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Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ BAM in 2009 (more by Natasha Ryan)

"We have a new album coming out! It's called Hysterical, and it will be available on September 20th in the US, and September 12th in the UK, Europe, Japan, and Australia. ALSO, we are re-issuing our 1st album on vinyl. It has been remastered. We always thought the vinyl could sound better. That will be available on June 14th." - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
It was February 2009 when CYHSY played what they thought might be their final show at BAM in Brooklyn. Since then Alec Ounsworth made a go at being a solo artist and the other members have kept busy with various side projects too. Drummer Sean Greenhalgh, who sometimes fronts Guns n Roses cover band Mr. Brownstone, recently produced the Conversion Party EP. Robbie Guertin's band Radical Dads have a new album called Mega Rama out soon. Robbie also plays in Uninhabitable Mansions. And now CYHSY is back.

A Clap Your Hands Say Yeah album teaser video and some initial tour dates, Outside Lands Festival included (they were not part of the festival's lineup announcement), below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Eternal Summers - Able To (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Beach Fossils - Youth (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: North Highlands - Collarbone (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Regal Degal - I Saw the Smoke (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Common Loon - Dinosaur Vs. Early Man (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Natural Child - Dogbite (MP3)

Eternal Summers
Eternal Summers

Happy Tax Day! This week's column is jam-packed with cheap options for great shows if Uncle Sam left your bank accounts depleted. Let's get to it.

Duo Eternal Summers have been getting blog attention for about a year, and I'll admit I didn't listen at first due to their name, fearing they'd worsen my Beach Music Fatigue (BMF). But then I saw they were from Roanoke, Virgina and my interest was piqued. I grew up 90 minutes West of Roanoke which had the closest good record store to me (The Record Exchange, which closed in 2006).

Back then they didn't have a music scene outside of country and cover bands. (Though I did see Huey Lewis & the News at the Civic Center way back when.) Not sure how thriving it is now, but Eternal Summers have, in my book, put Roanoke on the map. (Their label, Chimney Sweep, shows that Southwest Virgina's doing well musically.) I'm glad I listened. Apart from their name, they don't really have a lot in common with the beach scene (be it Real Estate, Washed Out, Best Coast, etc). The guitars are a little more slashy, the vocals less bathed in reverb. Check out their song "Able To" at the top of this post, which is from their self-titled EP. If anything, to these ears they're more akin to the C-86 inspired pop of San Francisco's Brilliant Colors.  There's a definite Anglo slant to their sound.

Eternal Summers have three shows in three days. Friday (4/16) is at Bruar Falls where they're part of a killer bill that includes Beach Fossils, Total Slacker, Air Waves, and Beachniks. They will also play Saturday (4/17) at Glasslands with The Beets, The Maine Coons, German Measles and Family Trees. And then on Sunday, Eternal Summers play Coco 66 with Marshmallows, Honey Dos, Beachniks, and The Maine Coons. Do check out one of these shows.

Natural Child
Natural Child

Natural Child play an awesome bill at Death By Audio Saturday including , Sisters, Boogie Boarder and Regal Degal.

The trio are Nashville neighbors, pals and labelmates of JEFF the Brotherhood, and play shambly, garagey party rock. I don't mean just that they're fun (and they are), but also that all of their songs are about some aspect of partying. Whether they bring the party to their live shows or not, I have yet to experience. But I'm ready to find out.

Natural Child also play Friday night (4/16) at Lulu's in Greenpoint with Liquor Store and Foster Care, and have dates in New Brunswick, NJ and Philly --  all 201o tour dates are below.

Beach Fossils
Beach Fossils

That Beach Fossils show Friday night is the only one they've got lined up for a month so you might want to head that way. (Plus the rest of the bands that night, all of which I endorse.) If you haven't  seen them lately, or ever, Beach Fossils have really come into their own I think, not bad for a band that's barely been playing for year. They've worked out a distinctive sound -- almost no strumming, instead spinning interweaving lines of guitar and bass -- and are confident singers now too.

