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photos by Chris Becker

Radio Department

NY Press: You seem to be in a great place as a band right now. You're popular around the world, but still not so massive that connecting with your fans is a challenge. Do you have any fear that if you become bigger your music will become less meaningful?

Johan Duncanson of The Radio Dept: Yes, it's been our biggest fear since our first single in 2002. We've never been interested in 'making it.' We just want to create something strong, meaningful and different--something that matters to us. We're shy people and not very confident on stage. When the band grows you start attracting the kind of people who expect you to act out when you're playing live. The rock audience. That's what will kill us in the end.

So far The Radio Dept made it through sold out shows at Knitting Factory and Bowery Ballroom. Hopefully Webster Hall on February 3rd isn't the one that kills them. Tickets for the new NYC show go on sale Friday at noon.

Braids opened for the band at Bowery Ballroom, like they did at Knitting Factory. More pictures from Bowery and all Radio Dept dates below...

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the current issue of FADER
Lykke Li

It's all about Lykke Li all of a sudden. There she is on the cover of the new issue of FADER which has appeared not long after the recent release of her new single and video which was followed by the announcement that she...

"...is set to release her highly-anticipated sophomore album, Wounded Rhymes, on her label LL Recordings on March 1st, 2011. Produced by Bjorn Yttling of Peter, Bjorn & John and recorded in Stockholm, Wounded Rhymes is the follow up to Lykke Li's critically-acclaimed debut, Youth Novels.
And that album release comes with a May tour which came with a May 17th Webster Hall show which must be close to selling out because she added a May 18th show at the same venue (it goes on AmEx presale Wednesday at noon).

On top of all that, Lykke is now in NYC for a one-off, pre-tour, pre-album, very-sold-out show at Le Poisson Rouge which goes down tonight, 12/1, with the recent addition of DJ Scribe on the bill. AND, we spent some time in the past few days prepping an interview which we'll be conducting along with a video team from Kanon Organic Vodka who are sponsoring both the show and the afterparty which Lykke Li is DJing at SoHo Grand Hotel after the show. Stay tuned for that along with pictures and a review from LPR.

Updated Lykke Li tour dates below...

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photos by Tracy Allison, words by Erin Allison

Delta Spirit at Webster Hall

Tuesday night Delta Spirit played to a packed house at Webster Hall, their biggest headlining show to date. Darker My Love and The Fling opened, as they will for the remaining dates on this tour.

Long Beach natives The Fling opened the show around 8 p.m., playing a short but sweet 30 minute set. They were followed by Darker My Love (also California natives) who took the stage at 8:45 p.m. Darker My Love took small breaks in between songs to announce that there was no use in crying over spilled beer on their amp, and to thank Delta Spirit for playing the show with them. Their 9 song set included songs off their most recent album Alive as You Are, which was released this past summer.

By 10 p.m. the members of Delta Spirit started appearing on stage. The venue was packed wall-to-wall with a rambunctious, shouting audience. The band played off the crowd's energy and brought plenty of their own. Between dancing around the stage, encouraging sing alongs, copious amounts of hand clapping and a very enthusiastic fan up on stage, Delta Spirit kept the floor shaking throughout the entire set, which included a Pink Floyd cover and songs off their albums Ode to Sunshine and History From Below. Their just released five song EP entiltled The Waits Room was available as limited edition vinyl at the merch table.

Singer Matt Vasquez, who got some practice playing to the large Webster Hall crowd when he opened solo for Deer Tick on 8/13, expressed his gratitude and excitement about playing for the New York audience. Before playing "Bushwick Blues", he announced it was "for Bushwick" and dedicated "St. Francis" to non-native New Yorkers. Towards the end of the set, the enthusiasm that the audience felt became visible, with every person in attendance vigorously dancing and clapping along with the band. By 11 p.m. Delta Spirit had left the stage, but not a single person in the crowd was ready to leave and when fans demanded more music, they obliged with a two song encore consisting of "Motivation" and "People Turn Around".

More pictures from the show below...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair, words by Rachel Kowal

Andrea joins the Morning Benders on Stage
The Morning Benders

I was somewhat surprised to learn that The Morning Benders were playing Webster Hall, but the large space was densely packed by 8:00 for the early string of shows.

Having missed Cults during CMJ, I was thankful for a second chance. At its core, Cults is the project of Brian Oblivion and Madeline Follin, but for their show, the duo had expanded. Fitting for their name, it looked as if Oblivion and Follin had chosen the additional four musicians based on their Manson family-esque appearance. All but one wore their dark hair long and a bit tussled.

"Hi. We're Cultssss," said Follin, dramatically drawing out the 's.' Like many young bands, Cults seems to lack a singular focus in their music, but their live show is the better for it. Over the course of their brief 25-minute set, they covered everything from slow, sexy songs to peppy, poppy dance numbers like the "Go Outside," which is perhaps their biggest hit to date.

