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Russian Circles and Thermals flyers

As promised, we've been busy planning a surprise for Chicago this upcoming Lollapalooza weekend and it includes nine bands, two free shows, one not-free show and a lot of free beer. Join us at Ultra Lounge this Thursday, Friday and Saturday for headlining sets by Weedeater, The Thermals and Russian Circles. More details in the flyer above, and below....

Thursday's show, part of a BrooklynVegan/Invisible Oranges-sponsored tour, will set you back $15 and you're on your own for beverages, but Friday and Saturday are both free (the ticket price and the Sapporo!). The free shows are first come, first served (and 21+). No RSVP necessary.

Joining us and BV Chicago on Friday with The Thermals will be two bands both flying in just for this show from NYC. You'll get some fuzzy indie rock courtesy of Heliotropes and get to experience the lo-fi/indie pop punk sounds of Aye Nako. Saturday we keep it completely local with opening sets by instrumental rock quartet An Aesthetic Anaesthetic and Chicago's own Carbon Tigers. DJ Cool Hand Luke will keep the tunes going until 3am on Friday and Saturday night. Hope to see you there.

Weedeater at Maryland Deathfest 2013 (more by Fred Pessaro)

InvisibleOranges and BrooklynVegan are proud to present the Weedeater North American tour, which includes shows state to state throughout the summer (unfortunately no NYC, though). The band, who recently played Saint Vitus and Maryland Deathfest around Memorial Day, will share dates with ASG and Lo-Pan along the way. Full tour schedule is below.

As mentioned, Lo-Pan will support Torche, KEN Mode and Inter Arma at 285 Kent on June 14, for the Invisible Oranges showcase at Northside Festival. Tickets are still available.

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Weedeater at Saint Vitus, 2012 (more by Samantha Marble)

Weed metal gods and sizzurp connoisseurs Weedater are playing Maryland Deathfest during Memorial Day Weekend, but recently announced a set of dates in conjunction with that trek. The shows include stops throughout the Northeast in the days leading up to and following the massive Baltimore appearance, including Saint Vitus at May 29th (tickets). Tour dates are below.

Dixie Dave of Weedeater recently appeared in a new video for Noisey show Heavy Dicks (featuring IO/BV contributor Fred Pessaro, interviewed here). In the episode, Dixie Dave pairs cheeses with his favorite on-stage beverage... cough syrup. Check out video below alongside all tour dates.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Saint Vitus at Saint Vitus, Sept 2012 (more by Samantha Marble)
Saint Vitus

Doom metal legends Saint Vitus are still in the midst of their US jaunt with Weedeater which hit Brooklyn in September, right before they opened for Down in Manhattan.Remaining dates, leading up to a tour-ending Austin show, are listed below.

In June, Saint Vitus also shared a bill with Down, and Sleep, at Scion Rock Fest 2012 in Tampa, Florida. Their set was one of the highlights of the fest. Check out video from that, of the doom metal greats ripping through "Blessed Night" along with an interview with frontman Wino, below.

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photos by Samantha Marble

Saint Vitus @ Saint Vitus 9/25/2012
Saint Vitus

Saint Vitus, formed in the late 1970s and back from a nearly 16-year layoff, has become a touring and recording band again. (Its new album, "Lillie: F-65," is named after a barbiturate.) Mr. Chandler's long hair and beard went gray some years ago -- he's 54 -- and he relates to an audience in nudgy, sarcastic uptalk. It's the opposite of his riffs, which are simple and concise, often very slow but occasionally fast, and self-contained.... The riffs are based in an offshoot blues language that descends directly from Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath recorded a song in 1972 called "St. Vitus Dance." St. Vitus's Dance is a neurological disorder, also known as Sydenham Chorea, associated with an uncontrollable jerking of the feet, hands and face. Saint Vitus was a fourth-century Sicilian martyr who became the patron saint of entertainers and epileptics.

Saint Vitus, the excellent metal bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, that opened in the spring of last year, was named after the band. Its proprietors have wanted to bring the father to the son from the start, and on Tuesday their wish came true. -[NY Times]

And to answer two pertinent questions: yes, Saint Vitus did play "Saint Vitus" at Saint Vitus on 9/25 and no, it didn't rip a hole in the space-time continuum. But the doom legends did rip, though, along with dependably great sets from fellow doom favorites Weedeater and Sourvein. Pictures from the show adorn this post.

