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Dirty Projectors @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple (more by Zach Stern)
Dirty Projectors

Todd P's line-up of free/donations all-ages SXSW parties in Austin this year includes Dave Longstreth and (Angel) Deradoorian both solo on Friday night.

That and many more in the full schedule below...

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Aids Wolf

"We are a cult . ************************ AIDS Wolf are the preeminent Formalist/Unknown Wave quartet, formed in Montreal, 2003. They have released two full-length records on SKiN GRAFT Records and Lovepump United as well as numerous collaborations, splits and seven inches. The membership is Chloe "Deluxxx" Skum on flamejob scream, Yannick "NoNo" Desranleau on Total Downward Thunder, Myles "BOP" Broscoe on Electric Mountain Range and Alex "Kozz" Moskos on Split-Skreen Desert Guitar. The band works and lives in Montreal, where they are presently composing material for concept record on Canadian Prime Ministers and French Military Strategy circa 1759, working on a Throbbing Gristle cover and eating well. **********************"
Aids Wolf has left Montreal and are on the road for at least the next month. Currently on tour with Philly's U.S. Girls, the two bands will join Sightings, Fiasco, and Talk Normal for a Todd P/Michelle Panache show at Death By Audio in Brooklyn tonight (3/11), and then will make their way to SXSW where Aids Wolf have a ton of performances scheduled, at least one of which is being being promoted by Todd P. More details, all dates and some videos below...

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Teengirl Fantasy (photo by josh sisk)
Teengirl Fantasy

You don't hear too much from Celebration lately. Well, not totally true. The Baltimore band, known for being tight with Brooklyn's TV on the Radio, are credited as collborators on the new Holly Miranda album that was co-produced by TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek. And this Saturday night, February 21st, Celebration plays a Brooklyn show at Glasslands - the very venue members of TV on the Radio have turned up to play with their side projects in the last few weeks. TV on the Radio also have a NYC show coming up. Holly Miranda has a couple too.

Sound Fix Records, the venue, is not long for this world. Upcoming free shows there include a Friday night (tonight) performance by The Forms, and a Saturday one by Howlies. Tonight's Forms show, presented by Guilt by Association, also doubles as a Sound Fix benefit show, so look for the tip jar as its being passed around. Howlies' record "Trippin With Howlies" is out now. That is the occasion they'll be celebrating when they come back to town to play Death By Audio on February 26th.

Telepathe have been added to the Ladytron and Faint tour in April. That means they'll be playing Webster Hall on the 10th and 11th of that month. No need to wait that long though. In addition to some shows at SXSW in March, you can catch Telepathe twice in NYC this weekend, courtesy of Todd P. Tonight, February 20th, the show is at Market Hotel with These Are Powers, Teengirl Fantay, Soft Circle and Katie Eastburn. Saturday they play with Teengirl Fantasy, Hawnay Troof, and Silk Flowers at 92Y Tribeca. Todd P says...

Especially excited about the 2 shows this weekend featuring TEENGIRL FANTASY from Oberlin, Ohio. Teengirl Fantasy, aka Logan Takahashi and Nick Weiss, are two young guys currently attending Oberlin College, together they make drum machine and sampler heavy dance music that steals as much from the underground noise scene as it does from the dance world. Teengirl Fantasy smash those influences to make transcendently catchy adrenaline anthems that get everyone dancing.
Teengirl Fantasy remixed one of Telepathe's songs. Listen to it in the video below...

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The Jackson Ave Steakhouse (via)
Stake House

Vanishing Point's schedule still lists show starting on February 22nd. Maybe it's reopening soon. All I know is it was closed against its will since at least Friday the 13th.

In more positve NYC venue news, "Thanks to your top citizen Todd P, we've got a new all-ages DIY steakhou--er, show-space starting up this weekend." Stake House, aka The Jackson, is located at 12-23 Jackson Ave in Long Island City, Queens. Details for both of this weekend's shows, below...

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photos by Toby Tenenbaum


Nathan Williams's starter Flock of Seagulls haircut was silly with sweat, slapping at his face and neck as he jerked around on the tiny stage at Less Artists More Condos in the West Village on Saturday night. But after nearly every song he stopped for a look in the virtual mirror. Not at the hair, but at less likely concerns. Was his guitar tuned properly? (It was not.) Could he hit the notes the next song required? (Define hit. And notes.) Musing about whether he could pull off a particular number, he demurred -- "No. I can't. Sorry." -- and then dove in anyway.

