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Treefort Festival 2016

The 2016 Treefort Music Fest goes on March 23-27 in Boise, Idaho in venues all over the city. (It's kinda like Boise's SXSW.) This year's lineup includes Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires, Thee Oh Sees, Youth Lagoon, Aesop Rock, Chelsea Wolfe, White Denim, Oddisee, Hinds, French Horn Rebellion, Quilt, Alex G, Wax Idols, Built To Spill, La Luz, All Dogs, Porches, Oddisee (who plays a BV show in NYC on Tuesday) and more.

Tickets are on sale now, and the 2016 lineup, as it stands, is listed below.

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photo: Geoff Rickly w/ No Devotion at BV/Collect CMJ (more by Amanda Hatfield)
No Devotion

2015 has been quite the up and down year for Geoff Rickly and his label Collect Records. After saying just three weeks ago on stage at the BV/Collect CMJ showcase that he wasn't sure if the label would be able to continue after severing ties with the controversial Martin Shkreli (who had been a financial backer of Collect), things are now looking more promising. In a series of tweets, Geoff writes:

Collect Records is starting to bounce back. Finding new investors. Working on relaunching. The Wax Idols record has been an unqualified success. Out of print already! And No Devotion charted!!! Didn't expect that! So regardless of the past, I'm looking forward to the future. And holding our ethics and art to a higher standard than we ever have. xx
That came after Geoff linked to an interview with Martin Shkreli by HIV positive journalist Josh Robbins, which he said, "makes me wonder if we jumped too soon in cutting ties." He then continued:
I think Capitalism as a whole can be pretty gruesome and Pharma especially. But I am starting to wonder where all the patients that have been denied access to Daraprim are. And--obviously-- my first duty is to my bands and artists. To make them feel comfortable about being on an ethically responsible label. Their comfort and perception of safety can even trump reality. I live to serve art. I always have. And art is 99% perception.
Well let's hope things do in fact get better for Collect. Watch videos off the Wax Idols and No Devotion albums below...

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videos by (((unARTig)))

photo: No Devotion at BV/Collect CMJ showcase (more by Amanda Hatfield)
No Devotion

We already posted pictures and a writeup of the BrooklynVegan/Collect Records official CMJ showcase on Wednesday night (10/15) at Baby's All Right, and now we've got videos from the whole thing, courtesy of (((unARTig))). It included Geoff Rickly's band No Devotion (who since played Vintage Vinyl and Maxwell's), Hether Fortune's band Wax Idols, Philly shoegazers Creepoid, and ambient pop duo Foxes In Fiction (who had main member Warren Hildebrand joined by Emily Reo). Check out the videos below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by BV collective

No Devotion / Wax Idols / Creepoid / Foxes In Fiction
No Devotion
Wax Idols
Foxes in Fiction

The BrooklynVegan + Collect Records official CMJ showcase went down last night (1014) at Baby's All Right with label head Geoff Rickly's band No Devotion, Hether Fortune's band Wax Idols, Philly shoegazers Creepoid, and Orchid Tapes artist Foxes In Fiction.

Foxes In Fiction kicked things off as a duo with Emily Reo (sometimes it's just main member Warren Hildebrand), and they sounded really nice. They had a sorta Beach House-y dream pop thing going on, making use out of keyboards, drum machines, heavily effected guitars and more. They play again at the Orchid Tapes show with Owen Pallett on Sunday (Owen was at Baby's Wednesday too, but didn't play).

Then it was Creepoid who are good everytime we see them, but this may have been one of the best. They're no slackers as performers or musicians in any way, but it really is the fog and light shows accompanying their sets that brings them to the next level. And those two things were very on point Wednesday night. They were loud, and they really know how to build up quite the wall of sound.

This was Wax Idols' first NYC show in two years as well as the first supporting new album American Tragic. Like the album, which is not shy about its late-'80s Big Goth sound, Hether Fortune is more of a commanding presence than ever before, putting down the guitar for most of the set to be in pure frontperson mode. With the light show and fog machines set to maximum, Wax Idols were not holding back.

