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by Andrew Sacher


Retox, the new project of The Locust's Justin Pearson, are set to release their second album, YPLL, on May 7 via their new home, Epitaph. The two singles the band have revealed from the new album so far, "Mature Science" and "Congratulations, You Are Good Enough," are dirty, in-your-face punk rock with no shame, no holding back, and a bit of an art rock mentality. They're more accessible than their grindcore-inspired debut but not because they've sacrificed any of the raw power. Watch the videos for both of those tracks below.

Retox will also be supporting the new album with a tour this May. That tour hits NYC for shows on May 16 at The Acheron (57 Waterbury St. in Brooklyn) and May 17 at Pianos with Tinsel Teeth. Tickets for the Acheron show and the Pianos show are on sale now.

All dates are listed, along with those videos, below...

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Mutilation Rites at Saint Vitus, Nov 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Mutilation Rites

Mutilation Rites have added a last minute show with Slaughter The Prophets, Exshitence, Nerve Gas Attak, Hell Bent and Crusty P at The Swamp (258 Johnson) TONIGHT (12/7):

Mutilation Rites playing a benefit show at 258 Johnson tomorrow night - used to be the Lake. Its now called "The Swamp." It goes to a kid named Tomasz who got hit by a drunk driver on his bike and is now in a coma.

DOORS 8pm / BANDS 8:30PM

In other news, Providence noise oddballs Tinsel Teeth play a two night stay in NYC this weekend, logging shows at Death By Audio tonight (12/7) with Necking, Lushes and Psychic Blood; and 255 McKibbin Lofts on Saturday (12/8) with BIG UPS, Osekre & The Lucky Bastards, Advaeta and Yeah Well, Whatever.

Support for Von show at Saint Vitus on Tuesday (12/11) has been announced, including Magic Is Küntmaster and Anicon, the latter of which features Owen Rundquist (Trenchgrinder) and Lev Weinstein (Krallice). Tickets are still available. Swing below for  streaming Anicon tracks, it's worth a listen.

Head below for all Evillive-approved shows for the next two weeks and a new Despise You video (it's a bit hard to watch and reportedly their "first and last music video").

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by Bill Pearis

Neon Windbreaker at NXNE 2012 (more by David Andrako)
Neon Windbreaker

Toronto punks Neon Windbreaker will be in NYC this week for two shows: Thursday (7/26) at the Swat Bar in Chinatown (59 Canal) with Skaters and Liquor Store, and then on Saturday (7/28) at Death By Audio with Doomsday Student and Tinsel Teeth. They're also looking to play a show on Friday (7/27)...any takers?

Neon Windbreaker used to be a revolving door line-up of members, that included folks from DD/MM/YYYY, The Meligrove Band and Greys. With their debut out this fall on We Are Busy Bodies (Metz, Julie Dorion), the line-up has solidified with members of Modern Superstitions and Beliefs now in the mix. You can stream two shouty, hyper, and catchy tracks from their forthcoming album below.

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Doomsday Student at CMJ 2011 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Doomsday Student

You know who these men are. They have been other men.

Who they were before does not matter. What matters most is who they are now.

These men, with two menacing guitars, violent drums, and wild words will control your thoughts. They will build bunkers out of your bones. They will make weapons out of your teeth. They will drink your tears and feed on your meat.

They will.

Doomsday Student's identity is confirmed as mostly ex-members of Arab on Radar and like that band, the foursome practice in noisy spazz freakouts. The band will take their unique brutality out on the road, bringing with them like-minded fellow-Rhode Islanders Tinsel Teeth to class up the joint. The tour starts Friday (7/20) in Rochester, eventually swinging down to NYC to play Death By Audio on July 28th with Unstoppable Death Machines and Sweet Tooth.

Full tour schedule is below, plus video of of Doomsday Student playing from 285 Kent in April, and Tinsel Teeth (NSFW) at DbA last summer.

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by BBG, Tinsel Teeth video by (((unartig)))

Tinsel Teeth at Death By Audio
Tinsel Teeth

Tinsel Teeth completed their round of US dates with a show at Death By Audio on July 3rd with Satanized Unstoppable Death Machines, and Xaddax. The show was one of two at Death By Audio that week for Xaddax, who also supported Dysrhythmia and Guzzlemug at the venue on June 29th. Check out video of Xaddax (ex-Dazzling Killmen) from 6/29 as well as the last 10 minutes of Tinsel Teeth below (warning, the latter is NSFW).

