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Abe Vigoda

Friday May 2nd @ SILENT BARN

:: Vivian Girls
:::::: Fiasco
:::::::: Woods

9-15 Wyckoff Ave @ Weirfield | Ridgewood, Queens
L-Halsey, M-Myrtle/Wyckoff | 8pm | all ages | $tba
--MYSPACE--> http://myspace.com/thesilentbarn

All dates and a video below....

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Ed Shrader & Dan Deacon @ Ridgewood Temple (April 17, 2008 (Jonny Leather)
Ed Schrader and Dan Deacon

....Moments before Deacon's exhilarating performance--which got someone as tightly wound as myself to dance--four Hispanic dudes entered the venue. Before that moment, I had felt like my companion and I were the ones who didn't fit in, but these guys in their expensive baggy clothes obviously weren't part of the intended clientele or demographic for this event.

Naturally, I was prejudiced against them, suspect of their motives for entering into this hipster Temple party. With the crowd, in tight, circled around Deacon, the party began, with everyone in the place dancing along. Even these "thugs" were dancing and seemed to be enjoying it.

Of course they were into it. We were easy prey. The geeky, scrawny white kids--many of which looked ridiculous--had their backs were turned, allowing these "thugs" to easily rummage through our bags that we naively expected to be safely stashed. My lady and I had let down our guards, in order to loosen up and have fun, but also because of our unwillingness to hold prejudiced feelings towards people based solely on how they looked. Though we were naïve enough to set down our bags, we kept a watchful eye on the culprits. Those watchful eyes watched those young assholes steal all of her cash (leaving her without a dime for food for the entire rest of the month) and a credit card. We acted just in time to grab our bags before they made with the big heist. The thief who had stolen my friend's money had his hand on my camera bag, while we plucked it away without confrontation.

We quickly made our way to security to warn of the theft that had been taking place. The culprits were fully aware that they had been caught, and quickly made their way to an escape. While the security staff could have easily taken action and saved a lot of kids from the disappointment of losing a lot of money and valuables, they decided to let the thieves pass by unquestioned..... [Jonny Leather - NY PRESS]

I missed all of that because I was at the Cloud Cult show at Union Hall instead. As far as I know, nothing was stolen from there, but I did overhear some stock tips that turned out bad, and I almost got hit in the toe with a bocce ball (just kidding).

'tiny deer walking 16' (arimoore)
Tiny Deer

Where is it? Bradford didn't say. Todd P hasn't folded yet either.

Bradford Cox

it will be a deerhunter show. we are playing the new album we have recorded with Nicolas Vernhes at the amazing Rare Book Room here in Brooklyn in its entirety. The reason we did not announce it as such is that a.) it was originally intended to be just an atlas sound show, but we have had such a great time recording with each other and rehearsing in the studio that we thought it would be fun to try and pull off an impromptu show with borrowed equipment. and b.) we weren't sure it would work out at first. I just want to say that we have been doing shows with Todd P for years now (he gave us shows before anyone would even think of talking to us.) Todd is the most upstanding and all-around dedicated dudes I've ever dealt with. He knows what he's doing and always keeps his priorities straight - putting on fun shows and treating bands well. I hate to see people criticize his methods without knowing really what they are talking about. In my opinion, as an outsider, this city is very lucky to have someone putting so much effort into putting on amazing shows. Dude also is a fox. On another note: I seriously doubt the show is sold out and it probably won't sell out. I don't know much about the details but I'd encourage people to just chill and try and come out and have fun with us. Also re: the Cinder gallery - i see no problem with one independent business helping another and see no reason for complaint in that aspect. Hope those who are interested will come check out the new songs, they are a lot different and we've been working really hard and having a great time. Respect to all.


Atlas Sound


:: ATLAS SOUND + secret longtime buds band
:::: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome WOLF
:::::: more guests tba

we're selling advance tickets to next Friday's ATLAS SOUND + secret
buds show. Only ticket holders will be emailed the location.
----> tickets go on sale @ 5PM SAT, 3/5 @ CINDERS GALLERY
----> [ 103 Havemeyer St @ Hope St - 718.388.2311 ]
----> location will be emailed to ticket holders @ 7pm night of show

My first guess for "secret longtime buds band" was Black Lips, but they're on tour in Europe. Bradord is definitely "friends" with Grizzly Bear, but I don't know about "longtime", so my new guess is Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but maybe that's just wishful thinking. I was also thinking maybe Deerhunter, though I'm not 100% sure why they wouldn't just say Deerhunter. Maybe it's because Deerhunter aren't supposed to play any other advertised shows before their next one in Brooklyn. Any other ideas?

