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Todd P


It is my pleasure to announce the inaugural MtyMx All-Ages Festival of Art and Music!

The MtyMx festival will happen on March 20th, 21st, and 22nd at Autocinema Las Torres in Monterrey, Mexico

The MtyMx festival is a collaboration between Yo Garage and Todd P and will feature up to 25 bands a day for three days, playing outdoors on two stages in a beautiful drive-in movie theater on the side of a mountain in the Sierra Madre Oriental. Over one third of the bands playing are from Mexico!

Tickets are $30 for a three day pass. 75 bands!

Confirmed bands include: Dan Deacon, Neon Indian, Washed Out, Thee Oh Sees, Pocahaunted, Indian Jewelry, Male Bonding, Best Fwends, Banjo or Freakout and many many more, along with Mexican groups Los Fancy Free, Los Margaritos, and more to be announced in the coming days. -Todd P

You can add to that list of confirmed bands: No Age, Fucked Up, Das Racist, dd/mm/yyyy, Lemonade, Quiero Club (MX), Los Llamarada (MX), Toro y Moi, Small Black and Liturgy.

The only bad news (for SXSWers) is that Todd will not be bringing his multi-day fest of day shows to Ms. Bea's again this year, though he doesn't seem to be ruling out doing at least something in Austin before Mexico.

Scared of Mexico? In an e-mail, Todd P told us, "Monterrey has a lower violent crime rate than NYC, Dallas, or Houston, even accounting for international drug trade violence. A major goal of the festival is to dispel US misconceptions that Mexico is the 3rd world, uneducated, dangerous and backwards. Mexico is a modern country with a surging middle class and a vibrant, plugged in 1st world art and music community. Another major goal is to correct the disenfranchisement of Mexican artists and bands caused by strict US visa restrictions on Mexicans. In short: these bands and fans can't go to SxSW."

Details and reservations for Austin-to-Monterrey round-trip bus service, hotel options and onsite camping are forthcoming. More info on MtyMx is below...

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photos by Stephen Kosloff

Happy Holidays! I take on more than I can handle. That results in a lot of unposted content. In the name of catching up, while also taking it easy during this final week of the year, here's some of that lost material.

Jason Trachtenburg & Rebecca Schiffman
showpaper benefit

On Saturday, September 26, the Red Hook-based gallery and artist collective Kidd Yellin, where I am an "artist-in-residence," hosted a benefit concert for ShowPaper, a free bi-monthly print-only newspaper which lists all-ages music and art events in the tri-state area and features a work of art on each cover.

The event was a collaborative mix of musicians and artists. Shilpa Ray (sans all-male "Happy Hookers") was backed by friends- including Kendrick Strauch (of the recently dissolved Harlem Shakes which featured my fellow Dalton alum, Lexi Benaim). Jason Trachtenburg played keyboard on two of my songs and Rachel Trachtenburg played drums for Kendrick Strauch, before the the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players' own set, which also featured Tina Trachtenburg playing the slide projector. Sarah and Michelle Cagianese opened the concert with pretty songs using vocal and cello harmonies, and Your Nature closed the evening with a hard rockin' bang! - Rebecca Schiffman

More pictures and some video from the event (and about Showpaper), below...

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photos by Erez Avissar


"Leichtung moved from San Francisco four years ago to study music technology at NYU's Steinhardt School. While perfecting his scruffy college boy look - think black-framed glasses, beat-up Converse sneakers, lots of band t-shirts and a permanent five o'clock shadow - Leichtung also found himself getting sucked into the DIY scene. He started out interning for Todd P, but now lives and works at the Market Hotel along with four friends and a revolving door of artists who rent out storage and rehearsal space for $394 a month. Though the Warhol's Factory aura of the Market is creatively appealing, Leichtung confesses, "Trying to go to bed before 4 a.m. around here can be a problem."" [The Brooklyn Ink]
More pictures from Friday's show, below...