Finally to wrap things up, No Devotion played (only their second NYC show ever). If you're gonna compare them to Thursday, while Geoff gets his hardcore side out in United Nations these days, he uses No Devotion to further explore the epic atmospheric sides of A City by the Light Divided and No Devolución. Their sound is definitely ready-made for huge venues, but we're not gonna complain that we get to see them up close and personal. Everyone on that stage was obviously a pro and they acted like it the whole time (well, unless you count the antics of bassist Stu Richardson, whose level of wastedness was outed by Hether Fortune yelling from the crowd).

As you may know, Collect Records went through a lot of trouble leading up to this show, and we were happy that the show was just able to go on (even without Nothing whose cancellation may actually have had nothing to do with the controversy). Geoff mentioned from the stage that he's not sure if the label will be able to continue, but he thanked all the people who made it an amazing experience while it lasted, and he sounded grateful just to be able to put on a label showcase for a sold-out crowd. We'd like to thank Geoff, Norman, Shaun and all the bands from Collect, Vinyl Me, Please who were giving our free records at the show, and everyone who came out too.

No Devotion play Vintage Vinyl on Saturday (10/17) in Jersey, and then on Sunday they play Maxwell's, a place Geoff Rickly is no stranger to.

BrooklynVegan returns to Baby's for Friday and Saturday shows too. Pictures from the BV/Collect showcase continue below...

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Wax Idols

Hether Fortune, who spent a good chunk of the last couple years playing in White Lung, has yet to make the same sounding record twice, though American Tragic bears more similarity to 2013's Discipline And Desire that that did to their garagey debut, No Future. This one's still got some of the gothy elements, but here Fortune (who played everything on the LP except drums) swings for the fences for a more widescreen appeal. (She's still in the '80s, but this is more 1987 than 1981.)
Bill wrote the above about Wax Idols's new album, American Tragic, over the summer, and now the whole thing is here to stream. It officially comes out on Friday (10/16) via Collect Records. Listen below.

Wax Idols will also be in NYC tonight (10/14) for the Collect CMJ showcase at Baby's All Right, which BrooklynVegan is co-presenting. The showcase is headlined by label head (and former Thursday frontman) Geoff Rickly's band No Devotion, and also features Creepoid and Foxes In Fiction. Tickets are still available (proceeds go to Callen Lorde) and badges will be accepted.

It's their only CMJ show, but they have other tour dates including a return to NYC on Halloween. All dates are listed, with the new album stream, below...

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Collect BrooklynVegan

The future of Geoff Rickly's Collect Records looked uncertain after he severed ties with backer Martin Shkreli, who was revealed as a greedy price gouger of a drug often used to treat AIDS patients, but the label is pushing forward. The Collect Records & BrooklynVegan CMJ showcase is still on for October 14 at Baby's All Right, though unfortunately Nothing have dropped off the bill. Tickets are still available and ALL proceeds go to Callen Lorde, a health center that "provides sensitive, quality health care and related services targeted to New York's lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities -- in all their diversity -- regardless of ability to pay."

A limited amount of CMJ badges will also be accepted. Vinyl Me, Please will be at the show giving away records and gift bags.

The lineup is now No Devotion, Wax Idols, Creepoid and Foxes In Fiction. It's an early show. Our curfew is 11:30pm. Stay tuned for any more updates and for the lineups of the unannounced BrooklynVegan day parties at the same venue. Meanwhile, listen to music from the bands playing below...

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by Bill Pearis


Wax Idols have shared another track off their forthcoming American Tragic LP. "I'm Not Going" is new territory for Hether Fortune, a dark ballad that has her really belting out the chorus. Fortune says of the track:

In light of recent events, it's hard for me not to think of this song in hindsight as being somewhat prophetic. I feel like it speaks for itself. My only hope is that someone else will hear it for what it is and will receive the message I'm sending, which is to never give up on yourself - no matter what horrors life throws at you.
Stream "I'm Not Going Down" below and American Tragic is out October 16 via Geoff Rickly's Collect Records (whose recent split with controversial backer Martin Shkreli may be the recent events Fortune alludes to).

Wax Idols start their North American tour next week, playing the BrooklynVegan/Collect Records CMJ showcase at Baby's All Right on October 14 with Nothing, No Devotion, Creepoid, and Foxes In Fiction, and then they'll be back for the Nothing Changes Halloween Party at Saint Vitus (10/31) with Azar Swan. Tickets for both shows are still available.