And they're a great live band too. None of the four members stay still longer than they have to, twirling around like tops, with mom-jean-wearing drummer Cole Smith doing as much dancing as banging on his instrument. They were fantastic opening for Love is All at Knitting Factory a few weeks back, video from which is below.

The band's self-titled debut is set for release May 25 on Captured Tracks and you can download the jangly "Youth" from the album at the top of this post. I've heard the whole thing and it will definitely make for great summer listening. After Friday, Beach Fossils' next local show is May 13 at Brooklyn Bowl with Midnight Masses.


A little more on the Death by Audio show on Saturday (4/17). Sisters have finished their album for Death by Audio Records which should be out sooner than later. You can hear two of the album's tracks ("The Curse" and "Glue") on their MySpace, both of which I like a lot. Sisters also play tonight (4/15) at Brooklyn Bowl with Darlings. That's a pretty good show too.

The other band on the DBA bill is Regal Degal, who I caught last Friday at newish venue North Fourth.  The trio is fronted by Josh da Costa who you may know as Dinowalrus' drummer. Regal Degal are less psych and more post-punky, drawing influence from post punk's darker side. (I hear a lot of Chairs Missing/154 era Wire in them.) The band doesn't have a MySpace, but they do have an infrequently updated blog. You can check out their song "I Saw the Smoke" at the top of this post, which they describe as sounding like "we're playing from within a beautiful porcelain toilet bowl. This is the result of spending a lot of time on an initial mix, then too much time listening back to it and not enjoying it enough, and then spending very little time on this more enjoyable and questionable mix."

Common Loon
Common Loon

This column is never-ending I know. Champagne, IL duo Common Loon have flown into town for two shows: tonight (4/15) at Union Hall and then Friday night (4/16) at Pianos. Both shows are with Tulsa, OK's Unwed Sailor. Common Loon's debut album, The Long Dream of Birds, came out last week on Hidden Agenda (home of The 1900s and Moonbabies) and it's recommended if you you like hazy 90s-ish indie like Oliva Tremor Control, Grandaddy and The Flaming Lips. You can check out their song "Dinosaur Vs. Early Man" at the top of this post.

Also playing tonight's Union Hall show is North Highlands who I've written about a few times already and were recently named one of the "8 NYC Bands You Need to Hear Now" by The L Magazine. You can hear them, in fact, right now by downloading their lovely track "Collarbone" at the top of this post. They are very good live and I think 2010 will be a big year for them.

In addition to tonight's show you've got two more chances to see them in the next week. They play Sunday (4/18) at Glasslands with Uninhabitable Mansions, Polite Sleeper, and North Carolina's Charming Youngsters. And then they play next Saturday (4/24) at Solar One with Cold Cave, fellow L Mag pick Oberhoffer and a "surprise headliner."

North Highlands
North Highlands

Speaking of L Magazine "8 NYC Bands" issue, Twin Sister play this Saturday at Los Hermanos Tortilleria in Bushwick. The show is being put on by blog Chocolate Bobka and also features Austin, TX's Pure Ecstasy and local band Weed Hounds. Go early (doors at 7pm) for free tacos (while supplies last which probably won't be very long). They've got good tacos (which are cheap even when not free). $7, BYOB. Twin Sister also open for the Morning Benders at Mercury Lounge on April 28 if you're going to that (sold out).

And finally, don't forget, Saturday (4/17) is Record Store Day and local shops participating include Other Music, Etherea, Academy Records Annex, Rebel Rebel, Sound Fix, and loads more. There's tons of cool exclusive releases coming out, and the RSD website has a handy, fairly comprehensive list of what is being released (PDF). Other Music has live performances by The Drums and Pains of Being Pure at Heart, plus indie celeb DJs. There's similar things going on at other stores too - like Generation Records, and we'll be posting more today and tomorrow.