Sure, Cults' set was a bit sloppy at times, but their music has all the right ingredients. They just need to let the dough settle for a bit so the yeast can do its thing.

Up next was Twin Sister. In addition to singer Andrea Estella's arresting appearance (Is that a parka? A wig? Or did she just tease her hair into a giant platinum mass?), it's easy to get lost in the band's mellow melodies and hushed vocals. The members of Twin Sister seemed to be in a perpetual state of bliss that had a calming effect on their music. Typically, stand out tracks are a band's more upbeat songs, but in the case of Twin Sister, it doesn't get much better than the smooth, slowly building "I Want a House" or the hazy jam "Lady Daydream."

The Morning Benders were met by a loud den of high-pitched cheers as they walked on stage. With singer Chris Chu's boyish good looks and the bands buoyant melodies, it should come as no surprise that their most ravenous fans are female. Throughout the evening, Chu spouted praises and niceties, which his eager fan base gladly absorbed. He could nonchalantly whisper "I love you" into the mic and at least 50 girls would turn to their boyfriends and dump them on the spot.

The band has apparently had a busy year. Chu estimated that Thursday night's show marked their 146th since March. Somehow, despite the heavy touring, the band didn't seem to be sick of the songs from their popular sophomore release, Big Echo, and nearly all of their set was lifted from the album. Of course, they did manage to work in a few other songs, like a Fleetwood Mac cover ("Dreams"), which featured guest vocals from Twin Sister's Andrea Estella.

Early in the show, Chu made a passing comment to get people dancing, but given the modest results, he repeated the sentiment before launching into the short, peppy song "Waiting For a War." "I gave you a chance to dance a couple of times, but you didn't really deliver [...] you guys could really go wild and express yourself. Feel free."

Then, as if all they were waiting for was permission, people started bopping along. Though the movement was a bit timid at first, as I watched from my perch in the balcony, I began to see subtle undulations on the floor as the crowd loosened up and seemed to move as one.

For "Excuses," the last song of their initial set, Chu put down his guitar, picked up a shaker, and walked to the edge of the stage, grabbing the hands of fans as he went. "Let's do this. Let's create a memory together, guys [...] let's get everyone singing." Sure enough, the house lights came on and nearly everyone sang along to the "dum du-dum's" of the chorus, including the other three members of the band. As the vocals continued on loop at the end of the song, Chu leaned over and started fiddling with pedals, and for a minute or so, the sunny melodies were shrouded in eerie overtones and discordant noise before he stripped it all away again, leaving the unadulterated group vocals to repeat a few more times before the screams and cheers from the audience became too overwhelming to hear the fade out.

Even if The Morning Benders don't appeal to you, it's hard to deny the gem of a song that is "Excuses" - so simple yet unbelievably catchy. Then you have the lyrics - not sexy enough to be dangerous or intimidating, but not completely innocent either. Take the first couple of lines: "You tried to taste me / And I taped my tongue to the southern tip of your body." (Whoa. Did I just blush typing that?)

As he walked off stage, Chris Chu uttered one last promise. "We'll be back soon with a new album." Then as if giving us a sneak peak, the band returned for one last song, a new one entitled "Virgins."

More pictures from the tour-ending show and the headliner's setlist, below...

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photos by Erez Avissar

Ariel Pink
Os Mutantes

On his records, [Ariel Pink] disguises himself in swaths of lo-fi tape hiss, but live he must get creative... His five-piece Haunted Graffiti opens with "Beverly Kills" from this year's major-indie debut Before Today and it is striking how close the band sounds to the record. Even with five people juggling Pink's self-made duties, details, and voiceovers, it is hard to imagine that learning this stuff was easy.

But as they continue into "L'Estat (Acc. to the Maid)," the details quickly succumb to the limitations of the [venue]: Guitar surfs and slides become difficult to catch, and all the tempo changes melt together. Some of the tunes that follow, like "Menopause," sound like songs by Yes. Luckily, the new-wave itch of "Fright Night" and celestial four-man chorus on "Round and Round" manage to poke through beautifully.

The co-headliners for this show, Brazil's legendary band, Os Mutantes, were an odd fit for this pairing, but being odd is the only thing that is ever fit them.

Pink's homemade productions race back to the '80s, '70s and '60s, but Os Mutantes, in the '60s themselves, redefined psychedelic futurism. Sérgio Dias and company do not disappoint on the Salvador Dali front, all dressed in caftans (save Bia Mendes in a short black jacket) with a flutist in tow, dabbing Tropicália rhythms with flourishes of English folk and opera betwixt drum breaks worthy of James Brown.
[Philadelphia Inquirer]

That review comes from the Friday night, 11/12, Os Mutantes and Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti show at the Trocadero in Philadelphia. The two bands then played Webster Hall in NYC with (a horned) Diva, one night later, Saturday night, 11/13. The pictures in this post are from that NYC show - both from in front of the stage, and some taken behind it (pictures from last time Os Mutantes played Webster Hall are HERE).

