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by BBG

Tombs at Cake Shop (more by Samantha Marble)

As previously discussed, Tombs will do battle with Rosetta, Irepress, and Junius at the Studio @ Webster Hall today (Saturday, 12/12, tix here), but that isn't the only show scheduled for the Brooklyn killers/year-end list toppers.

BrooklynVegan is proud to present Tombs with Rosetta, City of Ships, and Battlefields at Union Pool on January 22nd in association with our friends at 1000 Knives. Flyer for that show is below.

In other Rosetta news, the band recently dropped a three way split with Year of No Light and East Of The Wall on Translation Loss. Pick that up here. The East of The Wall lineup on the split differs slightly from the lineup today:

EAST OF THE WALL is excited to announce its new lineup. Joining the band are guitarist Chris Alfano and drummer Seth Rheam. Both played in the band Biclops with EAST OF THE WALL bassist Brett Bamberger and guitarist Kevin Conway. Due to the merging of the two bands' lineups, all music created by the aforementioned collective, along with guitarist Matt Lupo, will be released under the name EAST OF THE WALL. This will include the release of the groups next record, Ressentiment, due out next summer through Translation Loss Records.

With this lineup change, EAST OF THE WALL has parted ways with original drummer Mike Somers. The band would like to thank Mike for his outstanding musicianship and hard work since the inception of the band.
More on the band merger here.

January is turning out to be a nutso month, with the previously announced Magrudergrind/Defeatist show at Cake Shop and HopeCon/Blacklisted at Cake Shop (TICKETS), not to mention the previously discussed Disembodied show at Santos.

Rosetta/Battlefields/City of Ships & East of The Wall dates, along with the Tombs flyer, below...

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Baroness @ Bowery Ballroom - 11/20/2009 (more by Tim Griffin)

BBG will publish his own list of the best metal albums of 2009, but in the meantime here's what Decibel Magazine had to say:

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble


Eyehategod was back to it's old tomfoolery at Europa on 10/26, just two days after they done-gone-and nearly sunk the Temptress with Goatwhore, Pig Destroyer, and Strong Intention (figuratively speaking, of course). The band was greeted by a sold out house and a similarly killer lineup at Europa, with BV faves Unearthly Trance, Tombs, and Howl, and accompanying tourmates Strong Intention in Greenpoint.

In between cigarettes, snot rockets, cigarettes, spitting, and more cigarettes, Eyehategod cranked out a booming set that added insult to injury; classics like "Dixie Whiskey" were piled on to "Sister Fucker (Part I)" and magnificent renditions of "$30 Bag". Powerful riffs were mimed with open mouths. Fists were raised. This was a killer set, and I'm pretty sure that everyone there enjoyed it as thoroughly as I did.

There were moments during the show when I got the impression that Eyehategod didn't have a 100% comfort level with each other on stage; song starts/stops seemed carefully coordinated between band members with deliberate, darting looks and nods. If anything, that makes their performance all the more impressive; once they did hit that first note, EHG would settle into a decimating and singular groove. Absolutely riveting.

More pictures from the show below...

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by Black Bubblegum


First there was one, and now there are TWO. Eyehategod has added a SECOND NYC show, this time in Brooklyn at Europa on 10/26 with Strong Intention, as well as Unearthly Trance, Tombs and Howl. Tickets are on sale

The previously announced 10/24 show on the boat is with the unfucwitable support of Pig Destroyer and Goatwhore. Tickets are also still available for that. I'm going to both, damnit.

Three days before the Europa show, Howl can also be found at Fontana's for the BV-BBG/Relapse Records CMJ showcase.

In related news, Chrome Peeler Records will release a limited to 500 pressing of a 7" featuring EHG vocalist Mike Williams doing spoken word over power electronics.

COMING SOON: MIKE IX AND THE SOUTHERN NIHILISM FRONT SPOKEN WORD/POWER ELECTRONICS 7" ON CHROME PEELER RECORDS. Side Zero: 'Thats What the Obituary Said' a spoken prose piece with ambient backing by Ryan (The Guilt Of...)McKern, The other Side Zero: 'Ten Suicides' originally a Bloodyminded track with vocal by Mike IX Williams and now newly re-mixed by Mark Solotroff (Intrinsic Action/Bloodyminded). Original artwork by Mike IX. Colored vinyl and poster included!
Preorder that badboy here.

Full EHG tour dates and a few videos are below...

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by Black Bubblegum


They say that the clothes make the man, but in the music world, the drummer makes the band. That's the only way to explain the string of successes that have followed Dave Witte since he first sat behind the kit as a member of the influential yet under-appreciated Human Remains. Since then, Witte has played with some of the greatest bands in the heavy underground, laying the back beat to names as powerful as Municipal Waste, Discordance Axis, Anodyne, Black Army Jacket, Melt Banana, and we can't forget about Burnt By The Sun.

Burnt By The Sun recently released their swansong, Heart of Darkness, via Relapse Records. In celebration of this last LP, the band will embark on final tour of Europe in October with only one US date scheduled: October 2nd at Cake Shop with Tombs, Black Anvil, Bloodhorse, and Torchbearer. Considering the band members' current undertakings, it isn't out the question to say that this could be their last show for a very very long time.

With that as a primer, I fired some questions at Dave Witte about Municipal Waste, the end of Burnt By The Sun, and the possiblity of him returning to the kit for Human Remains, Discordance Axis or Black Army Jacket. The conversation is below....

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Cannabis Corpse - "Shit of Pot Seeds" (MP3)

Tombs @ Gramercy (more by Chris La Putt)

The killer Burnt By The Sun / Tombs / Black Anvil / Bloodhorse / Torchbearer rockstravaganza blasts off TOMORROW (10/2) at the motherlovin' Cake Shop, but if you were to have to miss Friday (why?), luckily, another Tombs show is right around the corner. (BBTS, that's another story... )

After supporting gigs with the likes of Marduk, Isis and Pelican, and Genghis Tron, Tombs have scheduled a headlining show of their own at The Studio @ Webster Hall with star-gazing post-metallers Rosetta, the emo-meets-Isis stylings of Junius, and the ever-technical Irepress. Tickets are on sale. Yikes! 'Tis a good 'un.

