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photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG

Stephen Flam of Winter @ Union Pool - April 3, 2011

Crushing down-tuned death-doom dealers Winter returned, for the first time since calling it quits in the early nineties, with an hour-long headlining set at a sold out Union Pool last night (4/3). They were supporting the lightning-fast Wormrot, and the bill was rounded out by the reunited DeathCycle and local doom thunder from Kings Destroy. For Winter, the show served as a warm-up for their appearance at the sold-out Roadburn overseas. Original members Stephen Flam and John Alman were both on board.

For Wormrot, Union Pool was their NYC date on a much larger tour organized to coincide with SXSW (check out pics from our show at Lovejoys) and Scion Rock Fest (pics here), and a it was a moment of triumph after a debacle caused the band to have to cancel their Boston show the night before NYC. The band posted this at the time:

"Apologies! WE ARE ALSO NOT PLAYING BOSTON @ O'Brien's pub.. due to PPA stole our licence plates and have no alternative transport atm and are still in stuck in Philly, we have been invited by Jo and Jamie to play in a show at The Barbary, 951 Frankfort Ave Philly 19125 at 2pm with Nails and more!"
Though the issue still wasn't resolved as of last night, the band did find a way to make it to Brooklyn from Philly. Hopefully they work everything out before their next scheduled show which is April 5th in Peeksill, NY.

Wormrot recently released their new LP Dirge for free download.

A Deathcycle show in 2011 was a rarity, and the band currently has no additional dates planned. Kings Destroy does though, as the band will support Orange Goblin and The Gates of Slumber at Santos on May 28th with Naam. Tickets are still available.

A full set of pictures from Union Pool are forthcoming, but for now, check out some video from last night courtesy of (((unartig)))...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

Harvey Milk

"First of all I now realize no matter how loud I dial it up at home, praying the dude next to me isn't home, this is meant to be heard at full volume with all of it's floor shaking rumbling and silences. Union Pool was the perfect place to be close enough to hear Creston's vocals... They announced they were playing 'Human Kindness' straight through and then [would] play 'as long as we physically can as long as we don't have to play an encore.'" [7 Inches]
Harvey Milk played the first show of a three night Union Pool residency last night (3/13) with Occultation (mem Negative Plane). The party continues tonight with Villains and wraps up on Tuesday (3/15) with Luke Roberts. Tickets for both nights (3/14 & 3/15) are still available.

More pictures from the first night are below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Kings Destroy - "The Mounty" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Kings Destroy - "The Whittler" (MP3)

Wormrot at Acheron (more by BBG)

BrooklynVegan is proud to present Singapore grinders Wormrot with very special guests Goden, the reunited Deathcycle, and Kings Destroy who will all band together for a very special show at Union Pool on April 3rd. Tickets are on sale and trust me you won't want to miss this.

Wormrot is prepping their new LP Dirge (a song is streaming below) for release on May 3rd via Earache Records and will tour the US in March hitting Scion Rock Fest on March 5th and heading down to SXSW to play a strong of dates including the BrooklynVegan/1000 Knives Day Party on March 18th at Lovejoys. Stay tuned for the full announcement!

The Union Pool show comes right in the middle of a Wormrot tour with Tombs who are not on the bill of the Brooklyn show, but are playing the BrooklynVegan Day Party at Lovejoys on March 19th (one day after Wormrot at the same Austin venue).

Deathcycle called it quits in 2009, but have reunited on occasion to play special shows such as the Lee Altomare benefits last year. Deathcycle features Gary Bennett and Paul Delaney of Black Anvil/Kill Your Idols.

Kings Destroy, featuring members of Uppercut and Killing Time, recently dropped their debut LP And the Rest Will Surely Perish via The Maple Forum. Download "The Mounty" and "The Whittler" above and pick up a copy of the LP. Kings Destroy will also support at the upcoming Orange Goblin show at Santos.

All Wormrot dates and the new track from Dirge, "Erased Existence", is below.

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photos by Jonathan McPhail, words by BBG


Sweet Cobra had a helluva welcome at their very first NYC appearance on February 12th. A few short moments after the Chicago band took the Union Pool stage, the show sold out. It helped that they were the first band on a serious bill that included the heavyweight left-right punches of Thin-Lizzy-worshipping skate-punks Doomriders & dark-doom-lords Unearthly Trance.

The room was packed to the gills with moshpits breaking out during Unearthly Trance that were only later outdone by the crowdsurfing during Doomriders. More pictures and some videos from the incredible Saturday show are below.