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words & photos by Erez Avissar

Monster Island

MNDR (aka Amanda Warner) opened the Brooklyn show at Monster Island on Wednesday night (11/18). Shouting, singing and rapping over techno-centric beats, she showed respect to tour-mate Juiceboxxx as well as a strong influence by him. She fared better than her mentor though, who played a super-brief, possibly truncated, set of less than 20 minutes. Opening with his most well-known tune/statement of intent, "Thunder Jam #5", Juiceboxxx positioned himself in sort of a "me against the crowd/world" way, alienating himself from the audience. It was unfortunate, because a basement show like this one could have been the ideal place to see him.

Even without their signature boomboxes, Javelin brought much-needed positive energy to the room with highlights like expanded versions of "Mossy Woodland" and "Vibrationz", as well as their skewed "Into The Groove" interpretation and some worldly tropical beats that turned the place into a dance party. The energy stayed with the crowd, who were more than happy to stick around after and dance to pop hits, ranging from Olivia Newton-John to Jay-Z, courtesy of Todd P's iPod.

Javelin live is not to be slept on. Catch them Friday (TONIGHT) with Sleigh Bells (who played Le Poisson Rouge last night) at a new DIY all ages venue in Manhattan called "Under 100." Get there early - Javelin goes on first (9pm). More details about that show and pictures below...

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photos by Leia Jospe


Though the Saturday night Pitchfork-curated Showpaper-benefit show at Market Hotel promised two special guest headliners, the addition of Cold Cave, who played before Cymbals Eat Guitars, was the only lineup change come Saturday (10/24).

The lineup, which also featured Delorean, Real Estate, the Smith Westerns, Javelin, Small Black, Bear in Heaven, Surfer Blood and Highlife, highlighted some of CMJ's busiest, most talked-about acts - especially nice since, unlike much of CMJ, Market Hotel is an all-ages venue. Aside from sound problems causing bands to cut out, it seems like it was a great night.

DJ's on the bill for the early-morning party afterwards included Lemonade, Neon Indian/Alan Palomo, Jaime from the xx and 20 Jazz Funk Greats (and Pitchfork also lists Deerhunter's Moses Archuleta as one of the people who spun).

I personally didn't make it over to the Brooklyn show, though I caught The Smith Westerns and a face-melting set by an under-the-weather-frontman-fronted Cymbals Eat Guitars earlier the same day at the BrooklynVegan/Bowery Presents show at Pianos. I also stuck around Pianos that night and saw an awesome danceable set by Spain's Delorean at the True Panther show at midnight (after their set at Market Hotel) - definitely one of the best new bands I caught at CMJ for the first time.

Leia, who also saw Cymbals Eat Guitars at Pianos, made it to Market Hotel in time to see Real Estate, Delorean, Cold Cave and Cymbals Eat Guitars (she then took off and went to the Above the Auto Parts). The rest of her pictures, below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Went to No Age last night and it was pretty insane. Craziest mosh pit crowd ive seen since warped 05 -CGEsperanza

At no age- have't seen legit crowd surfing since 1999. Love -dandybandit

No Age
No Age

No Age's show at "Above the Auto Parts Store" on Saturday, October 17th was the last and most straight-ahead of the band's four-show NYC run last week. With shows at two contemporary-art institutions and a well-equipped downtown club, closing out with a packed warehouse show (that featured a carted-in sound system) made sense.

The bill was rounded out by new Sub Pop band Male Bonding (who's going to be around quite a bit during CMJ), Soft Circle and Hot Box. NYC Taper was on hand and recorded No Age's 40-minute set, noting one pre-encore incident - "the show came to a halt when one over-ambitious jumper hit the stage and began bleeding at the end of the song -- and you can't make this stuff up -- called 'Get Hurt.'"

No Age's Losing Feeling EP came out October 6th on Sub Pop. More pictures and tour dates (which include FFF Fest in Austin) are below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Ryan Muir

some of the stars of ATP NY 2009

What's almost the exact opposite of a soothing set of Seven Swans performed by one of the most delicate singers in indie rock? Try nine drummers (including Hisham Bharoocha, Zach Hill, and Kid Millions among other notables) bashing your fucking skull for so long that the stage manager has to come out to unplug their gear and remove toms from underneath them! That's how I started my ATP Day 3... with the Boredoms blowing my mind.