Okay, that's enough for four days. Click through for tour dates, videos and lots and lots of flyers...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

The Antlers

"In an enthralling concert at the Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday night, playing the songs from "Hospice" to a rapt audience, the Antlers (from Brooklyn) made clear that the music was not just a vehicle for the story. It was its own molten element, moving at its own pace. Songs emerged from, and sometimes dissolved back into, stretches of abstract sound: Mr. Silberman's guitar feedback darkening like storm clouds, Darby Cicci's hissing or whooshing keyboard sounds, Michael Lerner's atmospheric cymbals, the band's loops and layers of static and effects that only gradually led into chords and rhythms. Eventually they were topped by the words." [NY Times]
Check out our 'end of 2009' interview with Peter Silberman of the Antlers, and the one with Annie of Uninhabitable Mansions, and more pictures from their December 15th show at Bowery Ballroom, below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Au Revoir Simone - Shadows (MP3)

Annie (left) w/ Uninhabitable Mansions @ Union Hall (irockiroll)
Uninhabitable Mansions

Au Revoir Simone had a very busy year, releasing their lovely third album, Still Night, Still Light, back in May. You can download the album's first single, "Shadows," at the top of this post. They toured almost constantly, and played one of the BrooklynVegan day parties at SXSW. They're DJing a party at the Madewell Store in Soho on Wednesday (12/16) from 7 - 9 with complimentary martinis (RSVP here) and will play Highline Ballroom on January 7 (with Alexa Wilding) (tickets are on sale).

ARS's Annie Hart also plays in Uninhabitable Mansions who, along with Sharon Van Etten, are opening for The Antlers at Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday (12/15). It's sold out. UM also play Cameo on December 20th, and Bruar Falls in January.

So, we asked a load of NYC-area bands to tell us how their 2009 went, via a handy questionnaire. As we get them back we're gonna post them. The first is from Annie Hart. Her answers below...

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Local Natives @ BV loft - CMJ 2009 (more by Chris La Putt)
Local Natives

Frenchkiss Records is celebrating its 10th year in existence. Started by Les Savy Fav's Syd Butler in 1999 as a way for his band to release their second album, the label has grown to include over 25 bands with over 40 releases. Most recently they've found success with The Dodos, The Antlers, and of course, Passion Pit who are definitely now pretty "huge". Though still on Frenchkiss, Passion Pit are also shared with Columbia Records (home of Mew, MGMT, The Ting Tings, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, and... Slayer).

And it continues. Frenchkiss announced this week that they signed not one, but two CMJ 2009 buzz bands - both with fine new albums and impressive live shows to match. The NYC label will release California band Local Natives' Gorilla Manor (already out in Europe) on February 26, 2010. They also just signed NYC's Freelance Whales, though like with Passion Pit, that deal is shared with someone else - Mom+Pop Records to be exact, aka. the label that also just snagged Tokyo Police Club (who share a manager with Passion Pit).

The Antlers headline Bowery Ballroom on December 15th. Get tickets before they sell out. Uninhabitable Mansions and Sharon Van Etten (who is sure to sing with the headliners too) open the show. Their only other scheduled show at the moment is March 3rd at Union Chapel in London.

Local Natives are still on tour with Fool's Gold and Edward Sharpe. They visited NYC in November which wasn't long after CMJ when the band played two BV parties - one at Pianos and the one in a loft. Updated dates below.

Freelance Whales are currently on tour with Fanfarlo. That tour ends in NYC on December 18th at Webster Hall. Tickets are still on sale. Freelance Whales also played a BV CMJ show @ Pianos.

Tim Harrington, when not belting out rock songs and climbing over the crowd on a ladder in his underwear as the frontman of Les Savy Fav, makes a "line of patterned products" called Deadly Squire. This Sunday (TODAY), December 6th, Deadly Squire is having a huge sale at Bird in Williamsburg (Brooklyn). Flyer below.

Slayer is going on tour with Megadeth and Testament in January. A "Raining Blood" video with all the other stuff below...