If you missed the Saint Vitus cubed experience, you can still catch Saint Vitus on Friday (9/28) when they support Down at Best Buy Theater on 9/28. Tickets are still available.

More pics and video from the show are below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Repulsion at Brooklyn Masonic Temple in 2009 (more bu Justina Villanueva)

Maryland Deathfest 2013 expands with another round of additions, this time bringing exclusive performances from Pagan Altar & Vinterland, as well as performances from Pig Destroyer, Broken Hope, Weedeater (who hits the road with Saint Vitus, who played this year, this fall), Loss (who played NYC in May) and repeat offender Gride (who played Bushwick Bikes in addition to MDF in 2010). The additions come shortly after the news broke of the first round of bands, which included names like Venom, Antaeus, Righteous Pigs, Carcass and Midnight. Full 2013 lineup, as it stands, is below.

In related news, Repulsion will play NYC over Labor Day weekend as part of Power of The Riff East, joining names like sunn o))), Poison Idea, Pentagram, Agnostic Front, Double Negative, Coffinworm and more. Tickets are still available for each day separately (day 1 HERE, day 2 HERE) but two day passes are sold out.

Current MDF lineup and a few videos are below.

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Saint Vitus at Maryland Deathfest (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Saint Vitus
That one-off with Down at Best Buy Theater always looked so lonely, so Saint Vitus have scheduled a tour around that appearance that includes another stop in NYC! The Brooklyn-Vegan sponsored trek kicks off in middle September for a gang of dates with Weedeater and Sourvein which last through the tail end of October. The stops include a show at Saint Vitus on September 25 and tickets go on sale 8/3 at 1PM. Yes, Saint Vitus at Saint Vitus... I hope that doesnt cause a wormhole in the universe or something.

Weedeater and Sourvein, however, will NOT be on the Best Buy Theater bill, but you can catch the gang at the dates below.

Wino of Saint Vitus (the band) is gearing up to hit the road for a string of dates with Conny Ochs. Reminder, that tour ALSO hits Saint Vitus (8/22). Tickets are still available.

All tour dates and video are below.

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words by Jamie Ludwig, photos by Carmelo Espanola

BV Chicago contributors Jamie Ludwig and Carmelo Espanola were on the scene in Chicago at Reggie's on 2/3 to take in the ongoing Slow Southern Steel/Hail! Hornet tour. The tour hits NYC at Europa TONIGHT (2/8) and tickets are still available. -BBG

Hail Hornet! @ Reggie's
Hail! Hornet

An enthusiastic crowd gathered at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago on Friday night (2/3) for a rare appearance of Southern metal super-group Hail! Hornet, with Atlanta psychedelic-sludge trio Zoroaster, and the Chicago premiere of the Slow Southern Steel, a documentary exploring the heaviest bands throughout the South [ED: it premiered in NYC last year].

Directed by Chris Terry (CT, front man for Little Rock, Arkansas-based Rwake) and David Lipke, and produced by Karim Kahn of I Am Better Than Everyone Records, Slow Southern Steel has been drawing attention among heavy music fans since production began in 2009. The devil horns that flew as the house lights went down and the opening credits started to roll seemed telling that many in the sizable audience had been awaiting the screening for quite some time.

Slow Southern Steel proved itself to be a smart, thoughtful film that sheds light on how regional culture and common experiences continue to shape art even in a time where the spread of technology and the homogenization / strip mall-ization of the American landscape can appear to render those factors invalid. Told exclusively through the musicians' perspectives and featuring interviews and concert footage from over 40 bands including Hank III, Kylesa, Eyehategod, Alabama Thunderpussy, Torche, Dark Castle, Sourvein, Music Hates You, and Weedeater, Slow Southern Steel is a testimony to the longevity, power, and rich diversity of sounds of an under-recognized genre. For the uninitiated, it provides an honest and compelling look into a music community where good riffs matter more than what you wear or how many records you've sold.

The film left the audience primed for a show, and thankfully the night was only just beginning. Zoroaster took to the stage in a haze of smoke and laser lights, visually matching the moody atmospherics of its dark, groove-laden metal. A slight muddiness that plagued the beginning the set was soon remedied, leaving guitarist/vocalist Will Fiore's winding, experimental guitar solos to soar over the rumble of Mike Morris' bass and Dan Scanlon's unwavering drum beat. The effect was heavy enough for the vibrations to resonate off the floor.

