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DOWNLOAD: Bon Iver - Blood Bank (MP3)

Vivian Girls rocking for kids @ the Living Room - Jan 9, 2009 (by Maryanne Ventrice)
Vivian Girls and kids

today in NYC
* Whiplash @ UCB
* Les Paul @ Iridium
* Mondomundo Fest @ SOB's
* Matteah Baim @ Chelsea Market
* Brooklyn Songwriters Exchange @ Union Hall
* City and Colour & William Elliot Whitmore @ Bowery Ballroom

Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against The Machine was born today in 1970.

Brooklyn Songwriters Exchange brings Lucy Wainwright Roche, Rebecca Pronsky, Stephen Clair, and Brooke Campbell to Union Hall tonight for free.

"On January 12, in presenting the second part of the 2nd Annual Mondo Mundo Festival at S.O.B.'s, the Mondo Mundo Agency brings APAP attendees and NYC fans alike an eclectic line-up of four globally-influenced ensembles each with a unique, modern interpretation on music from Ireland, Latin America and Morocco.; the first 100 industry presenters with APAP badges will get into the festival for free. Mondo Mundo Agency will present a second evening of music as part of their 2nd Annual Mondo Mundo Festival featuring four artists from their roster including The McDades, Zemog El Gallo Bueno, Jose Conde and Hassan Hakmoun at S.O.B.'s."

happy 50th Birthday Motown.

NY Mag has a feature on Antony & the Johnsons.

Pop Matters lists the Best Music Journalism from 2008.

Goblin Cock tour dates.

The Wall Street Journal suggests How the Music Industry Can Get Digital Satisfaction.

The picture up there is from the Kidrockers gig the Vivian Girls played over the weekend. All of their dates HERE.

Bon Iver's new song "Blood Bank" above. Franz Ferdinand's new song "Ulysses" below...

What else?

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Spiderman Obama

today in NYC
* Terror @ Europa
* NY Times Arts & Leisure
* The Lisps @ Zipper Theater
* Mos Def @ Highline Ballroom
* Forro in the Dark @ Joe's Pub
* World/Inferno Friendship Society @ Webster Hall
* Afterworlds, Gates of Heaven & Apple Deaf @ Cake Shop
* Endless Boogie, Psychic Ills & Mike Fellows @ Glasslands
* Camper Van Beethoven & Victor Krummenacher @ Bowery Ballroom
* Tyvik, Psychedelic Horseshit & Kurt Vile @ Less Artists More Condos
* Bear Hands, Holy Hail, Atarah Valentine & Statehood @ The Studio at Webster Hall
* Great Lake Swimmers, Haley Bonar & Daniel Martin Moore @ The Bell House
* My Teenage Stride, The Jaguar Club & Bridges and Powerlines @ Union Hall
* Carcinogenic Static (members of Talibam! & USAISAMONSTER) @ Market Hotel
* John Brown's Body, Globesonic, Jenny Scheinman, Haale & Sulha Sound System @ (le) poisson rouge

Jimmy Page was born today in 1944.

Laundromatinee has in-studio audio and video from a session with the Vivian Girls.

Tom Cruise emotional over Travolta death
DRM-free iTunes Store to haunt Apple?
The Golden Globes are Sunday.
Obama gets his own Spiderman comic book.
Dolly Parton picked for Gospel Hall of Fame.
Stevie Wonder Helps Promote Technology For Visually Impaired.
Linksys offers full wireless alternative to Sonos.
Beatles music pulled from Norweigian podcasts.

Move over Animal Collective, Sanjaya's long awaited album is here.

Above is an alternate cover for Jaydiohead.

Below is a video from 7 Worlds Collide. In it, Ed O'Brien (guitar), Liam Finn (guitar), Jeff Tweedy (vocals/guitar), John Stirratt (bass), Phil Selway (drums), and Johnny Marr (guitar), are performing Radiohead's Fake Plastic Trees...