Starting off with sparse chords on the monstrous multi-neck guitar/percussive device, Eye set a calm and reflective mood... and then the cymbals. And then the toms. And then eight drummers pummeled away led by Yoshimi P-We. And then the synced rimshots that recalled an Animal Collective beat. All of this happened before a ninth drummer was carried into the show like an emperor while doing a call and response with the other eight.

Within about 10 minutes, I knew that Boredoms would take the prize as best show at Kutsher's that weekend. The sheer power of the coordinated drums, along with pregnant pauses and killer synth effects performed via keys, CD-DJ tables, and broomsticks (!) were beyond jaw dropping.

Following Boredoms, I poked my head into Oneida's Ocropolis for the first of many times. For 10+ hours, Oneida basically had the small and very decorated room all to themselves for a long jam session with their friends. Reportedly, the band had tape rolling the whole time (Ocropolis is the name of their Brooklyn recording studio) and had visuals provided by the Mighty Robot AV Squad. With local standbys like BJ Warshaw of Parts & Labor/Shooting Spires fame, Chris Weingarten (ex P&L), Todd P, and many others spotted in the Sportsman's Bar, it seemed like Brooklyn in the Catskills. Unfortunately, I missed every single special guest appearance (word is, and in part according to a sign on the door, Soft Circle, Yoshimi, Aaron from Tall Firs, Zach Hill, Steven Drozd and many others all popped in) but the band was very interesting to watch, alternating between songs, and droney ambient jams.

Caribou was next in the main room and the 16-piece(!) band including Sun Ra Arkestra member Marshall Allen, Koushik, Kieran Hebden (Fourtet) and many others. I had no expectations heading into the set and was pleasantly surprised, although I found the mix to have waaay too much low end.

I ducked out of Caribou early to catch the last twenty minutes of Hopewell who was billed to be playing "The Desperation Suite," "complete with a female choir and avant-garde saxophonist Mark Marinoff". From what little I saw, the three person "choir" did little but coo, ooh, ahh, and coordinate a dance, but the band did close with a rousing cover of Jane's Addiction's classic "Of Course".

continued below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Lightning Bolt

Forced to listen to that sucky band Lightning Bolt giving a concert right outside my window:( -Xtine000

Lil Wayne is here at the lightning bolt show no shit!!! -rezound

Lightning Bolt show was fucking mindblowing. Knee is pretty fucked up from mosh. -aMetallurgist

Lightning Bolt played Broadway Backyard on Sunday (Aug. 30th) for an afternoon show that also included sets by Teeth Mountain, Talk Normal and Hot Box. Lightning Bolt, who usually play from the crowd (like at their gig at the same venue last year), played from the Backyard's stage, with a massive array of speakers behind them.

I don't think Lil Wayne was there, but Jay-Z was at the Grizzly Bear show which was happening at the same time in the same borough. Lightning Bolt's new disc, Earthly Delights, comes out October 13th on Load Records.

More pictures below...

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DOWNLOAD: Vivian Girls - When I'm Gone (MP3)

photos by Joseph Xu, words by Andrew Frisicano

The Vivian Girls

7:07 p.m.: The Vivian Girls put out one of my favorite albums of 2008, and their brief but hard-hitting set [at the Pitchfork Festival] doesn't disappoint. Big, melodic bass lines provide a foundation for innocent harmony vocals, a mix of tart and sweet that proves irresistible. Only disappointment, they didn't play "Where Do You Run To." [Chicago Tribune]
That's a review of the Vivian Girls' July 19th set at Pitchfork Festival. The group will be kicking off their (relatively) short North American tour on August 25th with a show at Death By Audio. The Beets, who join them on most of their tour, open that gig. The trip leads up to the release of their sophomore album, Everything Goes Wrong, which comes out September 8th on In the Red. A track from that is above.

