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by Wyatt Marshall


A couple weeks back we talked about Metal Meowlisha IV: A Headbangers Furball, death metal greats Obituary's fundraiser fest for feral cats in the Tampa area on 12/21 featuring Exhumed and Terrorizer (lineup below). Those in need of further proof of the inborn bond between metal man and kitty cat need look no further than the previously mentioned Metaldudes Cats book titled, fittingly, Metal Cats will be published in April 2014 and is meow available for pre-order. The book, cover art above, contains photos of over 100 metal musicians and fans with their cats, including:

Black Goat, Thrones, Isis, Lightning Swords of Death, Winterthrall, Wizards of Wor, The Cauterized, Book of Black Earth, Skarp, Harassor, Akimbo, Aldebaran, Atriarch, Oak, Ghoul, Ludicra, Holy Grail, Xasthur, Cattle Decapitation, Murder Construct, Exhumed, Anhedonist, Morbid Angel, Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, Gypsyhawk, Nausea, Phobia, Napalm Death.
That's a lot of cats! A portion of the proceeds of Metal Cats will go to no-kill shelters.

In other metal book news, a new Slayer biography has emerged, titled Slayer 66 2/3: The Jeff & Dave Years. A Metal Band Biography. The book was written by DX Herris, who previously has written about Slayer in his 33 1/3 series entry, Slayer's Reign in Blood. The book clocks in at a whopping 628 and here's a description:

This timely rock biography answers burning questions, shatters popular myths, and uncovers new truths about Slayer, the iconic group that became the embodiment of heavy metal. This full-length, exhaustively researched account of the thrash kings' career recaps and reevaluates the years guitar hero Jeff Hanneman and drum legend Dave Lombardo were in the group. Over the course of 59 chapters, 400 footnotes and three appendices, it profiles the members and presents dramatic scenes from 32 years in the Abyss: A fresh look at the group's early days. Reign in Blood tours. A European invasion. The Palladium riot. The seat cushion chaos concert. Newly unearthed details from Lombardo's turbulent history with the band. Historical artwork and photos never seen in public before. The entire diabolical discography. Hanneman's hard times. The Big Four's big year. Lombardo's final exit...
And a lot more -- sounds pretty thorough. It's currently available in an interactive e-book edition for... $6.66.

Slayer recently rolled through Madison Square Garden with Gojira on their first tour since the passing of Jeff Hanneman. We'll have photos soon -- did you go?

Meowlisha 2013 line-up below...

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photos by Lukas Hodge, words by Fred Pessaro

Floor @ Saint Vitus, 3/29/2013

After an initial reunion in 2010, sunny sludge metal crew Floor are now an active band again, having signed a deal to release new material for Season of Mist! The record will be laid down in the days following the current Floor tour, which hit Saint Vitus on Friday (3/29) with touring partner Thrones (aka Joe Preston of Melvins/High on Fire/too many to name here) and locals Vaz (who filled in following the cancellation of Psychic Limb). Pictures and video from the show are in this post. More below...

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Floor at Music Hall of Williamsburg, April 2011 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)


It's been close to two years since we last saw reactivated Floridian doom titans Floor, when they blessed NYC at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Now that Torche has a sold-out show with Argonauts in early March, look for Steve Brooks to dust off the project again for a string of dates with the great Thrones (Joe Preston) that will include a stop at much smaller NYC venue Saint Vitus on March 29 which is an Invisible Oranges/BV presented show. Tickets are on sale.

Head below for a list of all (UPDATED) upcoming Floor dates, as well as video from their last reunion.

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Acheron photos by Stephanie Crumley, Union Pool photos by BBG

Danava at Acheron

Danava and Thrones completed a round of NYC dates over the weekend. They tagged Acheron on an icy Thursday night with Caltrop and Psychic Limb, and then hit Union Pool on Friday (10/28) with La Otracina & Ben von Wildenhaus (mem Federation X). Thrones, Danava, and La Otracina were then set to head out on the road together together, but were forced to cancel their Boston date at Midway Cafe the next night due to the freak snowfall that blanketed the Northeast, but resumed their tour in Providence last night (10/30) and are on their way north towards Portland, ME now. Full tour dates are below.