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photos by Chris La Putt, words by Bill Pearis

Au Revoir Simone

Au Revoir Simone have spent the better part of 2009 working on, promoting and touring in support of their second album, Still Light, Still Night, wrapping things up -- for now, at least -- with a Brooklyn show at the Bell House on October 24 (tickets), which is part of the CMJ Music Marathon. The Bell House is also where their new video, "Shadows," was filmed. You can watch it over at the David Lynch Foundation Television website. Lynch has been a fan ever since he and ARS were paired together for that Barnes & Noble Upstairs at the Square event two years ago. He even wrote a nice little blurb for the girls:

I hope someone has since told David his Caps Lock was on. That Bell House CMJ show also has baroque pop band The Postmarks, and San Francisco's folk-ska ensemble Still Flyin' on the bill.

In November, Au Revoir Simone travel to China for shows in Beijing and Shanghai. Tour dates are at the bottom of this post, as are more pictures from Au Revoir Simone's Bowery show from back in June. Findlay Brown, who is also playing CMJ at the same venue (Bowery), opened that June show.

In between now and ARS's trip to China, ARS member Annie Hart will spend some time with her other band, Uninhabitable Mansions, which also features Robbie and Tyler from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Uninhabitable Mansions' debut album, Nature is a Taker, is out now digitally, with the CD version due at the end of October and vinyl in January. Uninhabitable Mansions, which now includes Annie Hart's husband (and former Dirty on Purpose member) Doug Marvin on drums, has two NYC shows coming up: a free show next Wednesday (10/14) at Cake Shop which is part of the MIXER Reading Series, then they'll play the Bell House on October 22 (part of CMJ) with Robbers on High Street, Freelance Whales (who are also on the Bowery Ballroom show Findlay is playing), Pomegrates and others. After that, they're going on a short East Coast tour, ending with a October 30 show at Union Pool. Then the band's on hold until the new year when they expect to launch a more extensive U.S. tour.

And while we're here, Robbie and Chris of Uninhabitable Mansions have another band,Radical Dads, whose new self-titled EP is downloadable for free.

CYHSY front-man Alec Ounsworth meanwhile has been doing his own thing and is appearing at Mercury Lounge during CMJ, as well as at a free BrooklynVegan day party at Pianos that same day (10/22). More details TBA.

Tour dates for Au Revoir Simone and Uninhabitable Mansions, plus more pictures from Au Revoir Simone's June 28 Bowery Ballroom show are below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Uninhabitable Mansions - Do You Have a Strategy? (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Hooray for Earth - A Simple Plan (Zip)


In my haste to bring you my weekend picks I realized I left out some stuff. First of all there's the opening of Littlefield, and its two free shows.

Second... Brooklyn's Hospitality, who play at Death By Audio tonight (5/22), have opened for Stereolab and Frog Eyes but remain mostly under-the-radar. (They did make L Magazine's "8 NYC Bands" runner-up list.) Singer Amber Papini's delicate, airy voice matches so perfectly with her songwriting: jazzy pop that kind of reminds me of '60s chanteuse Claudine Longet or Austin's Yellow Fever. I've yet to see them live but I'm kinda in love with the songs. While the focus tends to be on Papini, Hospitality are a trio and the most recent songs on their MySpace (recorded on a telephone, believe it or not) have a definite band feel to them. Also on the bill tonight at Death by Audio: Arizonans Stephen Steinbrink and Hell-Kite (who play at Cake Shop with The Kingsbury Manx tomorrow), and the countryish Little Gold, which all should make for one of the gentler nights at Death by Audio...ever?


And on Memorial Day if you haven't been put into a food coma from too much BBQ, there's a great show that night at Union Pool featuring Uninhabitable Mansions, Darlings, Boogie Boarder and Ambergris. The show is a benefit for Smoke Signals, a new all-comics newspaper that Williamsburg comic/book/art store Desert Island is going to start publishing. This is likely to be Uninhabitable Mansions' only show till the fall, as Annie Hart will be busy touring with her main band, Au Revoir Simone for most of the summer. Their debut 7" is worth picking up, and you can check out it's b-side in MP3 form above. Darlings, you may remember, are one of L Magazine's "8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear" and their description of Teenage Fanclub-meets-Sloan is all I need to get me to the show. As for the other bands: Boogie Boarder are noisy low-fi and mostly instrumental; Ambergris have been dabbling in arty psych folk weirdness for a few years now. The show's $8 and all proceeds go to printing costs A worthy cause if you ask me.