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photo: Geoff Rickly w/ United Nations at Saint Vitus in 2014 (more by Greg Cristman)
United Nations

Yesterday we mentioned how drug price-gouger Martin Shkreli, the current most hated man on the internet, was revealed to be the sole backer of Geoff Rickly's Collect Records, and how in lieu of Shkreli's actions, Rickly and several Collect bands acknowledged their future was questionable. Now, as Pitchfork points out, Rickly has released a statement announcing the label has severed ties with Martin Shkreli:

Today, Collect Records -- with the support and encouragement of all of our artists -- have agreed to fully sever our relationship with Martin Shkreli, effective immediately.

When I decided to get into business with Martin, we took him on as a patron. He was completely silent and allowed us to do business as we pleased. His only ask was that we sign bands that we believed could make great art given the right environment and not to focus on a profit, no matter how dire the bottom line.

Never in a million years did any of us expect to wake up to the news of the scandal that he is now involved in. It blindsided and upset us on every level. As such, we know it is impossible for us to continue having any ties with him. For my part, I've always strived to make Collect a place that was so liberal, encouraging, and artist-friendly that no one would ever walk away from us willingly, though to do so at any time would be very easy. To that end, I hope that our bands continue to believe in our guidance and passion. Any of them that have had an incurable crisis of confidence will be allowed to leave with nothing but the kind of encouragement that we've built our label on.

For all the kind words of encouragement that I've received over the past two days, I'm forever grateful.

From all here at Collect Records, thank you.

Wax Idols already tweeted, "I'm staying with Collect bc I know they'll do the right thing & we'll get through this. Fuck Martin. I won't be defined by his actions." Nothing have yet to comment further, but they did reveal that their new record will be called Tired of Tomorrow.

UDPATE: A NY Times article came out today, revealing more info about Geoff's situation with Martin:

Mr. Rickly said he was aware of Mr. Shkreli's past business dealings, which included controversial investments and lawsuits from former employees, at the time of their partnership. "Of course I Googled him," Mr. Rickly said. "I had apprehensions and I talked to him about it. He has a cavalier attitude about things. At the time, one on one, it was soothing, but in public now it comes across as borderline sociopathic."

"You take any capitalist money and you never know. It's a dirty system and usually people do something questionable things," Mr. Rickly added.

Mr. Rickly said he had hoped to use the money to fund struggling artists. "At the very worst, if Martin was a bad guy, then you're taking his terrible money and giving it to artists who never get any," he said. "I wanted to make something great out of it -- the stupid Robin Hood narrative that everybody knows."

The article also points out that the future of Collect may not be looking good:
Mr. Rickly said losing Mr. Shkreli's financial support might result in the label's closing. "This is going to end the career of the record label, no doubt," he said. "If I were a band on the label I would be having a serious crisis of faith right now. The amount of money I have in the bank doesn't cover my outstanding invoices. It's devastating."
Lastly for now, Geoff has tweeted the following:
Because there are some conflicting things, I feel the need to say this plainly. I have always been an honest and caring person. Collect has been a labor of love from the beginning. The bands on my roster are the best, the brightest, the most forward thinking, rhe most diverse group of people. I'm so proud of all of them and they didn't deserve this. Tonight I'm running on nothing but faith. Faith that any missteps I make in the next few days will be forgiven by people that matter to me. Because I'm human and I hurt. Faith that tomorrow will be better and I'll use my 20 years of punk rock resourcefulness to fulfil every promise I've made. Faith that all of you that have sent their love to me today will help pull me up and teach me a better way to make this label work. And some bands will leave and I will love and support them and some will stay and I'll bleed for them like I do. And I'll make new mistakes. But I'll do it in the best, most honest, most caring way that I can. With my friends and family @SkeeterNYC and persevere.

I love you friends. I love you kind strangers. I love you who have been outraged. We need to rage against things sometimes. Now is one. Mostly I love our brilliant bands and @normanbrannon and @shaundurkan leonora Liza and @BraceYourselfPR --- thank you brothers and sisters.

Good night from Germany. Xoxo

We're wishing for the best for Geoff, Norman, Shaun, and all the bands involved with Collect.

