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photos by Meghan McInnis, words by Klaus Kinski

Trap Them draws some blood
Trap Them

On Friday January 14, 2011, BrooklynVegan hosted a pair of shows at two separate Brooklyn venues. One show was at Acheron and featured Castevet, Lake of Blood, Seidr, and Falls of Rauros. The other was at Union Pool (a BV/1000 Knives production) and featured All Pigs Must Die, Black Anvil, and Trap Them. Reviewing metal shows is not really my forte, and I didn't attend the show with any intention of reviewing it. But since BBG attended the Acheron show and the Union Pool show kicked so much ass, I can't help but want to pontificate about the proceedings.

Union Pool, the bar, is one of the saddest, most crowded, annoying, infuriating, meat market hook-up joints in all the land on any given Friday or Saturday evening. The gauntlet of amateur-hour drunks and annoying clucks one must pass through to get to the bathroom or the area leading to the live room and backyard area is like a cruel challenge of patience preceding the grand reward; the best small room in the world to see metal in. Once you pass through the doors to the live room, you are instantly greeted by a PA system cranking metal of all eras and genres as well as a roomful of your like-minded metal compatriots; you are immediately ready to rock and the trauma of the journey dissolves (until you have to go to the bathroom).

I arrived at Union Pool right at the start of All Pigs Must Die. I am glad I got there when I did because they played an absolutely pulverizing set and I would have killed myself had I missed any of it. Vocalist Kevin Baker, (yes, I mean Kevin Baker) noted during the show that this Union Pool gig was their first gig ever which I couldn't believe. I still can't. I even drunkenly asked Kevin after the show if he was serious about that being their first show and he said it most definitely was. First gig or not, the pedigree of these players combined (members of The Hope Conspiracy, Converge, Give Up The Ghost, Bloodhorse, etc) made for a supremely tight, aggressive, and flawless set. The drummer was superior and drove the music at a relentless breakneck pace. Add to that their super heavy bass, guitars, and vocals, and it was a sonic experience that made you want to punch someone. They played much longer than I thought they would, and that's a good thing. They're from Massachusetts and I hope they come back to NYC soon, and often. This band is an absolute can't miss. Also, they've got one of the best t-shirt graphics since this, and it's gracing my body as I type this.

After an intermission that saw half of the room evacuate for smokes and tinkle-time, Black Anvil menacingly took the stage. Black Metal, as far as metal goes, is borderline for me. Sometimes it can seem almost like parody. But Black Anvil are absolute pros. Paul Delaney is not only a ruthless vocalist, but he damn near beats the living shit out of his bass. The sludge of distorted bass bleeds from his massive amp and rumbles your guts and soul right out of your body. Guitarist Gary Bennett looms over his gear like a brooding spectre, occasionally interjecting his own heavy vocals into the mix. It's the sonic equivalent of being pummeled in the face but suddenly and without notice being kicked in the yams. I do wish the drums were mic'd/eq'd/whatever a little better because I felt like the blast beats were sort of lost in the rest of the chaos. Other than that, those mofos CRUSHED.

Last up was Trap Them. I really don't know what else to say about this band except that they were absolutely phenomenal. Straight away, the combined sonic boom created by both guitarists (Brian Izzi and Andy from Every Time I Die who added a second guitar for the weekend) and the bass player immediately made me think of Entombed's record Left Hand Path. Then, about three songs in, I noticed an Entombed sticker on one of the guitars. Whether it was a coincidence or a deliberate attempt to capture Entombed's guitar sound doesn't really matter I guess because whatever they were doing they did it right. The guitars were so freaking clear, yet completely lethal and crushing. And the drummer was sort of the highlight of the whole evening for me. This guy is GOOD. His blast beats were just as devastating as the slowed down, thrashy parts. I'm a dork about stuff like that, and consistency is everything, so to see this guy pummel his kit without losing any consistency or dynamics was a thrill. And I liked the singer right away too. When he took the stage, he took his mic and whacked some dude standing up front right on top of his head; it created such a satisfying popping sound over the PA. I totally LOLed, yo. I have to admit straight up that Trap Them got me about as close as I'll ever get to starting a bone breaking mosh pit. I am 33, a little paunchy, and completely uncoordinated, but the intensity of this band was almost enough to unleash a weird, psychotic spell of The Mosh outta me. But the reality is that I am 33, a little paunchy, and completely uncoordinated and the best I could do was stand there pumping my fist and banging my bald, rather large head, back and forth.

That night, the live room at Union Pool wasn't just a place where an incredible metal show took place; it was also the location of a true miracle. For on January 14th, 2010, your pal Klaus Kinski was the recipient of one of New York's rarest honors; a buyback. Huzzah!

More pictures from the show below...

