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by Andrew Sacher


Plenty of great metal, hardcore and other heavy shows in NYC are getting announced all the time. We don't get a chance to write about all of them, so here's a roundup of some recently-announced stuff coming up:

California old school-style death metallers Gravehill are playing shows in support of last year's Death Curse, including NYC on August 12 at the Acheron. It's a good lineup all around with their Dark Descent labelmates Ghoulgotha and Horrendous, plus Brooklyn locals Mutant Supremacy. Tickets are on sale. Stream Death Curse below.

Long-running death/thrashers Deceased are still active and will celebrate their 30th anniversary with a NYC show on November 14 at Saint VItus. Opening that show will be Bat, Iron Force and Grey Skies Fallen. Tickets are on sale now.

French grinders Department of Correction are touring the US with Mother Brain (again), and hitting NYC on August 8 at Saint Vitus with local staples Pyrrhon. Tickets are on sale.

Crust supergroup Severed Head of State (with members of World Burns To Death, Tragedy, J Church and more) come to NYC on July 30 at the Acheron with Razorheads and Indignation. Tickets are on sale.

Local black metal faves Krallice appear to be hinting at a new album on their Facebook. While details on that aren't confirmed, a live show for July 27 at the Acheron is. Radiation Blackbody and Feast of the Epiphany open. Tickets are on sale.

The doom and gloom of Planning for Burial returns to the stage on July 24 at Grand Victory with Iron Gag and Prostitution. Tickets are on sale.

Mexican black metal veterans Xibalba Itzaes (previously known as Xibalba, but changed to Xibalba Itzaes in 2010 to avoid confusion with the California hardcore band Xibalba) have been at it since the early '90s and will play their first-ever NYC show on Halloween at the Acheron. Opening is Fantom Warrior and Occult Burial. Tickets for what sounds like a pretty spooky Halloween are on sale now.

Die ChokingHuman Bodies

Die Choking are a new-ish Philly grindcore band with members of Total Fucking Destruction and Cop Problem. They debuted last year with two EPs, titled I and II, and you can stream both in all their brutal rapid-fast glory below. They're coming to NYC for a show on July 29 at Saint Vitus with Blänk, Sangharsha, Ides and Hounds. Tickets are on sale.

Sangharsha also play a Nepal benefit a bit sooner at Acheron on July 15 with Tiger Flowers, Skullshitter and Brute Mukti (tickets).

Boston black metal/punk blenders Human Bodies will descend upon NYC on July 21 at Acheron with One Master, Syphilitic Lust and Salo (tickets). Earlier this year, they put out the MMXIII​-​MMXIV, which compiles last year's No Life with 2013's MMXIII demo and includes two previously unreleased tracks. It's raw, eerie, and surprisingly kinda catchy. Stream it in full below.

Anthrax's Scott Ian is spending a lot of time at Saint VItus this year. His band Motor Sister played there in February, and now he's set to return for spoken word shows on August 4 and 6. Tickets for both are available. Scott's also taking part in the NYC performance of The Doomstar Requiem, the metal opera (or "Klok-Opera") from the Metalocalypse/Dethklok guy, Brendon Small. Tickets are available for that too.

Tucson sludge band Godhunter are making their way to NYC for a show on August 13 at Saint Vitus with Destroyer of Light and Immortal Bird. Tickets are on sale now. They released their debut album, City of Dust, last year. You can stream that below.

Death metal locals Artificial Brain play Saint VItus on July 30 with Cognitive, Organ Dealer and Skullshitter. Tickets are on sale.

Throwback riffers Ruby the Hatchet play Acheron on July 24 with Joy, The Golden Grass and IYEZ. Tickets are on sale.

Lastly (for now), the Destroy Cleveland documentary will be celebrated on July 25 at the Acheron with a set from Cleveland's Fuck You Pay Me (tickets). Here's the documentary description:

Destroy Cleveland is a documentary film by Matt Greenfield about Cleveland Hardcore from 1987 through the early 2000's.

Featuring interviews and performances by Integrity, Ringworm, Judge,H100s, Cider, Hatebreed, Quicksand, Apt 213, 9 Shocks Terror, Inmates, In Cold Blood, Quicksand, Civ, Dwid Hellion, Aaron and Lenny Melnick, James Bulloch, Tony Erba, Tony "Chubby Fresh" Pines, Paul Schlacter, Steve Peffer, Chris Pellow, and many more!!