Xaddax has a couple of shows coming up including with Future By Now (ex-Dazzling Killmen, Mars Volta), STATS, and Spanyurd at Bruar Falls on 8/18 as well as with Great Falls (ex-Playing Enemy, Kiss It Goodbye), Radiation Blackbody, and Passage Between at Acheron on 8/11. Great Falls will also play Lit Lounge on August 8th with Fashion Week and A Passage Between.

Videos from Death By Audio are below.

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by BBG

Tinsel Teeth at Cake Shop (more by BBG, caution: NSFW)
Tinsel Teeth

"We did talk a lot at an early point in the band about what we wanted to see in a live show. We were all bored with going to shows and not being entertained. Not seeing the package of killer music and rocking the fuck out. So it definitely became a focus for a Tinsel Teeth show to be a party. Once we started playing out, the actual progression show to show to what you see now came pretty naturally. I can say that one of the first 2-3 shows we ever played was at "summercamp" in Providence. After we set up our gear we ran downstairs, took off all our clothes and covered each other in shaving cream. That was a shocked crowd when we came back up and one hell of a show. It's what I believe set the tone for Tinsel Teeth." - Will from Tinsel Teeth
The nutjobs in Tinsel Teeth kicked off a US tour this past weekend, and will return to play NYC at Death By Audio on July 3rd with Satanized and Xaddax. All tour dates below, a new video for "Stock Footage of Stuntmen" and a very NSFW performance from Cake Shop, below...

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by BBG

Bloody Panda in May at Knitting Factory (more by Greg Cristman)
Bloody Panda

BrooklynVegan and Haunting the Chapel are proud to present two nights of punishment. The great Bloody Panda will descend upon NYC with French doomers Monarch (!) as part of a short tour for the two bands. The NYC shows will take place on November 12th at Cake Shop with the incredible Rhode Island noise destructors Tinsel Teeth (who are known for their out-of-control - NSFW - shows) and November 13th at Union Pool with a decidedly more metal touch from death-doom dealers Evoken.

NYC is just one stop on a larger US tour for the fantastic Monarch, who will tour the West Coast with Trees before heading out for the Bloody Panda dates. They are all listed below.

Monarch's current release, the punishing Mer Morte, is out now via Crucial Blast. The one-track LP has sections streaming at the Crucial Blast site, and is out now. Awesome band.

Tinsel Teeth, if you aren't familiar, is psychotic noise-damaged punk from Rhode Island. The band released their latest LP, Trash as the Trophy, on Load Records and is absolutely unmissable (Pandas may not be the only 'bloody' ones at Cake Shop).

There aren't many bands that do funeral doom as sickening as Evoken, and luckily as an NYC'er, I have been able to catch the band a few times. The Union Pool show is one of two shows on the calendar for these sickos and then the band will go into slumber until early 2012 when they will release their new LP. More details on the second show on 12/14 are coming, but if you want to see Evoken in the next year, these are your two chances.

The NYC shows are two of three collaborations between myself and Brandon Stosuy, as we will also present Krieg and Woe at Knitting Factory on Saturday (10/30) at 11:59 PM. $5 gets you in the door (tickets) or you can pay $2 if you're already there to see AGE/Hellshock earlier that evening.

Full Monarch tour schedule is below, along with some live video, though: caution, the Tinsel Teeth video may be NSFW...

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DOWNLOAD: Future Islands - Tin Man (MP3)

Future Islands at a BBQ show in 2009 (more by Sarahana)
Future Islands

You can almost count on one hand the shows happening this July 4th. She & Him, The Old 97s and Rosanne Cash all play free shows, while the Feelies hold fort a Maxwell's in Jersey. Add to those Shea Stadium's all-day BBQ show, that'll also be celebrating the one-year anniversary of its 20 Meadow Street location. The bands & genres range from black metal (via Liturgy) to 'minimalist funk' (courtesy of CSC Funk Band ) to sludge rock of La Otracina to synthy post-punk Future Islands (grab one of their songs above).

A flyer, more details and videos are below...

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