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photos by Ebru Yildiz

"Last night we saw the "loudest band in NYC"-A Place To Bury Strangers. One of my favorites" - Chris Buzelli

A Place to Bury Strangers

"A Place to Bury Strangers and The Big Pink made a perfectly complimentary pair last night at Webster Hall. Both bands draw from the same influences, '80s post-punk/noise pop such as New Order and the Jesus and Mary Chain, but their distillation produces opposite results." [NY Press]
The tour also hit Maxwell's in Hoboken two days earlier. More pictures from the Manhattan show, below...

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photos by Ryan Barkan

Mayer Hawthorne

Tickets are now on sale for this summer's Roots Picnic whose lineup includes Mayer Hawthorne & the County whose current tour brought them to Webster Hall in NYC last night (3/4). More pictures and the setlist from that show below....

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Vitalic, aka French electronic musician Pascal Arbez, is currently on tour across the US - he did California last weekend...

...Soon he took the stage and the crowd really got into it. My concert companion made it her mission to get us to the front. We eventually were no more than a handshake away from Vitalic. The crowd, energy, and sweat were drenching and surrounding me.

Concertgoers were continuously jumping up on the stage, then shooed away by security every few minutes. This pretty much happened for the duration of the show. Vitalic never seemed bothered, only energized by it. Driven by the music, people got on top of the speakers. It was awesome.

I danced myself sober. That is the way to gauge the worth of a show. If you sweat and move and dance so much that the alcohol has no choice but to be exiled from your pores, then your show was awesome.... [Spinning Platters]

...and gets to Chicago tonight (2/23). He'll be playing NYC's Girls & Boys party at Webster Hall on Friday, February 26th. Tickets are on sale.

The tour wraps in Toronto on February 27th. Vitalic put out a new record, Flashmob, in fall 2009. Vidoes from that, a flyer and all tour dates are below...

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DOWNLOAD: Yes Giantess - I'm Not Your Toy (La Roux cover) (MP3)

photos by Tim Griffin

La Roux

La Roux, with a healthier Elly Jackson than at their October NYC show, played Webster Hall on February 11th with opener Yes Giantess, who play Brooklyn Bowl on Feb 26th and SXSW in March (and who cover La Roux's "I'm Not Your Toy," above).

In a gold-threaded blazer, her recognizable Jimmy Neutron dollop 'do perched prominently atop her head, Eleanor Jackson, one half of British electro-pop duo La Roux, stole the show at Webster Hall Thursday night. Her better half, Ben Langmaid, forgoes touring, favoring anonymity to the limelight.

Jackson, however, managed nicely on her own. An icon in training without the painfully obvious obsession with fame, Jackson's performances come with the same hubris and bite that shines through in her interviews, and her lyrics about lost love and heart break are captivating and candid. The set list included may of her post-heartbreak ballads, including "I'm Not Your Toy," "Quicksand," "In For The Kill," and, perhaps most moving, "Cover My Eyes," a sad one about seeing the one you love with someone else.

Jackson's most famous love song, the badass anthem "Bulletproof," served as the set's encore. In deference to a song about putting on emotional armor, Jackson skipped out in a heavily shoulder-padded leather jacket with gold detailing, revving up the evening another notch with this gem of a final act. Lights strobed as she marched in place, reaching out to touch the hands of fans as the words "La Roux" flashed behind her in succession throughout this closing scene. [Papermag]

La Roux is scheduled to be at Coachella and some of the TBA dates of Lilith Fair.

More pictures of the show, a set list (which included Rolling Stones' "Under My Thumb") and all tour dates are below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

"Nouvelle Vague show, Webster Hall. French bossanova pop. Wasn't too sure coming in, so far, very impressed. (Hot singers too.)" - Scott Bleicher

Nouvelle Vague @ Webster Hall
Nouvelle Vague

Saw Nouvelle Vague at Webster Hall in NYC last night.
It was good, rather than great (they seem to rotate the vocalists - this pair were the least good of the three pairing we've seen . . . at the last gig at Irving Place in NYC last year one of the singers climbed the scaffolding to the balcony, almost got ejected, and then spat a mouthful of warm beer all over me). [Less, But Better]
Though special guests were promised, Chris doesn't recall seeing any at Saturday night's Nouvelle Vague show (1/23) at Webster Hall in NYC. The French group's new album of new wave bossa nova covers does feature help from Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Ian McCullough (Echo and The Bunnymen), Barry Adamson (Magazine), Terry Hall (The Specials), Samy Birnbach (Minimal Comact) and Chris Bailey (The Saints) though.