I ended up seeing Atlas Sound twice at SXSW - first at the Pitchfork Party and then again the next day at Mess With Texas. Both were pretty good. Ryan Muir saw them at Mess With Texas too. More of his photos below....

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photos by Ryan Muir

Market Hotel

Crime Novels (above) & Knyfe Hyts played too. More pics below...

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Health (more)

==\/== HEALTH / DAN DEACON - ADVANCE TICKETS ==\/== this Tuesday 4/1's big show w/ HEALTH, Black Pus, Aa, & more, just got bigger w/ DAN DEACON now on the bill... so, we're going to sell advance tickets for this one. TICKETS --WILL-NOT-- BE AVAILABLE @ THE DOOR.

tickets go on sale @ 6PM TODAY, 3/28 @ CINDERS GALLERY [ 103 Havemeyer St @ Hope St - 718.388.2311 ] but... Cinders is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays, so tickets'll also be available starting Monday, 3/31 @ GOODBYE BLUE MONDAY [ 1087 Broadway @ Dodworth St - 718.453.6343 ].

Presuming it doesn't sell out in advance, you could just buy tickets @ GBM on the night of the show & then walk the 4 blocks or so to the showspace.

Dan Deacon @ The Whitney (more)
Dan Deacon

Not long after I posted the Market Hotel show, Todd P updated his site with "Dan Deacon" instead of "secret guest".

The (that used to be) above photo happened after Ryan left the campus.

DOWNLOAD: Old Time Relijun - Daemon Meeting (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Old Time Relijun - Liberation (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Old Time Relijun - Indestructible Life! (MP3)

Old Time Relijun

Hello New York!

I (todd p) just got back home to NYC after a week & a half in Austin & traveling to / from there. The Austin stuff was a smashing success, lots of fun & lots of insanity - plus tons 'o love of music.

SATURDAY back here in Brooklyn - check out a huge homecoming show --> ONEIDA w/ OLD TIME RELIJUN, These are Powers, Citay, & Woods!

====> SATURDAY 3/22 @ HARKET MOTEL <====

:::: Old Time Relijun
:::::: These Are Powers
:::::::: Citay ---------> mems Fúcking Champs
:::::::::: Woods -----> mems Meneguar

1142 Myrtle Ave @ Broadway | Bushwick, Brooklyn JMZ - Myrtle, L - Jefferson, G - Myrtle-Willoughby | 9:30pm | $8 | all ages


Old time Relijun is also playing Sunday (Easter) at Knitting Factory with The Vivian Girls, Lycaon Pictus and Dokkebi Q. All tour dates and more pics Ryan took at the SXSW Panache/Lovepump showcase, below.....

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words & photos by Ryan Muir

I flew in to Austin on wednesday morning and the festival was already going strong. After picking up my credentials and looking out from the top of the convention center I started to get a feel for the scope and scale of the whole event.

on top of the Austin convention center

My first stop was the Mohawk for a party sponsored by the familliar Gothamist/Austinist websites. While the first band i saw 'We Barbarians' didnt impress me much, their set allowed for ample time to catch my bearings and down a few complimentary beers. It wasn't too long before i realized Phosphorescent was playing inside downstairs to a packed house. Then Shearwater started their set outside. I tried to catch as much of each set without jumping back and forth - a strategy I would get better at as the days went on.....

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photos by Ryan Muir

Todd P Campus Show

Todd P comes up with some of the best show ideas at SXSW, and some of them happen really late. This one for instance: "MIDNIGHT UNAMPLIFIED ACOUSTIC BBQ (sans the BBQ'n)"...

:: a late late night unamplified acoustic party w/ lots 'o buds
:: who're in Austin for the fest - just 2 songs apiece, unamplified!

:: this is a bit of an experiment because we have no permit of any
:: kind - then again, why would we need one? it's unamplified!

:: WARNING: as this is @ a park on a college campus late at nite,
:: it is totally possible that the campus police will show up & write
:: ticket to folks for whatever reasons they can come up with.

:: NOTE: no open bottles or cans, so BYO & put it in a cup!

I would have liked to go to this, but I had two shows of my own on Wednesday (day and night), and then one immediately the next day on Thursday morning (maybe if I hadn't forgotten to pack my crystal meth). Instead I caught a few hours of sleep, but Ryan journeyed out there and snapped the pictures you see in this post.....