Tombs play Richmond tonight with Cannabis Corpse and Infernal Stronghold, a pairing that will hit NYC on Saturday (10/2)! Cannabis Corpse plays ABC No Rio during the day and then hits The Charleston with Infernal Stronghold that night. We premiered two new tracks from Infernal Stronghold, and now you can check out a new song from Cannabis Corpse's EP The Weeding available above!

BBTS/Tombs extravaganza isn't the only massive show of the weekend. BV is also proud to present Woe, Aluk Todolo, Malkuth and Castevet at Union Pool on 10/4! It's only $8 to get in, but a lucky TWO WINNERS will receive a pair of tickets gratis! Just email us at BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM with the subject line of "Woe is ME!" (include your first and last name).

Rosetta is preparing to release a three way split with the awesome Year of No Light and East Of The Wall on Translation Loss. Preorder that bad boy here. Irepress recently released Sol Eye Sea I on the same label.

Junius is currently offering their new LP for free in digital form and on pre order in the physical

Full Tombs and Cannabis Corpse tour dates and an awesome Cannabis Corpse video is below!

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by Black Bubblegum

Touring Division Marduk (more by Chris La Putt)

Marduk JUST destroyed NYC, but just in time for the birth of Christ, the unholy black metallers are back for more! Marduk will hit the road with Nachtmystium, Black Anvil, Mantic Ritual, and Merrimack to play a string of US dates which include Gramercy on 12/16. So far only Nachtmystium, Black Anvil, and Merrimack are confirmed for Gramercy, and ticket info is forthcoming.

In the meantime, Black Anvil is scheduled to play a few dates in the coming weeks, including FOUR NYC shows. One show is the previously discussed super-mega Burnt By The Sun / Tombs / Bloodhorse riffstravaganza at Cake Shop on 10/2. On September 3rd the band will play a FREE show at Fontana's as part of the Time Insults The Mind re-release celebration (stream that LP here). On 9/18, Black Anvil will join Cold Northern Vengeance, Whiplash, Enforcer and many others at Europa for September Slaughter Thrashfest. Tickets are on sale. Last, but certainly not least, Black Anvil is also scheduled to take on Urgehal, Spearhead, and *cough*Eyes of Noctum*cough* at Europa on 9/14, Urgehal's first US tour! Tickets are on sale.

Another killer band who recently played a free show at Fontana's, the mighty Howl, will join the thrashtastic (and fun) Toxic Holocaust, Atakke, and Battletorn at Europa on 9/6. Tickets are still available. The Toxic Holocaust date fits snugly between a Hatebreed and a Satyricon tour, but the band is also scheduled to hit the road with The Black Dahlia Murder, Skeletonwitch, and Trap Them (no NYC dates though).

Satyricon has scheduled a NYC date on that tour, though without Toxic Holocaust and with Bleeding Through & Chthonic at Irving Plaza on 10/25. Tickets are on sale.

Skeletonwitch has a new album on the way via Prosthetic on 10/13, Breathing The Fire. Pre-order that here.

Nachtmystium recently dropped their Doomsday Derelicts EP, via their Battle Kommand imprint.

Flyers for the Marduk & Urgehal tours, Breathing The Fire cover art, a few videos and all tour dates are below....

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Burnt By The Sun - "Inner Station" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Tombs - "Gossamer" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Black Anvil - "Ten Talons Deep" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bloodhorse - "Paranoiac" (MP3)

Burnt by The Sun!
Burnt By The Sun

It's gonna be a great fall! In addition to the previously announced awesomeness that is The Blackened Music Series/BrooklynVegan present Shrinebuilder at Le Poisson Rouge on November 15th (tickets), we now present ANOTHER reason to hide your children and check off a date on your calendar...

1000 Knives and BrooklynVegan are proud to present Burnt By The Sun with Bloodhorse, Tombs and Black Anvil at Cake Shop on Oct 2nd! The show is the ONLY US date scheduled for Burnt By The Sun, and considering Dave Witte's commitments with the Massive-ly Aggressive Municipal Waste, it could be their last for a very long time. Shortly after Cake Shop, BBTS will embark on a European tour to promote their final album, Heart of Darkness. Download "Inner Station" off of Heart of Darkness above.

This show won't be the first time Black Anvil and Tombs share a bill. Most recently both bands played with Marduk and Withered at Gramercy Thetre.

Before Tombs dropped their essential 2009 LP, Winter Hours, we interviewed vocalist/guitarist Mike Hill. Black Anvil recently signed with Relapse Records, who reissued their awesome Time Insults The Mind.

More details on the Cake Shop show and full BBTS dates are below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Chris La Putt

Mortuus of Marduk is angry. You won't like him when he's angry.

Three beers and as many bands into the blackened bonanza at Gramercy, nature was calling. I scooted downstairs to a mostly empty bathroom where every stall was open but all of the sinks were occupied. Standing at the sinks were four men applying a base coat of white to their face, adding black around their eyes and upside-down crosses to their cheeks.

Mental note: corpse paint and beige khaki shorts is not a good look.

Gramercy's doors swung open for me a little bit before 9:30, missing Black Anvil & Tombs (who by all accounts, destroyed... me = not surprised) but just in time to catch Withered for the umpteenth time in a year. Vocalist/guitarist Dylan Kilgore was absent for the second time in recent months (similar to the tail end of Mayhem fest), but their new guitar player was a suitable replacement. In fact, the road has been good to Withered; every single NYC performance is better than the last, with Saturday's performance topping them all. It is debatable, yet entirely possible, that Withered were as or more powerful than the mighty Marduk.

Besides some of the more familiar landmarks in their setlist (from their two LPs Folie Circulaire and Memento Mori), Witheredalso revealed "From Shadows", a new song which, according to members of the band, will be recorded in the coming months for a new LP(!). The track retains all of the Withered signatures of subtle melody, blasting power, and unplanned left turns. Get psyched.