Os Mutantes and Ariel Pink have the night off tonight (11/15), but will play Montreal Tuesday before heading back in to the US by the end of the week. Both recently played Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin Texas as part of their tour together. All dates HERE. More pictures below...

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words and photos by Chris Gersbeck

Blonde Redhead

Blonde Redhead played their first of two shows at Webster Hall last night (11/3) with Pantha Du Prince. The party continues tonight (11/4) with Rain Machine (and not Taken by Trees or Pantha Du Prince). Tickets are still available.

There was a line outside of Webster Hall before doors opened shortly after 7pm that nearly reached the movie theater on Third Ave. Though I had read there were still tickets available on my way to the venue, I heard murmurs that it was sold out from people being turned away at the box office. Clearly, Blonde Redhead's two night stay in New York City, their first official show in the area since playing Prospect Park in '09 (they played private shows at 92Y Tribeca in August and Tribeca Grand after that), has been greeted with much anticipation following the release of Penny Sparkle.

Despite the line, the crowd was sparse all the way up until the beginning of Pantha Du Prince's set. I was somewhat familiar with the German musician's latest album Black Noise, but as usual I never know what to expect from a one-man act/producer whose primary instruments are electronic. Pantha took the stage right at 8pm, cloaked in his hoodie on a dimly lit stage, and quickly began tapping various pads and adjusting knobs creating an atmospheric layer of sound. Though he did have a laptop on stage, nothing about it seemed pre-recorded or staged. I've seen his music described as "minimalist", but as the set went on and his sounds became deeper and blanketed, his performance was anything but minimal. While there would often be a four-on-the-floor beat, on top of that would be a complex layer of synth and percussion, and occasionally a looped pre-recorded vocal track. Oddly enough, as his set was coming to a close and his wall of sound was hanging on a note, something abruptly happened and his sound was shut off, leaving a bit of an awkward silence followed by an enthusiastic response from the crowd. By this point, Webster Hall was completely full, and everyone was anxiously awaiting the arrival of the headliner. It's worth noting that when Radiohead's Myxomatosis was played on the P.A., the crowd let out a collective cheer. Note to Radiohead: new album and tour please...

The audience didn't have to wait long for the main act, as Blonde Redhead stuck to the set times and took the stage shortly after 9pm. Hidden behind a long white mask burgeoning with tufts of long blonde hair, Kazu Makino set the tone for the rest of their set: mysterious, somber, calculated and beautiful. The band started off slow, as Amedeo and Simone Pace, both incredible musicians in their own right, passionately tore through openers (and new songs) "Black Guitar" and "Here Sometimes" while Kazu enigmatically danced around on stage. Joined by a fourth multi-instrumentalist member, their songs stayed true to their studio counterparts; Blonde Redhead sounded as tight as ever.

There were some pauses in between the first few songs that I think made everyone a little nervous. The band quickly tried to switch from keyboard to guitar, from guitar to keyboard, from mask to no mask, but that's what happens when a band takes itself this seriously and doesn't exactly acknowledge the audience. Not that anyone seemed to care. As soon as Amedeo teased the audience with the guitar riff from "Falling Man" the crowd responded enthusiastically before being pummeled with some of the tightest rhythm work I've heard from a band in a while.

Simone Pace' sdrums can sometimes sound sequenced on recording, but not a song passed where I didn't recognize how integral a part he plays in this band's sound. It also became apparent as the set went on how seamlessly the band can go from a beautifully arranged synth-heavy song like "23" with Kazu solely on vocals, then watch her strap on a guitar and suddenly, they're a punk band. After two(!) encores, the band left for good. I'm quite certain tonight's audience will consist of many repeat fans.

Blonde Redhead are touring in support of their new LP, Penny Sparkle, out now via 4AD. If you are on the West Coast/Southwest, catch 'em on tour with Olof Arnolds.

More pictures, the setlist and video from Webster Hall last night, below...

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photos by Jessica Amaya

"Matt & Kim shuttin it down!! @ Webster Hall" - Bryan Lam

"Matt and Kim concert. It's time to get crazy in NYC!" - Erik Segura

Matt & Kim

Despite their constant movement into the audience, onto their equipment and up the scaffolding that held up their light setup, Matt & Kim placed their instruments as close together as the 9:30 Club stage would allow. Their hyperactivity made Sleigh Bells look like slackers and the onstage chemistry was oh-so-cute -- except when it wasn't.