As you may know, BrooklynVegan is co-presenting a CMJ showcase at Baby's All Right with Collect. As it currently stands, the lineup is Geoff's band No Devotion, Nothing, Wax Idols, Creepoid, and Foxes In Fiction.

UPDATE: Collect Records severed ties with Martin Shkreli.

photo: Geoff Rickly w/ United Nations at Saint Vitus in 2014 (more by Greg Cristman)
Geoff Rickly

By now you've probably seen the dude in the Brand New shirt causing outrage for raising the price of a drug (Daraprim) from approximately $13.50 a tablet to $750. The drug is often used by people with compromised immune systems due to AIDS, and treats life threatening parasitic infections. The person responsible is 32-year-old former hedge fund manager Martin Shkreli who is now the founder and chief executive of Turing Pharmaceuticals. We've heard rumors about a rich Thursday fan who invested in Thursday/United Nations/No Devotion frontman Geoff Rickly's Collect Records, and it was revealed last night that Martin, the most hated man on the Internet right now, is in fact that man.

We've been waiting to hear what Geoff had to say before posting anything. He didn't immediately give a statement or tweet about it (or email us), at least in part because he was flying to Munich to start a tour as this news was breaking. We were especially interested in the situation since it just so happens our official CMJ showcase this year is in partnership with Collect Records.

Geoff broke his silence late this afternoon via a brief interview with Noisey:

My head is still spinning, and though I want to believe that there is some reason that [Martin] would do this that is some remotely positive way, the only thing I can see is that it is totally and completely heartbreaking.

I can't see my future at all in the label. I have to see what the bands want first, and see if there is any meaning or any mission following all of this. More than anything, I want the bands to see that I hold art as the guiding force in my life. Ultimately I see this going in the same way it always does, where all the artists get blamed for everything and capitalism is never held accountable. I really think that if Collect is going to be scrutinized as being capitalism, but that is how music survives. I'm not making excuses for what has happened, but there is no corner of the music industry that doesn't live and breathe from subsidies from business. It's reductive and hypocritical to hold us and only us accountable though, we are all at fault in some greater way.

Noisey also spoke to Dominic Palermo, frontman of Collect band Nothing, who told them "Nothing will never be a part of a label that involves Martin." He left a longer comment on Facebook, where he added "Like [Geoff] has helped me with my problems the past few months, I plan on helping him in anyway I can."

Martin Shkreli

Hether Fortune, singer of Collect band Wax Idols, also posted a statement. An excerpt reads:

I personally 100% am NOT FUCKING OK with this guy and his business tactics. If any of you have learned anything about me through being a fan of the band, I hope that you would know by now that this kind of advantageous rich guy greed goes against everything that I stand for.

I love Collect Records. Geoff Rickly is an incredible person who I've known and admired since I was 13 years old. I stand behind him and know that he would never willingly put himself OR me into a situation like this had he been aware of what was really going on. We are going to handle this.

She also points out: "I use the word "patron" rather than "investor" because as far as I know, Martin does NOT recoop a dime from Collect Records. He essentially donates money to the label."

Another Collect band, Sick Feeling, told The FADER: "One thing is clear; as long as he has a part in the label, we, Sick Feeling, cannot. Our experience with Geoff, Norm, and Shaun has been nothing but positive, however, we cannot continue to work with Collect as long as Martin Shkreli has any part in it."

Creepoid posted a a statement too:

...we were heartbroken to come to learn that this man was a major financial contributor to Collect Records. As you all know, we released an album with Collect this past summer. From the start we have only ever dealt with people we respected and trusted (Norman, Geoff, and Shaun) and have never met, seen or spoken to Martin Shkreli.

In the whirlwind that has followed, some details concerning the future of Collect remain very blurry (see attached link). We would like to make one thing clear - we would never knowingly work with Martin Shkreli, or anybody willing to walk across the backs of the sick and dying with a smile on their face for the sake of making a profit. As long as Shkreli is involved with Collect Records, directly or indirectly, we cannot be.

Collect employee Norman Brannon (of Texas Is the Reason) has yet to comment, but did say "I haven't said anything because I was blindsided and because I am not interested in writing hot takes when everything is already on fire."