Other previously discussed heavy NYC shows coming up include Windhand, Noisem, Revocation / Cannabis Corpse, Cult of Luna / Kylesa, Caspian / Circle Takes the Square, The Body, Earth, Slayer / King Diamond, Motorhead / Anthrax, Thou / False, Rosetta, Power Trip / Red Death / Foreseen, The Atlas Moth / Vattnet Viskar / Atriarch, Weedeater / Kings Destroy, Uncle Acid, High on Fire / Pallbearer / Lucifer / Venomous Maximus, Primitive Man, Ghost, Neurosis / Brothers of the Sonic Cloth / Sumac, Old Man Gloom, Godflesh / Prurient, Catharsis, Christian Mistress / High Spirits, Trap Them / Full of Hell, and more.

Speaking of Christian Mistress, their new album To Your Death comes out September 18 via Relapse and they recently put out its single "Open Road." Listen below.

What else?

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Last year, post-rockers This Will Destroy You put out their latest album, Another Language, and now they've made a video for its track "New Topia," directed by Lilfuchs aka. Adam Fuchs. Watch that below.

The band's tour is starting soon, beginning with a BrooklynVegan-presented two-night stand at Saint Vitus on February 26 & 27. Night 1 is with Sannhet and Planning for Burial (sold out) and night 2 is with Christopher TIgnor and So Hideous (tickets). The rest of the tour is with Cymbals Eat Guitars. All dates are listed below.

In related news, Sannhet recently put out the title track off their upcoming album, Revisionist, due 3/3 via The Flenser. Listen below. They were also added to several dates on Liturgy's tour, but not the NYC show (still no opener for that one). All of those dates, also below.

So Hideous also have two other NYC dates coming up. One is this Friday (2/13) at Saint Vitus opening for German post-metal band Downfall of Gaia, along with VYGR, Sangharsha and Hivelords (tickets); and the other is The Acheron on March 21 with Tiger Flowers, Cyperna, Godmaker and Mary Todd (tickets).

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Code Orange @ Palisades - 10/10/14 (via @armando182)
Code Orange

As discussed, the great American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost are playing LA and NYC on January 2 at Webster Hall and January 4 at El Rey Theatre, respectively. Since we last spoke, openers have been announced for those shows. The NYC show gets Code Orange and Full of Hell, while LA gets B'last! and Rotting Out. Tickets for NYC and LA are still available.

Code Orange just released their metallic new album I Am King and brought their tour to NYC for a show at Palisades this past Friday (10/10). Anyone catch that?

Full of Hell have a collaborative album with Merzbow coming November 25 via Profound Lore, and they're also touring with Weedeater and Lazer/Wulf before the American Nightmare show, hitting NYC on November 7 at Saint Vitus. Tickets for that show are on sale now. Tiger Flowers were recently added too, and you can also catch them sooner on 10/20 at the Acheron (tickets).

Check out the new-ish video for "Blue Litmus" (dir. Jim Thayne) from the Full of Hell/Merzbow album, below...

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by Ian Chainey

Rosetta at Saint Vitus in 2013 (more by Vladislav Grach)

Philadelphia post-metallers Rosetta will have a new EP out in October. Flies to Flame is due out on Translation Loss Records on October 14 (preorder) and, judging by the promo video you can hear below, it will be layered with the same weighty crunch of their previous atmospheric efforts.

Rosetta are set to play two record release shows to ring in the event, expanding into a quintet with the special addition of guitarist Eric Jernigan from City of Ships. The first takes place at NYC's Saint Vitus on October 17 with Tiger Flowers and So Hideous. Tickets are available now. The second will be a homecoming show in Philadelphia with Tiger Flowers and Ladder Devils the following day.

Tiger Flowers will also be on tour this fall, supporting their crushing Dead Hymns that was released back in April. They'll swing through places like Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Nashville. On September 27, they'll play NYC's the Acheron with the Daughters-/Dropdead-connected Fucking Invincible, along with Hivesmasher and techsters Torrential Downpour. Tickets for that show are available now.

All Tiger Flowers dates are listed, with a stream of Dead Hymns, and the Flies to Flame promo video and artwork, below...

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by Doug Moore

In case you've forgotten: Utah metalcore sluggers Cult Leader are basically Gaza after a shakeup at the vocal spot. The first song they debuted from their upcoming EP suggested that not a lot had changed with this group of musicians aside from their name; Lucero's vocals are quite similar to ex-Gaza singer Jon Parkin's, and the instrumental unit still rockets between jittery tech runs and doomy slams.

Cult Leader are now streaming that EP, titled Nothing For Us Here, which you can stream below via Slug Magazine. Unsurprisingly, the whole thing pretty much picks up where Gaza left off...which definitely isn't a bad thing. If anything, I'm even more excited for Cult Leader's upcoming tour with Yautja now than I was when it was announced a few weeks back. Said tour hits NYC at Grand Victory on May 16 with local help from Tiger Flowers and Divider. Tickets for that show are still available. Don't miss it.