Slickness isn't really a concern for Mr. Williams, a one-man band from San Diego who records as Wavves, but crispness is. His terrific second album, "Wavvves" (Fat Possum), teems with scrappy, energetic, summery chunks of noisy pop: smart-aleckyness via Weezer, cooing via the Beach Boys, all masked by digital effects and a thick garage-rock haze. (The album is to be released this week on iTunes and next month on CD.) [NYTIMES]

The Wavvves album really is terrific. Wavves (the artist whose album has one more "v" than his name) also played a show with almost the exact same lineup (Woods/Nodzzz/Blank Dogs) one day earlier at Market Hotel and one day later (yesterday) at Underground Lounge (where Blank Dogs reportedly cancelled).

Wavves will reportedly be back in NYC at the end of March.

Nodzzz went on first at Less Artists More Condos. Toby could't get through the door in time, but he did get lots of pics of the rest of the show. More of them below...

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photos by Lori Baily

Dan Deacon

Vivian Girls were the last-minute/secret early-opener. More pictures from Friday night's show below...

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Area 2


big news: FRIDAY'S SHOW HAS -MOVED- [from Danbro] TO: "THE 1896 -- 215 INGRAHAM ST @ GARDNER AVE

repeating: this Friday's -$3- epic mega show w/ Baltimore & Brooklyn bands has -MOVED-

here's the new info:

| THE 1896 |
215 Ingraham St @ Gardner Ave | East Williamsburg / Bushwick, Bklyn
L-Jefferson | 8pm | all ages | --| $3 |--

all other details remain the same, two stages, bands playing staggerred one after the other, great times, two towns coming together, etc

pro PA system on both stages, in two beautiful -heated- rooms, both w/ vaulted ceilings & great sightlines.

Todd P is also advertising that "to accommodate all these bands, we will be starting the first band EARLY @ 8:15pm" and "REALLY GREAT SPECIAL SURPRISE GUESTS EARLY ON". Dan Deacon is headlining this show, and then going on a tour in April that brings him back to NYC for two more shows in the middle of May.

More Friday night show details below...

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Last night on Kent Ave (Photos by i'mjustsayin.)
Monster IslandMonster Island
Monster Island

"Around 1:30 a.m. alerts came in about a "fire in a factory/restaurant" on Kent Avenue (map) in Williamsburg. Word is coming in now that the "early morning fire gutted a landmark Northside diner, causing damage to an adjacent arts collective at Kent Avenue and Metropolitan." The establishment suffering extensive damages is the former Miss Williamsburg Diner (more recently 718), with the two-story building next door getting less scathed.

While the diner may be a long time fixture in the neighborhood (even making a cameo in Charlie Kaufman's Synechdoche, New York), the neighboring building known as "Monster Island" has recently drawn crowds through promoter Todd P. It also houses the Live With Animals and Secret Project Robot galleries, Mollusk surf shop, and possibly some band practice spaces". [Gothamist]

Hopefully nobody was hurt - doesn't seem like they were.

Todd P, shortly after I posted, added the good news that "through a stroke of very good luck, Monster Island survived this fire unscathed. Thanks everyone, especially the FDNY, for your help and your concerns!" He also told me that the damage was even just limited to a kicked in door and a broken window.

The Brooklyn music gods aren't happy right now. Just yesterday came the news that Sound Fix is closing their bar and stage.


92YTribeca (200 Hudson Street, New York, NY) is hosting two music shows tonight (1/24). The first is at 8PM, is free, and will feature a rare performance by Boston's Dave Godowsky. The second is at 8:30, a benefit for Showpaper, and is being brought to Manhattan by none other than Brooklyn's Todd P (and Manhattan's Less Artists More Condos, and Showpaper, and everyone else involved in promoting it). Asa Ransom, The Muggabears, Sigmund Droid, and Nymph are all playing the $10/all-ages bill.

Also coming up at the new downtown venue:
Jan 30 - Gogol Bordello: Non Stop / NYC Premier Party
Feb 06 - These Are Powers, Bird Names
Feb 17 - Medeski Martin & Wood
Feb 21 - Todd P Presents: Telepathe, Teengirl Fantasy, Hawnay Troof, Silk Flowers
Feb 27 - White Magic

Gogol Bordello Non-Stop documentary trailer below...

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photos by Edwina Hay

Fucked Up
Pissed Jeans

The show kicked off with '80s Hardcore, which plays exactly that. The band opened with a cover of Minor Threat's "Straight Edge" and burned through a set that came to a frenzied head with Black Flag's classic "Wasted." Cover bands don't normally do it for me, but I was won over by the excellent song choices and infectious gusto of the band...

