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by Fred Pessaro // BBG


My best guess is that you'd probably call Bay Area band Comadre's sound an offshoot of screamo, but that dirty word is far from fitting for a band this adventurous. On their fourth and self-titled effort, due via Vitriol Records in January 2013, the band mixes bits of emotional hardcore with post-punk, Murder City Devils-style punk-n-roll, and all manner of rocking to come up with tracks like "Cold Rain", "Summercide" and the latest to slip out of the gate, "King Worm," which makes its debut here. Order yours via the label and stream it below, along with a few other tracks and live video.

Don't forget, Vitriol's Ghostlimb will play one of the last Precious Metal shows ever on January 7 at Lit Lounge, alongside The Year is One, new addition Old Wounds (who last played NYC with Gaza) and myself, Fred Pessaro, on the wheels of steel.

Streams are below...

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Black Breath at Precious Metal, May 2009 (more by Paul Birman)
Black Breath

I can't tell you how many great bands I have seen over the years at Precious Metal at NYC club Lit Lounge on Mondays. The series, curated by Wetnurse/Today is the Day member Curran Reynolds, is responsible not only for the first appearances from some favorite bands but also many many personal friendships forged in that dingy basement. Now after more than six years as a series, Precious Metal is coming to an end:

Friends, I am proud to announce the Grand Finale of Precious Metal. After 6.66 years and over 300 events, the series I started in May of 2006 will come to an end on January 21, 2013.

We had a good run! Monday after Monday, we brought all sorts of heaviness from across the city and around the globe (Iceland, Italy, Australia...) into the den of Downtown grime and glamour that is Lit. These forces combined and added up to something special. I like to think we played a part in the resurgence of a New York City metal scene, one which now looks stronger than ever.

Upcoming events at Precious Metal include this Monday (12/17) with Tiger Flowers, Meek is Murder, I am Heresy and Black Table;  January 7 with Ghostlimb & The Year is One and yours truly on DJ duties; January 14 with Jar'd Loose, Gentlemen, End it and DJ Mike SOS; and the finale on January 21, a benefit for South Sound featuring Hivesmasher, Fashion Week, Flaming Tusk, SOS and DJ Zeena Koda. Make sure and get to the shows and wave goodbye to metal in the Lit Lounge basement. It will be missed.

Head below for the full statement on the end of Precious Metal NYC.

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photos by Caroline Harrison and words by Doug Moore

Bad Powers at Saint Vitus, 9/21/2012
Bad Powers

Brooklyn's Bad Powers (featuring three-fourths of Made Out of Babies) played their debut show at Saint Vitus on Friday night (9/21). Local favorites Sannhet and The Year Is One supported them.

Over the last year or so, The Year Is One has become one of the NYC metal scene's perennial openers. Despite featuring members from screamo/skramz legends Saetia and Orchid, The Year Is One don't deal with histrionics -- they performed their polymorphous grind stoically and efficiently. Instead of the usual guitar/bass pairing, the band has two bassists -- one bassist fills the guitarist's role with a six-string bass while the other holds down the bottom end. Weirdly, this configuration doesn't make for a wildly unconventional sound; it just produces less washed-out treble than a guitar/bass combo might.

Sannhet has also become an opening mainstay as of late and their elaborate presentation makes them hard to forget. They've got a full-on light show at their disposal, complete with projected visualizations, rhythm-synced strobes, and even incense jammed into amp grills. The spectacle befits Sannhet's booming post-metal, which is viscerally satisfying in person -- albeit too familiar for its own good.

I was a huge fan of Made Out of Babies's scathing noise rock, and it bummed me out when the band recently split up after just three albums. As happy as I was to hear that most of the lineup was carrying on as Bad Powers, I was also a little skeptical -- charismatic MOoB vocalist Julie Christmas isn't easy to replace. That Bad Powers's album was mostly written before Christmas's departure complicates matters; the new material was originally intended for her voice.