Thrones, Danava, La Otracina and Ben von Wildenhaus, aka the Friday lineup, ALL have new releases to celebrate. Thrones, aka Joe Preston, recently dropped a split with Sedan on his own Joe Preston's Solid Gold Records. La Otracina were literally assembling and selling their new Skyblazer 7" at the show, out now via In For The Kill Records. Ben von Wildenhaus released his new LP Great Melodies From Around this past Tuesday (10/25) via Riot Bear Recording Co. And of course, Danava's new LP is out now too.

Of the previously mentioned, only BvW has another NYC date in his near future, at Zebulon on Thursday (11/3) with Pure Horsehair and DJ Porkchop in celebration of Great Melodies From Around.

Pictures from Acheron and Union Pool, as well as video from Acheron, are below...

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by BBG

Batillus @ Acheron

Batillus headlined Acheron last night, their last show of the year on their homebase of NYC and a primer for their forthcoming West Coast dates with The Atlas Moth and Kowloon Walled City. Batillus's appearance featured a new song, one of several that band has already written for their follow-up to Furnace, the band's celebrated debut with Seventh Rule. Details on that are forthcoming.

Richmond crew Inter Arma were the lone touring band on the bill, joining locals Belus at the Acheron. Inter Arma linked up with Balaclava on earlier dates. Balaclava played Acheron a few days earlier.

Acheron will host another noteworthy show (that I booked) TONIGHT (10/27) at 9PM with Thrones, Danava, Caltrop, and Psychic Limb (who recently played a boat). It's one of two Thrones/Danava dates in NYC. The second is Thursday at Union Pool with La Otracina and Ben von Wildenhaus at 8PM.

More pictures and videos from last night and all tour dates are below...

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by BBG


Danava will head out on the road supporting Thrones for a string of US dates that will include TWO NYC shows, 10/27 at Acheron and 10/28 at Union Pool with La Otracina, both BrooklynVegan/Order Of The Serpent productions.

After split releases with Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Earthless, and their European tour partners Lecherous Gaze, Danava is preparing to release their second LP Hemisphere of Shadows via Kemado Records on Oct 4th. The riffy, prog-unfluenced new record tips the hat to greats like Hawkwind, Yes in their heavier moments, and Thin Lizzy on their latest 70s-inspired space launchpad. Check out the first track on the LP, "Shoot Straight With Your Crooked Gun", which makes its first appearance here (below). Kemado historically hasn't touched cassette or 8-track formats, but maybe they should with Hemisphere of Shadows; it would sound amazing blasting out of a revved-up '78 Firebird.

Song stream, tour dates and an album trailer, best viewed under the influence of elicit substances, is below.

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by BBG

Christian Mistress
Christian Mistress

Thrones headlined Acheron on Wednesday (10/13) with an assist from the stunning NWOBHM-inspired Christian Mistress & the the blackened street-toughs in Villains as part of a joint BrooklynVegan/Todd P production. All three delivered impressive sets to a packed Acheron, but Christian Mistress was the only one of the three that got the crowd chanting "one more song" (to which they obliged).

More pictures from this fantastic show (thanks to all who attended) are below. A reminder Rosetta/Constants/Cleanteeth take on Union Pool (not Cake Shop) TONIGHT (10/15) and The Gates of Slumber/Hour of 13/Disma tear down Union Pool tomorrow (10/16) as part of BrooklynVegan/1000 Knives events this weekend.

More pictures from the Acheron below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Christian Mistress - "Desert Rose" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Christian Mistress - "Home In The Sun" (MP3)


After Grey Wolves, my journey into the Melvins past would continue with their ex-bassist Joe Preston and his solo project Thrones. With a looping pedal, drum machine, and some sort of vocal harmonizer, Joe churned out compelling and doomy rhythms, leads, and everything in between, making for a fascinating one man show. [review from No Fun Fest 2009]
BrooklynVegan and Todd P are proud to present a killer lineup of heavy music at Acheron on October 13th! Headlined by the one and only Joe Preston (Thrones) support will come from Christian Mistress, Villains, and one more TBA! $10 will get you in the door.

The show is one of many that Christian Mistress and Thrones will play together, starting in Portland in September, and ending back in the same state on Halloween. All dates below.

Christian Mistress are celebrating their new LP Agony & Opium out NOW via 20 Buck Spin. With classic 80s Euro riffs and a vocalist that brings to mind Geddy Lee, Agony & Opium feels like a lost relic from the NWOBHM. Dig on the killer retro goodness on "Desert Rose" and "Home In The Sun" available for download above.