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by BBG

Harvey Milk at LPR (more by Meghan McInnis)
Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk will play shows at Brooklyn's Union Pool on March 13th, 14th, & 15th, their only announced dates at the moment. Tickets for both 3/13 and 3/14 go on sale on Monday (2/7) at 9AM, but tickets aren't listed for 3/15 yet.

The Harvey Milk dates are presented by The Blackened Music Series, who also curated the previously mentioned Lustmord/Void Ov Voices/Robert Piotrowicz show on April 10th at The Abrons Arts Center as part of Unsound 2011. Tickets for that show also go on sale at 9AM on Monday.

photos by Meghan McInnis, words by Klaus Kinski

Trap Them draws some blood
Trap Them

On Friday January 14, 2011, BrooklynVegan hosted a pair of shows at two separate Brooklyn venues. One show was at Acheron and featured Castevet, Lake of Blood, Seidr, and Falls of Rauros. The other was at Union Pool (a BV/1000 Knives production) and featured All Pigs Must Die, Black Anvil, and Trap Them. Reviewing metal shows is not really my forte, and I didn't attend the show with any intention of reviewing it. But since BBG attended the Acheron show and the Union Pool show kicked so much ass, I can't help but want to pontificate about the proceedings.

Union Pool, the bar, is one of the saddest, most crowded, annoying, infuriating, meat market hook-up joints in all the land on any given Friday or Saturday evening. The gauntlet of amateur-hour drunks and annoying clucks one must pass through to get to the bathroom or the area leading to the live room and backyard area is like a cruel challenge of patience preceding the grand reward; the best small room in the world to see metal in. Once you pass through the doors to the live room, you are instantly greeted by a PA system cranking metal of all eras and genres as well as a roomful of your like-minded metal compatriots; you are immediately ready to rock and the trauma of the journey dissolves (until you have to go to the bathroom).

I arrived at Union Pool right at the start of All Pigs Must Die. I am glad I got there when I did because they played an absolutely pulverizing set and I would have killed myself had I missed any of it. Vocalist Kevin Baker, (yes, I mean Kevin Baker) noted during the show that this Union Pool gig was their first gig ever which I couldn't believe. I still can't. I even drunkenly asked Kevin after the show if he was serious about that being their first show and he said it most definitely was. First gig or not, the pedigree of these players combined (members of The Hope Conspiracy, Converge, Give Up The Ghost, Bloodhorse, etc) made for a supremely tight, aggressive, and flawless set. The drummer was superior and drove the music at a relentless breakneck pace. Add to that their super heavy bass, guitars, and vocals, and it was a sonic experience that made you want to punch someone. They played much longer than I thought they would, and that's a good thing. They're from Massachusetts and I hope they come back to NYC soon, and often. This band is an absolute can't miss. Also, they've got one of the best t-shirt graphics since this, and it's gracing my body as I type this.

After an intermission that saw half of the room evacuate for smokes and tinkle-time, Black Anvil menacingly took the stage. Black Metal, as far as metal goes, is borderline for me. Sometimes it can seem almost like parody. But Black Anvil are absolute pros. Paul Delaney is not only a ruthless vocalist, but he damn near beats the living shit out of his bass. The sludge of distorted bass bleeds from his massive amp and rumbles your guts and soul right out of your body. Guitarist Gary Bennett looms over his gear like a brooding spectre, occasionally interjecting his own heavy vocals into the mix. It's the sonic equivalent of being pummeled in the face but suddenly and without notice being kicked in the yams. I do wish the drums were mic'd/eq'd/whatever a little better because I felt like the blast beats were sort of lost in the rest of the chaos. Other than that, those mofos CRUSHED.