After a short time, it became clear that although Matt & Kim have released two albums and have material ready for a third, all of their songs are pretty much variations on their big hits, "Yea Yeah" and "It's a Fact." All have loud and fast drumbeats, loud and fast keyboards and loud and fast keyboards -- usually with the same chord progressions. But in case anyone got sick of hearing the same "BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM" over and over again, Matt & Kim broke up their own set with samples from stadium staples like Biz Markie's "Just a Friend" and DJ Kool's "Let Me Clear My Throat." Adding the jock jams seemed appropriate given that Matt Johnson kept breathing heavily between songs, as if constantly between sprints. The band's bright light setup also added to the illusion that we were really at some overstimulating pep rally. -[DCist]

The above quote comes from Matt & Kim's DC show which took place on 10/22 at 9:30 Club, a few days before the band began its two day reign at the 1400+ capacity Webster Hall (where will they headline next? Terminal 5?) with The So So Glos and Donnis (10/26 and 10/27). The pictures in this post are from the 2nd show, where, as usual, the kids ate it up, and just generally went nuts. Not news, but Matt & Kim's days of ruling the DIY Todd P scene are a thing of the past. Their choice of The So So Glos, who helped found the now-closed Market Hotel, as opener was one reminder though, of their pre-VMA/mega-sponsored life.

Matt & Kim's spunky NYC run is over (they're in Rochester tonight) (all dates below), but The So So Glos have another date in town tonight (10/28): they play a free show at Matchless with Titus Andronicus.

Matt & Kim's new album Sidewalks is out 11/2 (iTunes). "Matt and Kim fans around the country have been busy creating art on these postcards, distributed at festivals over the Summer, and sending them into m and k headquarters." Those postcards were compiled into a promotional video which you can watch under the rest of the pictures and videos from Webster Hall, and other stuff, below...

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photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG

Matt Pike of High on Fire @ Webster Hall
High On Fire

High on Fire descended upon a packed Grog Shop Friday night on top of a diverse three-band hard-rock bill and staked a powerful claim to the heavy metal throne with an hour-long display of brutally intelligent music.

Singer and guitarist extraordinaire Matt Pike is finally starting to show some signs of wear and tear on his face after about two decades of nonstop touring. So maybe he's not literally immortal. We watched him effortlessly switch from the slower, spacier stoner-rock of the recent Sleep reunion to High on Fire's relentless heavy metal in the space of just a few weeks. So we'd have to say he's probably at least a demi-god.
[a review from the Cleveland show]

We've seen a lot of Torche lately, and it wasn't that long before their headlining show at Webster Hall on Sunday night that we saw High on Fire either. The band played Gramercy and Music Hall of Williamsburg earlier this year, but we were happy to have them back.

Kylesa, who opened the Webster Hall show, on the other hand hadn't played NYC since supporting Mastodon at Irving/MHOW in May of last year. And all three bands had the next night off of their tour together, which prompted Kylesa to schedule a surprise Monday show at Public Assembly. Pictures from that Brooklyn show with Hull are forthcoming, but you can dig on the rest of the Webster Hall pictures (Torche ones HERE), some video, and the setlists, below....

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photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG


The Aquarian: How was the Floor reunion for you?

Steve Brooks of Torche/Floor: It was great ...The Floor shows were the best Floor shows we ever played, and there was an audience. Normally, back then, we'd just be playing in front of the other bands or friends. The biggest audience Floor ever played for, too.

The Aquarian: I was at the Brooklyn show, and it was amazed to see people singing along and jumping around. I imagine it was cool to play for.

Steve Brooks of Torche/Floor: Yeah, it was pretty mindblowing. We're like, "What? Huh?" (Laughs)

The Aquarian: Do you feel like Torche has taken what Floor started and brought it to fruition?

Steve Brooks of Torche/Floor: It's a different beast. Floor was only going to go so far, I think. I played in that band for over a decade and it was just time to move forward ...I went full-force with this one, where Floor, we didn't really go full-force as far as touring and everything, until 2001. We did one little tour in '96, but none of us had the confidence. We thought it was pretty much a project, and some of us relocated and stuff like that, but we didn't really tour where we should have back then. It probably would have been a lot different for us. But Torche... is also a learning experience as we went along, but I've gone further with this band than I have with any other band, and I'm 36 years old. I'm still doing it. It's pretty awesome.

Floor has only one date left on their calendar, at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin next weekend (11/5 - 11/7, tickets), but Torche is still on the road.

Torche played NYC for the second time in three months, and the third time in five months, when they played with High On Fire and Kylesa at Webster Hall Sunday night. Torche drummer Rick Smith was not at the Webster show due to a family emergency, and was replaced by former Kylesa skinsman and current Shitstorm/Capsule member Eric Hernandez.