To chants of "Panzer Division Marduk", the Swedish black metallers took the stage clad in all black (doy), 14 hole combat boots, and the requisite corpse paint. The band was gloriously powerful, and I couldn't help but wonder about how the band would have fared on Blackened Fest. Would opening for the extremely theatrical Mayhem diminish their impact or would Cephalic Carnage's relatively clinical approach made them seem all the more punishing? Either way, dem boys were good. The sound was well balanced for Marduk from multiple points of view (as it was for Withered), with my single complaint being there wasn't enough guitar in the mix (which is probably is due to the fact that the band had one guitarist).

Before the set, multiple backstage sources were spreading the word that the band had gallons of cow blood prepped for use during their set. Gallons, I cannot verify, but vocalist Mortuus (also known for his work in Funeral Mist) did pause for a moment mid-set to "drink" a chalice filled with cow blood, most (all?) of which ended up on his chin and chest. Yummy. It was highly theatrical and down right hilarious/awesome. To quote Bon Scott: "If you want blood, you got it!"

Marduk has said in the recent past that these three dates are just a taste before they embark on a full-on US tour in the winter. Let's hope that NYC gets another date... just don't count on me to get made-up for it.

More pictures below....

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by Black Bubblegum

Withered @ Blackenedfest (more by Paul Birman)

Now that the debacle that was Blackened Fest is behind us, rest comfortably in knowing that Marduk has arrived in the US, ready to play three shows including one in Baltimore (home of Maryland Death Fest, one of their original destinations) TONIGHT (8/12) with Withered and Black Anvil. The band will land in NYC on 8/15 at Gramercy to be joined by Tombs (tickets are still available, and for $5).

Meanwhile, if you have Friday (8/14) available and feel like making a weekend of it, the band will be at the one and only Duff's in Brooklyn for a "special signing session". Details are on the below flyer.

The Marduk dates are supposedly just the tip of the iceberg, as the band preps for the impending release of their new album Wormwood:

"We are excited to finally be over in the states and do these shows after all the problems with the visas. The three shows in August are just the start. We are preparing for a full tour in the winter that will cover all the areas we missed on Blackenedfest. Please join us as we raise the Banner Of The Wolf!"
- [Marduk guitarist Morgan Håkansson]
Full tour dates, Duff's flyer and some videos are below. Tombs was recently added to the super-terrific Planet Caravan festival in North Carolina featuring Pentagram, Clutch, YOB, Kylesa, Burst, Orange Goblin, Sourvein, The Gates of Slumber, and so many others. Tickets for that event on 9/18 and 9/19 are available here.

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by Black Bubblegum

Irving Plaza last month (more by Paul Birman)

Call it mini-Blackenedfest if you will. Marduk, after never making it to the actual Blackenedfest to do visa issues, have scheduled three US tour dates with Withered (another Blackenedfest participant) and the now-Relapse-signed Black Anvil. The NYC show will take place at the Gramercy Theater on 8/15 with Tombs also on the bill. Tickets for that show go on sale at noon on 6/23 here. All tour dates below.

Black Anvil also have an additional FOUR shows scheduled for NYC including July 11 @ Rockstar Bar with Dimentianon, July 20 at Europa with Eyes of Noctum, August 15th at Aladdin's Garden, and August 17th @ Lit Lounge with Lightning Swords Of Death. The shows lead up to Relapse's reissue last year's Time Insults The Mind LP (due Sept 1st). Black Anvil is currently writing material for a follow-up LP. All dates below.

The Blackenedfest, which played Irving Plaza in May, concluded last week with only Mayhem left on the bill.

Tombs recently played Irving Plaza as well, but with Isis and Pelican.

All dates below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Minsk - "Three Moons" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Magrudergrind - "Excommunicated" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Magrudergrind - "Lyrical Ammunition For Scene Warfare" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Afgrund - "Klinisk Digital Kyla" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Afgrund - "Borja Fran Noll" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Thou - "Into The Void" (Black Sabbath cover, MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Thou - "Sweet Leaf" (Black Sabbath cover, MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Thou - "Lord Of This World" (Black Sabbath cover, MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Thou - "Black Sabbath" (Black Sabbath cover, MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Black Pyramid - "Visions of Gehenna" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Gnaw Their Tongues - "Rife with Deep Teeth Marks" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Complete Failure - Heal No Evil (ZIPPED MP3 Album)


Lots of ground to cover, since we missed ya last week, so lets get right to it with the mighty Minsk! The Chicagoan's new album With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone is out now, and it definitely delivers on the promises of The Ritual Fires of Abandonment. Highly recommended, as evidenced by the monstrosity "Three Moons" available for download above!

At The Charleston on 5/29, I managed to catch the pummeling Magrudergrind along with the equally awesome powerviolence of The Endless Blockade. The pair are touring surrounding their MDF appearance, and while TEB doesn't have a new album out, Magrudergrind DOES; a self-titled LP available now via Willowtip! Cop that here, and cop a pair of songs from the record above!

Also up at Willowtip, the new LPs by Defeatist and Afgrund! The new Defeatist LP, Sharp Blade Sinks Deep Into Dull Minds, is actually a compilation of previous EPs and other releases, but definitely provides a good preview as to what these grinders are about before their new LP drops (soon). Meanwhile Afgrund's new LP, Vid Helvetets Grindar, is also on preorder. Check out the band's deathgrind-y groove on tracks like "Klinisk Digital Kyla", "Borja Fran Noll", both downloadable above.

Check out two noteworthy streams... Khanate's Clean Hands Go Foul and Xasthur's All Reflections Drained. Both albums are out NOW via Hydra Head Records. In the meantime, check out an awesome interview with James Plotkin of Khanate and make sure and buy that Khanate hunting knife too!

Goes Cube are finally home from their tour promoting the massive Another Day Has Passed. Their "homecoming show" is scheduled for tonight (6/5) at Union Hall with The Detachment Kit amd The Thin Man. Tickets are still available.

