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by Andrew Frisicano

Jemina Pearl @ Williamsburg Waterfront in July (more by Bao Nguyen)
Jemina Pearl

Ex-Be Your Own Pet singer Jemina Pearl is already a week into her January/February tour across North America. The trip finishes with a show ("with special guests") at Brooklyn's Union Pool on Saturday, February 13th.

While we're on the topic of special guests and Union Pool, The Ghost Of A Saber Toothed Tiger, the psych-pop band fronted by Sean Lennon, play the venue "with guests" on February 19th. Last time they performed, in November, the band consisted of keyboardist Yuka Honda, drummer Yuko Araki and singer/bassist Charlotte Kemp Muhl. Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band, a group that Lennon & Honda both perform with, bring a ton of guests to their show at BAM on February 16th.

The former BYOP-bandmates of Jemina & co-songwriter John Eatherly, Jake and Jamin Orral of JEFF the Brotherhood are touring (with a New York City show) too.

So far it's been quiet on the newsfront for Jemina in 2010, minus a blog post about her injured toe (which hopefully doesn't affect her on tour). Gross toe pic and all tour dates are below...

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words by BBG, photos by Sam Marble

Stevie Floyd of Dark Castle
Dark Castle

Dark Castle, The Atlas Moth, Wetnurse, and Tiger Flowers played on 11/17 as part of a BV sponsored event at Union Pool - part of a super intense week of NYC shows.

Young badasses Tiger Flowers started out the show with a steely dissonant hardcore intensity, but seemed to have a few nerves. As the set progressed the band became more focused, taut, comfortable, and WILD on stage. By the time they finished with personal fave "Drag", I was ready to hear another few songs.

I've liked Wetnurse for many years, and the local band were their usual intense and fun selves. They seemed water tight, possibly due to the show being the last of their touring cycle with The Atlas Moth. Frontman Eugene was in prime wild man form.

Chicago's The Atlas Moth were up next. The band's recorded output has been a recent favorite, but it doesn't match their live intensity and exacting execution; unreal live. The juxtaposition of vox/guitarist Stavros's high & low pitched screams against David's soaring and spot-on clean vocals sounded great against the wall of slight synths and crunchy guitars. I already can't wait to see them again.

It's hard to imagine such unholy bellows and thundering six-string power coming out of Dark Castle's thin as a rail frontwoman Stevie Floyd, and Rob Shaffer matches her riff-tensity with an intimidating drum kit. He uses both a marching snare and bass drum, with a floor tom that could pass for a regular kick drum and a rack tom that could pass for a floor tom. It was loud when i saw them at Lit Lounge, but through the more significant PA at Union Pool, needless to say, it was even louder. If you've never seen Dark Castle, you are truly truly missing out.

More pictures and Dark Castle tour dates below...

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words by BBG, photos by Chloe Rice


Metal Underground: You've toured with some great bands already. Like you said, you just got off the Children of Bodom tour, Danzig, which had to be really cool, and many other people. Who's been your favorite to tour with?

Scott (of Skeletonwitch): I don't think I could pick a favorite. We haven't had a bad experience. Especially, the bigger tours; definitely not. Maybe some smaller, earlier tours when we were in the pick-up truck which just sucked sometimes on our own account. But, everybody's been cool to us; Glen Danzig was fucking awesome. One of the coolest guys ever, took care of us and everything. Same thing with Amon Amarth and same thing with Bodom.

Chance (of Skeletonwitch): Yeah, we would run out of beer, Bodom would [say]," Take some of ours, we have too much." I have negative [to say] about the large tours. I'm glad to be a part of it.

Scott: A lot of bands won't tell you if it was bad. But, really, it wasn't. Like, I got nothing; don't have any dirt on anybody. Everybody was cool.

Metallica, schmetallica. The biggest metal band EVAR was filling MSG at that moment, but metalheads rejoiced for a different reason in Brooklyn, as Skeletonwitch and Black Anvil destroyed Union Pool on Saturday night (11/14). It was the second night in a row of the three-night Blackened Music Series weekend which ended Sunday at Le Poisson Rouge with Shrinebuilder. It started Friday at Union Pool with Krallice - a mayhem-filled show. I didn't think it could get any crazier on Saturday, but once Skeletonwitch demanded a circle pit, and GOT ONE, I knew I was wrong.