Last up was Trap Them. I really don't know what else to say about this band except that they were absolutely phenomenal. Straight away, the combined sonic boom created by both guitarists (Brian Izzi and Andy from Every Time I Die who added a second guitar for the weekend) and the bass player immediately made me think of Entombed's record Left Hand Path. Then, about three songs in, I noticed an Entombed sticker on one of the guitars. Whether it was a coincidence or a deliberate attempt to capture Entombed's guitar sound doesn't really matter I guess because whatever they were doing they did it right. The guitars were so freaking clear, yet completely lethal and crushing. And the drummer was sort of the highlight of the whole evening for me. This guy is GOOD. His blast beats were just as devastating as the slowed down, thrashy parts. I'm a dork about stuff like that, and consistency is everything, so to see this guy pummel his kit without losing any consistency or dynamics was a thrill. And I liked the singer right away too. When he took the stage, he took his mic and whacked some dude standing up front right on top of his head; it created such a satisfying popping sound over the PA. I totally LOLed, yo. I have to admit straight up that Trap Them got me about as close as I'll ever get to starting a bone breaking mosh pit. I am 33, a little paunchy, and completely uncoordinated, but the intensity of this band was almost enough to unleash a weird, psychotic spell of The Mosh outta me. But the reality is that I am 33, a little paunchy, and completely uncoordinated and the best I could do was stand there pumping my fist and banging my bald, rather large head, back and forth.

That night, the live room at Union Pool wasn't just a place where an incredible metal show took place; it was also the location of a true miracle. For on January 14th, 2010, your pal Klaus Kinski was the recipient of one of New York's rarest honors; a buyback. Huzzah!

More pictures from the show below...

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DOWNLOAD: Gary War - "Born of Light" (MP3)

photos by Nikki Sneakers

Gary War

Though Gary War released their Police Water EP late last year, the band celebrated its release with a Brooklyn show on Saturday (1/8) at Union Pool. "Born of Light" above (and streaming below), comes from said EP. The show featured support from Ducktails and The Surprisers, and was one of two gigs scheduled for Gary War this month (they also play January 27th at Shea Stadium with Amen Dunes, Sore Eros and La Big Vic).

Gary War is currently working on a new LP to follow-up to 2009's Horribles Parade, and recently recorded a live split LP with Sacred Bones label-mate Zola Jesus "in a 1,200 year old castle in the medieval town of Itri, Italy." More on those releases soon but for now, check out pictures from the Union Pool show and that song stream below.

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words and photos by BBG, additional photos by Greg Cristman

Monarch at Union Pool

They just can't get enough! French doom greats Monarch have added a third and final NYC show. It happens WEDNESDAY (11/17) at Death By Audio in Brooklyn. The BrooklynVegan-presented show will also feature performances from Vaura (a new project featuring Kevin Hufnagel of Gorguts/Dysrhythmia & Toby Driver of Kayo Dot/Maudlin Of The Well) and Brian Chase & Seth Misterka (Brian of Yeah Yeah Yeahs playing free-jazz with saxophonist Seth Misterka). The show kicks off at 8PM and costs $8!

We already posted pictures from the Monarch/Bloody Panda show at Cake Shop (which happened 11/12 with nutjobs Tinsel Teeth), but until now, haven't posted the shots from the show that happened at Union Pool the following night (11/13). Evoken opened that party with roar (and to similar audience applause), with Bloody Panda following and Monarch batting clean-up. Again, another great showing from both Bloody Panda and Monarch, who sounded incredible on the PA at Union Pool.

More pictures and video of all bands from Union Pool, including video of Monarch's full set, below...

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photos by Keith Marlowe, words & RT photos by BBG

The Body
The Body

A big thanks go to all the bands who played the BrooklynVegan-BBG CMJ showcase at Union Pool on Saturday night (10/23), and to everyone who made it out the sold out show. Early entries were treated to free Sailor Jerry's, Bushmills, Firefly Vodka, and earplugs courtesy of Earpeace while Salome's Terminal burned on the system.

A blistering set from Royal Thunder provided the first excursion of the evening, and their killer blues-y jams were quickly followed by the punishing doom of Batillus. The double Richmond attack of Inter Arma and Cough victimized the crowd next, each bringing a different perspective of destruction; Inter Arma's blasting black metal cleansed the palette before Cough battered the crowd with their snail's-pace doom punishment. The Body, who was sporting a third member on noise/keys/samples, sealed the deal with low-end thump and screeching vocals, drawing from their recent All The Waters Of The Earth Turned To Blood.

Union Pool tonight, 10/27, means another BrooklynVegan production, this time with the great Eugene Robinson (of Oxbow) and the awesome Man's Gin supporting. Doors are at 9, and $10 gets you in. Get there!

More pictures from the CMJ show, below...

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"Seth" @ Union Pool - July 24, 2010 (amythistle)

TheDeathSet, No Age, Lightning Bolt and Cap'n Jazz play today's free Pool Party at the Williamsburg Waterfront Brooklyn Bowl. Afterwards? Well, Cap'n Jazz is playing Maxwell's (yes, they are), and it looks like a band with five letters total in their name (?? ???) are headlining that Universal Order Of Armageddon show at Death By Audio. hmm...