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by BBG

Castevet at Acheron with KEN Mode (more)

Reminder! Tonight/Friday is TWO BrooklynVegan metal events with Lake of Blood, Castevet, Falls of Rauros, and Seidr making the sidewalks in front of The Acheron that much more frosty, and Trap Them, Black Anvil, and All Pigs Must Die in their first of two attempts to level our fair city this weekend. The Acheron jumps off with an 8PM door time, while Union Pool will open an hour later. Then Saturday (1/15) Trap Them, Black Anvil, and All Pigs Must Die will team up with the punishing Psychic Limb at Cake Shop. Tickets for Trap Them are still available at the door for both shows, but beware, Cake Shop is dangerously close to selling out.

More heavy shows coming up this weekend and beyond are below, along with some video.

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DOWNLOAD: Trap Them - "The Facts" (MP3)

Trap Them's cover art for Darker Handcraft by Justin Bartlett
Trap Them

From our interview earlier this year:

Who were the personnel on the EP, particularly, who was behind drums?

Ryan: Chris Maggio is our new permanent drummer. As shocking as that is for people to hear, we are a full band now. No more musical chairs after every other tour. Brian wrote the new songs with riffs in mind, making rough demos with a drum machine before sending them to Chris. Those guys met up in Louisville and banged them out in a couple days. I wes sent rough versions, worked on them out here in Seattle, and then we all met up at Godcity and got down to business. All in all, it was the least stressful recording experience this band has had.

The mark of a great band? Take your biggest weakness and turn it into one of your biggest strengths. After years of a having a revolving door at the drummer's seat, Trap Them have drafted a skinsman in Chris Maggio (ex-Coliseum) who not only matches their game, but elevates it. This is the Trap Them that you remember, but done with precision brutality.

Trap Them's new Kurt Ballou produced effort, Darker Handcraft is due on March 15th via their new home Prosthetic Records. Pre-order it now. The record sees them revisiting similar themes to the bleak Seizures In Barren Praise and the similarly bruising Filth Rations EP. They meld elements of black metal, old school death metal, hardcore, and grind into the fiercest and murkiest cocktail of them all. Check out "The Facts", available for download above and streaming below. The song, like the cover art above, are making their premiere in this post. Clocking in at a shade over thirty-minutes, Trap Them have crafted the first must-hear record of 2010, and possibly their best LP to date. Highly, highly recommended.

And don't forget: Trap Them will play TWO NYC shows next weekend. 1/14 at Union Pool is with All Pigs Must Die and Black Anvil (tickets), and 1/15 at Cake Shop keeps the same lineup and adds Psychic Limb (tickets). Tickets are still available for both, for now. Before that the band is playing shows in LA and Chicago that are free with RSVP to Scion. Following that tour, the band will hit the road in April to tour Germany with Rotten Sound and Gaza.

All Pigs Must Die also have a Union Pool show coming up with Nails.

All tour dates and that song stream is below.

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by BBG

Trap Them at Knitting Factory (more by Samantha Marble)
Trap Them

Trap Them was forced to cancel their NYC appearance at Santos Party House last week due to illness, but the band intends to make up for it! Though the band already has a headlining show scheduled for 1/15 at Cake Shop with All Pigs Must Die, Psychic Limb, and Black Anvil (tickets), BV/1000Knives will also present Trap Them on 1/14 at Union Pool in Brooklyn (one night earlier). Tickets are on sale for the new Brooklyn show that will be also be opened by All Pigs Must Die and Black Anvil.

The Union Pool show is one of two BrooklynVegan-presented events set for 1/14. The second is Castevet, Seidr, Lake of Blood and Falls of Rauros at Acheron.

And like Kylesa's Pillip Cope, Steve LaCour of Trap Them and Paul Delaney of Black Anvil made us lists of some of their favorite things that happened in 2010. Check out those lists, with the NYC show flyers and some videos, below...

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by BBG

Ryan of Trap Them at The Studio at Webster Hall (more by Greg Cristman)
Trap Them

"Those of you that planned on coming this week: very sorry. Another week in the van in freezing conditions would have really done me in. And I'd rather not compromise our live show. We'll make it up to you tenfold when the new record comes out. We plan to annihilate." -[Ryan McKenney of Trap Them]

Trap Them have cancelled their remaining dates on their tour with Job For A Cowboy/Skeletonwitch/Misery Index, including Thursday's show at Santos (12/16, tickets). The band will be back in NYC in the new year to play Cake Shop with All Pigs Must Die, Black Anvil, and Psychic Limb on January 15th though. Tickets are still available.

Affected dates and some video is below.

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by BBG

Black Anvil at Santos (more)
Black Anvil

CRAVEONLINE: So you guys are still at odds with the Black Metal purists?