Hail! Hornet, comprised of vocalist T-Roy Medlin (Sourvein, Buzzov*en), drummer Erik Larson (Alabama Thunderpussy), guitarist Vince Burke (Beaten Back to Pure), and bassist / Slow Southern Steel narrator "Dixie" Dave Collins (also of Weedeater, Buzzov*en) capped off the night with a set of raunchy, fuel-guzzling metal. The same crowd that only an hour ago had sat so peacefully through a feature-length film combusted into a volatile pit, as if everything up to this point in the evening had just been foreplay before getting down to business.

Although this tour is Hail! Hornet's first as a unit, you wouldn't know it from watching. With the grace of a chainsaw the band barreled through songs from their second and latest record Disperse the Curse (Relapse) as well as a few tracks from their debut eponymous album. Chaos reigned as Medlin cooed from the stage, "I wanna see you fucking miserable in the morning." It's a guarantee that many of Friday's concertgoers weren't so chipper come Saturday, but it's doubtful that after such a celebratory night out anyone really cared.

The tour arrives in NYC tonight (2/8). More pictures from Chicago below...

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by BBG

Dixie Dave of Weedeater at Europa (more by BBG)

BrooklynVegan is proud to present the inaugural US tour of Hail! Hornet, the Southern supergroup consisting of "Dixie" Dave Collins (Weedeater, Buzzov*en), Erik Larson (Alabama Thunderpussy, Parasytic), Vince Burke (Beaten Back to Pure) and T-roy Medlin (Sourvein, Buzzov*en). The quartet recently released their second LP Disperse The Curse via Relapse and you can stream it in its entirety below.

In addition, the tour will feature TWO other notable appearances: Zoroaster (who play NYC next week with Black Cobra) and a screening of the excellent Slow Southern Steel which was directed by CT of Rwake (and which made its East Coast debut in August). Full tour dates are below, including Europa in Brooklyn on 2/8. Tickets for that show are $15/17 DOS and will be on sale soon.

If you missed it, Rwake's Rest made both the Decibel and Pitchfork favorites of the year.

All tour dates, that Hail! Hornet stream and the tour flyer, below...

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Weedeater words by Lindsay Maharry, photos & Oxbow words by BBG


Weedeater headlined Europa Saturday night (9/10), playing alongside Oxbow, Bison BC, and Fight Amp as part of a larger tour for Weedeater & co. It was a rare one-off for Oxbow.

Weedeater as a band, and as people, are completely unaffected, giving their live show a remarkable jolt of undeniable authenticity. Beloved frontman "Dixie" Dave Collins' collision of dirty Southern grit and seemingly effortless talent is mesmerizing. Collins started the show off with a back pocket full of salami cold cuts and an arm full of American flag Budweiser. After riffing Sleep for the sound test, the band exploded into "God Luck and Good Speed". The room shook.

Cross-eyed madman Collins is also a jack of many trades. One minute he's knocking himself in the head, while the next he's straight-faced and seamlessly manipulating feedback in perfect sync with the rest of the band. Between growled lyrics, Collins shot strands of mucus in and out of his mouth, but not without casualties; spit strung through his beard for the rest of the set. He didn't wipe it away.

At one point, early on, he found a bottle of water on the stage. "What the fuck is this for? washin' clothes or something?," he muttered to himself, then threw the bottle over his shoulder and pounded the rest of his beer. He never missed a beat. - LM


Oxbow (my favorite band of the night) vocalist Eugene Robinson's well-documented knowledge of the combative arts translates to his moves on stage, punctuating big bang moments from the songs with uppercuts and downward fist strikes. Slithering to the band's bluesy-avant-jazz-meets-Am-Rep backing, Robinson would disrobe piece by piece- eventually grabbing, fondling and thrusting himself in his skivvies and a black leather vest. To say Robinson's performance is confrontational is an understatement, but also to discount Oxbow as a band with a novelty frontman would be a travesty. The trio of Dan Adams, Greg Davis, and Niko Wenner are exceptional musicians that write incredibly compelling tunes regardless of the vocal situation. David Yow knows it, so take notes young folk... this is how it should be done: raw, in your face, soulful, brutal and excellent.