There are many that do blackened thrash, thrash, or some variant thereof, but what separates the 'witch (and Municipal Waste, DRI, and a select few others for that matter) from the pack is that the boys don't take themselves too seriously. Every song was introduced by a tongue in cheek intro ("This one's about Satannnnnnnnn!") by vocalist Chance, and followed by the nail-cuffed Ohioan zig-zagging across the stage, pointing at audience members and crowdsurfers while screeching out lyrics. Many PBRs went into the wildman's perfomrnace/theatricality, and all I could do was beam from ear to ear. Skeletonwitch is a very fun live band.

The show was the last US date in 2009 for the hard-touring Skeletonwitch. They're prepping to hit Europe in the tail end of November and December. All dates and more pictures from Union Pool, below...

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photos by Lori Baily, words by BBG

Krallice at Union Pool, replete with stage invaders

Almost no music is more ripe for renovation than black metal, with its hyper mannerisms, its flamboyant obscurantism, its single-mood monotony. Some recent American bands have been doing just that, without Satanism, face paint or bad aesthetics. Krallice, a New York City band with an excellent new record, "Dimensional Bleedthrough" (Profound Lore), takes some of black metal's conventions - its blast beats and guitar drones and scoured vocal yells - and adds physical and intellectual urgency... As written by Mick Barr (also of the bands Ocrilim and Orthrelm) and Colin Marston (of Behold ... the Arctopus), these songs have tons of structure: strategic repetition, moving harmony, sections that develop with new melodic strains. It's way aggressive, but it hasn't closed in on itself. [New York Times]
Friday night's record release show was more like a record release party as Krallice set Union Pool ablaze. The show, night one of a full 'Blackened Weekend', featured killer sets from the controversial black (?) metallers Liturgy, the great Malkuth (who were sick once again), and sludge duo Orphan. Openers were good, but the crowd kicked it up to 11 when Krallice hit the stage, causing a giant mosh pit that consumed literally 1/3 - 1/2 of the floor of Union Pool. (I watched the show from above).

24 hours later Skeltonwitch (with Black Anvil) would somehow best Krallice in crowd participation. Photos from that show, as well as from the Shrinebulder/Rwake/Liturgy show are on the way.

After a day of rest (today, unless you are headed to The Jesus Lizard), the madness continues. A list of upcoming shows at the end of the pictures from Union Pool, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Wild Beasts - All the Kings Men (MP3)

photos by Tim Griffin

Wild Beasts

I cannot recommend seeing this band in concert strongly enough. As wonderful as the songs are on record, I don't think you get the full idea of their character or a full sense of their level of craft as musicians. Their set is both unambiguously fun and heart-meltingly lovely, and I find that this combination of silly and romantic is quite hard to come by. Also, it's worth noting that the singers look exactly as you'd want them to: Hayden Thorpe has a shabby, roguish affect that suits his hobo-with-the-voice-of-an-opera-diva style, and Tom Fleming -- the guy with the deep, heroic tone -- looks like he should be riding around on a horse in a suit of armor. [Fluxblog]
The above review is from Friday night's show at Union Pool in Brooklyn (9/11). It was the final of three Wild Beasts shows in NYC last week. The others were at Joe's Pub and at Mercury Lounge. They currently have no other U.S. dates scheduled.

More pictures from Union Pool, the setlist & video, along with all international tour dates, below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Woe, photo by Scott Kinkade

As if Burnt By The Sun, Tombs, Black Anvil, and Bloodhorse at Cake Shop (10/2) wasn't enough, now you can look forward to a SECOND helping of heaviness on the first weekend in October! Just two nights after the Cake Shop is set ablaze, storm clouds will roll into town as BrooklynVegan is proud to present Woe, Aluk Todolo, Malkuth, and Castevet at Union Pool on 10/4! $8 gets you in the door.

Woe's smashing LP, A Spell For The Death of Man, recently saw a vinyl release and is currently available for pay-what-you-want download.

Frenchmen Aluk Todolo dabble in a hybrid of black metal and krautrock (seriously!), and feature members of Diamatregon. Their new album Finsternis is out NOW, pick that up at Aquarius Records, who called it "a slow shifting otherworld defined by This Heat, Geronimo, Laddio Bolocko, Can, [and] Faust". The Union Pool show is part of a short US tour that also includes a few other NYC dates including Music Hall of Williamsburg with Faust on 10/1 (part of the WFMU Festival). All dates below.

Malkuth and Castevet both played shows this past weekend: Malkuth at Lit Lounge with Dark Castle, Orphan, and The Body, Castevet at Show No Mercy on 9/6 with Gnaw, Mick Barr, and Period. Pic sets from those shows are on the way.