Nothing For Us Here comes out on April 15 via Deathwish Inc.; preorder it here. Stream it below, and check out both Cult Leader and Yautja's (slightly different) tour schedules below...

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by Doug Moore

Dead Hymns cover

NYC metalcore bruisers Tiger Flowers are well known around the local live circuit for their colorful performances, but their record release schedule has been outstripped by their touring one -- though the band have been around for over five years, they have just one EP under their belts so far. That's finally about to change. We mentioned a few months back that the band have signed with Melotov Records. Their debut LP, Dead Hymns, now finally has a release date: April 6, about a year after it was initially recorded.

We premiered the second single from the album, "Batesian Mimicry," over at Invisible Oranges this morning. Here's an excerpt from our writeup:

Coalesce are their most obvious reference point, but that comparison doesn't tell the whole story; Tiger Flowers are less noodly and more terse, which means that you stand a good chance of headbanging to their music the right way on the first try. The band know this fact and make use of it. Like any good metallic hardcore band, they've got a knack for setting up huge slowdowns with dramatic pauses -- in "Batesian Mimicry," the band pull the rug out from beneath you about a minute into the track. The sequence of slamming grooves that follows is worth the long wait.
Stream the new track below.

Tiger Flowers are also hitting the road for a short northeastern US tour in support of the album, which wraps up with a NYC hometown show at The Gutter on April 12. Support and other details TBA.

All dates are listed, with the stream of "Batesian Mimicry" and the entertaining video for the album's first single, "Cruisin' 'Til the Wheels Fall Off," below...

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By Doug Moore

Autopsy - Tourniquets, Hacksaws, and Graves cover

Welcome to another HLD. Lotsa cool live riffment options this weekend! Let's take care of that stuff first:

Tonight (2/21): OM & Zomes will play MHoW (tix), while Rivers of Nihill, So Hideous, Black Crown Initiate, and Torrential Downpour will hit Saint Vitus (tix). If you're out in Long Island, you can catch Deafheaven as part of the Between the Buried & Me / Intronaut tour (tix).

Tomorrow (2/22): Russian Circles, KEN mode, & Inter Arma are checking (back) into Saint Vitus for their second NYC show this week, which has been sold out for a while now. Anicon, Yellow Eyes, and Vorde are teaming up for a potent local black metal show at the Acheron (tix). Goosebumps, La Misma, Libyans, Mercenary, & Ajax are delivering the hardcore goods at 538 Johnson.

Sunday (2/23): The Sword, Big Business, & O'Brother are playing MHOW, but it's also sold out. And for even more shows, check out our NYC Metal Show calendar. It rules.

In other news:

Arkansan doomslingers Pallbearer are currently recording the follow-up to their critically adored 2012 effort Sorrow and Extinction. Hopefully their fans will be able to control their emotions. Prolific black/grinders Anaal Nathrakh are in the studio as well.

We mentioned yesterday that Gridlink's excellent swansong album is streaming in full. In a novel but almost certainly doomed effort to interfere with piracy of the album, their label Handshake Inc. has launched a campaign to flood illegal download hubs with unlistenable fake versions of it. Participants will (ironically) receive a free download code for the album, along with a chance to win a vinyl copy of the album. You can also win a test pressing of the album via Decibel's karaoke contest.

Death metal legends Autopsy will release Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves, their seventh studio album, on April 29.

Death metal kinda-legends Bloodbath announced that a) they still exist, b) they have ten new songs finished, and c) they have a new vocalist. Since their vocals slot has previously been occupied by Mike Akerfeldt of Opeth and Peter Tagtgren of Hypocrisy -- two of the best-regarded death metal vocalists ever -- the new guy has some big shoes to fill. The band has provided some oblique, birthdate-based hints as to his identity; journeyman vocalist Jörgen Sandström (Entombed, The Project Hate, etc.) is currently the metal blog world's best guess.

Motörhead are launching their own festival cruise in the vein of 70,000 Tons of Metal and such. Details are scant, but it will be called MOTÖRBOAT. The name alone should sell some tickets.

Local metallic hardcore stalwarts Tiger Flowers have released a great, First Blood-themed (that's Rambo-themed for you Philistines out there) video for "Cruisin' Til the Wheels Fall Off," the lead single from their upcoming full-length debut. You can stream it below. Frontman Jesse Madre told us an awesome story about the video shoot on our East Village Radio show last fall.