Well, whether it was because of Geoff or one of the bands or the entire Internet or Hillary Clinton, it looks like Shkreli has actually backed down. CNBC reports that he's given in and lowering the price as a reaction to the outrage:

Yes it is absolutely a reaction -- there were mistakes made with respect to helping people understand why we took this action, I think that it makes sense to lower the price in response to the anger that was felt by people.

It's very easy to see a large drug price increase and say 'Gosh those people must be gouging,' but when you find out the company is not making any money, what does that mean?

And I think in the society we live in today it is easy to want to villainize people, and obviously we are in an election cycle where this is very tough topic for people and very sensitive. And I understand the outrage.

Shkreli, who over the past two days has been tweeting in his own defense while countless people were tweeting death wishes at him, has now made his account private (which means you can no longer see the picture of Pianos Become The Teeth he tweeted from the front row of one of the BrooklynVegan SXSW shows at Red 7 this year) (a fact we learned in the Bullett article) (and a show United Nations also played). No word yet on what price he plans on lowering it to.

As you may know, we're big fans and supporters of Geoff Rickly, his various bands, his label, and the bands his label has signed. We wish the best for him, Norman and Shaun, and hope they work this all out. As mentioned above, we announced earlier this month that we're co-presenting a CMJ showcase at Baby's All Right with No Devotion, Nothing, Wax Idols, Creepoid and Foxes In Fiction. From a purely musical point of view, we hope this show goes on, as we were really looking forward to the whole night. We'll keep you posted if anything changes with that though.

UPDATE: Collect Records severed ties with Martin Shkreli.

No Devotion also playing more east coast shows in October.

No Devotion
No Devotion photo by Tom Barnes

For this year's CMJ, BrooklynVegan is teaming up with Geoff Rickly's label Collect Records for an official showcase on Wednesday, October 14 at Baby's All Right.

The show will be headlined by heavy shoegazers Nothing, and before them it's UPDATE: Nothing cancelled! (stay tuned for a replacement or something).... Geoff's band No Devotion, post-punks Wax Idols, more shoegaze from Creepoid, and ambient musician (and the one non-Collect artist on the bill) Foxes In Fiction. Show starts at 7 PM. Tickets go on sale Friday (9/11) at noon and a limited amount of CMJ badges will be accepted. 18+. Vinyl Me, Please will be at the show giving away records and gift bags.

BrooklynVegan also have two TBA free day parties, also at Baby's All Right (for the third year in a row). Stay tuned for more on those.

No Devotion have other tour dates, including an in-store at Vintage Vinyl in NJ. All dates are listed below...

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photo by Chloe Alexandra Thompson
Wax Idols

Wax Idols have just announced fall tour dates starting just after the October 16 release of their third album, American Tragic. The NYC stop will be for a special Nothing Changes Halloween Party which happens at Saint Vitus on 10/31 with Azar Swan and tourmates Them Are Us Too. Tickets will be available soon.

All tour dates are listed, along with streams of "Lonely You" and "Deborah," below...

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by Bill Pearis

Wax Idols

Wax Idols' new album, American Tragic, will be out October 16 via Geoff Rickly's Collect Records. (Pre-orders are available.) They've just shared a second track from the album, "Deborah," one of the more danceable songs on the album (mind you, that's for those who like to dance to Sisters of Mercy and Siouxsie). Have listen below.

There has been no tour announcement yet, but they are playing Oakland, CA's Life Changing Ministries on August 28, and there's a Chicago show at Empty Bottle on October 27. Hopefully more dates will be announced soon.

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by Bill Pearis

Wax Idols American Tragic

Wax Idols are back with a new album, American Tragic, and a new label, Geoff Rickly's Collect Records. (Their first two were on Slumberland.) That's the cover art above and the LP is out October 16. Hether Fortune, who spent a good chunk of the last couple years playing in White Lung, has yet to make the same sounding record twice, though American Tragic bears more similarity to 2013's Discipline And Desire that that did to their garagey debut, No Future. This one's still got some of the gothy elements, but here Fortune (who played everything on the LP except drums) swings for the fences for a more widescreen appeal. (She's still in the '80s, but this is more 1987 than 1981.) You can hear that on first single "Lonely You" which is streaming below.

While there's no North American tour announced yet, Wax Idols will be playing some shows in California this summer, including Berserktown II, and those dates are listed below.