A Woe video and the show flyer are with the dates below...

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words and photos by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Moutheater - "Swallowed Whole" (MP3)


While I managed to catch most of the "North America is Doomed" show on 8/9, I did scoot over to Union Pool just in time for the mighty Doomriders and Converge-related breathren/new Deathwish signees Acid Tiger. That means that I missed Moutheater (mems-Jesuit) as well as I Hate Our Freedom (mems-Pilot To Gunner, Milhouse).

Fortunately, I was able to catch up with the Moutheater guys prior to Acid Tiger, picking up a copy of their newest LP, Ornament. This noise-crust-core band's long-player sits comfortably in a groove between the Albini-produced greats of yore (Jesus Lizard, Neurosis, Shellac, et al) and in fact, Mr Albini lent his considerable weight to the band's debut 7", Lot Lizard. That LP is out now via Thrashed Records, and you can grab a hold of an MP3 from it above!

Acid Tiger is cut from a similar cloth as Doomriders. Featuring Ben Koller of Converge on drums, the band's vaguely hardcore, vaguely sludge, vaguely punk chug carries less of the party vibe that ran through the center of Black Thunder, but a good portion of the power. Besides the catchy riffs, J Rattlesnake is a riveting frontman and Acid Tiger has the energy to make their debut worth a listen.

New Doomriders material seemed to be the focus of the show on Sunday, and from the sound of it, their upcoming LP Darkness Comes Alive will be less "the soundtrack to chugging beers" and more "the soundtrack to smashing a bottle over another man's head". Great set as usual from this foursome, who closed with "Black Thunder" which ignited a mosh pit (in Union Pool!) but... GUYS! Whats up with being more amazing on Sunday than you were at Europa? Gr.

Converge will join Mastodon, High On Fire, and Dethklok at Hammerstein Ballroom on 10/30. The band's new LP, Axe To Fall, is due via Epitaph on 10/20.

More Union Pool pics below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva


One look at their merch table (below) and you can tell that the Dysrhythmia boys are slightly busy. The story that it doesn't tell is all of the production projects that Colin Marston is taking on at Menegroth (his studio), the in-process Krallice LP, or the Gorguts reunion with fellow Dysrhythmia bandmate Kevin Hufnagel. With all of this on their plate, the NYC boys have decided "What the hey! Let's also headline a full US tour!" Sounds great guys. Full tour dates are below, including a string of dates with recent Show No Mercy / BV-BBG alumni STATS which culminates in their final show of the tour, Nov 1st at Union Pool.

Dysrhythmia are touring off of their new LP Psychic Maps, and played a record release party at Union Pool on July 18th. Pics from that show which included opener La Otracina, as well as a video of the band barreling through "Festival Of Popular Delusions", and all dates, below...

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Olof Arnalds @ Prospect Park (more by Chris La Putt)
Olof Arnalds

Iceland's Olof Arnalds, whose most recent NYC show took place in Brooklyn's Prospect Park, will be doing shows on the West Coast and New York this September. In NYC, she'll be playing a mid-week run that includes a September 15th show at Sycamore (her third time back to the new Brooklyn venue), a September 16th gig at the intimate Rockwood Music Hall and a September 17th gig at Union Pool. She'll be joined on stage by Davíð Þór Jónsson, who also accompanied Olof on her spring tour.

The first of those shows (Sept. 15 at Syacmore) will be an "all covers" gig to mark the release of Olof's first US release, a tour 7" with covers of Brazilian singer Caetano Veloso (also loved by David Byrne) and Iceland's Elly Vilhálms. That record is a lead up to Arnald's second full-length, Ókídókí, which we're told is currently being mastered at The Lodge in NYC and will be out in early 2010.

Olof's friends and sometime-bandmates in múm will be in NYC on October 24th for a show at (Le) Poisson Rouge as part of their new-album-promoting North American tour. Tickets are still on sale.

All Olof dates, a video taken in Prospect Park (but not of the official show), and the tracklist for Olof's 7", below...

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Girls @ Cake Shop in NYC (more by Tim Griffin)

Girls and Los Campesinos! are kicking off a tour together at Webster Hall in NYC on Tuesday (8/4, tickets), but first you can catch them at secret-ish show at Union Pool in Brooklyn TONIGHT (8/3). $10 tickets at the door only, 8pm doors, 8:30 show.