Fight Amp and Bison BC also delivered my favorite performances yet. Bison are at the top of their live game. More pictures from the show, below...

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by BBG

Saviours during Fun Fun Fun Fest (more by BBG)

There's a fine line between embracing your roots and aping them. While Oakland's Saviours wear their influences proudly ( Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden, Motorhead and gods of the 70/80s riff), the band has always distinguished themselves from their retro-leaning peers with great songwriting and a fun live show. Now Saviours have put away the pipe long enough to craft a new set of beer-soaked stoner jams out on September 6th!

Saviours are preparing Death's Procession, the band's latest set of ass-kickers due on Kemado. The new eight track LP features "The Eye Obscene" and "To the Grave Possessed", the latter of which makes its first appearance in this post. Stream both below, you can almost hear glasses clinking and motorcycles roaring in the background.

Though Saviours will be bypassing NYC on their current trek with Weedeater (are you kidding me?), they will be hitting a ton of East Coast dates. Weedeater though, plays a BrooklynVegan/Osiris event on September 10th at Europa with Oxbow, Bison BC, Fight Amp. Tickets are on sale.

Dates and songs below..

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by BBG

Dixie Dave on stage with Buzzov*en at MDF (more by BBG)

Apparently resurrected after their encounter with a frightening Mancoon, Weedeater (with a spankin' new website) will hit the road in early September for a round of dates through middle October. Support will come from Saviours, Bison BC & Fight Amp, except for NYC & Philly who Saviours will bypass, with NYC getting a rare appearance from Oxbow! The show goes down on September 10th at Europa (ticketing information is forthcoming). BrooklynVegan is the proud sponsor of the Europa date and the tour as a whole.

Oxbow played an acoustic set at The Stone last year, but havent appeared as a full band since playing Isis's 10th anniversary show at Irving Plaza in 2007.

All tour dates and that "Mancoon/Turkey Warlock" video is below.

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by BBG

Weedeater vid

Weedeater has a new video for "Mancoon/Turkey Warlock" from their recent LP Jason... The Dragon. Check that video out for the first time below.

In related news, Hail! Hornet will release their new LP Disperse The Curse via Relapse Records next week (7/19). Featuring Dixie Dave (of Weedeater), Erik Larson (Parasytic, The Might Could), Vince Burke (Beaten Back to Pure) and T-Roy Medlin (Sourvein), check out "Beast of Bourbon" from that record streaming below.

Sourvein played Saint Vitus on Friday (7/8).

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Metalliance photos by Samantha Marble, Whitehorse photos & words by BBG

Helmet @ Dirty Dog

Metalliance swoops in on NYC TONIGHT (3/25) at Irving Plaza (tickets still available). The tour moves into its East Coast leg after hitting SXSW and the south last week. Pictures of Saint Vitus, Helmet, Crowbar, Kylesa, Red Fang, Howl, The Atlas Moth and more from the Austin stop adorn this post.

A friday night during SXSW is always nuts, but nothing could compare to the scene at Dirty Dog which was packed to the gills on 3/18. With a line snaking down the block through the already heavily trafficked 6th Street, Dirty Dog was clearly beyond capacity (and then some) with people itching to see the traveling festival to the riff, as well as the SXSW addition of the almighty Weedeater (the show also featured Witchburn, who I/we missed). Dirty Dog was the place to be that night for metal fans in the area and it showed; during Kylesa's set the venue frantically removed tables to add extra capacity and even reportedly/unfortunately told a few bands that they had to remove their merch table as well. Venue issues aside, the bands sounded great and there was a reason why everyone wanted in; Metalliance is stacked with killer bands and performances.

Saint Vitus @ Dirty Dog
Saint Vitus

It may sound blasphemous, but knowing I would see Saint Vitus tonight in NYC, I left halfway through their set to head to the WFMU showcase down the street. It was there in a relatively light Barbarella that I caught one of my favorite performances at SXSW, Australians Whitehorse who tore the place down with their crushing death-doom punctuated with noise. Absolutely sick band that deserves to be playing to the hessian masses, and luckily for NYCers, you'll be able to catch them with The Body at Acheron on 4/1.

More pictures from Metalliance and Whitehorse at WFMU, and tour dates, below.