...Pissed Jeans took the stage in a mess of flash photography and wall punching. The band ripped through a set that brought to mind the great Arab on Radar/Locust tour of '99--everyone was spazzing just cause it felt so good. I'd be hard pressed to name a band today that puts on a better show ("This looks like the end of the world," a genteel friend of mine commented. "I love it.") or whips the audience into more of a frenzy. People were standing on amps! People were diving through the air! Pissed Jeans makes the sort of music that turns good kids bad. [NY Press]

We already posted Andrew Frisicano's take on Fucked Up's set. Pictures from the whole show below...

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last time F'd Up & VG played Market Hotel (more by Zach Stern)
Market Hotel

hello President Obama!

celebrate the start of a new president (and the end of the old one) in the best way possible - with a smart punk show 2NITE!

====| 2NITE TUESDAY 1/20 @ MARKET HOTEL |====


:::::: Pissed Jeans
:::::::: Vivian Girls
:::::::::: 80's Hardcore

1142 Myrtle Ave @ Bdwy | Bushwick, Bklyn
JMZ-Myrtle, L-Jefferson, G-Mrytle/Willoughby | 8pm | all ages | $10
| MYSPACE |- http://myspace.com/markethotelnyc


I love Mr. Kiwi.

photos by Tim Griffin

Crystal Stilts

Crystal Stilts, Tyvek, Box Elders, Medication, and Kid Romance played a sold out show at Market Hotel in Brooklyn on Saturday night. I walked in to the second floor venue a fan of Crystal Stilts and Tyvek, and left with a crush on Box Elders.

The Box Elders were one of those bands that caught everyone by surprise last year, and with their one little miraculous self-released 7" EP making the rounds and winning over everyone in it's path, they even one up themselves in the live format, which is always a nice touch. [Victim of Time]
Medication, who are from CT (and not the nu-metal band from LA), were good too...
If you've checked out and absorbed their debut 7" released on HoZac last fall, you'll know the eerie vibes and echo-soaked mantra that Medication disseminates so well, and how quickly it gets under your skin. Although the recordings tend to be a one-man job, Medication's brain, Mr. Hyde is joined onstage by a few others for the full effect, and should snare you into a trance of ghostly guitar reverberations and gypsy drum beats that will split your mind wide open. [Victim of Time]
I unfortunately missed Kid Romance.

People were crowd surfing during the Crystal Stilts set, which, if you know their music, is a little weird, but the rowdiness fit right in since the previous bands, and the crowd in general, were just full of (possibly drunken) energy. Crystal Stilts sounded great, but were plagued by technical difficulties that included a crackling coming from the speakers, and at the end, a broken string... which caused them to quit one song (and possibly an encore) early.

More pictures from the night below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

DOWNLOAD: Box Elders - Hole in My Head (MP3)

Box Elders

Box Elders, the "garage punk trio" from Omaha, Nebraska (home of Saddle Creek), stole the show Saturday night at Market Hotel (1/10). I didn't catch Blood Romance. I liked Medications. Tyvek and Crystal Stilts were great, but Box Elders left a lasting impression and had the whole, sold-out, Brooklyn room going crazy.

First of all, the bassist/vocalist Clayton McIntyre, wasn't wearing any underwear. I know this from those standing close enough to get the occasional, accidental glimpse under his loin cloth (just thought I would get that out of the way). The guitarist/vocalist, Jeremiah, is Clayton's brother. Dave Goldberg is the drummer and his skills were part of the reason this band stuck out. Dave Goldberg simultaneously playing a keyboard/organ that was run through a Leslie speaker was another. Great songs can go on their list of achievements too.

It's been documented that Matador's Gerard Cosley is a fan of this band. I am now further documenting that Gerard was in attendance at Market Hotel on Saturday night. (Fun Fact: Pavement have a song called Box Elder. Pavement, who will eventually reunite probably, are signed to Matador.)

Bill Pearis was thinking of The Clean after listening to "Hole in My Head", and before seeing Box Elders live. Now he, who was also at the show, says "they're more bratty punk meets Nuggets-era garage rock". In that same vein, I think they would fit in on the Warped Tour, in Little Steven's record collection, and at the Pitchfork Festival. Most of all I think they were fun.

More pictures and tour dates below...

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The band formerly known as Tyvke, TVK and Tyvek are back in NYC in a few days to play three shows in a row...

  2. Jan 10 - Market Hotel - Tyvjk w/ CRYSTAL STILTS, BOX ELDERS, MEDICATION, KID ROMANCE New York City
Their friends Psychedelic Horseshit don't have any any other shows listed. Crystal Stilts also don't have any other local shows scheduled.