Speaking of secret shows, Les Savy Fav guitarist Seth Jabour is getting married. To celebrate, his bandmates held him a bachelor party at Union Pool last night which was a ladies-only Les Savy Fav concert. That's a picture taken at the show above. One more, along with the invite, below...

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble

Early Graves shows Union Pool what they're made of....
Early Graves

The Funeral Pyre and Early Graves teamed up with Valdur and Mutilation Rites at Union Pool on Saturday, part of a larger tour for TFP/EG and a string of east coast dates for Valdur.

Both The Funeral Pyre and Early Graves have new albums out now; TFP dropped Vultures in early June, and Goner hit stores shelves two weeks after via Iron Clad Recordings. Valdur has a freshly minted LP, Raven God Among Us, out very soon on Bloody Mountain Records.

Valdur and Mutilation Rites will team up again at Lit Lounge tonight (7/19) at Precious Metal alongside Syphilitic Lust, who is also scheduled to play The Charleston on August 14th with Unearthly Trance, Coffinworm, and Archon.

More pics from the Union Pool show are below...

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photos by Paul Birman, words by BBG



The first night of the Salome / Landmine Marathon madness struck Union Pool last night (7/13), leaving a wake of overheated bodies and bruised/unprepared mosh casualties in it's path. The show saw the return of Wetnurse, who have been hiding as of late while the band works out new material and 40% of the band concentrates on performing as new members of Today Is The Day. Some of that new material, albeit in instrumental form, surfaced at the show and definitely shows potential.

Landmine Marathon primed the fourth pit that I have witnessed at the venue (the others being Skeletonwitch, Krallice last year, and Misery Index / Magrudergrind), with vocalist Grace personally instigating one of those. Salome were beyond brutal, showcasing a few new songs in their set.

The madness continues with Batillus (No Cleanteeth or Wetnurse) on Thursday (7/15) at Cake Shop, but until then, bear witness to the Union Pool show in pictures and video below...

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Union Pool

Williamsburg venue Union Pool will be hosting Summer Thunder, a series of four free outdoor afternoon shows on the second Saturdays of June, July, August and September. The first is Saturday, June 12th with Free Blood, Hidden Fees, TV Baby and Aleister X.

I'm told that Hidden Fees is a...

"Disco" band spearheaded by Ivan Sunshine (Ghost Exits/Vietnam/Love As Laughter) and Tom Gluibizzi (Original guitarist from Psychic Ills). The band is somewhere between a 7 and 12 piece depending on the event (saturday airs on the 12-piece side) with Chris Anderson (Ghost Exits) and Shannon Funchees (!!!/Light Asylum) singing, three percussion players, Doug Pressman aka Record Grouch playing guitar, old drummer from Love As Laughter playing drums, sax player, keyboard player"
It should be a free one today (the website says it starts at 3).

The 9/11 lineup is: Growing(Vice Records) Highlife(Social Registry) Coconuts(No Quarter) Warm Ghost(GeoNorth) McDonalds David Poh

A flyer with details on all the shows is below...

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words by BBG, photos by Brian Reilly

The unreal KEN Mode at Union Pool
KEN Mode

Rosetta, KEN Mode, Engineer, and My America did their damnedest to destroy Union Pool on Friday (5/28) as part of a BV/1000Knives production.

My America opened the show at the stroke of 8:45 with their Louisville take on Am-Rep punk. It was my third time seeing the band as of late. Each time I left as impressed with the band's tone and intensity. And dudes have tunes!

As a fan of Engineer, it was fascinating to hear the band's set of mostly new material. With a greater focus on songcraft and melody, the songs seemed to have more light and shade and less pedal-to-the-floor bombast that could be found on earlier releases like 2008's The Dregs. That's not to say this band was anything but pummeling, it's just that the new material varies in it's assault.

I defy any fan of Unsane, Today Is The Day, Am-Rep, and/or noisy, thundering punk to not absolutely love KEN Mode. The Canadian band's high-energy performance was my highlight of my evening. Their take on noise rock filtered through a hardcore lens was furious, energetic, menacing and ultimately, very impressive. I already can't wait for their NYC return. Word is that the band will do their next NYC date surrounding the recording of their new LP at GodCity with Kurt Ballou! That LP will see the light of day on Profound Lore, though an official date is still TBD.