Ancestors have completed recording their follow-up to last year's Neptune With Fire. Featuring four songs, and three interludes, I had a chance to preview a few tracks which are definitely as epic as their previous material, and just as compelling. Look for Sera Timms from Black Math Horseman and David Scott Stone to make an apperance on the as-yet untitled LP, and look for more news very soon!

A member of Pelican and a member of Tombs have agreed to a "bro tat" commemorating their current tour together. So what you say? YOU can decide what it is! Pictures from their recent show together at Irving Plaza are HERE in case you missed them.

Iron Age and Sex Vid are in town this weekend. More info, dates, and an MP3 from Iron Age's Tee Pee Records debut, HERE.

Liturgy have been added to our Northside Festival showcase. Howl have been added to the roster of Relapse Records, and we just got word that so were Black Anvil!

Black Pyramid has released their new self-titled LP on the doom stable Meteor City Records. While vocalist Andy Beresky comes off sounding like J.D. Cronise at times (NOT a bad thing), these Massachusetts boys definitely are in a whole different category than The Sword. With an ability to balance their bombastic blues riffs with stylistic touches of the greats (ie Electric Wizard, Sleep, Pentagram, etc) without sounding derivative, check out a video for Black Pyramid's "And The Gods Made War/Visions of Gehenna" below and download "Visions of Gehenna" above! Full BP tour dates are below, including their appearance at the Stoner Hands Of Doom Festival.

That video and Thou, Indian, Ulver, Brutal Truth, Wolves In The Throne Room, Municipal Waste, and Narrows as This Week In Metal Continues...

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photos by Paul Birman, words by Klaus Kinski & Black Bubblegum

Aaron Turner of Isis

Isis, assisted by Chi-town's Pelican and local heroes Tombs, hit up Irving Plaza on June 2nd as part of a larger tour for the ex-Boston, now-LA band. The Irving Plaza show marks the home stretch for Pelican and Tombs who have basically been on tour since March, having hit up SXSW and joined forces with Wolves In The Throne Room (who recently played NYC).

Klaus Kinski was at the show Tuesday night, he writes...

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by Black Bubblegum

Genghis Tron Live at Europa, 3/27/09 (more by Justina Villanueva)

Pelican and Tombs have been added to select dates of the previously mentioned Isis tour including the currently on sale show at Irving Plaza on June 2nd. Updated tour dates are below.

Tombs also has two other dates on their calendar: April 19th with the mighty Bison BC in Danbury CT and April 12th (Easter) with Wetnurse, Black Anvil and Genghis Tron for Show No Mercy at Public Assembly. Want to go to the Brooklyn one? I have 2 pairs of tickets up for grabs. Details on how to win below.

After defiling Easter Sunday, Genghis Tron will head to Coachella. From their they head home to dedicate the rest of the year to writing and recording the follow-up to Board Up The House. Public Assembly may be their last show for a long time, so if you didn't catch them (and possibly almost get killed) when they played Europa with Converge and Coliseum, don't miss this.

Isis have a new album on the way, Wavering Radiant. Look for it on May 15th.

Pelican recently played SXSW and recorded their debut EP for Southern Lord.

Mike Hill (of Tombs) and Isis have a history together; Hill produced songs on Isis's The Red Sea EP. Before the release of Tombs' mammoth Winter Hours, we interviewed Mike Hill. Tombs recently played SXSW, check out a video of that below.

Black Anvil, who recently dropped Time Insults The Mind on LP, have a few other dates lined up including April 10th in Bethpage, NY.

Bison BC will also be in the hood soon... taking on Children at Death By Audio on April 18th.

More videos and all tour dates below....

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DOWNLOAD: Napalm Death - "The Silence Is Deafening" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Napalm Death - "Low Life"(MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Napalm Death- "When All Is Said And Done" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Amesoeurs- "Gas In Veins / Amesouers" (MP3 Excerpt)
DOWNLOAD: Cobalt- "Arsonry" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Hellmouth- "Praying For Plague" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Big Business- "Gold & Final" (MP3)


With Absu's new self-titled LP due only a few weeks away (Feb 24th), the band have announced their participation in CIII along with French black metallers Glorior Belli, Austin's Averse Sefira, and Sothis, including a date at BB Kings on June 21st! Tickets are currently on presale here and go on sale to the general public on March 5th. Glorior Belli recently dropped a preview of their upcoming album.

Funeral Mist, the black metal crew featuring Mortuus of Marduk, have announced their NEW album, Maranatha due on Norma Evangelium Diaboli (link NSFW) on Feb 23rd! Funeral Mist's last album, Salvation, was released in 2006. In related/as exciting news, Marduk have announced more dates for their previously reported US trek with Mayhem, Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage, and Withered including Irving Plaza on May 21! No ticket details as of yet, but we'll let you know when they surface. Full tour schedule below.

Javelina have announced the more details about their previously announced Sanford Parker-produced LP coming soon on Translation Loss. Their sophomore effort will include nine original tunes, as well as a Buzzov*en cover ("Whisky Fit") that will be featured on a upcoming tribute record (which will also feature contributions from Sourvein, Deadbird, Fistula, Kylesa, Zoroaster and many more). Look for the new record in late summer or early fall with song titles like "You're Going to Hate This", "Towers of Silence", "The Black Blizzard" and "Stepchild".

Grace of Landmine Marathon

Landmine Marathon have scheduled an East Coast tour including TWO nights in NYC! On April 13th, Grace and the boys will descend upon Lit Lounge (Precious Metal) backed by Wizardry and Seizure Crypt. Three days later (4/16), the band have set aside the day to play an additional show in Brooklyn... details are forthcoming. Landmine Marathon are also on board to play both the New England Hardcore & Metal Fest, as well as the Los Angeles Murderfest. Full tour schedule below. Speaking of Wizardry, the band will record their entire live show at Union Pool on Feb 25th for later release.

Pelican have signed with Southern Lord! The band is currently recording material at Red Room studios in Seattle for what will be their debut EP for the label. Look for the new material to be "heavier, darker and very riff-oriented," according to guitarist Trevor De Brauw. Pelican also announced a slew of tour dates with Tombs (none in NYC), including a stint with Wolves In The Throne Room that will bring the trio to SXSW as part of the Southern Lord showcase. WITTR have a new EP AND LP on the way, and recently dropped a live LP, Live at Roadburn.