Some videos, with all dates, below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Aidan Baker - "Liminoid Part III" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Tim Hecker - "Chimeras" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Tim Hecker - "Radio Spiricom" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Tim Hecker - "Blood Rainbow" (MP3)


The ongoing Unsound festival continues to impress. LPR will feature the great Tim Hecker TONIGHT (2/10) with Radian, Sweden's Tape, and Mountains with a special and unique set from a "band formed during the kids electronic music workshops" that have taken place throughout the festival. Tickets are still available.

Hecker released two LPs in the past two years: a solo effort entitled An Imaginary Country via Kranky last year and a collabo LP with Aidan Baker on Alien8 called Fantasma Parastasie. The ever prolific Baker has a few different projects up his sleeve but one of those, Nadja, will also be in NYC as part of the Unsound fest.

Nadja is scheduled to open the Issue Project Room on 2/12 with Xavier van Wersch and headliner David Daniell:

As a performer, Daniell utilizes acoustic, electric, and pedal steel guitar along with a variety of electronics. He has worked for over a decade as a member of the improvising blues-drone trio San Agustin, along with many other collaborators through the years, including Tim Barnes, Ateleia, Jeph Jerman, Thurston Moore, Sean Meehan, Loren Connors, Tomas Korber, Greg Davis, as lead guitarist in Jonathan Kane's live band, and as concertmaster for Rhys Chatham's 100- and 200-guitar performances. Current active collaborations include a duo with guitarist Douglas McCombs (of Brokeback, Tortoise, Eleventh Dream Day) and a trio with Christian Fennesz and Tony Buck (of The Necks).
Tickets are still available.

Aidan Baker has a new LP entitled Liminoid/Lifeforms out NOW via Alien 8. Stream the entire thing and/or download one track, "Liminoid Part III", above. After NYC, Nadja will blast off to Europa to link up with OvO and Thrones (who is playing TWO NYC shows, 2/18 and 2/19) for a string of dates in later March/April.

Full tour dates and a bunch of videos are below.

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by BBG

Toby Driver
* Toby Driver photo by Gemma Fleming

Toby Driver is an "other". Not like Benjamin Linus or one of the Dharma Initiative, but in that his artistic endeavors Kayo Dot and Maudlin of The Well exist in the in-between, and outside. Driver's current project, Kayo Dot, is prepping to release their fourth album Coyote via Hydra Head on April 6th. On Coyote, elements of goth, avant-jazz, prog, ambient, and the kitchen sink meld with the avant-garde, making for an intensely fascinating and eclectic listen.

Driver was recently asked to curate the month of February at The Stone, John Zorn's non-profit club in the East Village. We sat down to ask Driver about some of the bands he chose which include solo sets from members of Krallice, Dysrhythmia, Extra Life, and Bloody Panda in addition to Baby Dee, Oxbow, Gnaw, and a full performance by his own band doing Coyote from start to finish, and the recent resurrection of Maudlin of The Well.

Full interview and Stone schedule, below....

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Bastard Noise - "Mutant World Of Shame / Underworld" (MP3)

The Bastard Noise from No Fun Fest at MHOW (more by Lori Baily)
The Bastard Noise

Thrones, aka Joe Preston, is confirmed for an NYC show on Feb 19th at The Stone. No word if the show is part of a greater East Coast tour. Joe Preston's first and only LP as Thrones, A Day Late And A Dollar Short, was released in 2005 on Southern Lord.

Thrones shared the stage with Bastard Noise last year during night one of No Fun Fest at MHOW (day 2 pics). That band is currently putting the finishing touches on a new full length entitled A Culture of Monsters, has a new split LP entitled The Red List out on CD via 20 Buck Spin and vinyl Deep Six Records, sharing billing with the unrelenting powerviolence of The Endless Blockade. Download the new Bastard Noise track "Mutant World Of Shame / Underworld" above.