On Monday, Torche appeared on Red Eye on Fox News (after cancelling their Generation Records appearance). On the show, Governor Mike Huckabee said he is a Torche fan.That video with more pictures, video and the setlist from Webster, below...

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photos by Amanda Hatfield


"I had never seen Deerhunter or even heard one of their records but I really enjoyed their powerful but dreamy and spacious sounds. Half of Williamsburg made the L train trek over to the island for this (I thought I was on Bedford Av) and the sold out show sure pleased everyone. The four Athens-originating Atlanta-based musicians had good stage presence and attitude and to me sounded a lot more interesting and original than a lot of other indie rock bands out there right now."
[Mark Urselli]
Deerhunter headlined their 2nd NYC in two weeks at Webster Hall on Friday night (10/15). The first was a shorter and more random appearance at the Apple Store on the release date of of their new album. Friday night's show was a much larger event and a stop on their ongoing tour with Real Estate and Casino vs Japan. More pictures from that one, some Big Ass Lens video, Deerhunter's setlist, with Diplo & Lunice's awesome new remix of "Helicopter" (streamable and downloadable), below...

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photos by Jessica Amaya, words by Rachel Kowal

DOWNLOAD: S. Carey - In the Dirt (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: S. Carey - In the Stream (MP3)

The Tallest Man On Earth

Even if you don't know much about S. Carey's background, it probably wouldn't come as much of a surprise to learn that he wrote much of the material for his debut album while on the road with Bon Iver. Sean Carey possesses the kind of slow, steady vocals that make you weak in the knees, and the accompanying music benefits from a collection of classy instruments like the upright bass, saxophone, and vibraphone. The set began with a hushed, melodic opening that gradually crescendoed when Carey came in on vocals midway through the song. For once, earplugs weren't necessary - at least for the majority of the set Monday night at Webster Hall (9/27).

S. Carey did make one notable departure from the tranquil presentation. Fitting for its title, "Action" featured a surprisingly rowdy segment as each of the musicians contributed to the song's chaotic and frenzied conclusion.

Considering the fact that S. Carey has never played a show in New York, Webster Hall is a pretty impressive place to start. The sheer size of the venue typically makes it an inhospitable setting for quieter acts, but both S. Carey and Tallest Man on Earth effortlessly captured the attention of the mild-mannered and appreciative crowd.

When it came time for The Tallest Man on Earth to play, the stage had been stripped down to a single mic stand, a simple brown wooden chair, and a guitar rack. Kristian Matsson walked on stage to what sounded like a Swedish song playing in the background. Without a word of introduction, he began singing "A Field of Birds." Whenever he wasn't required to be at the mic, Matsson paced around the stage, sometimes running back over just in time to sing.

"Thank you so much New York. I'm glad to be back. I might have played that song a bit too fast, but don't judge me. This is a big place," Matsson sheepishly confessed after a couple of songs. Matsson's distinctively gruff voice provides an interesting contrast to the melodic strains of his guitar. Though he didn't have a backing band, Matsson's music impressively resonated throughout the large space and the reverent sold-out audience.

The magical star-lit backdrop lining the stage seemed to be perfectly suited for a man whose songs feature motifs like love, the beautiful Scandinavian landscape, and of course - birds. At one point, someone in the crowd asked him about the mysterious message emblazoned in blue on his T-shirt. "Good question. Thank you so much for asking and not yelling something like 'Fuck you.'" He countered. "It's Leksand Delarna. It's where I'm from. It's my home town." He briefly reflected on his homesickness before momentarily turning his back on the crowd and walking over to get a closer look at the celestial backdrop, as if marveling at the beautiful Swedish night sky.

After playing a couple of songs about the ups and downs of love, he returned to the topic of his homeland and the album artwork it inspired. "So I have a new EP. It's only 5 songs. But the cover is awesome... it's like a chimney and a field house... go to the merch. You don't have to buy it. Just check it out." And with that, he launched into "Like the Wheel."

Though the show featured a number of pauses as Matsson stopped to tune a guitar or communicated with the sound technician, this attention to detail paid off and made for quite a robust sound (and the most beautiful and complicated guitar tuning technique I've ever heard).

Matsson capped off his initial set with "Thrown Right at Me," a lovely duet featuring Amanda Bergman (aka Jaw Lesson) (previously Hajen) on vocals. He then returned to wild applause to wrap up with an impassioned three-song encore.

The Tallest Man and S. Carey are on tour (S. Carey will be back for CMJ too). Updated dates, the full Tallest Man setlist, and more pictures from the NYC show, below...

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by BBG

Boys Noize at HARD NYC (more by Zachary Alex Stern)
Boys Noize

Boys Noize will team up with Rusko for a date at Webster Hall on 10/29. The two electronic artists, who both just played Electric Zoo (and who both played different dates on the recent HARD tour), are criscrossing in NYC, but each are hitting the road for much larger separate tours in promotion of their latest LPs, Power and O.M.G.! respectively. Full tour dates for both are below.