DeathSpell OmegaDeathspell Omega's Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum - Chaining the Katechon EP, culled from their split with S.V.E.S.T. is out NOW at Southern Lord, and if you were a fan of their last LP, I highly reccommend it. Also of note at Southern Lord: Wolves in The Throne Room's previously mentioned Malevolent Grain EP, the new and mega-rare Boris/Michio Kurihara Cloud Chamber LP (1500 total copies) as well as the Boris Vs. Choukoku - More Echoes, Touching Air Landscape reissue. WITTR's new album Black Cascade is due on Mar 31st.

Speaking of WITTR, Scion Rock Fest is a little more than two weeks away, and we have 10 PAIRS of tickets and 10 Josh Graham designed posters for giveaway. In the meantime, dig on the recently posted set times below (thx anon)!

As we originally reported in September, sunn o))) has a new album on the way that we THOUGHT was called Dimensions. Turns out, according to an interview with The Quietus, the new album is due in May, will be entitled Monoliths & Dimensions, and will feature Jessika Kenney, Eyvind Kang, as well as frequent contributors Oren Ambarchi, Attila Csihar (Mayhem) and Dylan Carlson (Earth). Check out the tracklisting below. Speaking of Stephen O'Malley, the previously discussed Aethenor record, Faking Gold & Murder is out NOW.

Napalm Death, Malkuth, Hellmouth, Cynic, Reverend Bizarre and more below...

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interview by Black Bubblegum, photos by Toby Tenenbaum

DOWNLOAD: Tombs - "Gossamer" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: King Generator - "Tell Me Why" (M4A)
DOWNLOAD: King Generator - "Plagues" (M4A)
DOWNLOAD: Tombs - "Course Of Empire" (M4A)
DOWNLOAD: Tombs - "Darker Than Your Nights" (M4A)
DOWNLOAD: Versoma - "Symbols & Abbreviations" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Versoma - "The Black Train" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sino Basila - "Draconian" (MP3)


Recently I was talking to a record label owner about Tombs which quickly moved to a discussion about Tombs frontman Mike Hill. The label owner responded:
"He's a lifer."
It's evident by Hill's years slugging away in the metal underground, his many projects, recordings, and his label Black Box Recordings that Hill most definitely IS.

Mike Hill came up as a member of Anodyne, the noise-hardcore band formed in the fertile scene of Boston in the 1990s, a scene that also gave birth to Converge, Isis, Disrupt, Grief, and countless others. Over the course of eight years, two cities (Boston & NYC), two LPs, two EPs, and three 7-inches, Anodyne toured the world until finally dissolving in 2005. Hill's next project, the short-lived Versoma with Jamie Getz of Lickgoldensky, was a sharp left turn from Anodyne, but nonetheless lead to the critically-lauded EP, Life During Wartime. Jamie Getz went on to form Gods & Queens.

Outside from his time on stage, Mike Hill also stayed involved behind the scenes as owner of Black Box Recordings and as an engineer/producer. With Brian McTernan (Battery), Mike Hill co-founded Salad Days Studios which lead to a string of production/engineering work in multiple studios for a veritiable who's who of the hardcore underground including Isis, Premonitions of War, American Nightmare, Hot Cross, Burnt By The Sun, Lickgoldensky, and many others. As Anodyne came to a close, Mike Hill kicked off his Black Box Recordings imprint with The First Four Years: Discography Vol 1, a compilation of Anodyne's recorded output, eventually releasing records by Engineer, ASRA, The Wayward, and a retrospective by the late, great Black Army Jacket.

Which brings us to Tombs, Mike Hill's latest undertaking with Andrew Hernandez (ex-ASRA) and Carson James, who are readying their second LP and Relapse debut entitled Winter Hours. A tour de force of jaw-clenching hardcore, frosty black metal, and swirling shoegaze psychedelia, Winter Hours is one of the few records to stand head and shoulders above the pack in this young new year. We sat down to talk with Mike Hill about the new record, his collaboration with Dave Witte (Discordance Axis, Municipal Waste, others) as King Generator, his time in Versoma, and who he feels is a truly unsung band from the heavy underground.


Winter Hours is very powerful... not just in a "killer riffs" sense, but more importantly, in an emotive sense. That said, do you care to share your thought process on or where you were (emotionally/personally/spiritually) when you were writing "Merrimack"? Seems to me to be a very cathartic track.

It's about choosing the wrong path with someone and completely destroying something that could have been beautiful. Basically, the character in the song gave into selfishness, ego and immaturity and ended up alone at the end of it; it's similar to gambling, thinking that you can achieve more than you need and losing it all.

continued below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Toby Tenenbaum


Kylesa played the first of two NYC shows in the humid, obscenely packed basement of The Charleston on 1/28, supported by Tombs, Tournament, Clean Teeth, and The Brass. Due to a family emergency, Clean Teeth (mem Made Out of Babies, ex-Destructo Swarmbots) replaced Black Anvil (hope everything is OK, my dudes). I arrived late to catch part of Tournament's set (The Brass & Clean Teeth were finished), and while I thought they sounded great, it's hard to truly enjoy a performance when you're standing in the back of a room and can't see the band. I made sure that didn't happen for Tombs & Kylesa, but Tournament requires further investigation.

Though this was my umpteenth experience seeing Tombsin the past few months, it was my first chance to hear the Winter Hours material in a live setting (and recognize it as such). The Brooklyn trio stuck to the script and delivered their usual pummeling performance, but what I found most fascinating was the fact that Winter Hours engineer Ian Whalen had done gone and done it.... The record definitely captures some of the raw emotional and destructive power of the live show. Winter Hours is definitely an early contender for record of the year, so look for it Feb 17th dammit!


Kylesa was next, mayhem ensued. Maybe I should have realized it when the Tombs guys could barely get their equipment off "stage" in the crush of people. Move it people!