The Red List marks a huge turning point for US noise legends Bastard Noise.... Recalling their seminal past ties with Man Is The Bastard, ...the exemplary bass-playing ("four steel girders") of Eric Wood certainly recalls MITB in their heyday, with recent addition and master drummer/percussionist Danny Walker (Intronaut/Phobia) providing the perfect foundation for Wood's brutal technicality. Long-time Bastard Noise/MITB member W.T. Nelson keeps the custom-built electronics sound of the band planted firmly in the present.
The Endless Blockade contribute ONE 14+ minute track (not fourteen one minute tracks), "Deuteronomy", as well as a pair of remixes from their Primitive LP by Noah Creshevsky and The Rita. The Canadian band is also prepping a split with Unearthly Trance, a new 12" EP, a discography CD, and a record with side project Slaughter Strike. They also have some planned dates with the great Hatred Surge in Texas, including an appearance at SXSW....

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photos by Paul Birman, words by Black Bubblegum

Wolves in the Throne Room
Wolves in the Throne Room

Like a dark mist settling in the Hudson Valley before blowing off to sea, Wolves In The Throne Room, Krallice, and A Storm of Light cast darkness upon The Studio @ Webster Hall last night (5/26) as part of their tour surrounding Maryland Death Fest which included an earlier NYC Date at Europa on 5/22 (except with Thrones instead of Krallice). Videos from Europa and full tour dates are below.

A Storm of Light opened the evening at The Studio with their Neurosis-style dirge and thunder, drawing from newly reworked material due to the addition of a new female voice, Nerissa Campbell. Comparing Tuesday night to my prior experience with them, the vocals with the now-harmonizing Josh Graham only further highlight their Swans influence, and Campbell's voice has a pained quality that reminds me of a simpler, more blues-y Jarboe. I think the addition is a smart one.

Krallice followed, and though apparent instrument issues plagued Colin Marston, the trio banged out a set of (I believe) mostly new material. The new material seems to be in the same vein as the old; dual tremelo picking, blasting drums, and odd left turns delivered with underlying complex melody. Bassist Nick McMaster plays a different role in the new material (he did not play on the S/T), showcasing some finger-tapping and a death-metal growl that contrasts well with Mick Barr's reverb drenched, higher pitched screams.

I recently spoke with Krallice, and the band is working on their new album for a late June/July recording, after which the band will take a break until August. (To work on Gorguts?!?!? Please?)

Wolves In The Throne Room were candlelit and engulfed in fog by the time the clock struck 10:45PM. The foursome charged through abbreviated versions of songs from their current and last LPs, Two Hunters and Black Cascade respectively, including "Ahrimanic Trance", "Behold The Vastness and Sorrow", and "Crystal Ammunition". As menacing and unholy as they seem on stage, their melodies soar from beneath the darkness, making their live show all the more undeniable. If you missed this or the Europa show, make sure to get to the next one. I have a feeling that with the crowd the size that it was last night (sold out?), we may get another taste very soon. (I hope)

To close, a note for aspiring photographers. If the band likes to perform with the lights so low, don't flash away 100+ times at the same target. It's distracting, annoying, and just plain uncool. That said, more pictures, and those videos, below...

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GG Allin & Tesco Vee "Throbblehead" dolls (on sale now at Aggronautix)
GG Allin & Tesco Vee

tonight in NYC
* Momus @ Highline Ballroom
* Estelle, DJ Cassidy @ MoMA
* Here We Go Magic @ Union Pool
* The Roots @ Highline Ballroom
* Jenny Scheinman & Robbie Fulkes @ Barbes
* Keane & the Helio Sequence @ Wellmont Theater
* A Camp, Gentleman Reg @ Bowery Ballroom
* Nate Wooley, Dennis D Anderton @ The Stone
* Hull, Witches Tit, Flaming Tusk @ The Charleston
* Opeth, Enslaved @ Manhattan Center Grand Ballroom
* JEFF the Brotherhood & Turbo Fruits @ Death By Audio
* Sessions at Santa's w/ Light Asylum, Tim Dewit, Ryan Sawyer @ Santos
* Wolves in the Throne Room, A Storm of Light, Krallice @ The Studio at Webster Hall
* The Dig, Those Dancing Days, Five O'Clock Heroes, Jaguar Club @ Mercury Lounge
* Unwigged & Unplugged (Christopher Guest, Michael McKean, Harry Shearer) @ Beacon Theatre (Spinal Tap)

A belated shout for...

Stephen Bruton, a real-life guitar hero who played with everyone from Kris Kristofferson to Elvis Costello, died Saturday [May 9th] in Los Angeles.