Bad Powers vocalist Megan Tweed thus finds herself in a difficult position: replacing an acclaimed predecessor in a setting that automatically sets up comparisons to her. To Megan's credit, she acquitted well for herself vocally, matching most of Christmas's vocal and performance tics step for step, though with somewhat more underwear-flashing than was strictly necessary. The rest of the band has retained the stringy muscle and songwriting chops that made them so exciting in the MOoB days. Bad Powers is off to a strong start, but I'm excited to hear what they can do when they start writing explicitly for Tweed's voice.

More pictures from Saint Vitus are below.

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Bad Powers

If you can't tell from the above photo then yes, Bad Powers contains Brendan, Coop and Matt from Made Out of Babies... but that isn't Julie Christmas. Bad Powers is a wholly new direction for the trio, having added vocalist Megan Tweed to the mix. The results share some aesthetic choices with the band's former identities (now kaput), yet also with an artier side beyond simply pummel and bludgeon.

Bad Powers is prepping their debut LP for The End Records, due on the label on September 18. Preorder yours here. BrooklynVegan is proud to premiere the LP track "Electricity Should Be Free," which you  can listen to along with the previously-released "New Bruise."

Look for Bad Powers to team with the incredible Sannhet and The Year is One at Saint Vitus on September 21. Tickets are still available.

All streams are below.

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photos by Katie Chirichillo, words by BBG

Loma Prieta @ the Meatlocker
Loma Prieta

After visiting Motclair, NJ, as previously mentioned, Loma Prieta and Birds in Row are in NYC TONIGHT (3/24) to play Acheron alongside The Year is One and Scowl (who also play 4/1 with Ilsa).

The Acheron show is one of three NYC dates for Birds in Row, who will also play the same space on April 4th, but with the touring Full of Hell and Code Orange Kids (both of whom just played our Deathmatch party), as well as NJ's Real Cops. Birds in Row is also on board with Converge for some live dates, including Music Hall of Williamsburg on April 14th with Git Some and Pianos Become The Teeth (tickets, no Loma Prieta).

Git Some, who is also part of the MHOW show, is scheduled to play Saint Vitus on March 30th with Morne, Swan King and Gang Signs (tickets).

Loma Prieta/Birds in Row recently played two area dates, one at The Space in Hamden, CT on March 18th, and one at The Meatlocker in Montclair, NJ on March 22nd. Pictures from both shows are below....

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photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG

Lock Up @ Europa - 2/16/2012
Lock Up!

UK band Lock Up, featuring an ailing Tomas Lindberg and bass tones from Danny Lilker (Nuclear Assault) in the the place of Shane Embury (Napalm Death, Venomous Concept), played Europa on February 16th as part of their round of dates with Goatwhore and Strong Intention. The NYC date featured appearances from both The Year is One and Mutant Supremacy, as well as vocals on some of the Lock Up tracks from Ben of Goatwhore while Lindberg was coating his throat in cloraseptic and downing Dayquil. Get well soon Tompa! Pictures from the show are in this post.

In related news, Goatwhore's new LP Blood for the Master is out NOW via Metal Blade Records. Stream "Parasitic Scriptures of the Sacred Word" from the LP at Pitchfork and order your copy at Metal Blade.

More pictures from Europa are below.

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photos by Di Lynn Ring, words by BBG

Tombs @ Union Pool
Tombs, in four-piece formation and with special guest bassist Paul Delaney of Black Anvil, headlined Union Pool on March 3rd with support from Argonauts (with new vocalist Chris Alfano in tow), Psychic Limb and The Year is One. Here are some pictures.

The show was one of FOUR high-profile metal shows that night in NYC, with Deicide headlining Gramercy (pics forthcoming), Drugs of Faith at Death By Audio (pics HERE) and Catheter/Laughing Dog at 538 Johnson.

If you missed Tombs, you can catch them at Public Assembly on May 19th (the same night as Loss/Pallbearer's NYC debut show).

All Tombs dates and more Union Pool pictures below...