"OK everyone, there isn't enough room to play. I need everyone to take three steps back..."

Vocals/Guitarist Laura Pleasants yelled to the back of the room. It wasn't enough.

"OK. Two more steps."

With the crowd a full five steps more "contained", the amplifier tubes-a-glowin', and both drum kits set up diagonally and semi-facing each other, Kylesa launched into their set, sending the packed audience into a oceanic ebb & flow with a "lucky" few in front acting as riot police. For the first few songs I managed to stay up front, and it was definitely a combination of fear and utter jubilation: fear of being smashed forward into the metal hardware of the drumkit and a herd of stampeders falling behind and on top of me, and utter jubiliation because, well, they destroy. A really lot.

My worst fears were semi-realized though... halfway into their second song, a rogue tsunami pushed me head-first into the mic stand, pushing Laura Pleasants back a bit, disconnecting the mic cord, and making me personally responsible for an instrumental first verse of "Scapegoat" from Static Tensions.

continued with more pictures below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: -16- - "So Broken Down" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Obscura - "Universe Momentum" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: JODIS - "Continents" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Satyricon - "The Sign Of The Trident" (MP3)


Happy New Year and Welcome Back to The Week In Metal! We took some time away, but believe me, the hate only grew STRONGER.

Wolves In The Throne Room have emerged from the dark forests of the Pacific Northwest to announce a pair of new releases and drop more details on their previously announced upcoming live LP, Live At Roadburn 08! First up, the Malevolent Grain EP will hit Southern Lord with a 180-gram LP bang, with Conspiracy Records dropping a small pressing of picture discs for the record (a limited batch of CDs will be available on tour). Then on March 31st, the band will drop Black Cascade their new full-length on Southern Lord! Both Malevolent Grain and Black Cascade were recorded by Randall Dunn/Mell Dettmer and are the first to feature new guitarist (former touring member) Will Lindsay of ex-Middian / Age Eternal fame. In addition, WITTR's Live at Roadburn 08 will be released with a companion DVD available with the first pressing of 500 copies, with 150 coming in gold vinyl with a silkscreen. Full WITTR tour dates are below, including their date at Scion Rock Fest.

Obscura, an astonishing tech-death band from Deutchland that may or may not be named after the classic Gorguts LP, are streaming a trio of new tracks from massive and recommended upcoming LP Cosmogenesis. Relapse has been kind enough to allow one of those tracks to be made available here for download... check out "Universe Momentum" available above! Cosmogenesis impacts on Feb 17th.

Tombs is pulling double duty on Feb 21st, having scheduled a day show at ABC No Rio with Black Anvil, Woe, and Bastard Sapling and a Winter Hours Record Release show with Defeatist, Engineer, and The Wayward later that night at Death By Audio. Winter Hours is due on Feb 17th via Relapse.

YOB have announced that they will hit the studio in late March with Sanford Parker to record their new album of "5 songs hitting about the 60+ minute mark". Look for it to surface in late summer 2009. In the meantime, Northwesterners can catch the band at their first reunion gig on 2/28 at The Ash Street Saloon in Portland, Oregon.


Shrinebuilder is in progress! The band blogged through the weekend as they completed recording of their debut album for Neurot.

The previously announced Down/Weedeater/Evil Army tour has been postponed.

With a tagline like "2 stages + 2 days = Total Brutality", you better f'n deliver. That said, The LA Murder Fest will turn those sunny California skies black on May 9th & 10th when Coffins, Landmine Marathon, Ghoul, Stormcrow, Agenda of Swine, and Lack of Interest hit the stages of The Knitting Factory in Hollywood! Also on the bill are sickening sludgemeisters -16-, who's new record Bridges To Burn drops on Jan 20th. Check out "So Broken Down" available for download above from the record and to all y'all left coasters, support the band when they hit the road with Giant Squid! Tour schedule is below.
General Surgery will also report for duty at the LA Murderfest, and recently announced the release of their split with Butcher ABC. Look for it on CD via Obliteration Records on January 11 (email grindrock@hotmail.com for a copy) and limited-to-1,000 LP in February via Living Dead Society/Coperaction Records (email unsane_crisis@hotmail.com for a copy). The band will also hit the road with Ghoul following the Murderfest and leading up to Maryland Death Fest (thx SMNNews). Full tour dates are below.

Malkuth, an absolutely killer black metal band featuring members of No Neck Blues Band, have scheduled a show on 1/25 at Public Assembly with Villians, Castevet, and Ipsissimus. Malkuth recently released Mutus Liber out on Hospital Productions and are prepping their second LP for the label.

Converge have scheduled a show at Europa on March 27th! Tickets are on sale. Converge has been added to the Scion Rock Festival in Atlanta... yet one more reason to go! (Thanks Chris!)

Also recently added at Europa, Young Widows will team up with The Austerity Program, My Disco, and Tournament for a show on April 1st! Ticket info is forthcoming, full Young Widows tour dates below. Tournament is lined up to play with Kylesa, Tombs, and Black Anvil at The Charleston.

Satyricon's new record The Age of Nero drops on Jan 13th via KOCH Records, and I have to say that I definitely enjoyed it a hell of alot more than Now, Diabolical. Check out the video for "Black Crow On a Tombstone" below and dig on "The Sign Of The Trident", which the band has made available for download above! Satyricon will hit the road opening for Cradle of Filth at Starland Ballroom on Jan 15th (tix here) and have scheduled an NYC date at Nokia Theater on Feb 27th (tix here).

That Satyricon video, Mastodon, Khanate, Burnt By The Sun, Dillinger Escape Plan, Coliseum, Amenra, Pestilence and more as The Week In Metal continues...

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Kylesa @ Music Hall Of Williamsburg (More By Tim Griffin)

Do you enjoy the hard rockin sounds of southern metal but have an un-natural fear of crust punk legends? Want to see a certifiably badass band tear you a new one in a room the size of someone's basement? Well friends, you are in luck! It looks like Kylesa have scheduled a show at The Charleston (!!!) with Tombs (!!), Tournament, and Black Anvil(!) as part of Hardcore Night on Jan 28th, the day before they take the stage opening for Amebix (tickets for that show here). Charleston flyer and Kylesa's full tour schedule below. That includes the previously mentioned dates with The Haunted.