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yes, it's Robyn, Perez, and Pharrell @ SXSW - March 15, 2008 (this pic via Perez)
Robyn, Perez and Pharrell

I spent all day Saturday - the last day of SXSW - watching bands and comedians. It was nonstop from noon to 10pm - mostly all at the awesome 3-stage Mess With Texas festival at Waterloo Park which ended with the Breeders and NOFX playing on stages very close to each other at the same time. I watched about half of each of them, but more about that later. With only four official hours left of SXSW, and maybe another 2-3 unofficial ones after that, I started to get depressed and wasn't sure what to do next. 10-11 ended up being spent in the hotel relaxing and figuring things out, and then at 11:00 it was off to Beauty Bar to see a Montreal band I hadn't seen in a long while - Think About Life. That decision was partly motivated by my love for them, partly due to BrooklynVegan Mike's influence, and partly because I knew a friend would be there.

Think About Life were, unlike me at that point, full of energy and they put on a pretty good show, though I thought the sound was a little too muddled. So many New Yorkers are in Austin for SXSW, you basically run into more people you know or recognize while you're at SXSW than you would on any other week back home. This show was no exception, and one easily recognizable member of the crowd was Bronques from Last Night's Party who also seemed to know some people who were with the band...... probably related to his former life as a Canadian musician, and probably what got him to this somewhat random rock show.

Anyway, I was happy to see TAL, but then once again I wasn't sure what to do next. I originally wanted to see The Tough Alliance at the same club at 1am, but someone told me they were pretty horrible live earlier in the week, so I changed my mind. I knew I was going to eventually end up at the late-night VICE party that started at midnight, but that prospect wasn't totally exciting me either because the lineup was Jay Reatard, Fucked Up, and Dark Meat - all of whom I had already seen either that day or the day before. That's when my friend said he was off to the Perez Hilton party.

"REALLY?", I thought....Yes, they were serious, and they said they could get me in even though I didn't RSVP or have a laminate. They also reminded me that Robyn AND N.E.R.D. were both playing - two artists I wanted to see more than most of my other options at that point. That, mixed with the potential hilarity of it all kind of brightened my mood. It was also just a short walk away at a place called the Palm Door, I knew I could leave whenever I wanted, and I could still end up at the VICE party which was running really late. And so we went.


And yes it mostly sucked, but N.E.R.D. were awesome and made it all worth it. It basically went like this....

  • We got right in without a hassle as promised. The crowd looked more like the Austin equivalent of our "bridge and tunnel" crowd than it did your typical laid back and hip SXSW audience. Bronques from Last Night's Party was also there - which made more sense than when I saw him earlier in the evening at Think About Life.
  • The venue was about the size of Bowery Ballroom (maybe it fit 500 people?) with free rum, free massages, free gum, and a place to play Guitar Hero. NYC's own Larry Tee was the DJ.
  • BAD NEWS: We missed Robyn. I hadn't seen the full lineup or set times, and it ends up she played at 10pm. damn.
  • GOOD NEWS: N.E.R.D. was going on at 1:00 - the wait wouldn't be super long and then maybe I would even stay to see Riskay sing 'Smell Yo Dick' (the ultimate experience to tell the grandkids about) before heading over to VICE to catch Jay Reatard again.
  • BAD NEWS: Every band that played before N.E.R.D. (that I was there for) was HORRIBLE
  • Even worse: Joe Simpson, father of Ashley and Jessica, was there.
  • Something I learned that night: Who Cisco Adler is, and why NOT to Google Image search him. (note: his new group Shwayze was scheduled to play between N.E.R.D. and Riskay. Cisco seemed to know Joe Simpson, and Cisco had a model girlfriend that was all over him most of the night. That's all the gossip I have for you.)
  • Perez introduced every band and said how awesome they were and then would watch them from the side of the stage. It actually seemed pretty sincere except for that fact that it was impossible to believe that he or anyone could possibly like those bands (that coincidentally were all signed to majors) as much as he claimed.
  • MORE BAD NEWS: Other people I knew showed up at the Perez party (which was actually good news, but...) and they informed me that VICE wasn't that great and that Jay Reatard had already played. damn.
  • RELATED FUN FACT: Those same friends went to the Rachael Ray party earlier that day, officially making them the coolest SXSW-goers this year.
  • Realization: The Perez party was running super late. The longer the night went on, the more guilty and ashamed I felt for being at Perez's and for missing whatever else was going on like Black Moth Super Rainbow who played an official showcase at 1am that night too (one of my original plans).
  • Long story short: N.E.R.D. didn't go on until after 3:00 AM.
  • GOOD NEWS: It was intimate. It was loud. It rocked. They were awesome. Great way to end SXSW.
  • BAD NEWS: I definitely lost some hearing at the show.
After N.E.R.D I went home because I was tirrrrrred and had a plane to catch the next day which also meant I didn't get to see Riskay, and I wasn't even going to attempt to go to the secret Todd P party that was probably still going strong until the sun came up. The End. More photos below......