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by Bill Pearis

Royal Trux (photo by Nine Gouveia)

The Berserktown II festival is happening August 14-16 in Los Angeles and they have expanded their lineup quite a bit since we last posted, with some potentially exciting additions. First and foremost is duo Royal Trux, with Neil Michael Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema performing under the RT name for the first time in 15 years. Herrema will also play with her current concern, Black Bananas and Hagerty is part of Dan'l Boone who are also playing the fest.

Also on board for Berserktown II are another Royal: Australia's awesome Royal Headache who haven't been to the US in three years (and haven't really played a whole lot since then anywhere). Other notable Berserktown II additions include Fucked Up, Destruction Unit, Power Trip, Sheer Mag, The Ukiah Drag, Lust for Youth, Helm, Puce Mary, Vexx, Wax Idols, and The Mob (who visited from the UK earlier this year). Those join previously announced artists Dead Moon, Total Control, Thee Oh Sees, White Lung, Screaming Females, Priests and more.

Tickets and festival passes are on sale now. Full daily lineups are listed, along with Berserktown II poster, below.

In related news, Neil Michael Hagerty will play Brooklyn's Baby's All Right on May 28 with fellow noisemakers PC Worship and long-running CT-based band Sore Eros. Tickets are on sale.

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by Bill Pearis


Keven Tecon logged time in San Fancisco bands Wax Idols and Soft Moon but left the drummers seat of both to form his own group, Vaniish. The new quartet -- featuring fellow Wax Idols member Amy Rosenoff  as well as Bay Area scene regulars Adam Beck and Nick Ott (drums) -- released their debut album, Memory Work, in June. As you might expect from the lineage (and band name), this is chilly stuff, ranging from pounding post-punk to more ethereal creations. If you're predisposed to the dark side, give this a listen below.

Vaniish will be in coming to NYC in September for a couple shows: Glasslands on 9/1 with Christines, INTERVAL and Winkie, as well as Weekend's Shaun Durkan on DJ duty (tickets). Then they'll play the 9/3 edition of Nothing Changes with fellow San Franciso band Offing, and Tiers.

Vaniish album stream below...

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by Andrew Sacher and Bill Pearis


We've done some year-end lists in the past at BrooklynVegan, though you might notice that we're not the most consistent with them. This is for a few reasons, one being that with the varying tastes of our current group of contributors, we could never in a million years agree on a top 10, let alone an Album of the Year. So in an attempt to get around that obstacle, this year two BV writers, Bill Pearis and Andrew Sacher, have made individual lists of the albums they loved most which we think each represent different parts of 2013 here at BrooklynVegan. They both made top 20s (and only had two albums in common), with commentary on the top 10, and you can check out both lists below...

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photos by PSquared Photography; intro by Bill Pearis

No Joy @ Mexican Summer Five, 10/12/2013

We asked a bunch of artists to submit Top 10 of 2013 lists. Most of them just sent their favorite records. But sometimes they surprise us like Wax Idols and No Joy did with their similar, but very different BV-themed lists.

Here's No Joy's:

Top BrooklynVegan threads of 2013 that we thought were entertaining in no particular order

* best guitarist thread

* guns and roses brooklyn bowl thread

* Googa mooga cancellation thread

* postal service reunion rumor thread

* ron reyes leaves black flag thread

* amanda palmers open letter to sinead o connor regarding miley thread

* no joy played glasslands thread

* death grips no show thread

Thanks No Joy! Wax Idol's more angry list is HERE.

Wax Idols and No Joy put out terrific albums this year, too, that found them both heading in new sonic directions; the former with gothy post-punk on Discipline + Desire; and the latter turned down the noise to make room for moody, ethereal textures on Wait to Pleasure.

No Joy's last NYC show was as part of Mexican Summer's Fifth Anniversary celebration at Pioneer Works in Red Hook back in October and a belated set of pictures from that show are in this post. More of them below...

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intro by Bill Pearis

Wax Idols @ Cake Shop in May (more by Chris La Putt)
Wax Idols

We asked a bunch of artists to submit Top 10 of 2013 lists. Most of them just sent their favorite records. But sometimes they surprise us like Wax Idols and No Joy did with their similar, but very different BV-themed lists.