PAUL DELANEY OF BLACK ANVIL: To an extent and I think we'll always be. When you read a review about us and New York Hardcore or Kill Your Idols is mentioned in the first sentence, it makes the metal kids pause. Then they feel like they have to read the rest of the review with a question mark on us. I tried to avoid that when Black Anvil first came out. I wanted to just release a record without anybody knowing who we were. That didn't happen. I guess we can't deny who we are and that it is important to what makes us up as people. At the end of the day we really don't care.
Following their killer showing at Santos Party House on 12/3 supporting Watain, Black Anvil has been added to the previously discussed Trap Them show at Cake Shop on 1/15/11. Tickets are still available.

Cake Shop is Black Anvil's only upcoming show, but Trap Them is on the road now with Skeltonwitch, Misery Index, and Job For A Cowboy. Tickets are still on sale for the 12/16 show at Santos.

For a list of other recommended metal shows happening in NYC this month, check out the latest edition of Evillive.

Black Anvil releaesd Triumvirate via Relapse on 9/28. Listen to a recent audio interview someone recorded with Paul of Black Anvil (and posted to Youtube) below...

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by BBG

Trap Them at The Studio at Webster Hall (more by Greg Cristman)
Trap Them

Trap Them, who you may have recently caught at The Studio, are still on the road for the rest of November and most of December. Right now they're still touring with Every Time I Die and Howl. On December 5th their tour-mates change to Job For A Cowboy, Skeletonwitch and Misery Index, and as recently revealed, those are the bands they'll play with at the previously mentioned show at Santos Party House on 12/16. Tickets are still available.

That's not Trap Them's only upcoming NYC show though! BrooklynVegan and 1000 Knives are proud to present the band's return to NYC in 2011, with All Pigs Must Die, Psychic Limb, and one more band TBA. The show, Trap Them's only scheduled headlining gig at the moment, goes down at Cake Shop on January 15th, 2011 and tickets are on sale.

If you're wondering who All Pigs Must Die is, the band is a supergroup of sorts comprised of members of Converge, Bloodhorse, and The Hope Conspiracy. APMD released their debut EP via Shirts & Destroy and though there are elements from all of the aforementioned, the release heads down a crustier, blackened d-beat path. Pick up a copy now.

In other good/bands-being-revealed-as-actually-playing-Santos news, the previously discussed Watain show at Santos recently got a little more interesting with the addition of the incredible Goatwhore and Hamsoken. Tickets are still available. Goatwhore is currently on tour with Watain and Black Anvil, but was previously not going to go as far as NYC with the other bands (or so they said). Goatwhore played Europa with Black Dahlia Murder on 9/30.

Full Trap Them tour dates as well as some video, is below.

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photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG

Trap Them
Trap Them

"Shit Happens: The Tour" crash-landed at the sold-out Studio at Webster Hall on 11/3. Featuring headliner Every Time I Die with Howl and She Rides, the show marked the return of the great Trap Them, who was last seen in NYC supporting Cave In at the also-sold-out Knitting Factory close to a year ago. Since then, the band has kept a low profile on the live circuit but released the killer Filth Rations EP on Southern Lord and recorded a new LP with Kurt Ballou (!) which is due at their new home Prosthetic Records in March of next year. Look for that, I will.

More pictures from the mayhem and all setlists except Trap Them's from The Studio at Webster Hall are below.

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by BBG

Trap Them at Knitting Factory (more by Samantha Marble)
Trap Them

Trap Them and Howl will hit the road for a string of dates with Every Time I Die as part of "Shit Happens: The Tour", tagging The Studio at Webster Hall on 11/3 in the process. Tickets are on sale. The show is one of two Howl dates in the NYC area, as the band will play Southpaw on 9/23 with Valient Thorr and Junius (who recently played Acheron). Tickets are still on sale for that too.

Meanwhile, Trap Them will spend the month of September working on their new LP for Prosthetic Records with Kurt Ballou at God City, documenting the process on their spankin' new blog.

All tour dates and some videos, below...

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photos by Adam L. Murray, words by BBG

Goatsnake: Greg Anderson raises his axe in praise of the riff

Think of Sunday's (8/6) all-day Power of the Riff Festival at the Echo and the Echoplex as less of a celebration of heavy metal and more of a mission statement. The objective: Raise respectability for the perennially underground hard rock genre.

"I've been a fan of heavy music for as long as I can remember," said Night Horse singer Sam James Velde, who organized Riff Fest with Southern Lord head Greg Anderson. "I hope this will increase awareness and opportunity for bands of this nature to be able to play. You look at bigger festivals like Coachella, and you have a token heavy band. There's Dillinger Escape Plan, or there's Mastodon. But there's no tent dedicated to that music. Yet metal, hardcore and true rock 'n' roll has an incredible fan base. This is something to try and make a strong impact." -[LA Times blog]

I couldn't agree more, and a gang of people showed up to the 2010 Power of The Riff Festival in Los Angeles last week. With sets from Goatsnake, Corrosion of Conformity III (who are coming to NYC), Repulsion, Trap Them, Black Breath, Nails (who will support Venomous Concept), and many more, the Converse-presented show was free to the public with RSVP.