Opener Clare & The Reasons, who is currently donating profits from their albums sold to Haiti, will continue on tour with Nouvelle Vague for a few days and then they play West Coast shows with Van Dyke Parks...

The legendary musical genius will be playing some rare (as rare as a good baguette in a small US city) concerts of his very own songs - not anyone else's - his masterpieces. I'm assuming you will want to come to these shows, I know we would - wait, we are!

Some Reasons will be joining Van Dyke on stage. [Frog Stand Records]

All tour dates and more pictures from Webster Hall below....

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photos by Bao Nguyen

Vampire Weekend

"Drummer Chris Tomson deserves a raise. Or something. Outfitted in a New Jersey Nets jersey and thumping away like a madman all night, Tomson did his best to lend the show some semblance of rock show urgency, veering confidently from Afropop beats to Latin rhythms to reggaeton pop-pop-pops. He essentially picked up his bandmates, slung them over his shoulder and carried them forward as best he could in the direction of a killer live show." [MTV]
Holly Miranda opened for Vampire Weekend at Webster Hall Monday night (1/18). It was the VW's 2nd of 3 NYC shows in a row. The first show was Sunday at United Palace with Titus Andronicus. The last show is tonight (1/19) at Bowery Ballroom with Nat Baldwin (who also plays in Dirty Projectors).

Vampire Weekend are among the artists just-announed to be playing Coachella this year, as are Spoon who just announced a Mercury Lounge show .

More pictures from Webster Hall, including one of the setlist, below...

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photos by Bao Nguyen

Holly Miranda @ Webster Hall - 1/18/2010
Holly Miranda


I'm am writing to you from lovely California [on December 30, 2009]. I have been here since finishing my last tour of 2009 with The XX and The Friendly Fires on the West Coast in early December.

Being as it is two days before New Years Eve, I have been reflecting on the year that has past. I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to everyone who has come out to support Timmy and I on the road. To those of you who have given us warm, home cooked meals; a cozy bed to sleep in or visited me at the merch table and kept me company. We could not have done it with out you.

From the Midwest tour with AA Bondy, the East Coast with The Antlers, Europe with The XX, and then again with The XX and The Friendly Fires on the West Coast. We have been busy, but there has been no shortage of good music and amazing people surrounding us at all times.

I am happy to announce that it looks like the coming year will be more of the same...

First I am so excited to say that we will be opening for Vampire Weekend in New York on January 18th at Webster Hall!

Secondly, beginning in February, we will be touring across the continental United States with Tegan & Sara!!! The tour dates are below.

Last, but not least, I'm happy to announce that my full-length album The Magician's Private Library will be out on XL Recordings February 23rd!

Cheers! Here's to 2010!

I hope this finds everyone safe and warm and having a happy holly day!

See you in the new year!


Holly Miranda, who was joined on stage at one point by her friends The Antlers, opened for her labelmates Vampire Weekend at Webster Hall last night (1/18). It was the headliner's 2nd of three NYC shows in a row. The first night was uptown at United Palace with Titus Andronicus. The third is tonight (1/19) at Bowery Ballroom with Nat Baldwin.

Holly's new cover art and tour dates and more pictures from Webster Hall, below...

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photos by Vincent Cornelli

Eugene Hutz on stage w/ Forro in the Dark
Forro in the Dark

Rick Rubin, Madonna, world tours - it's a long way from Eugene arriving in New York City as a refugee with no money and very few contacts, apart from his kinfolk who had always made him part of a micro community in every town in the world he visited.

