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by Bill Pearis


Discerning vinyl lovers with disposable income left after taxes and Record Store Day will be pleased to learn that the Brooklyn Flea Record Fair is back this Saturday (5/4) at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. There are 50 vendors, with tables from labels like Domino, DFA, Captured Tracks, Merge and Warp, and also record stores/vendors like Other Music, Turntable Lab, Kim's Video & Music, and Record Grouch.

There are also a few specialty items available, like Captured Tracks' Cleaners from Venus Vol. 2 Box Set (which isn't official out till 5/14), Cass McCombs/White Magic 7" on clear vinyl, and that PAWS cassette that was only available at their merch table on their North American tour last month. DJs picked by the Red Bull Music Academy folks will be spinning tunes, including sets from Throne of Blood's James Friedman, Dean Bein (True Panther Records), DJ/rupture and more. Hours for the record fair are 11 AM - 6 PM and it's free entry. Smorgasburg gets insanely packed these days, so go early.

Full list of vendors, specialty items and DJ schedule are below.

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by Andrew Sacher

DOWNLOAD: Martyn - "Viper" (MP3)


Martyn began DJ and promoting d&b nights in Holland as far back as 1996, but it was as recent as three years ago that his production began to be recognised. He had releases on Marcus Intalex's Revolv:R, both d&b and dubstep-- fitting since Marcus Intalex released one of the first deep house inspired dubstep-esque singles "Taking Over Me" as far back as 2000. But while Martyn bought into early Wookie material, it wasn't until Kode9's "Sine of the Dub" that Martyn took notice of dubstep. "I heard that record and it fitted right into some of the music I was hunting down at that time such as the reggae/techno from Berlin like Rhythm & Sound, Main Street and Basic Channel," he explains. [Pitchfork]
Martyn released his second LP, Ghost People, last month via FlyLo's Brainfeeder label. The album is full of hollow dubstep beats in the vein of Kode9, who is mentioned above as one of Martyn's influences, and features guest vocals on the first track by Spaceape, who collaborated with Kode9 in 2006 for the pioneering Memories of the Future album, and again earlier this year on the duo's followup, Black Sun. But what really makes Ghost People a memorable listen is the way he works in his house influences. He can come out sounding like a better version of Deadmau5's early material (before he began taking a much frattier direction). The songs layer four-on-the-floor beats with more off-kilter ones and almost always use percussion in the forefront of the song, with a sparse melody in the background. The one exception is the album's especially house-y closing track, "We Are You In The Future," which opens with a catchy bouncing synth line that gets built off for almost 9 minutes, and is by far the longest track on the album. The album track "Viper" is available for download above.

Martyn's only got one North American date coming up and its The FIXED Holiday Bash at Public Assembly on December 16 with Jonas Reinhardt (live), Andrew "The Wiz" Potter, Ulysses, JDH & Dave P, and a back room hosted by Throne of Blood. Tickets for the show are on sale now.

All dates below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Maserati - "Join Us, Mystic Sister / No More Sage" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Zombi - "Spirit Animal" (MP3 Snippet)
DOWNLOAD: Mono - "Ashes In The Snow" (MP3)

Zombi (photo by Shawn Brackbill)

Zombi is a space rock duo from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, consisting of Steve Moore on bass and synthesizers and Anthony Paterra on drums. The group makes use of looping to create multi-layered compositions. They have toured with Don Caballero, Isis, Orthrelm, The Psychic Paramount, Daughters, Red Sparowes, These Arms Are Snakes and Trans Am.
Zombi does not f around. The proggy duo have scheduled THREE releases for the month of February... read 'em and weep Axl Rose.

First up is Spirit Animal, Zombi's poppin' fresh LP due on Feb 3rd via Relapse Records. The band is currently streaming snippets of a pair of tracks at their myspace and made one of those snippets available for download here... check out "Spirit Animal" above.

Zombi's second release is decidedly different... the Sapphire 12" will be released on Throne Of Blood (aka The Rapture's label). Look for that on dancefloors, in February as well.

Finally, Zombi have paired up with Maserati to release a split LP on Temporary Residence Limited, due in, you guessed it, February. The kind folks at TRL have made one of those Maserati tracks (and an intro) available for download. Check out "Join Us, Mystic Sister / No More Sages" above. Maserati will be embarking on a short East Coast tour, hitting Le Poisson Rouge along the way on March 10th. Tickets are on sale.

While we are on the Temporary Residence Limited tip, labelmates MONO have dropped of an MP3 from their upcoming LP Hymn to the Immortal Wind check it out above. Tickets are still available for their 10th anniversary show at The Society For Ethical Culture with a 23-piece orchestra.

And that's not all for Steve Moore... the Zombi multi-instrumentalist wears many faces, a few of which will be showcased in the coming weeks. Look for a solo Steve Moore to hit Connolly's with Future Islands and Anamanaguchi on Jan 16th, and then again at Cake Shop with Jonas Reinhardt and ARP on Jan 30. He's also in Titan (who have no shows scheduled at the moment) and Lovelock who play Jan 23rd with College, Anoraak, and Russ Chimes as part of the Valerie party at Webster Hall.

All Maserati, Steve Moore, College, and Anoraak dates (none for Zombi yet), below...

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