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DOWNLOAD: Vivian Girls - Blind Spot (Daisy Chain cover) (MP3)

Vivian Girls @ the Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ (thepiratehat)
Vivian Girls

Vivian Girls, NYC & NJ 2009
Dec 31 (NYE) - they opened for Yo La Tengo
Jan 04 - they played the Court Tavern (see above)
Jan 11 - they're playing for kids @ the Living Room
Jan 14 - they're playing w/ Titus Andronicus @ Maxwell's
Jan 20 - they're playing w/ Fucked Up & Pissed Jeans @ MARKET HOTEL *
Feb 19 - they're opening for M Ward @ Apollo Theater $

* the MH show was moved from Danbro Studios
$ one of three shows they're playing with M Ward. Weird? yes.

All dates below...

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today in NYC & NJ
* ASSSSCAT 3000 @ UCB Theatre
* The Musical Box @ Nokia Theater
* The Bad Plus @ Village Vanguard
* Vivian Girls & Screaming Females @ Court Tavern in NJ
* Uninhabitable Mansions, Joe & the Flying Spoons, Purse Snatchers @ Cake Shop

Sound Fix is also hosting a mixtape exchange.

Bon Jovi is playing a benefit @ Town Hall to help Hillary Clinton get out of debt (not today).

Some people in the comments seem to think My Morning Jacket is like Bon Jovi.

Robert Christgau's writing can now be found on Barnes & Noble's website.

Sasha Frere-Jones gives Chris Dane Owens video of the year.

Heartonastick went to see Letters to Cleo at Bowery Ballroom.

Rainbow Room to close restaurant, citing economy.

Fire in Thailand Nightclub Kills at Least 59.

Jett Travolta, RIP

Skeletons played Death By Audio on January 2nd. Video from the show below...

What else?

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Fucked Up @ the Rogan Store (more by Chris La Putt)
Fucked Up

That wasn't long. Fucked Up and Vivian Girls will be sharing a NYC bill again on January 20th. The Todd P show at Danbro Studios in Brooklyn also has Pissed Jeans listed as playing. Should be a good one. All FU tour dates with the various openers, below...

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photos by Zach Stern

DOWNLOAD: The King Khan & BBQ Show - Teenage Foetus (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The King Khan & BBQ Show - I'll Never Belong (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The King Khan & BBQ Show - Zombies (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The King Khan & BBQ Show - Blow My Top (MP3)

King Khan & BBQ Show

King Khan & The BBQ Show played their 2nd of two Thanksgiving-weekend shows in NYC last night (Sunday, 11/30) at Bowery Ballroom with the A-Bones (a band that features Ira from Yo La Tengo as a member) and Vivian Girls (the makers of the 4th best album of the year according to Gorilla vs Bear). Their (KK & BBQ) next show, as just announced, is this Wednesday at the WIRED Store. Vivian Girls' next local show is New Years Eve at Wellmont Theater with Yo La Tengo. One of VG's other recent NYC shows didn't have King Khan on the bill, but he was also there.

King Khan & BBQ didn't release much this year, but King Khan and the Shrines did release "The Supreme Genius of King Khan and the Shrines" on VICE which at least one person thinks was one of the best albums of the year.

More pictures from Sunday night's Bowery show below...

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photos by Lori Baily


Deerhunter, Bell and Violens are playing a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn on Monday, December 8th. That's pretty soon, and tickets are on sale.

The occasion is the 2008 Stereogum Gummy Awards which has gone from being a simple online contest to a simple online contest with its own show. Voting for "Best Album", "Best Live Act", and other categories like "Best Music Blog" (hint) is going on now. The polls close December 2nd which is six days before this show.

Deerhunter last played the same Brooklyn venue on November 7th. While they were in town (with Times New Viking), they also played a show at Bowery Ballroom one day later - November 8th (exactly one month earlier than the Gummy date). Lori took pictures at that show, but we never posted them (until now). More pictures and all tour dates below...

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Photos by Gabi Porter

King Khan w/ LiveFastDie

"Livefastdie are probably my favorite band in New York right now. Seeing them live is like watching three-to-five crazed gibbons spinning out of control on the edge of a towering precipice, if that were a rock and roll band who play funny songs that sound like the Ramones. (I know citing the Ramones is music-journalism shorthand for "I don't know any other punk bands," but in this case it's true.)" [VICE]
Continuing with our "Where's King Khan?" series (previous CMJ spottings = at the Antics Black Lips show & at his own show with BBQ), here's a set of pictures from Thursday (10/23) night's MyOpenBar party at Don Pedro's...