Just being in New York was enough after a tangled upbringing in the Ukraine and several years schlepping around East Europe as a refugee: "It would be pretty funny to imagine that a punk rock kid in the Ukraine would listen to folk music at that time. When you discover punk rock you go to the most far away thing possible. You get a musical wanderlust. I was listening to the Clash, Joy Division, Mano Negra, The Fall. It was right around glasnost. Music was cassette driven, word of mouth, hand to hand driven. It was so under the radar that if you would see somebody on the subway in Kiev who had a remotely funny kind of funky haircut you would walk up and start talking to them - 'Yeah man wanna go to my house and listen to the Sex Pistols?', 'Fuck yeah! Let's go!'. There were a couple of places where sub cultural kids would hang out. It was so tight in a city of 3 million - we would have a couple of hundred of us punks - then there would be a couple of thousand of kids who would specialise in beating us up! We were outnumbered by everybody." [The Quietus interview w/ Eugene Hutz, 11/09]

Gogol Bordello played their second of three shows at Webster Hall in NYC last night (12/28). The third and final show is tonight (12/29) with Dillinger Escape Plan. Marianni opened the first night (pics). Forro in the Dark opened the second. More pictures from it, below...

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photos by Paul Birman

Happy Holidays! I take on more than I can handle. That results in a lot of unposted content. In the name of catching up, while also taking it easy during this final week of the year, here's some of that lost material.

friendly fires

"This'll be our last gig for a long time," reckons Friendly Fires front man Ed Macfarlane, before the band bursts into Lovesick in front of a lively, beered-up crowd at The Coronet [in London].

We hope he's just being dramatic, because tonight's gig proves that live, Friendly Fires are even better than their intelligent, original, pop-carnival-dance album suggests. And we're looking forward to seeing more of them. Soon.

Although their reception is magnified by the audience's boozing and the lateness of the hour (it's 1.40am), the acclaim is totally deserved. [Londonist]

That review comes from Friendly Fires' London show which was not long after their December 5th show at Webster Hall in NYC where this second set of pictures are from. They're continued below...

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photos by Paul Birman, words by Elina Miller

Eugene Hutz & Gibby Haynes
Gogol Bordello

Brazilian songstress Marianni readied Gogol fans - an eclectic mix of hipsters, aspiring gypsy punks and gritty Russians clad in all black - for the sold-out spectacle at Webster Hall on Sunday (12/27). The crowd erupted in elation as she announced a "Russian-Brazilian" song and a buttoned down, almost clean-cut Eugene Hutz emerged to perform a duet.

Later in the night, despite having taken several generous swigs of red wine, Hutz still mustered up the quick-witted coordination to dodge a bra and a roll of toilet paper hastily hurled at him from the depths of the audience. Think Bush Iraqi shoe style if Bush had a handlebar mustache, an acoustic guitar and boasted 1% body fat. In a nod to his motherland, Hutz did accept a Ukrainian flag that had been waving wildly in the crowd and draped it over his shoulders. He also managed to stick his head through the t-shirt of Gibby Haynes from Butthole Surfers who unexpectedly emerged from backstage to perform "I Don't Give a Fuck" alongside Hutz.

If Gogol Bordello is the circus then Hutz is the fearless ringmaster. Building off his raw energy and emotion, the band always manages to whip the expectant crowd into a frenzy. I've never left a show without tapping my foot wildly and wanting to punch up my wardrobe with purple. This time was no exception.

Gogol Bordello continue their three-night run at Webster Hall tonight/Monday (12/28) and Tuesday (12/29). More pictures from Sunday night, including one of the setlist, below...

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words by Ilya Blokh, photos by Jason Jamal Nakleh

Mike Armine of Rosetta with ppl rocking the f out.

Saturday (12/12) brought Tombs, Junius, Irepress and Rosetta to The Studio @ Webster Hall for a somewhat bizarre cross-section of heavy genres. Tombs are fresh off a month-long European tour promoting Winter Hours with Buried Inside, while Rosetta have just released a three-way split with Year Of No Light and (the newly revamped) East Of The Wall.

Rosetta opened the show with a mind-blowing set - easily the highlight of the show. Their vast, powerful, and almost nautical sound reminds me a lot of Russian Circles. The singer, Mike, was clearly not a fan of the stage and spent most of his time down on the floor with the crowd - always a welcome gesture. The crowning moment was when the audience literally peer pressured the guys into playing an encore - it's always great to see this sort of connection between band and fans. Can't wait for their next show in January with Tombs, Battlefields and City of Ships.

Next up were Irepress. Instead of focusing on a coherent sound, they threw a pile of disconnected elements - dance beats, proggy guitar noodling and some basic breakdowns - on top of each other, in a quantity over quality approach. Why have a keyboardist if he spends most of the show playing air drums? In any case, part of the crowd was clearly into it and there was a decent amount of "dancing", including a strangely epileptic mix of drum'n'bass moves and flying kicks.