After a set of September/October tour dates in Japan & Australia, Vivian Girls are also tentatively scheduled to play a Halloween show that will "tentatively" (how Todd P lists it) happen at the Ridgewood Temple (1054 Bushwick Ave). Todd also lists two other shows that same night: Mount Eerie at the Market Hotel with Malkuth and Liturgy, and a show with Wooden Shjips, Religious Knives, and Crystal Stilts (who feature ex-Vivian Girl Frankie Rose on drums) at a venue TBA.

Meanwhile over in South Brooklyn, the Bell House will host a late show with Junior Boys and an early show with the King Khan & BBQ Show and Dum Dum Girls (who feature ex-Vivian Girl and current Crystal Stilt Frankie Rose on drums) (maybe not again though), on a Halloween that is shaping up to be a big night for NYC concerts this year (many that should not be competing).

Mroe pictures and interviews of the Vivian Girls at the Pitchfork Festival, with all tour dates, are below...

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DOWNLOAD: Tyvek - Air Conditioner (MP3)

Air coolers

2NITE's shows @ MARKET HOTEL will definitely feature a huge, awesome, new soundsystem & probably (presuming the installation today goes as scheduled...) AIR CONDITIONING!!!! waiting on some variables for the a/c to happen, but cross your fingers! -Todd P
The shows (plural) Todd is referring to are Oneida (early) and Extreme Animals (late). Tyvek is not playing Market Hotel, but they should because they sing about an air conditioner and also happen to be in town (with Coconut Coolouts and Personal and the Pizzas). Full Market Hotel lineups below...

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photos by Tim Griffin, words by Andrew Frisicano

Dum Dum Girls

The Woodsist/Captured Tracks Festival's Day One (7/3) was moved inside the Market Hotel. Thankfully, the weather held out for its second, 4th of July lineup, which went off as planned in the grassy, rock-filled lot of 979 Broadway Backyard.

I arrived just as Real Estate was going on, and the New Jersey band nearly stole the show with dreamy rock that seemed to be made for a sunny afternoon. The Beets held down their set with a casualness befitting a park lodge show (kind of what the fest was on a slightly bigger scale). The guys gave new meaning to the word "ramshackle" as things seemed to be toppling over continually onstage.

German Measles played a set before I got there. Bill caught them and said they "aren't actually that bad... But they're also not very good. And that kind of seems to be the point. Shambolic is an understatement, like 'why rehearse when we can just play shows?"

The Great Excape did a set of Jersey-style pop-punk that included their own theme song, several politically-themed tunes (a nice touch) and a cover of "Summertime Blues." Ganglians brought one of the day's only keyboards, and burst with a flurry of reverb and overdrive.

Brilliant Colors started out with straight-ahead noise punk, with a bit of a melody void left by their super-reverbed vocals (maybe a theme of the night) and washed-out guitar. When the bass stepped up its riffs a few songs in, the band immediately sounded twice as catchy. The Fresh and Onlys took that bass-forward momentum and went with it. Their bassist pounded the notes in between and then some. As a result, the group had one of the most complete sounds of the night (with a tambourine and three-part harmonies rounding it out). They dedicated their last song to the member of Tyvek in the hospital (the reason for that band's cancellation). Hopefully their situation turns out better.

Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls had to be one of the night's cleanest sounding groups. The band relied heavily on singer Dee Dee's vocals, which harmonized with drummer Frankie Rose on their songs' many hooks.

The atmospheric rock of Woods definitely got jammier as it progressed. As Bill Pearis pointed out, the group's fourth member, who sat on the floor twiddling effects and singing into a microphone strapped to his face, was a bit strange considering the rest of the guys were dressed proper enough for church. Whatever you have to do to make it sound good I suppose.


Kurt Vile & the Violators roared into the night as the sun finally went down. Vile and Vivian Girls (who, as one commenter pointed out, "played with a great intensity") more than warmed up the crowd for Thee Oh Sees, who capped the night (for some) with an unstoppable set. Frontman John Dwyer was literally foaming at the mouth as a streak of white drool smeared across his face for part of the set. Thee Oh Sees' strange, repetition-laced anthems are amazing for shaking and rattling, as the crowd proved. The band even got talked into playing an encore before sending everyone into the night.