Three weeks after Boys Noize/Rusko, look for Z-Trip to bring his cornucopia of beats to Webster Hall (11/19), his only East Coast date so far. Full dates are below, as well as a recent (and awesome) Marvin Gaye/2Pac blend by Z-Trip commissioned by Afeni Shakur.

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photos by kolored

"Titus andronicus never fail to be impressive. Clap on bros, clap on." -KrissyRubbles

"Titus Andronicus is still the best band in the world.
Webster Hall cannot contain them." -totale

Patrick Stickles on stage @ Webster Saturday night
Titus Andronicsus

"Lead singer Patrick Stickles made it clear that Saturday night's show was a special one for the band. It was the last show of their current tour; it was a near-hometown concert (the band is from New Jersey) and thus many family members were in the audience. Stickles especially pointed out his father, standing in the front row of the balcony right in front of the stage. The presence of his father seemed to fit perfectly with the night, as Titus Andronicus came off as that loveable little band that started in obscurity and is getting bigger and bigger with each go-around. You couldn't help but feel a bit of pride, even if you had nothing to do with the band's growth." [Muzzle of Bees]
Titus Andronicus played Webster Hall Saturday night (9/25) with an impressive supporting cast of Free Energy and Screaming Females. The show completed a touring cycle for TA and FE that kicked off with a zillion degree show at Glasslands (without FE) and a show at Maxwell's (with FE) in mid-August.

Unlike Free Energy and Screaming Females, Titus Andronicus don't have many upcoming shows on their schedule at the moment, but they do have at least one. Catch them with Adam Haworth Stephens and The Felice Brothers at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY on October 30th, Mischief Night 2010. Tickets are on sale.

More pictures from Webster Hall, below...

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photos by kolored

Free Energy

After Screaming Females, came a set by Free Energy at Webster Hall on Saturday night. Free Energy were 2nd on the bill. Their tour-mates Titus Andronicus headlined the show.

Free Energy are in China this weekend (!), but head back to the US to play a string of dates before hooking up with Foxy Shazam for a tour that includes two more NYC shows in late November: at Bowery Ballroom (11/24) and Music Hall of Williamsburg (11/26). Stay tuned for ticket info.

All dates and more pictures from Webster Hall, below...

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photos by kolored

DOWNLOAD: Screaming Females - I Don't Mind It (new MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Noun (Marissa solo) - Holy Hell (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Noun (Marissa solo) - Brother (MP3)

Marissa Paternoster screaming @ Webster Hall Saturday evening
Screaming Females

"The Females pick the strongest parts of indie, alt, punk and classic rock to gracefully create something timeless, singular and powerful. The trio's vocals, riffs, hooks, baselines and beats are live wires touching raw nerves. But the Females' biggest draw is Paternoster's impressive instrumental dexterity. Her frequent solos and leads are hooky without being showy, using the art of the shred to support the songs rather than distract from them. You can hear shades of Skynyrd, the White Stripes and countless other genre-defining greats -- but that's under Paternoster's distinctive caterwauling vocals, a sound that's undeniably aggressive.

The Black Cat is promoting Paternoster as "the new guitar God of the rock scene," while the Village Voice named the lifelong suburbanite 2009's Best Shredder in New York City.

Take it from the old guitar God of the rock scene: Last year the Screaming Females were thrilled to learn that J Mascis had placed an order for a disc on their website. A few days later, Mascis offered Screaming Females the opening slot at a Dinosaur Jr show in Brooklyn. [Washington Post]

To quote photographer Paul Birman (kolored) who was seeing the band for the first time at Webster Hall Saturday night (9/25), "screaming females are incredible." If you went to the show, hopefully you got there early. They were first of three on the bill headlined by Titus Andronicus. Free Energy were 2nd.

Now, after playing that Webster Hall show which came after a giant leg of a tour that included three NYC-area shows including a headlining record release party at Knitting Factory earlier this month (more dates below), it can finally be announced that Screaming Females are the unannounced band playing the BrooklynVegan CMJ showcase at Music Hall of Williamsburg on October 21st. So the Thursday night BV show looks like this:

* The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
* The Blow
* Screaming Females
* Yuck
* Young Man
Tickets are still on sale.

More pictures from the Webster Hall show, including one of their setlist, and more tour dates (they still have tons to go) below...

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photos by Kam Tambini

"floor at webster hall about to collapse for caribou" - t m


Though Caribou was shortlisted for the 2010 Polaris Prize, the highest honor went to another:

Montreal indie rock act Karkwa took home the Polaris Music Prize for its fourth album, "Les Chemins de Verre" or "The Glass Paths" (Audiogram)...The band received $20,000 Canadian ($19,415).