Junius played next, with a heavier take on the old goth/darkwave sound that moved from straight pop songs to darker and more complex pieces, straying even into some Radiohead'ish moments. Not my cup of tea really, but it was well put together, soothing and a nice break before the last band.

The excellent sound at Webster Hall was a good match for Tombs' wall-of-sound approach, which tends to get lost on sub-par sound systems. Easily the most consistent and hard-working band in the NYC scene, the guys tore through a solid set with their trademark, all-business approach (have you ever seen one of them smile?) which, as always, ended with at least one band member smashing their instrument on the ground. They are at their best when the drums slow down and a little groove enters the mix and hopefully we'll see more of that in the future.

More pictures from the show are below...

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Webster Hall - New Years Eve 2008 into 2009
Webster Hall

"When most Americans think of New Years Eve, the Big Apple may be one of the first things that come to mind. Millions of Americans all around the country tune in to watch the ball drop in Times Square on television as they ring in the New Year.

For those not able to make it to Manhattan for this special night, why not bring a little bit of Manhattan to your New Year's Eve party? A New York City themed New Year's Eve party requires a bit of creativity in the party planning. Brainstorm all of the things you associate with New York City from food to attractions. For food, you may want to consider having lox on bagels and cream cheese, pizza and cheesecake.

For drinks, try making Manhattan cocktails and see if there are any New York based beers available in your area; Brooklyn Lager is a popular brew." ["Have a Big Apple New Year's Eve in your living room"]

Ha. Well, for those who actually live in NYC, two more New Years Eve options are below...

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words & photos by Dominick Mastrangelo


Webster Hall seemed a perfect fit for the Danish band Mew on Friday night (12/4). With songs that require so much space to swirl about, the venue was better suited than their show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in the summer. All the wondrous video projections were back though the set list changed around from their last visit. Unfortunately, gone was the opening one-two punch of "New Terrain"/"Introducing Palace Players" (that lead off their new record, No More Stories...) and worked to perfection at MHOW. "Terrain" made an edited, stripped down appearance during a medley midway through the show. "Palace Players" was arguably the highlight of the night, sandwiched into a flurry of sprawling rockers including "Special" and "Am I Wry? No". The wandering intro gave way to the Flaming Lips-like choral arrangement (reproduced via synth live) before dropping into a back and forth between Bo Madsen's jagged guitar riff and Silas Utke Graae Jørgensen's pulsing back beat, which held the song up for the briefest of moments, before the bass launched the song forward and it was on from there. Lead singer Jonas Bjerre's falsetto was clear and pitch perfect during the intro to "Sometimes Life Isn't Easy" (complete with school children's choir projected on screen behind them) after the instrumental "Reprise" turned intro for the beautiful, mid-tempo "Silas The Magic Car". "Louisa Louisa", "A song we haven't played in a couple of years or something," Madsen told the crowd, finished off the show.

Editor's note: Part of me knew I was in a venue more suited for Mew (as Dominick pointed out) than the smaller Music Hall of Williamsburg - the massiveness of the crowd and strobes even made it seem all the more epic, but as someone who got there just in time for the headliner (aka I was stuck all the way in the back of the packed venue and/or peering over people's heads in the balcony), I was longing for the more intimate and focused experience I had at Music Hall.

Bear in Heaven opened the show. Echo & the Bunnymen's Ian McCulloch played a set in the same building on the same night. More pictures from Mew (with the setlist) below...

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words & photos by Erez Avissar


LA's Nite Jewel was a three-piece, joined by a live bassist, which boosted their show tremendously. They played a pair of new tracks, but the highlights to me were the familiar moments: when Ramona Gonzalez asked the sound guy to turn up the bass, I should have known they were about to launch into their evocative noir-disco banger "What Did He Say". It left the crowd no choice but to move their feet and hips. Hearing that devastating bass line played with real fingers and strings brought serious force to the delivery, and I think that that track in particular deserves to go down as an Italo classic. They received lots of shout-outs and volume love from the crowd, and judging by the amount of people who asked me what they're called, successfully won over the house.