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photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG

Santos Party House

Weedeater played Santos on Feb 24th as part of an ongoing tour for the North Carolinians in support of their new LP Jason... The Dragon. The band's current trek has them splitting time with ASG (who played Santos and are now done with their part of the tour) and Zoroaster, who is currently out with the band. Shortly after this weekend's Scion Rock Fest, Kvelertak will link up with the tour and they'll head on down to Austin for SXSW, teaming up with Trap Them, Hull, Rwake, All Pigs Must Die, and the recently added Goes Cube to play the BrooklynVegan/1000Knives stage at Full Metal Texas on 3/17 (Emo's 12 - 7PM). More details are forthcoming.

Weedeater is also scheduled to join on to the Austin date of the Metalliance tour, which will also feature Helmet, Saint Vitus, Crowbar, Kylesa, Howl, Red Fang and The Atlas Moth. The Austin show goes down on March 18th show at Dirty Dog Bar in Austin. There are no advanced tickets for that, but tickets are still available for the NYC date at Irving Plaza on March 25th.

All tour dates, and more pictures from Santos are below.

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by BBG

Weedeater at The Studio at Webster Hall (more by Markus Shaffer)

After years of blown-out woofers and blown-off toes, the south's most notorious sizzurp sippers Weedeater are back with their latest ode to doom and intoxicants, Jason... The Dragon. Clocking in at 35 minutes, the LP features a lot of the same booming, razor-throated doom that marked their killer last release, God Luck & Good Speed, as well as a few curve-balls. Much like with God Luck, Southern Lord is behind the band's new effort, and the LP features ten tracks including the lead-off single "Mancoon", which makes its debut here. Stream it below, and preorder the record via our friends at Shirtkiller.

As previously discussed, Weedeater is on the road for a BrooklynVegan-sponsored trek for much on February and March (including SXSW), and will tag Santos Party House on Feb 24th with ASG. Tickets are still on sale.

Full & updated Weedeater tour dates, that song stream, and some video is below.

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by BBG

Weedeater at The Studio at Webster Hall (more by Markus Shaffer)

After over a year of literally crippling injuries to all three of WEEDEATER's members hitting the headlines, including infamous classics like "Dixie Dave blew off part of his foot with a shotgun," or "Keko tore his meniscus this week," and "Shep broke his goddamn pinkie on tour" or even "Dixie nearly died in his ninja-scuba assassin Halloween costume" and more, the band still forged on through these blows for multiple tours -- several regional and national headlining tours, as well as supporting Down and The Melvins -- to finally complete [their new] record. Although delayed by eight months, the haggard trio infiltrated Steve Albini's Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago this past September to pound out Jason... The Dragon.

As with their Southern Lord debut God Luck And Good Speed, the Jason... album was mastered by the legendary John Golden at Golden Studios in southern California, unearthing the true grit that this band dumps forth. [press release]
Weedeater will begin their trek towards Jason... The Dragon, due on March 15th via Southern Lord, when they hit the road in late February. BrooklynVegan is proud to present the Jason... The Dragon US Tour with ASG and then Zoroaster that will include stops at SXSW and in NYC on February 24th at Santos Party House (with ASG). Tickets for the NYC show will be on sale soon.

All dates, some videos, the tour flyer, and the new album tracklist and Arik Roper-created cover art, below...

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In what is now an annual tradition, we're playing catch up during this final week of the year. If this post seems outdated, that's because it is. Happy Holidays!

words & photos by BBG

CT and the Invisible Orange

Rwake and Weedeater played the Tone Deaf SXSW Showcase at Encore in Austin on 3/20 as part of SXSW. It was Rwake's only SXSW show, and one of two for Weedeater (they played a surprise show the next night). The bill included numerous favorites from the roster, including Black Tusk, Black Cobra, ASG, and US Christmas and the show was part of a larger tour for Weedeater/Black Tusk/The Gates of Slumber/Struck By Lightning (who played the Studio @ Webster Hall in NYC).

The capacity packed house at Encore was buzzing to hear the Arkansas five piece, and though the band's shortened set featured zero older material (yes, no "Crooked Rivers"), new material on display was heavy, emotive, with tons of light and shade, and some serious riffs. The three as-of-yet unnamed songs showed serious promise for the follow-up to Voices of Omens, scheduled for 2011 on Relapse.