The rest of the pictures from Day Two, with a bunch of videos, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Woods - To Clean (MP3)

"...it has been damn near impossible to keep up with [Blank Dog] Mike Sniper's Captured Tracks label, who have hit the ground running with eight releases since the start of the year and many more slated for the near future. Captured Tracks is, to put it plainly, an outlet for Mr. Sniper to release records by bands he loves. In his mind it is "not a boutique label, " and by that he means that the releases are not meant to become instant eBay collectables, and will remain in print as long as there are people buying them. Some will have limited edition versions with alternate artwork or bonuses, but even these editions are easily and widely available. Affordable, available and well made, Captured Tracks is the populist record label. " [Agit Reader]
The previously announced Brooklyn Festival got much, much more interesting...

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by Andrew Frisicano

Todd P Acoustic BBQ - Fort Tilden

The rain held off for Todd P's Unamplified Acoustic BBQ at Fort Tilden Beach on Sunday, June 14th. At the show, a sizable crowd congregated along the dunes where acts from the day's lineup played on acoustic guitars, hand percussion and various other things (xylophone, a small boombox, etc).

Park rangers watched from the hills behind, and only intervened, as far as I could tell, when people walked onto the dunes or into the water.

On the beach, the temperature was at least 10 degrees cooler, with a strong wind that carried away a lot of the sound. I caught a couple acoustic acts, and Puttin on the Ritz' B.J. Rubin, who told a story about going to Monterrey with Todd. White Diamonds decided to spin the unamplified theme, opting for a performance-art set that featured an iPod hooked to a stereo. The band clanked on bells, hit a drum and threw clumps of sand in the air. Even with a bit of sand in their hair, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

It looks like the group moved toward the water later in the day to gather more closely around the bands (via Dumbo Books of Brooklyn)...

The bands started moving down to the water as the day waned. As far as we could hear, nobody introduced anyone, and when bands alternated, they sometimes passed on their instruments.

We noticed what we think was Todd P talking to the park rangers back by the rise where the beach begins (or ends). On our way out via the concrete path, we asked the park rangers if we could take their photos. No dice, not even for an alter kocker wearing a blue Rockaway Beach Surf Shop t-shirt. But the rangers, who tolerated the nude beach back in our day at least, said they enjoyed the day and had no trouble.

More pictures below (though only of a very short part of it)...

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Clouds @ Webster Hall in 2008 (more by Jason Bergman)

tonight in NYC
* Baby Gramps @ Jalopy Theatre
* Mira Billotte @ Bruar Falls (NS)
* Ponytail, Thank You @ Studio B (NS)
* Alarm Will Sound @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
* Vision Festival @ Abrons Arts Center
* Erik Friedlander, Alan Licht @ The Stone
* Laura Gibson, Musee Mecanique @ Union Hall
* The Sundelles, Air Waves, Browns @ Bruar Falls (NS)
* The Coathangers, K-Holes, Ex-Humans @ Glasslands (NS)
* Todd P's Unamplified Acoustic BBQ @ Fort Tilden Beach
* Black Dice, Awesome Color, Soft Circle @ Bowery Ballroom
* Telekinesis, An Horse, Fol Chen, Solid Gold @ Mercury Lounge
* The Dodos, Phil and the Osophers, Laura Gibson @ Studio B (NS)
* So Cow, Knight School, Gutsies, The Specific Heats @ Shea Stadium
* Mika Miko, Strange Boys, X-Ray Eyeballs, Silk Flowers @ Cake Shop
* Bill Callahan, Sir Richard Bishop @ Music Hall of Williamsburg (NS)
* Susu, King's Crescent, Martin Bisi, Alina Simone, Kerry Kennedy @ Spike Hill (NS)
* Ida Maria, Prayer for Animals, Aaron Behrens, The Dirty Banquet @ The Bell House
* The Drums, Drawlings, Dinosaur Feathers, La Strada, Wild Yaks @ Public Assembly (NS)
* Doomriders, Clouds, Sourvein, Cough, Unearthly Trance, Javelina, Howl, Litury, Wetnurse @ Europa (NS)

NS=Northside Festival

Northside, Bonnaroo and Download Festivals all close today.