Röyksopp opened with a slow-burning builder before launching into a setlist which basically went: hits, worthy gems, hits. Their live vocalist, Anneli Drecker, played such a fitting substitute to Karin Dreijer Andersson that you had be looking pretty close to tell the difference on those songs - every inflection sounded uncanny. Her execution was absolutely flawless, and when they rolled out with the surprise of the night, a note-for-note cover of Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights," she put on a dead-on Kate croon.

Röyksopp stand behind their setup on an elevated riser in the back, occasionally popping out to strut, sing, or bang on something, but mainly leaving the focus on the prominent Drecker, with her many outfits, the light show, and mainly, you know, the music. Their 90-minute set left everyone in the house satisfied, and judging from their faces when the house lights went up, totally drained and disoriented from the experience. As good a sign of a great show as any.

Röyksopp and Nite Jewel played two nights in a row in NYC at Webster Hall (Monday 11/24 - Tuesday 11/25). The review and pictures in this post are from night one. The pictures are continued, with the setlist, below...

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Ben Gibbard & Jay Farrar @ Bimbo's 365 Club, 10-24-09 (pneyu)
Gibbard Farrar

John Roderick of the Long Winters is the opener of the Ben Gibbard & Jay Farrar Kerouac-tour that ends with a show at Webster Hall in NYC tonight (10/28). Tickets are still available. John will then stick around for a day, and headline his own show at the intimate Union Hall in Brooklyn on Thursday (1/29). Tickets are on sale for that too.

Greg Kot was at the Gibbard/Farrar show in Chicago the other day...

"The one-week old band," as Farrar called it, devoted the show to playing the album in its entirety, plus a handful of loosely related songs: Farrar's "Voodoo Candle," Bob Dylan's "Absolutely Sweet Marie" and Tom Waits' "Old Shoes (And Picture Postcards)."

The "Big Sur" songs put the focus squarely on Kerouac's lyrics, which detail the dissolution of a drunk looking for sobriety and inspiration in a cabin on a remote stretch of the California coast. The material's tailor-made for Farrar: His voice has a natural slope to it, an ache that shades even his most optimistic sentiments, and his melodies are steeped in mourning.

Videos from the show in LA, below...

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photos by Tim Griffin


"Maybe the space has some tough acoustics, but it was definitely one of the worst-sounding shows I've been to in a while. Which is a shame, because Lucero played for close to two hours. Aside from the new album (which they played in its entirety, save for "What Are You Willing To Lose?," [majorly disappointed by that, but whatever] "Sixes and Sevens," and "Halfway Wrong"), they hit a lot of the older classics: "That Much Further West," "Chain Link Fence," "Nights Like These," "Tears Don't Matter Much," "Sweet Little Thing," and "What Else Would You Have Me Be?" So yeah, a very solid set. I didn't realize that Ben Nichols does lead-guitar on some songs. I always assumed it was the larger guy with the bushy beard who played lead. So that was cool." [Brian]
Lucero's Ramblin' Roadshow tour hit Webster Hall on Saturday night (10/17). Right before the show we had Chris Denny interview Ben Nichols. Check that out, and the rest of the pictures below...

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photos by Bryan Bruchman

Built To Spill

Built to Spill played their second Webster Hall show in a row last night (10/13). That's where the pictures in this post are from (anyone have the setlist?).

Tonight (10/14), the band moves on to Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn where they'll also be playing two nights in a row. They'll then appear on Letterman the same night the NYC run ends (10/15).

The setlist and comments from night one (10/12), which it ends up NYC Taper taped, are HERE. More pictures from last night, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Mew on AOL's The Interface (MP3)

Mew opening for NIN @ T5 in August (more by Tim Griffin)

Best surprise. Mew are coming back to the United States before the end of the year to play some shows including one on December 4th at Webster Hall. Tickets for the NYC show go on American Express presale at noon, and then general sale Friday at noon. Other announced gigs include Philly and Boston. All currently known dates and four videos from their recent visit to AOL's The Interface (MP3 above), below...

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Peter Bjorn and John @ Webster Hall in April (more by Tim Griffin)
Peter Bjorn and John

Oops! Peter Bjorn and John's November 10th Terminal 5 show has been moved down to the smaller Webster Hall one day earlier (November 9th). El Perro Del Mar and Brooklyn (via Japan)'s The Suzan open the show. All T5 tix will be honored, and some are still on sale too.