Rosetta headlined the evening, and as usual, the Philadelphia band played a swelling, but ultimately muscular set culled from their recent A Determinism of Morality LP (out NOW on Translation Loss). Less than 24 hours later, the band would play ABC No Rio (a different set, by the way) with Starkweather.

More pics and some video from the Union Pool show are below...

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Due to a scheduling issue with the venue, the previously discussed Lord Mantis / Sea of Bones show happening WEDNESDAY (5/5) at Union Pool in Brooklyn will now have DOORS AT 8PM as opposed to the previously announced 10PM. Get there! - BBG

photos by Redboy

Rival Schools

Walter Schreifels made it out of Russia in time for the Rival Schools show at Union Pool on Friday night. Check out the setlist at the end of the pictures that continue below...

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words by Andrew Frisicano, photos by Annie Reichert

Sam Mickens @ Union Pool April 18th, 2010
Sam Mickens

Dear citizens of America & the Earth,

On this day, April 20th, 2010, I officially issue a challenge, on behalf of myself and my Ecstatic Showband, to Ms. Sharon Jones & her Dap-Kings, to a battle of the bands to determine who is truly the greatest working soul band in Brooklyn. Song for song and musician for musician, I believe this should prove a burning and exhaustive contest.

The issuance of this challenge bears no spirit of disrespect or denigration towards Ms. Jones and her work; in fact my feelings are full of admiration and esteem. It does however bear the assertion that cultural vanguards must be replaced, and that only through an environment of healthy and virile competition can the illest work be produced. We will meet Ms. Jones in the venue of her choosing and with any preconditions she wishes to impose. If Ms. Jones fails to respond to this challenge I will accept the title of Heavyweight Soul Champion of Brooklyn by default.

Thanks and best regards,
Sam Mickens

Falsetto-voiced singer Sam Mickens (of the Dead Science) released the above challenge two days after his 'Ecstatic Showband and Revue' played a Sunday, April 18th show at Union Pool in Brooklyn. More pictures from that show are posted below.

The band will be opening Thee Silver Mt. Zion's Sunday, May 16th show at Bowery Ballroom (one of two NYC shows on the Mt. Zion's tour, tickets still on sale).

The Estatic Showband's band's individual members (which can vary at any given show) regularly play around town themselves. Drummer Mike Pride is particularly prolific, with almost nightly gigs. Tonight (4/22) he has two: an early show with Jonathan Moritz Trio at Zebulon, and a late gig with bass/keyboardist Jamie Saft as noise-improv duo Kalashnikov at Southpaw with Shaker jazz group Shakers n Bakers and Ben Perowsky's Moodswing Orchestra.

At Union Pool, the group also featured guest vocalists that included Keesha Mishawn, Katie Eastburn (of Young People), Charlie Looker (of Extra Life who, along with the Luyas, open for Owen Pallett at Webster Hall) and Steven Reker. See some of them fronting the band in the pictures below.

As for Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, the band was just stuck in Germany because of a volcano, and their upcoming summer tour include two nights at the Apollo Theater on April 30th and May 1st. They were supposed to appear on Letterman this week, but that isn't happening because of the volcano (rescheduled for May 4th).

More Union Pool pictures and older videos are below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: KEN Mode - "The Romanticist" (MP3)

The unfucwitable KEN Mode!
Ken Mode

BrooklynVegan and 1000 Knives are proud to announce Ken Mode with My America and Engineer at Union Pool on May 28th! For the unfamiliar, Winnipeg's Ken Mode play a particular blistering brand of metal/noise rock/hardcore that recalls Today Is The Day, Unsane, and early Mastodon. The band is prepping to release a new album, the follow-up to the badass Mennonite which dropped in 2008.

My America recently wowed me at The Charleston when they played with Tiger Flowers. Fans of AmRep, Young Widows, and noisecore take note. Ruling!

The great Engineer have completed recording of their new album, and are working on artwork and additional tour dates in May and August (stay tuned!). Engineer's last album, The Dregs, was named one of Decibel's Top 40 albums of 2007. I concur.

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words by Ilya Blokh, photos by Samantha Marble

Misery Index
Misery Index

You can judge the intensity (and quality) of a show by what remains on the ground after the crowd clears. Usually there are beer bottles- sometimes a stray shoe or a cell phone. After Concussion, Mutant Supremacy, Magrudergrind and Misery Index tore apart The Union Pool on Saturday, February 20th there were two items of note: a bullet and a tooth.