More pics from the show are below...

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by BBG
Speaking of LA, they have another noteworthy festival happening in August, though that show focuses more on the heavier side of things. August 8th will mark The Power of The Riff Fest at The Echo and Echoplex in LA with the return of Corrosion Of Conformity III (aka Animosity era!), Goatsnake, From Ashes Rise, Trap Them, Repulsion, Nails, Coliseum, Black Breath, Eagle Twin, Early Graves, and many others. The Converse-presented show is FREE (wow), but requires an RSVP. Poster and full lineup below.

The original 3-piece Corrosion of Conformity also have a handful of other dates scheduled around that time. Unfortunately none on the east side of the coast (for now), but they are listed below. Three of the dates, including The Power of the Riff, are being called the "Southern Lord West Coast Tour" which all include the lineup of Goatsnake, Eagle Twin, and Black Breath (poster below).

Nails will be in Brooklyn on September 23rd alongside Strong Intention and Venomous Concept at Europa. Tickets are still on sale. Nails are also on the lineup of Philly's 3-day This is Hardcore Fest.

Unfortunately most of this stuff does not include NYC action, though we have two sunn o))) & Boris shows to look forward to, not to mention Boris/Russian Circles/Torche, and SLEEP. Coliseum was just here last week.

Dates and stuff below...

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words by BBG, photos by Kris Arnold

Arab on Radar
Arab On Radar

Indianapolis was ablaze this weekend (July 9th & 10th), as Arab on Radar and Municipal Waste headlined Dudefest in Indianapolis, Indiana as part of a two day event in that city. The event also featured many other luminaries from the hardcore/underground metal scenes which also featured Voetsek (coming to NYC), Capsule, Get Rad (profiled here), Coffinworm (coming to NYC), Failures & Vaccine (who played NYC last night, pics coming soon), Landmine Marathon (who play NYC TWICE this week, with Salome), Trap Them (their new EP is out now), Phoenix Bodies, Pollution (who have a new 12"), and many others. Our photographer sent in his notes...

Dudefest, Day 1: The evening started off fairly sparse with a few crowding to the front to watch the bands and the occasional minipit. The hall was packed densely with merch booths and the bathroom supplying the Emerson Theater classic carnival game, piss on the cockroach in the urinal until he drowns. The crowd seemed to pick up by the time Landmine Marathon took stage, but it was the full force rage of Municipal Waste that really brought things into a fury.

Day 2: Irony-a-plenty at the ES Jungle. For those that don't know its a church and you can only chuckle when bands like Black Arrows of Filth and Impurity are on the bill and you're staring down a line of people wearing t-shirts depicting bloodied carcasses atop a pentagram. This day was a bit more rough and by the end of the night it turned into a photography war zone, just replace bombs with people, feet, and elbows.

Twitter reports confirm the reign of terror brought forth by Arab on Radar at Dudefest, their second show in a week as the band also played AS220 in their native Rhode Island on July 3rd. The band is currently working on a new record with no release date set yet.

Videos from both Arab on Radar shows and more pictures from Dudefest (Capsule, Failures, Municipal Waste, Landmine Marathon, Phoenix Bodies, and more... WARNING: don't look on an empty stomach), below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Trap Them - "Carnage Incarnate" (MP3)

Ryan of Trap Them at Lit Lounge (more by Paul Birman)
Trap Them

Trap Them, like many of my favorites, is a band that lies in the in-between. The bi-coastal band cherry-picks its brutality from metal, grind, and hardcore to create the unique blend exhibited on critically acclaimed releases like Seance Prime and Seizures In Barren Praise. The journey down the path to misanthropy continues on their latest EP, Filth Rations, which is out NOW via the venerable Southern Lord Records. Check out a song from that EP above.

With their new EP out now and their Prosthetic Records debut due soon, we sat down for a few questions with vocalist Ryan McKenney to discuss their forthcoming LP, the state of heavy music, and their recent live dates both past and future (at Maryland Death Fest and Dudefest). The results are below...

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Arab on Radar
Arab on Radar

Arab on Radar are a Providence, Rhode Island based noise rock band founded in the mid-1990s. They went on hiatus in 2002. Members of the band went on to form or join the bands The Chinese Stars, Athletic Automaton, Made in Mexico... Arab on Radar's early sound was typified by thickly distorted, repeated bass grooves, 4/4 drum beats, and two deafening guitars that employed contrasting melodies and near-unison chords that drew comparisons to the Contortions.
Arab on Radar will reform to headline Dudefest 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 9th and 10th. The band will join a stacked lineup that includes Municipal Waste (playing Knitting Factory Thursday, tix), Trap Them, Voetsek, Landmine Marathon, Weekend Nachos, Get Rad, Coffinworm, and many notable others. Full lineup for the show is below. More info is forthcoming.

