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photos by Greg Cristman; words by Bill Pearis

Jeff Goldbloom / fish. @ Brooklyn Rock Lottery 3
Jeff Goldbloom

The third annual Brooklyn Rock Lottery happened at Knitting Factory on Saturday (12/1). Musicians of varying styles and ages met at 10 AM and put their names in a hat and the five drummers picked their bandmates at random out of it. They then spent the day coming up with a name, writing original songs and practicing and made their stage debut that night. Proceeds from tickets and merch went to Hurricane Sandy relief. It was a lot of fun.

Even though the members were chosen at random, it seemed like the bands formed kind of naturally and had a cohesive sound. First up for the night was Jazz Karate, which featured Kenny Bernard (Ra Ra Riot), Franz Nicolay (ex Hold Steady / Against Me!), Pamela Martinez (Teletextile), Matt Singer, and Tom Blankenship (My Morning Jacket). With a harp and an accordion onstage, their music veered towards gypsy jazz and included a song about Tony Danza.

Next was Jeff Goldbloom whose members were Lua Rios (Gold Lake), Nick Sylvester (Mr. Dream), Noah Kardos-Fein (YVETTE), and Craig Lulada Pfunder (VHS or Beta). With a distinct sound -- heavy, shoegazy guitar epic-ry -- they were definitely the one group of the night that I'd actually want to see again. Good!

Then came the band I was most looking forward to, that had Yuck drummer Jonny Rogoff, Hospitality bassist Brian Betancourt, and Spanish Prisoners main man Leo Maymind, not to mention Dave Harrington from Nicholas Jaar's band and Gang Signs' Bryan Quackenbush. I was expecting melodic pop, but their name -- fish. -- shoulda been a giveaway. They played one 12-minute "jazz odyssey" type jam that showed just how good their collective musicianship was, but this has never been my thing.

Hardcore Lørd were next and it was almost entirely electronic, with tons of gear and lots of wires onstage. The band was Oliver Chapoy (Certain Creatures / ex Warm Ghost), Michael Sheffield (Sweet Bulbs / Heaven's Gate), Sara Lucas (Callers), and Christopher Puidokas (who toured with Blonde Redhead / The Silent Years). They took forever to set up but were probably my second favorite of the night, warm and ethereal.

The last band of the night was Nylon Guy and easily the most odds-n-sods, with Tyler Villard (Bezoar), Ian Young (touring saxophonist of M83), George Langford (Javelin), Jen Goma (People Get Ready / Sunny Day in Glasgow), and David Sheinkopf (The Subjects). No concessions were made to have a cohesive sound and everybody got to do their thing -- Villard doing a lot of hammer-on soloing, and Young smnoothing things out with his horn, and everyone else just kind of filling in the gaps. They did do a decent cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark," though.

ANIMAL New York were there too and got straight-off-the-board recordings of everybody except Nylon Guy. Check out streams of the other bands, as well as more pics from Brooklyn Rock Lottery 3, below.

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Nick Cave

Move over wolves, crystals, girls and bears. Caves are cool now. Following in the footsteps of cave granddaddies Cave-In (who recently reunited to cash in on the cave phenomenon) and Nick Cave, there seems to be a sudden influx of cave bands hitting the scene. Maybe it all really started back in 2007 when Pretty Girls Make Graves broke up and Derek Fudesco formed The Cave Singers (Pretty Girls Make Caves) who were almost immediately signed to Matador which two years later also became the home of Cold Cave. According to Wikipedia, Cold Cave have been a band since 2005, but the dark synthpop group with hardcore roots didn't actually release anything until 2008. Their Matador debut, which really made them a household indie rock name, came in 2009.

Earlier this year, the popular LA all-girl punk band Mika Miko broke up leaving prominent member JennifEr ClAVin without a musical home, but not for long. She quickly joined cave band Cold Cave, thus adding even more credibility to the cave scene. On April 29, 2010 (last night), Cold Cave played a headlining show at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. How was it? They reportedly played for 35 minutes and it was their third NYC show in less than a week. The first was at Solar One, a free NYU Earth Day concert with HEALTH. The next was up at Barnard in a gym due to rain that forced it inside.

Continuing along with the partial inspiration or this post: Cave and Caves. This one was especially confusing me lately, in part due to the emails I get on behalf of both bands. I had to take a second and confirm in my mind that these were two different groups.

CAVE (I think it's all capital letters) is a psychedelic Chicago rock band with an impressive resume and a bunch of releases dating back to 2006. You may have caught them on their November tour. If not, don't fear, the band have a loaded show schedule this summer that includes the Pitchfork Festival, the Sled Island Festival in Canada, dates with Quintron and Miss Pussycat, and two NYC shows: August 14th at the Studio at Webster Hall and August 15th at Issue Project Room. A new 12" CAVE EP entitled Pure Moods will be released by Drag City in May (though the download seems to be available now). All tour dates below.

Caves (plural) started in San Francisco, but like the Morning Benders, now live in Brooklyn. Like Cave, they also fall into the psychedelic category. And though they are looking for a drummer, they actually have five local shows coming up including a record release party at Cameo tonight (4/30). Said the Gramophone has an MP3. You can listen to more at their SonicBids page. All dates below.