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by BBG


Ulcerate will team with Tombs for a string of US dates that will include May 19th at Public Assembly, as part of their campaign towards Maryland Deathfest 2012. Ticketing info is forthcoming. The New Zeland band recently signed to Relapse for the follow-up to their much loved The Destroyers of All LP.

Tombs will also play a local show in the meantime, teaming with Argonauts, Psychic Limb & The Year is One for a show at Union Pool on March 3rd.

Tombs recently waved goodbye to long-time bassist Carson James, who will be temporarily replaced by Paul Delaney of Black Anvil for an upcoming LA show at The Roxy on 2/11 with Exhumed, Black Tusk, Revocation, and Royal Thunder as part of a Scion showcase for Relapse Records.

All tour dates and some streams are below.

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by BBG

Defeatist @ Acheron

There was a definite family vibe at Acheron on Saturday (10/7), with touring band Regents (mems Sleepytime Trio, Frodus, Acid Tiger, Thursday) sharing the stage with NYC grind greats Defeatist, Psychic Limb, and The Year is One. Artist Brian Montouri of Psychic Limb is responsible for Regents cover art and the ties between Defeatist, The Year is One and Psychic Limb go deeper than just sharing this stage, so there was a definite air of friendship that went all around.

Regents' blistering punk rock is propelled by Jason Hamacher's (Frodus) pummeling drums, with Drew Ringo and David NeSmith's dueling guitar and scream vocals. Lukas Previn (Acid Tiger, Thursday) filled in on bass, as the band tore through material off of their debut 7". Stream it in its entirety below.

The show was one of two that I caught on Saturday, the first being Thou, The Body, Alkahest, and Argonauts at ABC No Rio (pictures/review).

Reminder: Psychic Limb will appear aboard the Jewel on 10/22 with Tombs, Skeletonwitch, and Kvelertak as part of the Rocks Off/BV-BBG official showcase. Tickets are still available.

More pictures from Acheron and that 7" stream is below...

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words & photos by BBG

The Atlas Moth @ Union Pool
The Atlas Moth

The Atlas Moth / KEN Mode overcame a damp, bitterly cold night at Union Pool on Saturday with locals The Year is One as part of an East Coast/Midwest tour. Both touring bands focused on material from their new LPs on Profound Lore. The Atlas Moth's An Ache for Distance was recently released on the label. KEN Mode's Venerable hit earlier this year.

The Atlas Moth fought through technical issues for the first portion of their set, but resumed a triple guitar attack by the time they hit the title track from their current LP. The band brought along disco-ball style lighting in multiple colors to add a psychedelic visual touch.

KEN Mode, sporting their third bass player in their last three NYC appearances, welcomed Andrew LaCour (of Khann) on low-end for this tour. Though the changing bass slot may weigh heavily on some bands, KEN Mode are no more worse for wear; the Canadian band sounded as vicious as ever on songs like "Book of Muscle".

More pictures and video from Brooklyn, as well as the remaining tour dates, are below...

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words & photos by BBG


After an awesome show the night before at Public Assembly, Coliseum played a second show in Brooklyn at Union Pool last night/Sunday (5/15), this time with The Austerity Program, The Year is One, and Masakari who was added to the bill late on Saturday night, and ended up playing four shows during their two-night NYC stay (Public Assembly, ABC No Rio, and C-Squat as well).

If you missed Coliseum last night or Saturday, it may be some time before you catch them again. Guitarist/vocalist Ryan Patterson announced that this tour would be their last for a while, as the band is taking some time to focus on their follow-up to their well-crafted LP House With A Curse.

Seeing Coliseum twice this past weekend confirmed what I already knew, that this Louisville band has a deep and varied catalog that not only destroys, but also challenges. Coliseum could easily churn out record after record of well-crafted by-the-books d-beat, but they want more. And with their excellent songwriting, I think they'll get it. It'll be interesting to see where Patterson & the boys take it next.

More pictures from Union Pool below...

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