It's one of two notable shows recently announced for the Midwest this summer, with the incredible 25th anniversary of Amphetamine Reptile being the second! That show goes down in Minneapolis at Grumpy's on 8/28, and features a plethora of the label's greats including Melvins, Boss Hog, Today Is The Day, God Bullies, a Hammerhead reunion, and many others. For those considering the trek to Minnesota, the label has set up group rates for a hotel. Show flyer is below. Somewhere I hope that Unsane and pre-Betty Helmet's phone is ringing....

The Melvins are touring and playing NYC with Isis. Tickets for Webster Hall are still on sale. The Melvins will welcome their new LP, The Bride Screamed Murder via Ipecac on June 1st.

Weekend Nachos have a new EP on the way, while Get Rad was recently profiled in the latest edition of Short Wave Warfare.

Full dudefest lineup and AmRep flyer/more detals are below.

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by BBG

Shrinebuilder at LPR (more here)

Atlanta no more! Scion Rock Fest 2010 will take place in Columbus, Ohio on March 13, 2010. The show will officially expand its reach from one to FOUR venues in Columbus: Circus, Newport Music Hall, Skully's, and Bernie's Distillery. 2010's lineup contains zero return bands from the 2009 festival but does contain sets from bands that released my favorite albums of last year (namely Magrudergrind, Yob, Absu) and played my favorite shows of last year (Lightning Swords of Death, Landmine Marathon, Trap Them, Black Tusk, Ludicra) in addition to sets from headliners Cannibal Corpse, Voivod, Shrinebuilder, Brutal Truth.

The rest of the lineup, the show flyer, and RSVP info is below...

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words by BBG, photos by Sam Marble

Cave In

Cave In, Narrows, and Trap Them completed a short tour of the east coast as part of Cave In's first trek in close to four years. The band was also touring off of Planets of Old, which dropped earlier this year in limited vinyl, and will be released on CD with an accompanying DVD in the new year. Culled from their first reunion show in Boston, the DVD features live footage of the entire show. Dig on a taste of that here.

The show also marked the first East Coast date for supergroup Narrows, which features Dave Verellen of Botch, as well as members of Unbroken, Some Girls (which featured Wes Eisold of Cold Cave), and many others. For Trap Them, it was their first NYC show since pummeling NYC with Napalm Death, Coliseum, Kataklysm and Toxic Holocaust.

Coliseum, who recently played Fun Fun Fun Fest with Coalesce, are heading back out with the KC band and hitting up NYC on Dec 30 at Europa with A Storm Of Light. Tickets are on sale.

More pics from the Brooklyn show below...

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by BBG

Skeletonwitch at Scion Rock Fest (more by Steven Brown)

Skeletonwitch must pretty much live in their van. Luckily that means that NYC has another SW date to look forward to, 11/14 at Union Pool with the incredamazing Black Anvil! Tickets are only $10 and currently on sale.

The Skeletonwitch show is one day of a "Blackened Weekend" from The Blackened Music Series, which also features the highly anticipated return of Krallice with Malkuth, Liturgy, and Orphan at Union Pool on 11/13, and the BV-sponsored Shrinebuilder/Rwake/Liturgy jawdropper at Le Poisson Rouge on 11/15 (tickets).

Liturgy is also playing with Malkuth at the previously discussed Mt Eerie / No Kids / Tara Jane O'Neil throwdown at Market Hotel on Halloween. Want to go? I HAVE A PAIR OF TICKETS AND A COPY OF Mt. Eerie's Wind Poems on LP for giveaway. Learn more at the bottom of this post.

Skeletonwitch recently dropped their new LP, Breathing The Fire and are currently on tour with Trap Them, Toxic Holocaust and The Black Dahlia Murder. That tour stirred up some controversy down south when they tried to play a Christian venue. Check out the news videos below along with a statement from Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust, and all Skeletonwitch and Orphan tour dates, below....

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by Black Bubblegum

Cave In: Gods of Woodland Hardcore
Cave In

It was bound to happen, and now it has. Cave In will play NYC on 11/19 at Knitting Factory as part of a short east coast tour with Narrows and Trap Them! Ticket info is forthcoming.

Cave In, who came out of hiatus over the summer, are also playing shows with Coalesce in the next week for FREE in ATL on 10/7, and 10/8 in LA at The Knitting Factory (one of the last shows at the California venue). RSVP for those FREE shows here.

