them tonight, Saturday November 8th, @ Santos Paty House. They're sharing a bill with the Jealous Girlfriends who played some shows during CMJ including one at the new Studio @ Webster Hall. That's where the pictures in this post are from. More of them below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Tim Griffin


As part of Vice's Late Night Series during CMJ, NYC-based black metallers Krallice painted the newly christened The Studio @ Webster Hall in dark tones, tremolo-picking their way through a set with norwegian black-metallers, Vreid. It was only Vreid's second US show ever. They played their third at the BV day/evening show at Knitting Factory three days later. No pics of Vreid from this show, but there are more of Krallice below...

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photos by Tim Griffin


Monotonix took the late-night Vice stage some time after 3 AM at the new Studio @ Webster Hall on Friday night (10/24). More pictures below...

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by Bill Pearis

Sharon Van Etten
Sharon Van Etten

Even if you don't have a badge, CMJ (Oct 21-25 in NYC) can be overwhelming... especially these days with the proliferation of day parties, unofficial showcases and afterparties. Running around like a crazy person trying to catch everyone you want to see can be fun, but sometimes it's not such a bad idea just to pick one place and stay there. With that in mind, I've picked one day party and one evening showcase for each of the five days, as well as late night parties where applicable. The guide to Thursday (10/23) is below...

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Photos by Gabi Porter

Gang Gang Dance

The Stereogum Tuesday (10/21) late night party had a LATE start. Got there a little before doors were advertised (midnight), and they weren't letting anyone in - the bands were still soundchecking. When they finally let people into the new Studio (an hour after the promised start time), Gang Gang Dance were still soundchecking. The GGD soundcheck eventually blended seamlessly into their set, and I don't remember ever liking the band as much as I did last night. The new space at Webster is intimate, and I'm used to seeing GGD in much more grandiose settings. The set was really hypnotic, but at 2:30 I had to call it a night and go home, so I unfortunately didn't get the chance to see any of the other bands on the bill." - Gabi
Free shows at The Studio continue all CMJ week. The bands Gabi missed were Marnie Stern, Crystal Stilts, and Ponytail who played the BV show at MHOW earlier in the night. Gang Gang Dance and Marnie Stern are going on tour together. Marnie Stern is also playing the free BV show at Knitting Factory on Saturday. More GGD pictures below...

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STudio Free Webster Hall

The new space at Webster Hall is hosting free shows all week long during CMJ 2008. More details below...

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