It's also Day Two of the Big Apple BBQ.

MHOW hosts Sir Richard Bishop & his Freak of Araby Ensemble and Bill Callahan. It'll be your last chance to catch either perfomer in NYC for a while, and to view the first-ever BrooklynVegan photo show.

BrooklynVegan's Black Bubblegum-curated Northside metal showcase at Europa is tonight. Zoroaster, who was forced to cancel because of injury, has been replaced by Unearthly Trance. Still time to grab your ticket.

Ponytail's Northside show tonight has been moved from The Shank to Studio B. Tickets are still on sale.

We recently posted an MP3 of cellist Erik Friedlander. Tonight he plays an original program entitled "Block Ice & Propane--Taking Trips to America: Stories & Images" at the Stone. The composition "inspired by Erik's experiences as a child traveling across the United States with his family during the 1960's and '70s" will be accompanied by work from filmmaker Bill Morrison and Erik's family photos.

King's Crescent at Spike Hill tonight will feature Fiery Furnaces' Matthew Friedberger and Bob D'Amico.

Laura Gibson plays a Northside show opening for the Dodos at Studio B and headlines at Union Hall tonight. Those will be your only chance to catch the Portland singer -- her June 16th Mercury Lounge show with Sharon Van Etten appears to have been canceled.

Black Dice play the Bowery Ballroom with Awesome Color and Soft Circle.

Todd P's Unamplified Acoustic BBQ @ Fort Tilden Beach is today. A message from Todd on the show, with its full lineup, is posted below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Liturgy - "Ecstatic Rite" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Howl - "Oma" (MP3)


A few months after wowing me at SXSW (twice), Relapse Records have announced the signing of Providence's Howl! Congrats dudes and lady!

Howl is one of many greats lined up for the BV-BBG Northside Show at Club Europa on June 14th. Make sure that night is free to receive a severe pummeling from:

* Doomriders
* Zoroaster
* Clouds
* Sourvein
* Javelina
* Cough
* Howl
* Wetnurse
* Liturgy
That last band that on the list is the newest addition to the Europa roster... NYBMers Liturgy! Tickets are still on sale, or use your Northside Badge to get in.

Liturgy dropped their 2008 LP Immortal Life on Infinite Limbs (get it here), but have completed recording on their next LP, Renihilation, which will see will release on the mighty 20 Buck Spin (!!!) this fall. "Ecastatic Rite" is from that LP, and downloadable above.

The band will be playing a double header on June 14th, having also lined up an acoustic (!) gig earlier in the day along with 47 others as part of Todd P's Unamplified Acoustic BBQ.

And you can catch Liturgy TONIGHT, Friday, June 5th, at Market Hotel. They're on the bill with Titan, Child Abuse, Nymph, and Gay Beast.

Liturgy is also part of an ongoing art exhibition at Dispatch entitled Mirror Me by Brandon Stosuy & Kai Althoff. More details on that exhibition are here.

All Liturgy dates, and a video from a previous time they played Market Hotel, are below...

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Fort Tilden

Sunday June 14th @ FORT TILDEN BEACH
:: each year we throw an informal, quiet party in a beautiful public place, w/
:: many diverse musicians playing two or three songs w/ no amplification
:: this year, it's on Fort Tilden Beach in the Rockways! best beach in NYC! [Todd P]
Schedule (subject to change) below...

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Broadway Backyard (more by Tim Griffin)
Broadway Backyward

Woodsist and Captured Tracks have joined forces with Todd P to present a two-day festival of bands at Broadway Backyard in Brooklyn this July 3rd and 4th. More info and full lineup (so far) below....

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words by Andrew Frisicano, photos by Tim Griffin

Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon, wearing an arm sling because of a dislocated shoulder, played three shows in NYC over the weekend (3/16 & 3/17). The first was a performance at 979 Broadway Backyard, an open lot in Bushwick, Brooklyn under the M train. The spacious spot was a mixture of rocky terrain, freshly cut grass and refuse-laced rubble. Amazingly, even with stage diving through most of the show and Dan Deacon's constant dancing instructions that sent people running across the space, there weren't any (more) major injuries (that I know of) from falling on the dark, uneven ground.

