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Slug Guts

Australia's Slug Guts are currently touring the US on the strength of their recent Sacred Bones release, Playin' In Time with the Deadbeat, a slab of noisy post-punk misanthropy a la The Birthday Party and early Christian Death. The band will hit NYC next week during the CMJ festival, including October 20 at the Life or Death PR party at 92YTribeca, October 19 at Acheron with Pop 1280 & Vaz, and also WIERD on Otctober 17 at Home Sweet Home with Rosenkopf and Cult of Youth.

For those who can't make it out to the shows, make sure and catch the band on WNYU on Oct 18th (89.1FM, or streaming) at 4PM as part of the New Afternoon Show.

All tour dates and  audio/video from Slug Guts recent LP are below.

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DOWNLOAD: The Intelligence - Thank You God for Fixing the Tape Machine (MP3)

photos by Tim Griffin


Honestly, I wasn't expecting all the moshing and crowd surfing. I'd hopped in a cab seconds after seeing Wild Beasts for a third time in one week and headed to Market Hotel to see Seattle's finest purveyors of bent surf garage. On record, The Intelligence are genuinely weird, like they try and make normal music and this is what comes out. It's not dissimilar to what Sic Alps or Thee Oh Sees do, but there's a sinister edge, kind of like in a David Lynch movie. Slightly uncomfortable. But live, Lars Finberg and the rest of The Intelligence are here to rock. Market Hotel didn't seem that crowded to me, but when the second song kicked in it was a like a mosh magnet, everyone who was still there rushed towards the stage and collectively lost their shit. In particular, Golden Triangle's OJ (the band had just played) was a crowd surfing dynamo, despite there not being quite enough crowd to hold him. No matter how many times he got dropped, OJ kept getting back up there. "Let's see how many people get hurt on this one," a perplexed Finberg joked during the encore. The guy might have bruises all over his body now, but Friday night [9/11] that little dude was all smiles.

Finberg kept asking the crowd if we could he his vocals -- we could I thought they sounded great -- but judging by that I don't think they could hear anything. Sometimes you just move forward via instinct and muscle memory. [Bill Pearis]

The review and photos here are both from The Intelligence's Sept. 11th show at Market Hotel. Their current tour also brought them to Cake Shop two days later (last night) on Sunday the 13th (with a Philly show in between).

Today (Monday, 9/14), the band is scheduled to stop by both Viva Radio (who is currently interviewing the xx) and WNYU (89.1 FM, where they'll appear on The New Afternoon Show sometime between 4-7:30pm).

The band's remaining tour dates across North America run into October. Those and more pictures from the show are posted below...

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photos by Lori Baily


Michael of Pylon, to the Village Voice: The way it's been going this year is I don't think we really had any kind of a plan. And all of the six shows that we're going to end up doing this year were ones where somebody came to us and just kind of, you know, persuaded us to do the show. And the first one wasn't until August. In the spring and on into the summer Curtis was working on a TV show that was being filmed here in Athens, but he was working 14 hour days. And we practiced a little bit in there because we were getting ready to go play Winston-Salem for a show that Mitch Easter's wife had put together as part of a film festival. But that wasn't until August, and then we finally played in Athens at the place called the Melting Point where they wanted to record the show to play on a syndicated radio program. And we've been stalling on doing that show for four years. They've been asking us for three and a half years or so to please, please, please play it...

...We finally did that show and it was actually a blast. We had a really good time playing there and a really good show. And then the other shows have all been people calling us up and asking us to play.

Pylon headlined a WNYU-curated show at Knitting Factory in NYC on Monday December 15th. More pictures, and the setlist from it, below...

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Liz Harris - a.k.a. Grouper - creates pop songs where the structure is merely hinted at, making it difficult to decide whether her amorphous drones resemble songs or visa versa. On earlier releases, she was awash in reverb, disguising much of her tunes' shapes, hiding melody in trance. [Grouper's 2008 release] Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill continues the minimal whisperings of past LPs, but also features strummed acoustic guitar. Lots of it." [Dusted]
Grouper also recently released a split 7" with City Center. Not surprisingly, City Center is who Grouper played with at Silent Barn in Brooklyn on Sunday. In town from Portland, Grouper plays one more NYC show tonight/Monday at Knitting Factory - it's the WNYU party that Pylon is headlining.

Grouper will also be back in town to play the New Museum on February 13th. Stay tuned for more details. WNYU flyer and a video below...

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Monday, Dec 15, 2008 // DOORS 7:00 PM // ADV $20// DOS $25

WNYU 35th Anniversary Celebration (a full club event!) with special guests Pylon, Psychic Paramount, Grouper, Ehnahre, Sword Heaven, Zola Jesus, many more!

This is currently Pylon's only scheduled show. Tickets are on sale. Watch a video of Deerhunter covering a Pylon song HERE. The reunited group came around a couple of times last year too.

This event is one more big one in the month-long celebration that is Knitting Factory's final month open in Tribeca. They close for good after New Years Eve. Bands rumored to be playing that night include Dirty Projectors, Deer Tick, Deerhoof and Akron/Family.

Photos by Leia Jospe

DOWNLOAD: The Homosexuals - Slow Guns (MP3)

The Homosexuals

There were about 7 people at the WNYU studio on Wednesday (10/22) to watch The Homosexuals frontman Bruno Wizard play some songs off their new album Love Guns? (out Nov 18). They're going to release it on very limited vinyl and each record will have a part of a story on it. No record will have the same part of the story and they'll be numbered so that people can combine their lines on a website and get the whole thing. I thought it was a pretty cute idea.

He sang "Don't Touch My Hair" off the new CD, which I thought was the best song...very silly and light. - Leia

More pictures below...

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