"Les Chemins de Verre" was recorded in part at La Frette studios in Paris during breaks on their French tour. "It's an unbelievable thing to win this prize," said the band in a statement. "We have a lot of respect for this contest and we think they do it for the right reason (music)."
Oh well. Daniel Snaith probably didn't have a chance anyway, since Caribou already won it in 2008.

Caribou is currently on the road and will stay there until the middle of December. Daniel and and his live band played Webster Hall in NYC on Wednesday (9/22) with help from Emeralds and Arp. No Emeralds/Arp pictures, but a few more Caribou ones, with a video, and the band's exhausting-looking tour schedule, below...

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France's electro wizard Vitalic is bringing his "V Mirror Live" show to the United states this week, and honestly I don't totally know what that means, but if the below video is indication, it will look really cool and be (and sound) really fun. The NYC show is Friday/tonight (9/24) at Webster Hall, and as a bonus, the BBC's Annie Mac is also DJing the party. You can buy tickets for $15 or go the "$1 'til Midnight with RSVP" route. The NYC flyer, all dates and videos below...

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Justin Townes Earle @ Governors Island in August (more by Chris La Putt)
Justin Townes Earle

Justin Townes Earle has decided to suspend the remaining dates on his tour and enter a rehabilitation facility. Earle is strongly committed to confronting his on-going struggle with addiction and thanks his family, friends and fans for their continued support through this difficult time.

In regards to the misdemeanor charges recently filed in Indianapolis, Earle released the following statement earlier this week: "Unfortunately, reports surfacing online about the incident in Indianapolis are not accurate. I have been advised by counsel that I should not comment on a pending criminal matter, but suffice to say that I am looking forward to having my day in court. I would also like to say that I oppose violence against women in any form."

Earle looks forward to resuming the tour in support of his critically-acclaimed third album, Harlem River Blues, on independent record label Bloodshot Records. The album enters this week at #47 on the Top 200 in overall Soundscan.

The postponed dates include October 19th at Webster Hall in NYC (which also happened to be part of CMJ). Jessica Lea Mayfield and The Sadies were set to open that show, and Bowery Presents says "Refunds are available at point of purchase if requested, but a new date will be announced shortly and all tickets will be honored. We apologize for any inconvenience." All postponed dates below...

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photos by Toby Tenenbaum

Happy Birthday to Jamie
Jamie Lidell

"Ladies and gentlemen, as Jamie Lidell calls his audience, Lidell has left most of the solo improvising and experimental layering behind, in favor of touring with a five-man band. Rather than balancing roles of producer and singer-performer, the strong support allowed for Lidell to simply sing a little bit of his British-born feel good soul in a tattered blazer and size 13 hobo shoes.

Most of the band adopted the homeless theme by adorning T-shirts ripe with holes or a faded tie-dye shirt, as was the case with the guitarist. Gone are the glitz and glam of previous shows -- the theme Friday at the Grog Shop was one familiar to Clevelanders.

Despite their humble appearance, Lidell and company went right to work bringing the funk on "The Ring." After, they sprang into "Wait for Me," which was about the hardships of a long-distance relationship, but Lidell assured us that his current girlfriend accompanies him on the road. [Cleveland Scene]

That blurb comes from a review of an earlier show on Jamie Lidell's tour that came to Webster Hall in NYC on Saturday night (9/18), his birthday. More pictures from that show (which Bear Hands opened, but we missed them), with the setlist, below....

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Dismemberment Plan

Tickets are about to sold out for the January 29th Dismemberment Plan reunion show happening at Webster Hall, so they're adding another one. Tickets will be on sale soon for a January 30th show at the same venue (also 16+).

photos by Chris Doss

"If I didnt have so much love for RJD2, I would have run screaming from WebsterHall (electro hell) but glad I stayed, he killed it as always" - Channing Ritter

"RJD2 set killed, to the shorty in the grey dress with the elvis impersonator cuffin, please send me a craigs list missed connection" - Downtown's Prodigy

""RJD2 is using a Super Mario puppet!!!" - Seika Iwaø


"The intent behind "Inversions of the Colossus" lies halfway between the classic in-between albums EP, and an instrumental version of "the Colossus". So there were 7 vocal songs on "the Colossus", and I knew that releasing instrumentals of these would be smart. After all, a lot of people buy rjd2 albums for the production, not for the vocals-just being honest here! :) SO-all of those 7 songs become instrumental versions of themselves. then, there are 7 "new" songs. 2 of these new songs are vocal, so it's not ENTIRELY accurate to call this a completely instrumental album, but it's very close.

