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90s Fest

Do you love the '90s? Like, indiscriminately? If so you're going to love 90sFest which comes to Williamsburg's 50 Kent on September 12 with live performances from Coolio, Lisa Loeb, Naughty By Nature, Smash Mouth (no bread throwing, please), Tonic, the surviving members of Blind Melon and Saved By the '90s party cover band The Bayside Tigers. Pauly Shore will be hanging as host and there will also be a Nintendo Mario Kart tournament, a World Record attempt at the largest "Macarena" group dance ever, plus Instagram personalities Fuckjerry and Betches will be there too curating "Throwbacktivities." OK, sure.

UPDATE: Salt n' Pepa have been added to the bill as headliners.

Event producer Marc Weinstein joked to Billboard, "now that Pepsi has teased Crystal Pepsi may be coming back, we may be able to offer Crystal Pepsi-based cocktails to our guests in VIP as well." Hahaha... someone make an Orbitz joke now. Furby?

Tickets for 90sFest are on sale now. You can watch a "commercial" for 90s Fest below...

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FOUR NIGHTS celebrating the incredible, dynamic, explosively creative jazz, instrumental, and adventurous music being made in New York City.

May 9th: A Marathon of Concerts in Greenwich Village
May 10th: Medeski, Martin & Wood & ?? at Brooklyn Masonic Temple, featuring So Percussion, Steven Bernstein, Vernon Reid & more!!
May 11th: Night Of The Living DIY in Brooklyn, Seattle, Norway & more...
May 12th: Improvised Round Robin Duets at 92Y Tribeca

Lovingly and tirelessly organized by Adam Schatz of Search & Restore, and Brice Rosenbloom of BoomCollective.

The 2012 Undead Music Festival (formerly known as Undead Jazz Fest) starts Wednesday (5/9) with three shows in Greenwich Village, including a Tonic reunion happening at Le Poisson Rouge on Wednesday, 5/9. (There's a Tonic Reunion tonight at The Stone tonight, 5/7, too, unreleated to the Undead fest.)

Other Undead performers include Medeski, Martin & Wood at Brooklyn Masonic Temple on Thursday (5/10) and a multi-venue "Night of the Living DIY" on Friday (5/11) which includes the previously mentioned Bjorkestra show at the new Shapeshifer Lab (which meanwhile is hosting two nights of Undead-presented shows with Nels Cline, Tim Berne & Jim Black).

Four days passes are still on sale. More detailed info (performers, tickets) is available at the Undead Music website and the full schedule is below.

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by Andrew Sacher

Buke and Gase at Prospect Park in 2011 (more by Toby Tenebaum)
Buke and Gase

Buke and Gase will be curating The Stone from tonight (5/1) to May 15. The curation kicks off tonight with Father Murphy at 8 PM and Les Bonhommes at 10 PM.

After tonight's show, Father Murphy, who are here from Italy, head out on tour with Xiu Xiu and Dirty Beaches (which hits Bowery Ballroom this Friday 5/4). Their album was mixed by Deerhoof's Greg Saunier who is one third of, but not the drummer of, Les Bonhommes (that also features William Kuehn from Rainer Maria).

Other performances throughout the week include former Parts & Labor noisemaker Dan Friel and Bunnybrains on 5/4; a Tonic reunion featuring Mephista with John Zorn, Steve Bernstein's MTO and more; Extra Life's Charlie Looker, Greg Fox, & Jamie Saft and Glass Ghost on 5/11, gonzo drummer Greg Fox and Hubble on 5/12, a powerhouse grouping of Ryan Sawyer, Colin Stetson, Nate Wooley, C. Spencer Yeh Quartet on 5/13, and Matana Roberts and Ches Smith on 5/15, among others.

Buke & Gase don't actually play any of the shows they curated but they do play the Dessner-curated Crossing Brooklyn Ferry fest on May 4 at BAM.

The second half of May at the Stone is curated by Gyan Riley.

Check out the full schedule below...

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Since the closing of LES spot Tonic in 2007, The Stone has been one of the venues that's attempted to fill the void left by the experimental-music-friendly space.

Like Tonic did, The Stone frequently brings on guest curators (not coincidentally Stone founder John Zorn was one of Tonic's most regular hosts and played at Tonic's final show). Now, with guitarist Grey Gersten's monthlong May curatorial run ending Sunday, May 31st, former Tonic co-owner Melissa Caruso Scott comes out of booking retirement to take the reigns in programing the first two weeks of June at The Stone.