The Fort Worth native was 60 and had been in California working on the soundtrack to Jeff Bridges' new movie, Crazy Heart, said his wife of 13 years, Mary Keating-Bruton.
[Fort Worth Star-Telegram]


Completely unrelated, but sorta cool: the GG Allin and Tesco Vee bobbleheads you see up there.

Keane and The Helio Sequence play Radio City Music Hall on Wednesday.

Momus is performing a three-hour career retrospective at the Highline Ballroom tonight; check out a poster for the event, below...

Thrones opened for A Storm of Light and Wolves in the Throne Room at Europa the other night. Video below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Lori Baily

Bastard Noise
Bastard Noise


After leaving Melvins at Webster Hall on Friday (May 15, 2009), where the thundering basstones of Trevor Dunn were vibrating my chest, it was a little odd that the sounds emanating from British power electronic terrorists Grey Wolves over at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, were comparatively silent. As their No Fun Fest set went on, the volume would increase from "mildly harsh" to "razor sharp", but one thing stayed constant: the squalls of caustic harsh noise squelching out of the PA.

Sound fun? It was. Behind that backdrop, Grey Wolves spewed caustic lyrics about hate, terrorism, and a desire to "fuck the pain way", and not like Peaches sang playfully in 2000. In between the confrontational lyrics, the vocalist sneered and grabbed his crotch, but not in the Jackson Family manner, the kind that would make your mother call the po-po. Intense, immense, a tad shocking, and completely enjoyable.

After Grey Wolves, my journey into the Melvins past would continue with their ex-bassist Joe Preston and his solo project Thrones. With a looping pedal, drum machine, and some sort of vocal harmonizer (anyone know?), Joe churned out compelling and doomy rhythms, leads, and everything in between, making for a fascinating one man show. I had originally thought that the Wolves In the Throne Room/A Storm Of Light show coming up with Krallice at The Studio @ Webster (5/26, tickets here) was the definite winner of the NYC shows on that tour, but after seeing Thrones on Friday, its a toss up... unless I make it to Coco66 on 5/21 to catch him with Blues Control, then I may go see him again with WITTR at Europa on 5/22 (tickets here)

The last act for the evening was Bastard Noise, the noise project of fallen powerviolence legends Man Is The Bastard. I caught a few songs from the noise-terrorists, enough to see Eric Wood thrashing around like a madman and require another listen from their awesome new album Rogue Astronaut.

How were all the acts who came before them? For poor Raglani, it was his last with his gear. Pictures and video from the whole night below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Melvins at Oya in Norway (more)

These days everyone is looking back, and the Melvins (sans members of Big Business) are no exception, as evidenced by their 25th Anniversary tour which will feature a performance of their album Houdini as well as portions of Mangled Demos. That tour impacts NYC on FRIDAY (5/15). Tickets are still available. Seriously?

Meanwhile, ex-Melvins bassist Joe Preston will also be in town. He brings his solo project Thrones 'round the bend for No Fun Fest at the MHOW on May 15th, a show on May 21st at Coco66 with Blues Control, and one on May 22nd with Wolves in The Throne Room at Europa (tickets for Europa still on sale).

Like passing strangers, the other half of the USUAL Melvins lineup, Big Business, played both Mercury Lounge and Union Pool with Tweak Bird last weekend. The two pairs will reunite to play ATP NY with Animal Collective, Jesus Lizard, The Flaming Lips, Boredoms, and more.

Joe Preston's (old???) band, Harvey Milk, will be in Brooklyn at MHOW on July 26th with Torche (tickets still on sale).

King Buzzo of the Melvins was on Red Eye (again) last night. That video and Melvins & Thrones tour dates are below....

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fancy new art & Times New Viking @ Market Hotel (c89)
Times New Viking

"So, just to get this out of the way: Market Hotel's new art installations make for some fucking awesome background shots. A bit less 'punk'/'DIY' than before, but way more art school dropout/middle school play about the inside of your stomach." [DARKWAVEVAWKRADARKWAVE]
Times New Viking played two NYC shows earlier this week: one on May 10th at the Market Hotel with Blues Control and Pink Reason, and another May 11th at the Bowery Ballroom with Vivian Girls and Stupid Party. MusicSnobbery said, the Bowery show "was a triple dose of low-to-no-fi garage rock as all the bands on the bill had three members."