Acoustically, Deacon and the band sounded much better than at their Brooklyn Masonic Temple performance last December (didn't see NYU in April). "The ensemble," as Deacon referred to his band throughout the night, played clearly, with a sound that added nuance to Deacon's usual overblown-synth sound.

Dan Deacon stood on stage all set and filled the space between songs with instructions for dancing, rants about elves, warnings about stavediving (particularly after someone knocked his gear on to the front row) and appreciation to the neighborhood. The heavy crowd participation (singing, making people-bridges, dancing in a circle) came off as genuine and matched the spirit of the ad hoc venue (which I'm sure took a lot of cooperation to get together), its summer-fest vibe and the energetic crowd.

Teeth Mountain and Future Islands opened the show. One commenter writes that "homosexuals were an unannounced special guest, right at 6:15."

The second and third Dan Deacon shows of the weekend were at the Bowery Ballroom on Saturday, March 16th. How were they? On Sunday he played the 9:30 Club in DC, and like they did for Animal Collective, NPR recorded and is streaming the whole show.

More pictures from the Friday show with all tour dates from Dan Deacon's upcoming European tour, below...

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Dan Deacon @ NYU (more by Anna Scialli)
Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon and his ensemble kicked off their current tour at NYU in April. and now they're back for three NYC shows this weekend. The first, which previously had a TBA location, will be happening in Brooklyn tonight (5/15) at 979 Broadway Backyard (map). Todd P writes

2NITE, early! - a huge outdoor DAN DEACON ENSEMBLE extravaganza, starts early evening in the same HUGE lot under the train in Bushwick where Lightning Bolt played last fall! It's a beautiful urban outdoor space, & we've got an amazing rainout location hooked up directly across the street in that gorgeous old neoclassical bank building "martial arts studio" @ Broadway & Stuyvesant. It'll be phenomenal, rain or shine!
The second (early with Teeth Mountain opening) and third (late with Future Islands opening) shows are both at Bowery Ballroom on Saturday night (5/16). Both appear to be sold out.

Dan Deacon played with So Percussion at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple show on December 11th, 2008, with the Dirty Projectors. On Friday, May 22nd, So Percussion are scheduled to premiere a new piece by Dan Deacon at Galapagos in Brooklyn. That composition, still a work-in-progress, "may include pouring liquids onstage, amplified coke bottles, and other oddities..." The show is part of the Undiscovered Islands series (which presents a show with violist Nadia Sirota and others, tonight/Friday).

Full lineup for the Friday night Dan Deacon show below...

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words & photos by Jacob Blickenstaff

Kurt Vile

(It was this photograper's first Todd P show in NYC, I guess I'm quite late getting on the bandwagon, but oh well.)

I checked the address a couple times before opening the door of the unmarked building across from an auto salvage, somewhere in the back of my head asking 'what would Liz Lemmon do in this situation'.

An hour after doors was apparently still a couple hours early to get there. The three bands on the bill from Philly (all except Gary War) were delayed by the crummy spring rain storms that befell the region. Todd P paced around, making eclectic selections on his iPod and announcing to the small crowd distributed on the couches that there was a rain delay. It was cold and damp, wind blew in through the open and broken windows and a resident orange tabby climbed in and out making its way over to a Fender amp to use its grill as a scratching pad. Spirits picked up for Todd and his crew when the pizza guy arrived.

Expecting unhinged DIY bacchanalia, the vibe turned out to be subdued and mellow. The opening band, Birds of Maya, was the last to arrive. There were reports they had gotten lost in the no-man's-land of outer Bushwick/Ridgewood. They set up quickly and played a short set, hard rock riffs with impressive 'dee-da-lee dee-da-lee waaaaah' guitar solos. Next was U.S. Girls consisting of Megan Remy and a red suitcase containing a cassette recorder and a couple pedals. Her voice and reminded me of Cindy Lauper even through the distortion and chant-like structures of her songs. Gary War was third with a three-piece outfit playing fast-paced punk stuff with some kind of underwater/Aquaman sounding effect on the vocals.