Speaking about her choices Scott said, "These artists played some of my favorite Tonic shows and I can't wait to see them again." Her picks include Japanese musician Yuka Honda, who's also playing a Summerstage show with Mike Watt, guitarist Charlie Hunter, Elysian Fields, Vernon Reid, Joan as Polcewoman, cellist Erik Friedlander, and more. Her full schedule is posted below.

Speaking of Friendlander, he plays on Yoko Ono's new DON'T STOP ME! EP (out June 9th Via iTunes Exclusive Digital Download), and you can also catch him live on June 5th along with saxophone player Colin Stetson at the Abrons Art Space Recital Hall. The show is presented by The Manhattan New Music Project, and tickets are on sale.

Before the time of both Tonic and The Stone, the original Knitting Factory on Houston Street featured an ecclectic mix of avant and experimental music (frequently with Zorn and others). The co-founder of that venue, show promoter and current owner of City Winery Michael Dorf, will curate the second half of the June at The Stone.

Acts on his schedule include Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers (who have completed their Pianos residency and are also playing Citysol), Ethan Iverson (of the Bad Plus) with saxist Tim Berne, and Marc Ribot, the guitarist who's had considerable presence at each of the aforementioned venues -- gigging regularly at the Knit on Houston St, getting arrested for protesting the closure of Tonic, and hosting several nights of his 55th-birthday retrospective at The Stone in mid-May.

Check out the full June schedule for The Stone, below...

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Clogs @ Tonic - November 7, 2005 (more)
Clogs @ Tonic

Bell Orchestre @ Tonic - November 7, 2005 (more)
Bell Orchestre

Clogs (featuring members of The National) and Bell Orchestre (featuring members of Arcade Fire) went on a short tour together back in 2005. Since then there hasn't been a ton going on with the two higher-art indie-rock side projects, which makes sense, since both the Arcade Fire and The National have been keeping more than busy. That should change a bit in 2009 though, when not only are both groups releasing new albums, but they will also both share a NYC stage once again - this time with the added bonus of Michael Christie and the Brooklyn Philharmonic.

Shuffle Mode
Thu, Feb 26, 2009 at 8pm

Michael Christie, conductor

Shuffle Mode will bring a critically acclaimed independent artist to the mainstage in an exiting new concert format. Using seeming contradictory musical languages to create a dialogue, Michael Christie and the orchestra will team up with a sensational guest artist in a concert accessing a broad variety of sounds and styles. The guest artist is currently TBA.

BAM Howard Gilman Opera House
Tickets: $15, 30, 40, $50

Tickets are on sale. Grizzly Bear and Final Fantasy play with the Brooklyn Philharmonic two days later. All dates below...

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some of them anyway....

Varvatos Party

The VH1 Save The Music benefit party you heard John Varvatos talk about on Fox is now (unfortunately?) sold out.

The cast of characters playing/appearing at this thing make it look like it could have been one of the 2005 'Save CBGB' lineups, or even one of the final shows the venue hosted before being shut down.

I wonder what Jesse Malin thinks of Rebecca Moore's efforts. He probably saw her sitting there on his way over to his new bar.

Rebecca Moore @ Tonic, NYC - April 14, 2007 (more)
Rebecca Moore

I realize I already wrote that the CBGB protester is Rebecca Moore, and I did think it was weird that she brought up Tonic, but it wasn't until just now that I realized she is REBECCA MOORE Rebecca Moore.

Timo Ellis, Yuka Honda & Sean Lennon @ Tonic, NYC - August 2000 (c) Sujin Lee
Timo Ellis, Yuka Honda & Sean Lennon

* Helenka = Sean Lennon, Yuka Honda & friends
* Helenka is opening for Marc Ribot tonight at Knitting Factory (Feb 27)
* Fred Armisen & Petra Haden are playing the Knit tomorrow
* Fred Armisen played Anton Chigurh on Saturday Night Live
* Petra Haden sometimes performs w/ Yuka Honda & Sean Lennon. videos below...

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Pussycat Lounge

"The city cracks down on things, just to give bars fines--that's what kills the new businesses," said Joi Brozek, former co-owner of the Lucky Cat rock club in Williamsburg. "If you're barely making rent and then you're slapped with a $1,500 fine, you're almost doomed to fail, especially when you're dealing with music because then everyone comes out of the fucking cracks like cockroaches."....

...."The reality of it is, live music isn't much of a moneymaker," she said. "If it was up to me, and somebody said, 'What would be your ideal business?' I would say, a straight-up bar, and that's it, because, really, live music is a ton of headaches." [The NY Observer]

P.S. I recently made a lot of updates to the NYC venue map. Check it out.