Speaking of which: this week's show was sponsored by the ongoing Children of Bodom / Tyr / Death Angel tour, which hits NYC on 3/28 and 3/29; we gave away tickets to the tour's San Francisco date during the show. Don't forget to tune in every Tuesday at 10pm EST to win more tickets to select dates of the tour.

Now, over to the Invisible Oranges corner: this week, we scoped out new music by Neige et Noirceur, Towers, Impetuous Ritual, Separatist, Hooded Menace, and the unpronounceable Kuolemanlaakso. Radio host and content editor Scab Casserole finished up his epic Babylon Whores career retrospective. And, as ever, we ran down all of the week's riffs fit to buy.

Oh, and one more thing: we debuted some awesome new songs from the upcoming Elemental Nightmares split-release series today, including new music from Vuyvr, Ashencult, Membaris, and Porta Nigra. You can stream those below too.

Whew! I think that's it. Anything missing?

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By Doug Moore

Morbid Saint at MDF 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)
Morbid Saint

Since it's impossible to avoid, you surely already know that the Super Bowl is this Sunday. NYC show options are thus a little thin that day, but there are some good ones coming up this weekend nonetheless.

Tonight (1/31), Coliseum will hit Saint Vitus alongside Primitive Weapons & Tidal Arms (tix). On Saturday (2/1), you have a few options: Morbid Saint at Saint Vitus (tix), Nomad / Sad Boys / EEL at the Acheron (tix), and Throaat / Blackout / Call of the Wild / Hessian at Union Pool. Keep an eye on our NYC Metal show calendar for the latest. It rules.

In other news:

Local live staples Tiger Flowers have signed to Melotov Records.

Ævangelist, who headlined a sick show last Saturday, have released a new track. Stream it below.

Agalloch will release their much-anticipated new album, The Serpent & The Sphere, on May 13 via Profound Lore.

Mötley Crüe are breaking up after roughly 35 years as a band. They've even signed a contract that bars them from reforming to tour again. Tens of people are surely heartbroken. Alice Cooper opens their final tour, which hits Jones Beach and PNC Bank Arts Center (tickets).

On a darker note, Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman was not included in the "In Memoriam" portion of the Grammys Awards ceremony, drawing their fanbase's ire. Hanneman would've turned 50 today.

At the Gates are releasing a new album, for which the prognosis is pretty good. Young Widows, meanwhile, debuted their own new album in sneaky fashion.

We had a good week over at IO, with exciting new jams by Yautja, Artificial Brain, and House of Apparition. We also ran down all the riffs fit to buy, as always. Plus, y'know, googly eyes.

Check out that new Ævangelist song below. Anything else?

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The Saddest Landscape at 285 Kent in October (more by Lukas Hodge)

Happy release day (11/12) to The Saddest Landscape and fellow post-hardcore band My Fictions, who just put out their split EP, When You Are Close, I Am Gone, which features a song by each band and a 13+ minute collaborative track. You've already heard My Fictions' contribution and now you can stream the full EP below.

The Saddest Landscape also recently announced a tour, which kicks off in Hoboken, NJ on December 6 at Stevens Institute of Technology in the Jacobus Lounge for a show with My Fictions. Maybe this means we'll get a chance to hear that collaborative track live? Also on that show is NJ post-hardcore art rockers Trophy Scars and Long Island's Sleep Bellum Sonno. Admission to that show is free for students and $5 for guests. All Saddest Landscape dates are listed, along with the show flyer and tour flyer, below.

Sleep Bellum Sonno will join another post-hardcore bill in Brooklyn even sooner on November 22 at Acheron with local greats Tiger Flowers, plus Tidal Arms, Mount Gomery and Cavallo. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

All Saddest Landscape dates are listed, along with the flyers and EP stream, below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Meek Is Murder at Cake Shop in 2010 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Meek Is Murder

Brooklyn mathcore trio Meek Is Murder have announced that they'll be returning with a new album, Everything Is Awesome Nothing Matters, on October 22 on vinyl via Threshold of Pain (the band is self-releasing it digitally). It's the followup to their 2011 debut, Algorithms, and like that album, they brought in producer Kurt Ballou of Converge, whose technical, breakneck-speed metallic hardcore is likely a precedent for Meek's sound (as is Botch, who they're known to cover). Check out an album teaser video of Meek is Murder and Kurt Ballou in Kurt's Godcity Studio, along with the tracklist, below.

Meek Is Murder also have some local shows coming up. One of those happens this Saturday (9/14) at The Grand Victory with Tiger Flowers (who they have a split music video with, watch below), Johnny Booth, Hive Smasher, and NYC's atmospheric metallers So Hideous (who also have a new LP on the way, trailer below). Tickets for that show are on sale now. Show flyer below.