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words by Andrew Frisicano, Photos by Zach Stern

Fucked Up

After missing out on Fucked Up's two previous night's of NYC fun, I dropped by their gig at Market Hotel (10/16).

I missed Canadian punks Inepsy, but caught Vivian Girls whose sound bounced nicely around the wedge-shaped room. Lately they've been reminding me of Electrelane (who I'm also secretly hoping they turn into).

It was my first time seeing Fucked Up, and from the pictures, videos, and constant write-ups I found it hard to anticipate what would actually happen. The Village Voice wrote, "It took all of no time at all for a moshpit to break out...there is, so far, nothing comfortable at all about this show. It's quite savage".

Maybe the vibe was way different, but the Market Hotel show was anything but uncomfortable (less uncomfortable too since they started requesting that people smoke in the backrooms, due to the space's one window of ventilation).

Fucked Up took the stage quickly (which is always appreciated) and went on to host the evening like a house party show. They took requests, handed the mic off to crowd-members and friends (see below), and thanked the crowd graciously afterward for coming. There were a couple references to the show the night before at Bowery Ballroom along the lines of, "Where were you guys last night?" - directed toward the twenty/thirty or so kids in front diving on each other to get their singalongs into the mic.

Some highlights were the the creepy interlude of "David Comes to Life" sang from the middle of the crowd, the transition from Hidden World opener "Crusades" to Chemistry of Modern Life opener "Son the Father," and "Crooked Head" with Vivian Girls on back-up vox.

To cap the night, a guy named Mike sang a cover, followed by a buy named Ian. Pink Eyes stood to the side with a huge grin on his face, announced that Ian's performance couldn't be topped, and the band closed with him singing another cover.

More pictures from the show below...

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Kickball Katy playing with Fucked Up (more by Chris La Putt)

The L Magazine (aka Marc Hogan): I know you've covered one of the Wipers' songs. Is there an album in particular of theirs that you guys are big on?
Kickball Katy (aka 1/3 of Vivian Girls): We love Youth of America. Like, the first couple. Youth of America, the Over the Edge album and Is This Real, those are three of the best albums ever made, in my opinion. Cassie definitely agrees, and so does Ali. We just wanted to write some crazy songs like that. We're not that good, but we do like those albums a lot, and those are the things that we really had in common. We also really liked Dead Moon. They're in that new band, what is it? Pierced Arrows. I haven't seen them yet, but I saw Dead Moon like two years ago and it was awesome.


The L: Not to belabor the point, but with Frankie, that was officially a "kick out" not an "I'm quitting" kind of thing?
KK: Yeah, I wouldn't want to harp on this too much, but yeah, we had to ask her to leave. For various reasons that I won't get into.

The L: You guys are still friends with Crystal Stilts?
KK: We love Crystal Stilts. JB [Townsend, guitar], Brad [Hargett, vocals], and Andy [Adler, bass] are three really, really cool dudes. We were just hanging out with them the other night. We're still good friends with them. Things are cool, still.

Pierced Arrows play Maxwell's in Hoboken tonight (Oct 17). All tour dates below...

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Photos by Chris La Putt

Fucked Up

Chris stopped by the Rogan Store before heading to Highline Ballroom to catch Jamie Lidell. Like Ryan, he saw the Vivian Girls play the store with Fucked Up (10/14). It's a lineup that repeats itself tonight at Bowery Ballroom (10/15) and again Thursday (10/16) at Market Hotel. Chris was going to stay at the Fucked Up show until 8:00, but they went on an hour break around 7:00 (a 12 hour show? false advertising!). More of Chris's pics below...