And Speaking of Uninhabitable Mansions, Robbie (who is also in Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) and Chris of that band are also in Radical Dads, who play Public Assembly on Wednesday (5/27) with the interesting, somewhat genre-defying Hooray For Earth (I've seen comparisons to Joy Division, Guided by Voices, and Yeasayer... really?) and catchy synth-rockers Zambri.

Videos and flyers after the jump. Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Howlies - Chimera (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Gringo Star - All Y'all (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Spacecamp - Girls on Bikes (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Swirlies - Chris R. (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Swirlies - Bell (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Real Estate - Suburban Beverage (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Uninhabitable Mansions - We Misplaced a Cobra in the Uninhabitable Mansion (on WFMU) (MP3)

Cinema 16

For about a year now, Cinema 16 has been giving short films a live soundtrack courtesy of local bands. Up till now, it's been happening at the Starr Space in Bushwick, but tonight (2/25) Cinema 16 heads to The Bell House for a double feature with four shorts and original music from Wild Yaks and Artanker Convoy.

Cinema 16

Wild Yaks perform to leftist group Public Theater's Pie in the Sky and Edwin S. Porter's early cinema (1906) short Dream of a Rarebit Fiend. I actually caught them doing this at Cinema 16 a couple weeks ago and their ramshackle, Tom Waits-y wailing rock fit well especially with the Depression-era Pie in the Sky (which stars Elia Kazan!). Artanker Convoy, whose music leans toward the instrumental, atmospheric and trippy, are a more obvious fit for this kind of project. They'll be performing to an abstract animation by Harry Smith and Robert Enrico's Oscar-winning 1962 short, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, which was shown in America as an episode of The Twilight Zone. Again, both bands have composed original music for this that's unlikely to be heard anywhere else, so it's definitely something worth checking out. Also: free ice cream.


Thursday (2/26) at Death By Audio are two of Atlanta's better rock bands (and there are a lot of 'em down there, let me tell you): Howlies and Gringo Starr. I particularly like the Howlies, who are celebrating the release of their debut album, Trippin' With the Howlies, which is one of the more fun rock records I've heard in a while. While steeped in nods to the '60s (surf rock, the Zombies, Love, the Troggs, etc) they've got good songwriting chops to go along with their good taste. Gringo Star, apart from the groan-worthy name (though it's better than A Fir-Ju Well which is what they used to be called), are a garage-rockin' party band not unlike Mando Diao that don't seem to have more of an agenda than having a good time. (And wanting you to have a good time too.) Which these days, should be enough. I can't say I listen to their latest album, All Y'all, a whole lot but they're fun live. Also on the bill: Brooklyn-via-Brazil duo Soundscapes who make '80s-inspired ethereal guitar pop, and Bonnie Baxter who you may have seen open for Apes and Androids at Music Hall of Williamsburg last month.


Friday (2/27): The Spicy Times blog (a joint production of the ladies behind Jinners and I Rock I Roll) is having its monthly party at Union Hall with a pretty great lineup with two bands I've written about before: Uninhabitable Mansions that features Robbie and Tyler from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Annie of Au Revoir Simone and who will be selling their debut 7" at the show; and Spacecamp, who are as we speak finishing up work as backing band on Lightspeed Champion's second album. Maybe they'll bring him along? Weirder things have happened. Also on the bill: Staten Island's all-girl seven-piece Vessels and free Colt 45.

Also Friday is that Swirlies show at Mercury Lounge, their first NYC show in five years. Swirlies also play Philly tomorrow (2/26) and Boston on Saturday (2/28).


Saturday (2/28): It's Cake Shop's monthly The World's Birthday Party party. If your birthday is in February you get free admission, a gift at the door and two free drink tickets. If you're not a February child, it's $8. Bands include Boston's Major Stars who should light up the joint with their stoner hard rock riffs, and Spectre Folk which features Mike of Magik Markers.