The tour announcement comes on the heels of the announcement that the limited Planets Of Old 12" will be re-released as an CD EP in the new year. All dates below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Asphyx - "Scorbutics" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Gods & Queens - "Head To Wall" (Quicksand cover, MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Catalyst - "I Hate The Future" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Planks - S/T (Rapidshare, Zipped MP3)
DOWNLOAD: They Are Cowards - Demo (Mediafire, Zipped MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Overmars - "Born Again" (MP3 Snippet)


Thanks all who came out Sunday night to Public Assembly. Full recap and pics coming soon HERE. In the meantime, pics from Friday's Repulsion show are HERE.

Asphyx's Death... The Brutal Way is due out in the US on August 18th, but it's shipping NOW at the Ibex Moon site. It's a sickening death/doom trip that's part down-tuned riff fest, part beastly conjuring, but 100% heavy heavy heavy. Recommended for fans of old school death metal, Entombed, Dismember, Autopsy, and the like. Check out one of the tracks, "Scorbutics", available for download above.

Gods & Queens currently have a new split 7" on the way via Hawthorne Street with the mighty Medusa, and have taken the time to drop off a killer cover of the Quicksand classic, "Head To Wall"! Download that above.

Weedeater have announced that Steve Albini will record their new album, which will be available in Spring 2010.

Swallow Your Teeth is the end of a long road for Richmond's The Catalyst, as the band has dropped multiple releases over their seven year history but THIS is their first LP! The noise-core merchants are currently streaming their Swallow Your Teeth at Scene Point Blank, but you can download the sick opening track, "I Hate The Future", above! The Catalyst have a few shows in the very near future, including The Glass Door on August 14th and a TBA show lined up for Aug 15th in Manhattan. Full tour dates are below. Pick up a copy of Swallow Your Teeth here.

Attention hardcore fans! Lambgoat is reporting that the legendary Disembodied will release Psalms of Sheol on Prime Directive in August, comprised of thirteen tracks of rare and unreleased material that includes the Existence In Suicide MCD and the Confession 7". Disembodied has reunited and sporadically played shows recently.

BaronessBaroness has a new album on the way, which we knew, but we now can attach a name to that effort Blue Record! The LP was recorded in Dallas, Texas with producer/engineer John Congleton (Explosions In The Sky, Black Mountain) and will hit the racks in October. Meanwhile, dig on the cover art (to the left) and the tracklisting below!

First of all, The Endless Blockade would like it be known that they "have not broken up". As a matter of fact, they finally released their split with Agoraphobic Nosebleed and have a split with The Bastard Noise out soon (stream the new BN track here). The boys in TEB "just figured another band would give us even less time in our lives to do anything else". That new band? Slaughter Strike.

Candlelight records has signed the mighty midwestern band The Atlas Moth, whose new album A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky will be released on Oct 6th. The band dropped their massive EP, Pray for Tide, on Witch Trial last year.

Planks have reissued their 2008 split with Tombs as the "European edition" featuring artwork by Mike Wohlberg. If you never got a hold of the Black Box Recordings version, it is highly recommended. Pick that up through the either of the bands on tour. Meanwhile, Planks recently made their massive S/T LP (where these two songs came from) available for free download! Pick that up above. Mike Hill of Tombs has posted all of the lyrics from the massive Winter Hours via his blog.

Crucial Blast is set to release Overmars's 2008 LP Born Again. The LP combines electronics, ambient soundscapes, Swans industrial dirge, and the thunder of Neurosis to create a different and powerful take on post-metal. The band is scheduled to hit the US with the mighty Battlefields, logging a pair of dates in NYC: Europa on August 16th and September 3rd at The Charleston. This will destroy.

Mastodon, High On Fire, Converge, and Dethklok announced dates (and a presale).

The premiere of the NEW Goes Cube video for "Saab Sonnet", more news on Black Sun, Absu, Trap Them, Kylesa, Anaal Nathrakh, and Darkthrone as This Week In Metal continues.....

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photos by Paul Birman, words by Black Bubblegum

Trap Them

Trap Them

"Much like label brethren Trap Them (oft believed to be of Swedish origin), Victim's power lays in their earthy roar and their direct, fat free apocalyptic barrage that is built on the simplest of elements, i.e. rattling beats, pounding bass, stabbing riffs and, most importantly, raw, raw vox, frantically bellowed without respite. Unlike Trap Them, there appears to be no urge to push their sound forward into the 21st century, no, no, no, Victims seem content on raging as if it was 1989 against everything and everyone." [Teeth of the Divine]
Victims, Trap Them, and Black Breath teamed up with Black Anvil to play Lit Lounge last night (5/25) as part of the previously discussed Precious Metal 3rd Anniversary Party. If you missed out, then save June 11th on your calendar, because all three (sans Black Anvil) will be in Brooklyn at The Charleston on that date. Tons of pics from last night's assault are below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Trap Them @ Knitting Factory (more by Zach Dilgard)
Trap Them

Three years of any kind of party in NYC is a milestone. TONIGHT (5/25), Swedish crusties Victims, BV faves Trap Them, upstart badasses Black Breath, and the recently added Black Anvil will be at Lit Lounge to help celebrate the third anniversary of Precious Metal. The show is part of a larger tour for Victims, Trap Them, and BB, that will conclude in Philadelphia on 6/12 and includes another date at The Charleston on 6/11.