With those gigs gone, the Bell House has announced that TNV is the "secret guest" at the Agit Reader's one-year anniversary celebration at the Brooklyn venue on Saturday, June 13th. Other acts include Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, the Mad Scene and El Jesus de Magico. Tickets are on sale.

Blues Control, who played with TNV on Sunday the 10th, has a short weekend tour coming up and NYC shows scheduled. Those include a Thursday, May 21st show at Coco 66 with Thrones, Lake and Popped Blimp; a Northside Fest appearance at the Shank with Kurt Vile, Grooms, Woods and Pygmy Shrews; and a set on June 21st at Goodbye Blue Monday's Make Music NY festivities. A new LP/CD from Blues Control is due in July on Siltbreeze.

One of Blues Control's last NYC shows was an opening gig for Animal Collective at NYC's Grand Ballroom in January. (FYI: Animal Collective is back in town now.)

All TNV and Blues Control tour dates, with a video of TNV playing two songs on Record Story Day '09 from their forthcoming Matador album, below...

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No Fun Fest

No Fun Fest 2009. May 15,16,17 at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Daily Schedule,ticket info/prices will be announced by January 12.
Full lineup below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Zach Dilgard

DOWNLOAD: Earth - The Driver (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Deadbird - "Death Of Self" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Harvey Milk's whole SXSW WFMU show (MP3)

Earth @ Knitting Factory

Earth holy shit so gooooood............. Everything they did was simple and repetitive but they all locked in the groove and just played it to the fucking bone. [In Memory Of Thom]
Earth played the Knitting Factory with the avant garde band Kayo Dot earlier this month (Did you get your free tix?). Photos Zach took at that show are decorating this post.

Meanwhile, ex-Earth legend SeƱor Joe Preston is still keeping keeping busy (natch), tackling on ANOTHER great band to his resume which already includes Thrones, High On Fire, Melvins, sometimes sunn 0))) and about a trillion other bands. He is now in the ridiculously under-appreciated band Harvey Milk! Now an official member on guitar (NOT bass), Preston joined the band on stage during their SXSW gig for WFMU (download the whole show above), and next he will join them on their upcoming tour of the Northeast and Europe including at TWO shows in NYC that are already on sale (Knitting Factory on June 20th and Europa on June 23rd). Harvey Milk have a new LP due June 3rd on Hydra Head, Life... The Best Game In Town, and are streaming the new tune "Decades" on their myspace. All tour dates below.

One band also on the Knitting Factory bill, Deadbird, is a side project of current and ex-members of Arkansas sludgers Rwake. Check out "Death Of Self" (downloadable above) from their forthcoming At A Loss LP, Twilight Ritual, due June 24th, and also scoot on over to their myspace for "Rule Discordia" streaming now! Full Deadbird tour dates (including shows with the newly reunited Only Living Witness, Black Tusk, Wooly Mammoth, Sourvein, Zoroaster, and Hail! Hornet) below.

Thrones are on tour now, and will hit Death By Audio on May 22nd with Ocrilim.

All tour dates & more Earth photos below....

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Opeth - "Lotus Eater" (edit) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Gates Of Slumber - Ice Worm (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Gates Of Slumber - Trapped In The Web (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Leviathan - Made As The Stale Wine Of Wrath (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Lurker Of Chalice - I (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wold - Frost Crystal Symmetry (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ascend - Ample Fire Within (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wolfbrigade - "Prowler" (MP3)

Intronaut Live in Barcelona, 2007 (buckyrocks)

New Century Media signees Intronaut will be back in town in August 8th at the Knitting Factory (on sale NOW), this time bringing Behold... The Arctopus and Mouth Of The Architect! Following up last year's excellent yet grab-baggy The Challenger sort-of-EP, the boys will head back into the studio in April to record a new LP. Mouth Of The Architect have a new album on the way as well, Quietly, and you can preview first single "Hate And Heartache" at the Translation Loss MySpace.

Speaking of Colin Marston, the new record for his black metal project with Mick Barr, Krallice, is in the can and is due in July via Profound Lore. Mick Barr's Ocrilim are on board to play a Todd P show opening for the mighty Thrones at Death By Audio on May 22nd. Thrones, aka Joe Preston of Melvins, High On Fire, and many other esteemed projects was spotted playing guitar with the mighty Harvey Milk at SXSW and WFMU has the whole thing available for download.


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