Now to Kurt Vile - I liked this guy. Underneath the codification of his music as psych, lo-fi, bedroom music, etc. is a very good singer/ guitarist/songwriter. Kurt played acoustic guitar, run through a bit of effect and echo, and sang. He started and ended solo, and had two additional guitar players with him, one of whom also played a mean harmonica on one song. Led by the guitar and the lyric, the music was much more direct than anything I had heard of on his recordings. Some of the songs did have a cyclical, drone structure but there was movement within it, and the lyrics and delivery pulled me in like Lou Reed singing a Leonard Cohen recording with the Band in the basement of Big Pink. The guitar work owed a lot to John Fahey (and I mean that as a compliment) with the finger picking, echo effect and alternate tunings. I hate to throw such big names around, but there is something special to Vile's songs and music and I hope the music world will see it all come together soon.

More pictures from the show below...

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by Bill Pearis

I saw upwards of 50 bands during the four days of SXSW. These were the most memorable. I think.


1. Pete and the Pirates (Emo's Annex, 3.20.2009)

Pete and Pirates

Easily the best band I saw at SxSW this year. Of course, as their album Little Death made my Best of 2008, I already had a predilection to like them but Pete and the Pirates so nailed their great songs live -- the harmonies, the guitar interplay, everything -- that I just had a big grin on my face the whole time. My only regret: not seeing them more than once.

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photos by Leia Jospe


"CD sales are down. Digital hasn't caught up. Record companies are consolidating. New bands are trying to find their own way.

Despite all the challenging news, thousands of industry professionals and eager music fans turned out for the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas, over the weekend. The festival, tailored to recording industry talent seekers and the talent they seek, officially ended Sunday.

While optimism ran high at the five-day whirlwind of panel discussions, trade shows, live concerts and private parties, much of the conversation throughout the event focused on the sobering reality of the music industry's uncertain future.

"Obviously we're going through a transition. All of the major record labels have gone through some sort of cost-cutting and consolidation over the last few years," said Rand Hoffman, head of business and legal affairs at Interscope Geffen A&M Records.

"Right now CD sales are falling more rapidly than digital is going up," he told a group of SXSW festival-goers at a panel discussion on the future of the industry." [CNN]

Leia spent Thursday at the BV day party at Radio Room. On Friday, she ran around to three different Austin venues, seeing favorites like No Age, Titus Andronicus, HEALTH, and The Mae Shi. More of her pictures below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

USAISAMONSTER @ the 1896 (more by Lori Baily)

-founded in early 2000 by Tom Hohmann and Colin Langenus out of the ruins of Boston legends Bull Roarer

-spring 2000, 1st incarnation includes 7 people, releases self titled diy cdr, does 1 week south eastern usa tour, breaks up

-summer 2000, becomes 4 piece with Jeremy Harris and Adam Tabor, diy releases trippy yet wholesome cdr, weedblood cdr, and soul jerker 7"er, does 1 week north eastern USA tour, breaks up -[USAISAMONSTER's web bio]

That's how the USAISAMONSTER story starts on its website - nine years, several line-ups (see 2-person and 4-person incarnations below), and lots and lots of shows later, the band's Myspace reports that USAISAMONSTER's last show ever will happen May 9th at the Market Hotel (full line-up below).

Before that final gig, the band also has a monthlong European tour in April, and two other planned NYC shows: on March 25th, USAISAMONSTER will join Arabrot (Norway), Uke of Spaces (Maine), Caethua (Maine) and Weirding Module at Brooklyn's Death By Audio. Then, on Thursday, April 2nd , USAISAMONSTER plays with Library is on Fire, Pterodactyl and Dj Scotty Karate at Glasslands Gallery.

All tour dates, a video from the band's "Brooklyn vs. Baltimore" show appearance on January 30th, and a full three-song set from Brilliant Corners in Keene, NH (recorded on April 21st, 2007), below...

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