The show takes place before Reverend Vince Anderson gets there. Maybe Natalie Portman will stop by.

words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Paul Birman


Saviours and Sourvein took over Union Pool on 7/29, with an assist going out to Children. The date was one of three for Saviours in the coming weeks, including supporting The Walkmen & Dinosaur Jr, as well as Cake Shop on 7/31 where they will team up with Pollution and Bezoar.

Pics from Union Pool (is that Natalie Portman?) and tour dates are below....

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by Black Bubblegum

Jebb Riley of Doomriders (& Disappearer) on stage at the BV-BBG Showcase during the Northside Festival (more by Jason Walker)

Though Doomriders are directly responsible for throbbing neck pains due to the head-nodding whiplash incurred on June 14th at the BV-BBG showcase, the band is determined to punish the tri-state further when they hit the road for a handful of dates including Union Pool on August 9th. Along for the ride are recent Deathwish signees Acid Tiger (featuring Ben Koller of Converge), Moutheather (featuring Nate Newton's bandmate in Jesuit, Brett Mathews), and I Hate Our Freedom (who are also scheduled to play Mercury Lounge with errortype:11). Full tour dates are below.

Meanwhile, bassist Jebb Riley of Doomriders' other project, Disappearer, have recently made their new LP The Clearing available for free download (much like their last EP). Disappearer are scheduled to support the reunited Cave In at their reunion show THIS WEEKEND in Allston, MA (7/19). More on Disappearer here.

Sourvein also played the BV-BBG show at Europa, and will be at Union Pool in the coming weeks as well.

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Saviours - "Acid Hand" (MP3)


The last time we saw Bay Area badasses Saviours it was at The Charleston. This time the band has scheduled TWO NYC area shows, both with very different but kickass lineups. First up, Saviours are scheduled to take on Union Pool with Children and BV faves Sourvein on July 29th! Tickets are on sale. Then two weeks later on Aug 12th, Saviours will round out a very odd but nonetheless amazing bill with Dinosaur Jr and The Walkmen at Summerstage.

Saviours recently completed production on their follow-up to Into Abaddon, are gearing up to hit the road with Skeletonwitch and Trap Them, and are releasing a series of seven-inches. One of those tracks, "Acid Hand", is downloadable above. Full tour dates are below.

T-Roy of Sourvein's cousin, Dixie Dave of Weedeater, is hitting the road with Down & Melvins.

All dates below...

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July 4th

Advice for attending July 4th fireworks: arrive early and expect crowds [Everything Hudson]
Another piece of advice -- be in New Jersey or Manhattan. This year's Macy's 4th of July fireworks are going to be located in the Hudson River only, so spots in Brooklyn and Queens won't have a very good view (if any). They kick off at 9pm. Viewing locations HERE.

What are you doing on the 4th? Below we've listed a bunch of other options if you'll be in NYC (and a few if you want to leave)...

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Rev. Vince Anderson

On June 15th, Black Betty regulars Rev. Vince Anderson and his Love Choir played the final show at that Brooklyn venue. Since then, after 4+ years at Black Better, Reverend Vince has moved his act to Brooklyn venue Union Pool for a Monday night residency, which debuted on June 22nd. Admission to the shows is free.

More info on Rev. Vince and his residency, which includes "special weekly guests," below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Bloodhorse - "Paranoiac" (MP3)


Combining elements of punk, doom, and plain 'ol brute force, Boston's Bloodhorse have dropped their new LP Horizoner on Translation Loss. Check out the sublime "Paranoiac", available for download above, and stream the entire LP at MySpace.

In celebration of the release of Horizoner, Bloodhorse will play a record release show at Union Pool in NYC (?) on June 10th with the mighty Medusa (mems Racebannon, profiled here) and Pollution! Check out the flyer below, that's a great triple bill.

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DOWNLOAD: Here We Go Magic - Fangela (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Here We Go Magic - Fangela (live on Laundromatinee) (MP3)

Here We Go Magic

Here We Go Magic are about to depart on their tour with Grizzly Bear that kicks off after they play three local shows (Town Hall, Town Hall, MHOW), but first, you can catch Luke Temple and band tonight (5/26, 10pm) at a secretish show at Union Pool in Brooklyn with Midnight Masses. FREE SHOW.

For more HWGM, check out their new Daytrotter Session, as well as the one they recorded for Laundromatinee. All dates below...