Real Estate
Real Estate

Late night Saturday at Cake Shop, it's a free show with New Jersey's Real Estate who are kind of getting a ton of hype right now from the likes of Pitchfork and Stereogum and Gorilla Vs Bear and others, all on the back of one three-song, white vinyl 7" which I have to admit I do like a lot. (Also having Matt Mondanile [aka Ducktails] in the group doesn't hurt.) Galaxie 500 seems to be the go-to reference for Real Estate and there is that dreamy vibe to their songs, but I'd also site criminally-overlooked '90s band Acetone as well. They've got a second 7" due out soon on Woodsist, so don't expect the interest to die down anytime soon. In addition to the Cake shop show, Real Estate have shows next week at Glasslands and Dead Herring, as well as an upcoming tour that includes a bunch of stops in Austin during SXSW (though none of them at official showcases). All tour dates at the end of the post.

Also Saturday: lovers of shoegaze, dreampop and goth should head straight to Mercury Lounge for a pretty stellar bill of Mahogany, The Depreciation Guild, Blacklist, Cruel Black Dove, and Home Video. Tickets are on sale.

That's all for this week. Tour dates and some videos after the jump....

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Martin Bisi

Just when you thought there couldn't be another Au Revoir Simone, Dirty on Purpose or Clap Your Hands Say Yeah side project... Radical Dads is a bass-less trio that shares two members with Uninhabitable Mansions. One of the members of both of those bands is Robbie from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Listen to Radical Dads at MySpace. See them live at Cake Shop tonight (2/19) or at the Castle in Hell in Brooklyn tomorrow (2/20). Uninhabitable Mansions play Union Hall on 2/27. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah played BAM last week.

After making her first post-Be Your Own Pet solo appearance at Music Hall of Williamsburg in January, Jemina Pearl promised she would "start playing around New York and New Jersey pretty frequently." Staying true to that promise, you can catch her and her band "Bad Attitude" at Glasslands tonight (2/19).

Martin Bisi's name tends to be preceeded with "New York super producer/musician/studio owner/legend". He is performing tonight (2/19) at Death By Audio in Brooklyn with Bill Laswell. All dates below...

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CYHSY @ Fun Fun Fun Fest (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah are apparently taking a (possibly permanent?) "break" after the previously-announced February 13th show at BAM. The rumor is that they've nixed plans to go back into the studio, and that they have no further dates scheduled. I'm not saying I'm 100% positive this is the last we'll see of them, but it seems likely the show will be the last chance to see them for a very long time, if not ever. Chairlift opens, and tickets are still on sale.

In the meantime, CYHSY's Tyler and Robbie have been keeping busy with Uninhabitable Mansions, who have a show coming up February 27th at Union Hall. CYHSY's drummer Sean continues to play Axl Rose in the Gn'R cover band Mr. Browstone. Their next gig is February 7th at Starland Ballroom in NJ. Alec Ounsworth's latest pastime is being a father.

After BAM, Chairlift are going on a March tour with Yacht, and will be visiting the west coast in April with Sebastien Tellier. Though not confirmed, I'd say the March tour makes it look like they'll be at SXSW, and the April dates have them coming awfully close to Coachella. All dates below...

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photos by Chris Becker

Dirty on Purpose @ Mercury Lounge in NYC - Dec 31, 2008
Dirty on Purpose

Dirty on Purpose said their final goodbyes at Mercury Lounge in NYC on New Years Eve. As announced less than a month earlier, they're "going the way of the dodo", but "reserve the right to change our minds and get back together in six months". Regardless, as they also pointed out, there are pleny of side other projects to keep them busy and us entertained.

Joe and the Flying Spoons (Joe's band) and Purse Snatchers (Doug's band) have a show scheduled this Sunday (1/4) at Cake Shop with Uninhabitable Mansions. As we've also pointed out before, Uninhabitable Mansions includes CYHSY's Robbie and Tyler, and Au Revoir Simone's Annie Hart who is also in Purse Snatchers.