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Photos by Ryan Muir

Fucked Up

Ryan's official shift at the 12-hour Fucked Up show was really only 4-6, but he got there a little late and stayed much longer. John Joseph did two Cro-Mags songs with Fucked Up ("Malfunction" and "Life of My Own"). Tim Harrington sang "Over the Edge" by Underdog, "Victim in Pain" by Agnostic Front, and then moshed while someone grabbed the mic and sang Agnostic Front's "Last Warning" F'd Up played "Blitzkrieg Bop" by the Ramones twice. First with Moby singing and then later with Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend singing. Moby also did "12XU" by Minor Threat and "Nervous Breakdown" by Black Flag. Ezra also sang "Parents" by the Descendents and a Blitz song. J. Mascis did "Chunks" by Last Rites (a song D Jr often covers) with them while Matador's Gerard was on guitar and then J. played drums while Fucked Up played "I Saw It" by Deep Wound. Fucked Up of course played lots of hardcore and punk covers on their own too, and even some originals. Pictures of it all below...

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Moby and Carla Rhodes helping animals (more by Lori Baily)
Moby and Carla Rhodes

today in NYC
* Les Paul @ Iridium
* The Notwist & Dosh @ Webster Hall
* Bearsuit, Boy Genius, CJ Boyd @ Cake Shop
* Atmosphere @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* Love is All, Titus Andronicus, Abe Vigoda @ Maxwell's
* Queen Latina, Amanda Lepore, DJ Sammy Jo @ Mercury Lounge (Scissor Sisters)
* The Dead C, Sightings, Northampton Woods, King Darves @ Bowery Ballroom
* Chuck Ragan (Hot Water Music), Ben Nichols (Lucero), Tim Barry (of Avail) @ Gramercy Theatre

Paul Simon was born today in 1941 (age 67). He played a few songs at Town Hall the other day.

Kele Okereke was born today in 1981 (age 27).

The Undisputed Heavyweights play their final show tomorrow.

Ed Sullivan died today in 1974.

"Columbus Day is traditionally marked by going to parades that honor the man credited with 'discovering' America. But for Native Americans, whose ancestors were displaced and marginalized by the European journey to this continent, it's a day of somber reflection or even mourning." [NPR]

Video of Vivian Girls playing their record release show at Silent Barn below...

What else?

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Photos by Kurt Christensen

Love is All

Love is All complete their string of east coast dates with a show at Maxwell's in Hoboken tonight (Monday, October 13) with Titus Andronicus and Abe Vigoda. On Friday they opened for Of Montreal at Roseland Ballroom. In November they return to the US, but this time to the west coast to play the Part Time Punks Festival and a bunch of other shows with Vivian Girls. Those dates and more Roseland pics below...

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Portastatic @ Sled Island 2008 (more by Rae Holtsabum)

It's the "CMJ Artist Lounge at Red Bull Space Presented By Paste, KCRW.com, and indie outlaw." Open to CMJ artist badges all day. Free to the public at night. Band schedule and flyer below...

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Bowery Ballroom

CMJ 2008 at Bowery Ballroom

10/21 - Lykke Li / Friendly Fires / Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson / Micachu (sold out)
10/22 - Margot And The Nuclear So & So's / Wild Sweet Orange / Love As Laughter / Audrye Sessions / Shugo Tokumaru / Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons
10/23 - Delays / Scouting For Girls / Black Joe Louis & The Honeybears / Chester French / Janelle Monae
10/24 - Jay Reatard / Longwave / White Lies / Violens / Japanese Motors / SweetWater
10/25 - Little Jackie (early show)
10/25 - A Place to Bury Strangers / Crystal Antlers / Vivian Girls / Marnie Stern / All The Saints (late show)
Some of these are old news. Some are new. All of them are now (or almost) on sale at Ticketmaster.

Delays is the biggest surprise, but not necessarily a good surprise. I haven't liked their new direction. You can hear for yourself at MySpace.

Black Joe Louis & The Honeybears just so happens to be also playing NYC tonight (10/7).

The Saturday night show should be a great one, especially for people from out of town who don't get as many chances to see the three local bands on the bill.

Mercury Lounge shows are listed HERE.

The BV show is at MHOW.

photos by Tim Griffin

Vivian Girls

Friday (10/3) morning they found out they received Best New Music from Pitchfork and Friday night they played on a boat around NYC with the VICE signees Dark Meat who have lots of members and paint faces and stuff. Tim took the boat ride and this is what it looked like...