Trap Them are coming off of a triumphant tour with Napalm Death (photos from NYC here) including one stop at Maryland Death Fest with the mighty Bolt Thrower.

Decibel Magazine recently ran a piece on Precious Metal's three year anniversary, and the man behind it, Curran Reynolds (who we interviewed last year).

All dates below...

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photos by Justina Villanueva, Words by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Victims - "Breaking Out" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Trap Them - "Flesh & Below" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Black Breath - "Razor To Oblivion" (MP3)

Trap Them @ America in New Brunswick, NJ
Trap Them

Trap Them played two area shows in the past few days, April 8th at a New Brunswick, NJ basement show, and April 11th at the much bigger Gramercy Theater supporting the mighty Napalm Death. Justina caught the quartet in NJ (pics in this post), and though she missed their set at Gramercy, she did catch them outside the venue (the other pics in this post). I caught their Gramercy set.

Coming on at 7:30 as the first of a five band lineup is no easy task, but Trap Them played a tight set of hardcore and grind influenced Swedish Death Metal to the half-full Gramercy Theater. Fantastic as always, but now with new drummer Jeff Lohrber (Harlots, Dead To Fall, Today Is The Day). He replaced Mike Justain. Admittedly, Lohrber was off putting at first; he is so smooth and relaxed behind the kit, playing blast beats like he's in a jazz band. It took me a few songs to realize that this smiling drummer was actually pulling it off, and well. I will miss the showy intensity of Mike Justian, but Lohrber got skills.

You'll have more chances to check out Lohrber and Trap Them in the coming months, as the band lined up more tour dates with Swedish d-beat monsters Victims and promising newcomers Black Breath including May 25th at Lit Lounge as part of the Precious Metal 3rd Anniversary and June 11th at The Charleston. All dates below.

Seattle's Black Breath recently dropped their self-released EP Razor To Oblivion, and are streaming the whole thing at their myspace. The band has also made the title track available for download, check out "Razor To Oblivion" above.

More pics, and all dates, below....

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photos by Justina Villanueva, words by Black Bubblegum

Napalm Death
Napalm Death

The Aquarian: What's the difference in doing a tour like this one with Kataklysm, Trap Them and Abigail Williams --different kinds of bands--as opposed to all grinders?

Barney Greenway of Napalm Death: I think it's good that it's a mixed palette. Let's be honest, for a lot of people that go to gigs, they might not miss it, but do you really want to see almost in some ways a carbon copy of the same thing over and over, even though it might be--depending on your perspective--varying quality within a bill, do you really want to see the same thing over and over? Some people might say yes, but I think for the most part people don't.

I like doing different stuff. I like differences. Coliseum are on there, and they are really quite different certainly from what we do in a lot of ways, but that's a good thing. On a personal level, as a music fan, I appreciate differences. It's nice to have that. I know what I want to do in Napalm, and what I do in Napalm hasn't changed drastically down the years, what I enjoy doing with Napalm, but that doesn't mean to say I don't appreciate other things to complement a bill or whatever. As long as it's exciting to people, it doesn't really matter to me what bands are on the bill, really.

Napalm Death headlined an all-star cast of bludgeoners on April 11th at Gramercy Theater in NYC. Kataklysm, Toxic Holocaust, Coliseum and Trap Them primed the crowd with trademark ferocity. The rager of a tour, leads up to Napalm Death and Trap Them's appearances at Maryland Deathfest.

Another rager of a tour that hits Deathfest... Mayhem with Marduk, Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage, and Withered hits Irving Plaza on 5/21 with Lair Of The Minotaur also on the NYC bill. Tickets for that are still available.

More pics of Toxic Holocaust, Kataklysm, and Napalm Death (didn't take pictures of the rest), below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Slough Feg - "Tiger Tiger" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Prizehog - "Husky" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wildildlife - "Shining Son" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Funeral Mist - "Jesus Saves" (EDIT) (MP3)

Slough Feg

Slough Feg have announced their new album, Ape Uprising, due June 3nd on Cruz Del Sur! Recorded by Justin Phelps and Justin Weis (again), and later mastered at Traxwork studio. Check out the Larry Luna cover art above. Iron Kodex will do the vinyl honors for Ape Uprising in "the end of April" in a limited edition run of 666 copies. Slough Feg will join the mighty Absu, Wildildlife, and many others as part of the WFMU/Acquarius Records show at Spiro's on March 20th during SXSW. Prizehog is also along for the ride... check out "Husky" downloadable above, and pick up their CD-R at Aquarius Records!