All in all, its 14 tracks long. The title was chosen because I want to make sure it's not seen as an entirely new album, but at the same time "Colossus-Instrumentals" is not an accurate title. so, "Inversions of the Colossus" is about as close to an accurate description as I think I can get." [RJD2]

Inversions of the Colossus is out now. You can check out the video for "The Glow" (which rj just held a remix contest for), along with more pictures from the show Friday night at Webster Hall, below...

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words and photos by Tracy Allison

John McCauley & Matt Vasquez @ Webster Hall
Matt Vasquez

Friday night (8/13) Deer Tick played a phenomenal show for a very enthusiastic audience at a very full Webster Hall. This show was their last before leaving for a month long European tour on September 9th. Prior to the performance, the band promoted the show on their twitter page with various tweets promising motorcyles, horses on nitrous, and crowd surfing babies. While none of those promises were kept, it certainly was not a show to be missed. One audience member commented on the performance, saying, "This was the best Deer Tick show I've ever seen. You could tell how excited they were to be here tonight."

While the show did not begin until 8 p.m., a small line had formed outside of Webster Hall before the doors opened at 6:30 p.m. and a few devoted fans claimed their spots directly in front of the stage as soon as the venue allowed them in. Opener Matt Vasquez (sans the rest of his band, Delta Spirit) took the stage at 8 p.m., expressing how happy he was to be performing and telling the audience he would gladly take song requests. Deer Tick frontman John McCauley joined Matt briefly for a song. By the end of his set, not only was the room fairly full, he was commanding it with just his voice and his guitar.

Around 9 p.m., after a quick introduction by a friend and the sounds of an air horn, the members of Deer Tick began appearing on stage. During their hour and forty-five minute set, lead singer John McCauley serenaded audience members and passed around a bottle of Jack Daniels. Vasquez joined Deer Tick briefly for one song. The band played songs from their three albums, War Elephant, Born on Flag Day, and The Black Dirt Sessions, as well as MG&V covers, a sax solo, and a handful of newer songs. Prior to starting their encore, McCauley grabbed a mysterious box that had been sitting on stage, handed it to the audience, and told them to pass it back. Moments later silly string was flying everywhere and by the time the rambunctious encore was over, the drum set was torn apart and various instruments were covering a good portion of the stage. Despite the state of the equipment, the audience began chanting "One more song! One more song!" to which Deer Tick obliged, returning to the stage as all the members took part in singing an a beautiful a cappella rendition of "Dirty Dishes"

Less than a month earlier, Deer Tick kicked off their North American tour with a sold out show at Maxwell's. More pictures from the tour-ending show at Webster Hall, and all upcoming dates, below...

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photos by kolored

Robyn @ Webster Hall

"Kelis and Robyn (whose Body Talk Pt. 2 will be out in September) may have been billed as co-headliners for Tuesday night's show at the Trocadero [in Philly], but it was in words only.

In a multiracial crowd of men and women in their 20s and 30s, Robyn was the clear favorite.

Kelis took the stage first. The 30-year-old singer hit pop culture with her infectious and slightly risque "Milkshake" back in 2003, but has since transformed herself from a Neptunes-produced rap/hip-hop/neo-soul star into a club diva.

She came on stage in a one-sleeved, sequined mini-dress - wearing five-inch heels and a platinum-blond wig with a partial weave of Christmas-tree tinsel - and said that all she wanted to do was dance. She wasn't kidding. In fact, while she sang a few songs off her latest album, Flesh Tone, most of her set was a karaoke collection of Top 40 hits from past decades interspersed with snippets of her own songs... [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Robyn (whose Body Talk Part 2 will be out in September - cover art and tracklist below), Kelis (whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard) & Dan Black (who was just nominated for two MTV Video Music Awards - nominated video below) are on a tour (that also includes Far East Movement) that brought them to Music Hall of Williamsburg last week and Webster Hall last night (8/4).

Last night's high energy show was the first of two for the artists at the same venue (they return to Webster Hall tonight, 8/5). All three NYC shows are/were sold out. More pictures from Wednesday's, including Dan and Kelis's setlists, below...

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Caribou @ Governors Island Friday night (more by Andrew St Clair)

As previously mentioned, Matt & Kim, who played the Siren Festival on Saturday, will play two shows at Webster Hall in October. Both are on sale now. All dates below.

Caribou, who played Governors Island on Friday, also added a show at Webster Hall today. That's happening on September 22nd, and tickets go on sale Friday at noon. Caribou play the Midpoint Music Festival in Ohio on September 24th.

Kele from Bloc Party rescheduled a show at Webster Hall today.

Matt Vasquez of Delta Spirit plays there on August 13th (he opens for Deer Tick who play Maxwell's tonight).

All Caribou and Matt & Kim dates below....

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photos by Matthew Eisman

Minus The Bear

Minus the Bear, Everest and Keepaway played Webster Hall on Thursday, July 8th. More pictures and the headliner's setlist from that show, below...

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