DOWNLOAD: Shannon Murray And Ryan Harvey - Bread and Roses (MP3)

Now that I finally got my own post up about Tonic's demise, I went out and looked at what other people were saying, and I found this amazing post by photographer Bob Arihood, who, unlike myself, was still inside when the cops got there:

Marc Ribot @ Tonic, NYC - April 14, 2007 (evening)

Rebecca Moore


According to Mike Wolf at Time Out, "Bread and Roses" was "the last piece of music played at Tonic." According to Rebecca Moore, in the comments of that same Time Out post,

Just updating this story that Marc and I were indeed arrested that day, in our attempt to keep the music playing at Tonic, the performance space this music community had raised over $100,000 dollars in funds to try to keep open and attempt to keep the rent paid. Nothing can pay these insane rents in NYC, no art or community can survive under these circumstances. Brooklyn and Queens are not exempt and falling prey to the same circumstances. It is not a coincidence that the Blue Building Luxury Condo building is now finished, people are moving in to their million dollar residents there, and Tonic has had to shut down. I submitted myself to arrest for this reason, and hope word spreads and others are moved to stand up against real estate being the sole determining factor of what culture and art and music and people get to stay in NYC.
More arrest pictures here.

* Tonic's final day (Marc Ribot & Rebecca Moore arrested)

Tonic, NYC - April 14, 2007 (evening) *
* photo by Jefferson

Tonic is now closed forever. The Lower East Side home of avant garde (and occasionaly some indie rock) was priced out of the neighborhood at exactly the same time a new towering inferno of condos went up right next door.


Officially, the final shows at the venue were Friday night (April 13) - John Zorn & friends did two improv performances, and there was a late-night Bunker party. Unoficially, Tonic kept going for another 5-6 hours on Saturday until the cops shut them down, and musicians Marc Ribot and Rebecca Moore were arrested (don't worry - only for about 4 hours).

I arrived at Tonic Saturday morning around 11:30 - thirty minutes after the scheduled post-closing concert & protest began. A few people were holding protest signs outside, the doors were open for anyone to come in where there were about forty more people. Marc Ribot (pre-arrest) was on stage performing....

Marc Ribot @ Tonic, NYC - April 14, 2007 (morning)

Continued below...

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John Zorn @ Tonic, NYC - Dec 15, 2005 (CRED)
John Zorn @ Tonic

Tonic closes after tonight (April 13, 2007). John Zorn plays two "improv" shows followed by the final Bunker ("A wild dance party with dark techno, house, and electro"). The club won't be quiet tomorrow though. In fact:

Musicians and Friends:
It is time to Claim what is our Right!

Saturday April 14th
FROM 11 a.m. until...







Tonic is scheduled to close on Friday, April 13th, 2007.

The following day, we will gather to fight the eviction of this crucial venue, the diminishment of our livelihoods, and the destruction of our culture by peacefully resisting. Please join us.

Continued below....

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This Friday (the 13th) is the last night ever at Tonic. This Thursday (the 12th) is an Other Passengers record release show. Check out Other Passengers' sick new video for the song "Sick Sick (You, Me & Everyone Else)"...

"The first clip from the huge, widescreen, broken, twisted, massive and brilliant debut album 'We Are All' from Brooklyn's OTHER PASSENGERS. Out May 14 on Something In Construction records in the UK. This clip was shot by legendary underground Chicago film maker Graham Baclagon."

Alex Delivery is opening the Tonic show (no advanced tix). Alex Delivery also just played with Parts & Labor.

Other Passengers also just played one of the last nights at Sin-e (the other Lower East Side that closed in April). Crackers United was there.

Check Tonic's schedule for the other few shows they have left. Vernon Reid was recently added.

DOWNLOAD: Kiiiiiii - 4 little joeys (dj codomo) remix (MP3)

The Japanese duo Kiiiiiii played the soon-to-close Tonic in NYC Tuesday night (April 3, 2007). Ojlopena was there and took some great photos....

Kiiiiiii @ Tonic

Kiiiiiii also played the hopefully-will-never-close Cake Shop on Wednesday night. If you missed both shows don't worry - there's one more chance to see them in NYC - according to their MySpace, they are playing Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn TONIGHT (Thursday April 5, 2007). (Yacht is playing Cinders Gallery soon too)

[note: it was published somewhere that Kiiiiiii are playing Cake Shop again tonight. That appears to be wrong which means Kiiiiiii have not been added to the awesome Parenthetical Girls / Dead Science / Craig Wedren bill. Then again, just to be sure, someone should call Cinders Gallery and/or Cake Shop.]