Karma To Burn are BACK and have scheduled a short tour of the east coast, though no NYC date is scheduled.... you'll have to travel up to Danbury to check 'em out on Apr 22 at Cousin Larry's. Full tour dates are below.

The music portion of SXSW kicks off in Austin today (3/18). if you're there, stop by our party and check our our guide for even more heavy show options, or just to grab all the free music.

Church of Misery have completed recording of their new album, Houses of the Unholy, and are streaming a new song, "El Padrino", at their myspace. Look for the new record on Rise Above Records, which is on pre-order here.

Zoroaster, The Gates of Slumber, and Serpentcult are tripleteaming the US, having added US dates including a night at The Studio @ Webster Hall on August 9th. Ticket info is forthcoming. Zoroaster recently dropped Voices of Omens on their own Terminal Doom Records, while Serpentcult recently dropped The Weight of Light on Rise Above.

Funeral Mist's Maranatha is out NOW. Check out an edit of "Jesus Saves" available for download above.

Cattle Decapitation were already on their way to NYC to play with Mayhem, Marduk, Cephalic Carnage, Withered, AND the just-added Lair of The Minotaur at Irving Plaza on May 21st (tickets here). But NOW the band has added another NYC show, part of yeat another round of dates for the band, but this time as headliners! Ticket info is forthcoming for Cattle Decapitation, Rose Funeral & Woe of Tyrants at The Studio @ Webster Hall on May 1. Full tour dates are below. In related news, make sure and check out the mighty Withered (who absolutely killed it at Scion) when they headline Union Pool on April 16th!

Bison BC & Children will team up for a show at Death By Audio on April 18th, linking up with Violent Bullshit (ex-Panthers), Circle of Buzzards (with Bob D'Amico and Jason Lowenstein of Sebadoh and Fiery Furnaces) and Naam. Children's new record is due on Kemado on April 14th, no word on the title yet. Bison BC are riding high off of their killer record from last year, Quiet Earth, and Death By Audio will be the bands first appearance since they played Europa with Harvey Milk. Full Bison BC tour dates are below.

The Devil & The Sea

One record that I gave alot of spins in 2008, but didnt make my year end faves was The Devil & The Sea's Heart vs Spine (pick that up here). The band is gearing up to tour the Northeast and have added a date at The Charleston on Mar 31st with another band that has been ringing my ears lately, Music Hates You. Full tour dates are below.

Justin K Broadrick dropped a MEGA-update on all of his projects, including Jesu, GreyMachine (with Aaron Turner), White Static Demon, Solaris BC and his many many remix projects. On the Jesu front, look for TWO live LPs, Opiate Sun EP in July, Infinity in June, Heart Ache reissue with a bonus Unreleased EP from 2003, and a reissue of the ENVY/jesu with an "Unconfirmed Bonus Mix". Check out the full update here.

Grief have called it quits... again. Sob. Their appearance at Maryland Deathfest has been cancelled as well. In honor of the fallen, Kill That Cat posted a video from a show before they kicked the bucket for the first time. Check that out below.

That video, and news on Atheist, Craft, Obscura, Municipal Waste, and soooo much more as The Week In Metal continues!...

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DOWNLOAD: Deathwish Records Sampler (ZIPPED MP3)

Coliseum @ Bowery Ballroom (more by Tim Griffin)

Deathwish has released a new sampler of bands featuring 19 songs, 15 of which are previously unreleased! Download above and check out tracks from The Hope Conspiracy, Narrows, Lewd Acts, Coliseum, Victims, Reign Supreme, Trap Them, Nails, Rot In Hell, Mother Of Mercy, Carpathian, 108, Resurrection, End of a Year, Doomriders, Pulling Teeth, Integrity, Supermachiner, J Bannon and Rise And Fall.

Speaking of Jacob Bannon and Supermachiner, we interviewed the Deathwish kingpin before we went down to Atlanta for the Scion Rock Fest.

Converge, Rise & Fall, Coliseum, Pulling Teeth (and the non-Deathwish Genghis Tron) are playing Europa in Brooklyn on March 27th... that show is now sold out.

If you don't have a ticket, but wanted to see Coliseum, don't worry you just got another chance... The band has been added to the previously announced Napalm Death / Kataklysm / Toxic Holocaust / Trap Them mindmelt! Tickets for the NYC show at the Gramercy Theatre are still on sale.

And, just prior to the Napalm Death tour, Trap Them added a few new dates including a show in New Brunswick, NJ on April 8th.

All tour dates below...

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