Then in October, they play the Metal Injection/Metal Sucks CMJ showcase on October 18 at Acheron. The show's being headlined by grindcore boundary-pushers Fuck the Facts (who have a new EP out), and also includes Fit For An Autopsy, Hivesmasher, and the live debut of Stomach Earth, the new project of The Red Chord's Mike McKenzie. Tickets for that one are on sale now, and the show flyer is below too. And finally, after CMJ they team up with So Hideous again for a show on October 26 at ABC No Rio.

Videos, LP tracklist, and show flyers below...

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photos by Vladislav Grach

the reviews are in: KEN Mode @ Saint Vitus, 8/9/2013
KEN Mode, Rosetta, Tiger Flowers, East of the Wall @ St. Vitus - 8/9/2013

KEN Mode and Rosetta's InvisibleOranges-sponsored tour played their Brooklyn date at Saint Vitus on Friday (8/9), adding on support from hardcore-influenced favorites Tiger Flowers and instrumental jaw-droppers East of the Wall. The show, which doubled as a celebration for Rosetta's new effort, The Anaesthete, featured impressive sets from all four bands, and you can check out pictures and video from all appearances in this post.

More below...

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by Fred Pessaro

KEN Mode at Pitchfork 2013 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
KEN Mode

As mentioned, KEN Mode play Saint Vitus tonight (8/9) as part of their larger tour with Rosetta (who have a spankin' new LP). The band will team with East of the Wall and Tiger Flowers for the appearance, a whopper of a four-band bill. Don't miss it, tickets are still available.

Grecian black metallers Zemial impressed at one of their last US appearances, Rites of Darkness 2011. Now the band have returned from a seven-year recording hiatus to offer NYKTA, their new LP due via Hells Headbangers on, appropriately, Halloween. Stream two new tracks from the effort below.

Sci-fi obsessed death metal troupe Gigan is readying Multi-Dimensional Fractal Sorcery and Super Science, their new LP due on 10/15 via Willowtip. The effort features a pair of tracks that have made their way out, "Electro-Stimulated Hallucinatory Response" and "Influence through Ritualistic Projection," both of which are available for streaming below.

Don't forget that every week, you can tune into Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio on Tuesday at 10 PM Eastern to listen for the latest and greatest in the heavy underground. If you missed it, check out this week's episode in the EVR archives and you can check out the playlist too. Next week we will host Pitchfork editor and Show No Mercy honcho, Brandon Stosuy! Tune in Tuesday (8/13) at 10PM ET.

If you missed it, in the past week on InvisibleOranges we posted photos from the Raspberry Bulbs release show, streamed the new Dead in the Dirt, War Master, Anicon demo, a snippet from the new Jesu, and new albums by The Howling Wind and Orbweaver .

For more metal/hardcore/punk shows, head to our fancy new NYC Metal Show Calendar. It rules.

Those Zemial and Gigan streams are below...

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Black Breath at Precious Metal, May 2009 (more by Paul Birman)
Black Breath

I can't tell you how many great bands I have seen over the years at Precious Metal at NYC club Lit Lounge on Mondays. The series, curated by Wetnurse/Today is the Day member Curran Reynolds, is responsible not only for the first appearances from some favorite bands but also many many personal friendships forged in that dingy basement. Now after more than six years as a series, Precious Metal is coming to an end:

Friends, I am proud to announce the Grand Finale of Precious Metal. After 6.66 years and over 300 events, the series I started in May of 2006 will come to an end on January 21, 2013.

We had a good run! Monday after Monday, we brought all sorts of heaviness from across the city and around the globe (Iceland, Italy, Australia...) into the den of Downtown grime and glamour that is Lit. These forces combined and added up to something special. I like to think we played a part in the resurgence of a New York City metal scene, one which now looks stronger than ever.

Upcoming events at Precious Metal include this Monday (12/17) with Tiger Flowers, Meek is Murder, I am Heresy and Black Table;  January 7 with Ghostlimb & The Year is One and yours truly on DJ duties; January 14 with Jar'd Loose, Gentlemen, End it and DJ Mike SOS; and the finale on January 21, a benefit for South Sound featuring Hivesmasher, Fashion Week, Flaming Tusk, SOS and DJ Zeena Koda. Make sure and get to the shows and wave goodbye to metal in the Lit Lounge basement. It will be missed.

Head below for the full statement on the end of Precious Metal NYC.