KylesaIn other Kylesa news, the band recently announced their new album Static Tensions, due in March on Prosthetic with 20 Buck Spin doing the honors on the vinyl tip. Look for the vinyl to be released in two versions: a regular edition with a single LP with an eight-page LP-size booklet and a "deluxe", a limited-to-500 gatefold 2xLP on colored vinyl mastered at 45 RPM! Fellow Savannah madman John Dyer Baizley of Baroness will do the
artwork honors. That's it to the right.

Kylesa also announced they are on board for the holy shit fest, I mean, the Scion Rock Fest at The Masquerade in Atlanta, GA on Feb 28th with Mastodon, Neurosis, High on Fire, Boris, 1349, Cryptopsy, Torche, Nachtmystium, Wolves in the Throne Room, Baroness, Harvey Milk, Zoroaster, Withered, Krallice, Toxic Holocaust, Skeletonwitch, Rwake, A Storm of Light, Warbringer, Salome, Suidakra, Tyr, and Alestorm. That shit is FREE. More info forthcoming.

Kylesa, as well as Rwake, Zoroaster, and many other luminaries, will be featured in Slow Southern Steel, a documentary profiling the southern metal scene. Details about screenings up north are sketch, but we'll let you know if anything arises. Slow Southern Steel is directed by CT, aka the razorblade throat behind Rwake.

Tip o' the hat to Invisible Oranges, who recently spotted a flickr page belonging to Laura Pleasants of Kylesa.

Skeletonwitch will be here on Sunday 1/11 with Cannabis Corpse and Attake. Attake is also playing the Amebix/Kylesa show.

A Storm of Light will headline Europa on 2/15 with Amenra and Scion-ers Zoroaster. Tickets are still on sale.

Charleston flyer and tour dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Vitamin X - "Deal With It" w/ John Brannon of Negative Approach (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Vitamin X - "You Suck" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Hooded Menace - "Grasp Of The Beastwoman" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Mammoth Grinder - "God is Stuck in a Black Hole" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Saros - "Reversion" (MP3)

Cattle Decapitation live @ Gilman, photo by Taija Lynn
Cattle Decapitation

Cattle Decapitation have announced dates in support of their new record, The Harvest Floor due on 1/20/09. Supported by Psyopus, Book Of Black Earth, and Gigan, full tour dates are below, but no NYC just yet.

Adding insult on top of insult to injury, Maryland Death Fest have added powerviolence bad-asses Despise You (with Phil Vera of Crom), as well as grinders Pigsty. This is on top of Mayhem, Bolt Thrower, Enslaved and soooo many others... Unfortunately, Repulsion have cancelled their appearance.

Vitamin XNeed a fix of fun, skull-splitting hardcore? Vitamin X have dropped their new record, Full Scale Assault on Tankcrimes and it is one awe-inspiring slab of lightning riffery and old-school hardcore punk produced by none other than Steve Albini at Electrical Audio Studios. Sporting ultra-suh-weeeet artwork by John Baizley of Baroness, the band has been kind enough to drop off a pair of MP3s from the record... check out "Deal With it" featuring John Brannon of Negative Approach and "You Suck" downloadable above and pick up the album here.

How many times has a headliner you dug dropped off a bill, and you were actually pleased with the results? In a bit of shuffling, Doomriders have dropped off their bill with Tombs at Union Pool on 12/20 (frown), BUT Bloodhorse (who are working on a new record), Keelhaul(!), and Acid Tiger (Ben from Cave-in, Converge) have been added! So Keelhaul in NYC, huh? Exciting, and it sounds like they have more than just the show on their agenda...

We are going to Brooklyn to record another cd with Andrew Schneider in December. Yee haw.-[Keelhaul myspace]
NOICE! Meanwhile, look for Tombs to play a show at Death By Audio on Dec 6th, play a few shows opening for Don Caballero at both Maxwell's and Europa, and embark on a short tour in the new year with Dysrhythmia. Full Keelhaul and Tombs dates are below.

Doomers My Dying Bride have revealed details of their new album, For Lies I Sire due in 2009 via Peaceville! Spanning nine tracks and recorded with producer Mags, vocalist Aaron Stainhorpe recently discussed the new record with Beyond The Dark Horizon.

Acrid PlainsSaros, the Bay Area blackened prog metal band contructed from members of the almighty Weakling and Amber Asylum, will drop their new album Acrid Plains on Profound Lore 2/17/09. Album art is below and check out the new MP3, "Reversion" available for download above.

Mammoth Grinder are scheduled to rage through the tri-state in the new year. The trio will be in town on Jan 3rd to double up.. playing shows at ABC No Rio (matinee) AND The Charleston (night) in support of their long-player Rage & Ruin and No Results 7" due together on Assassinated Records. Alternating between thundering doom and crusty hardcore, check out heavily doom-oriented "God is Stuck in a Black Hole " from Rage & Ruin, downloadable above.

Gracial death-doomers Hooded Menace are responsible for the massive Fulfill The Curse on Razorback Records. It's out NOW and it's absolutely frightening.. highly reccomended for fans of Coffins and death-doom in particular. Check out the track "Grasp Of The Beastwoman" from Fulfill The Curse and pray for your own safety that these Finns never make it to the US... it'll be a massacre.

More news on Intronaut, Pelican, The Sword, Krallice, Saint Vitus, Total Fucking Destruction and more as The Week In Metal continues...

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Photos by Chris La Putt, Words By Black Bubblegum

Made Out Of Babies

Made Out Of Babies have a new show on the calendar... at Europa on Nov. 20th with Shiragirl, Swear On Your Life, Le Sans Coulottes (without pants for you non-frenchies), Hype Of The States and featuring burlesque by Burning Angel's Jessi Lee (Link NSFW). And what do all of the MUSICAL performers at this show have to do with one another? Well, they all are NYCers with female frontwomen! So come out and celebrate/be-scared-shitless-by Venus. Tickets are on sale.