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DOWNLOAD: Vivian Girls - Blind Spot (Daisy Chain cover) (new MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Vivian Girls - Where You Run to (MP3)

SS Minnow

Take a Friday night boat ride with Dark Meat & the Vivian Girls. $20 tickets for tonight's NYC show are still on sale AND I have a pair to giveaway to a lucky winner who emails BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM before noon. Include your first and last name. Winner will be picked at random and contacted.

More Dark Meat dates HERE. Vivian Girls' self titled album will be released on In the Red on October 7th. The tracklist and all VG dates below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Vivian Girls @ EVRFest

Vivian Girls @ EVRFest

Their new official video is below the pictures and above the tour dates...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Fucked Up - "Twice Born" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Fucked Up - "No Epiphany" (MP3)

Who doesn't like getting Fucked Up for free?

Fucked Up will be playing in the basement of Generation Records night, Friday, September 12th. Space is extremely limited so if you want to get in, e-mail fuckedup@matadorrecords.com now. Show will begin at 8 P.M. If you miss it, don't worry, they'll be back in town soon.

Read all about their (mis)adventures on their latest tour at their blog.

Fucked Up drops The Chemistry Of Common Life on Oct 7th. They recently posted the track "Twice Born" (above) for download. All tour dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Jay Reatard - See/Saw (MP3)

Matador Singles '08 - out October 7th
Matador Singles

Jay Reatard - 2008 NYC Tour Dates
10-23 Hoboken, NJ - Maxwell's (CMJ) (tix)
10-24 Bowery Ballroom (CMJ) w/ White Lies & Japanese Motors
10-25 Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands Gallery (CMJ)
10-26 NYC - Santos Party House w/ Vivian Girls (tix)
Jay Reatard and Sonic Youth are now labelmates. "Matador Singles 08" tracklist and all tour dates below...

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by Nick Masi

DOWNLOAD: TVK - Give It Up (MP3)


Tyvek are gearing up for another tour, but things are different this time around. It's possible the popular brand of synthetic materials owned by Dupont had enough of punk rockers from Michigan smearing their name. The Detroit lo-fi group is now known as TVK. Whether that is still pronounced "Tyvek" is currently unknown. Regardless, the sound (of the music) remains the same. TVK play Cake Shop in NYC on October 3rd with Blues Control and Death By Audio in Brooklyn the following day with Cause Co-Motion!. Vivian Girls join them for a few dates on the tour, but not in NYC where VG have plenty of their own shows to play with just about everyone else but Tyvek, I mean TVK.

"Give It Up" can be found on Tyvek's ?0107/?0207 Tyvek "Summer Burns" 2X7" It was released by What's Your Rupture in 7/07. All TVK tour dates below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

ex-Vivian Girl, standing drummer Frankie Rose
Crystal Stilts

The Crystal Stilts are moody-sounding fuckers who make fabulous stripped-down garage-pop. Their mix-and-match post-punk ditties manage to sound both affected and effective at the same time; they're weirdly life-affirming and very fun. You want to dance when you hear them-- dance with a furrowed brow, maybe, but move around nonetheless. Singer Brad Hargett is from Brooklyn by way of Florida but sounds like he's from Manchester by way of Slough. The main thing I wonder when I listen to Crystal Stilts is why is it so hard to make exceptional garage-pop like this? [Pitchfork]
The Crystal Stilts played one of my favorite sets of the day on the side stage of the East Village Radio Festival on Sunday (9/7). Brad comes off like he doesn't care on stage, yet he draws you in and occasionaly gives a hint that he really is enjoying himself. His eyes roll back into his head, he does a little dance - it's hard not to watch what he'll do next even though he's barely doing anything. My biggest revelation was how much the Vivian Girls lost when Frankie their drummer decided to go full time with the Crystal Stilts. More pictures below...

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photos by Lori Baily

Sonic Youth @ McCarren Pool

Sonic Youth @ McCarren Pool

The poster says "McCarren Pool Bye Bye" because Saturday's show (August 30, 2008) was billed as the last show ever at McCarren Pool. If the city has their way, that statement will be true for McCarren Pool, to quote Thurston Moore, "as we know it". That may not be 100% true though because the current renovation plans include some type of "performance space" along with the water. More pictures below....

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