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Punk Island

Make Music New York's Punk Island returns for its eighth year on June 21st, with nearly 100 punk bands, from as far away as the Philippines to as near as the East Village, all gathering on a Staten Island pier - just steps away from the Ferry Terminal -- for a day-long punk experience.

For ten hours, bands including RVIVR, Disaster Strikes, Rum Rebellion, and InCircles will be playing with a whirlwind of punks from all over representing every facet of the punk musical spectrum.

The show goes from 10 AM to 9 AM, and later that night RVIVR play Palisades with War on Women (tickets). Full Punk Island 2015 lineup below...

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Slayer at Izod Center (photos by Samantha Marble)

Slayer, Thee Oh Sees, Public Enemy, Girls, Danzig Legacy, (Danzig + Doyle von Frankenstein playing Misfits, Samhain & Danzig), Hot Snakes, Diplo, Major Lazer, Henry Rollins, Ted Leo & The Phramacists, Spank Rock, Murder City Devils, Hum, Lykke Li, Passion Pit, Four Tet, Rakim, The Damned, Austra, Purity Ring, and Flynt Flossy are just a few of the acts announced today as part of the Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 lineup. Another amazing year! Check out the full lineup below and stay tuned for more announcements coming in August and September.

The new additions to the Austin, Texas festival, which takes place from 11/4 - 11/6, are in addition to the the previous "lineup leaks" that included Brian Posehn, Odd Future, Okkervil River, M83, X (performing "Los Angeles"), Reggie Watts, Flying Lotus, Tune-Yards, Ra Ra Riot, Kid Dynamite and others

2011 is the festival's sixth year, but first at its new home Auditorium Shores (no more Waterloo Park). Tickets are on sale now.

Slayer also has a NYC performance coming up with Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth as part of the "Big Four" show at Yankee Stadium on 9/14. Tickets are still available.

Fun Fun Fun 2011 flyer and almost-full lineup is below.

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Ed Shrader & Dan Deacon @ Ridgewood Temple (April 17, 2008 (Jonny Leather)
Ed Schrader and Dan Deacon

....Moments before Deacon's exhilarating performance--which got someone as tightly wound as myself to dance--four Hispanic dudes entered the venue. Before that moment, I had felt like my companion and I were the ones who didn't fit in, but these guys in their expensive baggy clothes obviously weren't part of the intended clientele or demographic for this event.

Naturally, I was prejudiced against them, suspect of their motives for entering into this hipster Temple party. With the crowd, in tight, circled around Deacon, the party began, with everyone in the place dancing along. Even these "thugs" were dancing and seemed to be enjoying it.

Of course they were into it. We were easy prey. The geeky, scrawny white kids--many of which looked ridiculous--had their backs were turned, allowing these "thugs" to easily rummage through our bags that we naively expected to be safely stashed. My lady and I had let down our guards, in order to loosen up and have fun, but also because of our unwillingness to hold prejudiced feelings towards people based solely on how they looked. Though we were naïve enough to set down our bags, we kept a watchful eye on the culprits. Those watchful eyes watched those young assholes steal all of her cash (leaving her without a dime for food for the entire rest of the month) and a credit card. We acted just in time to grab our bags before they made with the big heist. The thief who had stolen my friend's money had his hand on my camera bag, while we plucked it away without confrontation.

We quickly made our way to security to warn of the theft that had been taking place. The culprits were fully aware that they had been caught, and quickly made their way to an escape. While the security staff could have easily taken action and saved a lot of kids from the disappointment of losing a lot of money and valuables, they decided to let the thieves pass by unquestioned..... [Jonny Leather - NY PRESS]

I missed all of that because I was at the Cloud Cult show at Union Hall instead. As far as I know, nothing was stolen from there, but I did overhear some stock tips that turned out bad, and I almost got hit in the toe with a bocce ball (just kidding).

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"French president Nicolas Sarkozy is endorsing a plan that would ban the provision of Internet access to file sharers caught pirating three times. The plan would use information from ISPs on "high-volume users" to find file sharers. Serial offenders would see their accounts suspended or terminated after their third strike. Music and film industries, naturally, are in favor of the plan." [Valleywag]