More Rwake and Weedeater pics are below...

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words by Ilya Blokh, photos by Markus Shaffer

Maybe the photographer had some of that sizzurp too...

I had two options last Saturday - a picnic in the park with sunshine and puppies, or crowded basements full of feedback and filth as part of a big weekend of heavy music. Obviously I chose the latter, starting with Thou's suffocating mid-day performance at ABC No Rio (photos on the way, meanwhile check out Mike Hill's interv), then heading over to The Studio at Webster Hall for a monstrous nightcap.

Sadly I missed Struck By Lightning, who by all accounts ripped the place to shreds [BBG's note: I was a fan of their LP, but live is where they excel. Crusty, and killer charging metal/punk ala Motorhead meets His Hero is Gone]. I caught The Gates of Slumber's solid but reserved take on the classic/proto-doom sound, leaning heavily on material from last year's Hymns of Blood and Thunder. For me though, the show really kicked into high gear with Black Tusk. Mind-blowingly fun in that increasingly popular, old dirty metal way, their mix of punk beats, stoner riffs and metal bravado sent hair flying all over the place. Their new album, Taste The Sin, hits shelves in late May.

Weedeater took the stage in true, drunken form for a performance that blew their Charleston show out of the water. Between fellating the microphone, sipping Robitussin (evidence below) and puking in the trashcan (I think), 'Dixie' Dave's rasp, rumbling bass and cross-eyed stare basically define "sludge". Chugging doom riffs and rolling drums filled out the thick, muddled sound as the band banged out a good mix of old and new(er) material. They are finishing up a US tour, then spending the summer in Europe. Hopefully Dave can keep most his appendages intact (he shot off his toe earlier this year) and we'll see them back here soon.

Tons of pictures and video from the show continue below...

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble


TONIGHT (Friday, 4/9) caps off an unfucwitable weekend of killer shows starting with the sold out(!) High on Fire / Priestess / Black Cobra / Bison BC show at Gramercy. Saturday (4/10) during the day means Louisiana's Thou will destroy you at ABC No Rio, while the Weedeater / Black Tusk / The Gates of Slumber / Struck By Lightning extravaganza rolls into town Saturday night. Tickets are still available (get'em here). And Sunday (4/11) means avant-garde (Kayo Dot playing Coyote at Union Pool) or brutal/spanish-speaking (Brujeria at Webster, tickets) as the final nail in the coffin.

Want to go to Weedeater? I have TWO pair up for grabs! More details are at the bottom of this post.

Both High on Fire (at the Action PR showcase) and Weedeater played SXSW, and previously discussed, Weedeater teamed up with Dark Castle and The Roller for a surprise show at Lovejoys on 3/21, the last night of SXSW. A second set of pics from that show (like the one above), and current tour dates, continue below...

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words and photos by BBG


One of the greatest things about South by? Surprise shows! As I pondered my limited choices for the evening of 3/21 in Austin, I received a text about a FREE and last minute show at Lovejoys. The bill included notables like Green & Wood (who I missed), local doom killers The Roller, Dark Castle, and the mighty Weedeater who killed the previous night (3/20) at the Tone Deaf Showcase!

I was in, and naturally a lineup like this in a tiny venue like Lovejoys was not disappointing. More pics from the killer show that ended my South By Southwest experience are below.

Weedeater are currently on tour and are scheduled to hit NYC on 4/10 at The Studio at Webster Hall with The Gates of Slumber, Black Tusk, and Struck By Lightning. Tickets for this killer (BV/Osiris-presented) four way are still available. Weedeater also added more headlining dates in April and May. Their updated schedule is also below...

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by BBG

Javelina at The Charleston (more by Chloe Rice)

Are we gluttons for punishment? That is the only way to account for the fact that Javelina will beat us down at TWO BrooklynVegan events in the coming weeks.

We are pleased to announce that Javelina will play one of the two stages at the BrooklynVegan Day Party at Emo's in Austin on 3/17 along with the previously announced Fucked Up and the incredible Torche.

Then, just a shade over one week after we destroy Austin as part of SXSW, BrooklynVegan and 1000 Knives will team up to present Javelina again, this time with another SXSW-er, Howl, as well as Sea of Bones and Flourishing at Cake Shop in NYC on 3/25.

More upcoming shows, flyers and videos, below...