Read No Joy's list HERE. Wax Idols' is below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield, words by Andrew Sacher

Ceremony / White Lung @ NYU - 12/5/13
White Lung

Before NYU heads into finals week, they threw a semester-end show last night (that was also open to the public) in the Kimmel Center's E&L Auditorium with four killer punk bands -- Ceremony, White Lung, Perfect Pussy, and Sleepies. The tidy and spacious auditorium may not have been everyone's ideal way of seeing this show that sounds like it'd happen in a dingy DIY space, but what's more punk than putting on a cheap show in a school?

Brooklyn's Sleepies kicked things off with the tamest set of the night, but still a rippin' one that saw them going through tracks off their 2012 Weird Wild World LP that The Men's Ben Greenberg produced, and from the way they play you can tell why a member of The Men would work with them.

Up next was Perfect Pussy, fresh off their signing to Captured Tracks, which was announced earlier that day. There's been a lot of talk about Perfect Pussy lately, thanks in part to their solid EP, but their live show is really where it's at. Singer Meredith Graves is a total force and an entertaining performer, and though when someone with that level of charisma fronts a band the attention can be entirely on her, with Perfect Pussy that's not the case. The whole band goes nuts, even the dude whose job it is to make noise with his electronics, and they are LOUD. Don't miss out on seeing this band if you can help it.

They were followed by White Lung, who were joined by Wax Idols singer Hether Fortune on bass, like they were at Fun Fun Fun Fest and the rest of their tour. As always, White Lung put on a great show, and they used their last live appearance of 2013 to showcase some of their new material, including the stuff on their recent single. From the sound of that and the other new material they played last night, a new album from this band is much anticipated.

Once powerviolence, now garage punk band Ceremony wrapped up the show, and as always, the place went nuts for them with moshers and stage divers taking over the whole front half of the venue.

Pictures of all four bands are in this post. They continue below...

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TV Ghost @ Cake Shop in May (more by Chris La Putt)

TV Ghost morphed from discordant post-punk noise to something much more textured on their new album Disconnect (stream it via Spotify). Their live show remains pretty intense, though, and the band have made their way through NYC a couple times this year already, and will do so again this month as part of their tour with Sweden's Holograms. That's a good double-bill and it hits Brooklyn on December 6 at 285 Kent. Tickets are still available.

The band have given us their Top 10 LPs of 2013. In democratic fashion, each of the five members picked two records. Check out their list below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

TV Ghost @ Cake Shop, 5/3/2013
TV Ghost

Sweden's Holograms's new LP Forever is out now (and streamable in this post). Despite their absence in the Captured Tracks CT5 fifth anniversary festivities, we are willing to forgive the band due to today's announcement of dates with TV Ghost! The shows include appearances from coast to coast, including December 6 at 285 Kent. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

TV Ghost ALSO has a new LP, Disconnect, out now via In The Red Records. You can stream that effort below as well. The band will play CMJ 2013 ahead of their Holograms dates, so look forward to that.

In addition, we have a  belated second set of TV Ghost pictures from the band's appearance with Wax Idols, The Laurels & Far Out Fangtooth at Cake Shop on May 3  in this post (the first is HERE).

All tour dates are listed, plus album streams and more pics from that Cake Shop show, below.

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photos by Amanda Hatfield; words by Bill Pearis

Wax Idols at Cake Shop - 5/3/13
Wax Idols

San Francisco's Wax Idols brought their tour with TV Ghost through NYC for two shows over the weekend. First, they hit Cake Shop on Friday (5/3) for a show with The Laurels and Far Out Fangtooth. The more gothy post-punk direction of Wax Idols' very good new LP, Discipline + Desire, is definitely a more natural fit for Hether Fortune and the band put on an intense, rocking show. If you like Savages and haven't checked out Wax Idols yet, you should. (If they are not quite the musicians Savages are, Wax Idols deliver more hooks.) TV Ghost threw themselves into their performance as well, or in the case of singer (and Fortune's husband) Tim Glick, threw himself around the stage. The next day, they headed over to Brooklyn for a show at Shea Stadium.

More pictures from Cake Shop, plus a few videos and the setlist from Wax Idols performance, are below...