Cause Co-Motion do have more shows listed. They're also opening for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at Mercury Lounge on February 7th, playing Monster Island Basement on March 12th, and perrforming at Silent Barn on April 25th.

All Tyvjk dates below...

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Friday January 30th @ DANBRO STUDIOS WAREHOUSE (tentative)

:: 2 stages, bands from Brooklyn on one, Baltimore on the other
:: --| $3 |--

:::: Thank You
:::::: Future Islands
:::::::: dj Dog Dick

:: secret guests tba
:::: secret guests tba
:::::: These Are Powers

268 Meserole Ave @ Bushwick Pl | East Williamsburg, Bklyn
L-Montrose, JM-Lorimer, G-Broadway | 8pm | all ages | --| $3 |--

How was the Dan Deacon 'house party'?

JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound perform "Baltimore Is the New Brooklyn" in the video below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

The Mae Shi

The Mae Shi return to NYC this week to play two shows - one in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. Details, all dates, and more pics Leia took at the show they played at the BrooklynVegan party at Knitting Factory in October, below...

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photos by Leia Jospe, words By Black Bubblegum

MC Kool Kyle
MC Kool Kyle

Spank Rock was AWOL (once again), but the originoo headz were still in full force in celebration of the 25th anniversary of Wild Style at Danbro Studios Warehouse in Brooklyn back on November 13th. Billed performers who did show up included Busy Bee, Double Trouble, Grandmaster Caz, Grand Wizard Theodore, and The Rub. Unannounced guests included Fantastic Romantic's Master Rob and Kevie Kev, and "starchild" MC Kool Kyle. The entire night was curated by Wild Style director Charlie Ahearn and Sleep When Dead NYC (his son Joe Ahearn).

"It's not just young people here. It's a really great turnout, all over the spectrum, not just one type of person, or race, or age here," [event promoter] Todd P said.

He was right. The audience included hip NYU Freshmen with skinny jeans and ankle boots, a young CUNY professor, a 44-year-old radio station volunteer from Seattle, all sorts of music professionals, video and graffiti artists, nostalgia-stricken fans from the original Bronx scene and everyone in between.

Rapper duo Fenton Arms and Raylight Hope, who call themselves "the future of hip-hop," felt honored to be in the same building with the guys who broke ground 25 years ago.

"It's like you go back in time and actually chill with Malcolm X," said Arms. "Without that movie rap might not have happened the way it happened." [Greenpoint Gazette]

More pictures below, and warning, the following scenes may contain male nippleage...

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Fucked Up @ the Rogan Store (more by Chris La Putt)
Fucked Up

That wasn't long. Fucked Up and Vivian Girls will be sharing a NYC bill again on January 20th. The Todd P show at Danbro Studios in Brooklyn also has Pissed Jeans listed as playing. Should be a good one. All FU tour dates with the various openers, below...

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(King Khan and) BBQ @ MHOW, CMJ (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)

today in NYC
* Fastball @ Maxwell's
* Jim Gaffigan @ Town Hall
* Arlo Guthrie @ Carnegie Hall
* Harry Connick Jr @ City Center
* Fishbone @ Knitting Factory
* Real Estate @ Cake Shop (free, late)
* Dr. Lonnie Smith Trio @ Iridium Jazz Club
* They Might Be Giants @ (le) poisson rouge
* Devon Williams & The Feverfew @ Cake Shop
* Ewan Pearson & 2020 Soundsystem @ Studio B
* The So So Glos, Lidia Stone, Radiates & Banzai @ Silent Barn
* El Guincho & Prefuse 73 (both DJ sets) @ (le) poisson rouge
* Gang Gang Dance, Marnie Stern & 18th Dye @ Santos Party House
* Amazing Baby, MBAR, The Muggabears & My Best Fiend @ Mercury Lounge
* King Khan & BBQ Show, Golden Triangle & The Jacuzzi Boys @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

What do you think of Fishbone in 2008? They play Knitting Factory tonight.

King Khan is also at Bowery Ballroom on Sunday. That show is with Vivian Girls.

Dr. Lonnie Smith (master of the Hammond B3 organ) and Jim Gaffigan (comedian) also continue their multiple night NYC runs on Sunday.

The Game was born today in 1979.

Tina Turner hits MSG on Monday - the same night Snow Patrol play their small venue show at Bowery Ballroom.

"I feel like I invite music into my life rather than solicit it. I like peppering my career with very successful music as opposed to going out in a very highly competitive field and missing a lot to get the occasional hit. I have the luxury of doing that because film is my primary career." - says John Travolta on singing in Bolt.