El Perro Del Mar was supposed to play Joe's Pub on November 9th, so that was also canceled with this change.

The Suzan...

"was formed by two Japanese girls, RIE(Guitar) and SAORI(Vocal) in the summer of 2003. They had been sicking and tired of recent Japanese POP idol music. So they decided to produce their own songs and bring the movement and revolution to the music scene of not only Japan but also the world by their sound."
Based on watching one of their videos (below), I'm not sure how soon they'll be making a name for themselves in the world, but somehow they got on this T5 bill, and on one of the two Fool's Gold CMJ parties this year. The flyer and more info below...

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Built to Spill @ Webster Hall - Oct 12, 2009 (joshbg2k)
Built to Spill

"I shelled out for the Tuesday show, though it is annoying how expensive the tickets are. I sincerely wish I could see DinoJr with them again, but what can you do. I'm going to need a sick setlist Tuesday, or I will be a bit annoyed. I don't doubt that it will be a great show, as they almost always are." [Anonymous]
Built to Spill played their first of two Webster Hall shows (which was their first of four NYC shows) last night (10/12). They do it again tonight. Last night's setlist is below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

"Just got back from playing Webster Hall with Os Mutantes. I think I can retire now." - DeLeon

Os Mutantes

Brazil has another reason to celebrate beyond landing a future Summer Olympics: one of that country's most beloved rock bands, Os Mutantes (The Mutants), is back on the road after a nearly three-decade break.

Touring North America after the release of their first studio album in 30 years, the seven-member band stopped at the Somerville Theatre Sunday and showed why many in South America consider it the Kinks, the Beatles and Crosby Stills & Nash rolled into one frenzied psychedelic party machine.

While Os Mutantes turned out pop hit after pop hit in Brazil in the '60s and '70s, the only original member, iconoclastic guitarist Sergio Dias, has made sure he's not leading an oldies act. [Boston Herald]

Os Mutantes' tour also included a stop at Webster Hall in NYC last night (10/8). DeLeon opened. More pictures from that show, below....

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photos by Alexis Maindrault

Manic Street Preachers

Near the end of their first New York show in 10 years, at Webster Hall on October 7th, singer-guitarist James Dean Bradfield of the Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers hit the plaintive opening lick of the Small Faces' 1966 British hit "All or Nothing," leading the rest of his group into a verse and chorus of that mod-soul classic -- a song about giving without quitting -- before veering into the Manics' own 1990 Molotov cocktail "Motown Junk." You can count the number of times the Manics have played New York on one hand; this was the biggest room I've seen them in here. But Bradfield, drummer Sean Moore and bassist Nicky Wire, traveling with a second guitarist and a keyboard player, ran through the whole of their history in 90 minutes -- a greatest-hits set anywhere across the Atlantic, a long list of shots in the dark in the U.S. -- like still-hungry animals with conquerors' pride. There was no encore but, as Bradfield told the ecstatic faithful on the Webster floor, "That doesn't mean we don't love you from the bottom of our filthy Welsh hearts." [David Fricke]
They play Boston tonight (10/8). More pictures from Webster Hall below...

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photos by Vincent Cornelli

Devendra Banhart

Okay, so you probably could've guessed it without too much work: Little Joy's opening act [Friday] night, Swami Shave-us Jr, was in fact Devendra Banhart. (The connections? Little Joy's Rodrigo Amarante played on Banhart's Smokey album; Noah Georgeson produced the band's sweet, sunshiney debut; Binki Shapiro played with Banhart on Beck's Record Club project. Phew!) Still, Webster Hall was buzzing with excitement as Banhart took the stage. He played a beautiful, twinkling set of favorites and new songs (including "Little Yellow Spider" and new single "Baby") accompanied by Megapuss bandmate Greg Rogove (on mbira and drums and backups). Little Joy's members grinned from the moment they took the stage, an adoring, fresh-faced crowd singing along with vintage Coca-Cola ad gusto....The band's encore...saw Banhart and Rogove back onstage, along with most of Webster Hall (cue flummoxed security, etc.). Joy indeed. [Time Out]
As that review points out, Devendra Banhart opened the Little Joy show at Webster Hall on October 2nd. Next he'll be headlining his own NYC show on Sunday, November 22nd at Town Hall. It's one of a few dates he currently has booked (he's also in Chicago and London). Tickets go on sale Friday, October 9th at noon.