Tonic's last night open is Friday April 13th. The Bunker has the club from 10pm to closing. The 8pm show is now listed as "John Zorn Improv Night". No advanced tickets for it (yet anyway), or for the two "Tonic Alumni Festival"s happening the weekend before. Details of those below....

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Matthew Dear @ The Bunker, Tonic, NYC - Feb 16, 2007 (CRED)
Matthew Dear @ the Bunker

A letter from "The Bunker":

Yes, it's true, Tonic is closing its doors for good. On Friday the 13th of April, we will be hosting the final Bunker at Tonic (which is coincidentally also the final event ever to occur in that space) with special guest and Bunker co-founder Timeblind. Tonic has been having financial difficulties for years, and is being evicted from the building for not paying rent for many months. We had an amazing four years in the subTonic basement, hosted a mind-boggling number of amazing guests, and presented tons of incredible sets from residents Spinoza, Timeblind, kleverVice, Movement, Unjust, and Derek Plaslaiko. While we will certainly miss our beloved dirty basement, it's time for a change. Starting on Friday April 20, we will be moving the Bunker to Luna Lounge in Williamsburg. We will present a live set from John Tejada on SATURDAY April 28, and then will be at Luna Lounge every Friday starting in May. The Bunker simply wouldn't exist without the support of all of our fans, and we thank you for standing by us for the past 4+ years, and hope you will follow us across the bridge.

DRINK SPECIALS: $3 well drinks and $2 PBRs before midnight!!!


As you know by now, Tonic is unfortunately closing very soon. Here's the official statement:

Dear Musicians, Fans and Friends:

After more than 9 years as a home for avant-garde, creative, and experimental music, Tonic will reluctantly close its doors on Friday, April 13th, 2007. We simply can no longer afford the rent and all of the other costs associated with doing business on the Lower East Side.

The neighborhood around us has been increasingly consumed by "luxury condominiums", boutique hotels and glass towers, all making the value of our salvaged space worth more then our business could ever realistically support. We have also been repeatedly harassed by the city's Quality of Life Task Force which resulted in the debilitating closing of the ))sub((tonic lounge in January. Coincidentally, this campaign began as our immediate neighbor, the Blue Condominium building - a symbol of the new Lower East Side - prepared to open its doors.

As a business, we take responsibility for mistakes made along the way. If profit had been our chief motivation we could have changed our programming to something more mainstream and financially lucrative. Instead we were more committed to a certain type of music and loyal to the community that supported us. As a result, we've always just survived but never really prospered. It is, however, unfortunate that it is so difficult for small businesses to operate in this city and that a chain store that can afford a high rent is more desirable than a place like Tonic that has a different kind of value.

While this is certainly the end of Tonic at 107 Norfolk Street, we remain committed to what Tonic represents and plan to try again in some form as soon as possible. In the interim, Tonic will make efforts to present new music in existing venues such as the Abron's Arts Center located just a few blocks away.

We invite you to join us as often as you can over our remaining days to help us celebrate Tonic and more importantly the amazing artists, our unwavering staff, and the nurturing community that made Tonic possible. It’s because of you that we’ve stayed open as long as we have. Thank you!

Sincerely, Melissa and John

Contact: tonic [at] tonicnyc.com

Tonic (NYC music venue) is closing

With just four nights left before Sin-e shuts its doors for good, fellow Lower East Side music club Tonic confirms that it will be closing as well - and in just over two weeks.

Tonic, NYC (CRED)

Sad, but not surprising. Almost once before. New tower of condos next door (see above). Those points pretty much up sum up the situation. Mike Wolf from Time Out has the news:

Ah, fuck. That’s about the only thing that can be said to the news that Tonic, one of the city’s most popular small clubs—to musicians and fans alike—will be closing next month, with the last night of music being lucky Friday the 13th. The well-liked owners, Melissa Caruso Scott and John Scott, have yet to issue an official press release describing their reasons for closing, but one can only assume that the enormous, appalling tower of condos that got thrown up literally next door is part of it. (It all brings to mind DeNiro in Brazil, gliding in on a wire after striking a blow against the powers that be, smiling and assuring us that “We’re all in it together.” But I digress—and anyway, I’m not advocating that sort of behavior, am I?)
Expect more announcements related to the closing, but in the meantime here's some of what is coming up at the club:

Mar 29 - Rosewood Thieves & Kristin Diable (tonight)
Mar 30 - Ro Agents, Beat the Devil, Nervous Cabaret
Apr 04 - Capital M's 2nd Annual World Premieres Extravaganza
Apr 05 - ICP Orchestra
Apr 06 - ICP Orchestra
Apr 12 - Alex Delivery & Other Passengers

And the Time Out article ends with the future:

"in the meantime, they’ll (Melissa dn John) continue to put on shows at the nearby Abrons Art Center, as they have for months now. And there’s no small amount of good news to report, as well: Melissa very recently gave birth to her and John’s first child, a healthy boy who is graced with the sophisticated and regal name of Addison Wyatt Caruso Scott. I could say something hackneyed about endings and beginnings, but for the sake of us all, nah."
At least experimental music will live on at John Zorn's club the Stone, but who's next? There's some awfully large buildings going up next to Mercury Lounge too, and I bet that property is worth a ton - more so than ever now that Whole Foods is finally open.

