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Now vegetarians, sick of the same old Tofurkey, can be food perverts on Thanksgiving too. Watch and learn how to make a Veggieducken below...

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What else?

DOWNLOAD: Wham - Last Christmas (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: ABCQ - It's Christmas Time (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: ABCQ - lumen de lumine (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: ABCQ - Snowbus (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: ABCQ - I wish you love (MP3)


Download a few mellow Christmas songs for your non-ironic holiday mix, courtesy of A Band Called Quinn. Kind of Rilo Kiley & St. Etienne - a bit cheesy. Would go well with some George Michael (Geri Halliwell's ex-friend), so I included that one as well. Yeah, I know - it's not even Thanksgiving yet. Speaking of Thanksgiving, SuperVegan lists some ways to have a vegan one in NYC. Want something more traditional? Watch the entire Charlie Brown Thanksgiving cartoon below....

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