They Might Be Giants play Apollo 18 in its entirety at Le Poisson Rouge tonight (early). El Guincho and Prefuse 73 DJ Le Poisson Rouge tonight (late). They Might Be Giants play Le Poisson Rouge again on January 31st. El Guincho plays Le Poisson Rouge on December 2nd.

The Real Estate show tonight at Cake Shop is a free late show after the 4-band bill Devon Williams is playing.

Todd P isn't currently listing any shows, but says, "...a bit of a quiet spell for me. Don't worry though, there are a whole lot of secret(ish) shows in the works, plus some much much bigger plans still in the early but very time consuming stages..."

The Christmas tree lighting @ South Street Seaport is today. The Big Apple Chorus will be there today and every weekend until Christmas. Ice skating and other (more fun) live music is coming to the Seaport soon too. Rockefeller Center's tree gets lit on December 3rd.

Jdimytai Damour, RIP

Video of Reverend Billy preaching in Union Square on Buy Nothing Day (Black Friday) (yesterday) below...

What else?

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Hipster News

What is a hipster, but a flapper, or something...

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photos by Ryan Muir

Matt & Kim

FADER Label, the recording branch of The FADER, is pleased to announce their partnership with Brooklyn-based music collective Matt and Kim. The all-encompassing collaboration between FADER Label and Matt and Kim is more than a record deal. It's a new and unique model that gives the band access to the unlimited resources of The FADER and its' sister company Cornerstone, a premiere music and lifestyle agency. This announcement comes on the heels of Matt and Kim's new full-length, Grand, which will be available on vinyl, CD and online formats on January 20th 2009 through SONY/RED distribution.

Under the watch of The FADER's careful eye, Matt and Kim have already begun experiencing the benefits of the relationship by recently releasing free online singles, Good Old Fashion Nightmare and Daylight, both of which will appear on the upcoming sophomore effort. The structure of this deal will give Matt and Kim unique resources that will allow the band to connect with current and future fans. An important component of the relationship will include Zync, who have successfully represented Matt and Kim to film and TV previously.

Recorded over a nine-month period in Matt's childhood bedroom in Vermont, Grand stands to be the band's most compelling work to date. Matt self-produced the record in it's entirety while paying attention to every detail with meticulous precision, achieving production that Matt and Kim have never had, yet still being very Matt and Kim.

The lightning in the bottle? Matt and Kim will be bringing their elated live show worldwide as they plan to tour nonstop throughout 2009.

"The partnership with FADER Label has been amazing this far and we are looking into the future," remarked, Kim Schifino. Matt Johnson added, "We have already been able to give fans free music [like through Mountain Dew's "Green Label Sound"], play free shows [ditto] and reach new people. It's really important for us to be able to give back to those who have supported us from the beginning."

"We are excited to have Matt and Kim join The FADER family," said Jon Cohen, Co-CEO of Cornerstone and The FADER. "Their songwriting and live performance matched with their amazing creativity set them up for a successful career. With this new model we're able to put Matt and Kim in front of new audiences and create opportunities that aren't available to most artists. Now they are going to have the freedom to connect in many ways with their fans."

Matt & Kim headlined the Halloween party at Danbro Warehouse on Friday (10/31). Fiasco, The Homosexuals, Ponytail, Aids Wolf, DMBQ and Child Abuse also played the show. Now M&K are on tour. More Halloween pics below...

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Black Dice @ Market Hotel (more by Lori Baily)
Black Dice



:::::::: Women
:::::::::: BARR ------------- yes, the return of the real BARR!

268 Meserole St @ Bushwick Pl | East Williamsburg Industrial Park, Brooklyn
L-Montrose, G-Broadway, JM-Hewes | ALL AGES | $8 | 8pm

This show at Danbro studios definitely looks like a good option for tonight, or to quote Anon 2:55pm "fuck all that. black dice / women / vivian girls / barr / ponytail is an unstoppable bill."

Ponytail also just added a special midnight show at The Bell House on Saturday night. They'll also be back on Halloween.

Women are also playing the free BrooklynVegan show at Knitting Factory on Saturday.

Crystal Antlers @ Mess With Texas (more by Ryan Muir)
Crystal Antlers

Crystal Antlers are gaining on Women and The Muslims in the race for most NYC shows this week. Info on the just-announced big free one below...

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photos by Lori Baily


Aa opened for Fiasco at their October 12th record release show. More pictures from that show, and listings for 3 more NYC shows happening this week, below...

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