Made Out Of Babies are also slated to play Decibel Magazine's 50th Issue Party at Johnny Brenda's in Philly on Nov. 23rd with A Life Once Lost and Tombs (who were recently added to the Don Cab show at Europa on Dec 8th - Don Cab show tix here).

In related Julie Christmas news, the new EP by Spylacopa, the studio project also featuring John LaMacchia (Candiria), Jeff Caxide (Isis), Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan), is currently up for pre-order at their MySpace. The band also released a behind the scenes video... whck that out below.

Made Out of Babies recently played the Brooklyn Vegan Day Party at Knitting Factory during CMJ. Zach was there taking pictures, and so was Chris. More of Chris's pics below...

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Don Caballero
Don Caballero

Don Caballero have announced a new set of dates including four NYC-area shows: Dec 6th at The Polish Club in Poughkeepsie (with Casket Architects), Dec 7th at Maxwell's with their Relapse labelmates Tombs (tickets here), Dec 8th @ Europa, and Dec 9th in New Haven at Cafe Nine. The band is currently scooting around Europe promoting their new record Punkgasm, out now on Relapse. Full Don Cab tour dates are below.

In other Tombs news, the band posted the song "Gossamer" to their myspace (from their upcoming record Winter Hours due in 2009), started a blog named after a Black Flag record (thats my guess), added a KICK ass drummer, will share the stage with Doomriders at Union Pool on 12/20 (just in time for Christmas!) and have a new split LP with badasses Planks.

Tombs also recently played CMJ, and MetalInjection has the video to prove it. You can watch them below..

Casket Architects recently played the Beasts Of The East Fest with Harvey Milk and Bison BC (Bison BC pics here).

Dates and videos below....

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Beasts of the East

This is that Harvey Milk (with Joe Preston) show we were talking about. Also playing the 12-hour, 2-stage show: Wetnurse (see our interview with Curran Reynolds), Wizardry, Bison B.C. and probably most of the bands listed on the flyer above, BUT Tombs seems to have dropped off the bill (though, as previously mentioned, they have a show coming up December 20th at Union Pool).

Alternatively (Sunday), Killdozer is at Knitting Factory and Pelican plays Bowery Ballroom

Listen to Harvey Milk's "I Do Not Know How To Live My Life" in the video below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Wetnurse - Not Your Choice (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Made Out Of Babies - cooker (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Akimbo - Great White Bull (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Night Horse - The Dark can't Hide You (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Krallice - Wretched Wisdon (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Trash Talk - Dig (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Black Anvil - Ten Talons Deep (MP3)

Trash Talk

It's here. I hope you got your sleep this past weekend.... you're gonna need it with all the riffage going around. May we present... the day to day guide to heavy at CMJ 2008, below....

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DOWNLOAD: Khanate - "Wings From Spine" (MP3 Excerpt)
DOWNLOAD: Grey Machine - Vultures Descend (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Outlaw Order - Siege Mentality (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Millions - "Lest the Professor Catches Fire"(MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Orphan - "Bogman"(MP3)

Hmm.... who's guitar rig could this be?
Guitar rig

In his own special way, Stephen O'Malley dropped a bunch of news on his upcoming projects via a detailed discography. SOMA posted the following unreleased, unannounced records:

Che (SUNN O))) & Pan Sonic do a Suicide cover, pic 10" 2009)
Dimensions (TBA) (2xCD & 2xLP 2009)

Faking Gold & Murder (CD & LP 2008)

Clean Hands Go Foul (LP & Picture Disc 2008, CD & CD Japan 2009)

So, TWO new sunn o))) records, a Khanate, AND an Æthenor record! We knew that sunn 0))) was working on a new record, but a quick search turned up that Blast First (Petite) will drop that sunn 0))) and Pan Sonic pic 10". On further review, Æthenor's website reveals the following:
David Tibet sings and contributes lyrics on the forthcoming Æthenor album; other guests are Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver) and long time Æthenor collaborator Alexander Tucker [who just played ATP].

Tentatively titled 'Faking Gold and Murder' from a line in the text, Æthenor is the project of Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley, Vincent de Roguin (Shora) and Daniel O'Sullivan (Guapo)

Most importantly though, what the hell is that Khanate record Clean Hands Go Foul?!? Stephen O'Malley had this to say:
The long lost 4th KHANATE album Clean Hands Go Foul will finally emerge later this year. This was recorded directly after the Capture & Release album at Bisi Studio Brooklyn February 2005.
James Plotkin, bassist for Khanate, posted one unreleased song excerpt to his website, "Wings From Spine" which is downloadable above. Will "Wings" appear on Clean Hands Go Foul? Who knows, but in the meantime prepare for the thundering evil doom of the mighty Khanate! On a related note, Plotkin's Khlyst, is taking orders for Chaos Live, a multicamera live DVD shot at Hydra Head's CMJ show in 2006. While you're there, pick up Boris's limited-to-1000 Floorshaker 12".

Mastodon's Brent Hinds had a little run-in with King Khan over the weekend, and while we have heard King Khan's side of the story, ridiculous pictures included, we haven't heard a peep from Brent Hinds. My thoughts echo that of one astute Blabbermouth reader: "The real victim here is the beer". Brann Dailor of Mastodon was recently interviewed by Metal Injection.

Justin Broadrick (Jesu, ex-Godflesh) dropped a bombshell of sorts.... a new project, Grey Machine, featuring Aaron Turner (Isis), Diarmuid Dalton (Jesu), and Dave Cochrane (Transitional)! From the upcoming album Disconnected, the band posted "Vultures Rise" available for download above!

Crom is back on the west coast, but evidence from their east coast killing spree is popping up all over the net. Check out pics from their show in Worcester, MA at Return To The Pit, an interview with a shirtless Crom at Vice magazine, as well as audio (and video below) from their appearance at WFMU.

Crom Live at WFMU, Mayhem, Amon Amarth, Baroness, Tweak Bird, Bison BC and more below.....

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