Also tonight, 4/30, in the NYC-area: Caveman are opening for Here We Go Magic at Maxwell's. The four-part harmonizing Brooklyn band (who has opened for Here We Go Magic before) is the new project from Matty Pickles of The Subjects. Other members are Subjects guitarist Jimmy Carbonetti, Jeff Berrall of Elefant, Stefan Marolachakis from The End of the World, and Sam Hopkin. Maybe you caught Caveman at Cameo (or Caveo as some call it) on April 19th. Shannon did:

"I returned to the mystical back room just in time to hear Caveman self-deprecate and be casual and charming, then nonchalantly break into a pretty tight, polished set that would stop you in your tracks on Bedford Avenue if you heard it coming out of a record shop. I mean, check out the song "Decide," on Caveman's Myspace here. They have such a lovely, echoed lo-fi sound. I believe the band is somewhat newly formed. I gather this from something they mentioned in their stage banter and because I have their set list from that night in my purse, and more than one song began with "New Jam # ...," which I find incredibly endearing."
They are new (their first show ever was at Bowery Ballroom with White Rabbits in January), and I agree on the checking out their MySpace recommendation too. There you will find two beautiful songs (demos). "December 28th" is especially Grizzly Bear/Fleet Foxes-esque. If you miss them tonight, they also have a NYC show scheduled on May 19th (at Sway?).

Finally, last but not least, I'll wrap things up with Cave Bears. They, like Cleveland's Clan of the Cave Bear, have successfully combined both caves and bears, but the mind-expanding experimental, and sometimes silly, Massachusetts band has a sound all their own (at least compared to anyone else in this post). No wonder they recently shared a bill (the same night Cavebear played Cameo) at Death By Audio with guitarist and Thurston Moore collaborator Bill Nace, the Thurston Moore approved Fat Worm Of Error, and Darren Mabee's band We are the Seahorses. Video of their wacky live show with everything else, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Silent League - Yours Truly, 2095 (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Silent League - Yours Truly, 2095 (Memory Tapes Version) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Memory Tapes - Bicycle (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Gucci Mane - Excuse Me (Memory Tapes Remix) (MP3)

Memory Tapes
Memory Tapes

We previously reported that Memory Tapes, NJ's Dayve Hawk, would be at Noise Pop 2010, with a forthcoming tour (his first ever) that includes a February 3rd show at the Bell House opening up for Atlas Sound. Tickets for that are sold out, but more MT tour dates have been announced, including SXSW (TBA details) and a show at NYC's Tribeca Grand on February 20th (will be free w/ RSVP).

Since releasing Seek Magic in 2009 (which is being re-released), Memory Tapes has been busy remixing other artists, including Silent League, Gucci Mane (as part of the new Diplo organized mixtape) and most recently Tanlines' new single "Real Life". The first two of those are above. The Silent League song is an ELO cover that'll be on Silent League's new, third album, but you've always been the caretaker, coming out January 26th on Something in Construction Records.

Silent League's new album comes with a bonus disc that also includes some instrumental tracks, covers, live version and a remix by Neon Indian who also has a NYC show coming up with Atlas Sound. Full tracklist below.

Silent League plays a record release show for that album Saturday, 1/16, at New York's Gramercy Theatre with Elefant and the Subjects. Tickets are on sale. They also play a free show on January 28th at Bruar Falls with New Numbers, Ludlow Lions, and Youngman Grand.

All tour dates, and tracklist and artwork for the new Silent League album, are below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Tapes n Tapes

Decider: Despite the band's success, you're still working as a data analyst. Do you find people are usually surprised by that?

Josh Grier of Tapes 'N Tapes: I guess it's kind of odd from an outside perspective. For most people, the whole point of being in a band is so you don't have to work a job, right? I'm in a band and I'm working a job. But to each his own. It's good to have something to do when we're not touring. It's a normal thing to do. I'm kind of a busybody. The job gives me something to do.

Tapes 'n Tapes, Wild Light, and The Subjects played Bowery Ballroom in NYC last night (2/25). Tonight they do it again at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. All tour dates HERE. More pictures, including one of the TnT setlist, below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Nickel Eye @ MHOW
Nickel Eye

LA's Low vs. Diamond are going on a co-headlining tour with Strokes basssit Nikolai Fraiture's band Nickel Eye, but not before each of them play their own respective NYC shows this week. For Nickel Eye it's an opening slot at the Raveonettes show happening this Friday at Webster Hall (1/16). For Low vs. Diamond it's a headlining show at The Bell House in Brooklyn, tonight, January 15, 2009, with The Subjects.

The Subjects' other upcoming shows include a bunch of opening spots for Tapes n Tapes in February. That includes the dates at both Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall of Williamsburg. Wild Light is playing both of those shows too.

Nickel Eye will release their debut album "The Time of the Assassins" on January 27, 2009 via Ryko. Their last NYC shows were during CMJ. They played one at Pianos, and another one with Late of the Pier at Music Hall of Williamsburg. More pictures from the latter, and all tour dates, below...

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123 Party

Cops showed up twice at the show happening in Sunset Park on Friday night (June 13, 2008). Frankpollis was about to go on around 2am. That's when the cops showed up for the 2nd time. That's when the party ended and approximately 8 people (including the guy in the above picture) were taken to jail without explanation to others at the party. Adam Green did not get to play, but he and his band were there and ready to go on last. He also wasn't arrested. More details soon.