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by BBG

Dixie Dave of Weedeater and his lovely singing voice (more by Paul Birman)

"I would say the biggest underground band from here that deserves all the credit in the world is Weedeater. They are the godfathers of what we do." -[An interview with CT of Rwake]
BrooklynVegan and Osiris are proud to present a killer four band bill of Weedeater, The Gates of Slumber, Black Tusk, and Struck By Lightning who will lay waste to The Studio at Webster Hall on 4/10! Tickets are $13 and go on sale soon.

The show is part of a string of dates for the North Carolinians (Weedeater). The first leg kicks off on 3/12 with ASG and US Christmas and continues on to SXSW where the trio will meet up with Rwake and Black Cobra at Encore for the Tone Deaf Showcase (3/20). From there, the fearsome foursome (Weedeater, The Gates of Slumber, Black Tusk, and Struck By Lightning) will depart Austin and scoot out west before heading back east for the NYC show.

MayhemStay tuned for some big announcements regarding BV shows during SXSW, and also note that tickets are now on sale for the BV-presented Mayhem / Tombs / Krallice / Ludicra show coming to Irving Plaza two days before Weedeater get here.

Of all of the formidable bands mentioned above, two are playing the Scion Rock fest on 3/13 in Columbus, Ohio: Black Tusk and Struck By Lightning. Struck by Lightning, which features Gregory Lahm (ex-Mouth Of The Architect), is currently promoting their 2009 release Serpents (we previewed it here).

Lahm's old band Mouth of The Architect has a new EP due on Translation Loss this March. The EP will be "a little faster and a little more metal" than the MOTA we are used to. MOTA are currently gearing up to hit the road leading up their appearance at Roadburn 2010.

All tour dates with a bunch of videows below...

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by BBG


Godflesh (1988-2002) - Mission is Terminated

"On April 10th 2002, I disbanded Godflesh. This was something I had painfully been pondering since GC Greens' departure from the band in Oct 2001. Regrettably it took until the day of leaving for a lengthy U.S tour for the realization to finally take its toll on me.

"Unfortunately the finality of the decision and the responsibilities of making the decision proved too much for me to bare, and I collapsed under the weight. I found that without GC Green, Godflesh is not Godflesh, and him leaving proved to be an omen for me. I also feel that everything we originally intended or even imagined with Godflesh we have done....


Before Greymachine, J2 or Jesu, there was Godflesh, the highly influential industrial metal juggernaut featuring Justin Broadrick in one of his first post-Napalm Death roles (check out our interview with Justin HERE). Godflesh has announced that they will reform for a single European performance at Hellfest in France on June 18-20, 2010.

Godflesh joins the recently confirmed 16, Asphyx, Crowbar, Katatonia, Omega Massif, Sick Of It All, and the mighty Ulver as well as quite a few others who have recently been confirmed and Agnostic Front, Suffocation, 7 Seconds, Black Cobra, Weedeater, Rwake, and many more who were previously confirmed. Full (current) lineup below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Nathaniel Shannon


Down recently released the following statement:

"This past week Philip Anselmo did an interview with writer Dave Wedge of the Boston Herald... Within the article Mr. Wedge made some statements that are falsehoods and we wanted to clear it up before the rumor mill starts turning.

First off, Mr. Wedge states that 'Down has no plans to record after this tour.' This is absolutely untrue. The band will be writing and recording for a release in 2010.

Secondly he states, 'Rex Brown, who also played in Pantera, has left the band for personal reasons.' This is categorically and unequivocally untrue. As you all know Rex did not join this tour due to imminent health concerns. As Philip states on stage every night, Rex is the bass player in Down and will continue to be...

"We hope this clears up any questions anyone may have had." -[Blabbermouth]

Down played Nokia Theater as part of their ongoing trek with Melvins, Weedeater, and Evil Army on 9/11/09, a tour that also yielded appearances by Weedeater at The Charleston as well as Melvins at ATP. Rex Brown (ex-Pantera) is recovering from surgery removing his gallbladder and polyps on his pancreas, and was replaced by Danny Theriot on bass.

Unfortunately, no pics of Weedeater or Evil Army from this show, but dig on more Down & Melvins shots below. Full tour dates, as well as a video of Down performing the Van Halen classic "Ain't Talkin' Bout Love" also below...

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