Local act Concussion opened with a short but sweet set of pummeling thrash - I was psyched to finally see them play with a decent sound system. They have a good mix of fast riffs and technical guitar lines, but shine especially when they find a moment to slow things down and build up tension. They recently added two new members (Dan from Haunted Castle/Mutilation Rites and Matt from The Dip), have been playing a ton of shows, and are planning to record new material soon.

Mutant Supremacy were up next, with a straight-forward, conservative take on old-school death metal. It was a bit too wall-of-sound for me, though I dug the alternating high/low pitched vocals. There was even an appropriately cheesy band/fan exchange (all of it growled): "Thank you." "You're welcome." "No one is welcome here."

Magrudergrind tore through a blistering set of short, nasty, delicious songs that finally got the crowd moving. These three unassuming looking dudes have the grindcore/powerviolence thing down to perfection - nothing too techy or melodic, just blindingly fast grind that only lets up for a brief moment here and there. They've got great stage presence, and their banter and bizarre sound-samples are a welcome breather between songs.

Misery Index finally took the stage and, despite the intensity of the preceding acts, raised the bar all the way to the fucking roof. Constantly shifting from chugging, groovy riffs to breakneck speed, all of it backed up by unrelenting blast beats and chunky growled vocals, they are the sonic equivalent of swinging a wrecking ball around a room. Several minutes into their set the crowd virtually exploded and didn't let up until the last discordant note dropped out of the air. Things got surprisingly explosive for The Union Pool - a place where crossed-arms and flaccid head-bobbing are the norm - and much of the audience ended up seeking refuge on top of the bar.

In short, an amazing performance - Misery Index could easily be playing Gramercy, Irving, etc, so I'm glad they stick to smaller venues. Magrudergrind and Misery Index will be touring for the next month and putting at least a few dentists to serious work.

More shots of Misery Index and Magrudergrind (none of Mutant Supremacy or Concussion, sadly) are below.

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words by BBG, photos by Jesse Lindmar

Iron Age

Iron Age played Union Pool with Inhuman, Snake Sustaine, and Total Social Suicide on 2/16. Good news: Reports say that it was nowhere near the mess it was on their last go around. Bad news: It looks like they may have lost a member... and a key one at that.

Iron Age took the stage sometime after midnight, and were sans part-time Mammoth Grinder and full-time Hatred Surge-r Alex on guit. Word is that the axe-slinger has left the band (which if you are familiar with Iron Age, is par for the course). Either way, reports also indicate that the ATX badasses laid it down heavy.

In related news, Snake Sustaine and a A Life Once Lost were originally scheduled to play Santos Party House on March 10th with White Wizzard and Wizardry. That show has since been cancelled. The band will however scoot on down to Austin to play dates around SXSW including the Ear/Splitters party on 3/20 and a Chronic Youth show at East End Tattoo on 3/18. More on both of those shows soon. More shots from the Union Pool show are below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

Jemina Pearl @ Union Pool...
Jemina Pearl

The audience was left to wonder exactly what happened when Jemina Pearl walked off stage less than 30 minutes into her headlining set Saturday night (2/13) at Union Pool. The question wasn't the shortness itself, but the abruptness of her departure: after getting increasingly frustrated with something, she kicked the drum set, gave the one-finger salute to her band and left, to the stunned then embarrassed faces of her supporting trio. The show was really just getting started. "As long as everyone had fun, that's what matters," said the bass player sheepishly before getting a lit cigarette thrown at him by the singer, in a brief return to the stage.

They did manage to get through "I Hate People," a cover of "Band on the Run" and a handful of others (though not "Heartbeats" which one of the most enthusiastic fans requested as a not-to-be encore). It was an awkward hometown end to nearly a month of touring.

Openers Harlem were admirably sloppy and enthused (it's hard not to think of a less manic Black Lips). Their animated, banadana-ed singer/guitarist and more straight-laced drummer swapped roles halfway through the set, which brought out a different dynamic for sure - round two was cleaner with more of a focus on pointed guitar riffs and less on effusive vocals. The Austin band's second album is due this summer on Matador, and they'll be touring the West Coast for the next few weeks.

Jemina's next scheduled show/shows are SXSW. The full Ecstatic Peace SXSW showcase lineup (Thurston Moore, J Mascis & Andrew WK included), more Union Pool pictures, a video and Harlem tour dates are below...