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WAVVES & Psychedelic Horseshit - BFF

Psychedelic Horseshit are back in town! Catch them at Brooklyn's Union Pool with Little Girls and Sisters tonight (5/20).

PH's good friends Times New Viking will be back in Brooklyn in June.

And tickets are now on AmEx pre-sale for the much larger show that PH's best friend of all, WAVVES, is playing at Bowery Ballroom in June.

photos by Justina Villanueva, words by Black Bubblegum

Coady and Toshi of Big Business
Big Business

"After much anticipation, Los Angeles based rock heroes BIG BUSINESS have just released their latest and most epic album to date. Entitled "Mind The Drift," the album is available courtesy of the renowned Hydra Head Records, and was produced by Phil Ek (Built To Spill, Fleet Foxes, The Shins) in his Seattle studio.

Featuring the ferocious vocals and bass duties of Jared Warren (ex-Karp, Tight Bros From Way Back When), dominating drumming abilities of Coady Willis (also of the newly revived Murder City Devils), and for the first time, guitar madman Toshi Kasai (also a respected producer in his own right), "Mind the Drift"... [PR]

...is streaming in its entirety @ MindTheDrift.com.

The Big Business and Tweak Bird train landed at Union Pool on 5/9 and Mercury Lounge on May 10th (with Titan). All tour dates, and more pictures from the Brooklyn show below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Au Revoir Simone - Shadows (MP3)

Au Revoir Simone @ Union Pool - Apr 13, 2009
Au revoir simone

Au Revoir Simone have announced more dates for their upcoming US tour. As mentioned before, tickets are already on sale ARS's two upcoming NYC shows: Music Hall of Williamsburg on May 29 and Bowery Ballroom on June 27.

The Brooklyn trio played a fun, packed show on Monday at Union Pool as a warm-up for this extensive haul on which they're about to embark. They stuck mainly to tracks from their upcoming album Still Night, Still Light which is out May 18 on the band's own Our Secret Record Company label - a double 10" vinyl version included. The first single is "Shadows" and you can download the MP3 of it at the top of this post.

Tour dates and video of ARS performing "Shadows" at Monday's Union Pool show after the jump...

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"She was talkative, funny, charming, adorable. She had a tattoo on her back that read "I Love Beards.""


Someone sent me a link to VICE's "DEPARTMENT OF OOPSIES! - WE HIRED A GRIFTER" article the other day (above picture included). I assumed, being that it was VICE, that it was a joke. I wasn't really sure what the point was.

It wasn't until someone else sent me the link to Wednesday's Observer article that I realized this was a true story. Gawker sums it up like this:

It's a crazy new hipster character fond of criminal and sexual hijinks! Let's meet Kari Ferrell, the 22 year-old tattooed Utah girl who scammed her way through hipster Brooklyn. Sex, lies, cancer, and bands, yea!

Kari's story first came out when she lied her way into a job at Vice. That lasted a week, until someone there Googled her and found out she was wanted back in Utah for fraud, theft, and $60K in bad checks, and was generally a con artist.

But today [4/15] former Gawkerer Doree Shafrir comes out with a monstrous piece in the Observer on Kari's whole freaking life story (Doree is most comfortable when dealing with the criminal element). Oh it is delightful, assuming you weren't personally unfortunate enough to come in contact with the brash young pathological liar/ vixen! The short version: Kari stole and scammed her way around Salt Lake City for a while, then decamped to Brooklyn, where she resumed stealing and scamming, using aggressive sex appeal and wild lies like "I have cancer" or "I'm pregnant" or "I work there" (sometimes all at once, to her boyfriends!) to get...money? Validation? She's obviously mad psycho. [Gawker]

The Observer article is full of familiar terms like, Vice, Union Pool, Williamsburg, GoldenVoice, Coachella, Rutgers, Happy Ending, beards, Brooklyn Label, Greenpoint, and AEG.

It's strange that she came to Brooklyn and used her real name. Check her out in the Salt Lake City Police's Most Wanted video below...

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by Bill Pearis

1/3 of Au Revoir Simone @ Radio Room in Austin (BV party) (by Ryan Muir/Metromix)
Au Revoir Simone

Brooklyn's Au Revoir Simone release their second full-length, Still Night, Still Light, next month and are about to head out on on a European tour (where their album comes out this month). As a warm up though, Annie, Erika and Heather are playing a "secret" show this Monday (4/13) at Union Pool. Tickets are also on sale now for two upcoming proper NYC shows: May 29 at Music Hall of Williamsburg, which will start their U.S. tour and then Bowery Ballroom on June 27 which comes at the end. Full dates are still pending.