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Art for Shiner's The Egg
Shiner - The Egg

Shiner was a band from Kansas City, Missouri that was active from 1992 to 2003. The group formed in 1992, and quickly found wide exposure, releasing a vinyl EP in 1993 and touring with acts such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Chore, Jawbox, Season to Risk, The Jesus Lizard, and Girls Against Boys. The group released their first LP, Splay (recorded at Steve Albini's Chicago studio) in 1996, and a second album, Lula Divinia the next year. Sub Pop took notice, and released a 7" single of the group's songs "Sleep it Off" and "Half Empty". Following this the band toured with Hum in 1998.[1] A third full-length, Starless, was released on a label run by members of The Descendents, Owned and Operated, in 2000. A fourth LP, The Egg, would follow before the group broke up in 2002.
Shiner called it quits with a show in their native Kansas City in January of 2003, with its members taking to projects like Every Time I Die, The Damned Things, The Life & Times, With Knives, and many others.

Close to ten years later, the band is back for a quintet of reunion shows in the US in celebrate of The Egg's reissue, due on August 7th. The dates include stops in Lawrence, Kansas, Chicago, LA and NYC at Irving Plaza on August 11th with Errortype:11. Tickets are on sale.

In related news, Errortype:11 shares members of Primitive Weapons, who will team with Whores, Family, and Tiger Flowers at Saint Vitus on June 13th. Tickets are on sale. As previously mentioned, Whores will also play Union Pool on June 15th with Harkonen, The Atlas Moth, and Fight Amp as part of a Brutal Panda/BV-BBG Northside event. Tickets are still available, or get in with your Northside badge.

A listing of all Shiner tour dates and a teaser video for The Egg reissue are below.

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by BBG

Kiss It Goodbye
Kiss it Goodbye

As discussed, the recently reunited Kiss it Goodbye is now an active band, albeit missing some of their original personnel. The band recently announced the addition of Jim Winters (Starkweather, Turmoil, Earth Crisis, The Promise) to their lineup and with that intact, it was just a matter of time before KiG announced an NYC show. That day has come. Kiss it Goodbye will play Acheron on June 1st with Tiger Flowers and Fashion Week. Details on additional shows, if they exist, are still on the way.

Members of Rorschach (specifically Gormely and Huckins) will NOT participate in the reunion, but they will play NYC at LPR (with Converge, tickets) as well as Maryland Deathfest.

by BBG


Let's be honest, the prospect of a band featuring a member of Fall Out Boy isn't the most enticing. But if you read deeper, you might recall that Andy Hurley of said band was always the one to sport shirts by Disfear, At The Gtes, Coliseum, Black Breath, Trap Them and more. Andy Hurley recently joined Milwaukee's Enabler (alongside members of Trap Them, Today is The Day, Harlots and others), and is currently on the road, making their way toward the studio to record a new LP, All Hail the Void. Look for that LP on April 24th through Creator-Destructor/Halo of Flies, but meanwhile catch their live show TONIGHT at Lit Lounge (1/9) with, as previously mentioned, Tiger Flowers and Brickeater. The show is part of the Precious Metal series.

Tiger Flowers played ABC No Rio with All Else Failed/A Life Once Lost over the weekend, and Saint Vitus with Whores/Javelina/Psychic Teens on Wednesday (pictures from that show HERE).

All Enabler tour dates and a bunch of streams are below.

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words by BBG, photos by Greg Cristman

Javelina @ Saint Vitus

Javelina, Tiger Flowers, and Psychic Teens hopped on for the Brooklyn date of noise-rock team Whores' East Coast tour at Saint Vitus on Wednesday (1/4). Pictures from the show are in this post.

Whores recently released their new EP on vinyl via Brutal Panda and you can get your copy via the label, as well as copies of Javelina's last LP too.

Tiger Flowers, who also played ABC No Rio on Saturday, play again at Lit Lounge with Enabler and Brickeater on Monday (1/9).

More pictures from Saint Vitus and a few album streams below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Whores - "Fake Life" (MP3)


The new Whores LP is another in a long string of wins for Brutal Panda, who will release the band's sludgy noise-core debut Ruiner on December 20th. Stream two songs by Whores below including the new track "Fake Life" (which makes its debut here) and check out other tracks that recently surfaced on Decibel and Metalsucks. Pre-order your copy at the Brutal Panda site - for fans of Unsane, Today is The Day, and latter favorites like Fight Amp.

The trio will follow-up the release with a string of dates that will include New Year's Eve at The Earl with Kylesa and Royal Thunder in their hometown of Atlanta, as well as Saint Vitus in Brooklyn on January 4th with sludge-monsters Javelina (!), the always amazing Tiger Flowers and recent gothic punk favorites Psychic Teens. Ticketing info is forthcoming, but $10 gets you in the door for this 8PM show.