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DOWNLOAD: TheDeathSet - Negative Thinking (MP3)

The DeathSet in Athens, March 8, 2008 (Tod Seelie)

Todd P helps keep things interesting in Austin this week.....

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Molly from Ponytail w/ most of Aa @ Market Hotel, March 1, 2008 (mercurialn)
Ponytail and Aa

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photos by Lori Baily

Gibby Haynes & Genesis P-Orridge @ Market Hotel
Black Dice @ Market Hotel

====> SATURDAY 2/23 @ MARKET HOTEL <====

:::: the Skaters
:::::: IUD ----> mem Gang Gang Dance

:: dj Gibby Haynes ----------> from Butthole Surfers
:: dj Genesis P-Orridge -----> from Throbbing Gristle / Psychic TV

Gibby also recently played Highline Ballroom. Genesis recently announced a Lady Jaye Memorial that will take place on March 8th. More photos from Saturday night's show below....

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Matt and Kim @ Oya

Tickets go on sale Tuesday for a March 6th Matt & Kim show at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple in Fort Greene. Matt & Kim are also returning to SXSW in Austin this year, and they're playing at least one show that looks like it will be amazing....

Saturday March 15th @ MOHAWK - Austin TX


:::: High Places
:::::: Abe Vigoda
:::::::: Ponytail
:::::::::: Pig Out
:::::::::::: Team Robespierre

:::: Ecstatic Sunshine
:::::: These are Powers
:::::::: Best Friends Forever
:::::::::: Woods
:::::::::::: Foreign Islands

:: djs & more buds tba

912 Red River St @ E 9th St | Downtown - AUSTIN, TX
3 blocks North of Emo's | ALL AGES | 512.482.8404 | doors 6:30pm | $tba
--MYSPACE--> http://myspace.com/mohawkaustin
--MAP--> http://maps.google.com/maps?q=912+red+river,+78701

So, like most of the pictures I took at the Oya Festival in Norway this past summer, I never posted the ones of Matt & Kim. I started to write a "Matt & Kim are huge in Norway!" post a few times, but I never finished. Here they finally are...

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MTV News highlights Brooklyn, Todd P, Yeasayer, Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors, MGMT and The Muggabears....

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Old Time Relijun @ Silent Barn, NYC - Oct 31, 2007 (CRED)
Old Time Religum @ Silent Barn

Hello friends, lovers, enemies of the Silent Barn,

SILENT BARN needs your help!

ConEdisonAs some of you may know, Silent Barn is an all ages performance / art / work / living space in beautiful Ridgewood, Queens. We've had a good run so far, hosting shows and events for a wide variety of groups, having extreme fun the whole time, and we'd like to continue that onward and into the unforeseeable future. But here's the catch: we just found out that we lost our appeal of a suit with ConEd, and are receiving notices daily that we owe them back power bills for the power used by the previous residents of the space, to the tune of almost $7,000 with interest. OUCH. We are reaching out to our community for help and ideas, because if we don't come up with the money soon, ConEd will send some sort of federal official to shut off the power, effectively ending Silent Barn for good.

moneySo, we are writing to you, dear friends, to ask for help. Have you played here before? Would you want to do it again as a benefit for the house? Have you been here before? Keep on coming! Do you have high powered rich friends who give out handouts to those in need? We want friends like that! And so on, and so forth.

Spaces like the Silent Barn are ultimately a community effort, and while this problem isn't exactly uncommon, it is still very real. We do our best to host and promote events of the highest caliber, and hopefully we as a community can keep it going. Please get in touch if you have ANY ideas that will help us work this whole mess out. We are down to do almost ANYTHING to keep the space healthy and alive, especially in these cold winter months.

Thank you forever.
xo Silent Barn

ps: if anyone has a cat that needs a home, we'd love to replace our dear departed Noodles, who has moved on to better times (in a cleaner apartment).

Also, Todd P is taking a break...
so I'm takin it a little easy for the next few months - you won't see a lot of shows from me while I take a substantial break & work on some other projects for awhile.