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words by BBG, photos by Paul Birman

Unsane are KILLING it dead. -[MetalSucks]

Made Out Of Babies rrrarrrr!!! Julie rockin' amazing Blade Runner makeup - [terryhope]


Unsane played their first show in two years to a packed packed packed Union Pool with Made Out of Babies, United Nations and Dark Vibe on 2/12 (a BV/Osiris production). Besides a few bumps and bruises, blown eardrums, a chunk of eyebrow missing (sorry Julie Christmas), and the fact that some folks couldn't get in, the show was a huge success.

If you have never seen Unsane, these NYC noise rock legends are an absolute MUST SEE. Chris's jangly guitars cut through the mix like a razor blade while Vinny's big drums and Dave's distorted bass punch up the low end. To me, this band should be mentioned in the same breath as pioneers like The Jesus Lizard, Shellac, Helmet, and others... their live show is just pummeling! Essential.

Made Out of Babies were destructive as usual - with their instruments and to themselves. Part way through one of the bands' songs, Julie Christmas cut her eyebrow (presambly in her flailing around) and was GUSHING blood (the squeamish shouldn't look at the pics below). The band are currently working on new material and opened with one massive new jam devised in the past week.

My main beef with United Nations is that although I enjoy the individual projects of it's members in varying degrees (Converge, Thursday, HopeCon, Acid Tiger), I wish United Nations were a full-time endeavor. Incredible live show! UN is a must see, just wish it happened more often!

Bear in Heaven side project Dark Vibe opened the show. More pictures, setlists and videos below...

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DOWNLOAD: Midnight Masses - "There Goes Our Man" (MP3)
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Midnight Masses with Conrad and Jason of Trail of Dead
Midnight Masses with Conrad Keeley and Jason Reece

If it's February 2010 and a Wednesday, then odds are even that Midnight Masses are at Union Pool. The band began a weekly residency at the venue on February 3rd which continues this week (on Feb 10) with Mon Khmer and Light Asylum. Feb 17th includes Living Days (+TBA). Finally, they go out with a bang on Feb 24th, as the band will be joined by "the original lineup" of And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead (Conrad & Jason playing as a duo?).

Midnight Masses recently dropped "Red Ribbon Song (For Those Who've Gone)" for a name-your-price download. All proceeds will benefit the National AIDS Fund and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

All Midnight Masses dates, and a whole bunch of videos, below...

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Very excited to see one of my oldest favorite bands, GOSPEL, reunited tonight at Union Pool. - [TheUnknownGlow]
After three years away from the stage, and in front of a beyond sold-out crowd at Union Pool, Gospel made their triumphant return with the always unhinged noise punks Drunkdriver and galloping Tournament.

Though the band has been away from the stage a bit, they recently showed their hand with respect to new material... another show/record/tour? Possibly. More details to come, we'll keep you posted.

Drunkdriver has a ton of interesting shows in their near future as they prep to release their self-titled LP on Load Records. Look for the band at the WFMU/Aquarius Records, Load, and Parts Unknown shows at SXSW 2010. Before that, the band will play with Iron Age at Union Pool on 2/16 and intersect with another SXSW showcasing artist in NYC when they team up with Riot Season's Todd at Cake Shop on March 14th. The band is also scheduled to meet up with everyone's favorite massholes, Mind Eraser, at Death By Audio on June 9th.

All dates and tons of pics are below...

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Battlefields, at war.

Brooklyn's own (and future Mayhem/Ludicra tourmates) Tombs crossed paths with the ongoing Translation Loss Tour featuring Rosetta, City of Ships, and Battlefields at Union Pool on Friday, 1/22. The show was a BV/1000 Knives production, one of two happening this past weekend (the second was Magrudergrind/Defeatist at Cake Shop on Saturday).

Every band impressed, though the clear crowd pleasers were repeat NYC offenders Tombs and Rosetta. City of Ships matched the intensity of Look What God Did To Us with an equally bombastic live show while opener Battlefields blew me away once channeled through a decent PA (as opposed to the DIY jump-offs I've recently seen them play on). Tombs gets more explosive with every time out, and Winter Hours favorites like "Filled With Secrets" were as resonant as they were pummeling.

At the show, Rosetta announced another upcoming NYC show in addition to their show with East of The Wall & Goes Cube at The Charleston on 2/19. Look for the band at Public Assembly on 3/28 with Starkweather and Junius.

More pictures and videos from Union Pool, below...

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