RIP Tonic (1998-2007)

Post your memories of Tonic in the comments. Here are some of mine (and here and here and here).

Eternals50% of Trenchmouth (Wayne Montana & Damon Locks) = 2/3 of The Eternals. Fred Armisen is 25% of Trenchmouth that is not in the Eternals. Tim Mulvenna was not in Trenchmouth, but does drum, and make the other 1/3 of the Eternals. Chris DeZutter was in Trenchmouth, but isn't on Saturday Night Live, isn't in the Eternals, and isn't really in Google much either. The Eternals describe themselves as "Experimental / Dub / Indie". Listen @ MySpace.

Upcoming shows @ Tonic, NYC
Th Feb 22 - Joan As Police Woman Solo (tix)
Th Feb 22 - Kyp Malone, Dragons of Zynth, Awesome Color (tix)
Sa Feb 24 - Elysian Fields (tix)
Mo Feb 25 - Edie Sedgwick and THE ETERNALS

All Eternals tour dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: My Brightest Diamond - Something of an End (MP3)

My Brightest DiamondWednesday (January 17, 2007) is one of those days when there are too many good show options. I haven't even been going to that much lately, so it sucks - relatively speaking - to find out that everything is happening the same night (wah). The latest discovery - My Brightest Diamond (Shara Worden) is playing TONIC!....and it sounds good:

My Brightest Diamond takes string quartet formation and will be performing songs from their album "Bring Me The Workhorse" in a classical remix, songs from their upcoming album "A Thousand Shark's Teeth", as well as tunes by Kurt Weill and Ravel.
Other stuff I want to see Wednesday night: Anders Parker at Living Room, Andrew Bird at Bowery Ballroom (sold out), Frightened Rabbit at Northsix, a friend's comedy show, and Jackson's band (Frankpollis) at Pianos. It's also the night Cold War Kids play Union Hall.

Later this month My Brightest Diamond leaves in "rock trio formation" for a tour of Europe. Those dates below...

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in case you missed it: TV on the Radio announced some tour dates


Did you know that Tunde Adebimpe from TV On the Radio is also an actor? Check out this photo from the 2001 movie Jump Tomorrow....

Tunde Adebimpe

This Saturday (Jan 13) Tunde returns to Tonic in NYC to play a show with Aliana Kalaba (of We Ragazzi - on drums I assume). Collectively they're calling themselves Hiki Jiki. Also on the bill -- Matteah Baim of Metallic Falcons, Bear in Heaven, and Pit er Pat from Chicago....

DOWNLOAD: Pit er Pat - 3D Message (MP3)

All Pit er Pat tour dates below...

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DOWNLOAD John Zorn - Lilin (MP3)

You know what really sucks? Peeping Tom sucks. (above video also seen on Stereogum & Blabbermouth)

Mike Patton (who I like less-and-less) is playing with frequent-collaborator John Zorn @ Tonic in NYC on New Years Eve, again.

Nels Cline (Wilco) is playing the John Zorn-owned NYC club The Stone on December 28th with Zeena Parkins (2 shows), and again on December 29th with Vinny Goila and Ken Filiano. Other Nels dates here.

The Stone has four special benefit shows coming up on December 25th (Christmas day) and December 30th (New Years eve-eve). The two shows on Christmas will feature "Many special guest and surprises", and for the shows on the 30th we should "Expect anyone and anything in this final 2006 Stone extravaganza!"

Review of Wolfmother's recent sold-out show at Hammerstein Ballroom here.

12/16/06: Naughty & Nice Holiday Extravaganza - featuring Chocolate Genius, Elysian Fields, Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips (of Luna), The Honorary Title, Laura Cantrell, and Heather Greene [$20 tickets]

"moby will be playing a pre-record release show at tonic in new york city on tuesday october 17th."

MOBY | blogs about Flipper, 'best of' CD

Tickets are on sale for the two record/release Akron/Family shows at Tonic.