Two tracks from Devendra's new album, What Will We Be, are currently streaming on his MySpace. The album is set to come out October 27th, 2009 on Warner Brother Records. Via Wikipedia: "The album was co-produced by Banhart and Paul Butler from A Band of Bees. Rejoining Banhart are old band mates Noah Georgeson, Greg Rogove, Luckey Remington, and Rodrigo Amarante, all of whom worked with him on his previous album, Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon."

Banhart spoke to Paste Magazine recently about a possible collaboration with GZA: "I played Coachella, and, lo and behold, I looked on the sidelines and there was GZA. I was stunned," Banhart says. "So we hung out and talked--we talked about atomic energy and how the sun is powered. We talked about dark matter. Then I sent him my catalog. And he said 'Hey man, will you write some stuff? Let's write together.'" At this point, says Banhart, "[GZA] has shared his new writing with me and I've sent a couple sketches. With his new work I can tailor the sketches I already had. We're at the beginning stages."

Little Joy has been quite busy since the release of their debut. No more scheduled upcoming shows at the moment though. Meanwhile, Fabrizio Moretti, who did play with Little Joy at Webster Hall, but is only a part time member now anyway, is probably finishing up another project.

More pictures and videos from Webster Hall, and the new Devendra album tracklist are below...

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Gogol Bordello @ All Points West on August 1st (more by Tim Griffin)
Gogol Bordello

In what's becoming an annual thing, Gogol Bordello will be playing a series of NYC shows around New Year's Eve. This year's gigs will be at Webster Hall from December 27th to Dec. 29th. A Fan Club presale is happening now. Regular tickets go on AmEx presale Wednesday at noon, and then general sale begins October 9th at noon.

Before then, Gogol Bordello will play a packed schedule of shows in North & South America, Europe and Asia. Full dates are below.

The group released today (10/6) a live CD/DVD Live From Axis Mundi on SideOneDummy Records.

The set features footage from two sold-out nights at Irving Plaza in New York City filmed in 2007. The package features live performances of "Start Wearing Purple," "Ultimate," "Not A Crime" and "Baro Foro" as well as music videos for "Start Wearing Purple," "Not A Crime," "Wonderlust King," "American Wedding," bonus chronicles and extra tracks.

It will also feature a CD of previously unreleased tracks including "Stivali E Colbacco" from the Super Taranta! sessions, the "Troubled Friends" from the Gypsy Punk sessions, "Roumania," a demo of "60 Revolutions" and an instrumental version of "Immigrant Punk." The CD also features six tracks from the band's BBC sessions, recorded on BBC-Radio 1's "In The Company Of (with Colin Murray)" in March 2008.

The massive tracklist and a video trailer for that package, and all tour dates are below...

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photos by Jake Forney

DOWNLOAD: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Higher Than the Stars (Others in Conversation Mix) (MP3)

Cymbals Eat Guitars / Pains of Being Pure at Heart
Cymbals Eat Guitars
The Pains at Being Pure at Heart

"Pains went on at 9:15 and Webster Hall was packed. I wonder if it sold out? They played a great set, and I finally got to see them play the song that made me a fan of theirs, "A Teenager in Love." But for me, my two favorite songs are "Come Saturday" and "Everything With You." Matt told me that he knows that those are the two songs I like because that's the only time he'll ever see me move. Yeah, at shows I'm pretty dis-affectionate. It seems that Pains get better every time I see them. And on a personal level, it is true that with new music, I really don't like a good 98% of what's out there, but I love Pains and they'll receive my full support. And I'm no one special, but I am blatantly honest. They write such beautiful, sincere, and catchy music, and the members are some of the nicest people I've ever met, and both Kip and Peggy gave me a hug when I ran into them at the show. Aww, you guys are awesome. And interestingly enough, when I got home from the show I had a last.fm friend request from Kip. (we have "very high" compatibility according to last.fm's taste-meter)" [Alex Caprio]
Cymbals Eat Guitars, The Depreciation Guild, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart played one of the last shows on their tour together in their hometown of NYC, at Webster Hall on Saturday night (10/3). More pictures from the show below...

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