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by Bill Pearis

wax idols

Wax Idols new album, Discipline + Desire, is out this week via Slumberland and, as mentioned, marks a decided left turn from the garage pop of their first album to the darker sounds of early-'80s gothy postpunk. Which they do very well and there are some grabby hooks amongst the jagged guitars, driving rhythm section and Hether Fortune's impassioned wails. (The Chameleons' Mark Burgess helped a little on the production end, adding bass -- and cred -- as well.) You can stream three tracks from the LP below and the whole thing can be heard over at Pitchfork.

Wax Idols have expanded their tour with TV Ghost a bit, adding a second NYC show, playing Cake Shop on May 3 that also has Australia's Laurels on the bill. That's one day before their show at Shea Stadium (5/4). All tour dates are listed below.

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by Bill Pearis


San Francisco's Wax Idols will release their second album, Discipline + Desire, on March 26 via their new home Slumberland Records. That's the cover art above. The new album, produced by Monte Vallier (of Half Church and Swell) and bandleader Hether Fortune, is a marked departure from 2011's No Future, trading in garage-y punk for full-on gothy post-punk a la Siouxsie & the Banshees or The Chameleons. In fact, the latter's Mark Burgess offered "an extra set of ears" during the recording process and played bass on album-closer "Stay In." As much as I liked No Future, the new direction (previewed on last year's "Schadenfreude" single) is a more natural fit for Fortune. You can stream "AD RE:IAN" from it below.

The band will hit the road in March for a West Coast / Southwest tour towards SXSW and then head out for Midwest / East Coast dates later in the spring with TV Ghost, including one in NYC at Shea Stadium on May 4. I would expect them to add at least one more show while they're here (the WIERD party would be a good fit). All tour dates are listed below.

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Here We Go Magic @ Brooklyn Bowl, 9/18/2012 (more by Sarah Gainer)

today in NYC
* Trews @ Maxwell's
* Lady Rizo @ Joe's Pub
* Questlove @ Brooklyn Bowl
* MS MR @ Mercury Lounge
* Mike Daisey @ Joe's Pub
* Shreddie Mercury @ The DL
* Mike Birbiglia @ Union Hall
* Puss 'N Boots, Parkington Sisters
* The Staves @ Rockwood Music Hall
* The Neighbourhood @ Mercury Lounge
* Emeli Sande, Emily King @ Webster Hall
* Denney and The Jets, Derek Hoke @ Union Pool
* Mick Lewis & The Fine Print, Dear Comrade @ Bowery Electric
* Riff Raff, Lakutis, Dirty South Joe @ SOB's
* Jessie Ware, Rochelle Jordan, Faye @ Bowery Ballroom
* Here We Go Magic, Love as Laughter @ Le poisson rouge
* Arrington de Dionyso, Chat Logs, Many Mansions @ Secret Project Robot
* Underoath, Mewithoutyou, As Cities Burn, Letlive @ Irving Plaza
* Family Fun, Sexy Neighbors, Desert Sharks, Lex Loser @ Cake Shop
* Cinder Conk, Andy Statman, Union Street Preservation Society @ Barbes
* Country Mice, Bird Dog, Les Bicyclettes Blanches, The Eggs @ Cameo Gallery
* Host, Astronomer, Crushed, Lords of Death @ The Stolen Sleeves Collective
* Softspot, Field Mouse, Osekre & The Lucky Bastards, The Micks @ Shea Stadium
* Dolchnakov Brigade, Mal Blum, Claire's Diary, Electric Monday @ Death By Audio
* Beast Patrol, Clementine & the Galaxy, Dynasty Electric, Teletextile @ Glasslands
* Thomas Wynn & the Believers, Ethan Piper and the Instigators, Saul Williams @ Pianos
* Nate Wooley, Agusti Fernandez, Ken Vandermark, Joe Morris, Ben Hall, Pascal Niggenkemper @ The Stone
* I'm Lil B: A Panel Discussion w/ Travis Egedy (Pictureplane), Kitty Pryde, Alexangra Gamlin (AFRO-PUNK), Russ Marshalek, Sophie Wiener (Silent Drape Runners) @ 285 Kent Avenue

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Wax Idols new album Discipline + Desire is out March 26 on Slumberland and takes the San Francisco band fully into the gothy post-punk territory we first heard on last year's "Schadenfreude" single. Check out "AD RE:IAN" from the new album below.

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