All streams, the tour poster and dates are below.

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by BBG

Defeatist at Shea Stadium (more by BBG)

Defeatist have announced that "this turd has been circling the bowl long enough, so we have decided to flush it for good." The trio have a pair of NYC dates left on the calendar before they call it quits. on Saturday, 11/12 they play Acheron with Gaza, Tiger Flowers, & Don't Give A Fuck, and then their final date is on 12/17 at Death By Audio with the great Triac, Psychic Limb, Disciples Of Christ (mems of Magrudergrind), and Backslider. Advance tickets are not available, so make sure you get to the Acheron early to send-off NYC's best grind band right.

Defeatist recently released their final LP Tyranny of Decay. Stream it below in full and order your copy before they (the band and the LP) disappear for good.

Reminder: a pair of bands featuring members of Magrudergrind, Coke Bust & Sick Fix, will hit NYC on 11/19 at Acheron with Masakari and Grudges. Grudges will ALSO play Saint Vitus the night before (11/18) as part of a show with Black Anvil, Bloodiest and Mutilation Rites. Tickets are on sale for the BA show.

Stream that Defeatist, as well as other material from Masakari, Bloodiest and others below.

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CYHSY @ Littlefield in August (more by Ryan Barkan)

Deerhoof in Boston in 2010 (more by Benjamin Lozovsky)

Vivian Girls @ Emo's in May (more by Tim Griffin)
vivian Girls

today in NYC
* comedy @ Union Hall
* The Bad Plus @ City Winery
* Steely Dan @ Beacon Theatre
* Scott H. Biram @ The Rock Shop
* Barrington Levy @ Highline Ballroom
* John Zorn improve night @ The Stone
* Me & Mars, The Suzan @ Cake Shop (free)
* Tune-Yards, Prussia @ Le Poisson Rouge
* Taj Mahal, Fredericks Brown @ Brooklyn Bowl
* Dirty Beaches, Frankie Rose @ Mercury Lounge
* Suplecs, Lo-Pan, The Brought Low @ Union Pool
* Reading Rainbow, Eternal Summers @ Mercury Lounge
* Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Polica @ Bowery Ballroom
* Vivian Girls, Widowspeak, Amy Klein @ Knitting Factory
* NewVillager, Mirror Mirror, Matrimony @ Santos Party House
* Deerhoof, Mick Barr, White Suns @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Washington @ Irving Plaza
* Unstoppable Death Machines, Gull, Filthy, Ritz Riot @ Bruar Falls
* Netherfriends, CJ Boyd, Sewing Machines, Life Size Maps @ Death By Audio
* Iain Matthews (of Fairport Convention), Sore Eros, James O'Malley @ Public Assembly

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, who kindly provided the wallpaper design you see on the site today, play a sold out show at Bowery Ballroom tonight in support of their new album Hysterical (out today). Polica open.

Speaking of backlash, Vivian Girls headline Knitting Factory tonight (and it's not even sold out). Widowspeak and Amy Klein open.

Not sure where the love/hate scale currently lands on Deerhoof (I think they were always kind of love em or hate em). They headline MHOW tonight. Mick Barr and White Suns open. Not sold out.

The new Tiger Flowers EP is out today via The Path Less Traveled Records. Stream it below.

What else?

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by BBG

Tiger Flowers

Like pretty much any genre of music that dares to call itself a "scene", NY hardcore is littered with bands that ape a very shallow pool of few. Tiger Flowers is a NYC hardcore band, but they don't subscribe to many of the trappings that befall so many of the Madball/Terror worshippers of today. Instead, the band takes influence from elders who pushed the genre into new directions, like Deadguy, Converge, and Rorschach, and add in metal influences rooted in hardcore like Unsane and Today Is The Day. What emerges is a cocktail of furious hardcore interjected with chaotic blasts of screaming feedback, time changes, doomy-riffs and most importantly, delivered with tons of live energy.

Its a bit hard to believe that a live band as potent as Tiger Flowers have yet to release their debut EP, but The Path Less Traveled Records will right that wrong when they release it on September 20th. Fans of Tiger Flowers are most likely familiar with some of these live staples like "Drag" or "Last Horse". Listen to studio versions of both below, the latter of which makes its debut in this post. If Tiger Flowers can do this much harm on their first EP, its hard to imagine what they'll do with a long-player.