I'll still be around to tell you guys about great shows here & there though! [Todd P]

Thursday, November 29th @ DEATH BY AUDIO

:: Ex Models
:::: the Deathset
:::::: Marnie Stern
:::::::: Teeth Mountain

49 S 2nd St btwn Wythe & Kent | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L to Bedford, JM to Marcy, G to Metropolitan | 8pm | $8 | ALL AGES
-- MYSPACE --> http://myspace.com/deathbyaudioshows

DOWNLOAD: Blitzen Trapper - Sci Fi Kid (Best Fwends Remix) (MP3)

The Yard

The Yard is where Dan Deacon & Best Fwends is this Sunday. Also where this will be:

Budos Band, Miho Hatori and Tim Love, Melanie Moser & the 11th Hour Band, Kaveh Nabattan & Barrett Lindgren
Sunday 9/23
Doors 3pm
Admission $15
On Sunday Sept. 23rdthe Starry-Eyed Festival will give New Yorkers another chance to enjoy some great outdoor music and locally grown food at Brooklyns coolest new music venue The Yard.
More events listed at The Yard's website.

DOWNLOAD: TheDeathSet - Intermission (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: TheDeathSet - Paranoia (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: TheDeathSet - Negative Thinking (James Stovall Remix)

TheDeathSet in Baltimore (CRED)
The Death Set

Now that I finally got the Best Fwends post out there, it's finally time for the one about one of their friends - another Todd-P-Baltimore-Wham-City-Dan Deacon-Spank-Rock-Punk band that I've been getting pretty excited about lately - THE DEATH SET.

TheDeathSet @ Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn, NY - May 25, 2007 (CRED)
The Death Set

This is also my chance to finally bring up the water balloon incident...

Last Friday was a show at Glasslands put on by Bikes In The Kitchen. It was a pretty great line-up, with Pterodactyl, Team Robespierre, Best Fwends, and theDeathset. The show was a sweaty good time (very sweaty, perspiration was condensing on the metal roof and occasionally dripping down on the crowd), until a random tragedy hit right at the start of Deathset's set. Some girls thought it would be funny to throw water balloons down on the crowd from the balcony. And it was funny. Until one of them, for whatever possible reason, decided to start throwing them past the band at the back of the stage where all of the amps/speakers/cables/sound equipment was.....[Suckapants on May 28, 2007]
....Meanwhile "Fuck you you fucking fuck" girl decides instead of simply giving me her details it would be a better idea to call the police after first trying to fight me all the time me thinking how ridiculous it actually is that my first fight will be with a girl. Luckily peoples pull her off. So in summary, this girl is not only an imbecile and an idiot, she is also a narc, causing the party to end. The police come and side with me after they hear the story and I tell them I don't want her to be arrested and they advise me to get an attorney which I don't have the first clue about and obviously being in a touring band can not afford. [TheDeathSet - June 4, 2007]
The Death Set have a new (twelve song) EP out this week. It features remixes by Dan Deacon and Bonde Do Role. Tonight (June 22, 2007) and tomorrow they play shows in NYC followed by a whole bunch more shows all over the place. Tonight is going to be especially nuts because they're on a bill with Matt and Kim and Parts and Labor - Above the Auto Parts Store....

Lightning Bolt - Above the Auto Parts Store, Brooklyn, NY - May 27, 2007 (CRED)
Lightning Bolt above the Auto Parts Store

Tomorrow night TheDeathSet play in Brooklyn again - @ Don Pedro's w/ SSS-spectres, The Trucks, DD/MM/YYYY, and Team Robespierre. All tour dates below....

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This past Sunday (June 17, 2007) was Todd P's Springtime Unamplified Acoustic BBQ on Roosevelt Island in NYC. Sandwich! was there and took pics - like this one of Aa...


Aa is playing again this weekend at The 2007 Mermaid Parade Ball which is the official after-party of the 25th annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, Brooklyn, NYC, USA. Also playing the ball: Jill Cunniff of Luscious Jackson, The Shapes, Mighty Fine, The Atomic Grind Show, DJ Jess, DJ Xerox and a whole bunch of burlesque dancers. It's at the Childs Building (June 23).

Speaking of Luscious Jackson, Gabby Glasser is also pursuing her solo career. She has a new album ('Gimmes Splash') out next week, and is playing Union Hall in Brooklyn on June 28th. She's also offering the chance to hang out with her if that's your thing.

More Jill Cunniff tour dates & mermaid stuff below...

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Ditch your dad and head to Roosevelt Island this Sunday....

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