Au Revoir Simone's Erika Forster used to be in Dirty on Purpose. As you can see from the picture above, they brought her back to join them for their final show at Mercury Lounge that A Place to Bury Strangers headlined (and helped ring in 2009) (Mr. Brownstone played the late-late show in the same club later the same night).

Purse Snatchers also have a show coming at Cake Shop (again) on February 26th with Coin Under Tongue who are also playing Death By Audio on February 28th with Sisters. Death by Audio is the warehouse space in the same Brooklyn building that houses Death By Audio the effects pedal company which is owned by Oliver Ackermann whose band is A Place to Bury Strangers and who oversees is associated with the new Death By Audio label (where all the bands do everything for themselves according to the below comment). The two bands currently signed to the Death by Audio label are Sisters and Coin Under Tongue. George from Dirty on Purpose is in Coin Under Tongue.

More pictures from New Years Eve below...

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DOWNLOAD: We Misplaced a Cobra in the Uninhabitable Mansion (on WFMU) (MP3)

Uninhabitable Mansions playing live @ WFMU
Uninhabitable Mansions
Uninhabitable Mansions

As previously blogged, two members of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah formed a band with a member of Au Revoir Simone and called it Uninhabitable Mansions. Listen to three songs on MySpace. Download seven live versions at WFMU's blog. Catch them live this Saturday night at Mercury Lounge (9/20, 8pm). They open for Mugison who also plays Union Pool the day after that. Tickets for the Merc show are on sale.

by Bill Pearis

help us name this new column in the comments!

Sloan in Detroit - June 15, 2008 (PhilipSouthern)

In Pitchfork's review of 2004's Action Pact, Alex Linhardt wrote, "Sloan is not anyone's favorite band." He'd obviously never been to a Sloan show. People are nuts for them. Sloan fans are obsessive, protective and they stand by them even when they make a less-than-great album (cough cough Action Pact).

There are a number of reasons for this. For all the success they've had over their 17-year carreer, Sloan are an anomaly. All four members of the band write and sing, each with distinctive styles, which makes them nearly impossible to categorize. And they usually change their sound from album-to-album, reflecting what they've been listening to - which was, more often than not, out-of-step with what everyone else was doing at the time.

Here's a band that started off being called the Canadian Nirvana (though really they were more the Canadian My Bloody Valentine) on the release of their first album, Smeared, but have channel-flipped over the years from Beatlesque and other '60s pop to Thin Lizzy style cock rock, '70s AM Gold, pop-punk, etc, etc, etc. It does not make for casual fans. It breeds obsessives, though. For all the style-hopping, it's those four good songwriters and musicians behind it all that make it work.

The real reason I think fans stick by them is their live shows. Sloan are one of the most consistently awesome live bands of the last 15 years. They know all the Rock Moves by heart and know how to use them without being self-consciously showy, although bassist and defacto leader Chris Murphy is a real ham who isn't afraid to do something retarded (like lick the mic stand) in the name of a laugh or good crowd reaction. He also does an amazing Keith Moon impersonation (all fills, all the time) behind the kit when regular drummer Andrew Scott comes forward to sing his songs.

SloanAnd with nine albums under their belt, including the just-released Parallel Play (which is really good and you can stream the whole thing ), you're bound to get a cherry-picked setlist with at least a handful of classic Sloan fist-pumpers like "Iggy & Angus," "Losing California," "Money City Maniacs"... and maybe even "Underwhelmed" which is kind of their "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and at least some of the band loathe it but I think still holds up.

But don't just take my word for it. Sloan are playing Bowery Ballroom this Thursday (tix) and Friday (tix) and if you've never seen them, I suggest you rectify that immediately. Neither show is sold out. I really don't think you'll be sorry if you do. If you care to read more about them, I've got at least three concert reviews on Sound Bites. If it's not made clear, I am a Sloan superfan. All dates at the end of this post.

I have Sloan on the brain, but I am aware there is other cool stuff going on......

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