Tiger Flowers have a couple dates lined up in the coming weeks, including a FREE Record Release party on 9/19 at Saint Vitus with Meek Is Murder and State Graves. Tiger Flowers will also play Precious Metal on 10/10 with Toronto's Vilipend. Meek is Murder also plays Acheron on 9/18, the night before Saint Vitus, with Southern Lord signees Dead In The Dirt, In The Shit & Scowl.

Song streams and some video is below.

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by BBG


Gaza headlined Cake Shop on November 21st with Tiger Flowers, Meek is Murder, and Elitist, the first stop after their stint with The Red Chord on the "To Catch a PredaTOUR". In their first ever NYC appearance, Gaza's atonal and punishing riffs caused a ruckus on the floor of the venue as the band pummeled the moshing masses with tracks like "Calf", "Windowless House", and a new and unreleased track written since their mammoth 2009 release He is Never Coming Back. Fantastic live band.

Support was similarly impressive. Much like Gaza, Tiger Flowers also trotted out new material in their appearance but also relied on standards like "Last Horse" and "The Weight". Meek is Murder's tech-y screamo was highly energetic and powerful in the live setting, featuring a moshing bass player and a spastic frontman. Their Mosquito Eater EP is available for purchase or for free. Of the support, Elitist was the biggest surprise. The Portland band's gale force destruction reminded me of Trap Them, Clinging To The Trees of A Forest Fire, and a host of other bands that blend the intensity of hardcore, sludge, and grind with a blackened aesthetic. Look for their new material to be released on Season of Mist.

More pictures from the show are below...

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by BBG

Gaza at Dudefest (photo by Metal Jeff)

Ask anyone who caught them at Dudefest and they'll tell you, Gaza dropped-jaws and killed the crowd at the Indianapolis metal/hardcore festival, inciting on-stage moshpits and even dives into those moshpits. Things got a little looney.

Gaza also released the sinister He Is Never Coming Back in the tail end of last year via Black Market Activities. It was one of my favorite releases of 2009.

That all said, BrooklynVegan and 1000 Knives are proud to present the discordant and destructive Gaza at Cake Shop with the great Tiger Flowers on November 21st. The show is the final day of their tour following a string of dates with The Acacia Strain, The Red Chord, Terror, and The Contortionist.

Full Gaza dates and some video is below.

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words and photos by Ilya Blokh

The Abominable Iron Sloth

Saturday (5/15) was my first time at the relatively new Party Expo, to see Divider, Beauty Apes, Chambers, Tiger Flowers and The Abominable Iron Sloth. Mixed feelings on the space - I like floor shows and the sound was better than expected, but the crowd was anemic at best. Not that I particularly miss windmills and spin-kicks, but I'll take them over glazed eyes and sullen stares any day.

Divider opened with a jaw-clenching set of hardcore/metal crossover, followed by Beauty Apes' filthy sludgecore, though I wish the bands' Neurosis and Kylesa shirts showed through a bit more in their music.

Chambers - from NJ - were on-fucking-fire! Doomriders are a decent reference point, but Chambers tread much further into drunken, psychobilly-style guitar rock, colored by Dan Pelic's raspy shout-alongs. Though steeped in metal and punk, this is pure beer-swilling, fist-fucking, bar-fight rock'n'roll at the core. Their "Old Love" debut is out June 22nd.

Not sure why, but I dug Tiger Flowers much more here than at their Public Assembly show a few weeks back. Maybe it was the DIY venue and the floor set-up, but the boys put on a fierce, fluid and raw performance, despite the iffy sound.

After briefly blowing out the power, The Abominable Iron Sloth finally took the floor for a short but massive set. Guitars tuned down to the ground, The Sloth feels like one massive rhythm section, slamming a giant sledgehammer into your chest with every sludgy chord. Apparently they only had 20 minutes of material ready due to a new touring drummer (or is he full-time?) - a damn shame. Check out their recent The Id Shall Overcome album and the song "Hats Made Of Veal And That New Car Smell" off their first record - the riff will bury straight into your brain.

More pics from the show and dates are below...

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by BBG

Tiger Flowers at Lit Lounge (more here)
Tiger Flowers

The previously discussed show scheduled for TONIGHT (5/14) with The Abominable Iron Sloth at Fat Baby has moved to Party Expo, adding some serious firepower along the way... Tiger Flowers and Chambers! Divider and Beauty Apes will open the show and doors open at 7:30. Get there!

Chambers are welcoming Old Love, the band's debut album which hits (digital) shelves on June 22nd. The band recently played Cake Shop alongside Tiger Flowers and Gods & Queens in support of Blacklisted.

Also tonight: Finland's Kyklooppien Sukupuutto play their first of two NYC shows happening this weekend.

All Chambers dates and some videos below...

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