Still Night, Still Light was produced by Thom Monahan who is a member of The Pernice Brothers and has recently twiddled knobs for Vetiver, Little Joy, and The Broken West. Au Revoir Simone played a really nice set last month as part of the Brooklynvegan day party during SXSW, and footage of them performing new song "All or Nothing" is at the bottom of this post. You can also check out early versions of three songs from the new album (which I like a lot) over at The Recess Sessions, which were filmed by Vincent Moon of La Blogothèque Take-a-Way show fame.

SXSW video and all known tour dates, below...

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Akron Family

Akron/Family's three March NYC shows were previously sold out, but now tickets are back on sale for the March 29th one with Larkin Grimm at Union Pool. That venue is much smaller than Bowery Ballroom where their NYC show after that will take place. The May 6th date was just announced and tickets go on sale Friday at noon.

Also just announced: Akron/Family are playing ATP NY on September 12 with Animal Collective, Panda Bear, Melvins and many more.

Their new album, Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free, will be released by Dead Oceans one day before the Bowery show...

"Everyone is Guilty" is the first single from AKRON/FAMILY'S upcoming May 5th full-length release, Set 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free. Featuring album opener "Everyone is Guilty" along with non-album b-side "Total Destruction," this single is available as a limited edition 7" and digital release. The vinyl will be available at Akron/Family shows and via record stores participating in Record Store Day 2009.
Akron/Family are also playing a bunch of shows in Austin for SXSW. All dates below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Weird Owl - "Mind Mountain" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Weird Owl - "Skeletelepathic" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Naam - "Kingdom" (MP3)

Weird Owl, stone cold lampin' at the pearly gates.
Weird Owl

Its retro-psychedelia night at Union Pool as Weird Owl, Naam, and Heavy Hands will team up for a show at TONIGHT (2/20) to celebrate the release of Weird Owl's Tee Pee debut, Ever The Silver Cord be Loosed out NOW... pick it up here. NSFW show flyer is below.

With Tee Pee Records debut, Ever the Silver Cord Be Loosed, the Brooklyn-based band has figured out how to make their alt-country psych rock work for them. Sure, there's plenty of "Heart of Gold" twang to tracks like "13 Arrows, 13 Stars" and "Phases of the Moon," but this time around, Weird Owl doesn't sound so indebted to the Crazy Horse frontman's body of work (okay, maybe parts of "In the Secrecy of Oceans" are very reminiscent of "Ohio").

The band's best on "Mind Mountain," "Do What th' Owl Wilt," and "Flying Low Through the Air After Thunder," numbers where they up the psych quotient while still maintaining strong songwriting focus. -[Stoner Rock]

Check out the smooth retro-rockin' sounds of "Mind Mountain" and "Skeletelepathic" available for download above. Weird Owl also has another show on their calendar... a little more than a week later (Feb 28th) at Pianos with Wicked Hemlocks.

Naam, who recently signed on with Tee Pee Records, are currently working on their full-length long-player, due in late 2009. Heavy Hands' debut, Smoke Signals, dropped in November of last year. Julian Cope had some kind words to say about it.

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Dead Man - "Rest In Peace" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Radio Moscow - "Frustrating Sound" (MP3)

Dead Man

Swedish throwback proto-doomers Dead Man are teaming up with Radio Moscow for a short US tour kicking off TONIGHT (2/5) at Union Pool and concluding Feb 21st at Cake Shop! Union Pool gets Headdress while Cake Shop will also feature Bogan Dust and D. Charles Speer & the Helix.

Dead Man, whose members possess a wealth of musical experience derived from time spent in various Swedish acts (including the hard rock band Norrsken, which also featured in its ranks current Witchcraft front man Magnus Pelander and Graveyard members Joakim Nilsson and Rikard Edlund), play magnetic, spirited rock with melancholic undertones and "a slight touch of darkness" (calling for comparisons to Jefferson Airplane, Blue Cheer, Dungen and Dead Meadow).
Dead Man does share some stylistic traits with those bands, but also quite alot of folk, as evidenced by their new record, Euphoria, out NOW on Crusher Records. Check out "Rest In Peace" available for download above.

Radio Moscow drops their new record Brain Cycles on April 14th via Alive Records, thats just nine days after the band is scheduled to play Roadburn with Neurosis, Saint Vitus, Om, and many many more.

Tour poster and all dates below...

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